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					midseaman: Good morning midseaman: Hello good morning 1 minute please midseaman: ok ok sorry about that how are things a few updates midseaman: fine #dick called me yesterday from Australia he is coming to see us in Jnauary sounds keen midseaman: yes we seem to be generating a few good leads midseaman: he is not like the emirates customers thing now is to generate a couple of good orders so we have some cash to play with and in part invest in the business midseaman: yes i see you have been very busy with the yacht magazines midseaman: BBC well done ! did you hear back from the guy in London called williams ?? midseaman: dave? midseaman: no The USA . Ausralian and New Zealand market will be good for us midseaman: he said he is to busy direct wealthy clients midseaman: yes who buy for themselves agents much harder as we have to train them.. midseaman: all australians wan'ts the sail cat only ok fine thats good my web designer is hear tomorrow I promise you the new site will be up and runnign within 10 days i am adding the boats to is, alos a couple of other new lines midseaman: ok I written comments under each photos midseaman: i will send them now jet engine driven power generators and milk powder products the turbine power generator could sell this in will make a lot of money for you shall I send you some details ok midseaman: ok to which companies? i am waiting for your mail ok to any larger companies wjo need mobile power from 0.8 meggawatts to 2.7 meggawaats these are unique they have been designed by very very clever engineers midseaman: do u have catalogu and are driven by a jet engine what makes them unique is that they are fully containerised i will send you some data for you to read later on today yes we have a catalogue midseaman: ok midseaman: send me i am expecting a huge response once this all appears on the web site we have midseaman: both e catalogue and paper our existing products of which you are aware thejn we have the boats, power and saling, milk powder , generators oki will ptint you out a full colour brochure and I will post it to you midseaman: thnks in addition I will give you your own CDS e mail address for the baots so you are part of the team midseaman: but to which factories should I go? and peopl;e can write to you as cds is that ok ? shady midseaman: ok midseaman: good wait till i pass you the generator information i will get one of my generator power tream to contact you direct dont worry u will get all the info you need and quickly i promise so things will move quite nicelty soon in a planned way midseaman: which companies is the best to buy theese geny? ok organisations like hospitals large power users shipyards large factories as standby units if the maik power goes off line our generator starts up auotmatically midseaman: Understood and provides very effiecient power in this world ther are areas where midseaman: Give me info about milk powder the mains power does not exist or cuts in/out so these can give them either prime power or standby 24/7 midseaman: understood why I am so excisted about them is this midseaman: is it of good price? A. Thy are fully conatinerised and can be puit on the back or a lorry or airlifted in by a helicopter 2. they are fully containerised wait midseaman: uk made? i will comew to price UK MADE IN OUR FACTORY 100% midseaman: I will work hard to make sales for those products they are much more efficient than diesel gnerators much quieter midseaman: your own factory? have a very good telemtry system for control and the price is veryt very good as I say I will send you full details if you then want to become our agent thats fibne by me midseaman: I have a school whoo needs this the boat project also excites me so much potential midseaman: the geny they have is not good controled which is why i ahve employed 3 more people midseaman: it burn the computers wait till you see this generator its mazing and we have fully patented it its way way ahead of any competition u will be very pleased i can tell you its a great opportunity midseaman: good and these do not come alonmg very often so I will e mail you all details after 1 hour midseaman: we have 2 world beeting products then, Boats and genies I need you to be on line tomorrow at uk time about 10 am when the web designer gets here midseaman: ok as he will want to talk to you is this ok ? we must get it right first time round midseaman: just give me a missed call and will be online ok fine midseaman: give me the price list i will midseaman: I wan't to make a business card so I give it to dick ok midseaman: What ia the name of the position should I put? midseaman: think with me ok you should put sales director or midseaman: Sales and marketing? managing director what ever u want yes sales and marketing is good midseaman: ok make the paper on the card good quality in colour out all our uk number son it as well as your own ALSO ]MAKE IT VERY CLEAR WHAT IT IS WE ARE SELLING OK ? simple but important midseaman: Can you print for me a card in uk becouse it's hard to fined a good quality card maker here, also to put your CDS LOGO sorry puter locked up had to restart it you were saying midseaman: Can you print for me a card in uk becouse it's hard to fined a good quality card maker here, also to put your CDS LOGO, So it will be single design for all its possible.but expensive here would be much cheapere in Egypt let me have a think about that midseaman: But a good quality card will make agood impression of course midseaman: also to market the generators here suggest u get a price for printing in egypt and I will do the same here# ok ? midseaman: ok OK SO IM WILL SPEAK TO YOU LATER In 4 hours midseaman: ok have a meeting here atb uk time 09 am midseaman: do u have your own factory? yes in north manchester for generators only midseaman: send me the details midseaman: and the comission percentage its on the information I am sending you about the generaors ok i will do so later today ok ? midseaman: ok is a good opportunity for you midseaman: ok midseaman: do u have marine geni? yes..but they are far more difficult and not soemthing i want to persue right now the jet engine ones are dry lad use only NOT shipboard use not yet midseaman: ok midseaman: may be later yes midseaman: we will sell boats with your geni in 6 months not now midseaman: If we used this geni can we connect computers directly without to put UPS stablizer? yes but please note the smallest is id 800 kva and the largest is 2.5 megawats midseaman: I have a school than needs this typical prices range from £500,000 gbp to over a million £ gbp midseaman: it's a verry big school 12 schools in one these are not toys for the mass market midseaman: and 3 villas they are powerfull but very economic industrial generating plant ok we would have to know the exact power requirements probably the 800 kva would be very good and the beauty of this sttem is the cost per kw hour gnerated is much power than diesel sets ok ? u understand what I am saying ? midseaman: about 20 big building ok finew ask them for the total electrical loading they require in kva midseaman: ok midseaman: kilo wat? OK midseaman: I think they know it in K wat All industrial gen sets are rated either in KW= kILLOW WATTS or IN KVA if you can get me the power loading they require either in KVA or KW i can then quote you the correct machine ok midseaman: ok loading in KW is fine thats good

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