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AR_guidelines by zhangyun


									              Accelerated Reader (AR) Guidelines Grades 3-6

Number of AR books to Read

Students in grades 3-6 are required to read 1 AR book per month for library. They may read
more if they wish to earn points for rewards. They should fill-in their AR book log as much as
they can whenever they check out an AR book. One AR book for the year must be a non-fiction
book. The AR book should be brought every day to school and then taken home every night. Any
time students go to library they must have their AR book with them or a point will be taken
from their overall quiz grade for that month.

AR Quizzes

Whenever students finish reading an AR book they should take an AR quiz on a library
computer. When students finish an AR quiz they should print the quiz score. Write the quiz
score on the AR book log, mark the graph for percentage received and points earned, and file
the AR log and quiz printout in students’ folder. Inform library staff of AR quiz grade. If a
student receives under a 70% grade the AR book will not count toward the one book per month
goal. The student will then need to read a different AR book to replace the one with the failed

AR Book Reviews

When students finish reading their AR books and pass the AR quiz for that book they should
write a book review on that AR book using Destiny Quest. Completing the review is part of the
overall grade for library. Students only need 1 AR book review per month.

AR Rewards

Students will receive points for every AR book they read that they have achieved a 70% or
better quiz grade. More points lead to better rewards. At various times throughout the year
students will receive rewards for points earned and number of AR books read.

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