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					Kitchens for
 For the last 35 years you have known our kitchens under the name of
“Miele DIE KÜCHE”. The experience we have gained over this long period
 is now being incorporated into our new brand – WARENDORF – and
 into our new range of products designed by Philippe Starck. We know:
 A good kitchen is the perfect match for its owner. As demonstrated by
 our fascinating collection STARCK BY WARENDORF.
Discover the best of two worlDs:
reticence anD impressiveness.
connection anD Division. Quality
anD personality. Discover the
»Duality« Kitchen.

»Duality« is a kitchen with more than        »STARCK BY WARENDORF«: We have
two sides. It can divide a room, or          developed a new kitchen range in
connect it. It can be a wall-mounted or      collaboration with top French designer
pass-through version. But it is always a     Philippe Starck to add new and versatile
successful combination of materials, a       elements to the kitchen. And, above all,
consistently perfect balance between         to meet the demands you place on your
design and function and, quite definitely,   home – which are obviously the highest
a convincing expression of personality.      possible.
Your personality.
you can literally experience the
meaning of versatility: with
exQuisite materials anD the highest
levels of functionality. to nourish
both boDy anD soul. experience
the »library« Kitchen.

»Library«: The kitchen with a library
atmosphere. Whether classically stocked
with cooking utensils or unusually
decorated with books and accessories:
the transition between cooking and living
becomes fluid. And the space for your
personality is huge.
set priorities: compactness, function     enjoy the utmost expression of
anD Design. straightforwarD anD           inDiviDuality: two flexible tall
pleasingly extrovert. opt for the         units, one stanD-alone worKing
»primary« Kitchen.                        moDule – three uniQue elements.
                                          enjoy the »tower« Kitchen.
»Primary« is a magnificent kitchen that
takes up only the smallest amount of
space. Compact design, self-sufficient    The unique appearance of »Tower« is pure
functions and unique in appearance: A     sensual enjoyment. Although they take up
kitchen with high gloss surfaces that     just one square metre, the two revolving
reflect your personality.                 stand-alone units offer space for appliances,
                                          accessories and stocks – which you can
                                          then prepare on the trumpet-footed table.
                                          A highly unusual kitchen that is full of new
                                          ideas – for like-minded personalities.
Warendorfer Küchen GmbH
A Company in the AFG
Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG

Mielestraße 1
48231 Warendorf

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