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									      Present and Future:
 Solar Thermal in the US

            Les Nelson
      Solar Thermal Division
Solar Energy Industries Association

  Solar Thermal Roadmap Symposium
            October 20, 2009
          Global Solar Thermal Market 2007

Newly installed
solar thermal
collectors in 2007                     77%

Approx: 20 GWth
Equivalent to:
28,300,000 m2

Preliminary data May 2008
Source: Koldehoff


          Global Solar Thermal Market, 2007

Newly installed
solar thermal
collectors in 2007

Approx: 20 GWth
Equivalent to:
28,300,000 m2

Preliminary data May 2008
Source: Koldehoff

      US Market Compared with European Market

                                                 Germany 2007
USA                                              940,000 m2
                                                 (Increasing market share;
                                                 2009 data shows 44%)

                                                  Italy 2007
                                                  245,000 m2

                                                  USA 2008
                                                  180,000 m2

      NEW 2009 Data:
      Total European Market: 4,750,000 m2   USA = 3.7
             US Solar Thermal Installations Estimated in 2008         New
                   Northwest             Midwest and                 + New
                     500                 All Other US                 York
                                            5,000+                   1,500



         Arizona                                                       3,000
                                 25,000 to 30,000 64 square foot (6 m2)
                                 system installations in 2008 in US
             NY Solar Thermal Symposium
End Use Energy in the US

                   Space Heating
                 + Water Heating
                 = 29.4% of US Building
                            Energy Use

                       Current Trends
• Solar Water Heating
     • Rapid Increase of Imports
     • Evacuated Tube Collector Models Proliferating
     • General Consensus: 2009 Installations Flat or Slightly Lower

•   Solar Swimming Pool Heating
     • 2009 Sales Flat to Slightly Lower
     • Over 35,000 system equivalents installed (@ 350 feet2/system)

•   Solar Space Heating
     • “Combi-system” interest grows
     • Air heating collector-based system interest grows

•   Solar Air Conditioning
     • Interest growing as an electricity consumption reduction measure

     US Federal Government Support
• US Department of Energy “Solar Heating and
  Cooling Research & Development Program”
       •Program Manager Bob Hassett
   •2009 Actual Budget $3.7 million for solar thermal
   •2010 Budget Request $6.5 million for solar thermal
   •2010 Budget Request for PV $170 million
   •2010 Budget Request for Concentrating Solar Power
         $50 million

 U.S. Solar Heating & Cooling Roadmap Introduction
         Monday, Oct. 26, 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
       Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Platinum 7 & 8
                   Anaheim, CA
     Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Solar Thermal

• Original legislation established ITC effective 1/1/06

• Extended to 2016 in 2008

•$2,000 ITC cap eliminated effective 1/1/09
   • Was 30% of system price with a maximum $2,000
   • Now 30% of system price with no maximum
   • Specifically references “solar water heating,” not space heating

•Products for which credit claimed must be certified by SRCC

•SEIA will address eligibility of space heating and commercial
swimming pools

Energy Star Labeling for Solar Water Heaters

         • High Efficiency Water Heater Program
           began 1/1/09
            • Includes solar, natural gas, heat pump&
            • SRCC OG-300 Solar System
              Certification required
         • 43 System Suppliers participating
         • Systems must provide at least 50% of
           water heating load
      Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

• RECs usually assigned to renewable electricity generation
   • Reduction of electricity consumption by solar thermal
     indistinguishable from renewable electricity generation
   • Some in REC assignment for solar with natural gas
   • Lakeland Electric (FL) and Sterling Planet completed first larger scale
     solar thermal REC trade

• Growing interest in thermal as consumption reduction

• Limited activity in solar thermal RECs trading
   • Australia program includes solar water heating

• “Measured” versus “Predicted” energy generation at issue
      Solar Rating & Certification
• Non-profit Corporation established 1980
• Internationally recognized standards (ISO 9806-1, 2 & 3)
•~ 74 Participant Suppliers
• ~ 300 solar collectors certified (OG-100)
• ~ 900 solar systems certified (OG-300)

Future SRCC Solar Thermal Objectives
•Certification for space heating (Combi-systems)
•Certification for concentrating solar collectors
•Certification for cooling (air conditioning) systems
•Standards for performance monitoring
                  NY Solar Thermal Symposium
SRCC OG-100 (Collector) and OG-300 (System)

  What is Solar Thermal Product Certification?

1. Solar collector undergoes durability test
2. Solar collector undergoes thermal
   performance test
3. Solar system (using certified solar
   collector) undergoes design evaluation
4. Solar system is rated for performance in
   various geographic areas

          NY Solar Thermal Symposium
Solar Collector Durability Test

•   Pre-test inspection
•   Pre-exposure Pressure Test
•   Thirty-Day Exposure Test
•   Thermal Shock/Water Spray Test
•   Thermal Shock/Cold Fill Test
•   Post-exposure Pressure Test

     NY Solar Thermal Symposium
Outdoor Collector Performance Testing

                    ± Pros:
                    • Accuracy of performance prediction

                    ± Cons:
                    •Time consuming – time required for
                    test completion contingent on weather
                    conditions (7 to 50 days in FL)

                    •Annual testing period limited based on
                    climatic conditions (geographic location)

                    •More manual labor may be required
                    (daily positioning of test stands in FL)

        NY Solar Thermal Symposium
        Indoor Performance Testing with “Solar Simulator”
                                            •Significantly faster testing (hours
                                            versus days)

                                            •24/7/365 capability (not weather

                                            ± Cons:
                                            •May yield different results than outdoor

                                            •Significant capital expense

                                            •Ongoing maintenance
Courtesy: Atlas Manufacturing
                                            •Electricity intensive

                                NY Solar Thermal Symposium
Typical SRCC Solar Collector Performance
              Rating Table

     Comparability based on operating temperature and sunlight strength

                     NY Solar Thermal Symposium
        OG-300 Solar System Certification

– Design review
     • Manufacturer or supplier’s system design evaluation
     • Component review (including substitutions)
     • Overall operation (known best practices)
– Comprehensive Installation Manual required
– Owner’s Operation Manual required
– However: System selection must be appropriate for
  the climatic conditions and the application
     • Some systems not designed for cold climates
     • Excessive collector area may lead to overheating

Typical SRCC OG-300 System Schematic

      NY Solar Thermal Symposium
            Annual Performances of SRCC Certified Solar Systems at Locations

 Location     Manufacturer       Model     System Designation    Model Info Freeze Tolerance   Energy
                                              HF 2408 G 120
NY-ALBANY    Heliodyne, Inc.   Helio-Flo                      2001023F      27            3157 KWH
                                              AC S E

                                              HF 2410 G 120
NY-ALBANY    Heliodyne, Inc.   Helio-Flo                      2001023G      27            3387 KWH
                                              AC S E

                                              HF 3408 G 120
NY-ALBANY    Heliodyne, Inc.   Helio-Flo                      2001023H      27            3120 KWH
                                              AC S E

                                              HF 3410 G 160
NY-ALBANY    Heliodyne, Inc.   Helio-Flo                      2001023I      27            3185 KWH
                                              AC S E

                                              HF 2408 G 80
NY-ALBANY    Heliodyne, Inc.   Helio-Flo                      2001025E      27            138 therms
                                              AC D Z

                                              HF 2408 G 120
NY-ALBANY    Heliodyne, Inc.   Helio-Flo                      2001025F      27            142 therms
                                              AC D Z

                                              HF 2410 G 120
NY-ALBANY    Heliodyne, Inc.   Helio-Flo                      2001025G      27            157 therms
                                              AC D Z

                                              HF 3408 G 120
NY-ALBANY    Heliodyne, Inc.   Helio-Flo                      2001025H      27            154 therms
                                              AC D Z

                                    NY Solar Thermal Symposium
                 The North American Board
                 of Certified Energy Practitioners

• Incorporated in 1992
•Offers certification programs to renewable energy
    • 112 NABCEP Certified Solar Thermal Installers
    • 936 NABCEP Certified PV Installers
    • Small Wind in development
• Headquartered in Clifton Park, NY
• Support from NYSERDA, US DOE
• Developing “Entry Level” Program for Solar Thermal

                 NY Solar Thermal Symposium
Solar Water Heating in the US 100 years ago
       Los Angeles, California Homes
                Circa 1910
 Fenway Park by groSolar

NY Solar Thermal Symposium
        Thank you!

Les Nelson      Division Chair
Solar Energy Industries Association
Washington, DC

30012 Aventura, Ste. A
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Telephone: (949) 713-3500


     NY Solar Thermal Symposium
Exova Canada Inc.
2395 Speakman Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L5K 1B3
Canada                                                                    Laboratories Offering SRCC
Florida Solar Energy Center                                               Accredited Testing Programs
1679 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, FL 32922-5703

Fraunhofer Institute for Solare Energy Systems
Test Lab for Solar Thermal
Heidenhofstrase 2
79110 Freiburg, Germany

                                                                           Pending as of October 2009:
Institut fur Solarenergieforschung GmbH, Hameln/Emmerthal
Am Ohrberg 1
                                                                           1 Canada
Germany 31860                                                              2 Europe
ITW                                                                        4 US
Research and Testing Centre for Thermal Solar Systems (TZS)
University of Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany
Germany 70550

Altenkesseler Str. 17
Saarbrucken, D-66115

SPF Institute fur Solartechnik
Hochschule fur Technik Rapperswil
Oberseestrasse 10
Rapperswil CH-8640

TUV Rheinland Immissionsschutz und Energiesysteme GmbH
Germany 51105

                                                         NY Solar Thermal Symposium

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