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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ARAB TIMES, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2011
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        ‘Stealth’ fest

 Musical blast
 to rock Kabul
 KABUL, Oct 1, (RTRS): Afghans
 are used to having their days bro-
 ken by a burst of gunfire or the
 boom of an explosion. But the bar-
 rage of drumming, bass beats and
 amped-up guitar solos that will hit
 the city next week may stop many
 in their tracks.
    Sound Central, a one-day
 “stealth festival” that organizers
 hope will draw 1,000 to 2,000
 young Afghans, will be the first
 music festival the country has seen
 since it plunged into three decades
                       of violence in
                       the late 1970s.
                       bands playing
                       music      from
                       doom death
                       metal to blues
                       rock will be
                       joined        by
                       musicians who
                       have flown in
                       from across
        West           Central Asia
                       — Iran to
 Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
    The music will almost certainly
 be a new experience for most of
 the audience in a country where
 people seeking a change from tra-
 ditional Afghan music tend to lis-        La Toya Jackson in glasses arrives for day four of the trial of her brother Michael Jackson’s doctor on Sept 30 in Los Angeles. (Inset): Katherine (2nd left) and Joe Jackson (right) also seen arriving for
 ten to western pop or sound-tracks                                                                                                 day four of the trial. (AFP)
 from India’s big-hit Bollywood
    “The real bottom-line aim of this
 festival is to ignite youth to be
 interested in modern music,” said
 organizer Travis Beard, who dreamt
 up the festival four years ago, and
 has been working on it in earnest
 for the last two years.                                                                                                                       Paramedics thought they could save MJ
    “What we are trying to do is to
 expose them to new kinds of music
 so they can get into those styles of
 music, and also just start playing
 music. Hopefully we’ll get some
 kids saying ‘Hey this is really cool!
 Dad can I get a drum set?’ or ‘Mum
                                                                                                Judge issues gag order in trial
 can I get a guitar’,” Beard said.
    Beard is an Australian who first                                                            LOS ANGELES, Oct 1, (Agencies):              That raised the ire of Pastor, who a      fol but denies involuntary manslaugh-      revealed a few details about his
 came to Afghanistan as a news pho-                                                             The judge in the manslaughter trial of       day earlier instructed attorneys to       ter. His lawyers have argued that          actions, saying he had only given
 tographer five years ago, joined a                                                             Michael Jackson’s doctor issued a            rein in their comments to the media.      Jackson caused his own death by giv-       Jackson a dose of the sedative
 band in Kabul and rediscovered his                                                             sharply worded gag order for attor-          On Friday, Pastor told defense attor-     ing himself an extra dose of propofol,     lorazepam to help him sleep.
 love of music “after many years                                                                neys on Friday and ordered one of            neys he found the “Today” show            mixed with prescription sedatives,            In addition, there were bottles of
 away.”                                                                                         them to return for a possible con-           appearance “shocking,” according to       without Murray’s knowledge.                medicine on Jackson’s nightstand,
    As he started to meet Afghan                                                                tempt hearing after he appeared on a         a court transcript.                          In trying to prove Murray’s negli-      and Murray finally offered that he
 musicians, he got involved in sup-        Singer Fergie of the group Black                     TV show telling details about the                          Argument                    gence, prosecutors have spent much         was treating the singer for dehydra-
 porting them — with instruments or        Eyed Peas is seen performing during                  case.                                                                                  of this first week creating a timeline     tion and exhaustion.
 a place to practice — and the festi-                                                              Judge Michael Pastor’s order came            Murray’s defense lawyer, Ed            between when Jackson stopped                  Senneff said Murray never men-
                                           Black Eyed Peas ‘Concert 4 NYC’ at
 val was inspired by the community         Central Park, Great Lawn in New                      at midday on Friday, the fourth day          Chernoff, argued that even though         breathing and Murray called for help.      tioned that he had also been giving
 they formed.                                     York on Sept 30. (AP)                         of the widely watched trial in which         Alford was part of his law firm, he       During those precious minutes, pros-       Jackson doses of the anesthetic
           Experimental                                                                         prosecutors are trying to prove Dr           was not directly a member of              ecutors claim Murray was trying to         propofol and other sedatives, a key
                                                                                                Conrad Murray was responsible for            Murray’s defense team and was             cover up evidence of Jackson’s use of      omission that prosecutors say shows
    With that in mind, he organized                                                                                                          speaking as a private citizen. Pastor
 not only the day-long festival, but a                                                          the drug overdose that caused the pop                                                  the anesthetic propofol, which ulti-       he repeatedly tried to conceal his
                                                                                                star’s death on June 25, 2009.               did not seem to accept that argument      mately caused the singer’s death.          actions during the struggle to save
 week of workshops for Afghan                                                                                                                and ordered Alford to return to his
 musicians, and underground pre-                                                                   Prosecutors brought to the court-                                                                  Revive                      the pop superstar.
                                                                                                room paramedics who responded to a           court for a later hearing on possible                                                   Prosecutors contend the Houston-
 festival concerts for all the bands at
 the festival to play more experi-                                                              call for help on that day, as well as        contempt proceedings.                        The first call for help was received    based cardiologist repeatedly lied to
 mental music to a committed                                                                    other witnesses, to try to prove                Also in Friday’s testimony, para-      at 12:22 pm, paramedics arrived at         medics and emergency room doctors
 crowd.                                                                                         Murray was negligent in his care and         medics who rushed to the singer’s         12:26 pm and made it to Jackson’s          about medications he had been giv-
    They are also holding onto the                                                              covered up Jackson’s use of the anes-        bedside told jurors they were initially   bedroom a minute later, working            ing Jackson in the singer’s bedroom.
 amplifiers, graphic equalizers,                                                                thetic propofol, which was the princi-       optimistic he might live because they     feverishly to revive Jackson.              They claim Murray administered a
 drum kits and guitars that have                                                                pal cause of Jackson’s death.                arrived within five minutes of being         Senneff testified he was on the         fatal dose of propofol and other seda-
 been flown into Afghanistan for                                                                   But the day’s bombshell came with         called. But they soon saw Jackson         phone with doctors at a nearby hospi-      tives.
 Sound Central, aiming to turn the            Winehouse                   Twain                 Pastor’s gag order, which followed           was unresponsive.                         tal and they recommended at 12:57 pm          Defense lawyers claim Jackson
 festival into a yearly event and                                                               an appearance by defense attorney               “I knew that we got there very,        that Jackson be declared dead. Murray      gave himself the fatal dose after his
 make it easier for kids who are                                                                Matthew Alford on NBC’s morning              very quickly. It meant we’d have a        demanded that Jackson be taken to the      doctor left the room.
 interested in rock to start playing               Variety                                      talk show “Today.”                           good chance of restarting the heart if    hospital for further treatment.               Another paramedic dispatched to
 the rest of the year.                                                                             “The attorneys for the parties in         that was the issue,” said paramedic          The first week of testimony in the      the room, Martin Blount, agreed. He
    “I live in Herat, which is an old                                                           this case ... are ordered not to com-        Richard Senneff.                          involuntary manslaughter trial of          told jurors that they thought Jackson
 city and the people are too tradi-        LOS ANGELES: Tony Bennett told Jon                   ment to anyone outside of their                 But Senneff said he quickly realized   Murray has wrapped up and was cen-         was dead soon after they arrived in
 tional,” said Masoud Hasan Zada, a        Stewart on “The Daily Show” that his                 respective teams either directly or          Jackson had been down for more than       tered on his actions the day Jackson       the room.
 full-time journalist and part-time        “Duets” partner Amy Winehouse knew                   indirectly regarding any aspects of          five minutes. “His skin was very cool     died.                                         Blount also said he saw three open
 lead singer of blues-rock band            her alcohol addiction was going to kill              this case, whether orally or in writ-        to the touch,” Senneff said. “When I         Jurors have heard from witnesses        bottles of lidocaine on the floor of the
 Morcha, or “The Ants.”                    her, when she recorded with him earlier              ing,” Pastor said in court.                  took a first glance at him, his eyes,     who were on the scene, including           room but noted that Murray never
    He spent a week in Kabul at the        this year.                                                                                        they were open and his pupils were        Jackson staffers and paramedics, dur-
 workshops, learning everything               Bennett, who has the number-one                      Alford said on “Today” that one                                                                                                mentioned giving Jackson the
 from online marketing to stage            album in the country with his “Duets II”             witness had changed his testimony            dilated. When I hooked up the EKG         ing the panicked final moments of          painkiller. He told jurors he saw the
 presence — something Beard says           collaborations, praised the late                     several times. He also declared that         machine, it was flatlined.”               the pop star’s life.                       doctor scoop up the vials and drop
 is particularly hard for musicians        Winehouse, who died July 23. He said she             Jackson was addicted to propofol.               Murray admits administering propo-        Senneff also testified, Murray          them in a black bag.
 who are talented but grew up in a         was a great singer in the tradition of
 culture that frowns on exhibition-        Dinah Washington.
 ism.                                         But he also said that during his Abbey           But Twain, appearing via video link         Palumbo.                                    that “Taxi” and “Grease” star actor Jeff        Conaway struggled publicly with his
    In a country where music was           Road studio session with Winehouse last          from an undisclosed location in Europe,          “I still have the fear and anxiety of     Conaway’s May 27 death was accidental        addictions on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr
 banned for years under the austere        March, where they recorded the pop stan-         didn’t see it that way.                        being contacted in the future by Palumbo.   and caused by major internal infection.
                                           dard “Body and Soul,” the pop diva was                                                                                                                                                   Drew.”
 Taliban regime, music stores are          so troubled by her alcohol addiction that
                                                                                               “I’m torn emotionally because I have        And I do want it to stop,” she said.           Los Angeles County coroner Craig             Conaway, who had repeated back sur-
 attacked in some cities, and some of                                                       compassion for anybody who’s reaching            For the second day in a row, the          Harvey says coroners did not conduct a       geries for an injury, blamed his drug
                                           she knew she wasn’t going to live much
 the Afghan musicians playing have         longer.                                          out in need — fans often do that,” she         process seemed to become too much for       toxicology test because Conaway had
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    abuse, in part, on his lingering back prob-
 had to shut down their websites or           “She was in trouble at that time ... What     said. “I feel very sad ... and awkward hav-    Palumbo, who was clad on Friday in a        been hospitalized for weeks prior to his
                                                                                            ing to go through these very personal mat-                                                 death, so his blood would have come back     lem.
 even cut their hair because of social     people didn’t realize at that time, she really                                                  rumpled black suit and navy slip-on
 pressure, the festival is a daring                                                         ters with Palumbo because it’s such an                                                     clean.                                          Conaway was known for playing vain,
                                           knew, and in fact I didn’t really know it                                                       sneakers. (AP)
 venture.                                                                                   invasion of his privacy.”                                                                     However, Harvey says when Conaway         struggling actor Bobby Wheeler on “Taxi”
                                           when we were making the record ... She                                                                       ❑        ❑       ❑                                                          and Kenicke, the swaggering best friend
    Security concerns means publici-       knew she was in a lot of trouble, that she          However, Twain said nothing she heard                                                   entered the hospital May 10, opiates and
 ty has been mostly word of mouth,         wasn’t gonna’ live. And it wasn’t drugs. It      at the trial made her feel differently about   LOS ANGELES: An autopsy has ruled           other drugs were in his system.              of John Travolta in “Grease.” (AP)
 and the date has been kept deliber-       was alcohol,” Bennett said. (RTRS)
 ately vague. Messages revealing                      ❑          ❑          ❑
 the time and venue will go out to
                                           TORONTO: Canadian country star
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Star turns 60
 music fans only on the morning of
 the event.                                Shania Twain testified Friday that she
    “Much as they see in the news
 that there is a lot of troubles here, a
                                           has compassion for a man accused of
                                           stalking her but remains concerned that he
                                           will continue to pursue her.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sting wants 25 more yrs of music
 lot of the youth here just want to           Giovanni Palumbo has been charged
 have some fun, just want to express       with three counts of failure to comply                                                                                                      NEW YORK, Oct 1, (AP): At 85, Tony           sell multiple multiplatinum albums —
 themselves through the arts,              with a court order and criminal harass-                                                                                                     Bennett released an album that debuted       and overall, he is the owner of 16
 whether it be music or any other          ment.                                                                                                                                       at No. 1 on the Billboard albums chart       Grammy Awards.
 type of arts,” he said.                      He had pleaded not guilty earlier this                                                                                                   this week. Sting, who turns 60 on               This week he released “Sting: 25
    The crowds may still be relative-      week but after listening to testimony                                                                                                       Sunday, is hoping he                         Years,” his 3-disc greatest hits set. On
 ly small, but at the underground          Friday from Twain, Palumbo’s lawyer told                                                                                                    will still be going                          Oct 18, he will release “Sting: The Best
 concerts leading up to the festival,      court that his client would plead guilty to                                                                                                 strong at 85, too.                           of 25 Years,” which features 12 remas-
 there were already a few die-hard         both charges.                                                                                                                                  “Hopefully      the                       tered tracks from his solo career.
 fans.                                        Lawyer Gary Barnes said that hearing                                                                                                     next 25 years will be                           Sting says he has no plans to release a
    The crowd was a mix of hip             Twain’s heartfelt testimony stirred a reve-                                                                                                 the same if I have it,”                      new album, though he says he is a writ-
 young Afghans, one in a pair of           lation in Palumbo.                                                                                                                          the Rock and Roll                            ing a musical-play “based on my home-
 Kanye West glasses, and a few                “He realized: ‘My God, I have upset                                                                                                      Hall of Famer said of                        town in the north of England. It’s about
 expats. They roared back at her, and      her,’” Barnes told reporters after court had                                                                                                his own success. “I                          shipbuilding.” It will be directed by
 then started dancing, hard, to the        adjourned for the day.                                                                                                                      couldn’t live without                        Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner
 music.                                       The former Ottawa doctor allegedly                                                                                                       music. I’d rather play
                                           sent Twain a series of letters, made                                                                                                                                                     Brian Yorkey.
    “This is the first time I’m watch-                                                                                                                                                 music or die.”             Bennett              Sting will also launch his “Back to
 ing music live, the first time in         unwanted visits to her family cottage in                                                                                                       Sting is celebrat-
                                           Ontario and even attended her grand-                                                                                                                                                     Bass Tour” on Oct 21 in Boston.
 Kabul we’ve had something like                                                                                                                                                        ing 25 years as solo artist; in the late        He’s playing the bass with a small
 this,” says breathless 22 year-old        mother’s funeral before being arrested at a
                                           Canadian awards ceremony this year.                                                                                                         1970s he debuted as the leader of The        band on the tour.
 Asil Ahmad.                                  Before he pleaded guilty Friday, Barnes                                                                                                  Police, scoring massive hits with songs         “I just did the 200-date tour with this
    “It’s one of the most unforget-        said during Twain’s cross-examination                                                                                                       like “Every Breath You Take” and             symphony orchestra, so I just wanted to
 table nights.”                            that Palumbo simply didn’t realize that          In this Sept 22, 2011 file photo, 2011 Clinton Global Citizen Award recipient              “Every Little Thing She Does Is              throw a curve at that and do something
                                           Twain wasn’t interested.                         Sting performs at the Clinton Global Initiative awards dinner in New York. (AP)            Magic.” As a solo singer, he went on to      like I used to,” he said.

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