Crafting The Perfect Shower Crafting The Perfect Shower Today s homes have bathrooms that

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					                            Crafting The Perfect Shower
Today's homes have bathrooms that are larger and more practical than those of the past. They are
now a place where we can relax and unwind. There are many ways that we can add more
enjoyment to our bathrooms and a great shower is one of them. Your shower is the largest item in
your bathroom and is the thing most people will notice. You want it to provide a relaxing
experience which can be accomplished by installing "rain" shower heads and many other terrific
options but you also want it to look stylish. One of the most important things to help with getting a
great look is the shower doors.

For choosing shower doors or enclosures, homeowners have a couple of basic designs available to
choose from to give them the perfect look. You have the option of installing a shower enclosure
that utilizes a frame or ones that do not. As you might expect, cost is going to be an issue here.
The frame design enclosures allow for a thinner construction using a glass that costs less so this
will be the lower cost alternative. The enclosures that do not make use of a frame are constructed
of a thicker glass to allow for the lack of a frame. As you might expect, the cost of materials and
manufacturing makes these more expensive.

But with the extra cost comes some advantages. First, many people just think that they look
better. They have a more elegant appearance and can really make or break a bathroom's design.
Also, since there is no frame, there will be no place for water to settle. This means that there will
be easier maintenance and a less chance of mildew forming.

Another design issue to consider is the opacity of the enclosure. Some people like to have a
shower enclosure that is at least partially obscured to give them a feeling of privacy. Some people
prefer no obscuring of the enclosure so that they have a better view out. The choices are personal
to each person and, if choosing a design that makes use of some sort of obscuring design, there
are many to select from to give a great appearance.

For homeowners that decide to go with a framed variety, there is another decision to be made.
That would be the design of the frame itself. Frames will come in an assortment of finishes to allow
you to match the rest of your bathroom fixtures.

And of course, the actual design of the enclosure itself. They don't have to be the rectangular
design that we are used to seeing. You will be able to purchase and install oval, circular, and many
other unique and interesting designs.

There are plenty of options available to allow you to craft the bathroom of your dreams. Just make
sure to do your measurements properly and do your research. A good place to look at options is a
local hardware mega-store. You can also have a look online, but for something this important, you
probably want to be able to see your options in person and be able to touch and feel the materials.

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