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   Ski & Snowboard Club Schedule
            Grades 6-12                                                                                       Ski & Snowboard
          Friday, January 7
       Friday, January 14
                                             Afton Alps
                                             Afton Alps
       Friday, January 21                    Wild Mountain

                                                                             Excelsior, MN 55331
                                                                             4584 Vine Hill Road
                                                                             Minnetonka Community Education
       Friday, January 28                    Afton Alps
        Friday February 4                    Wild Mountain
       Friday, February 11                   Afton Alps
                Make-up date: February 18
*February 18 is an early release day from school. Buses will depart at
         the end of the school day and will return at 11:15 pm

Ski/snowboard lessons are available at each skill hill
for an additional $35.00. The fee includes six

Buses will leave each                   school      immediately
                                                                                                                     Grades 6-12
following the school day.

All buses return to Minnetonka High School at
approximately 11:15 pm. Parents must be at                                                                    January 11 - February 11, 2011
MHS by 11:15 pm. If a parent is late picking up a
student, the student will be suspended from the
next trip; no refund will be given. Students will

                                                                         US POSTAGE PAID
not be allowed to walk home from the bus.

                                                                         EXCELSIOR MN
                                                                          PERMIT NO. 66

                                                                           Non-profit Org.
All students and chaperones participating in
Ski/Snowboard Club must ride the bus to and                                                                   Minnetonka Community Education
from the ski areas. Students must ride on their                                                               4584 Vine Hill Road
assigned bus.                                                                                                 Excelsior, MN 55331
If you would like to pick up your child at the ski
lodge at the end of the evening, a signed note
must be submitted to Anna Malmquist by
Thursday at 10:00 am the week of pick up. The
note may be dropped off at Minnetonka
Community Education Center or can be faxed to
Anna at 952-401-6805.
  Ski & Snowboard Club Registration                                      Medical Authorization
                                                                          Please complete all information.
                                                                                                                               ID Tags
 Ski & Snowboard Club Registration
             Grades 6-12                                                   Please complete all information.
                                                              In conjunction with the Minnetonka Ski & Snowboard
                       Grades 4-5                                                                                              Participants will be issued a photo ID tag.
                                                                      and if the undersigned is not
                                                              Club conjunction with the Minnetonkaavailable
                                                               In                                               Ski &          All skiers and snowboarders must wear their ID
  Name____________________________________________            immediately to grant permission, the undersigned
Name____________________________________________               Snowboard Club, and if the undersigned is not                   tag on all trips. Students will not be allowed on
                                                               available appropriate to grant permission, the
                                                              authorizes immediately medical care as deemed                    the bus without one.
  Address__________________________________________           necessary by authorizes appropriate personnel,care
Address__________________________________________              undersigned emergency medical medical a
  City__________________________Zip________________           physician, or the medical facility providing treatment.
                                                               as deemed necessary by emergency medical                        Please enclose a current wallet size color photo
City__________________________Zip________________              personnel, a physician, or the medical facility                 of your student with the registration. Your child’s
  Home Phone______________________________________            Participant_______________________________________
                                                               providing treatment.
Home Phone______________________________________                                                                               face should measure 2”x2” in size.
  Grade_______     School      MMW        MME          MHS    Parent(s) _________________________Cell_____________
Grade_______     School____________________________            Participant______________________________________               ID Tags will be mailed before the first trip.
                    Fees     (Check One)                      Parent(s) _________________________Cell_____________
                                                               Parent(s) _________________________Cell_____________
     Basic plan includes transportation and lift tickets.      Address__________________________________________               Refund Policy
  ______Basic Fees (Check One)                   $270          Parent(s) _________________________Cell_____________
                                                                                                                               Unfortunately, refunds will be not be issued for
  ______Basicincludes transportation and lift tickets.
    Basic plan + Ski Rental                      $425          City___________________________ Zip_______________
                                                               Address__________________________________________               absences. Due to the advance planning
  ______Basic + Snowboard Rental               $175
                                                 $425         Allergies _________________________________________              necessary for bus contracts, refunds cannot be
______Basic + Ski Rental
  ______Basic + Ski Rental + Lessons           $260
                                                 $460          City__________________________ Zip_______________
                                                                                                                               issued if students withdraw from the program
______Basic + Snowboard Rental
  ______Basic + Snowboard Rental + Lessons$285   $460
                                                               Allergies _________________________________________             after December 13.
______Basic + Ski Rental + Lessons
  ______Basic + Ski Lessons                    $310
                                                 $305         Medical Insurance__________________________________
______Basic + Snowboard Rental + Lessons       $335            Medications______________________________________
  ______Basic + Snowboard Lessons                $305                                                                          Substitutions or selling tickets is not permitted.
______Basic + Ski Lessons                  $225               Policy Number ____________________________________               Students dismissed from the program for
                                                               Medical Insurance__________________________________
______Basic + Snowboard Lessons            $225
  ______ Minnetonka Ski/Snowboard winter hat $10              Signature of Parent/Guardian_______________________              disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund.
                                                               Policy Number ____________________________________
           (Hat will be given to student on the first trip)                                                                    If a trip is cancelled due to bad weather, a make-
______ Minnetonka Ski/Snowboard winter hat $10                Release Parent/Guardian______________________
                                                              Signature of                                                     up trip will be held on Friday, February 18, 2011.
  For Rental Only: to student on the first trip)
         (hat will be given                                   I understand that my child will ski/snowboard at his/her
  Shoe Size:_____ Height: ft _____ in____ Weight:_____                              Release
                                                              own risk, and that MCE, the school or the chaperones are         Ski Equipment
For Rental Only:                                               I understand that my personal injury or theft. I have
                                                              not responsible for child will ski/snowboard at his/her own
   Check enclosed (payable to in____                                                                                          If students provide their own ski equipment,
Shoe Size:_____ Height: ft _____MCE) Weight:_____              risk, and that my child school or the chaperones are at
                                                              discussed with MCE, the proper conduct on the bus and not        parents must deliver the equipment to the school
   Visa / MC / Disc _______________________________           responsible for understand that my child have discussed
                                                              the ski area and personal injury or theft. I will be denied      either before school starts or just before the end
   Check enclosed (payable to MCE) Check # _______             with my child proper conduct noted. I will pick ski my
                                                              participation if misconduct ison the bus and at the up area      of the school day (skis, snowboards, boots, or
  Visa / MC_____________________________________
  Exp_______ Signature_____________________________            and at MHS by that pm. I understand that participation
                                                              child understand 8:30my child will be deniedif I am late orif    poles are not permitted on the morning school
   Exp__________________                                       misconduct is noted. I in pick up my child child may
                                                              if my child causes a delaywill the return trip, my at MHS by     bus). Equipment should be bagged or banded
                                                              be denied participation on the next Itrip. late or if my child
                                                               11:15 pm. I understand that if am                               and labeled; all equipment will be stored at

                    Chaperones                                 causes a delay in the return trip, my child may be denied
                                                              Participant_____________________________________                 school.
                                                               participation on the next trip.
   There will be adult chaperones on each bus, on the
 slopes & at the chalet. Lift tickets and equipment rental
                                                              Signature of Parent/Guardian_______________________
                                                               Participant_________________________________________            Registration Deadline
         are covered for chaperones, if desired.                                                                               It is recommended to register as soon as possible
                                                              Signature of Parent/Guardian____________________________
           Chaperones, please apply online at                                                                                  as spots fill quickly. Registrations will be accepted
                                                              Mail registration and color wallet photo to:                     through January 3, 2011 or until buses fill.
                                                              Mail registration color wallet 55331
                                                              4584 Vine Hill Rd. &Excelsior, MN photo to:
 Chaperone Name: _____________________________                952-401-6800
                                                                       Minnetonka Community Ed
 Chaperone Email: ______________________________
                                                                     4584 Vine Hill Rd. Excelsior, MN 55331
  A mandatory meeting for all chaperones will be held on
      December 9 at 5:30 p.m. at MCEC Rm #205.

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