MAYA BALL GAME GDD by nutailor


									Pok-A-Pok Tournament
    Game Design Document

Table of Contents

High Concept
A team-based sport where players compete to hit a ball through a hoop by
bouncing it off their arms, shins, and hips.

Key Features
       o   Exciting fast paced game of ancient Mayan origin, father of all team based sports.
       o   Play as many of the legends of Mayan lore – such as the Hero Twins: Hunahpu and
       o   Smite your opponents with ultimate powers
       o   Real life locations, like the grand court of Chichen Itza, as well as supernatural
           locales such as the underworld.
       o   Customizable features – such as ball properties, team size and court rules
       o   Online tournament play
       o   Injuries range from simple bruises to losing your head
       o   Quick-match and story mode for singleplayer
       o   In game commentator

Platform and Minimum Requirements
       Windows 98se/ME/2000/XP
       800 MHz IBM or compatible processor
       128 MB RAM
       Full DirectX 9 compliant 3D accelerated video card with 32MB RAM
       DirectX 9
       100% Windows compatible sound card

Target Market
       The game is designed for an ESRB rating of ―T‖ : Teen; due to the graphical nature of
the game.

Production Estimates
       Estimated Retail Price -                            19.99
       Estimated Development Cost –                        (priceless)
       Estimated Schedule –
       This game is designed for a two-semester project, and is estimated to require 8 months
       of work.

          Deep into the wild and treacherous forest of ancient Mexico lays a city of fascination and
awe. Temples towering over the skies can be seen from the far reaches of the mountains.
Alongside the city are bountiful crops of maize stretching endlessly over the land. Every inch of
the city wall is covered with encrypted carvings…and to the untrained eyes, shows humanlike
entities greeting and welcoming with smiles. This is just one of the many thriving cities of the
civilization known as Maya. The vivid exterior of the city is but a shell of the brutal truth of what
lies within.

         The sun sets high above the sky and the city lay stagnant of usual activities. The
temples, bazaars and baths lay dormant, becoming resident to moss and dusts. All of the
residences amass towards the strange ‗I‘ shaped structure to bare witness to the biggest event of
all time, the Pok-A-Pok tournament.

        Pok-A-Pok (known as THE Ballgame) is the very first team based sport played by the
Mayans, reaching far back to around 3,500 years. It is known through the context of this now
deceased civilization that the Mayans often perform rituals to please their gods. What better
ways to do this than a good game of Pok-A-Pok. However, pleasing their gods mean certain
doom to certain people, meaning the losing team will be sacrificed to complete the ritual.
Winning in this sport is a matter of life and death.

         The balls used in Pok-A-Pok are purely made of rubber from trees found throughout the
region. Each ball is then covered with a secretion from a plant called ‗Morning Glory vine‘, adding
the much needed bounciness. It is also said that human skulls are used as the core of the balls
to lessen the weight, thus the deaths of those unfortunate would not have been in vain. With
the ball weighing approximately 8 kilograms and size as big as a fully grown human head, it is
imperative for players to wear protective gears.

         The rules in Pok-A-Pok are simple. The ball can only be hit by the shins, elbows and
waist. The ball must not hit the ground, for it is said that doing so would awaken the demons
that live beneath the surface. The player simply needs to shoot the ball in a small hoop set high
above the ground, connected to the wall. It is a near impossible task, but since life depends on
it…shouldn‘t be all that impossible.

        There are many myths and legends foretold that revolves around Pok-A-Pok, ranging
from the creation myth to non-fictional believe-it-or-not stories. Incredible feats and
preternatural performances gave nice flavors to the portrayal of the game. Even the lords of the
underworld and the gods themselves played Pok-A-Pok. The sport is more than just
entertainment, it is a religion.


Single Player Mode


         The tutorial will show first time players the basics of the game: handling the ball, passing
the ball, shooting the ball, stealing the ball, and super moves.

         Upon selecting Tutorial, a level will load with pre-determined teams for both the player
and the instructor. The level will consist of dialogs and diagrams given by the instructor, and
then followed by actual gameplay to review the learned materials.

Story Mode:

         The story mode is where the player unlocks: teams, team members, abilities and ball
courts. The player chooses a team and a character within the team with his/her own name. The
characters in the team the player can choose are limited to what is currently ‗unlocked‘. Certain
characters will be ‗unlocked‘ by completing matches in story mode. Ball courts and team special
moves are unlocked as the story progresses. The teams that are locked can be ‗unlocked‘ after
finishing the game with a team.

          The intro of the chosen team is played before starting the game. The intro will consist of
a scrolling background embedded with murals and hieroglyphs depicting the story behind the
team and their purpose for playing Pok-A-Pok. A dialog translation will be shown below the
scrolling background to better portray the story.

         The player is able to configure the team before each match starts. The configuration
involves: changing team members, setting up their abilities and setting up their positions/tactics
in the field. During configuration, the player is allowed to see the next match location and view
the stats of the opposing team.

        The match begins, each team: the player and the opponent will have some form of
dramatic entrance and position themselves on the ball court. The crowd goes wild and the
opposing team captains throw insults at one another (dialog with team captain‘s portrait). Once
the manic cheers of the spectators dwindle, the big head statue at the far side of the field will
launch a ball up into the air. Whichever team captain catches the ball first shall begin the match
as the offense.

        At the end of the match, the winning team will do a victory dance while the spectators
bury them with valuable treasures. For the more unfortunate losing team, a scene of them
bowing down for their inevitable death will be shown. The screen will go black and sounds of
head chopping will be heard. If the player is the losing team, the ‗Game Over‘ screen will be
shown. From there, the player can choose to retry the match or quit back to the main menu.

        Upon the player‘s victory, the next match takes place in another ball court and the cycle
repeats. The first half of the game will involve in the surface world and for the next half will be
in the underworld. Once the player has defeated the final team in the underworld, they will
transform into gods and a temple for the team will be built to commemorate their victory. The
temple can be viewed from ‗The Hall Of Fame‘ section of the game.

Quick Match:

         In quick match, the player can quench their thirst for a game of Pok-A-Pok in no time.
The player chooses any of the custom teams he/she created from the ‗team edit menu‘, for
his/her team and the AI controlled team. The ‗team edit menu‘ can be accessed in quick match
to add more custom teams.

        The gameplay features can also be set to the player‘s liking, such as the ball properties,
allow/disallow super moves, allow/disallow decapitation, number of scores needed to win, match
duration and such. These features can also be saved and loaded for future use.

        The courts the player can select are limited to what is currently ‗unlocked‘. Certain
courts can be ‗unlocked‘ through story mode.

        The match is played very much like what is described in the story mode. After the
match, the player‘s stats are then revealed and are updated to the player‘s global stats profile for
the selected team.

Multiplayer Mode
Multiplayer Modes:

    -   Time
    -   Points
    -   Free for all (if we have time we should do it)

Multiplayer Options:
        Ball turns into bomb mode
        Different ball colors affect the players stats like magic, and other stuff.

Multiplayer Features:
    -   LAN game
    -   Internet servers list
    -   News section
    -   If you are registered
             o Buddy List
             o Online stats
             o Ranking

Multiplayer Ranking:
        Each ranking in multiplayer will add a distinguish look to the player to differentiate them
from other ranks. This can be determined through certain range of ranks such as:
god status, king status, novice…etc.

       The ranking for the player can be represented on their icon or name. (a crown or

        Ranking is calculated from the player‘s accumulated score such as number of wins, ratio
of win and lose, accuracy, num passes, injuries, etc.

        Ranking can also be represented in-game via the player‘s headdress; the fancier, the
higher the rank.

        Either way, this feature adds much to player‘s urge to play the game more in multiplayer
to be able to reach higher ranking.

    -   Logo (flag) such as a jaguar logo or a skull logo
    -   Choose the color of ball (only if the option is not set to have the other ball color stuff)
    -   Change the icon of the picture of the player (will be a small file)

Game Flow (How the game works)

        Prior to starting the match, you are given information of the location and your opponent.
You are able to customize your team‘s special moves and behaviour (consists of: shooter,
offense, defense, guard). You assign each behaviour to each player (no duplicates).

        Upon arrival to the field, each team positions themselves as shown:




        Blue = team 1
        Red = team 2
        o = ring
        * = players
        @ = team captain

          After everyone is at their position, the large statue head at the opposite side of the field
will spit a ball towards the two team captains. Failure for both team captains to catch the ball
will result in an explosion damaging everyone. The statue will keep spitting until one of the team
captain catches the ball (or both dies which results in a draw, both teams will be sacrificed for
the gods). To catch the ball, both team captains simply need to catch the ball. Tackling and use
of special move is not allowed during this phase. Only the team captains are allowed to move.

        Once one of the team captains capture the ball, the game starts. Chaos ensues. Magic
and blood splatters stain the battlefield. The team guard waits near the ring to intercept, the
offender casts an offensive spell against the shooter, the defender blocks the incoming spell and
the shooter tries to score.

         There are several special moves at your disposal, the ones you chose prior to the match
to give you the advantage towards the enemy. Simply select your current special move and with
the click of the special move button, executes the move. Some special moves have various ways
of being cast. Some gives you self boost, some engulfs the ball in flames, some requires you to
select an ally, some requires you to target an opponent and even some you have to drag the
mouse around where the spell follows your cursor. Different kind and each requires certain
finesse for effective use. Some special moves can be blocked by pressing the ‗block‘ button
(some moves will still damage your stamina simply because of the shear magnitude of power).

       Any damage will reduce the player‘s stamina. The stamina is also used to do a special
move. Once stamina reaches zero or less, the player is knocked out and has to regain 10% of
the maximum stamina. The player cannot attempt a special move if his stamina is 10% or less.

         To steal the ball you simply attack the opponent with the ball with the primary button
(default: left mouse button) or use a special move.

       To get the ball, you simply have to touch it. By jumping you can counter a ball going
towards the goal.

       The team scores by shooting the ball through the hoop. A point is added and everyone
goes back to the starting position where once again the statue launches the ball.

Input Design
        The game is designed around the concept of using the mouse for movement, passing,
shooting and special moves executions. Some buttons can be mapped to the keyboard if ever
the mouse does not have enough buttons. Since the cursor gives importance to gameplay,
gamepads will have to navigate the cursor via the d-pad (if ever we port the game to consoles,
unless special moves can easily be changed to be adapted to gamepad control). The player can
configure two buttons per action (for different player taste).

Here is the default layout of the input using the keyboard and mouse:

        Pause                    Demand Ball                 Primary         Select prev/next special
                                                                             (mouse wheel)

                                       Select Player
                A     S     D          nearest ball

                                 Cycle player



Cycle player – selects the next player.

Select Player nearest ball – as the name implies, selects the next player nearest the ball.

Character select causes the ball action queue of the selected character to be cleared. The AI
will remember its last queue.

Jump – player jumps vertically. The player can intercept the ball and hit it towards his/her

Primary – This is used for moving, passing, shooting and tackling.

Actions that require the ball will be put in the ball action queue. Once the ball intersects your
player, he/she will perform the ball action queue. The queue is removed.

When you hold this button by a fraction of a second, your character will start moving. The cursor
will change to a direction, moving and orienting the player relative to the cursor. While moving,
the ball action queue is removed. At the moment the ball reaches your player, he/she will hit
the ball at the direction towards where the mouse cursor is.

Clicking on:

        An opponent nearby will cause your player to perform a tackle, if in range.

        A teammate will queue a pass ball. Your teammate will wait for the ball to come as you
        hit the ball towards him/her.

        A ground will queue a ground throw. You will hit the ball towards the ground

        The hoop will queue a shoot. You will hit the ball towards the hoop and hope for the

ball action queue is removed when you move or get hit.

Select Prev/Next Special – changes the currently selected special move.

Special – Execute currently selected special move.

Just like the Primary button, special moves that require the ball sets the ball action queue and
is executed once the ball is at possession.

Block – holding this button will put the player in a defensive pose in attempt to block off/deflect
harmful projectiles (including the ball).

Demand Ball – pressing this will force your team‘s current holder of the ball to pass it to you.

Pause – pauses the game and opens up the in-game menu.

                                               - 10 -
Pok-A-Pok Teams
        Here is the list of all teams that includes: Team captain(s) and their team specialty.

Hero Twins: Hunahpu and Xbalanque

                         It all began with the first original twins, Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-
                         Hunahpú. During their many adventures, the twins came across a
                         barren land completely void of any living creatures or vegetations. The
                         land is perfectly flat stretching far beyond what human eyes can see.
                         The twins with nothing better to do, decided to turn the place into a ball
                         court for a sports game known as Pok-A-Pok. They had returned to the
                         barren land countless times, inviting several others who enjoyed playing
                         Pok-A-Pok. It became an instant attraction throughout the region;
                         however they forgot one little detail. That is, the location of the playing
                         field is right across the entrance to the underworld known as Xibalba.
                         The Xibalbans, resident to this marred demonic realm of death do not
                         take kindly to disturbances from the surface world.

         These demons of the underworld can no longer put up with loud sounds of rubber balls
and manic roar of crowds from the surface world. The chieftains of the underworld, Hun-Camé
and Vucub-Camé irritated beyond demonic recognition decided to send a messenger to the
surface world. The messenger is to find the ones responsible for the disturbances and lure them
to the underworld for their execution. In due time the messenger was able to find the source of
the disturbances: the twins (seen selling Pok-A-Pok commodities, announcing tournament
schedules and performing rubber ball maneuver stunts which ends with pounding the ball to the
ground causing the land to slightly shake). The messenger, a small little demon with nothing but
a head and a pair of wings approached the twins. The messenger told the twins about the grand
Pok-A-Pok tournament in the underworld. ―Glory awaits‖, said the messenger as it flings about,
―your names will forever be forged in stones as the best Pok-A-Pok players of all time‖. The
twins readily accepted the invitation. The twins, after their short farewell to their dear friends
and family headed deep into the underworld.

          All the Xibalbans burst into laughter as the twins approached the demonic underground
stadium. The Xibalbans decided to play their pitiful sports game Pok-A-Pok and agreed upon the
winning condition: if the twins win, they are allowed to further enjoy their sports game Pok-A-Pok
and if the Xibalbans win, the twins will suffer a terrible faith in their hands. Match after match,
the Xibalbans cheated. The twins were played for fools and the Xibalbans had the pleasure of
killing them.

        However all is not lost, as the skull of Hun-Hunahpú managed to live for a short period of
time. With his last dying breath, he managed to lure a Xibalban female named Xquic. By
magical means, Hun-Hunahpú spittle upon the palm of Xquic‘s hand, instantly seeding her.

        Xquic now pregnant was expelled from the underworld and forced to live above the
surface world in shame. There the hero twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque were born. Years have
passed and both matured into true rascals, yet good natured. Thus the adventure of the hero
twins began and in due time they will face the Xibalbans as their father has.


                                               - 11 -
They have good attributes and special abilities.

They have a pair of players which both are only average at best.


                         It is unusual for women to play Pok-A-Pok, such that the sport is brutal
                 in nature. The men of Maya prefer to not have women sacrificed…as they are
                 more valued in more desirable ways. However an exception was made for these
                 graceful and agile women led by their captain, Itzel.

                           It all began one faithful day during a big event of Pok-A-Pok, the king‘s
                  game. The king‘s game is a Pok-A-Pok event to celebrate the conquest of the
                  king over the unworthy. The king and his elites were to play against the
                  captives. Itzel and her best friend Zafrina were among the cheerleaders of the
                  king‘s team. It was the final stage of the game and the king performed an
                  amazing kick, the ball traveled at lightning speed; cheers rose to titanic level.
                  As Zefrina performed her cheer-jump for the glory of the king‘s spectacular kick,
                  she was unaware of the ball rushing towards her. The ball impacted Zefrina‘s
                  body causing her to fall off balance. Zefrina‘s body fell and landed with a big
heavy *thud*. Her body lied disfigured beyond human recognition. Itzel bare witness to her
best friend‘s tragic death and a sudden rush of hate consumed her like wild fire. She somehow
felt obligated to avenge Zefrina‘s death.

        The king openly accepted Itzel‘s request for her team to compete in Pok-A-Pok. Itzel‘s
and the king‘s eyes met with ferocity and both knew well of what is to come. Itzel will have her
revenge in Pok-A-Pok.

Itzel and her crew were once cheerleaders/dancers and as such their ability to move swiftly and
gracefully enables them to counter and dodge balls with certain degree of ease. (Agility and
speed bonus)

Due to less exposure to harm than casual Pok-A-Pok players, these women are more vulnerable
to projectile impacts. (Lesser endurance)

The Captives

         It is said that in the game of Pok-A-Pok, the king and his elites would often play against
the captives to celebrate over their victory. The captives were weakened prior to the match,
giving the king and his elites all the advantage. The match is set to redeem the captives of their
unworthiness to live and be made as sacrifices to the gods; an honorable death. It is a death
sentence filled with humiliation and cruelty.

         However, there is one captive who is determined to win against the king and his elites in
Pok-A-Pok. He goes by the name Bakab Bak. A wild man who knows nothing of fear and pain is
but an appetite for his destructive nature. Tortured to the extreme, Bakab Bak only grew
stronger (now jawless and missing an eye) and soon the rest of the captives followed Bakab
Bak‘s rising power. The captives became a force to be reckoned with. Soon enough, the king
and his elites will get what‘s coming.

                                               - 12 -
After the transformation of these captives by the Bakab Bak, they have become more tolerable of
pain than that of an average Pok-A-Pok player. (Strength, endurance and stamina bonus)

Due to lack of food and tortured to the extreme, the captives lack the mobility of an average Pok-
A-Pok player. (Lesser agility and speed)

The King and his elites

                           King Yoat Smal, a powerful Mayan king has been
                  in complete boredom after countless number of conquest
                  and pillaging. His macho appearances as the strong
                  conqueror have been much adored by his fellow citizens.
                  He desires to be the greatest Mayan king that ever ruled.

                            The king decided to put his supremacy to the
                   next level and what better way to do this than a big
                   tournament event of Pok-A-Pok. He announced the
                   upcoming tournament throughout the land, attracting
                   many competitors far and wide. Soon many have
                   flocked to his city and the economy sky-rocketed. It was
the greatest thing to hit the Mayan scene since the musical concert of: ―bash the captives‘ head
till they drop musical event‖.

        With a big grin on his face, he envisions his success as the king of all kings and be
praised to a level that is of gods.

The elites are strong and versatile, giving them good strength and agility.

Their special abilities are not as powerful as most team.

The Monkeys

        The two leaders of this exclusively monkey team were once human beings: Hunbatz and
Hunchouén. They are the first descendants of Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú who have
been slain in the underworld.

        When the lady Xquic, exile of the underworld came to the two brother‘s house (living
alongside their mother), she was right away unwelcome. The mother of the twins, Hun-Hunahpú
and Vucub-Hunahpú did not trust her because of her origin. She did not believe of what has
become of the twins nor did she believe that inside her womb are the descendants of the twins.
The two brothers sensing great power deep inside lady Xquic; the yet unborn twins are the true
heritage of their great father‘s powers. Knowing of the truth, the two brothers were angered,
ignoring the two women by singing and dancing all day.

       The two brothers were both envious and angry of the newly born hero twins: Hunahpu
and Xbalanque, for they are the true descendants. The two brothers gave them much hardship

                                               - 13 -
and hid them of their vast knowledge. As a matter of fact, both brothers wish them dead. They
made the hero twins servant, bringing them food while they both play their flute and dance all

         The time came when the hero twins have had enough. One day they went home empty
handed. The hero twins told them about their dilemma: the birds they hunted all got stuck on
top of a very high tree; therefore it is impossible for them to climb with their small arms. The
two brothers, Hunbatz and Hunchouén agreed to help them. While the two climbed up the tree,
the hero twins patted (with a rhythmic move three times flat) the strangely hairy tree. The tree
grew taller as the two brothers reached the top. Unable to climb down, both Hunbatz and
Hunchouén cried for help. The hero twins gave the two brothers advice and quickly did what
they were told. Little do the two brothers know that the very move they performed caused them
to transform into monkeys (with the ancient hymn, the tree of monkey madness: pat the tree
three times flat, reach the top and there we trance, monkey tree madness let‘s dance. Swing
your arms and pat your head, the birds stay meek on top laid dead. Come down with us our
monkey friends, we be hanging in time and time again.)

        After many painful trials as monkeys, they sought revenge towards the two hero twins.
They have heard of the big tournament that is known as Pok-A-Pok, knowing for sure that the
hero twins will attend…they device a plan. They gathered up the best of the monkeys from the
woods and trained them to play the game Pok-A-Pok. With no further ado, they joined the
tournament. Now with their trained monkeys, Hunbatz and Hunchouén will make sure that the
hero twins get what they deserve.

Monkeys have good acrobatics and bizarre tactical skills. With their size and different body
proportion, they can jump higher than any normal human being.

They are small and fragile.

The Midgets

       It was a quiet day in a quaint little town, nestled on top of a plateau high above the sky.
Resident to this tranquil place are little men no smaller than 6-year old children. They are
magicians, channeling their power from the gods through the sacred temple of worship.

        Peaceful and jovial these little men were until the very day when rubber balls as big as a
man‘s head fell from the sky and laid holes to their little huts. It was a disturbance no little man
can tolerate. After several days of raining rubber balls of destruction, they decided to travel to
the human land where the source seemed obvious.

         Led by the littlest of little men, Totu, they set forth to the nearest city where much of the
rubber balls are hurled upward towards their little town. Totu stood in front of the city gate and
began to whisper mystical magic words. As Totu‘s last breath of words dissipate, he and his
crew appeared instantly at the center of the ball court where a match is currently held. All gazed
and awed upon the sudden appearance of little men. A rubber ball was lunged towards Totu
with lightning speed and in a split second, rested on Totu‘s little hands. Totu produced a wicked
smile and spurred fiery aura consuming him like a hot potato. He threw the rubber ball towards
the nearest Pok-A-Pok player so fast that the ball completely obliterated the man‘s head. There
was a dreadful silence among the spectators. The king stood up smiling and clapping. He took
leave of his grand seat and walked slowly towards the little men.

                                                - 14 -
         Little Totu told the king about the disturbances Pok-A-Pok is causing toward his people.
The king agreed to end the game Pok-A-Pok for good…on the condition that little Totu and his
pint size companions are to win the Mayan Pok-A-Pok gold title (first prize). Totu knew very well
that these pathetic men are no match to magicians such as himself. Without hesitation, Totu
agreed with a twisted smile almost that of a maniacal killer.

Known as the magicians, these midgets are granted great power and agility. (Agility bonus)

Being small means being more vulnerable and slower than an average sized man. (Lesser
strength, endurance and speed). They do make up for possessing godly powers.


                              The priest Ch‘a hom, known for his vast knowledge of astronomy
                      and agriculture has recently discovered the path to become a god. He
                      believed that the ball court leads into the underworld. In order to become
                      a god, Ch‘a hom believed that one must travel to the underworld and eat
                      the heart of a Xibalban. Though this has not been proven, however many
                      of the priests are eager to join to find the truth. But really, it‘s simply
                      because they‘ve spent too much time in the temple and are eager for a
                      nice sun bathe and exercise.

                               The real only way to travel to the underworld would be to
                      participate in the Pok-A-Pok tournament where the gateway lies.

         Hence so Ch‘a hom gathered all the best priests he can acquire, training them to become
Pok-A-Pok players. Ch‘a hom and his newly crafted team presented themselves before the king
and asked him if they can enter the Pok-A-Pok tournament. ―There must be a reason why these
priests have decided to enter the tournament‖, the king pondered. Because he considered such
people weak, no intelligent scholars are stupid enough to enter the tournament. He would
however have the pleasure of defeating them for such foolishness.

         The king fully amused, burst out laughing. Without further ado, the king declared the
priests part of the Pok-A-Pok tournament. Ch‘a hom and his fellow priests have more than just
strength to prove their worth. Their path to becoming god is one step closer. All that is left is to
win the tournament…

Having no physical advantage, they do posses uncanny powers to overcome their weaknesses.

They‘re not very strong or acrobatic.

                                               - 15 -
Game Elements
Player Stats
The following stats determine how a player performs in the field.


The base value for all attributes is 10. The maximum value for any given player is 20.


Determines how hard you can hit the player and the ball.

The base (strength = 10) tackle damage of a player would be [5, 12] (stamina damage). The
following is used to determine the tackle damage:

[5 + (str-10)*0.25, 12 + (str-10)*0.5]

Strength determines the maximum initial velocity the player can hit the ball for trajectory. The
base initial velocity would be 60 ft/sec. The following is used to determine the initial velocity:

60 + (str-10)*4.5


Determines your resistance against attacks.

Resistance reduces stamina damage by a given percent. The base percent is 0. The following
determines the percentage:



Determines the growth rate of your stamina.

The base rate is 1 sta/sec. The following determines the stamina increase per second:

1 + (end-10)*0.3


Determines your chance to dodge tackles and projectiles. This is only in effect when you are
moving or standing (no action such as: hit ball, cast spell, etc.). Higher agility also lessens your
chance of receiving a critical hit.

Agility of 10 or below will cause no chance of avoiding a hit. The following determines the %:


                                               - 16 -
Avoiding a critical hit is determined by percentage. Agility of 5 or below will cause a 100%
chance of receiving a critical hit. The following determines the %:



Determines how fast you can move.

The base speed is 500. The following determines your character‘s speed:



Determines how well you can aim the ball. Accuracy also determines your chance of causing a
critical hit to your opponent.

Accuracy in terms of passing the ball or targeting the ground is based on the spread of landing
radius. Meaning the ball will have a random destination within the radius. The base radius is 5
ft. The following determines the radius:

5 – (acc – 10)*0.25

Accuracy in terms of scoring factors a percentage chance and angle. The better your accuracy,
the more chance you can score. The base accuracy for percentage is 50%, assuming an angle
within [0, 15]. The following determines the percentage chance:

50 + (acc - 10)*2.5

Making a critical hit chance is determined by:


Skill Level

Determines what the player is limited to special moves.


Determines how fresh or tired you are. Lower stamina means you are more susceptible to
attacks and eventually get knocked out. Stamina is drained whenever you use special moves.
The player gets knocked out if stamina reaches 0 or less percent. The player must regain
stamina to 10. The player cannot perform a super move if his/her stamina is 10 or lower or if
super move subtracts stamina to 0.

Stamina <= 20 reduces your attributes by 25% (injured walk and run animation).

                                                 - 17 -
Point Distribution

         In Quick Match and Multiplay, the player can increase the attributes of each player by
points in the point pool. The point pool is shared within the whole team, where each point spent
is subtracted. The player can add one attribute per point or 10 stamina per point. The number
of points in the pool available can be set in the multiplay settings.

       The player receives one point to spend every victory in Story Mode. This point can be
spend only once and is permanent.

       The player cannot exceed above 20 for each attribute and can not exceed 50 for
stamina. Attribute enhancement from items are excluded.

Score system
Single Player: Score system works by points.
Multiplayer: Score system can be chosen by points or time.

If the score is in time based and time expires with both teams tied, whichever team scores first
will automatically win.

Team Tactics
Team Behaviour

Each team member is assigned a behaviour that determines their play style during the match.

Shooter – always tries to find a clearing for scoring. The shooter will attempt to shoot if chances
are good.

Offender – tries to get the ball from enemy possession. If the ball is in his/her team‘s
possession, will try to attack the opponent‘s (in priority order): guard, offender, defender,
shooter. If the offender is able to acquire the ball, he/she will pass the ball to (in priority order,
depending on the best chance): shooter, defender, guard. If the offender has the ball and has a
special move that morphs the ball into a tool of destruction, then the offender will see if it is
advantageous to use the move.

Defender – always follows the shooter. The defender will attack any opponent attempting to
steal the ball. The defender will also use special moves that enhance the shooter‘s attributes if
there are any.

Guard – positions (him/her) self near the vicinity of the opponent‘s goal. The guard‘s priority is
to counter any incoming ball towards the goal. The guard attacks the shooter with long range
special moves if any are available. Other targets are (in priority order): offender, defender,


When the game starts we have a formation like this:

                * * *

                                                - 18 -

               * * *


        These are the regular moves all players in the game can perform.


        Tackle is a primary move for attacking an opponent. You can only tackle when you are
in range. A reticule is displayed below the opponent to indicate that you and the opponent are in
range of tackle. Attempting a tackle when you are out of range will do nothing (ie. Nothing
happens when you click on the opponent out of range).

        A critical hit will cause the opponent to be knocked down.


         Holding the ‗guard‘ button will make your character guard towards where the cursor is.
Simply release the ‗guard‘ button to unblock. Guarding gives you +100% resistance, +25%
agility and +20% endurance. If the ball intersects your character, the ball will bounce off
towards where your character is facing.


There is no chance to shoot at angles above 60 on both side of the hoop.

As described in attributes: accuracy, there is a percentage chance the player can bounce the ball
through the hoop. That percentage is decreased based on the angle of the ball direction and the
hoop. No decrement is performed if the angle is [0, 15].

                                              - 19 -
                                           60            60

The percentage chance from accuracy is subtracted by the corresponding angle range below:

[0, 15] = 0%
[16, 20] = 20%
[21, 25] = 35%
[26, 35] = 60%
[36, 40] = 70%
[41, 50] = 80%
[51, 60] = 90%
[61, oo] = not a chance.

Hit Ball

The following are ways a player can hit the ball depending on the aimed target:

        Shin Swing – This is used to launch the ball upward at a short distance, players use this
        to keep the ball at their current position. In gameplay, this is used to hit the ball when
        the player does not move. Other than that, if a short distance is needed for the pass.

        Arm Swing – This is used to launch the ball at a medium range. The arm swing is also
        used to launch the ball while moving or jumping. Great for quick pass and ball counter.

        Hip Thrust – Hip thrust is used to launch the ball at long range. This move is also used
        for shooting the ball through the hoop. The hip has the thickest protective gear for the
        player to bounce the ball upwards or at long distance with heavy force.

In gameplay, the ball is hit whenever it intersects with the player. The player will launch the ball
upward if he/she is just standing. While moving, the player will hit the ball with Arm Swing
towards where the mouse cursor is.


Jump is primarily used for intercepting the ball. The player will swing his/her arm to deflect the
ball towards their direction. Jump is also used to avoid attacks that are ground based.

                                                - 20 -
Super Moves
        These are the various powers used in Pok-A-Pok. Super moves will consume the player‘s
stamina when used. Each super move varies on how much stamina it will consume. Upon using
a super move, it cannot be re-used until its delay seconds is over.

         There are several types of super moves: offense (harm towards the opponent), defense
(self preservation), goal (for scoring), and support (help others).

        Those that require ball are moves that are set in ball action queue and are performed
once the ball is hit by the player.

        Each super move has a skill level requirement, restricting the powerful moves to a more
talented individual.

        Super moves can be selected for each player in a team. A maximum of two moves can
be picked for each player. Some of the super moves can only be used by certain teams or can
only be used by specific team captains. Team captains can select 3 special moves.

General Special Moves

Speed –

          Skill level: 1
          Stamina cost: 15
          Delay: 8 sec.
          Duration: 8 sec.

          Type: defense
          Requires ball: no
          Target: self
          Range: 0 ft.

Double the player‘s speed.

Slide –

          Skill level: 1
          Stamina cost: 5
          Delay: 2 sec.

          Type: offense
          Requires ball: no
          Target: opponent
          Range: 3 ft.

Player will slide towards the opponent and tackle. The tackle will cause the opponent to be
knocked down unless he/she is on guard. The stamina damage is tackle + 10. Critical hit will
cause the opponent to be knocked away by 3 ft.

                                             - 21 -
Power Attack –

        Skill level: 1
        Stamina cost: 10
        Delay: 15 sec.

        Type: offense
        Requires ball: yes
        Target: opponent
        Range: 5 ft.

Use the ball to knock an opponent down. Upon hitting the ball towards the opponent, the ball
glows red. The stamina damage is tackle + 50%. The ball has a chance to stun the opponent
for 3 seconds if he/she fails to dodge a critical hit. After hit, the ball is bounced off towards the
opponent‘s direction.

Aim –

        Skill level: 1
        Stamina cost: 0, requires stamina > 25%
        Delay: 5 sec.

        Type: goal
        Requires ball: yes
        Target: hoop
        Range: unlimited

Holding the ‗special‘ button will cause the player to crouch at a ready position to hit the ball
towards the hoop. If released, the player performs a back flip shin kick. The ball must be within
range of the shin in order to be hit. The direction is always towards the hoop.

Aim will give the player +100% strength and +50% accuracy when hitting the ball.

Blast Jump –

        Skill level: 2
        Stamina cost: 20
        Delay: 20 sec.

        Type: offense
        Requires ball: no
        Target: self
        Range: 5 ft.

The player jumps leaving a ripple of force within the given range. Any opponent who is caught
within the force will be knocked away and lose 20 stamina.

Ball Maneuver –

        Skill level: 1
        Stamina cost: 5
        Delay: 1.5 sec.

                                                - 22 -
         Type: defense
         Requires ball: yes
         Target: ground
         Range: 3 ft.

Maneuver around while bouncing the ball to mislead or escape opponents.

Hero Twins: Hunahpu and Xbalanque

Teleport –

         Skill level: 3
         Stamina cost: 30
         Delay: 25 sec.

         Type: offense/support
         Requires ball: no
         Target: self
         Range: unlimited

Teleports the player on the ground near the ball.

Fireball –

         Skill level: 2
         Stamina cost: 15
         Delay: 15 sec.
         Duration: 5 sec.

         Type: offense
         Requires ball: yes
         Target: opponent
         Range: 5 ft.

The spell is activated upon hitting the ball, causing ignition. Any opponent who touches the ball
will be set on fire for 5 seconds, losing 3 stamina per second. Underworld teams are immune to
fire, rendering this move useless.

Swap –

         Skill level: 3
         Stamina: 20
         Delay: 15 sec.

         Type: offense/support
         Target: opponent
         Requires ball: no
         Range: unlimited

When this super move is selected, the player can use the ‗Special‘ button on an opponent to
swap position. The swap is only valid when the opponent is: standing, jumping or moving; not
performing any other action.

                                              - 23 -
Confuse –

        Skill level: 2
        Stamina: 20
        Delay: 20 sec.
        Duration: 10 sec.

        Type: support
        Requires ball: no
        Target: self
        Range: 3 ft.

Confuse opponents near you within 3 feet of radius. The player spins and trails of dust twirls
around. The camera for the opponent will twist and turn causing bad aiming and movement.

Stink Bomb –

        Skill level: 3
        Stamina: 20
        Delay: 15 sec.
        Duration: 5 sec.

        Type: offense
        Requires ball: no
        Target: ground
        Range: 5 ft.

Throw a stink bomb on ground (up to 10 feet). Any opponent within 5 feet radius will lose 20%
of strength and speed for the given duration.

Blowgun –

        Skill level: 3
        Stamina: 30
        Delay: 20 sec.
        Duration: 10 sec.

        Type: offense
        Requires ball: no
        Target: opponent
        Range: 20 ft.

Shoots a poisonous dart to an opponent. The opponent will be poisoned for the given duration.
The poison reduces the opponent‘s endurance by 40%-80%, agility and speed by 10%-25%.
When holding the ‗special‘ button over an opponent, a target cursor appears and moves
erratically relative to the cursor; lags behind (the spread of the movement is based on the
character‘s accuracy). Releasing the ‗special‘ button will fire the dart.

Summon small animals –

        Skill level: 3
        Stamina: 30
        Delay: 30 sec.

                                              - 24 -
          Duration: 10 sec.

          Type: offense/support
          Requires ball: no
          Target: self
          Range: 3 ft.

The player summons half a dozen random small animals. The animals will move around near the
vicinity of the opponents and will trip anyone. Upon getting tripped on, the animal will burrow
and disappear. One of the animals will also follow the ball and will try to catch it if it hits the
ground, the animal will throw the ball towards the player. The animals will burrow and disappear
after the given duration.

The King and his Elites

Taunt –

          Skill level: 2
          Stamina: 10
          Delay: 20 sec.
          Duration: 5 sec.

          Type: support
          Requires ball: no
          Target: opponent
          Range: 10 ft.

The player taunts an opponent within the given range. The affected opponent will have 20%
reduced accuracy. The opponent must be standing on the ground. The opponent‘s ball action
queue is removed. (An animation of ‗pissed off‘ will be played). Note: The player controlled
opponent still has control. For AI, the player will move towards you to tackle.

Mighty Shout –

          Skill level: 2
          Stamina: 20
          Delay: 15 sec.
          Duration: 10 sec.

          Type: defense/support
          Requires ball: no
          Target: self
          Range: 5 ft.

The player yells a war cry. All allies within the given range will increase their strength by 15%.

Blind –

          Skill level: 2
          Stamina: 20
          Delay: 20 sec.
          Duration: 5 sec.

                                               - 25 -
         Type: support
         Requires ball: no
         Target: opponent
         Range: 3 ft.

The player throws dust towards his/her direction in a 3 feet radius cone. Any opponent who gets
hit will be blind for the given duration. Blind reduces opponent‘s accuracy by 95%. On
controlled opponent, the screen fades to a near pitch black.

Mighty Punch –

         Skill level: 3
         Stamina: 15
         Delay: 10 sec.

         Type: offense
         Requires ball: no
         Target: opponent
         Range: 1.5 ft.

The player holds the ‗Special‘ button to charge this move. The variation of this move depends on
when the player releases the ‗Special‘ button (maximum 2 sec). The player throws a mighty
punch forward up to 1-3 feet. The opponent hit will be knocked forward for 3-6 feet. The
opponent will lose 25-50 stamina. The opponent flying forward can hit any player in the way
causing half the stamina damage and is also knocked down.

Berserk –

         Skill level: 3
         Stamina: 0, requires stamina to be >= 50%
         Delay: 0 sec.
         Duration: varies

         Type: offense/defense
         Requires ball: no
         Target: self
         Range: 0 ft.

Upon activation, the player will go on a rampage and stamina drains (5 sta/sec) till it reaches
10%. During berserk, the player is immune to damage and can only be knocked down by spells
(e.g. lightning; the berserk player can get up quick). The player receives a bonus +5 strength,
speed and accuracy. The player cannot posses the ball, any attempt to pass the ball to a berserk
player will only make the ball bounce away.

        Relics are items you equip your team during team customization (the team setting before
the match). Each player can equip only one relic. Relics give unique magical power to a player.
These relics act as passive power-ups and require no activation. There can only exist one item
per type.

         Relics are unlocked in Story Mode. In quick match and multiplay, you can only select
relics that you have unlocked.

                                             - 26 -
        In multiplay, the player can set the budget of each team.

Healing bracelet

        Cost: 150
        Bonus: +25% healing rate

Shooter‘s headdress

        Cost: 300
        Bonus: +10% chance to score

Tibay Armor

        Cost: 300
        Bonus: +2 resistance, -1 speed

Slow ‗Em Down Boots

        Cost: 500
        Bonus: -2 speed to opponents within 3 ft.

Perfume of Irresistible Resistance

        Cost: 500
        Bonus: +1 resistance to teammates and self within 3 ft.

Spiky Gloves

        Cost: 500
        Bonus: +5 damage to tackle

Spam Gloves

        Cost: 1000
        Bonus: reduce s.move delay by 50%, add 50% to super move cost

                                             - 27 -
Level Design
Ball Courts
         These are the various ball courts found in Pok-A-Pok. All courts have the same size. The
ratio of the court width to height is 2.4:1; the hoop is located 20 feet above the ground.

Yoat Smal City

       This is a city named after the king Yoat Smal. Many of the courts are built here and it
has been a central attraction to the Pok-A-Pok tournament.

Underworld Entrance

         The ball court near the underworld entrance is the final ball court in the surface world.
This is where the champion is to journey in the underworld and do battle with the Xibalbans to
become gods.


       There are 4 ball courts found in the underworld, each having twisted designs that give
much demonic atmosphere.

Story Mode Team Matches

          All teams begin their journey in the surface world. The player will have 7 matches, with
the first six random and the last as the king and his elites in the ball court: Underworld Entrance.
After that, the team is transferred to the underworld to do battle with the 3 final opponents:
skeletons, demons and Xibalbans.

Hero Twins: Hunahpu and Xbalanque


The Captives

The King and his Elites

The Monkeys

The Midgets


                                               - 28 -
Story Mode Dialogues

Hero Twins: Hunahpu and Xbalanque

The Elites:


The Elites #1:

Women League – step aside boys, lest you want to be in a lot of pain!
Elites – I see no true hardship playing Pok-A-Pok against women. We however regret hurting
such pretty faces. It is you lots who must step aside!
Women League – You seem to underestimate us, boys! Let‘s go girls! Let us show them the
true ways of playing Pok-A-Pok!
Elites – Women! We won‘t go down that easily!

The Elites #2:

Elites – Such pretty faces come to play Pok-A-Pok? Dear ones why not just forget about this
strife and dance for us men!
Women League – I would not think twice to bury a rubber ball in your face!
Elites – You will regret the day you played Pok-A-Pok!
Women League – Bite me!


Women League – ewww! What‘s that smell?
Captives – We be brewin‘ your inevitable death!
Women League – I‘m so sorry, not today boys.
Captives – We be killin‘ you now, toots!


Midgets – I am the great magician Totu! It would be wise for you women to forget about this
silly little game Pok-A-Pok, lest you want to suffer the same ill faith as those I defeated.
Women League – oh! You are just the cutest adorable little thing!
Midgets – I AM A MAGICIAN! You will feel my wrath!
Women League – I just want to pet you!
Midgets – By the powers of the gods vested in me, I will defeat you!

Hero Twins:

Hunahpu – whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down now ladies, you girls here for our autographs?
Women League – Ha! As IF! We‘re here to fight you boys!
Xbalanque – Hold on there bro, looks like these girls are SERIOUS, and I KNOW!
Hunahpu – Listen, if you gals wanted us so badly you could‘ve just waited till we‘re champions!
Now I know it‘s a long treacherous line for backstage visit…

                                                - 29 -
Women League – OH PLEASE! And here I thought you are cute, but you‘re just a big egoistic
Xbalanque – Nice try bro, nice try…Now let‘s play ball!
Women League – We‘ll beat you two and you will be begging for mercy!
Hunahpu – Oh we‘d love that now won‘t we?

The Monkeys:

Monkey 1 – wwwwraaaaawwwwrrraaaawwwwrrrrraaaaaaaaaaa
Women League – oh the poor little thing, dressed up ready to play ball…I bet the king put you to
this to mock us women! The bastard!
Monkey 1 – hhhraaaaahhhraaaaa woooo hahaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa
Women League – come here now little baby, let‘s free you from your bondage.
Monkey 1 – HhHHHraaaaaaa! *bite*
Women League – OW! Why you stupid little monkey!


Priest – by the gods, why are these women here!? What treachery has the king put upon these
poor innocent souls!
Women League – what? You priests have a problem with us girls competing?
Priest – What!? You women compete voluntarily!? Well…in that case we‘ll beat you girls up no
Women League – HA! I‘d like to see you silly priests try!
Priest – We are more than what you see!
Women League – You priests won‘t even lay a finger on us! And don‘t even DARE!
Priest – We‘ll see about that!


Women League – OH MY GOD IT‘S ELVIS!

The Captives

The King and his Elites

The Monkeys

The Midgets


                                             - 30 -
User Interface
User Flow
                                                                                Team Ending

                     Main Menu                     Profile
  Intro              Story Mode Quick Match        Create
                     Multiplayer Options           Select                               Complete
                     Credits Hall of fame          Delete
                     Profile                                         Continue   Match
                      Exit                                                      Stats         Victory

                                                              Mayan Region        Team
 Story Mode               Create Team         Team Intro      Map w/ courts       Setting       Match
 New                                            Scene
 Continue                                                                                          Lose
                                                                                            Game Over

 Quick Match
 Team select or          Mayan Region          Team                     Match                      Quit
 Create Team             Map w/ courts         Setting       Match      Stats
 Ball court select
 Match settings                                                                             Main Menu



 Hall of Fame
 View team statistics
 Enter the trophy city
 Relics found

                                                    - 31 -
         This is where the player chooses which profile to use in the game. Each profile keeps
track of player settings such as: Teams created (each with settings), match settings, game
settings and overall match stats. Basically a list of profiles will be displayed on a list-box and the
player can highlight the profile he/she wants to use.

Create – create a new player profile. You can also set the password.
Select – use the highlighted profile and enter main menu. If profile is password protected, the
player must enter the password first.
Delete – delete the highlighted profile. A confirmation message will pop-up and the player can
either select yes or no. On yes, if profile is password protected, the player must enter the
password first.

Main Menu
        Upon entering the main menu, a 3D map of a Mayan city is displayed. The camera glides
over various sections of the city.

Story Mode – access the story mode menu.
Quick Match – access the instant singleplayer match menu.
Multiplayer – access the multiplayer menu.
Options – access the options menu.
Credits – displays credits.
Hall of Fame – view the stats of each team and/or view the accomplished trophies from story
Exit – exits game.

Story Mode
New – This will start a new story game for the player. A message box will pop up to tell the
player that selecting this option will reset the current story game progress (if the player has a
current story game progress, otherwise the message box is not displayed). If the player chooses
‗yes‘, then the game will proceed to Select Team Captain. Selecting ‗no‘ will return the player to
this menu.
Continue – The game will load up the saved story game progress and proceed to Mayan Region
Back – return to main menu.

Create Team
         In this menu, small logos of each team are displayed at the bottom. A large detailed art
of the team captain is displayed to the left side. To the right side is a brief description of the
team and its advantages/disadvantages.

       The player also has an option to name its leading character; the name is defaulted to the
name based on the story.

        A highlight is displayed on top of the small logo on the currently selected team. The
player can navigate through the small logos with this highlight. The player presses the ‗confirm‘
button to select the desired team. Once pressed, the player can press the ‗confirm‘ button once

                                                - 32 -
more while the GO menu item is highlighted. Pressing ESC or ‗cancel‘ button will return the
player to selecting a team captain.

        While selecting a team, the player can back out to Story Mode menu anytime by pressing
ESC or pressing the ‗confirm‘ button on the BACK menu item.

Team Intro Scene
         The intro of the selected team from Select Team menu is played. The story is depicted
on the scrolling wall imbedded with images. A dialog is displayed at the bottom to further
explain the story. The player can skip the intro anytime by pressing any button. As soon as the
intro scene ends or skipped, the game proceeds to Mayan Region Map.

Mayan Region Map (ball court locations)
         A map of the Mayan region is displayed and the camera will start zooming in on the city
where the match will occur. The city is highlighted to further show the location. The player can
skip this whole process by pressing any button.

         Once zoomed in, two detailed art of the team captain scrolls towards the two sides of the
screen. To the left is the player‘s team captain and to the right is the opponent. The VS will
fade in to the center. The team name for both is then displayed below their detailed art. On the
bottom of the screen is the ball court‘s name.

        The game will then proceed to Team Setting.

Team Setting
        On team settings, the player can customize his/her team strategy before the match. This
includes: behavior/role for each team member, team member position, team member super

        The player can return to Main Menu and save his/her current progress by pressing
‗confirm‘ button on the EXIT menu item. A message box will pop up to indicate that the current
progress will be saved, the player can choose ‗yes‘ to save and return to Main Menu.

        Once configuration is done, the player can proceed to the actual match by pressing
‗confirm‘ button on the GO menu item.

                                              - 33 -
        A ‗VICTORY‘ is displayed at the top center while the camera pans throughout the ball
court with the players doing their victory dance and crowds throwing treasures. The player can
proceed to the Match Stats by pressing any button.

Match Stats
        The overall performance of each team member and the team is displayed. The player
can navigate through different categories.

       Upon pressing ‗confirm‘ button on the CONTINUE menu item, the game proceeds
depending on which game mode the player is at.

       In story mode, if all matches have been completed, the game will proceed to Team
Ending. Otherwise the next match is set and the game will proceed to Mayan Region Map.

        In quick match mode, the player is returned to the main menu.

Team Ending
        The ending for the team is played. The player can return to the main menu anytime by
pressing any button.

       Before returning to the main menu, a message box will be displayed showing the player
what has been unlocked: team captain and/or ball court.

Quick Match
Team Select – The player can select from the default teams from story mode or customized
teams from Team Edit. The player selects the team for his/her and for the AI opponent. The

                                             - 34 -
player can also change the difficulty of the AI from here. Team Edit menu can be accessed
through here.
Ball Court Select – The player selects the ball court from a list box. The preview of the court
(screenshot) will be displayed to the left of the list box.
Match Settings – The player can change the rules of the game through here. The player can also
load a saved match setting or save the current setting.

Once the player presses the ‗confirm‘ button on the GO menu item, the game will proceed with
the settings to Mayan Region Map.


Game settings – access the game settings menu: graphics, sound, network and input setting
Team Editor – access the team edit menu.
Change profile – return to Profile menu. A message box will display first to tell the player if
he/she has saved all settings and is ready to proceed.
Display profile match stats – displays the overall stats for the profile. This adds all the stats from
the all the teams in the profile.

Team Editor
        In team editor, the player is free to customize their team by setting their identity and
their powers. This is only used for multiplayer and instant play singleplayer.

        The player must first choose which family the team comes from (elites, captives…etc).
Also the player can change the team‘s name and logo.

       Next, the player can customize each team member‘s appearance (various textures and
what not…this option is not necessary) and identity (name).

       For each team member, depending on the family chosen, each team member gets
bonuses and weaknesses based on their family.

        The player can add/subtract a point for each team member‘s attributes.

         To impose non-godly team for the sake of game-play balance, there will be maximum
points to distribute to each team member‘s attribute. Each time the player adds a point to a
team member‘s attribute, the global points decrease and vice versa.


                                                - 35 -

      - 36 -
2D and 3D Art Requirements


3D Models:

Skeleton – Skeletons have to be done in 3DS Max‘s Character Studio for exporting to the game.
Almost all characters in the game use biped character rig. There are no restricting rules as to
how these rigs must be made.

The following naming convention is required:


        Classification – such as: monkey, human, demon.

Animations – All animations are done using Character Studio from 3DS Max. Each animation is
saved in a separate file. There are no restrictions to how animations are created, so long as
animations indicated as ‗looping‘ properly loops.

The following naming convention is required:


        Classification – such as: monkey, human, demon
        Sub-Classification – this can be removed, but if required, an example would be: male,
        Animation – the animation name: idle, walk, walkTired, victory, victory2…etc.

Mesh – Meshes can be created from any 3D modeling tools, so long as it can be exported to 3DS
Max to be rigged, animated and exported to the game. Each separate mesh group in a model is
saved separately.

        A lower poly version of the model is saved for the shadow mesh version, with the file
having ―_shad‖ at the end. The mesh has to be closed and contains no T-junctions and is
welded. All parts must be merged (merge all groups into one: head, body, arms, legs…etc.).

        Triangle counts of all meshes for a model should not exceed 2500 polygons.

The following naming convention is required:


        Classification – such as: herotwins, elite.
        Sub-classification – such as: xbalanque, hunhapu. This can be removed.
        Part – such as: head, cape, armor.

Material – Materials are done inside 3DS Max.

                                               - 37 -
        In 3DS Max, the modeler must name materials in such manner: <name>[<num>]. This
is necessary for exporting the meshes to the game.

       When exporting, materials are named the same manner as the meshes, they have to
match the <classification> and <sub-classification> of the model.

The following naming convention is required:


        Classification – has to match the mesh that is used.
        Sub-classification – has to match the mesh that is used. If it is used by all sub-
        classifications, then you can remove this.
        Name – anything you desire, so long as it makes sense in context.


        All textures in the game can have the following format: jpg, tga, png and dds. Textures
used by the level will need to use the dds format as it will be faster to load and can be
compressed in video memory. Any textures with alpha channel must use either tga or png.

       Textures must have a power of 2 for the width and height ie. 2^n x 2^n. ex: 32, 64,
128, 256…etc.

        Textures are placed in various folders. Model textures are placed in the same folder as
where the model is. Map textures are all stored in the base texture folder. UI textures are in the
GUI folder under base texture. HUD textures are in the HUD folder under base texture.


        The levels will be made by a map editor called QUARK and will be compiled to a different
format that the game uses. QUARK is a freeware level editor.


        The shaders in the game use the format known as HLSL (High Level Shader Language)
from DirectX 9. Shaders are composed in a Shader IDE known as FX Composer by NVIDIA. This
is where the shader is tested and optimized before added to the game. It is the technical
designer‘s job to provide the artists the shaders to be tweaked and used.

When using shaders, the following is required:

       For textures in the level, simply name the shader corresponding to the used image file,
        changing the extension to (.fx). Make sure this (.fx) file is at the same place as the
        texture in the level.
       For Cal3D models, simply add a parameter materialFX=<filename>.fx in the model
        configuration file (.cfg).
       For X models, change the material texture file inside the model to <filename>.fx.

                                               - 38 -
         In Pok-A-Pok, we are looking for the authentic look of the old Mayan civilization. While
doing so may detract the vast majority of the gaming audience, we need a ‗modernized‘ look to
the style of the Mayans.

          For the characters, we want the style to look close as the paintings seen in Mayan
civilization. However, these looks will be modernized by adding more dynamics to the poses and
expressions. We are aiming for a cartoonic shading of the colors.

        For the levels, the ball courts have to match the textures of its real counterpart from the
olden days of Mayan civilization. The textures do not require photographic looks, but must
match the palette. The architecture, since we are limited to CSG type level editing, must stay
close enough to the right shapes and size.

        If any hieroglyphs are used, they must match correctly with the Mayan in order to show

         The graphical interface must stay consistent with the art as well.

      For modeling the characters in the game (Cal3D format), please refer to the separate
document for Cal3D.

       For modeling static models in the game (X format), these are simply created by any 3D
modeling package that supports exporting to X format.

         For level building, please refer to the Mahatta QuArk document on creating levels.


Hero Twins





Small Animal



                                               - 39 -







Statue Head (Spit ball)

Each animation is classified by the following:

        Category – this denotes which part of the body the animation uses. These are stored as
        bit-flags. The following are the categories:

                       LeftLeg, RightLeg, Waste, Tail
                       Torso, RightArm, LeftArm, Head

        We can have a combination: LeftLeg | RightLeg

        Cycle/Action/EndStop –the animation is looping (cycling), a one time action, or a one
        time action pausing at the last frame.

        Priority – higher is more important. This is used to determine how important it is to play
        the animation, will discard other animations of the same category if this priority is high.
        In action animations, this will discard any lower priority with the same category bit-flag.
        If a higher priority animation is found, we discard this animation.



        Just standing and breathing.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 0


                                                 - 40 -
        Fight stance.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 1

        Casual walk.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 5


        Your normal ―go for the ball‖ run.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 5


        Shift left foot towards left and then the right foot.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 5


        Shift right foot towards right and then the left foot.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 5


        Thrust the left arm forward as if bashing with a shield. (arm guard in our case)

        Category: UpperBody
        Priority: 10


        Swings the right leg upward.

        Category: FullBody

                                                - 41 -
        Priority: 10


        Makes a small jump and thrust the hip forward.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 10


        Thrust the left arm upward. The stance is similar to HitBallArm.

        Category: UpperBody
        Priority: 10


        Twist to the opposite direction as you kneel with your right knee and arms spread. Last
frame is at a full kneeling to the opposite direction, body crouched downward.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 15


         Continuing from the last frame of HitBallPrepBackFlip, perform a back flip. After back
flipping, return to the original direction.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 15


        Move both arms to cover the face and the torso.

        Category: UpperBody
        Priority: 10


        Three variations of tackle:

        1.) something along the lines of a Hook punch
        2.) uppercut
        3.) shin kick

                                              - 42 -
         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 10


         Swirl around, your usual dizzy stance.

         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 20


         Casual ouch, pushing your body backward a bit.

         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 20


         Knock down from front, fall off with your back.

         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 20


         With your body facing up. This is a continued animation from KnockDown.

         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 20


         Getting up from unconsciousness.

         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 20


         Jump up vertically.

         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 20


                                                  - 43 -
        Continuation from jump, falling down.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 20


        Fall off with body being upside down.

        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 20


        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 5


        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 20


        Category: UpperBody
        Priority: 10


        Category: FullBody
        Priority: 10


        Category: RightArm
        Priority: 10

Hero Twins

Hunhapu/ Xbalanque:

Aside from the general animations, they will have the following:

                                                - 44 -

         Category: UpperBody
         Priority: 10


         Category: RightArm
         Priority: 10

Small Animal:


         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 0


         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 5


         Category: FullBody
         Priority: 10



Aside from the general animations, they will have the following:


         Category: UpperBody
         Priority: 10


         Category: UpperBody
         Priority: 10


                                              - 45 -
          Category: UpperBody
          Priority: 10


          Category: FullBody
          Priority: 10


          Category: FullBody
          Priority: 10


Xibalba Studios:

        This will be an animated introduction to the company‘s name and logo. As soon as the
animation of the scene stops, we can add several other companies at the bottom of the screen:
Powered by RenegadeWare‘s Mahatta Engine, Cal3D enabled, Angel Script made possible, etc.


       This displays all the people who made the game. A simple background with all the
names displayed and their work will do…oh and ―special thanks‖ section.

                                            - 46 -
Sound Requirements




                     - 47 -
Technical Analysis

          Pok-A-Pok will use the technology of Microsoft DirectX 9. The game will have stunning
visual effects with the use of Direct Graphics; superb input control with the use of Direct Input;
thrilling sounds and music played with the power of Open AL.

          Pok-A-Pok will utilize a powerful scripting engine for various aspects of the game. This
includes: AI, trigger events and the menu. The scripting engine will provide the developer full
flexibility on level designs and tweaking gameplay. This will reduce considerable amount of time
spent on the development of the game.

                                               - 48 -
QuArk Map Editor:

         Pok-A-Pok‘s game engine uses the Quake 3™ level format for all environment including
ball courts.

       QuArk Map Editor will provide the developers the tools to create levels for the game.
QuArk will have the functionality to add game elements such as:

           Place team positions when entering the court.
           Special triggers for in-game cutscenes such as camera paths and script activator.
           Hoop positions.
           Statue head (ball shooter) placement.
           Audience and backdrop placement.
           AI paths/grids.

           This tool is free of use for the public community and commercial project development.

NVIDIA FX Composer:
       NVIDIA‘s FX Composer will help the developers create the vertex/pixel shaders in the
game with ease. The FX composer will provide the programmer the IDE for easy shader
development and the GUI for artists to tweak and visualize shaders before adding them to the

Texture Tools:
       There will be several tools used for all the textures in the game; most notably Adobe
Photoshop. Some textures in the game will have special properties such as bump-mapping,
which again will be produced in Adobe Photoshop via plugins from NVIDIA.

         Textures can also be compressed to lessen the bandwidth of the graphics pipeline. For
this, we have Microsoft‘s DirectX Texture Tool.

Modeling/Animating Tools:
           The developers will be using several tools for modeling and animating characters and

           XSI model editor will be used to create all 3D models in the game.

        3DS Max 6.0 is used to rig and animate the 3D models imported from XSI. All
animations are made with the Character Studio in 3DS Max.

        Once animation is done in 3DS Max, the developer must then export the model to the
game engine‘s format: Cal3D. Cal3D will have plugins for 3DS Max to export the models,
materials and animations.

                                                - 49 -
UI Tools:
        In order to make Pok-A-Pok's UI layout easier to design, we will be employing an editor.
This program will allow us to author content that works with the game's UI System.

        The editor allows us to do the following: create layers and widgets, and configure their
properties and initial states; put items into panes, panes into layers, and layers into the frame;
and experiment with the UI scene that results. The editor can save and load scenes in a tagged
text format; future versions may include a more refined XML format.

         The editor has a small amount of pluggability. A dynamic link library exports a group of
functions which configures the rendering system. The editor itself is primarily scripted, allowing
for quick turnaround on changes.

         The editor provides some stock methods for the different types of widgets— e.g. rect hit
tests for buttons. Additionally, we can supply new methods via Lua routines, in order to quickly
experiment with new functionality in a C-like language.

                                               - 50 -

Mahatta Game Engine:
        Mahatta Game Engine will provide the developers the power to create games with ease.

        The Mahatta Game Engine encapsulates all interfaces such as: graphics rendering,
sound, networking and input. It is possible to extend the engine to various platforms from Mac
to XBOX. The Mahatta Engine can be used for future project as it has limitless possibilities.

        Part of the Mahatta engine is a powerful yet easy to use script language used by many
aspects of the game. This includes: super moves, in-game cutscenes, artificial intelligence and
many more.

         All environments in Mahatta Game Engine are made by an external level editor. This
allows fast development as there are no extra overhead done when making maps.

Graphics Interface:
        The graphics interface has these following features:

       Rendering in Mahatta uses one of the most advance techniques to date. With incredible
image quality and shader features, Mahatta Engine gives you the competitive edge.

           Uses Direct X 9‘s High Level Shader Language
           Dynamic scene sorting and manipulation for efficient shader execution and less
            Graphics Processing Unit bandwidth usage.
           Lightmaps for realistic static lighting effect
           PVS and area portals provide fast and efficient geometry culling
           Scene effects such as fullscreen motion blur, mosaic and fullscreen glow are made
            possible with pixel shader.
           Flexible use of vertex shaders provides programmers access to shader parameters
            for dynamic vertex effects.
           Skinned and static mesh.
           Curved surfaces and arches in levels for realistic environment.
           Highly flexible and customizable particle effects

       The model interface of Mahatta uses an external library called Cal3D. Cal3D provides
many features in animation as follows:

           Smooth blending of arbitrary number of animations.
           Attach models to individual bones.
           Fully controllable bones for dynamic animation.
           Variable speed for animation playback.
           Level of Detail support for models.

Sound Interface:
        Pok-A-Pok utilizes OpenAL‘s powerful cross-platform and fast sound API.

                                             - 51 -
User Interface:
         Pok-A-Pok will use a layer- and widget-based UI system. The UI scene is organized into
an ordered frame of layers, with the first layer closest to the viewer and subsequent layers
becoming further away. A special type of widget, the pane, can be loaded into a layer. The
remaining flavors—the pane items—can be docked in a pane. Each widget can be assigned three
methods: draw self, run hit test, and process events. Certain widgets also expose a fit method.
These define the behavior of individual widgets, and make the system both flexible and
extensible. All coordinates/dimensions in the UI are normalized to [0,1], making the system

        When we draw the scene, we proceed through the layers from back to front. In each
layer, we run through the panes. Each pane draws itself, and is followed by all of its items.
        We can also propagate input through the scene. We do so by sending the cursor's
normalized coordinates and press state. We proceed through the layers from front to back. In
each layer, we run through the panes. We perform hit tests on each of a pane's items, and then
the pane itself, stopping if and when we get a hit.

         Afterward, any events generated during the propagation are delivered to, and processed
by, the affected widgets. Any fitting that results from the cursor state is taken care of at the
same time. Handling events allows us to get some interesting effects—e.g. highlighting a button
as it receives an enter event, or triggering something if it receives a release event.

        It is important to note that the user can get undesirable results if two panes on the same
layer overlap, and similarly if two items in the same pane overlap. Care should be taken to avoid
these cases.
        Pane widgets are used to dock pane items. In addition, they can be dragged around
once they are loaded into a layer.

       Buttons are the most basic widgets. They can be pushed and released. Example uses: as
normal buttons; as scroll bar arrows; as spinner controls.

         Slider widgets are used to represent a normalized range of values, and have a thumb
positioned according to the current offset in said range. The thumb can be dragged across this
interval, or snapped to a given offset within it. Example uses: as normal slider; as scroll bar.
         Listbox widgets are used to represent sequentially arranged items. At any one time, a
subset of these items is displayed. Items may be individually selected and unselected. Example
uses: as an ordered list of text strings; as array of images, a thumbnail gallery.

         Textbox widgets are used to represent text buffers. A number of operations are provided
to get, add, and delete both individual characters and substrings. A substring can be selected
from the text. Example uses: as single- or multi-line edit boxes; as static text.
         Checkbox widgets are used to represent boolean values. Example uses:
enabling/disabling features.

         Radiobox widgets are used to represent mutually exclusive options, where only one
choice is selected at one time. Example uses: mode selection.

        The game is powered by the Torque Network Engine.

                                              - 52 -

        The game will have an auto start menu whenever the game CD is inserted. The
following items will be on the menu:

       Visit Website

        Basically we just want a background with the buttons displayed appropriately. The
buttons must also highlight when selected.

                                            - 53 -
Installer Flow
                           Install the     NO

                                 YES               Display: ‘Not enough
                                                             Disk space’

                  Choose hard drive.
                  Enter directory.                                   Disk space
                  Display available disk space.
                  Display required disk space.

                                                                    Install Game

                               Install                               Detect
                             DirectX 9?                              DirectX 9

            Yes                 No                      Already installed

                                                                Check box for:
                                                                1) Add desktop icon.
                                                                2) Add game in start
     DirectX 9                                                  menu.

                                                                     Run Auto start.

Uninstall Flow

                                   Uninstall               No
                                    Game?                                Exit


                              Uninstall the game


                                         - 54 -

     Let‘s research this…Mostly arcade style sport games.

Target Market Summary:

Competitor Analysis:

Feature/Price Comparison:

Legal Analysis:


                                          - 55 -
Production Schedule



Game prototype:

Hero Twins Team
Simple UI to get to quick match
Fully functional gameplay
Primitive AI
1 Ball court


Game alpha:

Elite Team
Playable AI
Complete UI
Polish ball court
Play test



Week 1:

This GDD
AI research
Clean engine for next week

Week 2:

Clean engine (continued)
Multiplayer design
Start project
Design scripting system
Implement Angel Code script
Animation controller
UI for Main Menu

Week 3:

                                  - 56 -
Multiplayer design (continued)
Animation controller (continued)
Design scripting system (continued)

AI Path Grid generator
Simple crappy looking level
Prepare scripting functionalities
(At this point, we should have at least one player model with the general animations)
Ball physics

Week 4:

Gameplay interaction with players and ball
More interactions, shooting ball, tackle, jump (intercept ball).
Super moves

Week 5:

Implement team and individual AI
Gameplay interactions, shooting ball, tackle, jump (intercept ball).
General Super moves


Week 1:

Gameplay interactions (continue)
Implement team and individual AI (continue)
General Super moves (continue)

Hero Twins Super moves

Week 2:

Elite Super moves
Polish court level
Polish AI

Week 3:

Testing and balancing

                                                - 57 -

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