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									                              BANK OF INDIA
                      ZONAL OFFICE : AHMEDABAD ZONE
                        ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT
            5th Floor, Bank of India Bldg., Bhadra, Ahmedabad : 380 001.
                  Phone No. 25356085/25331385 Fax No. 25390354
Ref.No.AZO:ENGG:DVC:                                   Date:01.10.2011

                            TENDER NOTICE

       Bank of India, Zonal Office, Ahmedabad Zone, Ahmedabad 380001 intends to
instal Ultra Filtration Plant for its office at Bhadra Building, Bhadra, Ahmedabad 380001,
detais of which are given below:

1        No. of employees in the Building:       250 persons
2        Average consumption per employee:       750 ml per day
3        No. of visitors per day                 about 500 persons
4        Total average consumption per day:      250 Ltrs. Per day

Sr.No.     Type of test                       Results
1          pH                                 7.83
2          Total alkalinity                   137 Mg/l
3          TDS                                210 Mg/l
4          Sodium                             25 Mg/l
5          Total Hardness as Ca CO3           129 Mg/l
6          Ecoli                              Traces

         The test results of the raw water shows that TDS of the water is within permissible
limits and there is a requirement for keeping the water safe from bacterial growth and
collolidal silica to make the water potable for drinking purpose. Hence we require to have
ultra filtration plant at our Building building considering these parameters for 100 Ltrs.
output per hour with two hours operation to meet the requirement. The quality of treated
water should be as under:

Sr.No.     Type of test                       Results
1          pH                                 7.83
2          Total alkalinity                   137 Mg/l
3          TDS                                210 Mg/l
4          Sodium                             25 Mg/l
5          Total Hardness as Ca CO3           129 Mg/l
6          Ecoli                              NIL

       We want to have raw water storage tank, with pre chlorination dosing system, raw
water feeding pump with multi media filter, De chlorination dosing system, Digital control
UF system, storage tank for normal temp water, cooler plant with capacity for storage
750 ltrs and capacity for cooling 400 ltrs with interconnecting piping at each floor with two
taps for normal water and two taps for cold water.

        The manufacturers are requested to visit our Bhadra building which is having
basement, ground floor, mezzanine and six upper floors and inspect the site including
terrace and arrange to furnish their self-contained design in technical bid and financial
bid (in two separate covers) alongwith EMD of Rs.25,000/- by way of Pay order/DD
favouring ‘BANK OF INDIA’ payable at Ahmedabad. The PO/DD should be kept
alongwith the technical bid. The manufacturers should furnish price schedule which
should be inclusive of packing, forwarding, erection and commissioning, transportation,
excise duty, VAT etc. complete and also specify the warranty period and also AMC for a
period of five years. The scope of entire civil work is required to be considered in its
totality while furnishing the scheme. Time limit for completion of work should also be

       No advance payment shall be considered. 90% payment will be made only after
completion of work and satisfactory functioning of the system. Remaining 10% shall be
paid after 12 months from the virtual date of completion of work.

       The resourceful, reputed and financially sound manufacturers having sufficient
experience of installation of such system need to participate in this bidding process and
may contact our Sr. Manager (Engg.) Shri D V Chawla(Phone No.079-25382610), Bank
of India, Engineering Department, 5th floor, Bhadra, Ahmedabad 380001 between 3 p.m.
and 5 p.m.

      The last date for submission of tender is 24.10.2011 upto 12.00 Noon. The
tenders furnished without EMD shall be rejected.

       Bank reserves its right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason.

                                                        T N Krishnakumar
                                                        Dy.Zonal Manager

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