Survival Guide Survival Guide   2010‐2011  Cranmer and the  Wesley Study Centre by pengxiuhui


									Survival Guide

 Cranmer and the 
Wesley Study Centre

Intro                              3      Services and Suppliers           13 - 15
                                                 Bike Repairs                   14
Starting College life              3             Builders,
                                                 Electricians and Plumbers      14
        Keys                       3             Computers                      14
        Bikes                      3             Drycleaners                    14
        Carralls                   3             Driving Schools                14
        Getting On                 3             Garages                        14
        Stash                      3             Washing machine repairs        14
                                                 Garden Centres                 15
        Edith Jackson Trust        4             Hairdresses / Barbers          15
        College Exec               4             Print Shops                    15
        College Acronyms           4             Refuse Collection              15
        Common Rooms               4             Vets                           15
        Formals                    5
                                          Shopping                           15 - 18
Telephone Numbers                  5

Community Information              6      Supermarkets                            16

        Hospitals                  6             Markets                          16
        Doctors                    6             Butchers                         16
        Dentists                   7             Charity Shops                    17
        Opticians                  7             Fabric                           17
        Chemists                   7             Bookshops                        17
                                                 Instrumental, music books
Churches                           8             and sheet music shops            18
      Anglican Churches            8
      Methodist Churches           9      Eating Out                         18 – 20
      Christian Resources          10
      Retreat Houses               10     Entertainment                           20

                                          Recreational Facilities            21 – 26
Mums and Toddlers              10 - 11           Outdoors / sport                 21
                                                 Swimming                         21
Education                                        Days Out                         22
        Nurseries                                Beaches                          25
        attached to a school       12            Dog Walking                      25
        Primary Schools            12
        Secondary Schools          13
        Colleges                   13     Access Contact                          26
        Scouts and Guides          13
        Activities                 13     Useful Websites                         26
Libraries                          13


This short introductory guide to College life and Durham City is not exhaustive but reflects the information
previous students have found helpful. It includes a directory of some of the services and places used and I
hope that it will be of some help to you during your time here. Addresses given are within Durham City
unless otherwise stated. Likewise telephone numbers are local unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to
ask anyone in Cranmer or at the WSC, if there is anything further you wish to know. ALL PHONE

The Durham Tourist Information Office in Millennium Place, (Tel: 384 3720) has comprehensive information
regarding the city and surrounding areas, with free maps of central Durham.

We have tried hard to ensure that the information given is up to date but if you come across any errors
please let the Access secretary Ruth Enderby know – email

                                   STARTING COLLEGE LIFE

KEYS: The main reception door (up the main steps) is open during college hours. All the external college
doors are opened by an ASSA key. If you live in this is the same as your room key, if you live out you can
get your own key by going to the main reception desk, giving them your name and asking for one. There is
meant to be a £10 deposit paid at the time but this is not always applied.

BIKES: Durham City Centre is not car friendly during the day and some students choose to use a bike.
There is a bike shed at St. John’s but this is usually full of bikes belonging to those who live in. Alternatively
Cranmer and WSC students often leave their bikes in the chapel grounds. There is no shelter so a plastic
bag for the saddle is a good idea. There is a locked bike area for those living at Brass Thill within the cul-de-
sac, you will be given the key and code for this when you arrive.

CARRELS: If you live out you will find yourself given a ‘Carrall’ this is simply a private study. Generally six
or seven people are assigned to the same study containing on average five desks. In practice not everyone
uses them preferring to study at home and others in the library. Once assigned your Carrall you need to go
to main reception and ask for another ASSA key to gain access. If Carralls are not used we could lose

GETTING ON: Living and studying with many different people from different backgrounds can occasionally
lead to tensions. This is a normal part of community life and even as Christian people we are not exempt
from falling out. However it is important to deal with one another graciously, our love for each other is a
mark of our discipleship and love is marked by such things as mutual respect, sensitivity and compassion. If
a situation arises where you are offended or hurt it is common practice to first examine your own heart, then
go to the person, with a friend if needed, who has caused the hurt and explain to them how you feel. 99.9%
of the time they will not have intended harm. If they are unable to receive what you have to say and the
situation persists visit your tutor and follow their advice. In serious situations, for example involving a
compromise of integrity, see your tutor or another staff member immediately. Please note that these are
simply guidelines to advise not policy to instruct, see the Cranmer handbook for more info.

STASH: To have ‘stash’ anywhere else might involve the police but not here! ‘Stash’ is the name given to
all those lovely sweatshirts and the like that say ‘St. John’s, Durham University’ and so on front and back.

They can also be personalised with your name or initials. There will be a ‘Stash’ order each term so listen
out for the announcement. The Stash rep. for this year is Shanthi Thompson.

EDITH JACKSON TRUST: Bishop Francis Loyo of the Anglican diocese of Rokon in Southern Sudan
studied here at Cranmer 2004 – 2005. The EJT was set up by members of the college to support the work
of Bishop Francis primarily in education. Fund raising in the college is ongoing and you will be hearing a lot
more about this exciting project as time goes on.

COLLEGE EXEC: This is a committee made up of students elected to represent the interests of all of us in
the wider college, university, and beyond. The first elections for the new intake are held before Christmas
and these are for the post of Chapel Warden and deputies along with the first year rep and AOCM rep.
Towards the end of the Epiphany term elections are held for the remaining posts of President, Vice
President, Finance, Secretary and Welfare rep. There are numerous non-exec roles also to fill and these
are rotated in the summer term.

                                     COLLEGE ACRONYMS
It's hard to avoid hearing the terms JJCR, JHJCR, OCR and JHMCR being used around college. It can all
sound a bit baffling, but it's not a secret code.... honestly!

                                         COMMON ROOMS

The letters 'C' and 'R' in all those weird acronyms stand for 'Common Room'. The term 'Common Room'
refers to more than the space where people gather to sit, drink coffee and read the papers. It's the term
used to describe the group of students entitled to be in that space. It's because of this that we refer to
'membership' of Common Rooms. Membership is not automatic, but requires payment of an inexpensive
membership subscription.

JJCR = Joint Junior Common Room

This is the body to which every student, undergraduate or postgraduate, in either Hall, is entitled to belong.
The other three student common rooms are subsidiary to it. The President is Sarah Hancox, a John's Hall
undergraduate and your First year rep is Russell Gant. The Presidents of the CCR and the JHMCR serve
as its Vice-Presidents. This body provides many of the services available in college. It is funded partly by
membership subscriptions and partly by funding from the university. The JJCR controls this money, as well
as the money earned by JJCR facilities. It is to the Treasurer of the JJCR that the Finance Officers apply
when they need funding for their particular undertakings.

JHJCR = John's Hall Junior Common Room
This is the body for John's Hall undergraduates. The President of the JJCR heads up the JHJCR as well,
and JHJCR meetings are normally tagged on to the end of JJCR meetings.

JHMCR = Middle Common Room
This is the body for John's Hall postgraduates.

CCR = Cranmer Common Room
This is the body for all students, undergraduate and postgraduate, of Cranmer Hall and the Wesley Study

What does all this have to do with me?

All members of the Cranmer Common Room are entitled to use its facilities (the room, tea/coffee facilities
etc) and to attend and vote at its meetings. Many issues of concern for our life together are discussed at the
meetings. Along with study, worship and dining together, participation in the CCR enhances and enriches
the community-dimension of college.
Up till recently, Cranmer Hall members have not been very involved in JJCR meetings. It's true that John's
Hall members and issues can predominate, but that's a function of the numbers. For this and other reasons,
coupled with a somewhat separatist attitude that existed in Cranmer/WSC for a while, it has often seemed
that the JJCR and the JHJCR were actually the same thing and the business and meetings of the JJCR had
nothing to do with us. They do.
As indicated above, the JJCR funds the activities of the Common Rooms. If we want to have access to
university funding and to our share of the income generated by JJCR enterprises, then it is very much in our
interest to attend the meetings. United cross-common room action and lobbying on issues of mutual
concern, such as housing, is much more effective than isolationism. Then there is the simple fact that we
are a single college and so should try to act as one. Do please try to attend some JJCR meetings.


Every week in term there is a formal meal in the Haughton dining room at 7pm. People wear academic
gowns, grace is said, and fine food is served. Two facts about these splendid occasions may surprise - a)
they are free, and b) they are not confined to John's Hall students. We may attend too!
The only snag (apart from needing to borrow a gown) is this: Numbers are restricted and booking is done
on-line. Booking opens exactly a week before the meal - at exactly 7.00pm, to prevent greedy people
applying every week - and the meal is generally fully-sub scribed within about five minutes! Any signing-up
emails sent before 7.00pm are disregarded, and so you really need to be at your computer and ready to
send the sign-up message at exactly 7.00pm. The address is Otherwise you'll
miss the boat and need to try the next time. It's fun if you succeed. Bon appétit!

                                       TELEPHONE NUMBERS
British Gas Northern
Emergencies (24 Hour):                                                                     01345 581 073

Passenger Train Service Information:                                                       08457 484950.

British Telecom
For enquiries about services, products or bills:                                            0800 800150
To report faults:                                                                           0800 800151

Bus Station:
North Road                                                                                  384 3323
Information – Travel line North East                                                        0871 2002233
Metro travel in Newcastle                                                                   202 0747
Local Taxis:
Paddys Taxis                                                                                384 2853

Pratts Taxis                                                                                386 0700
Bills Taxis                                                                                 386 7450

Northumbrian Water
Emergencies, enquiries and new supplies:                                                    0845 7171100
Accounts:                                                                                   0845 7335566

                                COMMUNITY INFORMATION

Citizens Advice Bureau           32 Claypath, Durham, DH1 1RH                            384 2638 (advice)
                                                                                         383 2885(appoints)
Council Tax Enquiries            City Treasurer, John Street, Meadowfield, DH7 8RG      301 8626

Job Centre Plus                  Unemployment Benefit Office                             382 4000
                                 Elvet House, Hallgarth St.
D.S.S.                           Millburngate House, Framwellgate                        0845 9645000

Housing Benefit                  City Treasurer, John Street, Meadowfield, DH7 8RG       301 8626
Inland Revenue                   Wycliffe House, Green Lane, DH1 3UN                     0845 366 7800
Police Office                    Durham City Police Station, New Elvet, DH1 3AQ          0345 60 60365
Post Office                      Main office, 33 Silver Street, DH1 3RE                  386 4644
                                  Langley Moor and Brandon (inside the Co-op) for shorter queues!
Postal Sorting Office            Belmont Industrial Estate, DH1 1SE                       375 1922

University Hospital of North Durham:
General hospital                                                                   0191 333 2333
Casualty                                                                           0191 333 2131

Claypath and University Medical Centre A group practice at 26 Gilesgate.              374 6888
Old Elvet Centre                                                                      386 5081
    Very large practice, usually has appointments that day, caters for all the family
Dunelm Medical Prictice Sunderland Road,DH1 2QG                                       386 4242
Chastleton Medical group          Framwellgate Moor                                   384 6171

                                             * * * * *
Homeopath - Mrs. Angela Morse, Stansfield House, Durham Rd, Chester-le-St.         388 4929

Osteopath - Mr. J. Morgan, 11 Waddington Street.                                    386 2522
Complementary Therapist, Nicola MacDougall, Durham                                  386 1695
Ren Clinic 6 Old Elvet, Fill in enquiry form at                           

It may take some time to find a dentist with space. Ask current students for recommendations. If
you can keep yours at home then this is worth considering.
Messrs. Dennison, Dentith, Smith, Taylor & Smith, Bridge House Dental Surgery,
Framwellgate Bridge – currently taking new NHS patients                             384 7605
Messrs. Burrows and Newton, 18 Old Elvet. Orthodontist attached to practice.        384 8231
Mr. Allon, 22 Front Street, Framwellgate Moor.                                      386 9436
Peter Gourley, 29a Church Street. Private                                           384 7782
Mr. Mayor, 37 North Road. Private, children free. No stairs.                        384 9479
Gilesgate Dental Surgery, 2A Maynards Row, Gilesgate.                               384 4433
Mr. R Stedman, Mrs. C Stedman, and Mr. R. Howdle, 70 North Rd, Durham.              384 8481
Claypath Dental Practice, 71 Claypath, Durham.                                      386 5375

Boots Opticians, 24 Silver St. (Good with children)                                 386 0017
Dollond & Aitchison, The Gates                                                      386 7833
M.K. Walker, 10 Market Place                                                        386 4187
Vision Express, Prince Bishop’s Shopping Centre                                     383 2482
Specsavers, North Road                                                              383 9495
Tesco Extra, Renny’s Lane, Dragonsville Industrial Estate, DH1 2XA                  0845 677 9201
Alastair Wade, 8 Saddler Street                                                     384 9770
                  Very good with children, specialist for vision therapy and coloured lenses

(Late opening and weekend rotas given in Durham Advertiser each week.)
Boots, 4-6 Market Place                                                             384 2213
Boots, 5a/6 North Road                                                              384 8058

Boots, The Arnison Centre                                                         386 9618
The Co-op Pharmacy, 25 Gilesgate                                                  386 5762
Sainsbury’s Pharmacy – Arnison Centre                                             386 2961
Tesco Extra, Renny’s Lane, Dragonsville Industrial Estate, DH1 2XA                0845 677 9201

                              Anglican Churches in Central Durham:

Durham Cathedral
Durham, DH1 3EH
Tel 386 4266
Sung services most days. Children 0 – 8 welcome in Sunday School, activity packs for children who want
to stay in the service at 11.15am service on Sundays.

Sunday services                                         Weekday services
Communion                8:00am                          Communion               7:30am
Matins                   10:00am                         Morning Prayer          8:45am
Sung Eucharist           11:15am                         Communion               12:30pm
Evensong                 3:30pm                          Evensong                5:15pm
(10:05 group for adults 18 – 36 during term time)        Evensong – Note this is said on Mondays

St Cuthbert’s,                                           St Giles’
North Road                                               Gilesgate
Tel 386 4526                                             Tel 384 2452
Holy Communion          8:00am                            Holy Communion          8:00am
Parish Eucharist        10:30am                          Sung Communion           10:00am
Evensong                6:30pm

St John’s
Neville’s Cross
Tel 384 2433
Family friendly, middle of the road, active kids groups for 2-14s during main Sunday service, mid week
youth groups for year 6 plus, separate crèche area with sound link to main church
Holy Communion                              8:45am
Parish Eucharist                           10:00am
Evening Service (different formats)         6:30pm
LoL Youth Service                           7:00pm (second Sunday of the month)

St Margaret’s,
Crossgate, DH1 4PR

Tel 384 2433
Linked to St John’s Neville’s Cross, some children’s work, traditional worship
Holy Communion                           8:00am
Holy Communion                           10:00am (with childrens groups)
Wednesday Communion                      10:00am
Medieval mass                            7:00pm on November 4th as part of thir 850th birthday celebration
Friday Eucharist                         6:00pm

St Nicholas,                                                      St Oswald’s,
Market Place, DH1 3NJ                                             Church Street
Tel 384 1180                                                      Tel 383 0830
Family friendly, fairly low in tradition, active kids             Traditional worship, play church at 11am
groups from 2 – school leavers, separate crèche area,             service, robed choir and sung eucharist
mid week children and youth work                                  most weeks
Family Service                                 10:15am            Holy Communion            8:00am
Traditional Evening service                    6:00pm             Parish Eucharist          11:00am
More Charismatic service                                          Sung Evensong             6:00pm
meeting in the Salvation Army
building on the Baily                          7:00pm

                               Methodist Churches in Central Durham

Elvet Methodist Church,
Old Elvet, DH1 3HL
Tel 384 7599
Morning Service                           10:45am
Evening Service                           6:00am
University chaplaincy with strong children’s work at morning service

North Road Methodist,                    Service are currently being held in the
North Road –                             Shakespeare hall during the church refurbishment
Morning Service                          10:30am
With Junior church
Wednesday morning prayer                 9:30am

                              Other Denominations in Central Durham:

St Cuthbert Roman Catholic,                               St Godric,
Old Elvet                                                 Castle Chare, DH1 4RD
Tel 384 3442                                              Tel 384 3810
Children’s work at 10am mass,                             Children’s work at 11am
This is the university chaplaincy                         Mass 10.00am & 6.00pm
Mass 10.00am & 6.30pm

Emmanuel Free Church,                                        Durham City Baptist Church
Belmont Industrial Estate                                    Edge Court, DH1 2JY
Tel 375 0148                                                 Tel 375 7695

Kings Church (Icthus Network),
30 Fieldhouse Lane, DH1 4LT
Tel 384 2018
Ballroom Dunelm House (Student Union), New Elvet - Sunday Morning Worship 10.30am
Riverside Café Dunelm House - Sunday Evening Worship (term times) 7.30pm

                                    CHRISTIAN RESOURCES
Carter House, Pelaw Leazes Lane, Durham, DH1 1TB (Tel: 375 0568).
(Books, slides, cassettes, videos, posters etc.)

Cathedral Bookshop

                                RETREAT HOUSES IN THE N.E

Many of the places listed below run regular led quiet days or retreats, sometimes with a special flavour, e.g.
with art, or can accommodate individuals making their own retreat.
Alnmouth Friary, Alnmouth, Nr Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 3NJ                         01665 830213
St Anthony’s Priory, 74 Claypath, Durham DH1 1QT                                            384 3747
Offers lots of quiet days – excellent. Place for spouses to find spiritual directors.
Greatham Hall, Greatham, Nr Hartlepool                                                  01429 871148
The King’s House - Emmaus Christian Healing Trust,
Oxclose Church, Brancepeth Road, Oxclose, Washington                                        416 2001
Marygate House, Holy Island, Nr Berwick-upon-Tweed                                      01289 389246
Minsteracres Retreat Centre, Nr Consett, Co Durham.                                     01434 673248
Northumbria Community, Nether Springs, Hetton Hole, Chatton, NE66 5SD                   01289 388235
Parcevall Hall, Appletreewick, Skipton, N Yorks.                                        01756 720213/283
Scargill House, Kettlewell, Skipton, N Yorks, BD23 5HU                                  01756 760234
St Hilda’s Priory, Sneaton Castle, Whitby, N Yorks YO21 3QN                             01947 602079
St Oswald’s Pastoral Centre, Woodlands Drive, Sleights, Nr Whitby,
         N. Yorks, YO21 1RY                                                             01947 810496
Shepherd’s Dene, Riding Mill, Northumberland, NE44 6AF                                  01434 682212

                                MUMS & TODDLERS GROUPS
           St. Cuthbert, North Road, Mon, Tue AM from 10:30 - £1.00

      Durham University M & T sessions - Mon., Wed. and Fri. afternoons 1-3 pm. Same venue as
      playgroup (see below) 1-3 pm.
      Playpeople at St. John's Church, near Neville's Cross. Tues. 9.15 – 11:30 am. Contact Sheila on
      375 7649
      St Margaret’s Toddler Group at Antioch House, opposite St Margaret’s Church, Crossgate. Thurs
      or Fri, 9.30 - 11.30. Ages 0-4, £1/family. Activities, music and drinks. Contact Sue Lyons (384
      Tiddlywinks, St Nicholas’ Youth Centre, Providence Row, off Claypath, Wednesday 9.30-11.30.
      £1 per family

                                CRECHES/CHILD CARE
       Cranmer Hall Nursery, North Bailey - Children from 6months to 5 years old each weekday, 9-5
pm Contact Sue Harrison at 334 3865 (mornings only). Priority is given to Cranmer/WSC children in
allocating places.
       University Crèche at the Haworth Building, Leazes Road, Durham. From 8.30am - 5.30pm,
during term time. Primarily for students’ children age 5 months to school age. Contact Jill Johnston (Tel:
334 8153).
      The Yellow Wellies Nursery, The Cross-Gate Centre (Tel: 374 4426). Private nursery and after-
school club, collect from St Margaret’s and Neville’s Cross Primary Schools

•     Belmont Community Centre - Mon., Wed., Fri. 9.30 – 12am. Had a brilliant Ofsted report (Tel:
372 1953). Ask for Pam.
•      Durham University Playgroup, 9.15-11.45am, 12.45-3:15pm. For age 2 ½ years to school age.
Offers three sessions:
Group 1:-Mon., Weds, Fri. mornings.
Group 2:-Tues., Thurs. afternoons.
Group 3:-Tues., Thurs. mornings. (Tel: 386 1606).

      Newton Hall - Three playgroups: Community Centre, All Saints' Church Hall, and St. Bedes'
      Church Hall.

                                TODDLERS' ACTIVITIES
      (Note: See the Clever Clogs ‘Durham for Under Fives’ Publication for more information)

       'Tumbletots' ,Thurs. mornings at Vane Tempest Community Centre, Gilesgate.
Structured lessons for 1 - 5yr olds, in separate age groups. Very enjoyable! (Phone Anna Linford:
01325 377576).

      Deerness Leisure Centre trampolining sessions are held here.

      Durham Centre Library have a story time at 11am on Wednesdays

          Toddler Gym at Sherburn Sports Centre, Front Street, Sherburn. Thursdays 1-2pm or 2-3pm
    £1.10 per session. (Tel: 372-1121).

Action Replay This is a soft play centre which has a full range of play equipment and activities available
from 0-year6. They have after school deals ie play and eat sessions. The food is good value. Parties are
more than fully catered for at reasonable rates. The stress of organisation is taken away. Bowburn South
Industrial Estate 0191- 3772777.

Baby changing facilities in Durham centre:
Gala Theatre
Boots (Town square) upstairs, there are two lifts

                        NURSERIES ATTACHED TO A SCHOOL
You should register your child at age 2 for a nursery place the year before s/he is due to start school.
           Busy Bees Nursery, Priory Road, Newton Hall                               375 0244
           Gilesgate Nursery, Ellis Leazes                                           384 7284
           Langley Moor Nursery                                                      378 0830
           Laurel Avenue Nursery                                                     386 8416
           New Brancepeth Nursery                                                    373 0269
           Newton Hall Nursery School, Priory Road                                   384 7651
           St. Hilds, Rennys Lane, Gilesgate Moor                                    384 7451
           St. Oswalds Nursery, Church Street                                        386 8029
           Sunshine Club, attached to St Oswald’s                                    07985 681 302

                                       PRIMARY SCHOOLS
    •      Belmont C. of E., Buckinghamshire Road
                                                    Junior School                    384 4178
                                                    Infant School                    384 3714
    •      Blue Coat Junior, Langley Road, Newton Hall                               386 5975
    •      Finchale County, Canterbury Road, Newton Hall
                                               Infant School                         386 5187
                                               Junior School                         386 9976
    •      Framwellgate Moor County, Newton Drive, Framwellgate Moor
                                                   Infant School                     384 7750
                                                   Junior School                     386 5400
    •      Gilesgate County, Kepier Lane, Gilesgate                                  384 7284
    •      Neville’s Cross County Junior and Infant School                           384 2249
    •      Newton Hall County Infant School, Langley Road                            386 1203
    •      St. Hilds Junior & Infants School (C. of E. aided)                        384 7451
             Rennys Lane, Gilesgate Moor
    •      St. Margaret’s C. of E. Primary School, Crossgate Peth                    384 7331

    •      St. Oswalds C. of E. Infants School, Church Street                    386 8029

                                    SECONDARY SCHOOLS
           Belmont Comprehensive                                                 386 5715
           Durham High School for Girls, Farewell Hall                           384 3226
           Durham 6th Form Centre, Providence Row                                384 2217
           Durham Johnston Comprehensive:
                Whinney Hill premises (yrs 7 & 8 only)                           384 3269
                Crossgate Moor premises (yr 9 upwards, incl. 6th form)           384 3887
           Framwellgate Moor Comprehensive, Newton Drive, F'gate Moor            386 6628
           Gilesgate Comprehensive, Bradford Crescent, Gilesgate                 384 7505
           St Leonard’s RC Comprehensive, North End                              384 8575

                            FURTHER EDUCATION COLLEGE
New College, Durham. Framwellgate Moor Centre:                                   386 2421
Courses start middle of September, prior to registration.

                                     SCOUTS AND GUIDES
Various groups meet in Durham City. For more information contact:
        Guides –District Commissioner, Mrs Foulds,                               386 4483
        Scouts – District Commissioner, Mr Roberts,                              386 6830
        Girls Brigade – Durham City Baptist Church, Gilesgate.                   384 7020

Piano lessons: Steph Carter (a previous Ordinand spouse!)
Lindy Jazz Dance                                       

Newton Hall Toy Library, in Newton Hall Library                                  386 7695
       •      Tues. 1-2.30pm;
       •      Fri. 11-12.30pm during term time.
       •      Call with proof of ID, £3 annual subscription.

Durham Clayport Library, (opposite Gala Theatre) Durham.
Children’s books, DvDs and CD's. It also has a large room full of computers free to use
        •     Mon – Fri 9.30 am – 7.00 pm
        •     Sat 9.30 am – 5.00 pm                                                386 4003

        •     Sun 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

                                  SERVICES & SUPPLIERS

Bike Repairs
       Northeast Motorcycles, Ivanhoe Terrace, Chester-le-Street            388 2630
       Discount cycle repairs – comes highly recommended

Builders, Electricians & Plumbers
    •     B&R Glazing Company Ltd.                                          378 0497
            On A690, half a mile after Langley Moor.
    •     Denis Ward, 32 Crossgate. Good for building work.                 386 7975
    •     Edward Almond, 1 Gladstone Villas. Plumber                        386 1766
    •     Finchale Training College, Newton Hall                            386 2634
    •     Frederick Street Plumbers                                         378 1326
    •     GSC Electrical Services. Electricians, NicEic approved.           584 7394
    •     J T Turner, 12 Waddington St. Electrician.                        384 2863
    •     Jamie’s Roofing Services, Fairtrade Registered.                   384 2364
    •     Maxwell’s, Unit 4, Durham Road Industrial Estate, Birtley         410 9595
    •     Tyne Plumbing - has 24 hour emergency service                     456 3995

   •    Cartridge World, North Road                                         383 94 94
   •    PC World, Durham Retail Park, Gilesgate                             0870 242 0444
   •    Dot Com Systems, 50 North Road, Durham                              375 7520

   •     Johnson’s, 56 North Road                                           386 4375
   •     Sketchley Supasnaps, inside Sainsbury's, in the Arnison Centre     383 9030

Driving Schools
    •     BSM, Claypath                                                     384 2372
    •     Excel, Linda Glendinning                                          377 0008
    • Driving Test centre, Elvet House, Hallgarth Street. DH1 3AT

   •     Fred Henderson, Ainsley Street, Durham DH1 4BJ                     384 6319
   Gives Student discount!
   •     Embletons, Finchale Rd, Durham. Excellent service and value.       384 7777
   •     Fred Henderson, Rear Ainsley Street.                               384 6319
   •     Gilesgate Motor Co Ltd, Dragonville Industrial Estate              386 8808
   •     Maddisons, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor (behind First Freeze)   384 9478
   •     New Durham Auto Repairs, Bent House Lane, Gilesgate                384 0011
   •     Newton Grange Service Station, Finchale Road                       386 4036

    •     SG Petch, Langley Moor                                              384 2444

Washing machine spares/repairs
   •    N. Wood, Chester-le-Street.                                           388 2731
   Honest, reliable firm; also sell re-conditioned machines

Garden Centres
   •     Dobbies, Shades of Green, Durham Rd., Birtley                        410 2556
   •     Foxwoods, Holm Hill Lane, Chester Moor                               389 0044
   •     Poplar Tree Nursery, Hall Lane, Shincliffe                           384 7553

    •     Design 21, Neville’s Cross                                          384 7131
    (reasonable prices; also do children’s cuts)
    •     Partners, 36 North Road. Good with children!                        384 6719
    •     Sherlocks, North Road – Student discount, popular in the past!      383 2322

Print Shops
    •     Prontaprint, 85 New Elvet                                           384 3220
    •     Rainbow Print, 52 Old Elvet                                         386 0500

Refuse Collection
You should be given a green box for recycling tins, plastic and glass, and a green bag for recycling
cardboard and paper.
    • Council dump at Sacriston signposted from the A167. You can also recycle clothes, books, CDs,
       glass etc at Sainsbury’s. There are some recycling facilities at Tescos
    • Household waste centre – Potterhouse Lane, Pity Me, near the Arnison Centre.

   •       Abbey Veterinary Centre,                                           384 5115
   Dunleigh House, Newcastle Road, Crossgate Moor.
   •       The Dunelm Veterinary Group, 106 Gilesgate.                        384 760
Surgeries, appointments and 24hr emergency service.
     •      PDSA, Sunderland (students should qualify)                        561 0636
     •      Vets4Pets Ltd, Priory Road, Framwellgate Moor                     383 0555

NB Durham County Council will pay for your dogs to be microchipped for free. Contact a vet to find

Deerness Boarding Kennels and Cattery, Mill Road, Langley Moor                378 0439

Video Rental
Blockbuster - 7 Beech Road, Framwellgate Moor DH1 5JE                         384 4409


Arnison Centre
Off Pity Me roundabout (5 minutes from Durham centre by car, up the Al67).
(Huge) Sainsburys,              LIDL,                  Brantano,                    Pets at Home,
Comet,                          Instore,               Boots,                       Marks and Spencers
JB Sports,                      Halfords,              Laura Ashley,                McDonalds,
MFI,                            Next.                  Homebase                     Lakeland
ASDA Living

Durham Retail Park
Top end of Gilesgate/Sunderland Road, shortly after junction with Dragon Lane.
B&Q (Warehouse),               Argos Extra, Currys,               PC World ,   Storey’s Carpets,
KFC,                           Pizza Hut,       Sports World, Allied Carpets

Dragonville – Renny’s Lane, DH1 2XA
Tesco.                        Brantano,                   TKMaxx,                   Internationale,
Matalan,                      ALDI,                       Bensons Beds,             Homestore
Mr. Clutch

    •      ALDI                  Dragonville Court
    •      ASDA                  Spennymoor, has clothes and petrol, 24 hour store
    •      Iceland               North Road
    •      Kwik Save             Gilesgate
    •      LIDL                  Arnison Centre
    •      Morrisons             Bishop Auckland, petrol
    •      Somerfield            Langley Moor
    •      TESCO EXTRA           Dragonville Industrial Estate, Gilesgate, 24 hour, petrol, a massive store!
    •      Sainsbury’s           Arnison Centre, open to 10pm , petrol, another huge store!
    •      M&S Simply Food       Arnison Centre

   •       Durham market (covered) is open every day and has a wide range of good stalls. A good
   traditional market
   •       Open Air Farmer’s Market in Market Square with fruit and veg. stalls and others on Saturdays
   and alternate Thursdays throughout the year.


Bowlams, Wholesale Butchers, Sedgefield Industrial Estate, TS21 3EE, bit a drive but worth the petrol
Coates Butchers, 26 Front Street, Framwellgate Moor, DH1 5EJ
There is also one in the Market place

Metro Centre – - NE11 9YG.
(off the A1 near Gateshead) is one of the largest indoor shopping precincts in Europe and offers free
parking. It houses numerous well known retail chains and speciality shops, together with restaurants, multi

screen cinema and ten pin bowling. Among the larger units are House of Fraser, Asda, Marks & Spencer &
Debenhams. The Metro Retail Park on the same site has Toys 'R' Us, IKEA, Barker Stonehouse, Furniture
Village, Primark and most other major retail outlets you could think of. Saturdays are usually very busy and
atrocious in December.

Team Valley – NE11 0BD
(off the A1 on the way to the Metrocentre) it has a large Mothercare, Mamas and Papas store, Hobbycraft, a
big PC World, Homebase, TK Maxx, Boots, Next, Dixons, a large travel agent, Pets R Us and Halfords. It
also has a Sainsbury’s. Avoid on Saturdays unless you like traffic jams.

Dalton Park - - SR7 9HU
Towards Seaham on the A19 (see for details). A discount outlet centre for some
high street names and brands including Next, Marks and Spencers, Cotton Traders, GAP outlet and
Charles Clinkards.

Bargain and Charity Shops
   •      Children’s Society, Scope, British Heart Foundation, Help the Aged shops all on North Road,
   •      St. Cuthbert’s Hospice shop on Claypath, DH11QT
   •      Poverty Action Christian Charity Shop in Framwellgate Moor, very cheap, good quality goods
   small coffee shop
   •      Chester-le-Street and Langley Moor also have a good selection of charity shops
   •      Spennymoor has some of the cheaper clothes shops such as Peacocks and Ethel Austin
   •      Oxfam on Old Elvet, DH13JN. A bookshop with a theology section.
   •      Oxfam Boutique, Old Elvet, DH13JN. A collection of more of the designer or vintage second
   hand clothes. More pricier than other charity shops
   Check out Durham Free cycle for great free stuff!

Further Afield
   •      Pram centre, 187 Chester Road, Sunderland, SR4 7JA. Worth ringing if you are after something
 specific; will also sell equipment and clothes on your behalf; takes 1/3 off selling price in commission. (Tel:
 567 6077)
    •      Royal Quays, North Shields, NE296DW, has a complex of factory shops including formal wear
    at very reasonable prices.
    •      Darlington - has a larger town centre with good parking with an indoor market and outdoor
    markets on Saturday and Monday.

For curtain fabric visit Factory Fabrics. This is on an industrial estate in Blaydon, just beyond the point
where the Scotswood Bridge turns off the main road, NE215SJ. Vast amounts of very good quality fabrics at
reasonable prices. Will make up curtains. (Tel: 414 4515). There are also a couple of stalls in the covered
market have fabric but mainly dress material
For the dedicated bargain hunter there is a 'The Factory Shop Guide' (Northern England), available from
any bookseller.


        •      Durham Cathedral, very helpful staff, excellent children’s selection, 10% student discount on
        books.                                                                               386 2972
        •     Waterstones, Two shops on Saddler Street, one for general reading and one academic
        shop. DH13NU
        •     Oxfam Primarily Books, CDs and DVDs Elvet Bridge, Durham town centre. DH13JN
        •     Book Aid, 5 Galgate, DL128EQ Barnard Castle, open daily. All proceeds help to send books
        and Bibles overseas. (Tel: 01833 630209) A massive selection of second hand theology and related
        •     If you are visiting Alnwick, Barter Books in the old station, NE662NP, is well worth popping

Instrumental, Music Books and Sheet Music Shops
    • EBGB, The Avenue, DH14ED                                                      3845613
Specialist guitar shop but also has violin strings, some music for teaching and general instrumental supplies
    • Drum Loft, Gilesgate, DH11QG                                                  3839777
Specialist drum shop, people visit this from miles around, cheap
    • Windows, Central Arcade (nr Monument), Newcastle, NE15BP                      2321356
Two floors of music heaven, you want it they have it or will get it
    • George Gladstone, 85-87 Parkgate Darlington, DL11SA                           01325 486510
Brass and woodwind specialist, does instrumental repairs, lots of sheet music for all instruments
There is also a small guitar shop in the covered market

                                            EATING OUT
Coffee Shops
   •     Cathedral Refectory, cheap, good quality food, buggy and W/C friendly, proceeds go to cathedral
   •     Vennels Café. Everyone’s favourite, next to Waterstones main shop (up alley at side) at 71
           Saddlers Yard, DH13NU
   •     Gala Theatre Coffee House, DH11WA, Buggy and W/C friendly
   •     The Georgian Townhouse, 11 Crossgate – Pancake Café
   •     Saddler’s, Saddler Street, reasonable lunches, DH13NU
   •     BHS Prince Bishops buggy /wheelchair friendly, DH13UJ
   •     Costa Coffee Prince Bishops ( restricted access when busy), DH13UJ
   •     CaféNero Silver Street (small!!), DH13RD
   •     Esquires on the bridge in Silver Street (reasonable access), DH13RD
   •     Cafe Rouge Opposite Esquires (reasonable access), DH13RD
   •     Treats, Silver Street above Body Shop. Very reasonable snack lunches and drinks, DH13RD
   •     Brambles Poplar Tree Garden Centre Coffee shop, Shinclife
   •     Leonards, Fowlers Yard, DH1 3RA – Fairtrade and locally sourced ingredients
   •     Ciao Ciao, Framwellgate bridge – also sells amazing bread
   •     Broom House farm coffee shop near Whitton Gilbert DH7 6TR

For full details including opening times check out

   •     Dynasty Chinese Buffet, 50-51 North Road.Buffet, DH14SQ. Student discount. Reasonable for
   vegetarians compared to others (access up lots of stairs)
                                                                             370 9180
   •     In Shanghai, Thai & Chinese Buffet, The Gates – good value.         375 7333

For full details including opening times check out

    •        Capital Tandoori, 69 Claypath, DH11RH. Discount for takeaway.        386 8803
    •        Rajpooth Tandoori, 80 Claypath, DH11RH. Takeaway. Recommended 386 0585
    •        Shaheens, 48 North Bailey. Very popular with students. Reservations recommended.
                                                                                  386 0960
    •        Spice Lounge, St Nicholas Cottage, Market Place, DH13NJ              3830927

          For full details including opening times check out

     •       Bella Italia, 20 Silver Street, underneath Pizza Hut. student discount 50% off on Mondays.
                                                                                      386 1060
    •        Emilio’s, 96 Elvet Bridge, DH13JN. Good happy hour. Nice atmosphere.
                                                                                      384 0096
    •        Ristorante San Marco, 47 North Bailey, DH13RJ                            384 6777
    •        Ricardo’s, 17 Hallgarth St, DH13BB                                       384 4007
    •        Pizza Express, Saddler Street Street, DH13NU .Fairly quick service       3832661
    •        Michelangelo’s, Neville’s Cross junction, DH14JX                         370 9922
    •        The Cellar Door, North Bailey good pizzas and cocktails.                 383 1856

            For full details including opening times check out

    •       Sakura, Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant, 69/70 Crossgate. £10 to £30 per person.
                                                                                   383 2323
For full details including opening times check out

    •       Chiquitos, Millennium Place, DH11WA                                   370 6470
For full details including opening times check out

    •       Numjai, Milburngate Centre. (Good value lunches)                      386 2020
For full details including opening times check out

English and Gourmet
   •      Oldfields, Claypath, DH11RH . Organic food, locally sourced, does good early bird
   specials                                                                     370 9595
   •      The Pump House, Houghall Farm Road, Houghall, DH13PHJ                 386 9189

For full details including opening times check out

Pub Food
   •     Stonebridge Inn, Stonebridge, Nevilles Cross (A690 to Crook. Nice pub, good atmosphere. Food
        about £5 very good. Quiz night Tue & Thur.)                             3869591
   •     The Bishops Mill, Walkergate. Good meal deals and coffee (Access good). DH11WA
   •     The Rose Tree Inn, Shincliffe, DH12LY                                 386 8512
   •     Church Mouse, Chester Moor, DH23SL                                    0845 112 014
   •    Bistro 21, Aykley Heads House, Aykley Heads, DH15 5TS                  384 4354
   •    Fallen Angel Resturant, 34 Old Elvet, Durham                           384 3340
   •    Gormet Spot, The Avenue, Durham DH1 4DX                                384 6655
   •    Seven Stars Inn, High Street North, Shincliffe, DH1 2NN                384 8454

For full details including opening times check out

   •       Odeon, Metro Centre Cinema Complex. Recorded information service on 0871 22 44 007.
                                                                    Can book online at
    •      Odeon Cinema, Newcastle, The Gates Complex, Newgate Street
    (multi-screen; reductions for students and for early showings.)                0871 22 44 007.
    •      Gala Theatre Durham (small, phone to book tickets before turning up) 332 4041
    •      Cineworld, Lampton Street, Sunderland                                   08714714714

Theatres - keep your eye on internet for good deals on tickets
   •      Assembly Rooms, North Bailey, DH13RJ. Student productions during term times
   •      Sunderland Empire, register on internet for really good offers,
         has major West End tours
   •      Darlington Civic Theatre, also has West End tours, good pantomimes
   •      Theatre Royal, Newcastle.
   •      Gala Theatre, Durham., worth getting the programme for this
   • Northern Stage, Newcastle, often has great new theatre from London

Music and Concerts
   •      Durham University Music Dept (next to Cathedral). Student recitals most Thursday lunchtimes
   during term time. (£2 entry for students)
   •      The Sage, Gateshead ( or Tel:443 4661), do lots of family concerts
   and events, do free toddler sessions every week
   •      Look at college notice boards there are often recitals in the Cathedral.
   •     The Cluny at Head of Steam, Lime Street, Newcastle

                               RECREATIONAL FACILITIES

   •    Rent boats at Browns on the River near Elvet Bridge inexpensive and fun.

Outdoor Parks and Play Areas
   •      Allergate Play Area, the one behind Brass Thill
   •      Botanical Gardens, no play area but free entry for Durham students.DH13TN
   •      Chester-le-Street Riverside – fab play area plenty of places to sit and watch them play, walk
   along river and small paddling pool, picnic tables. This is situated alongside the A167 so easy to find
   but you have to pay to park
   •      Hastings Avenue Play Area
   •      Holliday Park, Langley Moor, on left before bridge, play area, big field and walk along river
   •      Wharton Park (above railway station, access via unmarked entrance - from town turn right at
   roundabout up Framwellgate Peth then left shortly after going under railway bridge and before St.
   Cuthbert's Church (opposite D.L.I. Museum); also pedestrian access from North Road by the bottom of
   Western Hill. Has mini bumper cars for kids at 20p per go.
   • Broom House Farm – Witton Gilbert, DH17 6TR. Breathtaking views, a cosy fire in winter, a large
       grassy playing field and activities. The food is prepared with farm produce.

   •      Lowes Barn Playing Fields.
   •      Wharton Park.

Ten Pin Bowling
   •     Metro Centre

Ice Skating
    •     Whitley Bay Ice Rink, Whitley Bay, NE258HP. Tel: 01912911000

Walking: ( We recommend buying a map and looking for footpaths)
Recommended books: '12 walks in Durham City' by Bill Dowding, published by Ivan Corbett, 89-93 Elvet
Bridge. 'Country Walks in County Durham' and its sequel, available from the tourist information centre.

Sports Centres
   •        Abbey Sports Centre, Abbey Rd., Pity Me (just past Sainsbury’s)           383 1199
   •        Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre                                          388 6673
   •        College Fitness Room, £3 membership fee forever! Very limited facilities.
   •        Deerness Sports Centre, Ushaw Moor. Good sports facilities and fitness gym,
excellent for children’s gymnastics and trampolining                                  373 2324
   •        Maiden Castle, University, open to students and spouses. £15 annual membership for
spouses (free for students) - badminton, tennis, squash, multigym, 5-a-side.          374 3601
   •        Meadowfield - includes a good 'soft play' area for the under 6 year olds. 378 9888

    •     Sherburn. Badminton, aerobics.                                              372 1121

Swimming Baths
                 Look on Durham council website for lots of useful information

    • Chester-le-Street - Mother & Toddler sessions most days.            388 6673
    • Freeman’s Quay Leisure Cenre, Walkergate,Durham City, DH11SU        3068306
    • Spennymoor Leisure Centre - swimming pool has chutes and a wave machine.
    Shelved toddler pool. Toddler sessions various days and times.        01388 815827
    • Wet ‘n’ Wild, Indoor water park, Rotary Way, N Shields.             296 1444
    • Weardale Open air Swimming Pool, Castle Close, Stanhope             01388 528466
    • Louisa Centre, Front Street, Stanley, recommended                   01207 218877

                                              DAYS OUT
It is worth checking out most of
the suggestions below are found there.

Things to Do in Durham

    •   Cathedral, especially tower if you are tall enough and excellent children’s trail leaflets
    •   Light Infantry Museum
    •   Oriental Museum
    •   Boat Trips
    •   Old Fulling Archaeological Museum
    •   Castle
    •   Riverside Walks
    •   Heritage Centre (on the Bailey)
    •   Botanical Gardens

2010/2011Events in Durham
   • Tall Ships 7-10 August
   • Darlington Food Festival 2-4October
   • England Vs Pakistan 1 day Cricket International 10 September
   • Durham Book Festival – October
   • Durham City Christmas festival 4-5 December

Places Where Entry Is (or was !) Free
    •    Walridge Fell Country Park, towards Chester-le-Street, signposted off the A167
    •    Derwent Valley walks - parking off A694 - walks are along disused railway line. Pushchair
          friendly. Also pleasant walks along the River Browney and the Deerness Valley nearer to
    •    Baltic Gallery, near the Sage in Gateshead, take the train to Newcastle and then a bus from
          outside the station, a space for contemporary art, activities for children

   •      Castle Eden Dene Local Nature Reserve at Peterlee - many miles of footpaths and startling
   •      County Conservation Trust nature reserve at Hawthorn Dene and Witton-le-Wear. Good for
           wildlife but not for push chairs. (Tel: 386 9797 for permission)
   •      Dales Centre, Stanhope - craft shops and tearoom.
   •      Egglestone Abbey, Escomb Church or Bowes Castle Park at Bishop Auckland.
   •      Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle. Under 5's playroom!
   •       Newcastle Discovery, Blandford Square, Newcastle. Very interactive with good science
           display. Go on the train.
   •      Railway Museums - Timothy Hackworth Museum at Shildon or Darlington Railway Museum.
   •      Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, free art and craft activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the
   school holidays
   •      Whitworth Hall Country Park, near Spennymoor ( Deer park and
           ducks which like being hand fed! Victorian walled garden and woodland dene. Includes inn and
           restaurant .
   •       The Great North Museum, Newcastle
   •       The Hancock Museum, Newcastle.
   •       Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield – a county Park with walks, a lake and woodland

Places Where Entry for Adults is relatively cheap
   •      Bowes Museum – Barnard Castle DL12 8NP
   •   Binchester Roman Fort - combined with a visit around Auckland Castle Park.
   •     Bowlees Visitor Centre, Teesdale. Use the adjacent picnic area and walk to Gibson's Cave or
   Low Force.
   •      Crook Hall, Crook, Durham
   •     Finchale Priory - combined with a visit to Cocken Wood Picnic Area. Closed in winter, park on
   opposite side of river and walk down.
   •     Hamsterley Forest. £3 charge per car. Adventure play area, walking and bike trails, picnic
   areas and guided warden walks.
   •        High Force. Tallest waterfall in England. Small entry charge for pushchair access path or turn
   left follow footpath to Low Force for no charge.
   •     Preston Hall Museum, Stockton-on-Tees, annual family ticket a really good deal, also fantastic
   park and animals and aviary, only pay to go in museum rest of it is free
   •      Segedunum Roman Fort, Roman fort, baths and museum at Wallsend
   •      Seven Stories Museum, Lime Street, Newcastle 0845 271 0777

Somewhere to spend the whole day
   •      Alnwick Castle and Gardens Home of the Percy family, and Harry Potter’s Hogwart’s School! 1
   hour’s drive, an excellent interactive game of ‘knight’s quest’ with lots of tasks for children. Also
   dragon’s quest game but would not recommend this for any nervy children or those under 8.
   •    Barnard Castle - town, castle, Bowes Museum, attractive walks in the area (along river Tees &
   Deepdale). Check prices before you go.
   •       Beamish, North of England Open Air Museum - industrial and social history of the region
   brought alive. Absolutely masses to do. This is expensive but well worth it. (If you join the 'Beamish
   Club' there is free admission for twelve months and two guests can go for half price. You can also use
   your Tesco vouchers here).
   •     Bede' s World - open air working Anglo-Saxon farm and village, Jarrow Combine with visit to
   Marsden Rock, Souter Lighthouse (National Trust) or beaches.
   •     Bolan Lake
   •     Cragside - house, gardens, hilly walks and forest trails. National Trust, with shop and tearoom!
   •     Dunstanburgh Castle (1½ hrs drive). Ruined castle, picturesque village of Craster. Also nearby
   is Bamburgh Castle. Kipper teas in Craster! Lovely beaches.
   •      Diggerland – “The ultimate adventure park experience, you can ride and drive real JCBs”
   •     Eden Camp, “The only Modern History Theme Museum of its type in the world” (2nd World War).
   Located in ex PoW Camp, Malton, N Yorks (includes assault course for younger visitors).
   •      Farne Islands - boat trips from Seahouses . In June you can see puffins and seals. (Take a hard
   hat at nesting time for when you go ashore as the terns dive-bomb the tallest head! It's an exciting
   •     The Forbidden Corner, Tugpill Park Estate, Middleham, N Yorks. Folly garden – “The best
   European folly of the 20th Century”. Admission by booking only. Not for younger children 01969 640638
   •     Hartlepool Maritime Experience – where you can explore “Britain’s oldest warship afloat”
   •     Hadrian’s Wall. Visit Housteads or Chesters forts. Also worth visiting Vindolanda.
   •     Hall Hill Farm, Lanchester, Durham. 720 acre working family farm.
   •     Hexham Abbey and Gaol museum – good shops and cafes nearby
   •     Holy Island (2 hrs drive). Priory, castle, peaceful walks around the island. Check tide times for
   access across the causeway, (information office Durham).
   •      Kielder - see the village, drive through the forest, visit Kielder Water and the Castle. This is a
   very long drive from Durham.
   •      Killhope Lead Mining Museum, Upper Weardale. Going underground – many schools do day-
   outings to Killhope. Recently won an award for being good for children

    •     Centre for Life, nr station in Newcastle, dome theatre, 3D ride, workshops, interactive games
    arcade, not cheap but absolutely brilliant for school age children.
    •       Lightwater Valley, North Stainley, Ripon, N Yorks. Theme Leisure Park. Europe’s longest
    rollercoaster! Check height restrictions before you go. (can use Tesco
    •       Locomotion – The National Railway museum at Shildon
    •     Raby Castle - castle, gardens and coach house. Tearooms. Gardens cheaper than castle.
    Good place to buy your Christmas tree and really good Santa’s grotto.
    •       Swaledale, North Yorkshire, (1 hrs drive). Picturesque villages, Fantastic scenery, good walks.
    Richmond is nearby, with the largest cobbled market place in Europe, castle, a Georgian theatre and
    riverside walk to Easby Abbey.
    •       Tanfield Railway, Good value steam train every Sunday – students half price.
    •      Wallington House, near Morpeth, with collection of dolls houses and toys. Walled gardens.
    National Trust, with shop and tearoom. Belsey Hall – castle and gardens built into gorge on way to
    •       Wildfowl Trust ,Washington. Includes a tea room, shop and children’s play area
    •       Walkworth and Walkworth Castle – English Heritage
    •      York - see the Minster, National Railway Museum (usually free but check before you go), the
    Jorvik Viking Centre, the Castle Museum (note cannot take pushchairs but they do provide backpacks);
    Yorkshire Museum. Only 45 minutes on train – much quicker than driving

        •       Seaham, probably closest one to Durham but check the tide times first
        •       Seaton Carew, sandy beach with coal, usual small seaside town amenities
        •       South Shields, good sand and a great park
        •       Sunderland , good sand and river walks
        •       Alnmouth, massive expanse of sand and a couple of ice cream vans, nothing tacky and
        •       Whitby, a bit of a drive but lovely beach and fascinating town to poke around
        •       This is just a selection but there are lots of wonderful beaches in Northumberland and North

Dog walking

If you have come to Durham with your canine pal the following walks will get you started until you buy your
own map and explore you own favourite spots. They both have places where you can let the dog off the
lead for their own moments of madness/ opportunities to play etc.

“Neville’s Cross loop”

For those of you who like to multitask, this walk is great as it can be combined with dropping kids of to
Neville’s Cross school, posting letters, buying a newspaper and then watching trains. It is a conservation
area and supposedly there are deer here (not yet spotted by Cramner students) which is why it remains

The walk starts at the post box on Neville’s Cross bank (A690) head down hill until the public footpath sign
which takes you behind some terrace houses. Take the path off to the right that edges the gardens which
will lead you into a large field. This has many well worn paths so find your favourite or if you want a more
extended walk head across the field, downhill and across the metal bridge. Ahead of you is a farm, the path
skirts around this and under the viaduct. (watch out for the peacock!) Follow the path along the river which
will bring you out to Toll House Road where you turn right to rejoin the A167. Take a right at the traffic lights
to get you back to Neville’s Cross.

“The Sunderland Bridge escape”

This area is only a 5 minute drive from Neville’s Cross but gets you right into the countryside. There are a
variety of paths on either side of the river most of which aren’t marked on any map but allow you the
freedom of exploring a beautiful riverside area.( spectacular bluebell display in early summer) Also comes
with great views of trains across a long viaduct.

Take the A167 towards Darlington and shortly after the end of the dual carriageway take the B6300 (sign
posted Brandon). Take the first right signed as a dead end and park near to the old Sunderland Bridge.
Choose which side of the river to walk and enjoy!

Access is the Spouses social and support group, if you have any questions about anything to do with your
time here in Durham, or your partner’s time at Cranmer College or the Wesley Study Centre, please don’t
hesitate in contacting us!


And finally.....

For more info check out



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