Xbox 360 by wuxiangyu


									                         Xbox 360
The xbox 360 has different prizes that one that cost $399.99 is called

xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited edition console. And that one that

cost $299.99 is called xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle and xbox 360 Pro

Console System cost $249.99. Last one is Xbox 360 Arcade Console

cost $199.99. You can find the xbox 360 in the Best Buy, Target, Wal-

Mart, gamestop, and online. This xbox 360 it’s so fun to play because it

has xbox live, movies, internet, games, and bunch of stuff. Best game

selling is Halo 3 so buy the game but there is more games to buy for the

xbox 360 that are fun. Xbox 360 live is fun you can play online and the

new helmet coming good thing to play with or just wait for the xbox


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