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					      Notts Gym Club Parents Meeting January 2010
Attendance: Angie Shuttleworth (Olivia E3 and Sian E2), Kath Roberts (Caitlin D1),
 David and Caroline Pavier (Nicole E2), Martin Storey (Bille Mckenzie E1),
Maxine Barker (Jessica Pinkney A2), Vicky Mears (Charlotte A2), Della Risden (Aaliyah A2),
Anna Murphy (Maddy A2), Maxine Adjei (Caprice A2), Val Lipton (Amber E3 and Jordan E1),
Jane Faulkes (Ellena Frost E3), Georgia Barnes (Daisy A1), Jo Godberry (Georgia Wallace D2),
Judith Chapman (Emily Chapman E3), Julie Valentine (Lucy Valentine D1), Helen Morel (Ella D2),
Colin Marshall (Millie D3), Sam Miles (Ruby Straw E1), Tony Bonnor (Megan E2),
Sue Sanderson (Hollie E3)

Guest: Claire Starkey

Apologies: Veronica West (Lara E1), Phil Whitehead (Lauren D3), Claudia Willocks (Isabella D3)

                                     Competitions and Results
                                           Fund Raising
                                        Treasurers Report
                                       Christmas Updates
                                        Coaches Updates
                                       Any other Business

David welcomed all parents to the first Parents Meeting of 2010 and thanked everyone for

All results can be found on our website www.nottsgymclub.co.uk. Veronica, our competition
secretary sends her apologies and left some notes on competitions and results. EM regional county
Team Challenge where Nott’s Gym Club came 1st take the gold and Beth Farrow competed as an
individual in preparation for the Challenge Cup where she finished in 14th spot. Well done Beth.

Alan price took a squad of gymnasts in December to Malta to compete in many of the girl’s first
International event. Great competition and great results.

EM Club Grades 12. 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and Compulsory Levers 3 and 4 21/02/2010 Leicester

Gymnasts competing: Grade 5             Beth Farrow, Amber Lipton, Katy Bramley
                    Grade 6             Ellena Frost, Beth Dixon, Emily Chapman
                    Grade 7             Olivia Shuttleworth
                    Grade 8             Katie Liwoshko, Chelsie Jukes, Chloe Gell, Caprice Miloro
                                         Ellie Rhodes, Emily Heslin, Paige Millett, Guilia De Rosa
                        Grade 11         Gabriella Miles
                        Grade 12         Rimini Miloro
                        Compulsory 3     Keauna James
                        Compulsory 4     Lucy Valentine, Georgia Wallace, Megan Horsepool
                                         Mille Fairhurst Marshall, Sian Shuttleworth

Top 5 in Compulsory Levels 3 and 4 in age (subject to a qualifying score) will be selected to represent
East Midlands in the British Compulsory Championships in Birmingham on 15 16 May.

Top 5 in each Grade 8, 7, 6 and 5 (subject to qualifying score) will represent East Midlands at the
National Club Grades Championships in Birmingham over the weekend of 24 -25 April.

Seniors are competing on the Saturday and there should be Becky and Niamh.
Juniors on Sunday 7th March with Charlotte Draycott, Billie, Ruby, Lara, Megan and Nicole.
Espiors on Friday 5th with Kirsty Baldwin, Lillie Buttery and Chenay Elson.

Ellie Downie and Caitlin Roberts

NGA Floor and Vault 21 March Rushcliffe – we are not hosting

British Schools Championships 28 March Newcastle

EAST MIDLANDS Regional Club Grades 14 and 13 28 March – Leicester
It was decided that we could host this competition with Door, video registration, raffle etc – we need
to provide a beam timer and runners. Events team will be
Jane Faulks
Colin Marshall
Della Risden
Maxine Adjei
Anna Murphy
Vicky Mears
A date will be set for a separate meeting to discuss what fund raising activities will be done. Thanks
to the volunteers.

East Midland Photo Registration forms have been handed out to those who will be competing in
Regional Competitions this year. You will need to get your ID verified by a club official – one of the
coaches or Veronica as she is also our Welfare Officer. Please hurry with these as we do not want
anyone to be disappointed turning up at a competition and not being able to film. Those doing level
14 and 13 will need them, although not required for the County Championships.

As competition season has started with a vengeance please could we request that fees for events
are prompt as non payment holds everyone’s back. If we as a club are late with payment we will get
fined. If payment is not received by the deadline, it has been decided that the gymnast will not be
entered into the competition.

Can everyone check that the gymnast’s photographs are up to date on the website. If your daughter
is not on then please send a head and shoulders photo to Veronica and she will get it included.
Can we just mention how easy it can be to raise much needed funds for the club using internet sites
and Easy Search. We have made a total of £18.41 just through buying online and using this search
engine. Please see the website and start using this quick and easy way of raising funds.
Christmas DVD – we only have 23 on order that means that only 23 will be made. If anyone has
forgot to order their copy then please send a message into the gym and we will make sure a copy
will be produced for you. They should be here over the next couple of weeks as Simon is just on the
last edit. It sounds like it is going to be great viewing.

Martine and Val are part of the committee of the Nottinghamshire Gymnastics Association and said
a few words about the benefit of affiliating to them. They organise the County Championships which
will be held at Rushcliffe on Sunday 13th June 2010 and they want to get other Nottinghamshire
clubs involved. Looking at organising a Novice Competition later in the year for level 5 gymnasts and
they are sourcing a venue. Also, they will hold a tumbling competition. They are always looking for
volunteers and meetings will be set up during the year with posters up in the waiting area. The
Association are also looking at paying for a judge for each club and they will fund this.

Ian hasn’t given us an update but at the beginning of the year once we had banked the Christmas
Display monies we were approx £5,000 in credit. Funds are always required as fees only pay for the
gym and coaches wages. Any equipment, extra training, competitions are funded by the parents and
raising money. This years fund raising committee are:
Caroline and David Pavier (may alternate)
Sam Miles
Veronica West
Val Lipton
Julie Valentine
Della Risden
Anna Murphy
Maxine Adjei

Suggest a first meeting – Monday 1st February 2010 please let Sam know if the above are able to
attend. 6.00 In the cafe

One of the parents brought up about the amalgamation of the clubs – this has not been completely
agreed and is ongoing. Claire will update when she can. The plan is that all the clubs in the East
Midlands Gymnastics Centre will come together under a committee. Clubs to include Notts
Gymnastics Club, Notts School of Gymnastics, Notts Acro and Notts General Gymnastics Club. Claire
talked through some of the benefits and what it means to our club.

One of the parents asked Claire what leotard was required for the forthcoming competitions and it
was agreed that the short sleeved Notts training leotard will be worn as it was too late to start to
order new competition leotards for newer gymnasts. If they do not have a track suit (try and borrow
if not already ordered) then they could have any navy track suit bottoms and the Navy Notts t shirt.

We had to draw the meeting to an end due to time and the next one will be held on Saturday 6th
February 2010 at 12.00 in C3.

c.c. Claire Starkey, Ian Kime, Alan Price, Jody Kime, Linda Kime

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