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If you love art and culture, come to Madrid. Here,
Velázquez, Goya and El Greco sit side by side in the
Prado, which along with the Thyssen-Bornemisza foun-
dation and the Reina Sofia, have made Madrid the
world's art capital. Close by are unique places such as
the Escorial Monastery and the Aranjuez Palaces.
Madrid has preserved the spirit of Cervantes, Lope de
Vega and Calderón in every square and on every street
corner. Come and experience their genius.
Be marked by www.spain.info

                                                          Velázquez’s “Meninas”, Del Prado Museum, Madrid
 summary                                                                              The WTM brings the Spanish tourism
                                                                                      industry to the British capital to par-
                                                                                      ticipate in the tourism fair that for
                                                                                      Spain holds such importance, as Bri-
                                                                                      tish tourism is our number one client.
                                                                                      Turespaña’s official data on markets of
                                                                                      origin confirms that the British will
                                                                                      continue to be our premiere client
                                                                                      with more than 14 million visitors by
                                                                                      the end of 2002 and our best friend.
                                                                                      And we say friend because our respec-
                                                                                      tive futures in the tourism industry
                                                                                      are linked. That is why the Hosteltur
                                                                                      publishing group has arrived at the
                                                                                      WTM with this special issue in which
                                                                                      we analyse the statistics on British
                                                                                      tourism in Spain, the most important
                                                                                      new products offered by travel agen-
                                                                                      cies and tour operators, and the
                                                                                      accommodation offer in general. That
                                                                                      is our aim: to reach all Britain’s tra-
                                                                                      vel agencies and tour operators with a
                                                                                      copy of this issue in order to provide a
                                                                                      new source of up-to-date information
                                                                                      on Spain’s extensive touristic offer,
  18-19. SPANISH TOURISM OFFICE IN LONDON                                             particularly the offers in greatest
                                                                                      demand by British families, young
  20-25. THE FOUR ACES OF SPAIN BEACH RESORT TOURISM                                  people, adults, couples and pensioners
                                                                                      who continue to choose Spain for their
  26-33. GOLF: SPAIN´S MONEY OF QUALITY                                               holidays and to enjoy its climate, cus-
                                                                                      toms, peoples and culture.
                                                                                      That is why we are seeking the collabo-
  38-40. SPAIN LEADS THE FIELD IN EUROPE´S THEME PARKS                                ration of all of the professionals in
                                                                                      Great Britain’s tourism sector to
  42-43. CRUISE TOURISM                                                               improve this publication, whose aim is
                                                                                      to be a yearly reference point for the
  44-45. MARITIME RESORTS: SPAIN´S NEW TOURISM PRODUCT                                specialised Spanish offer.     In these
                                                                                      pages, you will find new addresses and
  46-47. CULTURE
                                                                                      different ways to get in contact with us
  48-49. HEALTH AND WELL-BEING TOURISM                                                to suggest, rectify and propose any
                                                                                      improvements you consider will bene-
  50-51. CÀLVIA,THE EUROPEAN WINTER                                                   fit our magazine, and of course, to
                                                                                      receive the information that we send to
  52-53. BENIDORM                                                                     all offices connected with tourism.
                                                                                      With this in mind, we would like to
                                                                                      send out a cordial greeting to all the
  56-57. TENERIFE, QUALITY AND DIVERSITY IN A RENEWED DESTINATION                     professionals participating in the
                                                                                      WTM and the trade which is the most
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                                                 2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 5
As far as British tourists’ accommo-          The United Kingdom is consolidating its position as
dation is concerned, they mostly pre-        the main tourist market for Spain in 2002. This sea-
fer to stay in hotels or similar esta-         son, pending final figures, it is set to improve on
blishments. In 2001, 72.3% stayed in         the excellent results of 2001, a year in which it was
this kind of accommodation, compared          the chief source country, with 14.1 million tourists
to 14.6% that chose to stay in priva-          (28.4% of the total). With a 6.2% increase over
te accommodation, such as a property         2000, it maintained the rhythm of growth of recent
owned either by themselves or by               years, although at a slightly slower pace. British
family or friends, an especially com-           tourists spent a total of 111.9 million nights in

                                           United Kingdom,
                                           main tourist
mon option in tourist destinations like
Andalucia or the Valencia region
(where approximately one in four Bri-

                                           market for Spain
tish tourists uses this kind of accom-
modation). Accommodation in rented
properties is the choice of 9.3% of
British tourists that visit our
country. Although the makeup of the
kinds of accommodation used has not
varied with regard to 2000, there has
been a 2.5% growth in the use of
“private” accommodation outside
British tourism had a strong presence      British tourists.                          were tourists and the remaining 35%
in practically all the main tourist des-                                              day visitors, practically the same
tinations during 2001. Concentration       Tourist Spain in 2001                      share of visitor types as recorded in
       into a few locations was the        In 2001, 75.7 million foreign visitors     the last five years.
        main feature again this year:      came to Spain, a growth of 1.7% on         The total number of tourists received

         six regions received 98% of       the previous year. Of them, 65%            in 2001 rose to the record figure of

                                                  2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 6
49.5 million, 3.4% more than in 2000       92% of tourists went to six regions;       previous year), in the four following
(1.7 million more tourists). The arri-     in order of importance, these were:        months, there was an almost 1% fall
vals of day visitors, 26.2 million         the Canaries, the Balearics and Cata-      (when a year earlier it had grown
over the year, displayed the opposite      lonia, with more than 10 million tou-      more than 3% in the same months).
tendency, with a slight fall on the pre-   rists each (63% of arrivals); follo-       This downward trend in the winter
vious year of 1.3% (340,000 fewer          wed by Andalucia (14.4% of arrivals,       months is reminiscent of the reper-
day visitors). Tourists received in        more than 7 million tourists); the         cussions that in the winter of 99/00
our country recorded 423.6 million         Valencia region (9.4% of arrivals);        the change of millennium had on the
overnight stays, 5% more than in           and Madrid (6%).                           flow of tourist bound for the Canaries.
2000.                                                                                 The average stay over the year stood
                                           The Canaries                               at 8 days, very similar to the figure
                                           The Canary Islands, Spain’s major          registered the previous year. In the
Source markets                             tourist destination with 21.7% of          case of tourists staying in free
In 2001, the breakdown of the main         arrivals of foreign tourists, received     accommodation, either their own pro-
source markets with Spain as their         a total of 10.7 million foreign tourists   perty or that of friends or family, the
destination, that is to say, their rela-   in 2001, 1.1% more than in the pre-        average stay increased to 10 days.
tive share of total arrivals, was          vious year (113,000 more tourists),        Eighty-one per cent of tourists that
almost identical to previous years,        a percentage point less than growth        visit the Canaries stay in hotels,
with clear a prevalence of British and     registered in 2000. These tourists         followed in equal parts by free
Germans over other nationalities:
- the United Kingdom stood out
once again in 2001as the most impor-
tant market, with strong growth of
6.2% (more than 800,000 more tou-
rists), which meant exceeding 14
million tourists for the first time;
- Germany, the second most impor-
tant market, with more than 10.5
million tourists, felt the pinch of the
slowdown in its economy, which has
lasted for more than a year, and dis-
played a further downward trend in
the number of arrivals in Spain, clo-
sing 2001 with a year fall of 5.4%
(600,000 fewer tourists), which has
been felt in practically all domestic
- France, the third source of tou-
rism for our country, with 6.7 million
tourist and more than 16 million day
visitors (the major country of origin
of day visitors arriving to Spain), on     stayed a total of 87.4 million nights,     accommodation (8%) and rented
the other hand, registered considera-      an increase of 4.5% on the previous        accommodation (8%). In this region,
ble growth of 17.4%, making it the         year.                                      as in the Balearics, accommodation
most dynamic source market of 2001         Generally speaking, the behaviour of       outside hotels, hired accommodation,
(almost a million more visitors);          Spain’s major tourist destination last     and free accommodation belonging to
- other relatively less impor-             year maintained the slight upward          the tourists themselves or their
tant markets were Italy (2.2               trend it has experienced since the         family or friends experienced the
million tourists), the Netherlands (2.2    beginning of 2000; although a clear        greatest growth in 2001, in both
million), Belgium (1.6 million) and        deceleration can be appreciated in the     number of travellers and number of
Portugal (1.4 million).                    last quarter of the year as a result of    nights stayed. Hotels registered a
                                           the effect 11 of September on a des-       slight decrease in number of trave-
Tourist destinations                       tination that receives in the months of    llers, while the number of nights sta-
As far as the major domestic tourist       October, November and December one         yed grew.
destinations are concerned, it is          in four of its tourists each year. Whi-    The main source markets of tourists
necessary to first point out the high      le in the period of January to August      arriving in the Canaries are the United
degree of geographic concentration         the Canaries accumulated growth of         Kingdom, a market that continues to
that    traditionally   characterizes      2% (slightly higher than the figure        grow in importance for this destina-
foreign tourism in Spain: in 2001,         registered for the same period the         tion year after year (its influence in

                                                 2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 7
the Canaries in the last five years has   2001 in the Balearics displayed a         on the previous year (0.8%). The
gained almost five percentage points)     slightly more acute downward trend        average stay during the year was 8
and Germany, which unlike the United      than the previous year and it cannot      days, practically identical to the
Kingdom has been losing relative          be attributed, more than residually,      national average. In the case of tou-
importance (since 1997, it has fallen     to the effect of 11 September, which      rist staying in hotels, the average fell
by 4%); the remaining markets have a      was inevitably felt, although no more     to 7 days, while those that stayed in
far inferior presence.                    than in other destinations. By the        their own accommodation or that of
                                          month of August, the Balearics had        family or friends rose to 11 days.
The Balearic Islands                      already experienced an accumulated        As far as accommodation used by
Development in the Balearics in recent    fall of 2% compared to the same           foreign tourists visiting the Balearics
years has been marked by a signifi-       period of the previous year; a year       is concerned, 84% or tourists chose
cant change of tendency with regard       earlier, in 2000, the accumulated fall    hotel accommodation, followed by
to the dynamism displayed in 1997,        over the year until August had been       free accommodation either belonging
98 and 99, years in which remarkable      0.6%, the same figure it closed the       to the tourists themselves or their
growth rates of around 7% were            year with. In the last quarter of the     family or friends (8%), rented
recorded, in line with those also         year, the Balearics registered strong     accommodation (6%) and other types
registered on a national scale. The       year falls in October, November and       of accommodation. Of all the types of
first signs of a change of tendency       December, although their effect on the    accommodation mentioned, the most
appeared during the first quarter of      results for the year as a whole were      dynamic sector in recent years has
2000, in full low season, months in       less dramatic due the relatively small    been outside hotels, especially rented
which there is traditionally growth at    influence tourist arrivals in the         accommodation. Hotel accommoda-
a rate three or four times higher than    months of November and December           tion, especially important in the Bale-
                                                                                    arics (one in four nights spent hotels
                                                                                    in Spain are spent in the Balearics),
                                                                                    registered a fall in terms of number of
                                                                                    tourists, although the nights they sta-
                                                                                    yed rose slightly.
                                                                                    On the subject of the country of origin
                                                                                    of the foreign tourists that visited the
                                                                                    Balearics last year, it is necessary to
                                                                                    point out the alarming decline in the
                                                                                    German market (around 10%), a
                                                                                    general phenomenon in the rest of
                                                                                    Spanish destinations, but especially
                                                                                    severe in the Balearics, and the
                                                                                    increase in the British market that
                                                                                    partially compensates the fall in Ger-
                                                                                    man tourism. This meant British tou-
                                                                                    rists occupied first place in the num-
                                                                                    ber of arrivals to the Balearics for
                                                                                    the second year running, ahead of the
                                                                                    Germans. These two markets repre-
                                                                                    sent 76% of tourists bound for the
                                                                                    Balearics, three out of every four
the average for the rest of the months    have on arrivals in the year as a who-    tourists. The rest of the markets with
of the year. In 2000, and for the first    e
                                          l.                                        much less importance, relatively spe-
time, three consecutive year falls        Despite the loss of around 230,000        aking, showed a general decline.
were recorded for January, February       tourists over the course of 2001, a
and March. From that moment on, and       fall of 2.2%, the more than 10.2          Catalonia
with the exception of Easter Week (in     million foreign tourists received,        Catalonia is consolidating its position
April) and the months of June, July       20.6% of the total arrivals in Spain,     as the most dynamic destination in
and September, the rest of the months     place the Balearics one again as the      Spain this year. 2001 can be seen as a
of 2000 registered falls in the number    second most important destination,        recovery year after the decline
of foreign tourists compared to the       behind the Canaries, although with an     registered in 2000, with the total
previous year. Ultimately, 2000 pro-      increasingly smaller advantage over       number of arrivals of foreign tourists
duced tourist figures that were prac-     the following destination, Catalonia.     slightly over 10 million for the first
      tically identical to those of the   The total number of nights stayed by      time, with growth over the year of
       previous year (0.8% fewer          tourists visiting this region in 2001     10.2% (practically 1 million more

        tourists).                        rose to 83.1 million, a slight increase   tourists than the previous year),

                                                2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 8
which accounts for 60% of growth in                                                vious year.
the number of tourists received in        SCHEDULE AIR                             The average stay of tourists in Cata-
Spain in 2001. This considerable                                                   lonia was, like the national average, 8
expansion establishes Catalonia as the
                                          SERVICES TO                              days. As is to be expected, the avera-
third most popular Spanish destina-       SPAIN                                    ge stay increased slightly in the case
tion, with 20.4% of tourist arrivals,                                              of accommodation in properties belon-
a very short distance behind the Bale-    I AIR EUROPA                             ging to the tourists themselves or
arics, which received only 100,000        Tel.08702401501 www.air-europa.com       their family or friends, and increased
more tourists.                            I AER LINGUS                             even more in the case of rented
The number of tourists visiting Cata-     Tel. 0186 8888 www.aerlingus.ie          accommodation (12 days); while it
lonia has increased by 2.7 million sin-   I BRITISH AIRWAYS                        fell to 7 days in the case of hotel
ce 1997, which means its share of         08457 73 33 77                           accommodation.
arrivals in Spain as a whole in the                                                In terms of accommodation used, 58%
                                          I BMI BRITISH MIDLAND
period 1997-2001 increased by                                                      of tourists stayed in hotels, followed
                                          Tel: 08706070555 www.britishmid-
approximately two percentage points.      land.com                                 by those staying in their own pro-
A large part of this destination’s        I BUZZ                                   perty or the property of family or
recovery in 2001 is due to the return     Tel. 08702407070                         friends (19%), those staying in ren-
of arrivals by road (which account for    www.buzzaway.com                         ted accommodation (10%) and other
57% of yearly arrivals in Catalonia),     I CITYJET                                kinds of accommodation. The growth
with a growth of 9%. Arrivals at air-     Tel 003531 8445566                       in Catalonia in 2001 was concentrated
                                          I EASYJET
ports have registered an appreciable                                               mainly in rented accommodation (one
                                          Tel. 0870 600 0000 www.easyjet.com
increase (12%) thanks to a good year      IG O
                                                                                   in four nights spent in rented property
at the Prat airport in Barcelona.         Tel. 0870 6076543 www.go-fly.com
                                                                                   in Spain is spent in Catalonia), while
The ten million tourists that arrived     I IBERIA AIRLINES                        hotels hardly registered a change
in Catalonia in 2001 stayed a total of    Tel 08456012854 www.iberia.com           compared to the previous year.
85 million nights, 20% of all nights      I MONARCH CROWN SERVICE                  All source markets grew with regard
foreign visitors spent in Spain as        AIRLINES                                 to the previous year, with particu-
whole, an increase of 11% on the pre-     Tel: 08700 405040                        larly good growth from France (first

                                              2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 10
The Spanish Tourism
Bureau of London offered a
reception for the main
representatives of the
British tourism industry to
celebrate the
yearly ABTA
held recently
in Cairo. The
reception took
place at the
Hotel Mena
House Oberoi
and was atten-
ded by ABTA’s
director, Ian
among others.
Butler, direc-
tor of the
Tourism Bureau of London       in 2003, and to thank all
took advantage of the occa-    the Association members for
sion to present ABTA’s next    their efforts in maintaining
meeting, which will take       Spain as the UK’s premiere
place in Palma de Mallorca     holiday destination.

                                  2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 11
                                                                                                                                HOTELIER COMPANIES
                                     C0MPANY                                     ADDRESS                                     D.P.    COUNTY / STATE                     TELEPHONE FAX                   E-MAIL                                WEB                               HOTEL   BEDS
                                     A.S.HOTELES                                 VIA AUGUSTA,21-23                           08006   BARCELONA                          93-2401515      93-2401518      bellaterra.hostel@areas.es            www.areas.es                         5      625
                                     ABBA HOTELES SA                             NUMANCIA,73-6ºB                             08029   BARCELONA                          93-3632330      93-3632333      abbahoteles@abbahoteles.com           www.abbahoteles.com                 13     3650
                                     AC HOTELS                                   CRTRA. LAS ROZAS - EL ESCORIAL, KM. 0,300   28230   LAS ROZAS-MADRID                   91-6260700      91-6260701      ac-hotels@ac-hotels.com               www.ac-hotels.com                   38     3700
                                     ACCOR HOTELES                               PLAZA DE COLON,2-TORRE 1-4ªPLANTA           28046   MADRID                             91-7003971      91-7003980                                                                                22     2460
                                     ACOGHE S.L.                                 PZA. ESPAÑA, 18, 7º DPCHO. 13               28013   MADRID                             91-5421573      91-5419653      dirección@acoghe.com                                                       4      964
                                     ACORN INTERNATIONAL HOTELS                  AVDA.ARGENTINA,8-ENTLO.                     07011   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES         971-450611      971-450605      comercial@acorn.es                    www.acorn-hotels.com                10     5191
                                     ACTUAL HOTELES                              URB.EVERLUZ,SN                              21100   PUNTA UMBRIA-HUELVA                959-311250      959-311258      comercial@hotelespato.com             www.hotelespato.com                  2      342
                                     AGUA DE SEVILLA HOTELES                     CTRA.ALCALA-UTRERA,KM.2                     41500   ALCALA DE GUADAIRA-SEVILLA         955-698820      955-698755      info@laboticaria-hotel.com            www.laboticaria-hotel.com            3      170
                                     AHOTELS                                     AVINGUDA CO-PRINCEP DE GAULLE,13 BAJOS              ESCALDES-PRINCIPAT D'ANDORRA       00-376-806095   00-376-861479   central@ahotels.com                   www.ahotels.com                      7     1148
                                     ALFA SA,HOTELERA                            PUIG ROS-CTRA.CABO BLANCO KM.6.4            07609   LLUCHMAJOR-MALLORCA-BALEARES       971-741000      971-741000      delta@fehm.es                         www.fehm.es                          2      488
                                     ALJARAFE STARS,SA                           CTRA.SAN JUAN-TOMARES,KM.1                  41920   SAN JUAN DE AZNALFARACHE-SEVILLA   95-4349600      95-4170128      aljarafestars@terra.es                                                     4     1258
                                     ALLSUN TURISTICA,SL                         GRAN VIA ASIMA,26 BAJOS                     07009   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES         971-436101      971-436102      allsun@allsunturistica.com                                                 8     2980
                                     ALOJAMIENTOS RURALES,RED ANDALUZA           SAGUNTO, 8, 10º 3ª APTDO. CORREOS 2035      04004   ALMERÍA                            902-442233      950-271678      info@raar.es                          www.raar.es                        500     5000
                                     AMIC HOTELS MALLORCA                        VISTA ALEGRE,1                              07015   MALLORCA-BALEARES                  971-400661      971-261512      hotelgala@arrakis.es                  www.amic-hotels.com                  5      504
                                     AMIGOS HBA-HOTELES BUNGALOWS APARTAMENTOS   AVDA.BONN,18                                35100   LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA         928-769858      928-768686      amigos@ext.step.es                                                        14     6144
                                     ANDRIA                                      AVDA.CAPITA NEGRETE,49                      07760   CIUDADELA-MENORCA-BALEARES         971-382445      971-381536      grupoandria@infotelecom.com           www.grupoandria.com                  8     1400
                                     ANFI RESORTS, S.L.                          BARRANCO DE LA VERJA,S/N                    35120   ARGUINEGUIN-MOGAN-GRAN CANARIA     928-152990      928-150734      info@anfi.es                          www.anfi.com                         4      869
                                     AQUA HOTEL                                  AVDA. DEL MAR 16                            09398   BARCELONA                          93-7678211      93-7678078      aquahotel@aquahotel.com               www.aquahotel.com                    6     1770
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                                     BC HOTELES                                  PÇA.PAISSOS CATALANS,S/N                    08014   BARCELONA                          93-4909595      93-4906045                                            bchotels.com                         3      641
                                     BEACHCOMBER HOTELS                          FERNANDO VI,11-4ªPL. OF.7                   28004   MADRID                             91-7020569      91-7020630      irene.beachcomber@idecnet.com         www.beachcomber-hotels.com           8     4000
                                     BEST HOTELS,S.L.                            PASEO JAUME I,21                            43840   SALOU-TARRAGONA                    977-351505      977-384363      info@besthotels.es                    www.besthotels.es                   19    10541
                                     BEST WESTERN SPAIN HOTELS                   PASEO DE LA HABANA,54-2 DCHA.               28036   MADRID                             91-5614622      91-5618625      bluspain@bestwestern.es               www.bestwestern.es                  27     2094
                                     BLAU HOTELS                                 AVDA.CONDE SALLENT,10-2º                    07003   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES         971-757657      971-295304      comercial@blau-hotels.com             www.blau-hotels.com                  7     7950
                                     BOI TAULL RESORT                            AMIGO, 14                                   08021   BARCELONA                          93-4146660      93-2009280      reservas@boítaüllresort.es            www.boítaüllresort.es                5     1043
                                     BOULEVARD HOTELES,GRUPO                     ROSSELLO,257,3ºE                            08008   BARCELONA                          93-4160490      93-2188349      magda@hotelboulevard.net              www.hotelboulevard.net              17     4000
                                     BRISASOL GRUPO INMOBILIARIO Y TURISTICO     AVDA.PRINCIPAT D'ANDORRA,S/N-ED.LOS PECES   43840   SALOU-TARRAGONA                    977-350009      977-350683      direccion@brisasol.es                                                      2     1500
                                     BULL HOTELS,SL                              ALFREDO L.JONES,40                          35008   LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA         928-260100      928-272047      reinaisabel@bullhotels.com            www.bullhotels.com                   5     2050
                                     C HOTELES                                   MEXICO,3                                    29620   TORREMOLINOS-MALAGA                95-2051308      95-2050581      central@hotelesc.com                  www.hotelesc.com                     1      100

2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 12
                                     C.M. HOTELS                                 BONANZA, 1 - CALA MILLOR                    07560   CALA MILLOR-MALLORCA               971-787535      971-585755      dhcdm@cm-hotels.com                                                        2      745
                                     CADENA MAR,SA                               AVDA.16 DE JULIO,15                         07009   PALMA DE MALLORCA                  971-431387      971-433318      info@grupobatle.com                   www.grupobatle.com                   9     5145
                                     CAMPANILE,HOTEL                             SECTOR BARICENTRO                           08210   BARBERA DEL VALLES-BARCELONA       93-7232328      93-7292552      campabarbera@retemail.es              www.campanile.es                     2      236
                                     CANTABRIA,HOTELES DE                        FINCA LOS CUAREZOS,SN                       39195   ISLA-CANTABRIA                     942-679332      942-679463      olimpo@hotelesdecantabria.com         www.hotelesdecantabria.com           3      200
                                     CANTUR,SA                                   PSO.PEREDA,32 PRAL.                         39004   SANTANDER-CANTABRIA                94-2318955      94-2212080      cantur@cantabria.org                  www.turismo-cantabria.org            3      227
                                     CASONAS ASTURIANAS,CLUB DE CALIDAD          BURRIANA,1                                  33007   OVIEDO-ASTURIAS                    985-277870      985-273487      casonas@infoasturias.com              www.infoasturias.com                30      620
                                     CASTELAR,GRUPO                              JOSE RAMON LOPEZ DORIGA,5-1-DCHA.           39003   SANTANDER-CANTABRIA                942-318674      942-318673      grupocastelar@mundivia.es             www.grupocastelar.com                5      600
                                     CATALONIA HOTELES                           CORCEGA,323                                 08037   BARCELONA                          93-2360000      93-2360001      cataloni@hoteles-catalonia.es         www.hoteles-catalonia.es            38    11600
                                     CELUISMA,SA GRUPO HOTELERO                  AVDA.DE PORTUGAL,7 - BAJO                   33207   GIJON-ASTURIAS                     985-343805      985-340709      celuisma@celuisma.com                 www.celuisma.com                     9     2219
                                     CENTAURO GRUPO                              ESTOCOLMO,EDIF.COBLANCA,5                   03500   BENIDORM-ALICANTE                  96-6830144      96-5860106      lbagnoli@grupo-centauro.com           www.grupo-centauro.com               4     1200
                                     CENTER HOTELES                              ACERA DEL CASINO,9                          18009   GRANADA                            902-202345      958-222408      marketing@hotelescenter.es            www.hotelescenter.es                 3      520
                                     CENTRHOTEL-MINOTEL IBERICA                  ARAGON,141 2ºD                              08015   BARCELONA                          93-4514446      93-4516587      minotel@centrhotel.com                www.minotel.com                     21     1189
                                     CHARMING HOTELES-HOTELES CON ENCANTO        CAPITULACIONES-EDIF.EUROCENTRO,LOCAL 10     29620   TORREMOLINOS-MALAGA                952-052560      952-052206      info@charminghotels-spain.com         www.charminghotels-spain.com        58     4500
                                     CITY HOTELS HISPANIA,SL                     BERLIN,74 ENTLO.1ª                          08029   BARCELONA                          93-4053336      93-4396719      central@city-hotels.es                www.city-hotels.es                   7      804
                                     COLORS HOTELS & RESORTS                     GREMI FUSTERS, 11                           07009   PALMA - BALEARES                   971-430900      971-432159      gcatala@viajesurbis.com                                                    2      660
                                     CONCORDE HOTELS,S.A.                        SERRANO,219-1ºC                             28016   MADRID                             91-4573211      91-4585037      msomadrid@concorde-hotels.com         www.concorde-hotels.com              7     1041
                                     CONFORT HOTELES                             MARBELLA, 30 PLAYA DE PALMA                 07610   MALLORCA - BALEARES                971-261650      971-261654                                                                                 3      863
                                     CONFORTEL HOTELES                           AVDA.DE BURGOS,8-A PTA.15                   28036   MADRID                             91-3839494      91-7664217      com.confortel@once.es                 www.confortelhoteles.com            12     4002
                                     CORAL HOTELES                               LOS ROBLES,APTS.MASARU,URB.LA PAZ           38400   PUERTO DE LA CRUZ                  922-389240      922-389536      reservas@coral-hotels.com             www.coral-hotels.com                12     5000
                                     CORPORACION HISPANO HOTELERA,S.A.           D.RAMON DE LA CRUZ,28                       28001   MADRID                             91-5752800      91-5752809      velazquez@chh.es                      www.chh.es                           4      600
                                     COSTA BRAVA HOTELS                          CTRA.PALAMOS,KM.328                         17253   VALL-LLOBREGA-GIRONA               972-600034      972-600112      hotelscb@reservashoteles.net          www.reservashoteles.net             62     5680
                                     COTURSA HOTELS & RESORTS                    AVDA.DE LA ALEGRIA,S/N                      17310   LLORET DE MAR-GIRONA               972-364462      972-371774                                                                                 7     1869
                                     CREATIV HOTELES                             PZA.DE ANSITE,1                             35100   PLAYA DEL INGLES-GRAN CANARIA      928-763450      928-760618      reservas@creativhotel.com             www.creativhotel.com                 2     2252
                                     DANTE HOTELES                               MALLORCA,181                                08036   BARCELONA                          93-3232254      93-3232287      info@dante-hoteles.com                www.dante-hoteles.com                6      735
                                     DERBY HOTELS COLLECTION                     VALENCIA,284                                08007   BARCELONA                          93-3668800      93-3668809      info@derbyhotels.es                   www.derbyhotels.es                   6     1164
                                     DEVESA HOTELES                              AVDA.ESPERANTO,9                            03500   BENIDORM-ALICANTE                  96-5850200      96-5852355      poseidon@hotelesposeidon.es           www.hotelesposeidon.com              4     1650
                                                                                                                                                HOTELIER COMPANIES
                                     C0MPANY                                                  ADDRESS                                        D.P.    COUNTY / STATE                         TELEPHONE FAX              E-MAIL                              WEB                          HOTEL   BEDS
                                     DIAGONAL HOTELS                                          PSO. GRACIA, 64, ENTLO. 1º                     08007   BARCELONA                              93-4883344   93-4881619    información@hotel-alexandra.com     www.hotel-alexandra.com         2      450
                                     DIANA HOTEL                                              PRINCESA,58 PRAL.                              08003   BARCELONA                              93-2681010   93-3193258                                                                       26     2731
                                     DOMUS HOTELES                                            GONZALEZ DEL VALLE,7-2ºC                       33003   OVIEDO-ASTURIAS                        985-275151   985-275656    central@domus-hoteles.es            domus-hoteles.es               12     1230
                                     DON JUAN,GRUPO                                           RIERA,77                                       17310   LLORET DE MAR-GIRONA                   972-365700   972-368347    reservas-nhjuan@telefonica.net                                      3     3000
                                     DON TICO HOTELES                                         URB.NUEVA ANDALUCIA-CTRO.PZA.1ªPLTA.OF.12      29660   MARBELLA-MALAGA                        952-814237   952-810160    info@donticohoteles.com             www.donticohoteles.com          3      428
                                     D'OR HOTELES                                             TOMAS VILA,10                                  07014   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES             971-280312   971-739669    comercial@dorhoteles.com            www.dorhoteles.com             10     4066
                                     DREAMPLACE HOTELS & RESORTS                              ALCALDE WALTER PAETZMAN,SN                     38679   COSTA ADEJE-TENERIFE                   922-795686   922-752503                                        www.dreamplacehotels.com        3     1748
                                     DUNAS HOTELES                                            C.C.SONNENLAND                                 35100   MASPALOMAS-GRAN CANARIA                928-142828   928-142792    info@hotelesdunas.com               www.hotelesdunas.com            9     4500
                                     EGATUR-EMPRESARIOS GALAICO-PORTUGUESES DE TURISMO,S.A.   PLAZA DE COMPOSTELA, 23, 1º A, APTDO. 472      36201   PONTEVEDRA                             986-443272   986-446272    barbosa@egatur.com                  www.egaturhoteles.com           6      650
                                     ELBA HOTELES                                             AVDA.DEL ATLANTICO,353                         35110   VECINDARIO - GRAN CANARIA              928-724305   928-790656    helbacanarias@grupoanjoca.com       www.hoteleselba.com             5     1158
                                     ENTREMARES-H MAS H,GRUPO                                 ALMIRANTE,16                                   28004   MADRID                                 91-5226599   91-5217178                                                                        4     1400
                                     ERCILLA HOTELES                                          ERCILLA,37-39                                  48011   BILBAO-VIZCAYA                         94-4705700   94-4439335    ercilla@hotelercilla.es             www.hotelercilla.es             4      750
                                     ESPAHOTEL,S.A.                                           ALFONSO,XII,36-BAJO                            28014   MADRID                                 91-4203369   91-4202795    espahotel@jazzfree.com              www.espahotel.es                4      570
                                     ESTANCIAS DE ESPAÑA                                      MENENDEZ PIDAL,31-BAJO IZQ.                    28036   MADRID                                 91-3454141   91-3455174    info@estancias.com                  www.estancias.com              58     1514
                                     ETURSA-EH HOTELES                                        SIERRA DE GUADARRAMA,S/N JUNTO EH EL PINAR     29620   TORREMOLINOS-MALAGA                    952-371253   952-051947    direccion@eh.etursa.es              www.eh.etursa.es               11     1000
                                     EUROMAR HOTELS                                           AVD.CATALUNYA,19-4º                            17252   ST.ANTONI CALONGE - GIRONA             902-111020   972-650670    info@euro-mar.com                   www.euro-mar.com                7     1576
                                     EUROPE HOTELS INTERNATIONAL                              AVDA. RAFAEL PUIG, S/N                         38660   STA. CRUZ DE TENERIFE                  922-757060   922-793352    pce@europe-hotels.org               www.europe-hotels.org           9     2300
                                     EUROTOURS HOTELS                                         ARITJA, S/N URB. SA COMA                       07530   SANT LLORENÇ D'ES CARDASSAR-BALEARES   971-811118   971-811721                                        www.eurotourshotels.com         7     2500
                                     EXPO HOTELES & RESORT                                    AVDA. DE ROMA, 2-4, PTA. 2                     08014   BARCELONA                              93-6003030   93-2927961    igonzalez@expogrupo.com             www.expogrupo.com               7     1858
                                     FANTASIA HOTELES                                         COMPLEJO EURHOSTAL-URBANIZ. LAS FUENTES, S/N   12579   ALCOFEBRE - CASTELLON                  964-413065   964-413064    fantasía-hotel@hotmail.com                                          6     1500
                                     FARIONES,GRUPO                                           ROQUE DEL OESTE,1                              35510   PUERTO DEL CARMEN TIAS                 928-510175   928-510202    hotel@grupofariones.com                                             4      625
                                     FEDOLA,GRUPO                                             EDIF. OLYMPO 28, 1º                            38002   CANDELARIA - STA. CRUZ DE TENERIFE     922-151499   922-574127    grupofedola@grupofedola.com                                         3     2000
                                     FERIENVEREIN                                             CTRA.TOSSA A SANT FELIU,KM.5                   17320   TOSSA DE MAR-GIRONA                    972-340000   972-341066    giverola@giverola.es                www.giverola.es                 2     1210
                                     FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS                                  AVDA.BME.DE ROSSELLO,18                        07800   IBIZA-BALEARES                         971-313811   971-312964    reservas@fiesta-hotels.com          fiesta-hotels.com              41    24000
                                     FINMA/APARTHOTELES CALEDONIA                             AVDA.JAIME III,3-2º                            07012   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES             971-713706   971-727645    direccion@a-caledonia.com                                           5     1547
                                     FLORIDA,GRUP HOTELS                                      JOVARA, 108                                    08370   CALELLA - BARCELONA                    93-7691800   93-7661186    grupflorida@grupflorida.com         www.grupflorida.com             3     1500
                                     FORMULA 1                                                PLAZA DE COLON,2-TORRE 1-4ªPLANTA              28046   MADRID                                 91-7247629   91-7247655                                        www.accorhotels.com             5      373
                                     FOXA,GRUPO                                               AGUSTIN DE FOXA,32                             28036   MADRID                                 91-7331060   91-7331872    comercial@foxa.com                  www.foxa.com                    3      357
                                     FUERTE HOTELES                                           AVDA.EL FUERTE,S/N                             29600   MARBELLA-MALAGA                        952-861500   952-824411    comercial@fuertehoteles.com         www.fuertehoteles.com           4     1632
                                     GARBI                                                    POTOSI,S/N                                     17310   LLORET DE MAR-GIRONA                   972-366867   972-369651    reservas@hotelesgarbi.com           www.hotelesgarbi.com            5     2000
                                     GARDEN HOTELES Y APTOS.                                  MARIA Y JOSE,S/N                               07440   MURO-MALLORCA-BALEARES                 971-861086   971-861087    central@gardenhotels.com            www.gardenhotels.com           14    10000
                                     GARGALLO,GRUPO                                           VIA LAIETANA,23 - 4º,1ª                        08003   BARCELONA                              93-2689060   93-2689062    reserve@gargallo-hotels.com         www.gargallo-hotels.com        19     2664
                                     GAVI-MAR SA,HOTELS                                       AVDA.FDO.TARRAGO,27                            07660   CALA D'OR-MALLORCA-BALEARES            971-657189   971-643527    gavimar@gavimar.es                                                 11      705
                                     GESPRODISC,S.A.                                          SOCRATES,12                                    18002   GRANADA                                958-209861   958-271081    73224@vilbonet.com                                                  2       55
                                     GH PROMOTORA DE ALOJAMIENTOS LUCENSES                    AVDA.RAMON FERREIRO,21                         27002   LUGO                                   982-224152   982-241660    ghlugo@proalsa.es                   www.gh-hoteles.com              2      257
                                     GHT HOTELES                                              AMADEU,39 ENTLO.                               08370   CALELLA-BARCELONA                      93-7662072   93-7695108    central@ghthotels.com               www.ghthotels.com              11     3784
                                     GIHSA-GESTION INTEGRAL HOTELERA,SA                       PZA.SAN JUAN DE LA CRUZ,7-6º7                  28003   MADRID                                 91-5541740   91-5352219    gihsa@gihsa.jazztel.es                                             18     2258
                                     GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL HOTELS BUSINESS,SA                  RAMBLETA PARE ALEGRE,98                        08224   TERRASSA-BARCELONA                     93-7333300   93-7330849    doncandido@cirsa.com                www.hoteldoncandido.com         2      357
                                     GLOBALES                                                 LAS SIRENAS,17      CALA VINYES                07184   CALVIA-MALLORCA                        971-132300   971-132201    comercial@globales.com              www.globales.com               34    15158
                                     GLOBALIA-HOTELES                                         CENTRO EMPRESARIAL GLOBALIA P.O. BOX 132       07620   POL.SON NOGUERA-LLUCMAJOR              971-178014   971-178352    jaime.salas@globalia-hotels.com     www.globalia-hotels.com         6     1211
                                     GOLDEN HOTELS                                            MARCONI,16                                     08397   BARCELONA                              93-7671626   93-7670090    central@goldenhotels.com                                            5     3900

2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 13
                                     GRAN ISLA,HOTELS                                         AVDA. DEL GOLF, 1 SANTA PONSA                  07180   MALLORCA - BALEARES                    971-691900   971-699188    comercial@granisla.com                                              5     1298
                                     GREEN HOTELES                                            PRADO,11                                       28014   MADRID                                 91-3694850   91-4202356    green-hoteles@green-hoteles.com     www.green-hoteles.com           8      850
                                     GREEN OASIS CLUBS & HOTELS                               CAMI MUNTANYA,S/N-"SON GOFIS"-APDO.110         07610   APTDO. 110 - CA'N PASTILLA             971-785000   971-742090    info@clubgreenoasis.com             www.clubgreenoasis.com         11     5237
                                     GRUBARGES INV. HOTELERO                                  AYALA, 3, 1º                                   28001   MADRID                                 91-5766320   91-5762870                                                                       28     7251
                                     GRUPOTEL                                                 CTRA.ARTA-PUERTO ALCUDIA, S/N                  07458   CA'N PICAFORT-MALLORCA-BALEARES        971-850061   971-851318    central@grupotel.com                www.grupotel.com               34    14553
                                     GSM HOTELES                                              SANTA ENGRACIA,4-3ºDCHA.                       28010   MADRID                                 91-3190607   91-3195783    gsmhoteles@gsmhoteles.es            www.gsmhoteles.es              69    13000
                                     GUITARD HOTEL,S.A.                                       CONSTANTI RIBADELAIGA,7                        17310   LLORET DE MAR-GIRONA                   972-347000   972-347023    info@guitarthotels.com              www.guitarthotels.com          10     2634
                                     H.C.C. HOTELS                                            DIPUTACIÓN, 262-264                            08007   BARCELONA                              93-4121500   93-63017797   comercial@hcchotels.es              hcchotels.com                   5      833
                                     H10 HOTELS                                               NUMANCIA, 185, 1                               08034   BARCELONA                              93-4304147   93-4199569    h10@h10.es                          www.h10.es                     33    17500
                                     H-21 / CANTOBLANCO                                       CTRA.COLMENAR VIEJO,KM.14'500                  28049   CANTOBLANCO-MADRID                     91-7354300   91-7340712    cantoblanco@arturocantoblanco.com   www.arturocantoblanco.com       3      230
                                     HABITAT HOTELES                                          VIA AUGUSTA,124                                08006   BARCELONA                              93-2099911   93-2005151    info@hotelbauza.com                 www.hotelbauza.com              2      494
                                     HACE-HOTELES ANDALUCES CON ENCANTO                       AVDA.DIPUTACION,SN                             11520   ROTA-CADIZ                             902-418428   956-815168    grupo@hace.es                       www.hace.es                     6      620
                                     HAI-HOTELES ASOCIADOS INDEPENDIENTES                     FELIX BOIX,14-7ºB                              28036   MADRID                                 91-3501708   91-3501692    central@hai.es                      www.hai.es                     49     5000
                                     HCC-HOTELES CENTRO CIUDAD                                DIPUTACION,262-264                             08007   BARCELONA                              93-4121500   93-3017797    comercial@hcchotels.com             www.hcchotels.com               5      828
                                     HESPERIA                                                 VIA AUGUSTA,13-15 4ªPLANTA                     08006   BARCELONA                              93-2180300   93-2373473    hhes@hoteles-hesperia.es            www.hoteles-hesperia.es        26     4247
                                     HIPOTELS                                                 S'ESTANYOL,S/N                                 07560   CALA MILLOR-MALLORCA-BALEARES          971-587214   971-586471    info@hipotels.com                   hipotels.com                   20     7751
                                     HISPANIA INTERNATIONAL HOTELS                            AVDA.STA.EULALIA,236                           08223   TERRASSA-BARCELONA                     93-7004400   93-7004401    terrassapark@cirsa.com              www.hotelterrassapark.com       2      401
                                     HM HOTELS                                                JAUME III, 26, ENTLO. 2º H                     07012   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES             971-425586   971-425054    resevas@hmhotels.net                www.hmhotels.net                4     1315
                                     HOLIDAY PARK-ESBA,HOTELS                                 GIVEROLA,9                                     17320   TOSSA DE MAR-GIRONA                    972-342222   972-340565    hotelholidaypark@ctv.es             www.hotelesholidaypark.com      3      385
                                     HOSTERIAS/HOSPEDERIAS REALES                             FRAILES, 1 - VILLANUEVA DE LOS INFANTES        13320   CIUDAD REAL                            902-202010   926-361788    hospbuscom@hosteriasreales.com      www.hosteriasreales.com         5      240
                                     HOSTURASA,SA                                             CABRUÑANA,2-1ºIZQ.                             33400   AVILES-ASTURIAS                        985-562127   985-562127                                                                        5       17
                                     HOTASA                                                   AVDA.GARCIA MORATO,S/N-EDIF.CHECK POINT        29004   MALAGA                                 952-171400   952-236517                                        www.hotasa.es                   6      633
                                     HOTELES Y GESTION,SA                                     APARTAMENTOS TENERIFE SUR                      38650   LOS CRISTIANOS-TENERIFE                922-796317   922-790982    tenerifesur@webtenerife.com         www.webtenerife.com            10     1500
                                     HOTELGEST                                                PSO.MARITIMO,106                               17250   PLATJA D'ARO-GIRONA                    972-817054   972-817572    aromar@grn.es                       www.hotelaromar.com             3      400
                                     HOTENCO                                                  ANIMES,22                                      08370   CALELLA-BARCELONA                      93-7690300   93-7660088    hotenco@hotenco.com                 www.hotenco.com                 8     1700
                                     HOTETUR,GRUPO                                            CTRA.VIEJA BUNYOLA,SN -EDIF.HOTETUR-           07009   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES             971-430309   971-430488    hotetur@hotetur.com                 www.hotetur.com                51    11733
                                                                                                                          HOTELIER COMPANIES
                                     C0MPANY                               ADDRESS                                     D.P.    COUNTY / STATE                    TELEPHONE FAX             E-MAIL                                WEB                               HOTEL   BEDS
                                     HOTHOTELS                             ATENAS,25-2º-1º                             08006   BARCELONA                         902-112010   93-4340344   hotbcn@hvsl.es                                                            15     8000
                                     HOTUSA                                PRINCESA,58                                 08003   BARCELONA                         93-2681010   93-2682358   info@hotusa.es                        www.hotusahotels.es                 30
                                     HOVIMA HOTELS                         PUEBLO CANARIO LOCAL 404                    38660   ADEJE-TENERIFE                    922-797661   922-794221   centraldereservas@hovima-hotels.com   www.hovima-hotels.com                7      2134
                                     HUSA HOTELES                          SABINO DE ARANA,27                          08028   BARCELONA                         93-5101300   93-3397064   comercial@husa.es                     www.husa.es                        151     11937
                                     HYATT HOTELS & RESORTS                JOSE ORTEGA Y GASSET,44-1ºDCHA.D            28006   MADRID                            91-4021234   91-4018598   smarin@hyattintl.com                  www.hyatt.com                        2       625
                                     IBB HOTELES                           D'ARTRUIX,22-2º LOCAL 10                    07714   MAHON-MENORCA                     971-356869   971-356878   central@ibbhotels.com                 www.ibbhotels.com                   11      2000
                                     IBEROSTAR HOTELS & RESORTS            BONAIRE 26, ENTLO.                          07012   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES        971-229288   971-727769                                         www.iberostar.com                   68     47800
                                     IBIS                                  PLAZA DE COLON,2-TORRE 1-4ªPLANTA           28046   MADRID                            91-7247629   91-7247655                                         www.accorhotels.com                  9       820
                                     IFA HOTELS                            LOS JAZMINES,25                             35100   SAN AGUSTIN-GRAN CANARIA          928-770022   928-770070   comercial@ifacanarias.es              ifacanarias.es                       6      3367
                                     INSOTEL HOTEL GROUP                   ARAGON,71                                   07800   IBIZA-BALEARES                    971-390068   971-301351   insotel@insotel.com                   www.insotel.com                      8      5473
                                     INTERGROUP HOTELES,SL                 JUPITER,19 B                                41003   SEVILLA                           954-530314   954-422170   info@casasypalacios.com               www.casasypalacios.com               5       510
                                     INTERTUR                              AVDA.MEXICO,4                               07006   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES        971-460113   971-469018   interturhotels@intertur.es            www.intertur.es                      6      2452
                                     INTUR HOTELES                         AVDA. FERRANDIS SALVADOR, 129               12560   BENICASIM-CASTELLON               964-394497   964-395896   centres@intur.com                     www.intur.com                        5       805
                                     INTUROTEL                             CTRA.S'HORTA-FELANITX,5                     07669   S'HORTA-BALEARES                  971-648191   971-643070   inturotel@inturotel.com                                                    5       886
                                     IR HOTELES                            GUILLERMO DIAZ PLAJA,4                      07015   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES        971-400301   971-403358   irhoteles@fehm.es                     www.fehm.es/pmi/playacalamayor       3       765
                                     IZAN HOTELES                          EMILIO CARRERE,5                            28015   MADRID                            91-5913322   91-4479753   central@izanhoteles.es                www.izanhoteles.es                   6      1143
                                     J.S.HOTELS                            PASEO COLON,88                              07458   CA'N PICAFORT-MALLORCA-BALEARES   971-851206   971-851453   jshotels@guitf.com                    www.guitf.com/usuarios/jshotels      8      2300
                                     JALE HOTELES                          LARGA,27                                    11500   EL PUERTO DE SANTA MARIA-CADIZ    956-540440   956-542604   comercial@jale.com                    www.jale.com                         3       260
                                     JOSE GRAU HOYOS                       PSO.VILANOVA,23                             08870   SITGES-BARCELONA                  93-8941379   93-8946335                                                                              4       404
                                     LA MARINA HOTELES                     AVDA.L'AIGUERA,15 EDIF.MARINA PLAZA         03502   BENIDORM-ALICANTE                 96-6830767   96-5867135   hoteles@la-marina.net                 www.la-marina.net                    2       436
                                     LE MERIDIEN                           TORRE DE MADRID.PZA.ESPAÑA,18               28008   MADRID                            91-5487040   91-5590838   meridien.madridrso@futurnet.es        www.lemeridien.com                   4       673
                                     LEADING HOTELS OF THE WORLD           GRAN VIA,59-2 A                             28013   MADRID                            91-5591750   91-5472977   leading@canaldata.es                  lhw.com                             18      3210
                                     LIBERTY GRUPO HOTELERO                AVDA.TIRAJANA,32 EDIF.LIBERTY               35100   PLAYA DEL INGLÉS - LAS PALMAS     928-720021   928-720032   ventas@libertygrupohotelero.com       wwwlibertygrupohotelero.com         32      7500
                                     LOPE DE VEGA HOTEL                    LOPE DE VEGA, 49                            28014   MADRID                            91-3600011   91-4292391   lopedevega@hotellopedevega.com        www.hotellopedevega.com              2       106
                                     LOPESAN,GRUPO                         MAR MEDITERRÁNEO, 1 MASPALOMAS              35100   GRAN CANARIA                      928-128100   928-128127   comercial@ghcmeloneras.com            www.ghcmeloneras.com                 3      4524
                                     LTI ESPAÑA                            BELGICA,54                                  38400   PUERTO DE LA CRUZ-TENERIFE        922-381450   922-380893   sales@lti.de                          www.lti.de                           4      1837
                                     M.A. HOTELES                          AVDA.CONSTITUCION,18                        18012   GRANADA                           958-204061   958-291037   reservas@hoteles-ma.es                www.hoteles-ma.es                    8      1700
                                     MACIA HOTELES                         GRAN VIA DE COLON,25                        18001   GRANADA                           958-285806   958-285591   comercia@maciahoteles.com             www.maciahoteles.com                 5       452
                                     MAGIC COSTA BLANCA HOTELS & RESORTS   AVDA.MARINA BAIXA,S/N                       03501   CALA FINESTRAT-ALICANTE           96-5851121   96-5858123   hcb@hoteles-costablanca.com           www.hotels-costablanca.com          12      3000
                                     MAR CONFORT                           AVDA.DERRAMADORS,S/N                        03500   BENIDORM-ALICANTE                 966-830787   965-863407   info@marconfort.com                   www.marconfort.com                   5      1353
                                     MARENY SOL,SL                         ESTOCOLMO,4                                 03503   BENIRDORM-ALICANTE                96-5867863   96-5868074   info@onasol.es                        www.onasol.es                        2       642
                                     MARIA DEL MAR HOTEL                   PONIENTE 11 - 13                            17310   LLORET DE MAR - GIRONA            972-314437   972-346124   mariadelmar@futurnet.es                                                    2       323
                                     MARINA D'OR,GRUPO                     MOYANO,8                                    12002   CASTELLON                         964-723242   964-260662   servidir@marinador.com                www.marinador.com                    3      1500
                                     MARINA HOTELS                         LUIS MARTI,3 bajos                          07006   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES        971-465611   971-771882   marinach@redestb.es                   www.marina-hotels.com               10      3825
                                     MARITIM HOTELS                        AGUSTIN DE FOXA,16-7º PUERTA 6-ESCALERA D   28036   MADRID                            91-3237756   91-3232713                                         www.marítim.com                     39     10550
                                     MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL HOTELS         PASEO GRACIA,53-7ª PLANTA                   08007   BARCELONA                         93-2721407   93-2211368   emi.simon@marriott.com                www.marriotthothotels.com            2       328
                                     MAYORAL HOTELES                       AVDA.CASTILLA-LA MANCHA,3                   45003   TOLEDO                            925-216000   925-216954   información@hotelesmayoral.com        www.hotelesmayoral.com               2       324
                                     MED PLAYA CADENA HOTELERA             AVDA.GENERAL MENDOZA,1-6º                   17002   GIRONA                            972-205212   972-218930                                                                             13      2993
                                     MEDITERRANEO HOTELES                  AVDA.PAPA LUNA,SN                           12598   PEÑISCOLA-CASTELLON               964-481212   964-481382   hotelesmediterraneo@arrakis.es                                             2      1000
                                     MEDITERRANEO SUR                      AVDA.MARINA BAIXA,4                         03509   FINESTRAT - ALICANTE              96-5854712   96-6803228   medsur@teleline.es                    www.webic.com/medsur                 5      1330
                                     MEDIUM HOTELES                        TRAVESERA DE GRACIA,18-20-5º-2ª             08021   BARCELONA                         93-2096640   93-2400014   comercial@mediumhoteles.com           www.mediumhoteles.com                6       340

2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 14
                                     MERCURE                               PLAZA DE COLON,2-TORRE 1-4ªPLANTA           28046   MADRID                            91-7247629   91-7247655                                         www.accorhotels.com                  1       125
                                     MIRAMAR HOTELES                       PASEO DE LA BARQUERA,S/N                    39540   S.VICENTE DE LA BARQUERA          942-710075   942-710075                                                                              2        35
                                     MIRIAM CADENA HOTELERA                DONOSO CORTES,2                             06400   DON BENITO-BADAJOZ                924-811539   924-802901                                                                              2        60
                                     MM HOTELES                            DR.CELESTINO COBIELLA,S/N                   38400   PUERTO DE LA CRUZ-TENERIFE        922-372460   922-373623   info@puertopalace.com                 www.puertopalace.com                 4      1680
                                     MODERN HOTELS                         AVDA.RIUS I TAULET,1-3                      08004   BARCELONA                         93-4262223   93-4238861   fira@fira-palace.com                  www.fira-palace.com                  2      1354
                                     MONARQUE HOTELES                      BARQUILLO 36                                28004   MADRID                            91-3084610   91-3084707   central@monarquehoteles.es            www.monarquehoteles.es               6      2088
                                     MONTE HOTELES                         CLARA DE JESUS MONTERO,24                   41010   SEVILLA                           954-085000   954-338907   comercial@hotelesmonte.com            www.hotelesmonte.com                 4       857
                                     MONTEMAR,GRUPO                        JENARO RIESTRA,8                            33500   LLANES-ASTURIAS                   98-5400100   98-5402681   hmontemar@jazzfree.com                                                     3       278
                                     MONTERREY,GRAN HOTEL                  PZA. PUERTA IGLESIAS, 3; C/AZAFRANAL, 21    37001   SALAMANCA                         923-213500   923-214400   granhotel@mail.helcom.es              www.helcom.es/granhotel              2       532
                                     MS HOTELES                            LOS NIDOS,23                                29620   TORREMOLINOS-MALAGA               952-370750   952-375829   amaragua@arrakis.es                   www.mshoteles.com                    5      1400
                                     NATURA HOTELS                         AVDA.VALENCIA,14-16 3º1ª                    08750   MOLINS DE REI-BARCELONA           93-6801600   93-6800944   naturabcn@grupo-natura.com                                               110      8000
                                     NH HOTELES                            SANTA ENGRACIA,120-7ª EDIF.CENTRAL          28003   MADRID                            91-4519762   91-4519767   nh@nh-hotels.com                      www.nh-hoteles.com                  99    11.450
                                     NN HOTELS - NUÑEZ Y NAVARRO           URGEL,232                                   08036   BARCELONA                         93-3224153   93-4190102   nyn@nyn.es                            www.nnhotels.es                      5       460
                                     NORDOTEL,S.A.                         CTRA.GRAL.DEL SUR,KM.44 BAHIA FELIZ         35107   SAN BME.TIRAJANA-GRAN CANARIA     928-157170   928-157064                                                                             11      1646
                                     NOVOTEL                               PLAZA DE COLON,2-TORRE 1-4ªPLANTA           28046   MADRID                            91-7247629   91-7247655                                         www.accorhotels.com                  5       874
                                     OASIS HOTELES                         GOBELAS,17-2ªPLANTA-URB.LA FLORIDA          28023   MADRID                            913728939    91-3729398   info@hotelesoasis.com                 www.hotelesoasis.com                 6      2659
                                     OCA HOTELS                            ALOS,4                                      36990   SANXENXO-PONTEVEDRA               986-727879   986-727879   dirección@ocahotels.com               agalicia/ocahoteles.com              8       560
                                     OCCIDENTAL HOTELES                    JOSE ABASCAL,56-5ªPLANTA                    28003   MADRID                            91-3959700   91-4417781   madrid@occidental-hoteles.com         www.occidental-hoteles.com          63     31552
                                     OLA HOTELS                            GRAN VIA ASIMA,4-5ª planta                  07009   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES        971-432202   971-757552   ola@olahotels.com                     www.olahotels.com                    8      2500
                                     OLIVA NOVA GOLF,HOTEL APTOS.          URB.OLIVA NOVA                              46780   OLIVA-VALENCIA                    96-2857600   96-2857601   olivanova.hotel@ch.es                 www.olivanova.com                    1       235
                                     ONA SOL,S.L.                          ROMA,4                                      03503   BENIDORM-ALICANTE                 96-5867863   96-5868074   info@onasol.es                        www.onasol.es                       11      2155
                                     PALAFOX HOTELES                       CASA JIMÉNEZ, S/N                           50004   ZARAGOZA                          976-237700   976-234705   hotelpalafox@palafoxhoteles.com       www.palafoxhoteles.com               3      1010
                                     PALIA HOTELS                          PASEO MALLORCA,32 A ENTLO.                  07012   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES        971-214271   971-710510                                         www.palia.es                         6      2200
                                     PALMIRA HOTELS                        C/JOSE MARIA PEMAN,15-17                    07160   PAGUERA-MALLORCA-BALEARES         971-687247   971-687804   info@palmirahotels.com                www.palmirahotels.com                5      1401
                                     PARADORES                             REQUENA,3                                   28013   MADRID                            91-5166700   91-5166657   info@parador.es                       www.parador.es                      87      5000
                                     PARTNER HOTELS & INNS                 PZA.CONCORDIA,S/N                           28660   BOADILLA DEL MONTE-MADRID         91-6323520   91-6323501   mad@partner-hotels.com                www.partner-hotels.com              14      3102
                                                                                                                                   HOTELIER COMPANIES
                                     C0MPANY                                    ADDRESS                                         D.P.    COUNTY / STATE                       TELEPHONE FAX             E-MAIL                             WEB                           HOTEL   BEDS
                                     PEDREGAL DE INVERSIONES, S.A.              ALCALÁ 19                                       28014   MADRID                               91-5216496   91-5310188   info@hotelreginamadrid.com         www.hotelreginamadrid.com        4      472
                                     PIÑERO HOTELES                             PLAZA MEDITERRANEO,5-1º ED.NEPTUNO              07014   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES           971-281409   971-458911   hopi@hopi.es                       www.pinerohoteles.com            9     1580
                                     PLAYA,GRUPO HOTELES                        EDIF.PLAYA HOTELES-AVDA.SABINAL,341             04740   ROQUETAS DE MAR-ALMERIA              950-627160   950-333655   reservas@hotelesplaya.com          www.hotelesplaya.com            20    10000
                                     PLAYASOL HOTELS,S.A.                       SANT JAUME,69-75                                08370   CALELLA-BARCELONA                    93-7664420   93-7661294   playasol@interbite.com             www.playasolhotels.com          11     3054
                                     POLLENSINA SA,HOTELERA                     C/DE LES VELES,S/N                              07470   PORT POLLENÇA-MALLORCA-BALEARES      971-864285   971-866145   hoposa@sertel.es                   www.hoposa.es                   12     1444
                                     POLLENTIA CLUB RESORT                      CTRA.ALCUDIA-PTO.POLLENSA,KM.2                  07400   ALCUDIA                              971-546996   971-546992   info@clubpollentia.com             www.clubpollentia.com            2     1062
                                     PORCEL HOTELES                             PSO.SABIKA,27                                   18009   GRANADA                              958-225575   958-224102   alixares@hotelesporcel.com         www.hotelesporcel.com            4      840
                                     PRESTIGE HOTELS,SA                         AVDA.NORD,45 - URB.STA.MARGARITA                17480   ROSES-GIRONA                         972-252100   972-252101   reservas@prestigehotels.com        www.prestigehotels.com           6     1890
                                     PRETUR                                     MENENDEZ PELAYO,7                               26002   LOGROÑO-LA RIOJA                     941-250244   941-254390   hotels@pretur.es                   www.pretur.es                    5      844
                                     PRINCESS HOTELS                            ANTONIO GAUDI,62                                43203   REUS-TARRAGONA                       977-318959   977-330026   v.negre@princess-hotels.com        www.princess-hotels.com         17    14076
                                     PRINZ HOTELES,SA                           DEL TER,27 POL.SON FUSTER                       07009   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES           971-706071   971-472438   prinsotel@prinsotel.es             www.prinsotel.es                 7     1242
                                     PROHOGUI-PROMOTORA HOTELERA GUIPUZCOANA    TRIUNFO,5                                       20007   SAN SEBASTIAN-GIPUZKOA               943-461150   943-471730   europa@hotel-europa.com            www.hotel-europa.com             4      510
                                     PROTUR HOTELS                              AVDA.MAGNOLIA,6 URB.SON FLORIANA                07559   CALA BONA-SON SERVERA-MALLORCA       971-587520   971-585157   protur@baleares.com                www.protur-hoteles.com          16     3284
                                     RAFAEL HOTELES                             MENDEZ ALVARO,30-32                             28045   MADRID                               91-5399021   91-5399022   rafaelhoteles@rafaelhoteles.com    www.rafaelhoteles.com            5     1300
                                     RAMBLAS HOTEL                              RAMBLAS,33                                      08002   BARCELONA                            93-3015700   93-4122507   info@ramblashoteles.com            www.ramblashoteles.com           3      200
                                     RENTHOTEL HOTELS & RESORTS                 GRAN VIA ASIMA,4-2ºIZDA.                        07009   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES           971-211240   971-211250   renthoteldir@jumbotours.es                                          2      642
                                     RESORT HOTELS                              GREMIO HORNEROS,23                              07009   POL.SON CASTELLO-MALLORCA-BALEARES   971-436433   971-436434   resort@palacehoteles.com                                            3      850
                                     RH HOTELES                                 DE LA PIPA,3                                    03500   BENIDORM-ALICANTE                    96-5853040   96-6805652   central@hotelesrh.com              www.hotelesrh.com                8     1800
                                     RIAZOR CORUÑA HOTEL                        BARRIO DE LA MAZA, 29                           15004   A CORUÑA                             981-253400   981-253404   reservas@riazorhotel.com           www.riazorhotel.com              2      338
                                     RIU HOTELS                                 LLAUT,S/N-RIU CENTRE - EL ARENAL                07610   PLAYA DE PALMA-MALLORCA-BALEARES     971-743030   971-744171                                                                      96    56000
                                     ROC BLANC,GRUPO                            NOU,38                                          43340   MONTBRIO DEL CAMP-TARRAGONA          977-814000   977-826969   hoteltermes@gruprocblanc.com       www.gruprocblanc.com             3     1200
                                     ROC HOTELS                                 ENRIC ALZAMORA,6-8º3ª                           07002   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES           971-213090   971-213091   central@roc-hotel.es               www.roc-hotels.com               2      294
                                     RTM HOTELS                                 AVDA.FORT DE L'EAU,96-2ºA                       07701   MAHON-MENORCA-BALEARES               971-356935   971-352202   rtm@rtmhotels.com                  www.rtmhotels.com                2      319
                                     RUSTICAE                                   GRAN VIA 31,8º-21                               28013   MADRID                               902-103892   91-5232307   rusticae@rusticae.es               www.rusticae.es                 85      890
                                     SABINA HOTELS                              SON JORDI,4                                     07560   CALA MILLOR-MALLORCA-BALEARES        971-585214   971-813221   sabinahotels@calamillor.com        www.sabinahotels.com             3      708
                                     SAINT MICHEL,HOTELERA                      PLAZA TTE.CORONEL FRANCO,10-1º1ª                07008   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES           971-274822   971-249607   saintmichel@saintmichel.net        www.saintmichel.net             27    10500
                                     SANTOS HOTELES                             JUAN BRAVO,8                                    28006   MADRID                               914263940    91-5775835   comercial@h-santos.es              h-santos.es                      5     2636
                                     SB HOTELS                                  FRANCESC MACIA,2                                43005   TARRAGONA                            977-250909   977-250373   hoteltgn@sbgrup.com                www.sbhotels.es                  4     1184
                                     SCHORGHUBER                                CTRA.S.VIDA,S/N-URB.ARABELLA PARC               07011   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES           971-606421   971-606129   info@aheisa.com                    www.aheisa.com                   3      394
                                     SEASIDE HOTELS                             AVENIDA DE MOYA,8                               35100   PLAYA DEL INGLES-GRAN CANARIA        928-763308   928-770306   info@seasidehotels.com             www.seaside-hotels.com           4     2208
                                     SERCOTEL                                   PARIS,120-1º-1ª                                 08036   BARCELONA                            93-3636363   93-3636360   correo@sercotel.es                 www.sercotel.es                 92    18459
                                     SERRANO HOTELES                            PLAZA PLAYA SON MOLL S/N                        07590   CALA RATJADA - BALEARES              971-563350   971-563630   serranopalace@serranohoteles.com   www.serranohoteles.com           3      894
                                     SERVIGROUP HOTELES                         AVDA.EUROPA,6                                   03503   BENIDORM-ALICANTE                    96-5855900   96-5858962   servigroup@servigroup.es           www.servigroup.es               13     2657
                                     SET HOTELS                                 PLAYA DE SANTO TOMAS,49                         07749   ES MIGJORN-MENORCA                   971-370531   971-370346   sethotels@sethotels.com            sethotels.com                    4     1270
                                     SH HOTELES                                 PSO.ALAMEDA,35 BIS                              46023   VALENCIA                             96-3373951   96-3370097   sh@sh-hoteles.com                  www.sh-hoteles.com               7     1440
                                     SIDI HOTELES                               JOAQUIN RODRIGO,9                               03581   ALFAZ DEL PI- ALICANTE               96/6865150   96/6865668   reservas@hotelessidi.es            www.hotelessidi.es               2      896
                                     SILKEN HOTELES                             PEDRO I PONS,9-11-EDIF.MASTER'S                 08034   BARCELONA                            93-2802988   93-2805817   silken@hoteles-silken.com          hoteles-silken.com              19     2859
                                     SIRENIS HOTELS                             AVDA.BME.ROSELLO,22                             07800   IBIZA                                971-312512   971-313577   info@sirenishotels.com             www.sirenishotels.com           11     2573
                                     SIX CONTINENTS HOTELS                      ORENSE,85 EDIF."LEXINGTON"                      28020   MADRID                               91-5678423   91-5678460                                      www.sixcontinentshotels.com     10     2161
                                     SOFITEL                                    PLAZA DE COLON,2-TORRE 1-4ªPLANTA               28046   MADRID                               91-7247629   91-7247655                                      www.accorhotels.com              2      276
                                     SOL MELIA,GRUPO                            GREMIO TONELEROS,24                             07009   PALMA DE MALLORCA-BALEARES           971-224400   971-224408   info@solmelia.com                  www.solmelia.com               178    37992

2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 16
                                     SOTERAS,GRUPO                              PSO.MARINA,212                                  08860   CASTELLDEFELS-BARCELONA              93-6651900   93-6360832   soteras@grup-soteras.com           www.grup-soteras.com             4      403
                                     SPRING HOTELES                             AVDA.ANTONIO DOMINGUEZ ALFONSO,8                38660   PLAYA AMERICAS-TENERIFE              922-787748   922-750278   spring@step.es                     www.springhoteles.com            3     2234
                                     STABOTEL INTERNATIONAL                     COMANDANTE ZORITA,34                            28020   MADRID                               91-3197149   91-5085307   hatlanta@arrakis.es                www.arrakis.es                   2      317
                                     STAR HOTELS S.L.                           ADA. SON RIGO 14                                07610   PLAYA PALMA- BALEARES                971-260062   971-268750   onofremunar@starhotels.extendnow                                    3     1500
                                     STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS WORLDWIDE INC.   PLAZA DE LAS CORTES,7                           28014   MADRID                               91-3608080   91-3608100   reservations.madrid@westin.com     www.starwood.com                 6     1185
                                     SUCO HOTELES                               CASADO DEL ALISAL,26                            34001   PALENCIA                             979-749044   979-747577                                      www.hotelessuco.com              5      500
                                     SUITES TAURITO,SA                          PLAYA DE TAURITO,SN                             35138   GRAN CANARIA                         928-565430   928-565722                                                                       2      704
                                     SUMMA HOTELES                              LUCIA MARQUEZ-EDIFICIO CORTIJUELO-36            29620   TORREMOLINOS-MALAGA                  902-383099   952-389622   summahoteles@summahoteles.com      www.summahoteles.com            15     3100
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Q.- Have trends in the British
                                         Manuel Butler, director of the Spanish

                                         “The increase in
tourist market changed at all
in recent years?                         Tourism Office in London
A.- In recent years, there have

                                         individual British
indeed been changes in demand, which
have become more apparent since the
events of 11 September. As of that

                                         tourism means we will
date, supply has had to adapt more
quickly to these changes, for exam-
ple, greater flexibility when it comes

                                         reach 14.5 million
to travelling abroad, especially to
Spain, which has meant that the
rigidity that forced people to spend
seven or eight days in a destination

                                         arrivals in Spain this year”
has been reduced thanks to the cre-
ation of low-cost airlines. This
means the stay and the package are
more suited to what the British
tourist wants, and along with this
there has been a very significant
increase in the demand for short

“        Individual
 tourism has grown in the
 face of the fall registered
  in traditional organized

stays linked essentially to urban
tourism. There has also been growth,
although on a smaller scale, in rural
tourism, golf tourism…

Q.- What position does Spain
occupy     right     now    on   the
British tourist’s list of pre-
ferred destinations?
A.- We’re still the leaders, although
we’ve lost something of our market
share. If a year ago we stood at 42%
of packages sold, we’re currently        The Spanish Tourism Office in London, the first to be opened
around the 39% mark. If we take into     overseas, has been promoting Spain, Britain’s favourite tourist
account all journeys, including busi-    destination, since 1919. This intense work is carried out by a
ness trips, Spain as a destination is    broad team of professionals at the STO, an effort that has
joint leader with France. That is to     been recognized and rewarded with four prizes this year from
say, the British market is the main      the main British magazines covering the sector. It is ranked
market for Spain, and it is gaining      best tourism office, as its director, Manuel Butler, told Hos-
more and more ground over the sec-       teltur with deserved satisfaction. As well as this, Butler also
ond big market, which is Germany.        highlights the positive results forecast for the end of the
                                         year, with approximately 14.5 million arrivals in Spain from the
Q.- What level of movement is            United Kingdom. This is coupled with the fact that in the first
forecast for Spain at the end            quarter of the year, due to the general crisis all over the
of 2002?                                 world, flights were cut to all destinations except Spain, a des-
A.- The figures we have until the
month of August are positive and we      very significant increase in individ-      dom, and there’s been a slight fall in
     hope to close the year with         ual tourism, a phenomenon closely          traditional organized tourism. This
      similar results. What’s hap-       linked to the increase in scheduled        fall has been more than compensated
                                         flights to Spain from the United King-     by the increase in individual tourism,

       pened is that there’s been a

                                               2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 18
                                                                                    tion of crisis trust is not something
              There has                                                             that usually abounds.
     been an increase and                 THE SPANISH TOU-
 diversification in the offer             RISM BUREAU OF
                                                                                    Q.- And as far as connections
of air travel between Spain                                                         are concerned?
                                          LONDON AWARDED                            A.- As far as connections between
and the United Kingdom”
                                          THREE                                     the two countries are concerned, I
                                                                                    think it’s a reflection of what we
which for the end of the year will
                                          PRIZES FOR ´THE                           talked about earlier, seat capacity on
give us a slightly positive figure, we    BEST TOURISM BURE-                        scheduled flights has increased by
could reach 14.5 million arrivals of      AU´                                       20%, more or less. As well as the
UK residents in Spain.                                                              increase in supply, there has also
                                                                                    been diversification, that is to say,
                                          The Spanish Tourism Bureau of
Q.- How do you rate relations                                                       there are more companies offering
                                          London has recently been
between the two countries?                honoured as the ‘Best Tourism             scheduled flights between Spain and
A.- Relations between the two coun-       Bureau’ by three of the UK                the United Kingdom, which can only
tries are excellent. We mustn’t for-      tourism sector’s most impor-              strengthen ties. It’s worth pointing
get that we are in a state of crisis,     tant publications (Travel                 out that during the first quarter, air
and in spite of that, Spain has a very    Weekly, Travel Bulletin and               connections with Spain increased
high share of the British market with     Selling Short Breaks).                    when exactly the opposite was hap-
respect to other competing destina-       Furthermore, the annual TTG               pening in other European destina-
tions, even in prices. Maintaining and    British Travel Awards, pre-               tions, because we mustn’t forget
slightly bettering figures for 2001,      sented by the prestigious
                                                                                    that 11 September caused a very
                                          weekly publication, Travel
setting a new record, proves that, as                                               substantial reduction in flights and
                                          Trade Gazette, has honoured
well as market relations, personal                                                  supply. Movement towards Spain did-
                                          the work carried out by the
and professional relations between                                                  n’t simply remain steady, it actually
the British and Spanish tourism sec-     that’s something we must congratu-
                                                                                    increased. This is a tremendously
tors are based on mutual trust. And      late ourselves on, because in a situa-
                                                                                    positive point.

                                               2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 19
The Canary Islands, The Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol and Levant

      Spain, the world’s second              and the aptly-named Costa del Sol in        ago, its climate is almost unfailingly
                                             Andalusia, and culminates in the            invariable and its pleasant, moderate
most popular tourist destina-
                                             Canaries, that group of fantasy islands.    temperatures vary on average between
 tion in 2001, surpassed only                A route brimming with sunshine fol-         18.6º C and 24.6º C. Owing to its
  by France, is also one of the              lowed by millions of people from the        benign climate, an infinite number of
  world’s leading beach resort               four corners of the globe year after        sports of all kinds can be practised in
                                             year.                                       Gran Canaria, from cycling to water
 destinations, thanks to a long
       list of beaches scattered
        throughout the country.
         There are magnificent,
  impressive beaches on all of
    the three coasts whose seas
       wash the country: to the
  north, with its rugged cliffs
  and turbulent waters, and to
 the east and south, washed by
 the warm, calm waters of the
    Mediterranean. But Spain’s
   four aces, its best and most
     appealing beaches, are the
beaches of the Costa del Sol in
southern Spain, Levant in the
        east and the Canary and
 Balearic Island archipelagos.
    These are the beaches pre-
     ferred by the tourists who
  visit Spain for sun and sand,
                                             THE CANARY ISLANDS
                                                                                         sports, including hikes along unspoilt
  most of whom come from the                                                             rural footpaths and roads and other
   UK, Spain’s main market of                To call the Canary Islands the Land of      activities such as bungee-jumping.
                origin in 2002.              Everlasting Sun is no exaggeration, as      Gran Canaria has 236 kilometres of
                                             the sun is the protagonist there 365        coastline with sandy beaches predomi-
                                             days a year, which one visit to the         nating in the southeast, the setting of
The tourist industry has created many
                                             Canary Islands suffices to corroborate.     the incomparable Playa del Inglés and
routes in its short yet intense life.
                                             From a touristic standpoint, Gran           Maspalomas Dunes. Rocky cliffs pre-
Without a doubt, one of the most appeal-
                                             Canaria and Tenerife are the two most       dominate to the west and southwest,
ing of these is the route that follows the
                                             important of the seven islands the          while two types of coastline alternate in
sun. Or perhaps, it would be more pre-
                                             archipelago comprises.                      the north and northeast, offering a wide
cise to say the routes that follow the
                                                                                         variety of sandy beaches and rocky
sun, as there are more than one; fortu-
                                             Gran Canaria                                coves sprinkled with sand.
nately, the sun does not belong exclu-
                                             Gran Canaria is noted for its diversity,
sively to any one country or specific
                                             summed up in its great natural and bio-     Tenerife
geographical area. Spain, whom Nature
                                             logical resources, growing agri-tourism     Tenerife is well known internationally
has endowed with outstanding and var-
                                             offer, wide variety of activities ranging   as the Island of Eternal Springtime. Its
ied conditions for developing tourism,
                                             from cultural events to water sports,       geographical location merits it a place in
possesses one of the best-known and
                                             consolidated offer for congresses and       an imaginary band circling the globe of
most appealing of these routes, which
                                             conventions, beaches and rocky coast-       the world’s most privileged tourist set-
      originates in the Balearic Islands
                                             line, together with an incredible interi-   tings and proves the reality of this nick-
       in the Mediterranean, extends
                                             or landscape which tourism has yet to       name. Tenerife’s dominant trade winds,
        towards the Straits of Gibral-
                                             discover. Like the rest of the archipel-    its mountains and the Canary Island’s

         tar, includes the Levant coast

                                                    2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 20
cool water currents are responsible for     Reaching 3718 metres above sea level,      Menorca, enchanting landscape of Las
the invariably warm temperatures of         Teide Peak is the highest summit in        Salinas in Ibiza, to the long stretches of
its coastal waters, at times even           Spain. This strato-volcanic structure      sandy beach in Formentera, the geogra-
warmer than the air temperature. In         rests    on   an    ancient,    gigantic   phy of the Balearic Islands cannot be
general, the Island’s climate is mild,      crater–shaped depression configured by     savoured in a hurry. Each one of the
temperate and moderate all year round.      two semi-craters separated by the          Balearic Islands is a micro-cosmos with
There are no periods of intense cold or     Roques de García. The crater known as      its own personality, a space endowed
blistering heat. Average temperatures       Las Cañadas takes its name from the        with singularity, which is why millions
vary between 17 and 18º C in winter         park’s most typical structure: la Caña-    of tourists choose to spend their holi-
and 24 and 25º C in summer. These are       da, a sedimentary plateau normally sit-    days in these islands year after year.
very general and relative tempera-          uated at the foot of the crater walls.
tures, applicable especially in the         The origin of Circo de Las Cañadas still   Mallorca
coastal areas where tourist resorts and     arouses controversy among geologists.      Approximately forty percent of the
attractions are located.                    There are different hypotheses, such as    area in Mallorca, called the Island of
Tenerife is the largest of the Canary       explosion, erosion, cave-ins and great     Calm, is protected. Included are the
Islands and despite its small area, 2034    earth movements. Until the 1990’s, the     Albufera, Dragonera and Mondragó
square kilometres, possesses a surpris-     most generally accepted theory was the     nature parks, as well as the national
ing ecological diversity which results      cave-in hypothesis as the fundamental      park of the islet of Cabrera. Further-
from its special environmental condi-       cause, which meant that a crater with      more, the entire Tramuntana mountain
                                                                                       range, which runs north to south along
                                                                                       the coast filling the horizon with an
                                                                                       incomparable play of colour, enjoys
                                                                                       maximum environmental protection.
                                                                                       Mallorca contains all the variety capa-
                                                                                       ble of charming the human eye. The long
                                                                                       sandy beaches in the southeast, fore-
                                                                                       most among them El Trenc and several
                                                                                       others neighbouring beaches, the
                                                                                       charming villages of the interior, the
                                                                                       capacity to astonish that the island
                                                                                       maintains are still unknown to those who
                                                                                       have succumbed to a stereotype image
                                                                                       of sand and sea. Not that these are lack-
                                                                                       ing for visitors’ rest and relaxation, but
                                                                                       they deserve to be complemented by a
                                                                                       complete and comprehensive vision of
                                                                                       Mallorca, the real, unknown Mallorca.

                                                                                       Palma de Mallorca
                                                                                       Palma de Mallorca, capital of the
                                                                                       autonomous community of the Balearic
                                                                                       Islands, is located on the Bay of Palma,
                                                                                       in the southeastern part of the island.
                                                                                       Its average annual temperature is 16.8
Gran Canaria and Tenerife.                                                             ºC and annual rainfall measures 450
                                                                                       litres per square metre. 41% of the
                                                                                       Balearic’s population and 54% of Mal-
                                                                                       lorca’s population is concentrated in
tions. Its rocky mountains modify the       two sub-craters, one east and one west,    Palma. Founded in 122 AD by Quinto
Canaries’ general climatic conditions,      separated by the Roques de García and      Cecilio Metelo, who named it Palma, its
producing a rich variety of local micro-    formed by cave-in and collapses; the       city limits expanded in the tenth centu-
climates.     Tenerife’s volcanic soil      present structure of the impressive        ry as a result of the impulse it received
endows the landscape with singular          strato-volcano Teide – Pico Viejo was      from its Muslim governor, Isam al-
properties all its own.                     formed on the southern side of the         Jawlani. During the 14th and 15th cen-
                                            crater of Las Cañadas at a later date.     turies, the city enjoyed an era of great

                                            BALEARIC ISLANDS
Teide National Park                                                                    splendour thanks to its commercial
Rising to an average of over 2000                                                      activity and its main monuments date
metres, Teide National Park offers one      Without a doubt, the Balearic Islands      from this time. Palma’s medieval lay-
of the most spectacular examples of         have become the most important tourist     out was preserved almost intact until
volcanism in the world.        Created in   destination in the western Mediter-        the 19th century when the city walls
1954 in recognition of its volcanic and     ranean. With a land area of slighter       were torn down (1872), several disen-
biological singularity, its slightly over   over 5000 square kilometres, its 1238      tailed convents were turned into plazas
thirteen and a half hectares make it the    kilometres of coastline abound with        and outlying neighbourhoods were built
Canary Island’s largest national park. In   excellent beaches and inviting and pic-    beyond the boundaries of the old walls
1989, the Council of Europe awarded the     turesque coves. From the rugged peaks      (El Molinar, La Soledad, Los Hostales,
park its highest ‘A’ category European      of the Tramuntana mountains in Mallor-     Son Espanyol and Santa Catalina). After
diploma. In 1994, this European Diplo-      ca, diverse variety of habitats in the     1901, work was begun on a new district
ma was extended until 1999.                 Albufera nature park in Grau, Mahon in     and in the second half of the last centu-

                                                  2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 21
ry, the city grew along its waterfront                                                   passed through Ibiza for four thousand
(Paseo Marítimo) and the new district                                                    years left their mark on this island,
expanded along the lines established at                                                  making it a harmonious Babel. It was the
the beginning of the century. As well as                                                 White Island and the Island of Pines to
its historical and cultural attractions,                                                 the Greeks, Ebussus to the Carthagini-
the city of Palma offers its visitors                                                    ans, Ibosim to the Phoenicians and the
charming beaches located to the south-                                                   Hippie Island in the 1960’s. Ibiza and
east (El Molinar, Can Pastilla, El Arenal)                                               Formentera make up the Pitiusas Islands
and southwest (Cala Mayor, Palmanova                                                     of the Balearic archipelago. Geographi-
and Magalluf).                                                                           cally, Ibiza is the southernmost of the
                                                                                         islands, the closest to the Spanish main-
Minorca                                                                                  land, and the third largest island in the
Minorca, the easternmost Balearic                                                        archipelago, measuring 541 square kilo-
island, seduces all who know it, as it                                                   metres. A land of contrasts and diver-
maintains intact its rich natural and cul-                                               sity, it balances the most absolute
tural heritage, the essence of pure                                                      avant-garde and modernity with the
Mediterranean charm. With a surface                                                      heartbeat of cultural wealth and histo-
area of only 700 square kilometres, it                                                   ry, qualities which prompted UNESCO to
is an inviting island in which man feels                                                 declare it World Heritage Site in 1999.
totally integrated, in which no point is                                                 Crossroads of civilisations, strategic
far away. The diversity and purity of                                                    point in Mediterranean navigational
its touristic resources makes it the ide-                                                routes linking east and west, its
al spot for rest, relaxation and recre-                                                  medieval and renaissance walls made
ation. Its secluded coves, serpentine                                                    Ibiza and Dalt Vila the best-defended
natural harbours, light and beauty of its                                                stronghold in the Mediterranean.
                                                                                         Cosmopolitan and bohemian, Ibiza con-
                                                                                         serves the hippie style of the late six-
                                                                                         ties in its street markets. New Ibizan
                                                                                         handicrafts emerge predominantly in
                                                                                         fashion, leather goods, ceramics, fine
                                                                                         and costume jewellery and is promoted
                                                                                         through various shows and sales fairs.
                                                                                         Adlib, Ibiza’s own fashion, is perhaps
                                                                                         its most well-known exponent, an
                                                                                         example of a phenomenon that emerged
                                                                                         spontaneously and which has consolidat-
                                                                                         ed its position over time...

                                                                                         Formentera, the southernmost, small-
                                                                                         est and least populated of the Balearic
                                                                                         Islands, with its marked personality and
                                                                                         charm is both separated and linked to
                                                                                         Ibiza only 12 miles away by the mar-
                                                                                         itime lane Es Freus. Formentera has
                                                                                         been permanently settled for only three
                                                                                         hundred years. It maintains the spec-
                                                                                         tacular beauty of its well-conserved
                                                                                         natural setting, magnificent crystalline
Mallorca.                                                                                beaches and unvaryingly placid atmos-
                                                                                         phere such as can be found in ses Illetes
                                                                                         and Llevant. The definite and authentic
landscape, skill with which its artisans     superb beaches such as La Vall and Cala     character of Formentera’s landscape
make leather articles, costume jew-          Pregonda and singular geological forma-     captivates its visitors, with its ancient
ellery, Mahon cheeses, gin and lobster       tions such as Cap de Favàritx. In the       and important salt mines to the north,
stew are traditions that the Minorcans       south (migjorn), a limestone platform       two large natural salt-water pools
have known how to maintain down              criss-crossed by narrow ravines from        (Estany des Peix and Estany Pudent) and
through the centuries.                       north to south leads to tourist beaches     two hills, Cap de Barbària to the south
The Island’s great natural, ecological       such as Cala en Porter and Cala Galdana,    and the Sa Mola plateau to the east,
and environmental merit prompted             and unspoilt coves such as Son Saura,       ringed by cliffs.      Sa Talaiassa, the
UNESCO to declare it a Biosphere             Cala en Turqueta, Macarella and es          island’s highest point (192 metres), is a
Reserve in 1993 and include it in a          Talaier.                                    privileged spot from which virtually the
unique worldwide network of enclaves.                                                    entire island and the islets situated
A symphony of colours, nuances and           Ibiza                                       between Formentera and Ibiza can be
      tonalities, the Island’s northern      Ibiza, or Eivissa, as it is officially      seen, weather permitting.
                                             called in Catalan, is a land of sun and
                                                                                         COSTA DEL SOL
       landscape (tramuntana) is made
        up of rolling hills separated by     frontiers - an amalgam of culture and
                                             names. All the different peoples who

         wide valleys which open onto                                                    The 161-kilometre long coastline of the

                                                    2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 22
Costa del Sol is in the province of Mala-    of activities, such as sunbathing, swim-
ga, in the western half of Mediterranean     ming, sports ranging from underwater
Andalusia in southern Spain. Malaga          swimming to scuba diving, windsurfing
occupies a surface area of 7276 square       to sailing, motor boating to fishing or
kilometres and is ringed by the              simply enjoying life in any of the many
provinces of Granada, Cordoba, Seville       informal beach stalls which dot the
and Cadiz.                                   shores, savouring fried fish, succulent
The Costa del Sol is a touristic jewel       shellfish or plain sardines grilled on a
sparkling in the sun of Andalusia, with      spit while quaffing a well-chilled beer,
its white villages and whitewashed           with one’s feet practically in the water.
houses; it is the province of Malaga’s       The following are the best-known and
richest, most highly prized and most         most popular beaches, perfectly sup-
universal patrimony. There are few           plied with medical and sanitary servic-
areas in the world that can boast of hav-    es, public showers, informal beach
ing 161 kilometres of coastline with the     stalls and restaurants, areas with beach
best beaches, secluded coves and             loungers, water sports, volleyball nets
largest number of recreational ports on      and posts, car parks, docks for recre-
the Spanish coast, to the delight of         ational crafts, paddleboats etc: Cala de
lovers of fishing and scuba diving, all      Maro, Burriana, Carabeo, Balcón de
concentrated in such a small space -         Europa, El Salón and Playazo in Nerja;
from the village of Manilva in the west      Calaceite, El Peñoncillo, El Faro and Fer-
to Nerja in the east.                        rara in Torrox-Costa; Mezquitilla in
There are those who claim with justifi-      Algarrobo; Paseo Marítimo de Torre del
cation that the dozens of splendid beach-    Mar in Vélez-Málaga; Rincón de la Victo-
es on the Malaga coastline, together         ria and the neighbouring beaches of Cala
with its climate, are its main tourist       del Moral; El Palo-Pedralejo, Paseo
resource and that thanks to this combi-      Marítimo-Malagueta, Paseo Marítimo           Marbella.
nation of sea and sun, the Costa del Sol     Antonio Machado, Huelin-Misericordia
has become Europe’s most complete            and Golf Club in the city of Malaga; los     Víbora in Benalmádena-Costa; Carvajal,
tourist destination. It is the spot chosen   Alamos-Playamar-Bajondillo and La            Los Boliches, Las Gaviotas, Paseo Marí-
by the majority of national and interna-     Carihuela-Montemar in Torremolinos;          timo and El Castillo in Fuengirola; Cala-
tional tourists owing to its wide array      Malapesquera, Santa Ana, Maites and La       honda, Butibamba and El Chaparral in

                                                    2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 24
                                         Rada, El Cristo, El Padrón, El Castor,      have been drained. The highest points in
                                         Puerto Plata, Costa Natura, Chullera,       Valencia are Salinas Point, Cape Irta,
                                         Salada Vieja and Arroyo Vaquero in          Cape Oropesa, the Columbrete Islands
                                         Estepona, and Sabinillas in Manilva.        (of volcanic origin, declared nature

                                                                                     parks in 1998), the Benavides Ravine,
                                                                                     Golas de Estany, Colomer and Palos, the
                                         The Spanish Levant is made up of the        highly popular beaches of Canet, Puig,
                                         communities of Valencia and Murcia,         Natzaret, Pinedo, Saler and others in
                                         washed by the warm, placid waters of        close proximity to the city of Valencia,
                                         the Mediterranean. Its long stretch of      Cullera Point (facing the small island of
                                         coastline, beaches and small coves is       Peñeta del Moro), Xeresa, Oliva,
                                         one of the best in Spain and one of the     Gandía, Venecia, Piles, Almadraba
                                         best known in Europe. Quiet, secluded       Point, Cape San Antonio, Cape la Nao,
                                         beaches - impressive and majestic.          Ifach Crag, Cape Las Huertas, Bay of
                                         Hundreds of kilometres of the best          Alicante, Cape and Bay of Santa Pola and
                                         beaches in Europe. Costa Blanca,            Cape Cervera.
                                         Benidorm, Valencia Terra i Mar, Castel-
                                         lón, Costa Azahar, Murcia...all located     Alicante
                                         on the same coast which further south in    The most famous beaches in eastern
                                         Andalusia becomes the Costa del Sol.        Spain can be found in Alicante. These
                                                                                     beaches with their fine sand are
                                         The Community of Valencia                   endowed with all the infrastructures
                                         Geographically, the Community of            required to guarantee a pleasant stay
                                         Valencia is divided into two parts: the     for visitors. Without a doubt, the best
                                         interior and the coast. The former is       among them are the broad and quiet Sal-
Benidorm.                                characterised by the rocky mountains        adar beach, Postiguet beach, located
                                         which form part of the Iberian              right in the centre city, discreet
                                         Cordillera and the Subbética mountain       Albufereta beach, six-kilometre-long
Mijas-Costa; Artola, Las Chapas, Los     range. The latter is characterised by       San Juan beach, considered the very
Monteros, Fontanilla, del Faro and       coastal plains, predominantly made up       best of all Levant’s beaches and
Venus, Nueva Andalucía, Río Verde,       of low, fine, sandy beaches and coastal     Guardamar beach, 11 kilometres of fine
Guadaiza, Los Cármenes, El Rodeo and     lagoons and marshes, some of which          sand and dunes, some of them secluded
San Pedro de Alcántara in Marbella; La

                                                2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 25
                                          comes mainly from foreign golfers,          promotion of golf is a problem of
                                          while in Madrid and Barcelona, con-         political will. There are no insur-
                                          siderable local demand is enough to         mountable obstacles in our regulations
                                          keep the greens busy.                       to prevent the construction of golf
Characteristics of supply                 According to surveys, practically all       courses, except for projects being
18-hole courses are the most common       managers and directors of golf cours-       carried out on especially protected
on the whole, above all in those          es (90%) are in favour of building          land where building is prohibited, in
regions that already attract many         more courses to satisfy demand. A           which case the Spanish Supreme Court
tourists. On the other hand, in Green     request that is often repeated refers       intervenes (1977). In fact, in regions
Spain the courses are usually 9 holes.    to the creation of municipal golf           that had passed legislation limiting
The vast majority of courses are pri-     courses on rural terrain or disused         development     (Navarre    and    the
vately owned (90%). The seasons are       land that would help to extend the          Balearics), they are now allowing new

                                          G O L F :
especially significant in the golf        sport and increase its popularity. It is    projects to go ahead on plots that are
tourism industry because it is an         worth remembering that the average          not classified as development land. On
activity that takes place in the open     customer spends around 25 euros on          land earmarked for development, pri-

        Spain´s money on quality
air and in natural surroundings. Here     each visit to the golf course, and that     vate promotion is non-existent
the weather, the fine weather, is the     the average annual turnover of this         because of the cost of the terrain, and
predominant factor. That is why the       kind of business concern is just under      the public authorities are under no
periods of greatest business activity     2 million euros.                            obligation to do more than what their
are concentrated in the spring and                                                    policy on the issue of sports facilities
summer, which can extend to other         Guide to building golf courses              dictates. For golf facilities to develop,
months in areas with milder climates:     The General Secretariat of Tourism in       then, above all public golf courses, a
the Costa del Sol, Cadiz and the          Spain has released a guide especially       change of mentality is required on the
Canaries, which has its high season in    aimed at municipalities, property           part of some political parties and
winter. On Spanish golf courses, 80%      developers and investors that could be      social groups that see golf as a very
of domestic users are people that live    interested in building a golf course.       expensive, elitist sport that has a
      in the same region as the facili-   The guide points out that, as far as        enormously negative impact on the
       ties on offer. However, in         legal aspects are concerned, it must        environment. Under current legisla-

        tourist     regions,    demand    be taken into account that the public       tion, the effects any activity might

                                                 2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 26
have on the environment are calculat-
ed according to the resources it con-
sumes: water, energy, land, infra-
structure and the waste it produces.
In the case of golf courses, property
developers have been persuaded to
bear in mind something that society
itself demands of them: that those
responsible for pollution should foot
the bill. Seen from a perspective
where what is economical is also eco-
logical and what is ecological, eco-
nomical, golf courses must participate
in the conservation of the environ-
ment and in promoting improvement;
they must also participate in restor-
ing damaged areas; use recycled
water; take painstaking care with the
plants and animals in the area and
encourage new arrivals; and use all
                                           return for a reconsideration of the         an 18-hole golf course. The plans rep-
technological means available to
                                           status of the land. There are also pri-     resent a total investment of 24 million
ensure minimum impact on the natural
                                           vate property developers working on         euros and will create 500 jobs.
                                           public land in exchange for being           The holiday complex will be located
                                           awarded management concessions.             between the municipalities of Lliria
Golf and Profitability
                                           Whatever the case, an 18-hole course        and Benissano and includes the con-
The major problem, the most common
                                           requires an estimated investment of         struction of a maximum of 2,200 lux-
misdeed as far as golf projects are
                                           between 2.5 million and 8.5 million         ury houses, with 325,000 square
concerned, is that they are a front for
                                           euros, depending on various factors.        metres of woodland and a budget of
land speculation, for investment in
                                           In this sense, it is worth remembering      more than 24 million euros. The com-
property. Wherever there is a golf
                                           that a local council can make golf          pany has made the commitment to set
course, it generates such a sensation
                                           available to the public without having      aside more than 1.6 million euros to
of quality of life that it attracts many
                                           to build an 18-hole course. Pitch and       increasing services of general urban
people drawn by the picture postcard
                                           putt, rural courses and recreational        interest.
scenes of the course and its surround-
                                           areas are currently in vogue through-
ings as a place to live, a greater
                                           out Europe. The investment required         Majorca and the Marriott
attraction than the sport itself. In
                                           can be as little as 120,000 euros. In       Marriott International’s golf course at
fact, the vast majority of people that
                                           any case, research carried out by           Son Antem, in the resort of Mallorca
buy a home on the edge of a golf
                                           specialized golf and golf tourism con-      Marrito Son Antem, is working to
course do not play. Speculation has
                                           sultants coincide in that courses are       capacity (the first part opened in
caused more than one central Euro-
                                           good business. Publicly backed cours-       1994). The project is fruit of a joint
pean golfer to boycott some courses
                                           es are beginning to emerge and are          venture between a Majorcan family,
on the coast of Andalusia where the
                                           having a positive economic and social       the Cristoforettis, and the American
amount of housing on offer has
                                           impact. They provide a solution for         multinational. The Son Antem golf
increased to the point that players can
                                           agricultural land that has fallen into      course runs for 6,325 metres, the
hear neighbours’ shouting and conver-
                                           disuse and encourage tourism in the         gentlemen’s slope is 130/72.6,
sations between balconies from the
                                           interior and in rural areas. They rep-      ladies’ 123/72.7, par 72. The new
greens. This is led some tour opera-
                                           resent the international golf tourism       course, named the West Course, was
tors to withdraw these courses from
                                           on offer. And, above all, they are a        opened in 2001 and runs for 6,542
their brochures. Instead of a golf
                                           business venture for property devel-        metres, the gentlemen’s slope is
course, they are more like the public
                                           opers and hoteliers thanks to the           130/72.6 and the ladies’ 127/73.6,
park of a housing complex where it is
                                           added attraction that golf gives their      par 72.
also possible to play golf.
Nowadays, golf courses are a sound
investment, good business, but only
                                           GOLF AND HOTELS
                                                                                       Hotel Oasis Islantilla
when they are managed by profes-
                                                                                       Hotel Oasis Islantilla is one of a series
sionals. A public course is also a good
                                                                                       of establishments that together make
investment, both if it is financed by      Golf in Lliria, Valencia                    up Atlantee Golf, an initiative backed
public funds or by a hotelier that is      Three tourist projects have been            by the Andalusian regional govern-
willing to participate in the project in   approved in Lliria (Valencia), including    ment. The aim is to promote golf in the

                                                  2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 27
                                                                                      Cooperativa Olecolay M-Capital, as
                                                                                      well as Vallehermoso Unicaja and
                                                                                      Cajasur). Investment in the establish-
                                                                                      ment exceeds 12 million euros, it has
                                                                                      180 rooms on 10,000 square metres
                                                                                      of land. The golf course has 18 holes,
                                                                                      two putting greens and a club house,
                                                                                      which has required an investment of
                                                                                      around 7.2 million euros.

                                                                                      Nueva Entrerríos in Málaga
                                                                                      Nueva Entrerrios SA will invest
                                                                                      around 180 million euros in the con-
                                                                                      struction of an 18-hole course, a four
                                                                                      or five-star hotel and 800 holiday
                                                                                      homes in Mijas (Malaga). Entrerrios is
                                                                                      a professional, 18-hole course that is
                                                                                      maintained using recycled water. The
                                                                                      circuit has been designed by the same
                                                                                      team that produced Valderrama and
three Andalusian provinces that face                                                  will be a par 72. It will cost around 12
the Atlantic: Huelva, Seville and                                                     million euros to complete. Nueva Entr-
Cadiz.                                       CRUISES: SILVERSEA                       errios SA’s initiative is to develop a
The initiative includes 10 of the best       CRUISES                                  top quality establishment located in
golf courses, as well as nine hotel                                                   1.2 million square metres of terrain.
complexes in the area. Atlantee Golf         Silversea Cruises is pro-                The complex forms part of Valle del
(Andalucia Atlantica Golf Clubs) has a       moting a Thematic Cruise                 Golf, taking in around 10 million
web site, www. atlantee-golf.com,            initiative for golf enthu-               square metres in an area of Mijas that
where you can book green fees and            siasts on board the com-                 already has four golf courses and
starting times at any of the partici-        pany’s ships or in the                   plans for a further two, in addition to
pating courses. In the case of the           ports they dock in. The                  the project already mentioned.
Oasis Islantilla, for example, it pro-       thematic cruises have
vides information on facilities, serv-       been especially designed                 NH     with      La   Reserva       in
ices and prices. The Oasis Islantilla is     for golf lovers, both                    Sotogrande
part of the Islantilla holiday home          beginners and profession-                NH Hoteles, which owns more than
complex, very close to three of the          als, who can play more                   94% of Sotogrande SA, has launched
courses participating in the Atlantee        than eight golf courses in               La Reserva, a new project set in more
Golf initiative: the 27-hole Islantilla      15 days in Oceania,                      than 500 hectares of land. The first
Golf Resort, the 18-hole Isla Canela         Ireland, Spain, the                      phase of development, currently in
Golf and Golf Nuevo Portil, also 18          Caribbean, South                         progress, consists of 150 individual
holes.                                       America, and beyond. The                 plots surrounded by golf courses and
                                             Silversea golf package                   30 houses, and has been on sale since
Marina de Cope in Murcia                     includes: airport trans-                 February. La Reserva will also include
The regional government in Murcia            fers, buggies, meals and                 a private golf club with an 18-hole
has plans to develop the areas of            refreshments, entry fee                  course, which is well on the way to
Marina de Cope and Covaticas, on an          to competitions, towels,                 completion. Total investment in this
unspoilt stretch of coastline between        balls and a golf test, as                first phase will amount to 30 million
Mazarron and Aguilas, where it wants         well as English guides if                euros. Another 18-hole course is at
to build 30 hotels and 8 golf courses.       required. Equipment can                  the planning stage.
The idea is to reclassify 2,000
hectares of agricultural and rural land    (with room for 9,000 guests), as well      Baviera golf, hotel and housing
in Marina de Cope and a further 800 in     as a further 8,000 places in holiday       Baviera Golf has the first nine holes of
Covaticas as a development area. A         apartments.
huge complex, with five golf courses                                                  what will be an 18-hole course in
and a marina, is planned for the first     Antequera Golf                             Axarquia Velez Malaga. Investment
site. There will be further three          Antequera Golf is a four-star complex      includes a hotel, a shopping area and
      courses on the second site.          run by Hotel Antequera SA, which is        1,900 houses. Work on the nine
       Between them, they will be          formed by several companies (Sola de       remaining holes should end within a
        served by some 30 hotels           Antequera, Lactea de Antequera,

                                                                                      matter of months. With a total surface

                                                 2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 28
                                                  GOLF COURSES
GOLF COURSE                                       PROVINCE           HOLES      TEL +34             E-MAIL
• FEDERACIÓN ANDALUZA                             MÁLAGA                        952 225590          info@fga.org
CLUB MARINA GOLF-MOJACAR                          ALMERIA            18         950 133235/36/37    gk@marinagolf.com
CLUB DE GOLF PLAYA SERENA                         ALMERIA            18         950 333055          golfplayaserena@larural.es
CORTIJO GRANDE CLUB DE GOLF                       ALMERIA            18         950 479176          granfe@cajamar.es
DESERT SPRINGS GOLF CLUB                          ALMERIA            18         950 467104          desertsprings@almanzora.com
GOLF ALMERIMAR                                    ALMERÍA            18         950 497454          golfalmerimar@a2000.es
LA ENVIA GOLF                                     ALMERIA            18         950 559641          envia@golf-andalucia.net
GOLF VALLE DEL ESTE                               ALMERIA            18         950 460887          valledeleste@valledeleste.es
ALCAIDESA LINKS GOLF COURSE                       CÁDIZ              18         956 791040          alcaidesa@teleline.es
ALMENARA HOTEL-GOLF                               CADIZ              18         956 582000          almenara.golf@sotogrande.com
CLUB DE GOLF EL CAMPANO                           CADIZ              9          956 493081
CLUB DE GOLF COSTA BALLENA                        CADIZ              18 + 9     956 847070          costa@ballenagolf.com
CLUB DE GOLF LA CAÑADA                            CADIZ              9          956 794100 / 4411   cgolflacanada@viautil.com
CLUB DE GOLF VALDERRAMA                           CADIZ              18 + 9     956 791200          greensees@valderrama.com
DEHESA MONTENMEDIO GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB            CADIZ              18         956 451216          comercial@monteenmedio.com
GOLF NOVO SANCTI PETRI                            CADIZ              27 + 9     956 494005          reservas@golf-novosanti.es
MONTECASTILLO HOTEL & GOLF RESORT                 CADIZ              18         956 151200          markt@montecastillo.com
REAL CLUB DE GOLF SOTOGRANDE                      CADIZ              18 + 9     956 785014          info@golfsotogrande.com
SAN ROQUE CLUB                                    CADIZ              18         956 613030          info@sanroqueclub.com
VISTA HERMOSA CLUB DE GOLF                        CADIZ              9          956 541968
BERNALUP GOLF                                     CADIZ              18         956 424928          info@benalupgolf.com
CLUB DE GOLF POZOBLANCO                           CORDOBA            9          957 339003          pzoblanco@golf-andalucia.net
CLUB DE CAMPO DE CORDOBA                          CORDOBA            18         957 350208
GRANADA CLUB DE GOLF                              GRANADA            18         958 584436          granada@golf-andalucia.net
LOS MORISMOS CLUB DE GOLF                         GRANADA            9          958 825527          moriscos@retemail.es
CLUB DE GOLF BELLAVISTA                           HUELVA             18         959 319017/18       bellavista@golf-andalucia.net
GOLF DUNAS DE DOÑANA                              HUELVA             18         959 441810          dunasdonana@golf-andalucia.net
ISLA CANELA CLUB DE GOLF                          HUELVA             18         959 477263          islacanela@golf-andalucia.net
ISLANTILLA GOLF, S.A.                             HUELVA             27         959 486039/49       islantilla@golf-andalucia.net
PARQUE DEPORTIVO DE LINARES “LA GARZA”            JAÉN               9          953 125244          parquedeportivo@golf-andalucia.net
CLUB DE GOLF SIERRA DE SEGURA                     JAÉN               9          953 487097          segura@golf-andalucia.net
ALHAURIN GOLF & CLUB HIPICO                       MALAGA             18         95 2595970          reservasgolf@alhauringolf.com
AÑORETA GOLF                                      MALAGA             18         95 2405000          añoreta@golf-andalucia.net
ATALAYA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB                       MALAGA             36         95 2882812          atalaya@golf-andalucia.net
BAVIERA GOLF                                      MALAGA             18         952 318250
CABOPINO CLUB DE GOLF S.A.                        MALAGA             18         952 837277          reservas@cabopinogolf.es
CLUB DE CAMPO LA ZAGALETA                         MALAGA             18         95 2855453          club-lazagaleta@mercuryin.es
CLUB DE GOLF DE MIJAS                             MALAGA             36         95 2476843          mijasgolfclub@correo.quickline.net
CLUB EL CANDADO                                   MALAGA             9          95 2299340/4        clubelcandado@airtel.net
CLUB ESTEPONA GOLF                                MALAGA             18         95 2113081
MARBELLA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB                      MALAGA             18         95 2830500          siles@retemail.es
GOLF EL PARAISO                                   MALAGA             18         95 2883846
GOLF LA DAMA DE NOCHE                             MALAGA             9          95 2818150/8413
GOLF LA DUQUESA                                   MALAGA             18         95 2890425          duquesa@golf-andalucia.net
GOLF LOS ARQUEROS                                 MALAGA             18         95 2784600          losarquerosgolf@retemail.es
GOLF RIO REAL                                     MALAGA             18         952 773776/9509     rioreal@golf-andalucía.net
GOLF TORREQUEBRADA                                MALAGA             18         95 2442741/42       torrequebrada@grn.es
GREENLIFE GOLF CLUB, S.L.                         MALAGA             9          952 838142          golf@greenlife-estates.es
GUADALHORCE CLUB DE GOLF                          MALAGA             18 + 9     95 2179378          guadalhorce@golf-andalucia.net
GUADALMINA GOLF NORTE / SUR                       MALAGA             45         95 288337           guagolfsa@jet.es
LA CALA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB                       MALAGA             36         95 2669000          golf@lacala.com
LA QUINTA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB                     MALAGA             27         95 2762390          depcom@laquintagolf.com
LAURO GOLF                                        MALAGA             18         95 2412767          reserve@laurogolf.com
LOS NARANJOS GOLF CLUB                            MALAGA             18         95 2812428          jb@losnaranjos.com
MIRAFLORES GOLF                                   MALAGA             18         95 2931960
MONTE MAYOR GOLF CLUB                             MALAGA             18         95 2113088
REAL CLUB DE CAMPO DE MALAGA                      MALAGA             18         95 2381255
REAL CLUB GOLF LAS BRISAS                         MALAGA             18         95 2813021          secretaria@brisasgolf.com
SANTA CLARA GOLF                                  MALAGA             18         952 766267
SANTA MARIA GOLF&COUNTRY CLUB                     MALAGA             18         95 2830388
ARTOLA GOLF                                       MALAGA             9          952 831390          hotelartola@inves.es
MIJAS GOLF - LOS LAGOS                            MALAGA             18         952 476843          info@mijasgolf.org
MIJAS GOLF - LOS OLIVOS                           MALAGA             18         952 476843          info@mijasgolf.org
FLAMINGOS GOLF CLUB - HOTEL VILLA PADIERNA        MALAGA             18         952 885346          info@flamingos-golf.com
MARBELLA CLUB GOLF RESORT                         MALAGA             18         952 113239
CLUB DE GOLF EL COTO                              MALAGA             9          952 804700          coto@golf-andalucia.net
ALOHA GOLF                                        MALAGA             18+9       952 907085/6        aloha@golf-andalucia.net
CLUB DE GOLF LA SIESTA                            MALAGA             9          952 933362          siesta@golf-andalucia.net
ASOC. DEPORTIVA LAS MINAS GOLF                    SEVILLA            9          95 5750678/0556     lasminas@golf-andalucia.net
CLUB ZAUDIN GOLF                                  SEVILLA            18         95 4154159          zaudingolf@teleline.es
REAL CLUB DE GOLF DE SEVILLA                      SEVILLA            18         95 4124301/4211     rcgolfsevilla@sevillagolf.com
REAL CLUB PINEDA DE SEVILLA                       SEVILLA            18         95 4611400          actividades@rcpineda.com
• FEDERACIÓN ARAGONESA DE GOLF                    ZARAGOZA                      976 731095
GOLF DE GUARA                                     HUESCA             9          974 340165
BENASQUE CLUB, S.A.                               ZARAGOZA           9          974 552021
CLUB DE GOLF LA PEÑAZA                            ZARAGOZA           18         976 342800/04       lpgolf@retemail.es
GOLF LOS LAGOS                                    ZARAGOZA           9          976 617613
REAL AEREO CLUB DE ZARAGOZA                       ZARAGOZA           9          976 214378          fada@public.ibercaja.es

• FEDERACIÓN DE GOLF DEL PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIAS   ASTURIAS                                          fgpa@infogijon.com
CAMPO MUN. DE GOLF DE LAS CALDAS                  ASTURIAS           18         985 798132          lascaldas@terra.es
CAMPO MUN. LA LLOREA                              ASTURIAS           18         98 5333191          administracion@golflalloreda.com
CLUB DE GOLF CIERRO GRANDE                        ASTURIAS           9          98 5472519
CLUB DE GOLF DE LUARCA                            ASTURIAS           9          985 640100
CLUB DE GOLF LA BARGANIZA                         ASTURIAS           18         985 742468
CLUB DE GOLF LA FRESNEDA                          ASTURIAS           9          985 267301
CLUB DE GOLF LA MORGAL                            ASTURIAS           9          985 771675
CLUB DE GOLF LA RASA DE BERBES                    ASTURIAS                      985 860713
CLUB DE GOLF VILLAVICIOSA                         ASTURIAS           9          908 682949

                                                  2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 30
                                               GOLF COURSES
GOLF COURSE                                    PROVINCE           HOLES      TEL +34           E-MAIL
CLUB MPAL. DE G. LLANES C. DE GOLF LA CUESTA   ASTURIAS           18         985 417084        lacuesta@arrakis.es
REAL CLUB DE GOLF DE CASTIELLO                 ASTURIAS           18         98 5366313        administración@castiello.com

• FEDERACIÓN BALEAR                            PALMA DE MALLORCA             971 722753
CLUB DE GOLF IBIZA                             IBIZA           27            971 196118
CLUB DE GOLF ROCA LLISA                        IBIZA                         971 196118
CANYAMEL GOLF CLUB                             MALLORCA        18            971 841313        casaclub@canyamelgolf.com
CLUB DE GOLF ANDRATX                           MALLORCA        18            971 236280        golf.andratx@atlas-iap.es
CLUB DE GOLF CAPDEPERA                         MALLORCA        18            971 818500        golf@capdepera.golf.com
CLUB DE GOLF PONIENTE                          MALLORCA        18            971 130148        golfponiente@terra.es
CLUB DE GOLF SON ANTEM                         MALLORCA        18 + 18       971 661124
CLUB DE GOLF SON SERVERA                       MALLORCA        9             971 840096        cgss@calamillor.com
CLUB DE GOLF VALL D’OR                         MALLORCA        18            971 837001/68
GOLF DE SON TERMENS                            MALLORCA        18            971 617862/45
GOLF POLLENSA                                  MALLORCA        9             971 533216
GOLF SANTA PONSA                               MALLORCA        18            971 690211/0800
GOLF SANTA PONSA II                            MALLORCA        18            971 232531
GOLF SANTA PONSA III                           MALLORCA        9             971 232531
GOLF SON MUNTANER                              MALLORCA        18            971 783030
PULA GOLF                                      MALLORCA        18            971 817034        pulagolf@eresmas.com
REAL GOLF BENDINAT                             MALLORCA        18            971 405200
SON VIDA CLUB DE GOLF                          MALLORCA        18            971 791210        sonvidagolf@readysoft.es
CLUB DE GOLF SON PARC                          MENORCA         9             971 188875

• FEDERACIÓN DE CANARIAS                       LAS PALMAS                    928 296700        lpa@fcgolf.com / tnf@fcgolf.com
ANFITAURO GOLF                                 GRAN CANARIA       36         928 562336
CAMPO DE GOLF MASPALOMAS                       GRAN CANARIA       18         928 762581/7343   magolfsa@maspalomasgolf.net
EL CORTIJO GOLF CENTER                         GRAN CANARIA       18 + 3     928 684890        insular@airtel.net
REAL CLUB DE GOLF LAS PALMAS                   GRAN CANARIA       18         928 351050        rcglp@step.es
GOLF COSTA TEGUISE                             LANZAROTE          18         928 590512
CLUB DE GOLF EL SALOBRE                        LAS PALMAS         18         828 061826
CLUB DE CAMPO EL CORTIJO                       LAS PALMAS         9          928 374064        clubcampo@elco
COSTA BOTIJA                                                      18
MELONERAS GOLF                                 LAS PALMAS         18         928 303250        promotora@grupolopesan.com
GOLF CLUB FUERTEVENTURA                        FUERTEVENTURA      18         928 160034        fuerteventuragolf@grupoanjoca.com
AMARILLA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB                   TENERIFE           18         922 730319        amarilla@redkbs.com
CAMPO DE GOLF LAS AMERICAS                     TENERIFE           18         922 752005        info@golf-tenerife.com
GOLF COSTA ADEJE                               TENERIFE           27         922 710000        golfcostadeje@intenbook.net
GOLF DEL SUR                                   TENERIFE           27         922 738170        golfdelsur@arrakis.es
GOLF LOS PALOS                                 TENERIFE           9          922 169080        golflospalos@jet.es
REAL CLUB DE GOLF TENERIFE                     TENERIFE           18         922 636607
GOLF LA ROSALEDA                               TENERIFE           9          922 373000
BUENA VISTA DEL NORTE                          TENERIFE           18
Buena Vista del Norte                          TENERIFE                      922 533535
• FEDERACIÓN DE CANTABRIA                                                                      Apartado 1005 - 39080 SANTANDER
CAMPO DE GOLF ABRA DEL PAS                     CANTABRIA          9          942 577597
CAMPO DE GOLF DE LA JUNQUERA                   CANTABRIA          9          942 501040
CAMPO DE GOLF DE NESTARES                      CANTABRIA          18         942 771127
CAMPO DE GOLF OYAMBRE                          CANTABRIA          9          942 882378
CAMPO MUNICIPAL DE GOLF MATALEÑAS              CANTABRIA          9          942 390247
REAL GOLF DE PEDREÑA                           CANTABRIA          27         942 500001        comite@realgolfdepedrena.com
• FEDERACIÓN DE GOLF DE CASTILLA-LA MANCHA                                   925 227817
CLUB GOLF EL BONILLO                           ALBACETE           9          967 370670        golf_bonillo@inicia.es
GOLF CABANILLAS                                GUADALAJARA        9          949 820686
LAYOS CASA CAMPO S.A.                          TOLEDO             18         91 4261580

• FEDERACIÓN DE CASTILLA Y LEÓN                                              983 290784
CLUB DE GOLF EL FRESNILLO / NATURAVILA         AVILA              18         920 353276
NAVALUENGA                                     AVILA              9          920 298040
CASINO ABULENSE                                AVILA              9          920 220025
CLUB DE GOLF DE LERMA                          BURGOS             18         947 171214/16
CLUB DE GOLF SALAS DE LOS INFANTES             BURGOS             9          947 380700
CLUB DE GOLF VILLARIAS                         BURGOS             9          947 131155
CLUB DE GOLF VILLATORO                         BURGOS             9          947 560969
RIOCEREZO CLUB DE GOLF                         BURGOS             9          947 289716
CLUB DE GOLF EL BIERZO                         LEON               9          987 695129
LEON CLUB DE GOLF “EL CUETO”                   LEON               18         987 303400
CLUB DE GOLF HIERRO 3                          LEÓN               9          987 225683
CAMPO MUNICIPAL DE GOLF “ISLA DOS AGUAS”       PALENCIA           9          979 743612        pmd@pmdpalencia.com
CAMPO DE GOLF DE SALAMANCA                     SALAMANCA          18         923 329101/00     club@salamancagolf.com
CAMPO DE GOLF VILLAMAYOR                       SALAMANCA          18         923 160068        pas@mrs.eurart.es
CLUB DE GOLF DE BEJAR                          SALAMANCA          9          923 410550
CLUB DE GOLF VILLA DE CUELLAR                  SEGOVIA            9          921 142158
EL TIRO CLUB DE CAMPO                          SEGOVIA            6          921 471733
VALDORROS CLUB DE GOLF                         SEGOVIA            9          921 142158
VALDEMAZO CLUB DE GOLF                         SEGOVIA            9          921 121380
EL ESPINAR CLUB DE GOLF                        SEGOVIA            9          921 182542
ESCUELA DE GOLF LOS ANGELES DE SAN RAFAEL      SEGOVIA            9          921 128174
CLUB DE GOLF LA DEHESA DE MORON                SORIA              9          975 306075        dehesa@wanadoo.es
NAVAGRULLA CLUB DE GOLF                        SORIA              9          975 376322

                                               2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 31
                                           GOLF COURSES
GOLF COURSE                                PROVINCE           HOLES      TEL +34                  E-MAIL
CLUB DE GOLF ENTREPINOS                    VALLADOLID         18         983 590511               entrepinos@futurnet.es
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CLUB DE GOLF LA GALERA                     VALLADOLID         9          983 331977
LOS MAILLOS CLUB RUSTICO DE GOLF           VALLADOLID         9          983 219181
CLUB DE GOLF BOCIGAS                       VALLADOLID         9          983 626047
CAMPO DE GOLF DE VILLARRIN                 ZAMORA             9          980 580189

• FEDERACIÓN CATALANA                                                    93 4145262               catgolf@catgolf.com
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CLUB DE GOLF MONTBRU MOIA                  BARCELONA          9          93 2077222
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CLUB DE GOLF TERRAMAR                      BARCELONA          18         93 8940580/2043          info@golfsotogrande.com
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CLUB DE GOLF VILACIS                       BARCELONA          9          93 8126264
GOLF LA ROQUETA                            BARCELONA          9          93 8331328
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GOLF SANT JOAN                             BARCELONA          9+9        93 6753050               golfsenorio@axarnet.com
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CLUB DE GOLF ANGEL DE LLORET               GERONA             18         972 365416
CLUB DE GOLF CAMPRODON                     GERONA             9          972 130125
CLUB DE GOLF COSTA BRAVA                   GERONA             18         972 837150               info@golfcostabrava.com
CLUB DE GOLF DE GERONA                     GERONA             18         972 171641               golfgirona@infoservei.es
CLUB DE GOLF DE PALS                       GERONA             18         972 636006               golfpals@grn.es
CLUB DE GOLF PERALADA                      GERONA             18 + 3     972 538287/8
EMPORDA GOLF CLUB                          GERONA             27         972 760550               empordagolfclub@ctv.es
FONTANALS DE CERDANYA                      GERONA             18         972 144374               fantanals@fonenet.es
GOLF D’ARO                                 GERONA             18 + 9     972 826900               golfdaromasnou@retemail.es
GOLF SERRES DE PALS                        GERONA             18         972 637375               info@golseresdepals.com
P.G.A. GOLF DE CATALUÑA                    GERONA             18         972 472577               pgacata@teleline.es
REAL CLUB DE GOLF DE CERDAÑA               GERONA             18 + 9     972 141408 / 1040
TORREMIRONA                                GERONA             18         972 553737               torremirona@retemail.es
ARAVELL GOLF ANDORRA                       LERIDA             18         973 360066               secretaria@aravellgolfandorra.com
CLUB DE GOLF PORT DEL COMTE                LERIDA             9          973 480950
CLUB DE GOLF RIBERA SALADA                 LERIDA             9          973 481617
RAIMAT CLUB DE GOLF                        LERIDA             9          973 737539/40
CLUB DE GOLF BONMONT TERRES NOVES          TARRAGONA          18         977 818140/29            info@bonmont.es
CLUB DE GOLF COSTA DORADA-TARRAGONA        TARRAGONA          18         977 653361               golfcdt@teleline.es
CLUB DE GOLF LA GRAIERA                    TARRAGONA          9+9        977 168032
CLUB DE GOLF REUS AIGÜESVERDS              TARRAGONA          18         977 752725
CLUB DE GOLF SANT JORDI                    TARRAGONA          9          977 493277
CLUB DE GOLF OSONA-MUNTANYÀ - EL BRULL     BARCELONA          18         93 8840170
GOLF PLANA DE VIC                          BARCELONA                     630 584894

• FEDERACIÓN DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA                                  96 3935403
ALENDA GOLF CLUB                           ALICANTE           18         96 5620331               alendaclub@retemail.es
ALICANTE GOLF                              ALICANTE           18         96 5152043               clubgolf@alicantegolf.com
CLUB DE GOLF BONALBA                       ALICANTE           18         96 5955337               golfbonalba@golfbonalba.com
CLUB DE GOLF DON CAYO                      ALICANTE           9          965 848046               doncayo@ctv.es
CLUB DE GOLF IFACH                         ALICANTE           9          96 6497114               p32597@autovia.com
CLUB DE GOLF JAVEA                         ALICANTE           9          96 5792584               javeagolf@ctv.es
CLUB DE GOLF LA SELLA                      ALICANTE           18         96 6454252               lasella@arrakis.es
CLUB DE GOLF VILLAMARTIN                   ALICANTE           36         96 6765170               golfvillamartin@ole.com
EL PLANTIO                                 ALICANTE           18 + 9     965 189115               elplantio@setemail.es
VILLAMARTIN II (Las Ramblas de Orihuela)   ALICANTE           18         96 5322011               enavarretes.golfvilla@nexo.es
REAL CLUB DE GOLF CAMPOAMOR                ALICANTE           18         96 5320410 / 050
GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB LA MARQUESA            ALICANTE           18         96 6714182               golfmarquesa@ctv.es
LA FINCA                                   ALICANTE           18+1       96 5967058
LAS RAMBLAS                                ALICANTE           18         96 5322011               caddie@golframblas.com
CLUB DE CAMPO DEL MEDITERRANEO             CASTELLON          18         964 321227               club@ccmediterraneo.com
CLUB DE GOLF COSTA DE AZAHAR               CASTELLON          9          964 280979               golfazahar@infoesnet.com
PANORAMICA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB             CASTELLON          18 + 3     964 493072               golf@panoramicagolf.com
CAMPO DE GOLF EL SALER                     VALENCIA           18         96 1610384/1186          saler-golf@parador.es
CAMPO DE GOLF OLIVA NOVA                   VALENCIA           18         96 2857666               golf@chg.es
CLUB DE GOLF EL BOSQUE                     VALENCIA           18         96 1808000               info@elbosquegolf.com
CLUB DE GOLF ESCORPION                     VALENCIA           18         96 1601211/96 169 0210
CLUB DE GOLF MANISES                       VALENCIA           9          96 1534069               golfmanises@factoryw.com

• FEDERACIÓN EXTREMEÑA DE GOLF                                           927 21437                feexgolf@arrakis.es
DON TELLO CLUB DE GOLF DE MERIDA           BADAJOZ            9          924 123038
GOLF DEL GUADIANA, S.A.                    BADAJOZ            18         924 448188
NORBA CLUB DE GOLF                         CACERES            18         927 231441

• FEDERACIÓN GALLEGA                       LA CORUÑA                     981 229618               fggolf@la-red.com
CLUB DE GOLF DE LA CORUÑA                  LA CORUÑA          18         981 285200/4786
CLUB DE GOLF VAL DE ROIS                   LA CORUÑA          9          981 810864
REAL AERO CLUB DE SANTIAGO                 LA CORUÑA          9          981 954910/11
CLUB DE GOLF DE LUGO                       LUGO               9          982 176314
MONTEALEGRE CLUB DE GOLF, S.A.             ORENSE             9          988 301594
CAMPO DE GOLF BALNEARIO MONDARIZ           PONTEVEDRA         18         986 656200               golfmondariz@infonegocio.com
CLUB DE GOLF RIA DE VIGO                   PONTEVEDRA         18         986 327051               riadevigo@riadevigogolf.com
GOLF DE MEIS                               PONTEVEDRA         18         986 680533
GOLF LA TOJA                               PONTEVEDRA         9          986 730158               golflatoja@eresmas.com
REAL AERO CLUB DE VIGO                     PONTEVEDRA         9          986 486645               raclubvigo@wanadoo.es

                                           2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 32
                                              GOLF COURSES
GOLF COURSE                                   PROVINCE    HOLES    TEL +34                 E-MAIL
• FEDERACIÓN DE GOLF DE MADRID                MADRID               91 5567134              alfonso@fedgolfmadrid.com
CAMPO DE GOLF BASE AEREA DE TORREJON          MADRID      18       91 6603739
CAMPO DE GOLF DE SOMOSAGUAS                   MADRID      9        91 3521647/48/49
CASINO CLUB DE GOLF RETAMARES                 MADRID      18 + 9   91 6202540/58           efernanp@cajamadrid.es
CDM “LA DEHESA”                               MADRID      9        91 5090125              cdm.dehesa.golf@ext.mde.es
CENTRO DEPORTIVO BARBERAN                     MADRID      9        91 5090059
CLUB DE CAMPO VILLA DE MADRID                 MADRID      36       91 5502010/16/22        deportes.ccvm@retemail.es
CLUB DE GOLF ENCINAR                          MADRID      9        91 8674516              industonica@jet.es
CLUB DE GOLF LAS REJAS GOLF MAJADAHONDA       MADRID      18       91 6347930              sotoonce@jet.es
CLUB DE GOLF LOMAS-BOSQUE                     MADRID      18 + 9   91 6167500              lomas-bosque@infonegocio.com
CLUB DE GOLF OLIVAR DE LA HINOJOSA            MADRID      18 + 9   91 7211889              clubgolfolivar@elinel.com
CLUB DE GOLF Y DEPORTES - GOLF SCRATCH S.L.   MADRID      9        91 6637032
CLUB JARAMA R.A.C.E.                          MADRID      18 + 9   91 6570011              golf@race.es
CLUB LAS ENCINAS DE BOADILLA                  MADRID      9        91 6322691
CLUB VALDELAGUILA                             MADRID      9        91 8859659
GOLF LA DEHESA                                MADRID      18       91 8157022              dehesa@arrakis.com
GOLF LA MORALEJA                              MADRID      18       91 6500700              golflamoraleja@golfspain.com
GOLF PARK ENTERTAIMENT                        MADRID      9        91 6614444
LA HERRERIA CLUB DE GOLF                      MADRID      18       91 8905111              mastercaddi@golflaherreria.com
NUEVO CLUB DE GOLF DE MADRID                  MADRID      18       91 6300820
PALACIO DEL NEGRALEJO                         MADRID      9        91 6690422              escaparate.com/golfnegralejo
REAL CLUB DE LA PUERTA DE HIERRO              MADRID      36       91 3161745              rcphdeportes@navegalia.com

LA MANGA CLUB                                 MURCIA      54       968 175000              reservasgolf@lamangaclub.com
CLUB DE GOLF ALTORREAL                        MURCIA               968 648144              direccion@golfaltorreal.es
CLUB DE GOLF TORRE PACHECO                                         968 585111

• FEDERACIÓN NAVARRA DE GOLF                  PAMPLONA             948 210132 • Fax: 948 241051
CLUB DE GOLF C. DE GORRAIZ                    NAVARRA     18       948 337073              administración@golfgorraiz.es
CLUB DE GOLF ULZAMA                           NAVARRA     18       948 305162/5471         jripa@lesein.es
SEÑORIO DE ZUASTI GOLF CLUB                   NAVARRA     18       948 302900

• FEDERACIÓN VASCA                            GUIPUZCOA            943 293508              info@eushogolf.com
CLUB DE GOLF DE LARRABEA                      ALAVA       18       945 465482              larrabe@arrakis.es
IZKI-GOLF                                     ALAVA       18 + 9   945 378262              izkigolf@jet.es
ZUIA CLUB DE GOLF                             ALAVA       9        945 403290
REAL GOLF CLUB DE SAN SEBASTIAN               GUIPUZCOA   18       943 616845/46
CLUB DE CAMPO LAUKARIZ                        VIZCAYA     18       94 6740858              cclaukariz@euskalnet.net
REAL SOCIEDAD DE GOLF DE NEGURI               VIZCAYA     18       94 4910200
Locations for holding meet-
In 2001, congress centres were
the type of site most used to hold
meetings, in 34.35% of cases,
closely followed by hotels, which
obtained the greatest percentage in
In cities of between 200,000 and
500,000 inhabitants, the use of
congress centres (51.55%) is far
superior to the use of hotels
(22.49%). However, in cities of
more than 1,000,000 inhabitants
the results are inverted, hotels
occupying 53.62% and congress
centres 17.08%.
The use of congress centres is
inversely proportional to the size
of the city. The smaller the city,
the more congress centres are
used, except in cities of less than
200,000 inhabitants, where it
greatly depends on the kind of
meeting taking place and, as a

                                        Congress tourism in
result, there are considerable
changes from year to year in per-
centages showing the kind of site

                                        Spain in 2001 is
used to hold meetings.

Type       of     accommodation

                                        regaining strength
The vast majority of delegates
(96.34%) stay in hotels. It is also a
proportion that remains constant in

                                        after the international
all cities, regardless of size. More
than half of delegates (62.52%)
choose to stay in a 4-star hotel. If
this figure is added to those that

choose the 3-star option, it
amounts to 87.95%. Cities of less
than 200,000 inhabitants register
the highest percentage of delegates
staying in 4-star hotels, 68.36%.
It is worth mentioning that during
2001, there was a 2.31% fall in
the number of delegates staying in      2001 will go down in the history of international tou-
5-star hotels.                          rism marked by 11 September and its direct conse-
                                        quences on all markets. As far as so-called congress
Forecasts for 2002                      tourism is concerned, these events put a brake on con-
Of the cities consulted, 62.5% con-     gresses planned for the last quarter of the year and the
sider the congress market will          first quarter of 2002. However, when analysis is made
grow in terms of number of events.      of the official statistics, of figures provided by con-
And 64.3% (that is to say, a            gress organizers, the cities that form part of the Spain
slightly more optimistic percent-       Convention Bureau and the Junior Minister for Trade’s
age) consider the market will grow      Office, the conclusion is that 2001 was a good year.
     in terms of number of dele-
                                        This is due both to the amount of events held in our
      gates. Both percentages
                                        country and the number of delegates that participated,

       (number of meeting and del-
                                        making an economic contribution -daily expenditure-

                                            2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 34
egates) are substantially smaller
than those given in 2000 as fore-
casts for 2001. As far as the
increase in daily expenditure is
concerned, expectations are not so
optimistic and most tend to think it
will remain steady.
As for the type of meeting, the
greatest prospects for growth in
number of participants are for con-
gresses, while there is no substan-
tial difference as far as straight
meetings go. Perhaps what is most
noteworthy is that there is a ten-
dency to be less optimistic about
2002 than 2001.
With respect to cities, those that
have the greatest expectations for
2002 are those of less than
500,000 inhabitants, both in terms
of number of meetings and number
of delegates. However, cities of
more than 1,000,000 inhabitants
consider that the daily expenditure                                               siderable increase in the profes-
of delegates will increase in 2002,                                               sional meetings its hosts each
while those between 500,000 and a                                                 year.
1,000,000 think it will remain                                                    Barcelona is the chosen option tak-
steady and those of less than                                                     ing into account the preferences of
500,000 have divided opinions                                                     exhibitors, the group of co-organ-
between it increasing and remain-                                                 izers, the invited buyers and other
ing steady.                                                                       specialized visitors “because of
                                                                                  the dynamism and vibrant
Barcelona         secures       the                                               life on the streets of the
EIBTM. The Catalan capital                                                        city, the category and num-
will host the world’s most                                                        ber of 4 and 5-star hotels,
important        congress       and                                               the restaurants, its many
incentive fair between 2004                                                       attractions          and        the
and 2008.                                                                         nightlife”, factors that, accord-
Barcelona will be the new site of                                                 ing to Reed, have contributed to the
the world’s most important con-                                                   decision.
gress, convention and incentive                                                   The general manager of Reed Trav-
travel fair. Between 2004 and                                                     el Exhibitions, Tom Nutley, says
2008, the Catalan capital will host    December 2004. The fair organized          that “Barcelona finally came
the prestigious EIBTM, which has       by Reed attracts around 10,000             out ahead by a clear margin”
been held in Geneva since 1988.        people     between     buyers    and       in a process in which “the levels
The city came first in the selection   exhibitors. Its importance, howev-         of presentation and competi-
process, says Reed Travel Exhibi-      er, goes beyond this volume of             tiveness between the finalist
tions, the company that stages the     activity, since it is the fair of the      cities have been very high”.
fair. Barcelona came out on top in     professionals that decide the loca-        According to Nutley, “Barcelona
the final round, ahead of the candi-   tions for companies and associa-           is the city in the world that
datures of Geneva, Lisbon, Madrid      tions to hold their professional           has most professional meet-
and Vienna, in a process that 10       encounters. That is to say, people         ing contracts, according to
cities from all over Europe took       that programme congresses, con-            the ICCA ranking, and the
part in.                               ventions and incentive trips from          management group of EIBTM
Barcelona will host the EIBTM for      all five continents will meet in           was enormously impressed
five years. The first edition in the   Barcelona for five years, with the         by the enthusiasm, commit-
city will be held at the Fira de       subsequent publicity for the city          ment, experience and drive
Barcelona facilities on Gran Via       which that entails. As a result,           of Barcelona”.
(M2) between 30 November and 2         Barcelona could experience a con-          The mayor of Barcelona, Joan

                                             2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 35
                                                                                                 MEMBERS OF THE SPAIN CONVENTION BUREAU
                                                                                                  ADRESS               PROVINCE   TEL.+34                                                                            FAX.+34                  E-MAIL
                                     SPAIN CONVENTION BUREAU                                     NUNCIO,8 • 28005                                              MADRID                            91 3643700          91 3655482              scb@femp.es
                                     - ANDALUCIA
                                     SOCIEDAD MPAL.DE FOMENTO DE CADIZ 2000,SA                   PALACIO DE CONGRESOS Y EXPOS.PLOCIA,S/N • 11006               CADIZ                             956 291017          956 291018              cadiz2000@palaciocongresos-cadiz.com
                                     OFICINA MPAL.DE TURISMO Y CONGRESOS DE CORDOBA              PZA.DE JUDA LEVI,S/N • 14071                                  CORDOBA                           957 760071          957 760160              ccb@cordobaconvention.com
                                     PATRONATO MUNICIPAL DE TURISMO                              PALACETE LA NAJARRA-AVD.DE EUROPA,S/N • 18690                 ALMUÑECAR-GRANADA                 958 631125          958 635007              ofitur@almunecar-ctropical.org
                                     DELEGACION DE TURISMO,AYUNTAMIENTO                          PZA.DE SANTA INES ALTA • 18010                                GRANADA                           958 221300          958 222851              gperegri@granada.org
                                     HUELVA CONVENTION BUREAU                                    FERNANDO EL CATOLICO,18 ENTREPLANTA • 21003                   HUELVA                            959 257467          959 249646              turismo@diphuelva.es
                                     DELEGACION DE TURISMO,AYUNTAMIENTO                          PZA.BLAS INFANTE,1 • 29620                                    TORREMOLINOS-MALAGA               95 2379512          95 2379551              turismo@ayto-torremolinos.org
                                     CONCEJALIA DE TURISMO,AYUNTAMIENTO                          ALAMEDA PRINCIPAL,23 • 29004                                  MALAGA                            95 2128808          95 2214120              fgamez@telenet.es
                                     TURISMO DE SEVILLA                                          PZA.AMERICA,S/N PABELLON REAL • 41013                         SEVILLA                           954 505667          954 505672              turismo@sevilla.org
                                     - ARAGON
                                     ZARAGOZA CONVENTION BUREAU                                  EDUARDO IBARRA,3 AUDITORIO PALACIO CONGR. • 50009             ZARAGOZA                          976 721333          976 721327              turismo@ayto-zaragoza.es
                                     - ASTURIAS
                                     SOCIEDAD MIXTA DE TURISMO Y FESTEJOS                        MATERNIDAD,2- PLANTA 3ª • 33207                               GIJON                             985 345561          985 359050              smtf@infogijon.com
                                     PALACIO DE CONGRESOS-AUDITORIO PRINCIPE FELIPE              PLAZA DE LA GESTA,S/N • 33007                                 OVIEDO                            985 272307          985 246216              rsecades.congresos@ayto-oviedo.es
                                     - BALEARES
                                     OFICINA MUNICIPAL DE TURISMO                                SANTO DOMINGO,11 • 07001                                      PALMA DE MALLORCA                 971 724090          971 720240              turisme@a-palma.es
                                     MALLORCA CONVENTION BUREAU                                  PUEBLO ESPAÑOL,S/N DCHO.4 • 07014                             PALMA DE MALLORCA                 971 739202          971 738162              mcb@bdr.es
                                     - CANARIAS
                                     LAS PALMAS DE G.CANARIA CONVENTION BUREAU                   LEON Y CASTILLO,322-4ª PLANTA • 35007                         LAS PALMAS DE G.C.                928 261570          928 262607              convention@laspalmasgccb.com
                                     PATRONATO DE TURISMO DE LANZAROTE                           BLAS CABRERA FELIPE,S/N • 35500                               LAS PALMAS DE G.C.                928 811762          928 800080              ritamartinperez@hotmail.com
                                     TENERIFE CONVENTION BUREAU                                  AUREA DIAZ FLORES,S/N (RCTO.FERIAL) • 38005                   SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE            922 237875          922 237872              antje@webtenerife.com
                                     - CANTABRIA
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2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 36
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In the 80’s, with the increase in
number of privately owned cars,
parks were built between cities to
attract tourists as well. In the
90’s, entrepreneurs in the sector
were encouraged and began to con-
ceive great theme parks (just one
of the offers in the amusement park
family). Port Aventura symbolised
the beginning of a new touristic
destination linked to sun and sand
–Tarragona, Salou– and daytime
recreation. The rest of the great
Spanish parks, Isla Mágica, Terra
Mítica, Warner Bros... have grown
as a result of the increasing new
demand for this type of product in
Isla Mágica in Seville is the first
theme park to be located in a city
centre, covering a surface area of
364,711 square metres, and has
proven itself to be a highly attrac-
tive recreational product. The park
recreates the atmosphere and
society of the 16th century, an era
that shone with the discovery of
new worlds explored by Spanish
pioneers. Isla Mágica received
more than five million visitors in
its first five seasons and this year
the number is expected to exceed
eight hundred thousand visitors.
This sixth season has lasted from
March 23 to November 3.         More
than 160 days of fun in the 16th
Connections to the park benefit
from an excellent communications
network. The motorways and toll-         Spain’s amusement parks are evolving, as have those
roads that link Seville with the rest    in America and Europe.     These last few years have
of Spain are outstanding. The AVE,       brought about changes in the sector dedicated to
Spain’s high-speed train, leaves         mass recreation.   These parks are installations which
from the Santa Justa train station       require an extraordinary number of square metres; in
located a few minutes from the           fact, amusement parks are the touristic enterprise
park. Lastly, San Pablo, the inter-      which consume the most space. The first amusement
national airport, is only fifteen        parks were built in Spain at the end of the 1960’s as
minutes from Isla Mágica. Vegeta-
tion and water play a special role.     investment.     Visitors immerse           Terra Mítica collaborates
Isla Mágica has over 500,000            themselves in the atmospheres              with leading companies in
plants, 49,000 square metres of         created in each of the seven theme         joint promotional campaigns
garden and 42,000 square metres         areas making up the park: Seville,         Terra Mítica has initiated a series
of water.                               Puerto de Indias; Quetzal, The Fury        of joint actions with prestigious
                                        of the Gods; Puerta de América,            brands to establish promotional
New Attractions                         Amazonia, Pirates’ Lair, The Foun-         campaigns whose goal is to attract
Isla Mágica has incorporated many       tain of Youth and El Dorado each           more clients to the park in high
     new attractions and shows          with different attractions and             season. Three of these campaigns
      into its 2002 season, which       entertainment events.                      are being carried out with brands

       has required a considerable                                                 belonging to the multinational com-

                                              2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 38
                                                                                 Warner Bros. Movie World brings
                                                                                 to Spain and specifically to Madrid,
                                                                                 the glamour and magic of Hollywo-
                                                                                 od and the world of Warner Bros.,
                                                                                 inspired in its well-known films
                                                                                 and cartoons in the form of the
                                                                                 Warner Bros. Park Madrid theme
                                                                                 park, built with an investment of
                                                                                 380 million euros.
                                                                                 The park project, with a maximum
                                                                                 daily capacity of 30,000 visitors,
                                                                                 a total of 2,6 million visitors per
                                                                                 year, covers a surface area of 250
                                                                                 hectares, of which 150 will be
                                                                                 constructed and 45 hectares will
                                                                                 be dedicated to protected areas
                                                                                 including 10 gardens, in which
                                                                                 10,000 trees will be planted. The
                                                                                 park will provide direct employ-
                                                                                 ment for 1600 people.

Spain Leads the
                                                                                 Located in San Martín de la Vega,
                                                                                 the park is only 25 km from
                                                                                 Madrid, a trip that can be made in
                                                                                 15 minutes from the centre of the
                                                                                 Spanish capital and 30 minutes

Field in Europe´s
                                                                                 from the Madrid Barajas airport.
                                                                                 The trip by the shuttle train leaving
                                                                                 from the Atocha station takes 20

Theme Parks
                                                                                 The park has five theme areas:
                                                                                 "Hollywood            Boulevard",
                                                                                 "Carton Village", "Old West
                                                                                 Territory", "DC Super Hero-
                                                                                 es World" and "Warner Bros.
                                                                                 Studios". There are a total of 25
                                                                                 attractions in these areas, inclu-
                                                                                 ding 5 roller coasters, 1 free-fall
                                                                                 tower, 1 simulator, 3 water rides
                                                                                 and 7 shows.       Among the more
pany Viacom, owner of Paramount        ding on and preparing the sites           spectacular roller coasters are
Parks, whose directors have been       where the scenes will be shot. The        ‘Superman, the Ride of Ste-
responsible for the new manage-        programme will raffle off weekend         el’, running 1200 metres to a
ment of Terra Mítica since an agre-    packages for the recreational             height of 46,3 metres at a speed of
ement reached last October. Anot-      resort in exchange for advertising        100 km per hour, ‘Batman, the
her case is Blockbuster, the chain     at different sales points.                Escape’, a coaster suspended at
of video clubs which offers a 20%                                                33,7 metres, running 780 metres
discount off the entrance price to     Hollywood on the Manzanares               at 80 km per hour and ‘The Wild,
the theme park with each film ren-                                               Wild West Roller Coaster’,
tal. Furthermore, MTV, the music                                                 running 1275 metres to a height of
television channel, will be shooting                                             40 metres at a speed of between
a episode of Selec, its most popular                                             80 and 100 km. per hour. Europe’s
program in Terra Mítica in July.                                                 highest free fall tower, ‘ T h e
Another similar campaign will be                                                 Vengeance of the Enigma’,
carried out together with Viacom’s                                               reaches 100 metres high and has
television channel, Paramount                                                    different ascent and descent pro-
Comedy Channel, and its program-                                                 grams. The fastest descent can be
me Zoolander, which will be shot in                                              done in 2,85 seconds, producing 2
the park. Programme technicians                                                  negative Gs. These attractions can
are already in Terra Mítica deci-                                                accommodate 23,000 visitors per

                                            2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 39
                                               Terra Mítica will premier a multipurpose

                                               center and a new suspended roller
Universal Mediterranea

                                               coaster for the next season 2003
Universal Mediterranea represents
a new concept in recreation and
entertainment, a holiday destina-
tion located on the shores of the
Mediterranean. Universal Medite-
rranea is made up of two totally               The new investment has been
different parks: Costa Caribe, a               included in the business plan pre-
new and modern waterpark and                   sented last November to the own-
Port Aventura, a theme park. The               ers of Terra Mítica Theme Park in
Hotel Port Aventura and Hotel El               Spain.
Paso, with 500 room each, com-                 Terra Mítica will add to its offer
plement this varied offer.      This           of leisure and entertainment a
spring the doors opened to the Hotel           multipurpose center, and a new
Port Aventura, which recreates in              roller coaster already under con-
full detail the charm of a Medite-             struction in the of development
rranean village. Located next to the           situated between the areas of
Mediterranean area inside the the-             Rome and Iberia.
me park, this 4-star hotel with its            The multipurpose center will open this winter. It will gives Terra Mítica the
500 rooms offers a wide range of               possibility to hold greats events, as well as open a lot of business possibili-
services for the whole family and a            ties, especially in the organization of conventions, congresses, seminaries,
complete business centre ready for             incentive trips. This sector supports, only in Spain, over 10.000 celebra-
all types of conventions, congres-             tions of this kind.
ses, meetings and incentives. The              The Theme Park will incorporate two amazing rides in the area of Iberia and
second to open will be the Hotel El            Rome. One of them is a Suspended Roller Coaster that will be open next
Paso, which will be located betwe-             March 2003. These rides will offer thrilling sensations to the visitors and
                                               will be Terra Mítica’s main new projects for are coming 2003 and 2004

   Situated on the best beach of Paguera, surrounded by pine trees, the Hotel has
   magnificent rooms with private bathroom, telephone, central heating, piped-music,
   and air conditioning in summer-time.

   There are four microprocessed lifts, air conditioning summer and winter in the
   public areas, a gameroom, conference room, colour satellite T.V., videofilms on a
   big screen, boutique, saunas and gymnasium. A supermarket just beside the

   Selective international cuisine, bar cafeteria, club and spacious lounges.
   Game room with a billiard, table tennis, electronic machines, etc...

                                     The hotel has 2 large swimmingpools, overlooking the beach with broad sun terraces;
                                     (Snack Bar Palapa), 1 indoor air-conditioned heated pool and a children’s paddling pool,
                                     play ground, tennis court, mini-golf and marvellous gardens.

                                     This magnificent collection of facilities, which are renewed, make the BEVERLY PLAYA the
                                     ideal place to spend your holidays.

                              Urbanización La Romana, Isaac Albéniz, 3 - 07160 Paguera - MALLORCA
         Tel. (34) 971 68 52 14 - 68 54 81 - Fax: (34) 971 68 61 20 - www.beverly-playa.com - e-mail: beverly@fehm.es

                                                     2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 40
However, cruise tourism is of                                                     le. Planned investment in infras-
                                           Spain has become
most economic interest since the                                                  tructure for passengers and cruise
average daily expenditure on this
                                          the third most visi-                    ships amounts to more than 370
kind of visit to our country               ted country in the                     million euros.
amounts to 150 euros, a little more       world over the last                     According to the Institute of Tou-
in the case of those that call in at       few years and has                      rism Studies, in 2000 only 2.1% of
Barcelona, the Balearic Islands and       begun to capture a                      the 3.2 million journeys that Spa-
the Canaries, because of hotel             moderate share of                      niards made abroad were on a crui-
expenses. According to provisional       the market as a crui-                    se ship (67,000 voyages, compa-
statistics, the traffic of cruise                                                 red to 754,000 British, 306,000
ships through Spanish ports has                                                   German, 230,000 Italian and

                                       Cruise tourism
risen at a rate of approximately
                                            destination. This                     190,000 French voyages. Figures
4% in recent years, although in           year, more than 51                      for 2001 say that more than
2001 there were 2.1 million cruise               million                          110,000 Spaniards travelled on a
passengers, a rise of 8.2%.              tourists will come to                    cruise) while last year that figure
Seventy-five per cent of Spanish
cruise tourism is located in the
Mediterranean, around 15% in the
Canary Islands, and the remaining

                                       Cruise tourism in Spanish ports
10% divided among the Iberian          will bring around 90 million euros         rose to 3.5%. Figures for 2000
peninsula’s northern ports (Atlan-     into the country this year, while          reveal a scant 0.17% penetration
tic and Bay of Biscay). Forecasts      the industry as a whole, on a              in the Spanish tourist market as a
for 2002 point to a moderate           worldwide scale, generates more            whole. As a result, opportunities
increase in line with previous         than 12 billion euros. And to encou-       for growth are magnificent and
years, that is to say, 4% more         rage the arrival of the big cruise         300,000 passengers on the horizon
than in 2001 (obviously awaiting       ships, different port authorities          over the next decade looks per-
     developments in the Ameri-        are involved in a process of moder-        fectly feasible. Growth in the Bri-
      can, British and German          nizing infrastructure, some of             tish market of more than 500% in

       markets).                       them already years behind schedu-          10 years is an incentive for the

                                             2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 42
Spanish cruise industry and it can
finally be said that 2001 was the
year that the cruise sector took off
in Spain. The cruise is here to stay
in Spain.


Spanish operators
There are two main operators:
Pullmantur Cruises and Spanish
Cruise Line (SCL). Both sell voya-
ges from Spanish ports: cruises
for nights/days in the Western
Mediterranean, leaving Barcelona
every Monday. They are affordable
(from 500 to 1,600 euros) and
have succeeded in popularizing
cruises in Spain this year.

European operators
                                       ca. The cruises are generally more        considerable business base in Spain
Costa, Festival Cruises and now
                                       expensive than the previous opera-        as the Italian operator has been
the recently launched Island Crui-
                                       tors (around 1,200 euros on ave-          present in our country for many
ses stand out. They offer seven-
                                       rage).                                    years.
night cruises in the Western Medi-
                                       Costa Crociere was the market             Festival Cruises, a partner of Spa-
terranean, the first two leaving
                                       leader in Spain in 2001, with more        nish Cruise Line, sold around
from Barcelona, while Island Crui-
                                       than 36,400 cruises sold (20%             15,000 cruises in 2001, doubling
ses has its base in Palma de Major-
                                       more than in 2000). Costa has a           figures for 2000. The increase in

                                            2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 43
Following the international model on     In 1996 Spain’s first maritime resort was founded on the
which ski resorts are based, mariti-     coast of Murcia’s Mar Menor. Since then, a total of nineteen
me resorts are organisations that        have been created to date around the Spanish coast. Given
commercialise one single product,        the boom in this type of holiday product, it is now regulated
covering different tourism compa-        by the Secretary of State for Tourism, which grants the title
nies, all located in the same place,     to specific locations and registers them as members of the

                                         Maritime resorts:
whose services are directed at tou-      Red Española de Estaciones Náuticas (or Spanish Network of
rists in search of a holiday with        Maritime Resorts). By the end of the year 2002, this network
water sports as its main focus of
attraction. In this sense, maritime

                                         Spain´s new tourism
resorts combine an interesting mix
of leisure activities and accommoda-
tion, with the maritime world as its

source of inspiration. And this is not
all! Not only are the accommodation,
water sports activities, commercial
and leisure centres and children’s
play areas and entertainment all
marketed together, but all the com-
plementary facilities available in the
area, which help to make the resort
such a total all-rounder, are also
taken advantage of. The idea is to
offer individual tourists and those
travelling as a family or in groups a
destination where they can find
everything with a maritime flavour
that they could possibly want: hotels
with swimming pools right next to
the sea, yacht clubs where they can
hire all kinds of different craft,
water sports centres, diving scho-
ols, sea trips etc. With this new sea-
based holiday product, combined
activities can be marketed all year
round, directed at families, groups of
young people, company incentive
trips, school trips and the elderly,
together with special activities for
the disabled and, of course, a whole
range of activities to complement sun
and sand tourism.
In surveys on Spanish holiday pro-       with a variety of different opportu-        interest them, mainly related with
ducts, British tourists who visit the    nities, all in the same place: accom-       the sea, but also with the area’s wide
country highlight its climate, bea-      modation, sailing, diving, windsur-         range of other tourism products and
ches and sea. And this is a sea where    fing, canoeing, water skiing, jet           complementary facilities, without
water and under-water sports are         skiing, sea trips, boat hire......and, in   forgetting thermal centres, spas,
possible almost twelve months of the     addition, activities unrelated with         thalassotherapy centres and holiday
year, thus the importance of this        the sea that the same centre will also      fitness centres.
new product for British agents in        arrange, like horse-riding, golf,
search of new ways of luring clients     cycling, hiking, cultural trips, gas-       The existing maritime resorts
to a destination that tourists are       tronomic outings, shopping, restau-         Murcia, with its Mar Menor, was the
already well familiar with.              rants and, needless to say, leisure         very first maritime resort. This is
                                         facilities such as theme parks, dis-        because Spain’s eastern coast is one
The most comprehensive of                cotheques or public festivals. The          of the most attractive tourist areas.
holiday products                         aim of a maritime resort is to act as       Indeed the British are well aware of
     As a tourist destination, a         a reference for tourists, i.e. it is a      this, when they rate Benidorm one of
      maritime resort offers tou-        tourist destination where they can          Spain’s top three destinations. At

       rists a single holiday package    find everything that could possibly         present, the eastern Spanish coast

                                                2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 44
has the following maritime resorts: Mar
Menor, Marina Alta, Bahía de Altea, Ali-
cante and Columbretes.
Towards the south are the maritime
resorts of Costa Tropical, Tarifa, Soto-
grande, and Isla Cristina. To the north of
the region are those of Salou-Cambrils,
                                                                      PALACIO CA SA GALESA
Tarragona i la Geltru, Palamos,        and
During the last few years, maritime
resorts have also been established in
tourist areas of Spain’s Atlantic and
Cantabrian coasts. This is the case of
Gijón-Costa Verde, Bahía de Santander,
Llanes, and Rias Baixas, and Sada in
Galicia. This makes a total of 19 mariti-
me resorts, which will shortly be exten-
ded to include new ones.

Bahía de Altea
This area of Spain’s eastern coast is set
to be the country’s
leading maritime
resort. Its location
next to the Medi-
terranean Sea and
its special climatic                                                 Palacio Ca Sa Galesa has been conceived as a unique accommodation
conditions (with                                                 venue set in the heart of Palma.
                                                                     Waking up in any of its 12 rooms is like a dream. Antique Majorcan
over 350 days of                                                 furniture from the 12th to 19th centuries, avant-garde paintings and sculptures
sunshine per year,                                               are combined with the most modern services available, what’s more you feel
                                                                 like you are at home.
permitting       all                                                 The hotel is located in the historic city centre. Built in 1571 and recently
kinds of water                                                   restored, this palace has become one of the most exquisite establishments on
                                                                 the island.
sports and under-                                                    Surrounded by paintings, sculptures and antiques, the guest has the
water activities)                                                sensation of staying in a private museum.
                                                                     The owners of the hotel have managed to achieve a unique environment in
make this a desti-
                                                                 the heart of a Mediterranean city such as Palma, where passing through its
nation with a great                                              salons, bathing in the unique indoor swimming pool of the Gothic quarter,
future ahead of it.                                              sitting next to the chimney reading or listening to the cheering sound of a
                                                                 fountain become unforgettable experiences, in addition to a solarium from
Surrounded by the                                                which one can enjoy magnificent views of the Bay of Palma and of the
municipalities of                                                Cathedral, framed by a blue infinity in which it is impossible to tell where the
                                                                 sea ends and the sky begins.
Altea, Alfaz del
Pi, Benidorm and Calpe, Bahía de Altea
fulfils all the stipulations needed to
become a maritime resort. From the
project’s very outset, it had the exten-
sive backing of both Altea’s business
sector and that of other towns in the
region, with the participation of compa-
nies from the water sports and hotel
sectors. At the same time, a regional
balance is maintained, as Bahía de Altea
has a unique maritime ecosystem and a
long tradition of water sports activities.
The Bahía de Altea maritime resort is
fundamental in complementing Altea’s
tourist and cultural facilities and it                                    Carrer de Miramar, 8. 07001 Palma, Mallorca.
offers great benefits, including the fact                                               www.palaciocasagalesa.com
that it helps to reduce the seasonal                                                 reservas@palaciocasagalesa.com
nature of tourism, as package holidays                                          Tel. 971 715 400.            Fax. 971 721 579
will be offered all year round.

                                             2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 45
And according to the latest OMT
studies, a significant part of young
tourists travel to learn about the
people of their generation, to share
their experiences and lifestyles and
to find activities that, under the
concept of culture, stir new sensa-     Spain is a country with a rich and varied cultural heritage to
tions. This explains the increase in        offer. Not all of that heritage can be considered truly
student tourism at big explosions of     attractive to the foreign visitor and the case of the domes-
popular culture like San Fermines in     tic tourist defies analysis. A worldwide increase in the num-
Pamplona, the April Fair in Seville,    ber of journeys for cultural reasons is being recorded. In this
or the tourist areas where nightlife    study, a cultural tourist is understood to be any visitor arri-
is the prominent feature. Generally      ving in Spain to learn about its monuments, its cultural and
speaking, what is called “fiesta”
and “marcha”. It is tourism that is
in part passive: they want to see
and learn, and in part active, they
want to participate.
Surveys reveal that 56% of cultu-
ral tourists visit museums and 33%
visit monuments. The remaining
cultural activities on offer are res-
tricted by the problem of language
and the lack at times of clear and
attractive information for the con-
sumer. The “souvenir photo”
effect and recognizing culture stu-
died at school, as well as knowled-
ge of heritage sites seen on televi-
sion are what move tourists to visit
these places.
The way shows are consumed by
tourists deserves a separate study.
This is a special market with a sta-
ble demand that for lack of seats
                                        8% of circuits for the European            of Cultural Interest have been cata-
remains steady with no major chan-
                                        market, with arrivals at the air-          logued by the regional governments.
ges or possibilities of growth.
                                        ports of Santiago and Bilbao. From         Thirteen thousand of them are his-
                                        here, it is on to Green Spain: San-        toric sites, gardens, monuments,
The main destinations are:
                                        tiago, Santillana, Santander, Oviedo       archaeological sites, and more than
Andalucia, which captures the big-
                                        and Bilbao.                                800 museums of all kinds. The same
gest share of circuits or routes:
                                        Catalonia receives 7% of tourists          sources say that this immense
57% of the European market. The
                                        on programmed tours, who go on to          variety of culture on offer has
airports of Malaga and Seville are
                                        visit Catalonia and Aragon, at the         meant that each year more than
the departure points for other des-
                                        Prat airport in Barcelona.                 100 million visits to this type of
tinations offered in circuits of 12
                                        The Oxford Archaeological Guide to         attraction are recorded, monu-
main cities: Seville, Granada, Cor-
                                        Spain lists 138 places of archaeolo-       ments and museums featuring most
doba, Ronda, Malaga, Jerez, Torre-
                                        gical interest. A high percentage of       prominently.
molinos, Baeza, Ubeda, Arcos de la
                                        these are in a deplorable state, lac-      In addition to this general offer,
Frontera, Nerja and Cadiz.
                                        king even the most basic visiting          there has also been the launch in
The centre of the peninsula, with a
                                        facilities. In addition, Spanish           recent years of so-called cultural
significant share of the European
                                        museums continuously close sec-            routes, which, overshadowed by
market in circuits of 21.5%. From
                                        tions of their exhibition rooms for        the oldest (the Camino de Santiago),
Madrid, circuits of eight locations
                                        repairs, at times without warning          offer fresh alternatives for cultu-
are available, as well as the capital
                                        or informing the tourist office.           ral tourism: the Lengua way, the
itself: El Escorial, Aranjuez, Avila,
                                        According to figures from the              Castille canal, the Silver route, the
Segovia, Salamanca, Burgos, Tole-
                                        Ministry of Education and Culture,         El Cid route, the Quixote route, the
      do and Caceres.
                                        in Spain there are 35 locations            Al-Andalus route, etc. Routes for
       The Bay of Biscay region in
                                        declared World Heritage Sites by           walking, cycling, horse riding, dri-

        the north, which registers
                                        UNESCO. More than 50,000 Places            ving or taking advantage of pro-

                                              2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 46
grammed excursions. The huge            climate in the autumn months: high         Catalonia and Andalucia are the
amount of information in guides and     season for cultural tourism in Euro-       regions with the greatest number of
publications has paved the way for       e
                                        p.                                         establishments of this type. The
tourism a la carte.                                                                third most important region is
                                        Cultural hotels in Spain                   Asturias. At the bottom of the list
Star products                           In Spain, there is a great deal of         are La Rioja, Murcia and Navarre.
Turespaña has carried out a study       tourist accommodation located in           The vast majority of Spanish esta-
into cultural tourism in Spain that     unique buildings linked to history         blishments are grouped into diffe-
analyses current supply in response     and culture. The number of historic        rent organizations, but there is an
to foreign demand. The study has        buildings housing hotels amounts to        increasing tendency to take advan-
been conducted via surveys of tour      700, with growth of 56% in the last        tage of historic buildings as hotels
operators, agencies and tourists,       five years, which contrasts with           on the part of the big hotel chains
both foreign and domestic. In short,    growth of 17% in normal hotel              like AC Hoteles (with six establish-
                                                                                   ments) and Sol Melia (which has
                                                                                   refurbished five buildings and will
                                                                                   open a further two next year).
                                                                                   Estancias de España is a hotel group
                                                                                   whose common denominator is loca-
                                                                                   tions in old buildings. Hotels and
                                                                                   restaurants with more than 67
                                                                                   members that all contribute to sha-
                                                                                   ring the cost of carrying out pro-
                                                                                   motional campaigns. This organiza-
                                                                                   tion also acts as a consulting com-
                                                                                   pany for refurbishment projects of
                                                                                   historic buildings for tourist purpo-
                                                                                   ses. Its members are independent in
                                                                                   terms of management and identity,
                                                                                   there is no corporate image. Its
                                                                                   first venture outside Spain is in
                                                                                   Rusticae, created in 1996, it has
                                                                                   85 hotels, making it one of the most
                                                                                   important organizations in Spain.
                                                                                   They operate as associated hotels,
the star products as far as cultural                                               with standard decoration and com-
tourism goes are the following and                                                 mon products that reinforce the
in this order: the cities of Barcelo-                                              brand image. It has begun expansion
na (taking into account the attrac-                                                into Portugal.
tion of Gaudi), Madrid and the Anda-                                               Hosterias-Hospederias         Reales
lucia region as whole. They are                                                    currently groups together five
followed by the cities of Granada,                                                 establishments in Vizcaya, Ciudad
Seville and the Camino de Santiago.                                                Real, Cuenca, Zamora and Guadala-
In third place are the Guggenheim                                                  jara. They are establishments
Museum in Bilbao, the cities of Cor-                                               devoted to active and cultural tou-
dova, San Sebastian and Toledo, and                                                rism.
the tourist circuits that visit seve-                                              Hoteles con Encanto, a group that
ral cities with a programme of cul-                                                gathers together hotels in historic
tural visits and museums.                                                          buildings and others of recent cons-
This list means we can say that the                                                truction that offer, as the name
star destinations in Spain are 5                                                   suggests in Spanish, a special
cities, 1 region and two products.                                                 “ c h a r m ”, among which the Casa
These cultural tourist destinations                                                de Carmona or the Casas de la Jude-
are the major players, but domes-                                                  ria in Seville stand out.
tic and international tour operators                                               Occidental Hotels & Resorts is a
consider Spain as a country with        accommodation in the same period.          multinational chain that also has
great cultural diversity, in which      Currently, hotel accommodation in          some unique establishments that
the previously mentioned products       historic building occupies 13% of          fall within this special category of
stand out, helped by an excellent       the total, 700 establishments.             accommodation in exceptional buil-

                                              2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 47
 Health and well-being tourism
                                         The search for health, the balance between physical
                                         and psychic well-being, is a constant in all cultures.

In addition to health tourism figures
for spas, centres dedicated to tala-    In Spain, there is a boom in the demand for tourism
sotherapy must also be accounted        associated with health, which is reflected in the 128
for, as well as other health and        spas offering more than 33,000 beds that welcomed
beauty centres that combine medic-
inal and curative therapies with the
use of sports facilities in which
body care is the main attraction.
This kind of tourism of health holi-
days is responsible for generating
more than 144 million euros in
direct income in these establish-
ments and related accommodation.
The sector is further boosted by a
significant economic contribution
from additional services related to
the spas. In short, in hotels where
this kind of service is on offer,
coming under the category of SPA
(salute per l’aqua), direct income
represents 10% of the total.
In the case of spas and talasothera-
py centres, 100% of income is
derived from services offered to
the customers. From 500 euros to
1,500 euros a week, depending on        grouped together into one product.     ties, from a technical and health
the category of the establishment       It is necessary to differentiate       point of view, to carry out the
and the services received.              services according to their special-   medical treatment prescribed. That
Current demand is mainly Spanish,       ization:                               is to say, they are establishments
guests that visit establishments in                                            that apply medicinal therapies pre-
or near their home area. There are      Spas or Thermal Springs                scribed since Roman times to alle-
spas and health centres all over        These are establishments offering      viate ills and recover physical bal-
Spain, as well as hotels and centres    medicinal mineral waters, certified    ance. It is a sector that is subject
specializing in SPA services. How-      for public use by central govern-      to government regulation that
ever, international demand for this     ment. They have the correct facili-    ensures that staff receive proper
kind of product is growing every                                               medical training in the application
year. In Andalucia, for example, it                                            of     thermal     remedies.     The
is estimated that 50% of interna-                                              crenotherapy, hydrotherapy and
tional demand for health holidays                                              complementary techniques used in
comes from the traditional markets                                             the spas are applied at a rate,
in central Europe. This demand is                                              intensity, duration and frequency
growing continuously at a rate of                                              previously established by a doctor.
14-16%, according to the estab-
lishment and kind of service.                                                  Spain has more than 2,000 natural
Growth in demand is particularly                                               springs recognized for their miner-
remarkable in talasotherapy, SPA                                               al and medicinal properties. In fact,
and health service facilities estab-                                           Spain could be said to be the spa of
     lished in hotels and specialized                                          Europe. One hundred and twenty
      centres.                                                                 eight establishments are gathered
       But not all health and well-                                            in the National Spa Association,

        being tourism can be
which received 670,000 cus-                                                       ever, they have proved to offer
tomers last year, generating an                                                   quality services and have attained
income of 144 million euros. Their                                                excellent standards in terms of
main function is to use the medici-                                               appraisals and customer satisfac-
nal mineral water to prevent,                                                     tion. The significant growth in this
improve and cure all kinds of people                                              kind of health centre is hardly sur-
and ailments. But they are more                                                   prising, above all in the regions of
than that. Nowadays, the pursuit of                                               Valencia and Murcia. These are
health means that these centres are                                               specialized centres that also pro-
not exclusively for the sick, but                                                 vide accommodation. Some are
also for healthy, young adults that                                               established as an additional service
take holidays to truly rest, relax                                                in a hotel already in operation.
and recover, in short, to return
home “feeling like new”.                                                          SPA services
                                                                                  Every demand creates a supply.
Talasotherapy                                                                     And this is how centres offering
If the main feature of spas is the                                                SPA services have come to flour-
use of medicinal mineral water         in health and well-being tourism           ish. This abbreviation describes a
flowing from natural springs,          came about as a result of the strict       kind of specialized centre or tourist
another kind of establishment seeks    legislation governing spas. There          accommodation that offers a wide
regeneration and health through the    are no medicinal mineral springs           range of services aimed at improv-
application of new techniques that     left to exploit, so these establish-       ing the customer’s well-being.
are based on the use of sea water.     ments rely on sea water to apply           These could be massages, water
Talasotherapy (Talasa: the sea),       cures and renewal techniques.              treatments, mud, algae, creams,
uses similar techniques to spas, but   These establishments are not bound         steam baths, alternating hot and
the single or main element is sea      by the administrative and medical          cold showers and all kinds of phys-
water and its derivatives: algae,      controls governing spas. In the            ical activity leading to muscular
salts, sea mud etc. This new offer     short time they have existed, how-         relaxation. Such is the boom in this

                                             2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 50
Tenerife, quality and diversity
in a renewed destination
The island diversifies its options with new tourism products
Tenerife has enjoyed spectacular progress over the       Tenerife has maintained its out-
last few years. The island, benefiting from a spring-    standing position as regards high-
like climate, which lasts twelve months a year, and a    quality accommodation: at pres-
contrast-filled variety of landscapes continues to be    ent, 67.5% of the island’s hotel
an excellent destination in order to enjoy the sun and   beds correspond to four and five
the sea. Tenerife has nevertheless managed to suc-       star establishments.
cessfully develop other high-quality specialist
tourism products. The creation of the brands Tener-      Tenerife Natural
ife Natural, Tenerife and the Sea, Tenerife Golf and     Holidays in the rural environment
Tenerife Select, in which the business people of the     and active leisure in the country
sector have been closely involved together with the      make up a differentiated option on
                                                         Tenerife which offers infinite pos-
                                                         sibilities at any time of year:
                                                         mountain peaks, coastline, dense
                                                         forests, cliffs, ravines and all
                                                         manner of natural spaces... the
                                                         island offers everything neces-
                                                         sary for planning a different kind
                                                         of holiday in which you are in the
                                                         open air and enjoying nature.
                                                         The Tenerife Natural brand brings
                                                         together the island’s options with
                                                         numerous country cottages and
                                                         small, charming hotels as well as
                                                         companies offering walking,
                                                         ravine-descent, climbing,
                                                         paragliding, cycling, horse-riding
                                                         and many other sports. Theme
                                                         parks, restaurants and establish-
                                                         ments connected with the island’s
                                                         traditional products are also asso-
                                                         ciated with Tenerife Natural.

                                                         Tenerife and the Sea
                                                         Tenerife and the Sea is the meet-
                                                         ing point for the options related to
                                                         the Ocean and its immediate sur-
                                                         roundings. The members are hotels
                                                         and apartments that offer water
                                                         sports, sailing, diving and kite-
                                                         surfing schools, yacht hire, the
                                                         organisers of boat trips for the
                                                         observation of whales and dol-
                                                         phins, boatyards, marinas, big-
                                                         game fishing boats and such like.
                                                         The island’s spectacular climate
                                                                           ing possibilities of the island for a
                                                                           sport in which a gentle climate and
                                                                           the absence of rainfall are of fun-
                                                                           damental importance. The variety
                                                                           of the courses and their originali-
                                                                           ty in terms of layout, landscapes
                                                                           and vegetation are a continual
                                                                           surprise to players, who are
                                                                           valuing more and more the gentle-
                                                                           ness of the summer temperatures,
                                                                           so similar to those of spring.

                                                                           Tenerife Select
                                                                           Tenerife Select brings together
                                                                           the most exclusive of the island’s
and its rich and varied underwater                                         options, with hotels and apart-
flora and fauna as well as the                                             ments that have managed to
temperature of the water have
enabled this attractive product to
be developed.                                                                 www.tenerifenatural.com
Tenerife Golf                                                                 www.tenerifegolf.es
Golf courses (six currently in                                                e-mail:
operation and the same number
again under construction) and                                                 e-mail: select@webtener-
quality hotels with specific serv-                                            ife.com
ices for golfers make up this
                                                                              AXIS SALES & MARKETING
brand which aims to make known                                                421ª FINCHLEY ROAD
to the world the special and excit-                                           LONDON NW3 6HJ
                                                                              REINO UNIDO
                                                                              Tel.  00 44 20 7431 4045

                                      2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 53
Benidorm, tradition and modernity
It is an inviting setting thanks   Benidorm is a professional city entirely devoted to tou-
to its microclimate, well          rism, with a diverse touristic offer as well as the peace-
cared-for beaches, services,       ful character of a coastal town with wide, sandy bea-
magnificent communications         ches, the image which has always characterised it.
and proximity to many
other important                                                          parks, Europe’s two
Spanish tourist                                                          largest waterparks:
attractions. Located                                                     Aqualandia and
43 kilometres north of                                                   Mundomar. Benidorm
Alicante, Benidorm                                                       is also the home of
forms part of the                                                        Terra Mítica, the
Marina Baixa region.                                                     Community of
Benidorm can offer its                                                   Valencia’s first theme
visitors a wide selec-                                                   park, and without a
tion of choices                                                          doubt, one of its most
designed to satisfy the                                                  entertaining attrac-
most demanding                                                           tions. As it has
recreational needs                                                       grown, Benidorm has
throughout the whole                                                     consolidated the
year. Nature has                                                         impressive infrastruc-
endowed this city with                                                   ture of a recreational
an exceptional cli-                                                      city with installations
mate: more than 3000                                                     that offer its visitors
hours of sunshine a                                                      an infinite variety of
year and mild temper-                                                    fun and entertainment
atures which average                                                     for all ages.
16.5 degrees in win-                                                     Spectacular discothe-
ter and 29.2 in sum-                                                     ques, attractive bar-
mer with no abrupt                                                       terraces, varied com-
changes at any time of                                                   merce, excellent cui-
year.                                                                    sine, waterparks and a
Its clean, top-quality                                                   complete range of
beaches, modern                                                          tourist accommoda-
buildings, wide                                                          tions are all perfect
streets, modern and                                                      proof of Benidorm’s
magnificent 3 and 4-                                                     touristic vocation. All
star hotel establish-                                                    this touristic wealth is
ments, together with                                                     complemented by deli-
a broad range of                                                         cious spots close by
recreational activities                                                  which offer visitors
and offers, make                                                         the chance to go on
Benidorm a city                                                          enchanting excursions,
exclusively designed                                                     to enjoy unforgettable
to be enjoyed at all                                                     moments or to simple
times the whole year                                                     exchange the bustling
round.                                                                   atmosphere of
In addition to its                                                       Benidorm’s beaches
exciting nightlife,                                                      for nature nearby or a
Benidorm’s diverse                                                       relaxing stroll through
complementary offer                                                      quiet and picturesque
includes its theme                                                       spots.
The three-mile long
Bay of Benidorm faces
L’Illa de Benidorm, an
environmentally pro-
tected area two miles
from the coast which
tourists can visit.
Benidorm’s beaches,
considered among the
world’s best, are its
best calling card and
have won international
awards for the quality
of the water, immacu-
late conditions and
efficient services.
Bustling and exciting
Levant beach is one of
Benidorm’s most                                                                  been discovered
remarkable beaches:                                                              there, the oldest ones
two kilometres of                                                                dating from the
coastline which thrill                                                           Neolithic age.
tourists, strollers and                                                          Benidorm is a city
swimmers alike.                                                                  where traditional
Slightly farther from                                                            fiestas take on a spe-
the city centre lies                                                             cial role. The saints-
Poniente beach, with                                                             day feasts in honour
three kilometres of                                                              of the Virgen del
peace and tranquillity.                                                          Sufragio and San
The beach faces south,                                                           Jaime Apostol, along
which prevents build-                                                            with the many other
ings from casting their                                                          celebrations held
shadows, so visitors                                                             throughout the year,
can enjoy the beach all                                                          are important attrac-
day until the sun goes                                                           tions for Benidorm’s
down.                                                                            visitors.
Visitors who love                                                                Benidorm’s most elab-
water sports can look                                                            orate celebrations are
to its safe naval                                                                its main feast-days
crafts for a ride.                                                               held in honour of the
Benidorm’s beaches                                                               Virgen del Sufragio
have optimum condi-                                                              and San Jaime
tions for swimming,                                                              Apostol.
windsurfing, scuba                                                               They are always cele-
diving, motor boating,                                                           brated in the second
sailing, water-skiing...                                                         week of November,
Benidorm knows how                                                               although cultural acts
to get the best from                                                             and sporting events
its sea and beaches,                                                             are held throughout
                                 Gelada. This mountain range             the first week of the month.
making it the best year-round
                                 is located in the area known            The ‘Festa de la Carxofa’
cure for the bustle, stress
                                 as Racó de L’Oix. Measuring 6           (The Feast of Artichokes), a
and tension of life in the big
                                 miles long from Punta de                celebration held exclusively
                                 Pinet, its highest point reach-         in Benidorm, also falls in
But Benidorm has much more
                                 es 438 metres.                          November. It originated in
to offer nature lovers: sev-
                                 Archaeological remains have             1927 when the Benidorm
eral routes through Serra

                                    2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 55
                                        Located in Playa de Muro, on a
                                     privileged site close to the beautiful
                                     Roman city of Alcudia, across the
                                     street from the Albufera Natural
                                     Park, and with direct access to the
                                     incomparable beach of Muro, consid-
                                     ered to be one of Mallorca's finest.
                                     It is on this site you will find the five
                                     star establishment that, at your
                                     arrival, impresses with its architec-
                                     tural style inspired by ancient Greek
                                     temples, as well as for its grandios-
                                     ity and functionality accommodating
                                     all the luxury features of the most
                                     modern establishments. Visitors will
                                     be immediately impressed by the
                                     glass façades and dome, lined by
                                     large columns as well as for the
                                     human quality and exclusive treat-
                                     ment by a team of people who work

Hotel Palace
                                     any time to make you stay unforget-
                                     The Hotel Palace de Muro has 143
                                     rooms, 80 of which are suites and

  de Muro
                                     the rest doubles. All rooms are fur-
                                     nished with marble and forged iron
                                     and, in keeping with the hotels cate-
                                     gory, are superbly appointed with
                                     interactive television, minibar, air-
                                     conditioning, direct dial telephone,
                                     Internet, massage shower.. etc.
                                     Our restaurant is outstanding for the
                                     delicacy with which he approaches
                                     all types of cuisine. We offer tradi-
                                     tional     Mallorcan      gastronomic
                                     delights as well as typical Spanisch
                                     dishes as part of the lavish daily hot
                                     and cold
                                     buffets that guests can enjoy. There
                                     is also show cooking and a home made
                                     desserts buffet.
                                     And for those moments of relaxation
                                     you have the choice of saunas, ther-
                                     mal showers, ice booths, Turkish
                                     baths, sun lamps, fitness studio,
                                     Jacuzzi, Squash, beauty centre,
                                     hairdresser, siesta salon and a clas-
                                     sical Roman-style swimming pool of

2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 56
                       FOR FURTHER INFORMATION

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2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 57
         The Calvià Town
Council on the island of
  Mallorca together with
  the hotel associations
   from the municipality
 presented last October
     the tenth edition of
  programme Calvià, the
        European winter.

This joint initiative between
the municipality and local hotel
associations first started ten
years ago in order to try and

                                   The tenth edition of Calvià,
extend the tourist season
beyond the summer months to
include the winter period, thus

                                   the european winter
combating the seasonal nature
of the tourist industry.
Calvià Town Council has allo-
cated a sum of 360,000 euros
to this year’s edition, a con-
siderably higher amount than
previous years, despite the
fact that occupancy figures are                                             tions. Together with local busi-
not expected to be greater than                                             nessmen, Calvià Town Council,
they were last year. As well                                                IBATUR, Foment de Turisme
as the edition’s own pro-                                                   and the Balearic Government’s
gramme of activities, there                                                 Department of Tourism have
will also be cultural contribu-                                             made it their goal to continue
tions with initiatives by the                                               promoting and extending this
Town Council’s Department of                                                winter programme. Local and
Culture equivalent to 420,000                                               municipal authorities and the
euros. At the same time, it is                                              private sector have decided to
also envisaged that the                                                     work more closely than ever
Balearic Government’s                                                       before, in a joint initiative that
Department of Tourism will                                                  will soon, it is hoped, bear
boost the programme by                                                      fruit.
investing 360,000 euros in it.                                              By hotel areas, Palmanova-
Delegated by the different                                                  Magaluf plans to offer a total
associations that take part in                                              of 20 hotels with 9,309 beds,
the initiative, the Palmanova-                                              the Peguera area will keep 17
Magaluf Hotel Association has                                               hotels open this winter with a
now been responsible for the                                                total of 3,608 beds, Santa
management of five editions of     average of 77,000 people for             Ponça will open the doors of 8
this programme of activities,      each of the last editions. In            of its hotels with 2,901 beds,
beginning in November and end-     terms of hotel figures, a total          Portals Nous will have two
ing in March: a programme          of 51 hotels will open their             hotels available with 322 beds,
that also includes the partici-    doors, offering over 17,000              and finally Illetes stands out
pation of the Balearic             hotel beds. It is anticipated            for keeping four hotels open
Government, IBATUR and             that fewer hotels and beds will          with a total of 1,097 beds.
Foment de Turisme de               be available than last year.             The programme of events will
Mallorca.                          Nevertheless, despite this sit-          consist of a series of sporting,
During these ten years, over       uation, there has been equal             cultural and leisure activities,
750,000 people have taken          unity among the area’s hotel             focused mainly on offering
part in the programme, with an     associations and local institu-          low-season tourists the great-
                                                                            est number of potential attrac-

                                       2002 WTM - November 2002 - page 58

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