Advertising Fashion (PowerPoint) by chenmeixiu


									Advertising Fashion
       Advertising the Product
► Fashion  Advertising: the paid
  communication between product maker or
  the seller and the audience or the customer
► Advertising: non-personal communication
  with a large group of people which is paid
  for by the seller
        Effective Advertising
► Increases sales
► Increases product awareness
► Improves company image
► Accomplishes its intended purpose
        Targeting a Customer
► Demographics   (age, sex, race, education
  levels, income levels, location)
► Psychographics (lifestyle, attitudes, values,
► Understanding who the customer is and
  what they do helps target the customer for
  a product
                   Brand Building
► Establishing     an identity or image for a line
  of apparel
► Branding requires:
     Consistent   advertising
     Consistent   image
     Consistent   quality
     Consistent   price lines
             Parts of a Print Ad
► Headline
► Body   Copy
► Illustration
► Slogan
► Trademark
► Relevant reason to buy
      Relevant Reason to Buy
► Persuasive  language: advertising must
  appeal to the target audience and be
  relevant to the potential customer AND
  cause action now
► Product Features: benefits to the customer
  that are clearly presented to the targeted
           Paying for the Ad
► Cooperative  Advertising: vendor shares the
  cost of the ad with a retailer paying up to
  50% of the cost
► Advertising Allowance: a % amount
  allocated to advertising cost based upon the
  dollar amount purchased by the retailer
             Paying for the Ad
► Two   major costs:
   Production of the ad
   Placement of the ad
► Factors   affecting costs:
   Size or length of the ad
   Number of consumers exposed to the ad
              Types of Media
► Print   Media

   Newspapers, magazines, billboards, outdoor
   Most frequently used
   Placement in the publication affects costs and
              Types of Media
► Broadcast   Media

   Television, radio
   National or regional
   Cost directly related to the exposure level of
    consumers (number of viewers/listeners)
   Radio not used in fashion advertising as often
    due to lack of visual appeal
                  Types of Media
► Direct   Mail
   Postcards, statement enclosures, catalogs
   If targeted to right group, very effective
► Cyber    Media
   Websites, email, online ads
   Annemarie Iverson, Seventeen Editor-in-Chief
    was quoted in WWD as saying, “My readers are
    on-line eight hours a day.”
   Tremendous growth potential
            Creating the Ad
► Target  the customer
► Determine best options to reach the
► Create ad’s message and theme that
  attracts attention, communicates the
  desired information, and causes action

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