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Shoe and Boot Shine Brief - Air


									How to shine shoes and

             SMSgt Pierre L. Charles, USAF (Ret)
             Aerospace Science Instructor
             Vineland High School AFROTC NJ-20091

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 How to shine shoes and boots

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 How to shine shoes and boots

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                      How to shine shoes and boots
Tools Of The Trade: Types Of Shoe Polish:
Black: 1/8 oz or 2 1/2 oz container. Always start off a new pair of boots or shoes with this type of
polish. Black polish should be used to put more coats of polish on the shoe when initially shining.
Parade Gloss-Black: 1 1/8 oz container. Once you have a good shine with several layers of black polish, you
can turn that good shine into a great shine with a layer or two of the parade gloss. Be careful about putting too
much parade gloss polish on a shoe as it can wreck a shine if you use an excess amount.
Heel & Shoe Edge Color Renew: 2.5 FL. oz plastic bottle with foam applicator. Color renew is good for
blackening the edges of your shoe sole. However, a shine is difficult to achieve with this. Use this to "touch-
up" the sole of your shoe following wear.
Honor Guard Edge Dressing: 4 FL. oz glass bottle with brush applicator. Honor Guard Edge Dressing is
what you want to use in order to achieve an impressive shine on the edges of your shoes. Basically, the edge
dressing is painted on to the soles, augmenting the shine on the leather of your shoe. With several layers of
edge dressing, the soles on the shoe will match, if not be shinier than the rest of the shoe.
WARNING: Edge dressing will stain if it spills and the glass bottle will break if dropped. Use carefully.
Shining Cloth: In order to shine shoes, you need something to apply the polish. Any old, white undershirt will
work or you can opt for a car cleaning sheet. Other options include cotton balls and panty hose. The key to the
shining cloth is to ensure that it is both clean and smooth.
Horsehair Brush: Great when shining leather combat boots rather than shoes. Use the horsehair brush to
apply many layers of polish when beginning to shine a pair of leather combat boots. It is the easiest way to
shine the sides of the combat boot in an effective manner. The horsehair brush is also a great tool to bring to
the field in order to avoid gray boots by blackening your boots quickly.
Newspaper Or Other Surface: Although completely optional, having a newspaper or other surface that you
can dispose of is helpful in preventing polish or edge dressing stains on furniture.

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 How to shine shoes and boots

                     Step1. Clean dust and dirt
                     from the surface of your
                     shoes or boots with a
                     shoeshine brush or damp
                     Step 2. Select a can of wax
                     or crème shoe polish that
                     matches the leather you
                     want to polish.

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       How to shine shoes

                       Step 3. Use a shoe
                       polish brush to apply a
                       conservative amount of
                       polish to the surface of
                       the leather. Brush in
                       circular motions until the
                       leather has a dull
                       coating. Get into tight
                       spots using an old

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       How to shine shoes

                            Step 4. Wait 15
                            minutes while the
                            polish dries.

                            Step 5. Brush shoes
                            with a shoeshine

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       How to shine shoes

                           Step 6. Buff to a
                           gleaming shine with
                           a clean cotton cloth,
                           such as an old
                           sweat sock or T-

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        How to shine boots

                           Step 1. Find an old
                           towel or newspaper to
                           spread over the area
                           you will be working
                           on. Shoe polish has
                           an uncanny ability to
                           get smeared
                           everywhere even
                           when you’re being
                           careful…and it’s
                           really hard to get out
                           of carpet.

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        How to shine boots

                           Step 2. Clean the
                           dust and dirt off
                           your boots with a
                           horsehair shine
                           brush or damp rag.
                           If you must get
                           your boots a little
                           wet to clean them
                           off, allow them time
                           to dry before
                           applying the polish.

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        How to shine boots
                           Step 3. Cover the entire
                           shoe with a generous
                           amount of polish, using
                           your shoe polish brush.
                           The polish I’m using is
                           black Kiwi Shoe Polish,
                           but be sure to match the
                           color of the polish to
                           your shoe as closely as
                           possible. Make sure you
                           get down in the seams
                           of the shoe and attempt
                           to cover evenly with
                           polish. Allow 15
                           minutes for the polish to

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        How to shine boots

                           Step 4. Brush the
                           entire shoe
                           vigorously using
                           the horsehair shine
                           brush. The point of
                           this is to basically
                           brush off all the
                           excess polish,
                           leaving only a small
                           film on the outside
                           of the shoe.

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        How to shine boots
                           Step 5. Once you feel
                           comfortable that the entire
                           shoe has been covered and
                           brushed it is time to focus
                           on the toe and heel for
                           extra shine. Dip a cotton
                           ball or pad into some
                           water and squeeze out any
                           excess moisture so it is
                           damp, not dripping. Then
                           get a little polish on the
                           damp cotton. Next apply
                           the polish on the toe and
                           heel of the shoe using
                           small circular motions. Sit
                           back, this is going to take
                           a while

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        How to shine boots
                           Step 6. Repeat Step 5 until you
                           are satisfied with the level of
                           shine. Remember to use a new
                           piece of cotton each time and to
                           remove all excess polish before
                           applying a new coating. Also,
                           the initial shine is the hardest, it
                           should get a bit easier each time
                           you do it. These boots were
                           fairly new and this was my first
                           time giving them a good shine.
                           From start to finish, it took me
                           approximately 45 minutes to get
                           them to the state shown below.
                           Most of this was spent with the
                           cotton pads shining the toe and
                           heel. If I were to come back in a
                           couple weeks it would take me
                           half the time to do the same job.

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 How to shine shoes and boots

              Building a Shoe Shine Kit:
              Before you try to build one, if you
              have black shoes you can always just
              buy the one sold on military bases
              or. It is basic, cheap and has worked
              for me for years.
              Tin of wax polish
              Horsehair shine brush
              Shoe polish brush (applicator)
              Cotton balls
              Shine cloth

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