Dear Museum Friends by yaofenji


                                              One of the highlights of this year was
                                              when I obtained my Fire Arm
     ear Museum Friends                       Competency Certificate signifying
                                              that I have become competent in the
On the window sill of my office are           use of a handgun, a rifle, a carbine
three typical Karoo plants in bright          and a shotgun. I am only morbidly
yellow and orange pots: an aloe, a            interested in fire arms, so having to
miniature cactus and an unknown               undergo the competency training for
succulent specie. The unknown has             the sake of our fire arm collection,
fascinated me since it was given to           weighed heavily upon my heart. The
me in November 2006. Consisting of            carbine proved to be my forte and I
two child-like fingers, it suddenly           proudly displayed the damages done
started to peel back at the beginning         by the shotgun for a few days
of spring to reveal two new fat               afterwards.
fingers.                                      With the training behind me and my
The year has not been without its             interest in fire arms revived, I re-
difficulties: the challenges of human         visited the story of the Hensley rifle.
nature, severe socio- economic                THE TRANSVAAL VOLKSRAAD
pressures      and    ignorance     and         AND THE THREE SPECIAL
indifference have contributed to many                  RIFLES.
a sleepless night. I have come to the
                                              R.W. THORNTON C.M.G., C.B.E., in 1964.
conclusion that I cannot solve the
problems of the world by myself, but          I cannot vouch for the truth of part of
in my own way I can tackle one                this story, but I can vouch for the
problem at a time – starting right here       truth of the beginning and end as I
at the museum. Here we give the               was a participant.
human spirit a lift through our
exhibitions, our friendliness, our            The following events took place
positive attititudes and our concern          during a long holiday which I spent
for the people of our community and           with my sister and brother-in-law, Mr
those who set foot through our doors.         Christopher Hensley on a farm
The unknown succulent has become              adjoining the farm owned by my
the symbol of my resolve, since I also        brother and Uncle Robert just outside
have a burning desire to end 2008 on          Johannesburg.
a high note.
One day my Uncle Robert Smith said,          can see in my mind's eye, the
"Tomorrow I am taking you to                 President, through sheer personality,
Pretoria because the Volksraad is            hold the Raad in the hollow of his
sitting in the Raadsaal and I want you       hand. In due course the three rifles
to see the President [Kruger] and            reached      the     Transvaal,    three
members at work; this is for your            beautifully finished weapons bearing
education." So the next morning we           the Transvaal Coat of Arms in
set out on the 35-mile drive to              coloured enamel. At a ceremony in
Pretoria in a spider with two good           the Government building, these were
horses. On reaching Pretoria we put          presented, one each, to the President
up at the old Transvaal Hotel which          Paul Kruger, General Joubert and Mr
was a small thatched building in those       Skalk Burger. The presentation was
days.                                        made with due ceremony by the
                                             Chairman or Speaker of the Raad.
The following morning when the
                                             When the function had been
Raad had assembled, we entered the
                                             performed, General Joubert rose and
Raadsaal and sat down to listen to the
                                             said, speaking to the President and the
debate: the question being discussed
                                             Raad as a whole, "I am deeply
was the purchase of three special
                                             honoured by this award which is for
rifles by the Raad. The rifles, if the
                                             services rendered to this our beloved
purchase was agreed to, were to be
                                             country and I now, with the
specially built and each was to have
                                             President's consent, give my rifle to
the Transvaal Coat of Arms in
                                             our nation, with this condition
coloured enamel on the pistol stock.
                                             attached: that it be a trophy to be
After we had listened to the debate
                                             competed for by members of all the
for some time for and against this
                                             Transvaal shooting clubs."          This
purchase, the President rose from his
                                             decision of the General was
seat and spoke and in conclusion said:
                                             applauded by the gathering and
"I have listened to what has been said
                                             approved by the President.
and agree with those in favour of the
                                             In due course the competition was
purchase." Then looking round at the
                                             started by all the Transvaal shooting
Members he said: "Ik het geseg - I
                                             clubs and carried on until there were
have spoken!" … and sat down.
                                             only two clubs left and finally only
What a powerful personality was the
                                             two competitors. These two men had
President! Through the many years
                                             tied for first place and had therefore
that have passed since that, to me,
                                             to shoot off the tie. This took place at
memorable occasion, yet to this day I
Pretoria on a beautiful morning, with                   Mnr Brian Le Potha, het na vier jaar
a large gathering of interested                         as lid van ons aflosspan besluit om
Burghers and others, men and                            die museum te verlaat. Ons goeie
women, present. The shooting was at                     wense vergesel hom tesame met die
the then standard ranges laid down                      hoop dat hy as besigheidsman van
and the competitors had by lot to fire                  formaat sal ontluik.
alternately. Christopher Hensley had
                                                        Me Leonie du Toit se eerste kleinkind
the first shot and secured a bull; his
                                                        het ook op 17 November die lig
opponent firing next, also scored a
                                                        gesien. Baie geluk aan die trotse
bull and this continued up to and
                                                        ouma wat so gereed staan om hom op
including the fifth round when
                                                        die hande te dra.
Hensley once again scored a bull but
his opponent scored a four and thus                               ORAL HISTORY
Christopher Hensley secured the
                                                        For quite some time now, oral history
highly prized trophy.
                                                        has found its place in the academic
Hensley was the calmest man I have                      world. It has become a reliable source
ever known and it was that extreme                      and is perceived as vital to our
calmness that beat his opponent who                     understanding of the cultures, events
was as magnificent a shot. This gun                     and experiences of the past.
is now in the care of the Graaff-                       Encapsulating people‟s feelings,
Reinet Museum.                                          personal perceptions and opinions,
Notes:                                                  expressions and nuances of language,
                                                        oral history is also referred to as our
This event took place in 1896. Christopher Alfred       „intangible heritage‟. It is that wisp of
Hensley (1858-1904) was married to Melicent
Susan Thornton, sister of R.W. Thornton. His            the untouchable, that something
parents were James Hensley and Catharine                which you cannot see, but which you
Rebecca Spiller, who lived on Market Square in          are able to hear and experience. Think
                                                        about the stories you heard as a child,
              PERSONEEL                                 the myths and the folklores and very
                                                        often, the eye-witness accounts of
Me Vuyokazi Pika het op 1 Oktober                       past events.
na „n nood keisersnee, die lewe aan „n
                                                        In 2009, the Graaff-Reinet Museum
pragtige seuntjie, Mihlayemivuyo,
                                                        will be embarking on an Oral History
geskenk. Ons hoop om Me Pika en
                                                        Project, initiated by Rev Nancy
klein Mihla weer op 1 Februarie 2009
                                                        Charton and Anne Rundle. Various
in ons midde te hê.
members of the Graaff-Reinet                       BAIE PRAATJIES MAAK
community, as well as Dr Julia Wells                  BAIE GAATJIES
from Rhodes‟ History Department,              Hermi Baartman
met on 4 December to put ideas on
the table and to plan the way forward.        My moeder was vol wyshede en haar
All of us agreed that gaps exist in our       gesprekke      het    gewemel      van
knowledge of local history and that           idiomatiese uitdrukkings en gesegdes.
the recording of local oral history has       As ons iets verlê het, was dit “roep
become paramount.                             die honde en sny spoor”, as jy gedurig
                                              iemand anders se hulp nodig gehad
The first Karoo Conference which              het om iets te vermag, het sy altyd
will be held in March 2009 is going to        beveel “kommandeer jou eie honde en
present us with an opportunity to test        blaf self”, en suinigheid is begroet
the waters. The Oral History                  met “spaar vir die mond is goed vir
Collection team – my own appellation          die kat en die hond” synde dat
- have been tasked to record Karoo            lekkernye wat te lank gebêre word,
oral history. During this two day             bederf raak. Een wat op my van
conference, people from all over the          toepassing is, is “baie praatjies maak
Karoo will be able to sit down and            baie gaatjies”.
relay their opinions, memories and
stories on a variety of subjects.             Dit is egter nie altyd so „n negatiewe
                                              eienskap nie en ek vind dat my
We would also like to invite all those        spraaksaamheid       my     oënskynlik
interested to throw their weight              genaakbaar en toeganklik maak vir
behind this fascinating project and to        die publiek. So het baie informasie
contact the museum. We are in                 en goeie kontakte al gespruit uit
desperate need of volunteers. If you          geselsies met besoekers.
have the Karoo and especially the
well-being of the Karoo at heart,             Nou die dag was hier „n paartjie wat
please            log             onto        aangesluit het by „n gesprek oor die for more                 Anglo-Boereoorlog wat ek met „n
information about the first Karoo             vryskutjoernalis gevoer het. Hulle
Conference.                                   het toe te voorskyn gekom met „n
                                              donasie wat eintlik bedoel was vir „n
                                              ander museum, wat glad nie
                                              toeganklik of ontvanklik was vir die
                                              argiefstuk nie en het besef hierdie
museum verwelkom die memoirs van            ondervoorsitter van die Distriksraad
Jacobus Lodewicus Coetzee van               van die kiesafdeling Graaff-Reinet,
Middelburg, wat as lid van Lötter se        met Mnr Petrus de Klerk LPR in die
kommando tydens „n geveg op                 Provinsiale Parlement in Kaapstad.
Pêrrefontein (Paardefontein?) teen
                                            Ons stel Mnr Hough aan die woord.
Kolonel Schobell geveg het.      Die
destydse bewoners van Liewertas             “Petrus de Klerk het my in die begin
(Libertas?) van Pearston het volgens        van 1979 genader om „n gedenksteen
hom       die     kommando        se        op te rig naby die plek waar Gideon
teenwoordigheid gerapporteer by die         Scheepers gefusilleer is, en sy laaste
owerhede.                                   rusplek nooit opgespoor is nie.
                                            Scheepers sou in daardie jaar 100 jaar
So volg „n lang relaas oor sy wel en
                                            oud wees. Die aangewese plek was
weë as krygsgevangene en banneling
                                            langs die dam, wat in 1902 nog nie
na Ceylon.         Vir my is dit
                                            bestaan het nie, en wat nou onder
aangrypende persoonlike ervarings
                                            water is as die dam vol is.
soos die van die arme Coetsee wat
ons plaaslike geskiedenis substansie        Dit was „n wonderlike uitdaging, nie
gee. Anders as koue feite en swart en       net om dit te ontwerp nie, maar ek
wit woorde op papier, voel ek die           moes ook die oprigting waarneem en
lyding van hierdie man aan en kry „n        die opening organiseer.
insig in sy smart, weerspieël in sy
                                            Scheepers was „n veldmens en
                                            daarom sou „n beeldhouwerk of
EDUARD EN FRANSIE HOUGH                     geboude monument onvanpas wees.
                                            Daarbenewens moes die gedenkteken
„n Wyle gelede het mnr en mev Hough
                                            by die omgewing inpas.
in Graaff-Reinet besoek afgelê en een
van hulle doelwitte was om „n               Ek het „n ontwerp gemaak en toe die
kosbare plakboek persoonlik aan die         klippe gaan soek wat daaraan
Graaff-Reinet Museum te oorhandig.          voldoen. In een van die klofies wat lei
                                            tot die Vallei van Verlatenheid vind
Eduard was vanaf Julie 1974 tot
                                            ek toe die groot rots en daar naby die
Desember 1981 „n senior dosent in
                                            twee kleineres.
Opvoedkunde            aan       die
Onderwyserskollege in Graaff-Reinet.        Die Voortrekkers het die terrein
Hy het „n tak van die FAK op Graaff-        skoongemaak. Ek het die klippe
Reinet gestig.     Eduard was ook           nader gebring en gestapel met „n
skopgraaf. Penne is daardeur gesit           Ter afsluiting moet ek meld dat
om die klippe te anker. (Ek is oortuig       vandale in 1981 probeer het om die
daarvan dat mnr Hough sommer                 vlekvrye staal-naald te verwyder en is
geweet het dat iemand die rotse sou          die kettings, wat nie deel was van die
probeer omgooi- HERMI)                       oorspronklike        ontwerp      nie,
Kellerman van Cradock het die                bygevoeg.”
graniet geskenk en die inskripsie
                                                   PRESTEERDERS VAN
gratis daarop aangebring.
Mnr John Vorster het die onthulling
waargeneem en Joan Retief en                 Ons presteerder-uitstalling vorder
leerders van Volkskool, almal in             fluks. Die ATKV het al reeds die
swart geklee, het as spreekkoor              Anna Neethling-Pohl paneel geborg
Gebed om die Gebeente „n gedig van           en onlangs het die “Parsonage Street
D J Opperman voorgedra.”                     Congregational     Church”     fondse
                                             beskikbaar gestel vir die ontwerp en
Mnr Hough het „n uiters waardevolle
                                             die druk van die Hufkie paneel.
plakboek saamgestel met dokumente,
                                             Indien u belangstel om „n stukkie van
korrespondensie en koerantberigte
                                             Graaff-Reinet se geskiedenis in „n
oor die projek en ook van Gideon
                                             paneel te verewig, ons is nog steeds
Scheepers en sluit af soos volg:
                                             op soek na „n individue of
“Hierdie taak was „n besondere               organisasies om die Beyers Naudé
voorreg en die inligting in hierdie          paneel te borg.
bundel word aan die Graaff-Reinet
                                             So „n bietjie meer oor Frederick
Museum toevertrou vir bewaring en
                                             Emmanuel Hufkie:
navorsing. „n Fotokopie gaan aan die
Gericke      Biblioteek    (Africana                 FREDERICK
Afdeling) van die Universiteit van                EMMANUEL HUFKIE
Stellenbosch.                                   15 APRIL 1918 – 19 JULY 2001
My eie oupa Gerrit Daniel Scholtz is         Frederick Emmanuel Hufkie was
gedurende „n geveg naby Bothaville           born on 15 April 1918 in Somerset
OVS gewond en doodgesteek tydens             East. He completed a BA degree at
die ABO en moeder en ouma en die             Fort Hare University where he
gesin was in die konsentrasiekamp op         studied with prominent struggle
Brandfort.                                   heroes such as Nelson Mandela and
                                             Oliver Tambo.
                                            1977, but remained ‘Pappa Huff’ for
                                            many who attended the school.
                                            The Churchman
                                            In 1981 Frederick Hufkie qualified
                                            as a Christian minister at Rhodes
                                            University and in 1984 he was
                                            ordained as minister of the
                                            Parsonage Street Congregational
                                            Church in Graaff-Reinet where he
                                            served until 1995 at the age of 77.
                                            Together with the late Rev W T
                                            Kruger, Hufkie        directed the
                                            building of a new church and hall in
                                            Kroonvale, Graaff-Reinet, after the
The Teacher                                 Group Areas Act expropriated the
Frederick Emmanuel started his              church building, school building
teaching career as a Science and            and manse in what was then
Language teacher at John Bisseker           declared as an area for whites only.
High School, East London in the             He eventually became Emeritus
1941. In 1944 he became                     minister      of     the      United
headmaster of the William Oats              Congregational Church of South
Memorial School in Somerset East            Africa.
and in 1951 headmaster of the               The Sport Enthusiast
Spandau High School in Graaff-
Reinet, a year after the inception of       Hufkie became vice-president of
the school. He served the school            SARU, the non-racial South
diligently for 26 years trying to           African Rugby Union when it was
realize his dream of making the             established, a position he held for
school one to be proud of. Under            fifteen years. He was committed to
his leadership the school thrived,          the development of local rugby and
not only academically, but also on          actively encouraged his community
the sports field. Discipline, pride         to get involved. He declined re-
and self esteem were some of the            election when he went to Rhodes
qualities he required from both             University to commence his
pupil and teacher. He retired in            theological studies.
The Political Activist                      to rest in 1999, he lost the will to
As a member of the ANC and the              live and kept to his bed. His
United Democratic Front, Hufkie             daughter Deborah remembers her
vigorously       condemned        the       father as steadfast, fair and very
Apartheid Government. He was                humble, a man who instilled the
detained for seven months in 1976           love for rugby and cricket in his
in the Victor Verster Prison, in            sons.
Paarl at the age of 58. He also             SAL DIE WARE IVIE H. ALLAN
condemned         the     Tri-cameral            VORENTOE TREE?
Parliament     and      was     again       Hermi Baartman
imprisoned for six months in the
security prison at Middelburg in            Ek het in 1997 begin om „n uitstalling
1985 at the age of 67. The Tri-             op te bou oor die ABO in Graaff-
cameral Council, led by many of             Reinet. Van die treffendste ou foto‟s
Hufkie’s colleagues in the Christian        in die Museum se versameling en
ministry, refused to grant him a            plakboeke was dié van Allan.
marriage officer’s licence on               Benewens sy naam op die glas-
account of his public condemnation          negatiewe was daar altyd die
of the Council. It took great courage       inskripsie: Copyright reserved. Die
to defy the Apartheid government,           vlietende gedagte het my gereeld
but Frederick Hufkie made it clear          binne geskiet wanneer ek sy portrette
that there was no other option but          van Scheepers, Lötter en John-Steven
to defy those that chipped away at          van der Merwe dupliseer – Nou draai
self esteem through undemocratic            Ivie in sy graf om.
laws. For these beliefs he became           Daar is bespiegel dat Allan „n vrou
one of many who were detained               kon wees. Groot was my plesier om
without a hearing during the                nie net sy portret in mnr Hough se
Apartheid period.                           plakboek te vind wat in 1942 in
The Family Man                              Wepener deur ene Ds Harper Martins
                                            geneem is nie, maar om nog „n
Frederick Hufkie married Rhoda              vertelling in sy eie woorde in die
Goodman in 1944 and together                plakboek te kry was die kersie op die
they had five children: Roderick,           koek! Daar is ook foto‟s van Kareltjie
Deborah, Ezzard, Ebbon and                  Lehmkuhl, Gideon Scheepers se
Rhonda. He and his wife were                Adjudant en „n verbasende foto van
inseparable and after she was called
„n bejaarde Kommandant Wynand                 very light trouser with blood stains
Malan, wat ek net as „n aantreklike           on.
jong Kaapse Rebel van 1902 geken
                                              After that I took one 8½ X 6½ photo
                                              in court, the well known one and the
Laat ek u nou voorstel aan Ivie H             only one because nobody else was
Allen om in sy eie woorde te vertel:          allowed to do so.
                                               Hy wou nie Ds Murray toelaat om vir
“IVIE H. ALLAN – THE MAN WHO                  hom te bid nie. Het die volgende dag
     TOOK THE HISTORICAL                      verskoning gemaak.
                                              The original sentence was that he was
     THE EXACUTION (sic)”
                                              to be hanged. Galg was reeds al
Mr Ivie Allan, born in Wimbledon,             gemaak.       But the exacutioner (sic)
Surry, England. Came to SA in 1890.           King could not be found, so they
Stayed in Graaff-Reinet from 1898 to          decided to shoot him. He was shot at
February     1904.   He     had    a          3 p.m. the following day
photographic studio when the ABW
                                              The photograph shows how tragic.
broke out in 1899.
                                              The school children came out of
I was present when Scheepers was              school swinging their bags for joy of
brought into town. He was captured            life as the ambulance, in which
in the Camdeboo by Gorringes Flying           Scheepers sat, surrounded by armed
Column.       He was just recovering          guard slowly winded its way out to
from an attack of fever. If it was not        the place of execution. This was
for that they would never have caught         about three miles out of town.
him. Previous to his capture he sent
                                              I went with the town guard on foot.
word to Captain Henniker of 2nd
                                              If you stood with your back to the
Battallion Cold Stream Guards,
                                              Dutch Reformed Church, you face the
garrisoned in Graaff-Reinet, that he
                                              direction they went.     They passed
was coming into town and he would
                                              the little koppie A good way.
hang Henniker from the nearest
                                              Scheepers was buried in that meadow,
telegraph pole.
                                              easy two miles beyond the koppie. I
The next thing.... I took his                 walked to be able to take the photo of
photograph in the goal.       He was          the exacution (sic).
willing and obliging. He wore a blue
                                              And Mr Allan says that he must say
tunic with brass buttons, and I think a
                                              in justice of the military from whom
he had asked to take the photograph,         along and examined his grave and
that he must under no account attempt        smiled mockingly.       Then turned
to do such a thing. If he did so the         round, stood up and folded his arms
penalty would be very severe.                and wanted to be shot standing. This
However he decided to chance it.             was refused and he was bound to the
The little tiny Browny camera under          chair. He was not allowed to die as a
his tunic. He stood between the two          soldier. After the ex. As to death, the
lines of guardsmen, and just enough          sergeant of the pioneers broke up the
space to take and not be seen by the         chair, some quick lime had already
officers. He took three consecutive          been thrown in the grave. The body
photos of the exacution (sic)                was then lowered into the grave on a
                                             blanket. The broken chair dropped in
a) Just as the pioneers, who had
                                             the grave. More quick lime poured
   already dug Scheepers grave and
                                             over the body. The grave filled in.
   bound him to a chair, and
   blindfolded him were running              The guards sat over it for several
   away to their positions on the            days. Until the quick lime had done
   ground.                                   its work. The guards were put there
b) Showing the chair after the party         as the military was afraid that his
   had fired (incidentally the party         friends might come and try to remove
   consisted of 25, the largest party        the body.
   ever used at an ex. At the place.)
                                             Signed I. H.A.
   Photo shows puffs of dust. Chair
   half way back on hind legs. The           (It is a well-known fact that the body
   binding round the wrists was              was removed the night of the
   severed.      His hands about six         execution. Six Coldstream Guards
   inches apart.                             snuck to the grave in the middle of the
c) The body stretched out on the             night and reburied the body in the
   blanket.    Doctor kneeling and           soft river sand. His body was never
   examining to see if dead.                 found.)
On arrival of ambulance wagon, then                   MORE ABOUT
Scheepers started to walk down from              IVIE ALLAN’S CAMERA
the steps from the wagon.       The
                                             The camera was a Cooke Triplet Lens
sergeant major offered him his hand
                                             Watson. I did not follow the court
help him down. Scheepers however
                                             case but left with my camera. Went
refused any assistance, and walked
                                             to the Studio and developed it. One
of the numerous plates was good.                 AFRICANA VERSAMELING
Did not ask court to keep still.
                                               Ons het agtergekom dat talle boeke en
After that I took the promulgation of          historiese     geskrifte    uit     die
Scheeper's sentence on the Market              versameling verwyder is. Daarom is
Square. Coldstream Guards formed               ons dringend opsoek na mense wat
three quarters of square with fixed            bereid is om „n volledige oudit van
bayonets. On the open end of the               die Africana versameling te doen. Dit
square were the tables with officers of        is „n kans om jou kennis oor
Guards and Col Henniker presiding.             geskiedkundige persona en gebeure te
Colonel then rose up. Read the                 verbreed en beloof om uiters
various charges against Scheepers ....         interessant te wees. So het ek
In as much as on a certain date etc....        byvoorbeeld agterkom dat „rainbow
you committed murder .... About nine           nation‟ nie „n moderne konsep is nie
charges.                                       maar dat danse waar slawe toegelaat
                                               is om deel te hê aan die feestelikhede,
First the sergeant major bought him a
                                               „rainbow dances‟ genoem is. Indien
chair. He kicked it flying over the
                                               daar iemand is wat belangstel, kontak
soldiers. Then he was standing with
                                               asseblief die museum.
his hat on. He would not allow them
to take his hat off.                                     BAIE DANKIE
I also took General Kritzinger„s trial         Aan almal wat so getrou die museum
in Graaff-Reinet. Took Cmdt Malan              op die hande dra: ons woorde is min
the 1st of June 1902 IN BED AT                 maar ons harte vol. „n Spesiale woord
Noupoort on the day peace was                  van dank aan ons skenkers,
proclaimed. The snow lay 2 ft on the           ondersteuners, trusteeraad en almal
ground.                                        wat so gereeld by ons kom inloer vir
                                               „n woordjie of twee.
I took Cmdt Lötter in goal at Graaff-
Reinet, splashed with blood all over.          Dankie ook aan almal wat ons
Cape Mounted Rifles captured him               straatmark met hart en siel ondersteun
under Col Schobell.”                           het: al die vriende van die museum,
          _______________                      die besighede en sommer almal wat
                                               daar verby gestap en ons jammer
                                               gekry het.
                                               2009 hou vir ons baie belofte in. Na
                                               vele gesukkel met die veranderinge
binne die Nasionale Lotery Fonds het
ons uiteindelik daarin geslaag om die
laaste deel van die Lotto-skenking te
kry. Ons slawe- en restitusie-
uitstalling behoort teen Januarie 2009
op die been te wees.
„n Spesiale woord van dank aan my
kollegas veral Hermi Baartman,
Jessie de Gama en Denise van Wyk
wat die fort gehou het terwyl ek „n
loopbaan en student-wees balanseer.
Nodeloos om te sê, die personeel van
hierdie museum is die mees
hardwerkendste      en   pligsgetroue              REDAKSIE
staatsamptenare, daarom kan ek met
trots Patricia Blouw, Denise van Wyk                 Artikels:
en Hermi Baartman uitsonder as                A Kayster & H Baartman
personeellede wat „n baie goeie punt                Redigering:
tydens hul jaarlikse evaluasie gekry
                                              E van Wijk & J De Gama
Aan al die vriende van die museum,             D van Wyk & N Jacobs
ons       getroue      ondersteuners,
belangstellendes en familie, ons wens
u „n geseënde Christusfees toe, met
die wense dat 2009 vir u net
voorspoed en geluk sal inhou.

                -Anziske Kayster
                    en Personeel


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