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									                                 2008-2009 School Theme: Caring for God's Creation

April 2009
Friday, April 10, 2009         Seisen Newsletter         ARTSCAPE 09 EXHIBITION

                         Every morning our students help us start the day with a short prayer. Their prayer 
Inside This
                         is  often  a  prayer  of  thanksgiving  where  they  thank  God  for  their  parents  and 
                         teachers, for their friends, for the opportunity to have a good education, for the gift 
                         of  creation,  both  nature  and  people.  Last  week  a  group  of  little  girls  thanked  God 
• Upcoming               “for the communities we belong to” and this week some older girls were grateful to 
  Events                 God for his presence among us and for sending his Son, Jesus, to us. 
• School News             
• Art Matters
                         The  students’  prayers  show  what  they  value.  They  show  an  appreciation  for  the 
                         gifts they have received, “for the beauty and infinite variety” in life.   
• School Calendar
                         One thing I would like our children to value is something that makes it possible for 
• Library News
                         us  to  live  and  share  with  others,  to  build  and  maintain  good  relationships:  trust. 
• Charity News
                         They don’t always realize the importance of earning the trust of those around them 
• College Planning       by  being  honest  and  how  we  can  hurt  others  and  hurt  ourselves  by  not  being 
• Nurse’s Corner         honest. Unfortunately, we see a lack of honesty in different social situations ranging 
• From the               from silly lies to call attention or avoid a scolding to situations where people think 
  Newsletter             they have to lie in order to survive.   
• Parenting Ideas        It  is  mainly  through  example  that  we  can  teach  our  children  the  importance  of 
• Advertising            being honest, pointing out to them the danger of losing the trust of  our family, our 
                         friends and our colleagues when we are not truthful.   
                         With  St.  Paul,  my  prayer  for  our  students  is  that  they  “can  value  the  things  that 
                         matter” (Phil. 1:10). 
                         Wishing you all the joy of Easter. 
                         Sr. Concesa Martin 
                         Liturgy of Holy Week at Seisen Chapel 
                         Holy Thursday                         7:00 p.m. 
                         Good Friday                           7:00 p.m. 
                         Easter Vigil on Saturday              7:00 p.m. 
                         Easter Sunday                         11:00 a.m. 
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Upcoming Events

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                                          The Musical South Pacific
                                                  Friday April 17 (7:00 p.m.)
                                                 Saturday April 18 (7:00 p.m.)
                                                 Sunday April 19 (3:00 p.m.)

                    This year’s musical, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic South Pacific, is performed by the 
                    students of the International School of the Sacred Heart, Seisen International School and 
                    St. Mary’s International School, under the direction of Ms. Chieko Nakagawa. South Pacific 
                    concerns the lives of U.S. military men, nurses and the residents of the Polynesian island 
                    they occupy during World War II. Nurse Nellie Forbush is “In Love With a Wonderful 
                    Guy,” a French planter with small children. Clean‐cut Lt. Cable has fallen hard for Bloody 
Emile the           Mary’s daughter Liat. And the eabees, sailors and marines will tell you that there is 
Frenchman (played   “Nothing Like a Dame.” The show’s gorgeous score also includes “Cockeyed Optimist,” “I’m 
by Arent            Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair,” “Some Enchanted Evening,” “Bali Hai,” 
Remmelink of St.    “Younger Than Springtime,” “Honey Bun” and “This Nearly Was Mine.” SOUTH PACIFIC 
Mary's, grade 12)   has captivated audiences since its original Broadway opening in 1949. It is generally 
                    considered to be one of the greatest musicals of all time. Please join us for a wonderful 
Nellie (played by   evening of musical entertainment. Performances will take place on Friday, April 17 at 7:00 
Elissa Rowe of      p.m., Saturday, April 18 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, April 19 at 3:00 p.m. in the St. Mary’s 
Seisen, grade 12)   International School auditorium. Tickets are ¥1,500 for adults and ¥1,000 for students 
                    and are available from St. Mary’s International School at 3709‐3411. The school is a 
                    10‐minute walk from either Kaminoge (Tokyu Oimachi Line) or Futakotamagawa Stations 
                    (Tokyu Denen‐Toshi Line). Due to construction, there will not be parking available at St. 
                    Doug & Akane Jansen 
                    Musical 2009 Publicity Committee 

                                          GAA PANCAKE BREAKFAST
                    Girls Athletic Association (GAA) of Seisen will be selling Pancakes
                    for 3 more mornings in the next month!

                    The dates are:              Wednesday, April 15th
                                                Wednesday, April 29th
                                                Wednesday, May 6th

                    Please come to the Cafeteria before school and support the girls!

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School News                             Meet Our New Elementary Principal
              Sr. Bernardetta Hori, Head of the Seisen Schools Board, has appointed Ms. Sandra
              Mulligan as Elementary Principal from August 2009. With her training, experience and
              dedication to Seisen, Ms. Mulligan is very well prepared for this position. She has been
              a great help to me in the Elementary School during the past year and I am very happy
              that she will be part of the administration. Ms. Laura Carlson will take her place as PYP
              Coordinator. As an experienced PYP teacher, Ms. Carlson is sure to help maintain and
              enhance the on-going Primary Years Program at Seisen.

              Under the leadership of Ms. Mulligan and Ms. Carlson we look forward to another
              productive, happy year in the Elementary School next year.

              Sr. Concesa
                              MEETING FOR INCOMING FIRST GRADE GIRLS
              A meeting for the parents of Pre-first Grade girls who have been accepted for
              First Grade will be held in the Kg Hall on April 29 at 8:45 am.

                    Kanto Plain Model United Nations Conference 6
              On Saturday April 4th, 26 students participated in the 6th annual Kanto Plain Model 
              United Nations (MUN) held at Sacred Heart International School. Our delegation included: 
              Algeria ‐‐ Moon Panda                  Canada ‐‐ Hashanthi Senanayake 
              Costa Rica ‐‐ SunMin Park              Denmark ‐‐ Yeojin Yun 
              Dominican Republic ‐‐ Reimi Dasdeb  El Salvador ‐‐ Izza Saeed   
              Ethiopia ‐‐ Lois Rosinki               Finland ‐‐    Yanna Thinnes   
              Germany ‐‐ Ruriko Shinozaki            Iceland ‐‐ Buyan Pan 
              Indonesia ‐‐ Mihiro Nomura             Iran ‐‐ Sonia Verbeeck 
              Israel ‐‐ Francis Luiz                 Kuwait ‐‐ Kathrin Sehnalova 
              Lebanon ‐‐ Sakiko Tamura               Myanmar ‐‐ Alissa Yamasaki 
              Pakistan ‐‐ Nes La Faro‐Fukuda         Papua New Guinea ‐‐ Stephanie Kim 
              Singapore ‐‐ Julia Tanaka              Tajikistan ‐‐ Yoko Yo‐Ishizuka   
              Turkey ‐‐ Amira Aminuddin              United States ‐‐ Mai Watanabe 
              Uruguay ‐‐    Carolina Barnabe         Venezuela ‐‐ Sharni Sandhar 
              Lithuania ‐‐ Alex Buccilli A.M. // Amber Kim P.M. 
              This MUN conference was the largest ever, with over 150 students attending from ASIJ, 
              YIS, Nishimachi, Sacred Heart and Seisen International School. The students discussed 2 
              important global issues: the militarization of space, and sustainable consumption patterns 

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             in developing and developed nations. A highlight of the conference was Sonia Verbeeck 
             chairing of the 'emergency crisis' resolution. Well done to all MUN participants!   
             Directors Jenny Estep and Andy Holloway 
                      2009 Kanto Plains Choral Festival And Kanto Plains Honor Choir

                      March was a wonderfully busy month of singing in high school!                                            Seisen High
             School Choir and Seisen Vocal Ensemble performed in the Kanto Plains Choral
             Festival at the American School in Japan with eight other international schools
             attending, and one guest school from Vancouver, Canada.                                           The event was lead by Dr.
             Henry Leck of Butler University, a renowned choral conductor from the United States.
             All the schools cheered for each other as the choirs performed, and both the Seisen
             High School Choir and the Seisen Vocal Ensemble performances were received
             enthusiastically, as the audience clapped along to their songs. Both choral groups will
             repeat their performance at the Spring Concert on April 24th, 7pm at St.Marys.                                                    The
             Choral Festival concluded with a traditional African song called Amavolovolo, which
             was sung together with all the students and music teachers in the international schools.
                      Kanto Plains Honor Choir Concert was held a day after the Choral Festival, also
             at the American School in Japan.                         The Honor Choir consists of top singers in the
             Kanto Plains international schools; a judge in the United States, who listened to all the
             audition recordings and scored the performances, selected them.                                             After three grueling,
             but rewarding rehearsals with Dr.Leck, they performed seven contrasting challenging
             pieces.        Their hard work paid off, as the concert was an incredible success!
                      Nine students were selected from Seisen this year:
             Seniors: Sophie Bishop, Kristen Kagei (4 year veteran), Mai Watanabe
             Juniors: Sayaka Nishijima (sick on concert day), Sarah Rogers, Yeojin Yun
             Sophomores: Serina So, Emily Stenson
             Freshman: Alisa Kusunoki (sick on concert day)
                      Select vocal groups were featured during the first half of the Honor Choir Concert,
             the Seisen Vocal Ensemble, was one of them. I was amazed at how diligently the girls
             rehearsed, until they were satisfied. They gave an incredibly engaging and moving
             performance. I cannot even begin to express how lucky I am to be working with such a
             dedicated group of students.
                      Girls, you make me so proud!!                       Thank you so much for the excitement that you
             bring into the Music program at Seisen!

             Naoko Hashimoto
             Music Director of Seisen High School Choir & Seisen Vocal Ensemble

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Art Matters   The class 0f ‘09 artists, all 22 of them, had their IB Final Art Exam Exhibition on Wednesday April
              8th from 5.00pm in the school gym. The 11th grade artists and their mothers hosted the
              reception for the 12th graders from 4:00pm-7:00pm. This is a talented class, which has produced
              amazing and very individual artwork. The students and I would like to thank Sr. Concesa and
              Mrs. Kawasumi for their support in renting the very professional panels that were used for the
              exhibition. We also want to thank Ms. Paula Syms and the Sports department for allowing us to
              use their Gym.
              The IB artists are: JO JIN HEE, KEOHANE MELISSA, NAM YEKYONG A,

              I think it is appropriate to mention the dedication of all the IB art girls. They have maintained their
              schoolwork, while focusing on the hard work of setting up their IB exhibition in the Gym.
              A special mention to the Soccer girls Kristin Kagei, Sara Feinberg, and Himi Kim for managing to
              support the team and still do their art work, Elissa Rowe, the star of the upcoming Musical "South
              Pacific", Rhyannon Imadegawa who acted in the Tokyo International Players recent production of
              Shakespeare's "Richard 111" and Sonia Verbeeck the chairwomen of the recent MUN
              conference. All these girls worked to maintain their commitments, while working hard for their
              exam--well done!

              The 11th grade students have all completed a major artwork on the theme of "From the News”.
              Their stunning works will be on display in the High school corridor in May! Nes La Fukuda, an
              11th grade IB student, is so interested in Fashion that she did her own research into the recent
              fashion shows in Tokyo. Nes arranged fro 3 of her class mates and I to be invited to attend the
              fashion show of Koshino Yiuma held during the vacation at Roppongi Mid Town. It was amazing
              so polished and creative plus we managed to be seated in the very front row!!!

              Congratulations again to Mihiro Nomura in 9-2 who has won an award again at the 20009 Japan
              Pet Fair Picture contest. Her winning artwork was displayed at Pacifico Yokohama in March.
              General interest the 7th and 8th graders are doing amazing perspective studies of the Seisen
              building so look out for the display in May.

              I hope you have all enjoyed the beautiful ceramic show in our school high school corridor.

              Ursula Bartlett-Imadegawa
              High School Art

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             Seisen International School Calendar 2009-2010

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                           News From the Middle and High School Library
Library News   Sakura Medal Art Contest
               Many students submitted their artwork for the competition. The following
               student’s had their picture selected: Emily Stenson, Maria Okada, Keila
               Mitchell, Ena Ferreira, Marie Oka, Emily Keller, Clara von Komatzki,
               Valerie Solotska, Rihwa Kim, Astrid Evenson, Yeojin Yun (last year winner),
               Norma Aratani, Kana Saechout, Ena Takahashi, Marina Hiramatsu. You
               can see all the pictures on this site
               =directlink                Winner to be announced in May! Good luck girls!
               Sakura Medal Votes
               Students who read a minimum of 5 books from the middle school list or 3
               books from the high school list will be able to vote for their favorite Sakura
               book. There will be a ballot box in the high school library April 20 to April 24.
               There will be a Pizza Vote Party on April 24 from 3:30.
               Poetry Week (April 20 to 30)
               A Poem for Your Daughter
               With your help, we will be able to enjoy plenty of poems around the school!
               To be a part of it, just choose a poem that you would like to share with your
               daughter (or sister, or grand child...). Mention your name and your
               daughter’s name and send it to or bring it to us.
               We will display all the poems around the school and post them on our web
               Writing Contest
               The annual Middle and High School Writing Contest sponsored by SPA, will
               start soon! All manuscripts must be submitted in the boxes of the High
               School Library by Thursday May 7, 2009. More information will come from
               Seisen’s English teachers.

               Happy Reading!
               Anne-Marie Thinnes, Middle and High School Library.

                                   News From the Elementary Library
               “In which book does a girl set out to find a treasure map.”    This is just one of the 
               questions  that  our  Seisen  team  had  to  answer  on  March  6th  at  Nishimachi 
               International  School  as  we  traveled  there  to  compete  against  four  other  schools.   
               The girls did a great job both in their knowledge of the books and in representing 
               our school with good sportsmanship.    We were very proud of them.     

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             *****All of the participants from Seisen, the American School in Japan, Nishimachi, 
             Tokyo International School, and the Canadian Academy in Kobe.***** 
             Even  though  we  didn’t  win,  the  students  had  wonderful  comments  about  the 
             experience.    “It was fun meeting the other people from other schools.    We made 
             friends  with  them,”  said  Cliodhna.    Bang  Na  said,  “I  thought  Sakura  books  were 
             interesting to read and it was fun to go against the other schools.”    Kanupriya said 
             she hopes that we can meet the students from the other schools again.    The fourth 
             grade girls are looking forward to the chance to participate again next year.     
             We  would  like  to  thank  the  Chai  family,  the  Jain  family  and  the  Mito  family  for 
             hosting  students  from  the  Canadian  Academy  over  night.    We  really  appreciate 
             them opening their homes to these students as that helped make the whole event a 
             success.    On  Saturday  morning  I  met  some  of  the  Canadian  Academy  students  at 
             Yoga  and  they  were  so  happy  and  excited  with  the  home‐stay  experience.    Our 
             students also had a great time hosting.    Anushri said it was the first time she had 
             ever  done  this  and,  she  said,  “It  was  fun!”    Julie  said,  “It  was  interesting  meeting 
             people  form  other  schools.”    Maddy  said,  “It  was  fantastic  that  we  could  have 
             students from other schools stay and we could tell them about ourselves.    Many of 
             the Canadian Academy students said that the home‐stay was the best part of the trip. 
             Some of the students are still in contact with each other.     
             Our first Sakura Brain Bowl was a great experience for everyone involved and
             we all learned so much. We hope we have many girls who will participate next
             year as well.

             View Sakura Brain Bowl pictures online:
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Charity News
                                          White Elephant Sale!
               The 7th and 8th graders are planning a White Elephant Sale to raise money
               for the Indian Child Fund.

               Where: Seisen Cafeteria
               When: After school on May 14th and 15th (Thursday and Friday)

               Drop-Off Information: Please bring items to the designated area by the
               Teacher’s Cafeteria on May 12th and 13th (Tuesday and Wednesday)

               Items: Clothes, toys, books, and DVDs are OK, as well as small appliances as
               long as they can be carried by hand (such as a small toaster)

               We hope this will be successful in supporting many impoverished children.
               Thank you,

               Tez Clark and Gul Saeed (8th Grade Class Representatives)
                                             “Make-A-Wish” News
               Our fourth bake sale that took place on March 19th was another great success. By selling a
               variety of goods from food to toys, “Make-A-Wish” raised ¥37,200. Thank you to all the
               supporters and contributors! Your generosity truly means a lot to Make-A-Wish and of those
               that are in need.
                        As the end of the school year is approaching, we are planning to have the last
               “Make-A-Wish” bake sale on May 19th (Tuesday). This year, “Make-A-Wish” had the
               Heart-to-Heart Charity Concert in September, along with four other bake sales. The total
               amount of money raised has been ¥311,465. From this, “Make-A-Wish” of Seisen received
               a number of certificates of appreciation from “Make-A-Wish” Japan. This is the outstanding
               result of not only the members’ hard work and effort, but also of additional students,
               teachers, and parents. Thank you!
                        Our aim for this year is to be able to fund raise about ¥350,000.   We hope our last
               bake sale of this year; will help us to achieve this goal! Please continue to support
               Make-A-Wish by coming to our last bake sale!

               Marii Ko (11)

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College Planning News
                        Class of 2009 College Acceptances to Date- UPDATES:
              University of Bath; Bentley University; Binghamton University; Boston University;
              Butler University; California College of the Arts (2); University of California, Irvine;
              University of California, Riverside; University of California, Santa Barbara; University
              of California, San Diego; Colby College; Connecticut College (2);    DePaul University;
              DePauw University; Drew University; University of East Anglia; University of Exeter
              (2); George Washington University; Georgetown University; Goucher College;
              Hampshire College; University of Hartford; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign;
              International Christian University (3); University of Leicester; Lewis & Clark College;
              Loughborough University; Loyola Marymount University (2); Loyola University Chicago
              (2); Manhattanville College; University of Miami; Michigan State University; University
              of Nevada, Reno; New York University(3); Northeastern University (2); Occidental
              College; Ohio Wesleyan University; University of the Pacific (2); Pennsylvania State
              University, University Park (2); Pepperdine University; University of Pittsburgh,
              Johnstown; Pitzer College; University of Puget Sound; Purdue University (3); Queen
              Mary, University of London; Quinnipiac University; Roehampton University (2); Royal
              Holloway, University of London (2); Saint Mary’s College of California; San Diego State
              University (2); Santa Clara University; Skidmore College; Sophia University (6);
              University of St. Andrews; University of Sussex (4); University of Warwick; University
              of Tampa; University of Virginia; University of

                                              Upcoming Events:
              Education UK Day 2009 (organized by the British Council)
              Saturday, April 11th 11:00AM-5:00PM
              Venue: British Council, 1-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

              **Please refer to the College Advisor section of the Member’s Site on the Seisen
              website for a current listing of college guidance events and links to recent news on the
              college process. (Click on the “Support” tab to find the “College Advisor” section).

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                 College Presentation on Studying in the UK and Applying through UCAS
                 Wednesday, April 15th 5:00PM-6:30PM
                 Venue: Seisen Drama Room
                 Ms. Devina Sivagurunathan/School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
                 Ms. Isabelle Pugh/Goldsmiths College, University of London
                 Ms. Emily Page/Royal Holloway, University of London

                 All 10th and 11th graders and parents who are interested in learning more
                 about studying in and applying to universities in the UK are encouraged to

                                                       Save the Date:
                 College Workshop for Grade 11 & Parents (Required for Grade 11 students)
                 Wednesday, May 13th 7:00PM-8:30PM
                 Venue: Seisen Drama Room

                 Professionals representing various university systems (U.S., U.K., Japan)
                 have been invited to provide information, guidance and advice on the college
                 admission process.

                 Miho Hoshizumi, College Advisor,
Nurse’s Corner   The weather is getting warmer and Spring is here. I hope everyone enjoyed the Spring Break.
                 There have been a couple of infectious diseases in Seisen since the last newsletter, please read
                 the following information about them.
                 Influenza B
                 One week before Spring Break, there were several cases of Influenza B in Seisen. We haven’t
                 received any reports since the Break, but there could still be the possibility of getting influenza B,
                 even if you had influenza A this season. Symptoms and treatments are the same as influenza A,
                 although it seems that influenza B is slow to respond to antiviral medicines.

                 Please take your child to a doctor if you suspect Influenza. The main symptom is high fever and
                 other symptoms could be severe headache, extreme tiredness, nosebleeds, dry cough, and
                 body aches. If your child is diagnosed with influenza, please make sure to notify us.

                 Head lice

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             There have been several cases of head lice, at Seisen. This brownish-gray parasite is very small
             and is found all over the world, in all seasons. Though they are very small, the human eye can
             see them. Head lice do not make you sick but they are a nuisance if you get them. They don't fly
             or jump, but they crawl so fast that it is hard to see them. If you find nits in your child’s hair, it
             means your child has head lice.

             As prevention, please check your child's head/hair every now and then, especially after a long
             vacation, when people have visited other countries. Whether it is hot or cold, lice live and hatch
             eggs, and travel from head to head. It is impossible for the school nurses to go through
             everyone's hair and give adequate time to search and remove the nits. So, your assistance in
             checking your child's head is needed. Nits (eggs) look like dandruff sticking to the hair shaft, but
             it is hard to shake them off from the hair unlike dandruff, since they are glued to the hair.

             If you find some of these parasites on your daughter's hair, you don't have to panic. You can
             buy a medicated shampoo at any drugstore in Japan. Purchase “Sumithrin” powder(スミスリン
             シャンプー)or the liquid form, or "RID Shampoo" from the USA that kills head lice, and is easy
             to use. Just follow the directions found on the drug label. Since the medicated shampoo can't
             kill nits (eggs), comb your daughter’s hair with a very fine tooth comb and pull the nits with your
             fingernails in order to remove them. It is necessary to kill them as soon as possible before they
             infect others.

             It is very important to discuss the head lice problem openly and freely. Any infectious disease,
             including head lice, need to be reported as soon as it is found; otherwise, the problem will get
             bigger and bigger and soon everyone will be infected. We tell the students that head lice like
             clean hair and anybody can get it. Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home have nothing to
             do with getting head lice.

             Please remember, even if we checked your child’s hair, we might have missed a seeing head
             lice or nits if they only had a few at the time. It might be a good idea to tie or braid your
             daughter’s hair while we have head lice problems. Please remind your daughter not to share
             combs, brushes, hats, scarves, bandanas, ribbons, barrettes, hair ties or bands, towels, helmets,
             or other personal care items with anyone else.

             If you need more information, please don't hesitate to call us at the school infirmary. Once we
             find lice on a child's head, she cannot come to school until she has been treated with the
             medicated shampoo and all nits have been removed from her hair. When she comes back to
             school, she needs to come to the infirmary and have her hair checked before she goes to her
             classroom. Please make sure to notify us without delay so we can start checking other students.

             Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
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             There have been more cases of pertussis in Japan. According to the Infectious Disease
             Surveillance Center, whooping cough cases are increasing in Japan, especially for people who
             are in their teens and 20’s.

             A few years ago, there was a case of pertussis (whooping cough) in Seisen high school. There
             were other suspected cases of whooping cough, but they were never diagnosed even though
             the students all visited doctors many times. The typical symptoms of whooping cough may not
             be evident and difficult to diagnose, if they had prior vaccinations. Pertussis vaccinations may
             wear off after 5-10 years after the last vaccination, unlike the previous belief of a lifetime
             vaccination effect. This means that if a child finished the series of DPT vaccinations by 5 years
             old, by the time they are in high school, they can be susceptible to a whooping cough infection.
             We need to keep our eyes on our children, especially on high school students because of
             outbreaks in high schools in the US in the last few years. The incidence of pertussis among
             adolescents and adults has increased worldwide, in the last several years.
             Pertussis booster vaccines are recommended for teens in the US. If you are going back to the
             US during the summer, you may need to talk to your child’s pediatrician regarding the
             recommended vaccinations.

             If anyone has had coughing spells with or without difficulty of breathing for more than two weeks,
             please see your doctor and let us know immediately.

             Miyako Line, R.N
             School Nurse

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Parenting Ideas

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                                                       ENGLISH CHADO CLASS
              International Chado Culture Foundation gives chado (the tea ceremony) lessons in
Corner        English, especially for the students and the youth. The program consists of 4 levels of
              instruction from beginning to advanced, of which you may take any level. The students
              are granted the privilege of a fee reduction.                    For further information, please contact:
              International Chado Culture Foundation Chado Urasenke Tokyo Chado Kaikan 〒
              162-0856 1-4 Koracho, Ichigaya,                    Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
              Phone: 03-5225-0787(Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 16:00) Fax: 03-5225-0782
              E-mail: URL:
                                Looking For Dog Care During the summer
              We are looking for a family who would like to have our poodle as a
              paying guest with them for several weeks during the summer. He
              weighs about 6 kilos. is about 2 1/2 years old, and is neutered. He
              Is leash trained and crate trained. He needs to be walked 2 times a
              day but his people can choose when. He is very comfortable with
              young children, other dogs, and a lot of activity. Please call Dr.
              Warners at 080-3473-6332, email her at, or see her
              in the staff room.

                                                              Todoroki Nanachome Dental Clinic 
                                                                    *Implant * Esthetic treatment *Cavity *Cleaning
                                                                        *Whitening *Periodontal disease*Dental
                                                                     check-up*Brushing instruction *Bad breath
                                                                                  disease*Swelling of gum
                                                             • A few minutes walk from KINOKUNIYA Supermarket
                                                                 on Meguro St.
                                                             • Call us anytime – emergency treatment available- English
                                                                 and Spanish spoken
                                                             Open:       Tue, Wed, Fri, 10:00am-12: 30pm & 2:30-7:00pm
                                                                         Sat               10:00am-12:30pm
                                                             Closed: Thursdays, Sundays and National Holidays
                                                             Address: 7-22-16 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
                                                             Tel:        +81 03 3704 3340

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