Search Engine Analysis Project by pengxiuhui


									Search Engine Analysis Project
Technology Enhanced Instruction

Follow the steps below carefully to complete this assignment

1. Browse various search engines from any source (here are a few places to start: Search
engines ( , Search engines from, Wikipedia list of
search engines, Internet Tutorials SUNY-Albany ). Get a feel for several and how they
work...try a sample query, etc.

2. Pick 3 engines that you are most interested in or that seem the best for you. Identify
each as a directory, a single search engine, or a metasearch engine. Don't pick the search
tool you always use (try something other than Google.)

3. Develop a search string/phrase to try on each of the search engines. These search
strings/phrases should be well designed as they are to test the efficiency and
thoroughness of each engine. You need to decide what you think would be effective
phrases or keywords to use to test these engine. Please choose search strings/phrases that
pertain to an educational topic of your choice (example cooperative learning and middle
school science, etc.) Experiment with Boolean commands to see if it changes your search
results; use Boolean commands if needed.

4. Using the search string you develop independently, test all 3 of the engines for at least
three different categories you consider to be important in a search engine. Examples
might be: accuracy, ease of use, efficiency, thoroughness or speed. Rate each category 1-
10 (1 being terrible, 10 being excellent).

5. Using MS Word, create a short lab report of your results that includes:

a) The 3 search engines you picked. What type of engine each is: directory, crawler, or a
combination of these.

b) The phrase, keywords, etc. that you used to test each engine. Be sure to state
WHY/HOW you decided on the syntax of the search string in terms of why it would be
an effective test of various engines.

c) A chart or graph to report the results from #4 above. Be sure to include an "overall"
category that is an average of the others.

d) A statement about which engine you think is the best FOR YOU to use based on your
research. State clearly WHY it is your choice.

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