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Privredna komora Beograda


									Belgrade Chamber of Economy
            Facts about Belgrade
   Belgrade, the capital of the State Union of Serbia and
    Montenegro and the capital of the Republic of Serbia, is
    not only the seat of the state authorities and institutions,
    but, first of all, a trade, industry, culture, science and
    education center. The fact that its territory covers the area
    of 3,224km2 (3.7% territory of Serbia), inhabitated by
    almost 1.6 million inhabitants (21,04% population of
    Serbia), of which over 590,000 are employed, offers bright
    prospects of the centre of South East Europe.
   Belgrade is administratively divided into 16 municipalities:
     o    10 city municipalities (Cukarica, Novi Beograd,
          Palilula, Rakovica, Savski venac, Stari grad,
          Vozdovac, Vracar, Zemun and Zvezdara)
     o    7 suburban municipalities (Barajevo, Grocka,
          Lazarevac, Obrenovac, Mladenovac, Sopot i
   The economic potential of Belgrade is, first of all,
    represented by more than 130,000 registered economic
    operators (33% economic operators of Serbia), of which
    22.600 enterprises (83% privately owned ) and
    approximately 50,000 shops (24% shops in Serbia) are
    economically active.
   The number of employees in Belgrade amounts to
    595.000 (29% of all employees in Serbia) of which
    approximately 469,000 employees by legal entities and
    approximately 125.000 are employees in stores (included


                                                                                T   RY
                                 C                          A

                                     O                           R
                                      N                              IC
                                          ST                              UL

                                                    UC                       TU
                                                         TI                         RE

                                                                                                     0.8 1.1
                                                TR                            U
                                                        A                           R


C                                                                           IO
    RA                                                                        N
         FT                          TO
                                                                                                      1.2 2.2
                                          UR                              TR
                     D                          IS                             A
                         US                        M
                            T   RY                       AN

                                     AN                              C
                                            D                            A

                                                PE                           TE
                         H                        R                             R
                             O                                                      IN
                              U                          SO                              G
                                  SI                       N
                                    N                            AL
                                                                                                     1.3 2,0

                                            A                             SE
                                                N                           R
                        NA                          D                             VI
                                                        PU                          C
                                 CI                       B                              ES

                                    AL                             C
                                                                                                                                                                                         Structure of legal entities by sectors (in %)


                                                ND                          IL
                                                        O                       IE
                                                         TH                        S
                                                                                                   0.1 0.2


     Structure of legal entities by property - 31.12.2004.

                    COOPERATIVE    PUBLIC PROPERTY
                     PROPERTY            0.8%
                       1.1%                          NO INDICATION
         2.3%                                             11.2%




                                       L     TU
           CO                                     RE
                   TR               IN
                      U                D   US

                          CT                 TR
                               IO                  Y
                                         D   US

            TO                                  TR
              UR                                   Y
                      M                 TR

                          AN                  AD
                                D                  E
FIN                                 CA
      AN            TR      TE

           CI             AN    RI
             AL     SP             NG
            AN          OR

                 OT         TA
                   HE          TIO
                       R            N
 HO                       SE

    US                       RV
       IN                        IC
          G        RE
                      AL            ES

                 PU            TA
                    BL            TE

                  NO          ILI
                     CL              S

                                                                                                                  Structure of employees by sectors (legal entities) in 2004.
     The structure of GDP the economy by sectors

      HOTELS & RESTAURANTS                             29.0%

TRADE & SERVICES                                           AGRICULTURE
     33.8%                                                     3.8%

                                 TRANSPORT &
       The structure of Industrial Production (in 2004)

                                 Share in 2004                   Extraction of
Belgrade                            100,0                          ores and
- Processing industry                51,8
- Production and distribution        39,3
energy,gas and water
- Extraction of ores and stone        8,9

                                                  Production                     Processing
                                                       and                        industry
                                                  distribution                     51.8%
                                                   of electric
                                                 power,gas and
  The Share of Belgrade Economy in Serbian Economy in 2004:





60%                                                                   50.3%

50%                                                                           SERBIA
40%               33.6%          29.0%



          ENTITIES        EMPLOYEES
           Export and Import of goods in 2004

              Exports by purpose                         Imports by purpose

PRODUCTS          15.6%            NON DURABLE
  20.9%                                                OTHER
                                   PRODUCTS OF                                 CAPITAL
                                    CONSUMER                                  PRODUCTS
                                      GOODS                                     33.7%

                                         INTERMEDIAL                         NON
                                          PRODUCTS,                       DURABLE
                                            EXCEPT                       PRODUCTS
                                           ENERGY                             OF
       PRODUCTS,                             28.8%                       CONSUMER
            Export and Import by regions in 2004

             Export by regions                       Import by regions

  OTHER                          44.8%



                          ROAD VEHICLE,
                          EQUIPMENT AND             MACHINES AND
                           SPARE PARTS               APPLIANCES
    WOOD AND WOOD-           38 mil.USD               78 mil.USD
       38 mil.USD

ELECTRIC MACHINES                                                  PAPER,
  AND EQUIPMENT                                                  CARDBOARD,
    44 mil.USD                                                 PAPER PRODUCTS
                                                                  62 mil.USD
                                          MINERAL FUELS,
                                           OILS, VAXES,
                CONSUMING FRUITS            BITUMINOUS
                   54 mil.USD               MATERIALS
                                             61 mil.USD

                  ROAD VEHICLE,
                  EQUIPMENT AND
                   SPARE PARTS               MACHINES AND
 PLASTIC MASS       442 mil.USD               APPLIANCES
     AND                                      945 mil.USD
  209 mil.USD

         ELECTRIC                                  PAPER,
        MACHINES,           MINERAL FUELS,      CARDBOARD,
      EQUIPMENT AND           OILS, VAXES,         PAPER
       SPARE PARTS            BITUMINOUS         PRODUCTS
        585 mil.USD           MATERIALS          215 mil.USD
                              321 mil.USD

                             54 mil.USD

  71 mil.USD

    Italy                                                 Bosnia and
 94 mil.USD                                              Herzegovina
                                                         213 mil.USD

          Bosnia and Herzegovina   Italy   Macedonia   Germany

            Austria                                  Germany
          441 mil.USD                               633 mil.USD

      494 mil.USD                             Switzerland
                                              533 mil.USD

                    Germany Switzerland Italy Austria

             Kneza Milosa 12
         tel: (+381 11) 2641 355
        fax: (+381 11) 2642 029

Belgrade Chamber of Economy is organized in conformity with the Republic
of Serbia Law on Chambers of Economy

It represents an
      interest based,

      independent

      professional, business oriented organization

whose members are enterprises, entrepreneurs and other economic entities.

       Enterprises and other entities who perform economic activities
       Banks and other financial organizations, personal and property insurance companies
       Entrepreneurs (members of entrepreneurs’ associations)
       crafts and farmers’ cooperatives
       business and professional associations and organizations
Belgrade Chamber of Economy :
 Advocates the interests of economy in defining and developing economic market
  conditions and provides professional assistants to companies in order to performs the
  effective business

 Defines the economic development strategy of both the City of Belgrade and the Republic
  of Serbia

 Participates in restructuring by means of development to a competitive level

 Participates in development of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship

 Participates in realization of the process of privatization

 Defines the evaluation and awards of the “Symbol of Quality”

 Educates staff

 Promotes business communications for the sake of establishing more efficient economic
  cooperation between the regions, cities and countries

 Provides assistance in registering companies, in business plan elaboration, etc.

 Provides register of companies, the members of the Chamber

 Provides all kinds of statistical data and analyses, market research, capital evaluation,
  solvency, etc.
Organization Structure

Belgrade, the city with around 2 millions inhabitants and the center of the
South-East Europe, has important potential in all activities with prospect to be
modern city suitable for contemporary life and creativity. Belgrade represents
not only the seat of the state authorities and institutions but also a trade,
finance, industry, culture, science and education center.

Belgrade is consisting of 17 municipalities, 10 city municipalities and 7
suburban municipalities and the biggest economic potential has municipality
Novi Beograd, Palilula and Stari grad.

The economic potential of Belgrade is, first of all, represented by more than
110.000 registered economic operators (32 % of Serbia), of which 22.600
enterprises (97 % privately owned ) and approximately 50.000 shops active.

Judging by major economic indicators (gross income, profit) the structure of
the economy of Belgrade has a dominant share in industry, trade, finance and
other services, transport, telecommunications and construction.

Belgrade has a significant capacities in industrial sector, developed domestic
and international trade and all services sector. Belgrade has decisive influence
to the economic life of Serbia owing to the share more thane 30 % in social
product and the share in number of employees .This is an advantage but also
an obligation to influence to the faster development and higher standard of
                                                                                         Gavrilo Veselinović M.Sc, secretary
                                                                                                             B.Sc. in Agriculture
   ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURE                                                                  e-mail:
   AND FOOD INDUSTRY                                                                                   tel: (+381 11) 2642 483

Belgrade region has a significant land potential of about 221 thousand ha of
farmland, which comprises 68% of the total territory of the City.

Agricultural companies, cooperatives and farmers on Belgrade territory own
numerous agricultural machines and equipment. Belgrade has significant capacities
for primary agricultural production, especially cattle-breeding, as well as capacities
for the processing of basic agricultural products.

In the agricultural sector in 2004, there were 773 enterprises employing about 8,000
workers. Technical and technological capacities and staff qualifications are a good
base for a developed:
        Food processing industry (important exporters include the meet, fruit and
         vegetable processing companies, dairies, frozen foods and confectionary
         industry, etc.)
        Beverage industry (eminent exporters of wine, brandy, beer and other
         alcoholic and soft drinks)

Association activities:

        Activitiesrelated to economic and financial consolidation of companies and
         overcoming operating difficulties.
        Preparation and realisation of spring planting, the harvesting and wheat
         crop purchase on Belgrade territory, with realisation measures.
        Preparation of the production and purchase programme for the main field
         crop market surpluses on Belgrade territory.
        Assistance, monitoring and participation in the privatisation process of
         agricultural-processing companies in Belgrade, especially large agricultural
         systems, with the aim of regulating property and legal issues (the status of
         the socially and state owned assets).
        Participation in and organisation of traditional events "Agricultural
         exhibition" and "Record Holder Meeting" and other events and exhibitions.
                                                                               Rade Borojevic, secretary
                                                                          B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
       ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRY                                               e-mail:
                                                                                   tel: (+381 11) 2641 083
       Production of cotton and synthetic fibre clothing
         Industry of Belgrade
       Production of textile is represented by 115000 workers,
       employed in 7 948 companies. Industry contributes about
       Production of footwear and leather fancy goods
       29% of the GDP in Belgrade.
           Industry association is organized in groups and sections
       with the following programs:
       Production of paper, cardboard and paper fancy goods
       Printing of books, text books, magazines and
               Production and processing of lignite
               Production, transmission and distribution of electric
   PROCESSING OF LUMBER energetic installation and
               Resuscitation of
       Production of furniture
               Building the gas pipes and pipes for heating for the
       Production of building material
                  city of Belgrade
               Rational usage of energy
    Association activities:
               Alternative sources and development of sub-
       Establishing business links of energy
               Production of energetic transformers
          contracting relations with local and foreign partners with
                   of increasing competitiveness and
          the aimProduction of digital central station profitability.
       Assistance to Associations members in structural
               Production of electrical appliances and devices
          program realisation. systems for management and
               Production of
       Realisation of development projects and programmes of
          strategy interest, through introducing a new technology
          and providing foreign
       AND SHIPBUILDING direct investments.
       Realisation of energy efficiency programmes, and
               Production of machine tools and equipment
          resuscitation of energetic installations and equipment.
               Production of agricultural machines and equipment
       Activities in interest based organising of its members for
               Production of all kind of means of transportation
          the purposes of the protection of their capital and
               Production povezivanju članica sa
          property.Učešću u of engines (diesel and petrol)
          naučnoistraživačkim i obrazovnim institucijama
               Production of equipment for process industry
       Participation in linking Associations members and
                                                education institutions.
          science and research institute and of chemical products
               Production and processing
       Definition of solution proposals for the improvement of
               Production and processing of plastic mass
          economic conditions and building economic environment.
               Production of rubber for tractors
               Production of medicines and medical herbs
               Production of cosmetic products
                                                                               Branko Nesic, secretary
           ASSOCIATION OF CONSTRUCTION                                                 B.Sc in Economics
           INDUSTRY AND PUBLIC UTILITIES                                             tel: (381 11) 646 633

    In our country , activities of the construction industry was carried out through intensive housing
    construction , construction of public utilities, large industrial units, roads and railways network, oil
    pipelines, gas lines, cable railways, numerous tunnels, airports, ports, piers, hidro and
    termoelectric buildings. In the erlier period of time, construction industry contributed about 10% of
    the GDP of Serbia, but its contribution is too small in the last ten years.

Association activities:
         Gathering of all construction companies, design organisations, equipment fitters and public
            utility companies in the Construction Industry and Public Utilities Association in order to
            define mutual interest and solving common problems
         Linking construction entities and commercial banks in terms of housing construction and
         Taking measures related to the criteria for granting contracting licenses by which the unfair
            competition in the construction market will be prevented
         Considering possibilities for continuing with the work on the projects of the Republic of
            Serbia Housing Construction Agency, as well as the projects for the earthquake-stricken
         Activities related to the restructuring of major construction companies and their
            implementation in privatisation
         Cooperation with the Belgrade Agency for Building Land and Construction in finding
            locations for potential investors from the country and abroad
         Monitoring and harmonising development programs in the field of construction and building
            material industry
         Analysis of economic conditions and economic position of companies in this field
         Monitoring and processing statistical indicators for construction, project engineering and
            building material industry by groups
         Participation in the drafting of new laws
Within this association, the Section for electrician contractors in Belgrade construction industry is
formed, with the task to define work norms, settlement of work and additional work norms for that field
of activities.
                                                                      Petar Stolica, secretary
                                                                            B.Sc in Economics
ASSOCIATION OF TRADE                                               e-mail:
                                                                        tel: (381 11) 2642 778
                       Trade has a significant place and role in the overall economic development
                       of Belgrade, considering its high share of the GDP (26%) and employment
                       On the territory of Belgrade, there are 56,300 active trading companies and
                       businesses employing about 70,000 workers.
                       Belgrade trading capacities:
                                   26.300 shops covering over 3.5 million sqm (retail outlets,
                                    department stores, supermarkets)
                                   10 large shopping centres
                                   Belgrade Port
                                   Belgrade fair
                                   Wholesale market
                       Fourteen halls of the Belgrade Fair provide 100,000 sqm of exhibition and
                       business space. Over 45 regular fair exhibitions take place at the Belgrade
                       Fair per year. The total offer of the Belgrade Fair is supplemented by a
                       continuous exhibition – the consumer goods Bazaar.
                       Apart from the traditional ways of selling, new forms of trade are being
                       developed, too (e-tailing, TV sale, catalogue sale, direct sale and alike).
                       The Association's activities:
                                   Assistance in escorting the ownership transformation.
                                   Assistance to companies in introduction of the quality system
                                    under the JUS-ISO 9000 standard requirements.
                                   Creation of Trade Industry Development Strategy
                                   Organisation of expert debates and seminars for the purpose
                                    of supplementary training of all levels of staff in trade on the
                                    application of new technologies, better work organisation and
                                                                        Dragan Stefanović M.Sc, secretary
                                                                            B.Sc. in Transport Engineering
      ASSOCIATION OF TRANSPORT                                          e-mail:
      AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                                         tel: (+381 11) 2642 855

River transport
  Due to its geographical position on two navigable rivers, at the
  intersection companies are equipped with vessels of
River transportof roads, railway lines and corridors, Belgrade has
various types and purposes, with total carrying capacity of
  a special role and importance a a prominent southeastern
over 500,000 tons. Belgrade Port –as complex by the
  centre, connecting Central Europe and Middle East.
Danube, represents a cargo and transport centre, covering Therefore,
  all transport ha with 290,000 square meter in Belgrade.
an area of 120 forms have been developedof covered andWithin
650,000 square meter of open warehouses and a 44000
  the city territory, 1966 companies in total are registered in the
square meter container terminal. The Sava wharf accepts all
  field of traffic, with over 87000 employees.
types of passenger ships.

 Rail transport
Air transport comprises seven main railway lines intended for
  Rail transport
  international traffic, as well as operates on 39 domestic
In air transport "Yugoslav Airlines" significant transport capacities
and international lines. Belgrade Airport, with its capacity of
  with 15 passengers a year, equipped with shunting and
5.5 millionstations, which arerepresents an essential
  industrial tracks, central increases its importance in the
element of air transport that and automatic traffic control
transport network of Europe and the world. for international
  management and a container terminal
PTT transport
 Road transport
The postal and telecommunications, with Belgrade as their
 In road transport about 2500 buses intended for international,
centre, are linked with all telecommunications centres in the
 intercity, urban and suburban passenger to new types
world and with their dynamic development leadtransport are in
of services and integration of network and are
 operation. About 1.5 million passengers per
 transported in the urban and suburban transport. On the city
 territory there is a number of transport companies with over
 2000 trucks, as well as a specialised motor pool for transport of
 various goods. About 1500 departures on intercity and
 international lines effectuate daily.
                                                                                             Djordjo Simanic, secretary
  ASSOCIATION OF BANKS, INSURANCE                                                                       B.Sc in Economics
  COMPANIES AND FINANCIAL ORGANISATIONS                                                     e-mail:
                                                                                                  tel: (+381 11) 2688 088

  Belgrade represents the banking and financial centre of Serbia. There are over 13,000
  legal entities registered and over 20,000 workers employed in the sector.

The Associations activities:
 Continuously monitoring current economic policy implementation and impact of particular
  measures on developments in economy, particularly in the field of prices and the dinar
  exchange rate, as well as making initiatives for changes in the existing or adoption of new
  economic policy measures;
 Considering measures of monetary and credit policy and their impact on the banks'
  business activities and economic conditions in the real sector;
 Representing, harmonising and protecting common interests of its members and
  participating in the economy restructuring process, the financial sector in particular;
 Initiating and monitoring realisation of particular projects of interest to the banks,
  insurance organisations and other financial organisations;
 Keeping track of legal regulations in the field of banking, insurance and finance, and
  cooperating with state authorities in regulations preparation and application;
 Monitoring the transfer of payment operations to commercial banks and launching certain
  initiatives and proposals for the purpose of a more effective performance of financial
 Organising promotions and presentations of successful financial organisations and their
  business achievements;
 Organising conferences, seminars, roundtables and alike, for the education not only of the
  employees in financial organisations but, first of all, of experts in companies, especially in
  small and medium-sized companies, and of entrepreneurs, with the aim of successful
  operations and development of companies and functioning of Belgrade financial market.
                                                                              Angelina Zrilic, secretary
                                                                                      B.Sc in Economics
ASSOCIATION TOURISM AND CATERING                             
                                                                                tel: (+381 11) 2645-277

Belgrade has the remarkable conveniences for       The hospitality-tourist infrastructure
tourism and hospitality development:               comprises 35 hotels, 3 of which are part
                                                   of world-known 5-star hotel chains, 5 4-
          Natural conditions                      star hotels, 7 motels, about 2000 high
          Geographical and strategic position     standard restaurants, over 1500 travel
          Developed infrastructures               agencies and bureaus.
          Rich cultural and historical heritage
                                                 The Association's activities:
                                                  Monitoring operating conditions, results
The association coordinates and represents the
                                                   and realised turnover in the hospitality
interests of companies in the field of hotel and
                                                   industry and definition of solution
catering industry and travel related business.
                                                   proposals for the improvement of
                                                   economic conditions.
                                                  Coordination and assistance to companies
Belgrade, the centre of the Republic of Serbia, is
                                                   in solving problems with a view to
the city rich in history. As one of the oldest
                                                   acceleration of the privatisation process,
European cities, Belgrade is a vivid postcard,
                                                   in modernisation of management teams
recognisable for its centuries-old heritage.
                                                   and in attraction of foreign investments.
                                                  Activities in realisation of the Quality Mark
Belgrade is the city of museums and famous
                                                   project of the Belgrade Chamber of
ambient units (Knez Mihailova Street and
                                                   Commerce and Industry.
Terazije, the Republic Square, Skadarlija, the
                                                  Intensive activities in organising the
Zemun fortress, Ada Ciganlija and many others),
                                                   economic entities, within the framework of
the city of culture, with over 20 stages and as
                                                   preparing significant sports and fair
many concert halls, as well as the city of sports.
It is certainly a city predetermined for the
                                                  Participation in creation of Tourist
development of tourist and hospitality industry.
                                                   Industry Development Strategy proposal.
                                                  Coordination and assistance to companies
                                                   in the process of harmonisation with new
                                                   legal regulations.
                                                                                                         Vesna Pajkovic – Pudar, secretary
                                                                                                             B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
       ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES                                                              e-mail:
                                                                                                                    tel: (+381 11) 2645 333
                                                                       ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES:
The Association strives to ensure for:
   Belgrade BUSINESS COMMUNITY - modern business                         Creating economic environment for the operations of IT companies,
     information technology and computer networks for relevant             active participation in drafting regulations necessary in the ICT area.
     business communication between partners in the country and           Representing the interests of IT companies in strategic country
     abroad,                                                               development documents regarding the contribution this field may bring
   IT COMPANIES, members of the Belgrade Chamber of                       due to comparatively low investments, strong driving force and fast
     Economy – a favourable business environment for successful            evaluation.
     operations and fair competition, and                                 Guidance in the understanding of potentials and competitiveness of
   the STATE - a path to IT society.                                      products and services of highly skilled professionals in the field of ICT,
                                                                           especially in application software, engineering and consulting services.
                                                                          Organised work and initiatives and a significant presence in the field of
In its defined programme tasks, the Association takes into account         education for all levels of qualifications and permanent training both of
the European trends eEUROPE and eEUROPE +, which present                   professionals and users, and, especially, managers,
our development directions and the expression of the need to join         Guidance in the integration of IS ICT and the quality assurance systems
the community of European peoples. The Association will especially         and the environment protection systems,
advocate the implementation of the eSEEurope Programme (2001              Guidance in the development of IS in the area of support to corporate
to 2004). We follow current activities of importance in the ICC,           resources planning and knowledge resource management, on which the
especially EBITT (E-Business, Information Technology and                   success of future companies will be based,
Telecommunications) Committee activities as part of our practical         Active contribution to the development of business communications, as
work in the National Committee. The ICT is an important link in the        a prerequisite and element of business success and survival in
repro-chain in all business goods and cash flows and a driving force       increasingly demanding market competition
of development and raising effectiveness and profitability in the         Development of cooperation in the chamber system and in direct
entire economy.                                                            collaboration with the associations within the Belgrade Chamber and
                                                                          Paying due attention to the promotion and marketing of ICT products
                                                                           and services
                                                                              Milica Cosovic–Kitic, secretary
                                                                                               Bachelor in Laws
        COURT OF HONOUR                                                  e-mail:
                                                                                        tel: (+381 11) 644-880
           In the proceedings before the Court of Honour the
       following Honour is measures are brought:
    The Court ofdisciplinarya body of Belgrade Chamber of
Commerce and Industry for proceeding on the basis reports of
violation of fair business practices and business ethics committed by
                      Oral a seat or conduct activities on the City of
businessmen who have reprimand
Belgrade territory. The Court has been active since 1913.
                     Written reprimand
                      Public reprimand of Honour are the Board
    The proceedings before the Court promulgated atpublic and
urgent. The proceeding are initiated by bringing charges, which may
                      of the relevant Chamber Association Board
be brought in front of the Court of Honour by its prosecutor,
                     Public reprimand promulgated at the
                       authorities and of the Chamber
businessmen, stateManaging Boardmembers of the public.
                       bringing charges is six months from the
    The deadline forPublic reprimand promulgated through date of
observation of violation and/or one year from the date of violation of
                      mass media
fair business practices and business ethics.
                     Ban on performing activities for 3 to 6
    The deadline formonths charges is six months from the date of
observation of violation and/or one year from the date of violation of
fair business practices and business ethics.
           Alongside these working on the grounds be
    The Court of Honour ismeasures remedies may of law, Chamber
       pronounced, which are:
Statute, Rulebook on work and organization of the Court of Honour,
and other positive regulations relating to violation of fair business
practices and business ethics.
                     Ban on participation in boards and bodies
                      of violations of
    The most frequent the Chamberfair business practices and
business ethics are:
                     Ban on participation at fairs and exhibitions
        Violation of contractual obligations; of an
                     Ban on self-employment
                      entrepreneur under the pretence of good service;
        Provision of bad service for a specific time period
                      Permanent ban on performing activities
        Sale of defective goods and denial of justified claims;
                      and deletion from the Entrepreneurial
        Sale of goods with elapsed expiration date;
        Overcharging;
        Switching of orders and defaulting in obligations;
        Conducting activities without permission-registration
       from/with competent authority;
        Failing to issue a receipt or issuing a receipt under
       somebody else s name;
        Failing to register employees, non-payment of insurance
       contributions for employees to appropriate funds;
                                         Liljana Bozovic, secretary
    ENTREPRENEURSHIP                                 Bachelor in Laws
                                             tel: (+381 11) 2642-277

    There are more than 55,000 entrepreneurs, owners of
     trade, catering, craft and other businesses, bureaus
     and agencies which perform their activities
     independently. According to the entrepreneurship set-
     up of Serbia – there are approximately 209,000
     registered entrepreneurs – Belgrade takes up more
     than 24% of total number of entrepreneurs in Serbia.

    The characteristics of our entrepreneurship are those
     typical for small private enterprises in Europe:
     relatively low initial funds, fast turnover of capital,
     easily adjustable to new activities and new market
     conditions. Family business is traditional. Therefore,
     some businesses are ran by the fourth generation of a
                                                                                   Božidar Milovanović, secretary
                                                                                                B.Sc. in Agriculture
         BELGRADE COOPERATIVE UNION                                                         tel: (+381 11) 642-688

  Belgrade Cooperative Union is a collective member of the
Chamber comprising the cooperatives in agriculture, crafts,      Belgrade Cooperative Union activities:
consumer and other form of organisations on the City of
Belgrade territory, in accordance with the Law on                     Initiating and assisting the establishment
Cooperatives and Rules of Belgrade and Serbian                         and formation of specialised or general
Cooperative Unions.                                                    cooperatives
                                                                      Participation in preparing of the production
    The Cooperative Union organises and coordinates 47                 plan for the basic crops on Belgrade
agricultural cooperatives, 36 crafts cooperatives and 44               territory in agricultural cooperatives and
cooperatives in other industries. Agricultural production in           agricultural enterprises.
villages and the private sector is organised in 58 000 farming        Compiling inventories of agricultural
households, of which 51 000, apart from the crop farming,              products and linking the cooperatives with
engage in livestock breeding. Apart from completely                    the food processing industry
supplying the 38 city's green markets with fresh fruits and           Assisting the cooperatives in the
vegetables, individual farms meet a significant part (about            preparation of investment projects and
60%) of the needs of the food processing industry on the               business plans
territory of the capital.                                             Constant lobbying for the drafting and
                                                                       improvement of the agricultural policy,
  In 167 villages which are part of thirteen Belgrade                  especially in the area of price parities, tax
boroughs, 80% of the total 185 000 ha of arable land, is               policy etc
owned by farmers. Farmers organised in cooperatives own:              Professional training and education of
                                                                       farmers and agricultural experts employed
      57% of the livestock                                            in cooperatives
      85% of total agricultural machinery comprising
     22,000 different type tractors
      86% of land under orchards
      100% vineyards
                                                                Zorica Obradović, secretary
                                                                             B.Sc in Economics
  CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC POLICY,                                  e-mail:
  RESTRUCTURING AND DEVELOPMENT                                        tel: (+381 11) 2641 287

Organizational forms and activities of the Centre are the

Department for Economic Policy and Development
   Monitoring effects at industry and company level and
    taking initiative on adoption of economic policy
    measures, in particular of credit, fiscal, development
    and other.
   Creation of information, analyses, studies on
    performance of the economy, of certain sectors,
    fields and companies.
   Development of business plans.
   Consultancy services.

Department for Restructuring and Development of
Large Systems
   Situation monitoring and implementation of
     structural transformation of economy, in particular of
     the companies at the forefront of development within
     a sector and economy of the City.
   Development of analyses related to restructuring
     and improvement of competitiveness of the
     economy, companies and products ranging from
     market surveys to realization of programs.
   Identification and support in the implementation of
     new development – investment programs (from
     setting up to fulfilment of technical/technological and
     credit requirements).

Solvency Department
   Providing information and certificates on solvency.
                                                                                         Vera Tosic, secretary
                                                                                            B.Sc in Economics
       CENTRE FOR FOREIGN ECONOMIC RELATIONS                                    e-mail:
                                                                                          tel: (381 11) 643 774

Activities of the Centre are the following:                    Promoting capabilities of specific
                                                                Belgrade branches, groups and
   Monitoring and analyzing foreign trade at                   companies abroad, through different
     Belgrade and national level, indicating trends and         channels of presentation: publications,
     proposing measures for improvement,                        fairs, exhibits.
     Monitoring effects of regulations governing this         Establishing firmer business cooperation
      field (foreign trade regime, foreign exchange,            between Belgrade economy and
      customs, credit systems) and proposing                    diaspora.
      amendments for the purposes of trade promotion
      and harmonization of regulations with the EU,            Providing information related to legislation
                                                                and economic policy of our country;
     Initiating, encouraging and promoting different
      forms of cooperation of Belgrade’s industry with         Providing information to domestic
      the international community through cooperation           companies on possibilities for external
      with foreign companies, especially with the view          borrowing and for other types of funding
      to the increase of exports and development of             for their projects and business
      advanced forms of foreign trade activities,               undertakings, promotion of investment
                                                                projects and finding potential foreign
     Organizing campaigns for our industry on foreign          investors.
      markets, initiating, establishing and encouraging
      bilateral and multilateral contacts and cooperation
      with international organizations.
                                                            Slavica Romhanji, secretary
                                                                        Bachelor in Laws
CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC SYSTEM                               e-mail:
AND LEGISLATION                                       tel: +(381 11) 2642 966, 3619 472

The Centre is engaged in the following activities:
     Initiating the adoption of new and
      amendments of the existing economic-
      systemic regulations, according to industry
      needs and EU requirements.

     Coordination of activities in studying
      economic systemic laws (organization of
      conferences, seminars, round tables , etc.).

     Simulation – testing of new legal provisions
      from the field of business law in order to
      propose their improvements and

     Informing members on new regulations in
      the field of copyright, related laws, laws on
      industrial property and other regulations
      relevant for joining the World Trade
      Organization and EU.

     Consultancy services.
                                                                                                   Predrag Grubin, secretary
  CENTRE FOR SHARE-HOLDING EVELOPMENT                                                           Engineer of Work Organization
                                                                                                        tel: (+381 11) 2659-073

                                                                    To companies which completed the privatisation process under
Centre is engaged in the following activities:                      the previous legislation
                                                                        Harmonising data from the Shareholders Register with
      Provides assistance to companies in ownership                       the Central Register
       transformation, and since the development of the                 Preparation for the flotation of shares
       market economy leads to more dynamic stock exchange              Corporate management in a company/corporation
       and the development of the financial market, centre is
       also engaged in the activities of that segment too, with
       the final aim that Belgrade became the financial centre of
       South- East Europe.

      The Centre actively participates in defining legal
       solutions, mainly, in the field of privatisation, by
       representing the interests of economy, more exactly, the
       position of companies.

                                                                    To shareholders who acquired shares through purchase or
                                                                    subscription under the previous legislation
                                                                        Obligations, voting rights, right to dividends, share in a
                                                                          bankrupt's estate, inheritance, tax, etc.
                                                                        Opportunities for selling shares at the stock market
                                                                          through stockbrokers

                                                                    Centre activities are also focussed on:
                                                                       Activities related to the implementation of accelerated
To companies with the majority socially owned capital, the                auction privatisation in accordance with the Instructions
Centre offers assistance regarding the following issues:                  issued by the Ministry of Privatisation and Economy
    Who, how and when they can launch the initiative for              Preparation and organisation of promotional lectures,
      privatisation proceedings?                                          round tables, discussions, workshops and other forms of
    Which are the necessary resolutions, who is to adopt
                                                                          educational activities aimed at the participants in the
      them, what their content should be, about the deadlines             privatisation procedures
      and privatisation documents?
    What to do after the auction has been completed and
      how to do it?
                                                              Duka Samardzic, secretary
                                                              B.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry
    CENTER FOR SME                                           e-mail:
    AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT                               tel: (+381 11) 2642 277
The Centre is engaged in the following activities:

          Monitoring of operations and providing
          expert assistance to small SMEE products
           Encouraging promotion of and medium
           and production entrepreneurs (hereinafter:
           enterprises andprogrammes and at fairs and
           SMEE) for the purpose of improvement of
           specialized exhibitions
           their work and profession
          Providing assistance to SMEE in relation to
          Providinglocations for construction of new and
           securing expert assistance to socially
           owned SME in relation to ownership
           enlargement of existing plants and better
           transformation – privatization
           access to credits for SMEE sector

          Identification and testing of investment
           Providing business connections between
           programmes in the SMEE sector and and
           SMEE with local and foreign partners
           offering assistance in of products and services
           encouraging the sale meeting the
           of the SMEE for their realisation
           requirements sector on domestic and foreign
           markets by better links between large
          enterprisesthe development of SMEE in
           Support to and SMEE (cooperation,
           franchising, greater participation of SMEE in
           priority economic sectors that have the
           public procurements, etc). industrial
           greatest economic potential:
           production, processing of agricultural
          products, tourism and development of and
           Encouraging potential SMEE founders
           software industry
           providing assistance during the setting up of
           new businesses and enterprises
          For the purpose of increasing the
          competitiveness of SMEE, both on domestic
           Providing information of importance to
           and foreign markets, encouragementpremises
           modern SMEE operations (business of
           market, credit and quality systems,
           SMEE to introducecredit line offers,
           innovationsmarket, introduce management
           equipment and to etc.).
           skills and capabilities
 CENTER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT                    tel: (+381 11) 2641 355
 AND TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGIES AND ECOLOGY                / ext. 166, 139

The Centre has the following
organizational forms and performs the
following activities:

Department for Development of
Inventions and Design
      Cooperation with scientific,
         professional institutions and
         inventors in technical and
         technological development and
         restructuring activities.
      Initiation and participation in the
         realization of technological parks,
         innovation centres and pilot
         projects of interest for Belgrade
      Encouragement of inventions and
         design in economy and for the
         economy by awarding Chamber
Environmental Department
      Identification and implementation
         of programmes in the filed of
         environmental protection.
                                                                Slobodanka Višekruna, secretary
                                                                   B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
      CENTER FOR BUSINESS EDUCATION                                  e-mail:
      AND QUALITY PROMOTION                                      tel: (+381 11) 2642 966, 3619 472

The Centre has the following organizational forms and
performs the following activities:

Department for Business Education
   Drawing up, proposing and implementing business
    education and training plans,
   Organizing business education and training, both public
    and programmes on demand,
   Organizing vocational training and practice for the needs
    of members of the Chamber,
   Encouraging and directing students towards economic
    issues by awarding Chamber prizes.

Department for Improvement of Quality
   Improvement of operating efficiency of the Chamber and
    its members by implementing quality standards and a
    system of quality management
   Coordination of activities of the Chamber in the
    development and harmonization of standards and other
    technical regulations,
   Participation and work on the implementation of laws
    and other regulations in the field of standardization,
    accreditation, and certification,
   Training in the field of quality.

Department for quality audit and assessment
   Organizing development of assessment criteria and
    quality grades for services and goods for awarding the
    quality mark of the Chamber,
   Activities on obtaining authorization for assessment and
    audit of the quality management system’s compliance
    with requirements of international standards.
                                                                           Aleksandar Matić, secretary
                                                                        B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
       IT CENTER                                                         e-mail:
                                                                                  tel: (+381 11) 642 034
The Centre is organised into two departments performing the
following activities:

Computer Applications Department:

      Development of the IT system of the Chamber,
      Creation and updating of Chamber's databases and
       exchanges and linking up with other databases in Belgrade,
       within the country and abroad,
      Administration and maintenance of the network, hardware and
      Presentations of the Chamber, its sections and members on
       the Internet and Intranet, on other networks and on all public
       appearances of the Chamber,
      Computer support to seminars and presentations, meetings at
       the Chamber or for other needs of the Chamber,
      Computer training in cooperation with the Centre for Business
       Education and Improvement of Quality,
      Consultancy services in the mentioned fields for Chamber
       members and for other economic entities and individuals.

Department of Statistics

      Statistical data processing,
      Periodic information on relevant facts on Belgrade economy,
      Cooperation with IT centres of other chambers, institutions,
       members and similar centres for the exchange of information,
      Acceptance, processing and replying to inquiries coming from
       legal entities and individuals.

           Kneza Milosa 12
       tel: (+381 11) 2641 355
       fax: (+381 11) 2642 029

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