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                  Sacramento Japanese United Methodist Church
                  Motoe Yamada, Pastor
                  George Nishikawa, Pastor Emeritus
                  Phone: (916) 421-1017
                  Fax: (916) 421-2150

Volume 44                        February 2010                        No. 2

                                                 February 13, 2010
   FEED is on February 13, 2010 -                Multi-Cultural Hall
   so save the date!. The cost will
   be $40.00 for adults and $15.00                 Adults - $40.00
                                                  Children - $15.00
   for children 10 and under. Pro-
   ceeds will go to the Legacy
   Fund. Tickets will be available                    )rednu & 01(
   after worship and in the church
   office. Please put the date on                   Proceeds to
                                                    Legacy Fund
   your calendar and ask all your
   relatives and friends if they
                                                    Doors Open
   would like to join you. See you
                                                      5:00 pm

                                                  Dinner - 6:00 pm
Sakura Dayori                                 Page 2                            February 2010

                               Notes from the Pastor
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in
the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing
came into being. What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all peo-
ple. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it (John 1:1-5)

            Wellness month is going really well. Workshops have been well-attended (Brain fit-
ness, Mental Illness Awareness, and Care giving support) and testimonies are well-received. I
hope that you got something out of it from D.R.I.V.E. (Devotion to God, Readness for lifelong
learning, Investing in Key relationships, Visioning for the future and Eating and Excising) and
came close to God. I am so thankful for the Wellness Month planning team. There are some-
thing for all ages (senior and youth open gym, healing service, book club, taking blood pressure).
Let us continue to grow as diciples together!
            I would like to thank Brian Gosney who worked very hard to bring our Youth together.
In his 3 months and half, he made a tremendous progress in youth ministry and planned many
events for the youth. Open gym has been very successful and at his last Sunday 30 people
were playing in the gym. He will be missed greatly.
            Gayle Kurasauki has been hired for the youth ministry director. She has grown up at
the United Japanese Christ Church (Fresno) and she has been very active in Jr. High and Sr.
High camps. She will be a great addition for the church and she will bring the church and youth
camp closer.
            Have you had a chance to look at the beautiful Garden fountain? After
many people’s hard work, we have a new fountain in our garden! We have an
installation service and our first baptism by the river (Congrats Ricky!)
            Recently I was asked what the liturgical dance during the Christmas
Eve Service was about. No one said anything about the dance! I was told that
we could expect average of 25 people for the Christmas eve, and we had 180
people (Praise God!). I was thankful to have the opportunity to work with
Courtney Goto. The reason I did not explain about the dance other than read-
ing the John’s passage (see above) was that interptation may be varies ac-
cording to each person. However, after talking the church member about that,
I realized that it would be better to explain what I wanted to express. The white
clothe which was hanged from the star (by the ceiling) signified Light, Life, God
and Word. The light from the star came down to the Earth and the light of all
people shined over everyone as a sign of blessing. The light became the river
of the water of life (“Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as
crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb” Revelation 22:1). Then the light
(clothe) was wrapped about Mary then the light became Emmanuel.

         Lent season is coming and it is one of my favorite seasons. I feel
closer to Jesus and also challenged to be closer to him. During Lent, I will be
asking you to 1. give up something for God, 2. add something for God, and 3.
do something in the community for God. Newly formed mission committee will
provide a resource brochure with mission programs which you can sign up for.
Please start to think about what you are going to do for Lent.
Sakura Dayori                      Page 3                         February 2010

                                              Greeters for February
           Invitation to Worship
                                       February 7 — Margaret Saito
                                                      & Irma Hanni
                                       February 14 — Mary Nakamura
                                                      & Joyce Oshiro
February 7, 2010
Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany        February 21 — Kimi Ronay
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:1-11                       & June Tanihana
Sermon: "An On-Going Creation"         February 28 — Lois Yuki
                                                      & Jill Kanemasu

February 14, 2010
Transfiguration Sunday                         Ushers for February
Exodus 34:29-35
                                       February 7 — Sandy Koshino
Psalm 99
2 Corinthians 3:12–4:2                               & Joyce Oshiro
Luke 9:28-36 (37-43)                   February 14— Hiroko Arimoto
                                                     & Chiyoko Chida
February 17, 2010
Ash Wednesday                          February 21— Curtis & Mindy
Joel 2:1-2, 12-17                                    Takechi
Psalm 51:1-17
2 Corinthians 5:20b–6:10               February 28—Lincoln Fujii
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21                                & Jiro Sakauye

February 21, 2010
The Temptation of Jesus
Deuteronomy 26:1-11
Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16
Romans 10:8b-13
*Luke 4:1-13

February 28, 2010
The Last Supper
Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18
Psalm 27
Philippians 3:17–4:1
Luke 13:31-35
*Mark 14:12, 22-25
                                                   FEBRUARY 10

                                       Articles may be left in the church office or e-
                                       mailed to Joanne Mikami at
Sakura Dayori                               Page 4                          February 2010
Members and Friends,
Enclosed is the December, 2009 Finance Recap report for the General Fund, Legacy Fund, and
the Special Events Funds. Also enclosed is a condensed version of the 2010 General Fund
Budget for your review. If you have any questions regarding the Budget, please ask any Finance
Committee member. If you would like a copy of the complete budget, please call the Church
office to request a copy.
Sakura Dayori   Page 5   February 2010
Sakura Dayori                                 Page 6                               February 2010

                   SSIP FOOD CLOSET UPDATE
Our congregation is a part of the South Sacra-      importance of this ministry.
mento Interfaith partnership (SSIP) which min-
isters to people in our area through the Food       In December, the volunteer who credited their
Closet which is housed at the Bethany Presby-       hours to SJUMC were: Jane Combs, Richard
terian Church at Fruitridge and 24th Street. Our    Yokoi, Audrey Yokoi, June Tanihana, Sue Ka-
congregation supports the Food Closet and           shiwagi, Frances Lee, Franscis Asahara, Lisa
SSIP through monetary donations, food dona-         Tanaka, Lester Wataji, Jan Muraki, Cecil
tions, as well as volunteer giving through ser-     Combs, Meg Tanaka, Yoshi Nishihawa, and
vice in the Food Closet and on the SSIP Board       Katie Marshall and an anonymous someone.
of Directors and supporting committees.             We are still in need of volunteers to work inside
                                                    the Food Closet on Mondays or to work in the
In our church narthex (foyer) is a large plastic    metal shed storage locker bagging USDA com-
container to receive your gifts of non-             modities. Worker inside the Food Closet do a
perishable food stuffs for the Food Closet.         specific task; worker #1 prepares Bag#1 and
Each Sunday check the “SSIP bag” in the wor-        worker #2 prepares Bag #2, worker #3 adds
ship folder to learn what food items is currently   fresh produce and gets the number of USDA
needed at the Food Closet. There is always a        bags needed from a bin and worker # 4 adds
need for general and miscellaneous non-             rice, additional breads and pastries to the bags
perishable food items, but the items in the bag     and call the client to the window. Workers who
each week are the current needs. The Food           bag USDA commodities place 7-8 items in a
Closet also accepts brown grocery bags. SSIP        doubled plastic bag and the tie the bag closed.
is not currently egg cartons at this time.          The items vary each month depending on what
                                                    is received from Food link and may include: a
During the month of December 2009----the            can of beans, fruits, vegetables, spaghetti
SSIP Food Closet served a total of 5092 per-        sauce, tomato sauce, a bag of pasta, powder
sons which included adults, seniors, children       milk, etc. If you would like to volunteer on a
and infants. This represents 1,309 undupli-         regular basis or as a substitute, please call
cated households. The number of person              Francs Lee 427-7983, Jane Combs 443-2839
served and the food delivered express the           or June Tanihana 395-1355.

     Letters to SJUMC                               Dear SJUMC Friends,
Dear SJUMC Members and Friends,
                                             Thank you all from Auntie for the Christmas
                                             plant. She is pleased to be remembered by
Thank you for your healing thoughts and good
                                             her Sacramento family. They had a lively holi-
wishes and tender loving prayers. Adve is
                                             day season with many groups going there to
making progress and appreciates the church
                                             carol—Blaine church sent a large group to
family for their expressions of concerns.
                                             carol so she was able to greet her new friends.
                                             She prefers not to leave the facility these days
Our heartfelt thank you.
                                             and spends much of her timejust napping but
                                             goes to the dining room and is eating well.
                                             Thank you for thinking of her and best wishes
Dave and Irene Osuga
                                             to all fro a healthy new year.
                                               - Hide Tachibana (Mrs. Akamatsu’s niece)
Sakura Dayori                                     Page 7                          February 2010

           UMW Report                                      A FILM ON SUMO WRESTLING
                                                                   IN ISRAEL
           Yvonne Kato                                The SACRAMENTO JEWISH FILM FESTI-
                                                      VAL has asked SJUMC’s SACRAMENTO
                                                      JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL to help get out
The January Tobans hosted the Annual                  the word on a JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL
UMW Budget Meeting held on January 31.                movie, A MATTER OF SIZE. In this spirit
The following officers have been installed            of helping each other, THE SACRAMENTO
and will continue to strive towards meeting           JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL also will mention
the UMW purpose which includes knowing                SJUMC’s JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL be-
God, creating friendships and expanding               fore each film screening during their festival.
concepts of mission through participation in
the global ministries of the church. If you           The hero, 340 pound, Herzl, works in a
would like to join UMW, please contact Fran-          Japanese restaurant in Israel. His boss,
ces Lee. On behalf of the UMW members,                Kitano, is an ex Sumo coach on the run
Elaine and I would like to thank Shigeko              after a mix up with the Yakusa in Japan.
Shibata for her service as the president of           Herzl learns about Japan and Sumo where
UMW for the past 2 years. Elaine and I will           being fat is honored and starts a sumo wres-
continue to seek guidance from her during             tling club with 4 overweight buddies. A MAT-
this transition period.                               TER OF SIZE is a dramatic comedy on
                                                      sports and relationships. It’s also about
**President – Yvonne Kato and Elaine                  accepting and liking yourself.
   Vice President – Loretta Ashizawa                  The JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL takes place
   Secretary – Barbara Kado                           on Saturday eve. Feb. 6 and Sunday after-
   Treasurer – Irene Osuga                            noon Feb.7 2010 at the Crest Theatre. A
                                                      MATTER OF SIZE will screen Sat. eve.
 **To view the entire list of officers and pur-       Feb.6 at 9:15pm. Individual ticket prices are
pose of UMW, go to the SJUMC website at               $10; $8.50 for students and seniors. or if you do not have
access, please contact the officers listed
Sakura Dayori                         Page 8                          February 2010

                    Click                   THANKS TO THE SACRAMENTO
                                              JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL
                                           In 2007 and 2008 the SJUMC Adult Literacy
                        See!               Program was the fortunate recipient of funds is the name of our         from the Sacramento Film Festival Project.
church website. Plans are underway to
keep the site actively updated so that     For those of you who are not familiar with
YOU can be better informed and involved    Adult Literacy, I would like to spell out its
in ministry through SJUMC. Check each      objectives. It is an outreach program which
week before doing your shopping to see     enables us to help people outside of our
what the current needs are at the South    church who are in need of help with the
                                           speaking, reading and writing of the English
Sacramento Interfaith Partnership (SSIP)
                                           language. We help Non-English and Limited
Food Closet! Check on updates for cur-     -English Speaking adults:
rent ministry events – worship, service
projects, youth group and other sched-     1. become independent members of our
ules. Print out your Prayer Request form      community
and bring it with you on Sunday. And       2. become citizens of the United States
much more!                                 3. become more productive in their job sites
                                           4. become more effective as parents - able
There is a lot going on through SJUMC         to help their children with their school-
ministries! You won’t want to miss any-       work and able to participate in their chil-
thing. So, check online for updates and       dren's activities
we’ll do our best to keep you informed!    5. be more well informed about our local
                                              community, our state, our country and
                                              the world communities.

                                           Running our program is reasonably low-cost,
                                           but we do need to purchase textbooks, some
                                           manuals, reference materials, dictionaries,
                                           subscriptions to "News for You," and other
                                           useful teaching materials. We do appreciate
                                           the financial help of the Sacramento Japa-
                                           nese Film Festival, and we are grateful for
                                           the support we receive from them.

                                                    Helen Blaisdell, Coordinator
                                                    SJUMC Adult Literacy Program
Sakura Dayori                                Page 9                             February 2010

                             Meet Coach Chuck Alicaya
                                By Betty Silvernail
Team: Girls C-2                                    continues to play tennis and is a member of the
Age: 72                                            Southgate Racquet Club, Regular 50+ Tennis
                                                   League and Over 60’s Summer Tennis
One would think that after 40 years of coaching    League. He not only plays tennis, but is also a
and at 72 years old, one would want to kick        tennis instructor. He provides private lessons
back and relax. This is true for most of people    to players of all ages. One of his students is
his age, but not for Chuck Alicaya, also known     Lori Lee-Lewis. She has high regards for his
as the “oldest coach in the league.” Being         teaching abilities and for his great patience.
proud of this title, Chuck is coaching the C-2     “Chuck is an awesome tennis instructor! He
girls, a team of rambunctious 7th graders.         always gives support and is patient even if I
What would motivate someone to want to             don't do exactly what I'm supposed to. Chuck
coach a bunch of pre-teen girls? According to      has taken my game to a new level!” Lori said.
Chuck, “I love watching kids develop, learn,
having fun, and showing good sportsmanship.”       Chuck and his wife, Emi, have been attending
His philosophy is teaching players that it’s not   SJUMC for the past 41 years. They started
all about winning, but about improving their       attending when their son, Lance was two years
basketball skills, working as a team, and play-    old. Now Lance, along with his wife, Teri and
ing to have fun. When asked what advice he         their three children Katie (14), Tara (11), and
would give a new coach, Chuck replied, “See        Timmy (9) attend SJUMC as well. Their
that kids have fun and learn. Do not stress        younger son, Mark and his wife Tracy and their
winning!”                                          two children Connor (6) and Kendall (4) live in
                                                   Sunnyvale. Both Chuck’s sons have followed
Along with coaching the C-2 girl’s team, you       in Dad’s footsteps in coaching. Lance is cur-
can find Chuck on Friday nights at the Sacra-      rently the assistant coach of the SJUMC Girls
mento Asian Sports Foundation coaching five,       D-1 team and Mark is coaching a youth team in
six, and seven year-olds in the Instructional      San Jose.
                                                  Chuck is active member of the Garden Angels.
Chuck has coached players of all different ages   Along with sports, gardening is one of his fa-
and levels, from the little tykes in the church   vorite hobbies. So what else does Chuck like
instructional league to high school-aged com-     to do when he’s not busy coaching basketball,
petition players in the Sacramento Rebels and     teaching tennis, or working in the church gar-
Barons Clubs, and players beyond high school      dens? He will try to kick back and relax by
in the Sacramento Counts and Saints Clubs.        playing computer games, reading and watching
                                                  TV... but, of course, this is only in the off-
Chuck is quite an athlete himself. Growing up, season!
he played football, basketball, tennis, softball,
boxing, ping-pong, volleyball and bowling. He
Sakura Dayori                               Page 10                           February 2010
                  Lent-the 40 days period of repentance and renewal

                  This year during Lent (Ash Wednesday to Easter) SJUMC will be focus-
                  ing on the last twenty-four hours of Jesus' life.

                  Giving up something for Lent? During Lent you will be asked to 1. give up
                  something, 2. add something and/or 3. do something for the community to be
                  a better disciple. Mission committee will provide resources for community
                  service opportunity. Start to think about what you will do!

24 hours That Changed the World Book. (by Adam Hamilton) Bible study will be held to
study the book. Join us during this Lent to learn what Jesus has done for us. Bible Study $15
per book.

Daily Lenten Devotion booklet will be available for all to have meditation time everyday.

Join us in the worship (February scriptures are written in the front of the newsletter)
March 7           The Garden of Gethsemane,                 Mark 14:32-42
March 14          Condemned by the Righteous                Mark14:53,55,61-68,70-72
March 21          Jesus, Barabbas and Pilate                Mark 15:1-15
March 28          The Torture the King/Crucifixion          Mark 15:15b-23, Mark 15:25-39
April 1           Maundy Thursday
April 2           Good Friday
April 11          Easter - Resurrection                     John 20:1-18

                                                             Blessings to
                                                           Brian Gosney
                                                   Blessings go out to Brian
                                                   Gosney as he moves to Su-
                                                   sanville to start a new job.

Gayle Kurasaki, our
 new Youth leader!
Sakura Dayori   Page 11   February 2010
Sakura Dayori   Page 12   February 2010
Sakura Dayori                                Page 13                  February 2010

            GENERAL FUND                     Chambers, M/M Bill
In Celebration of Circle of Names Campaign   Chung, Scott
(honoring Courtney Goto)                     Clark, M/M Jack
   Goto, M/M Leo                             Crighton, Robert
In Celebration of Wrist surgery recovery     Dingley, Bernice
   Suzuki, M/M Stimson                       Dakuzaku, M/M George
                                             Fong, Carolyn
In Honor of Leo & Naomi Goto                 Fong, Karen
   Goto, Stanford & I-mei Chen               Fong, M/M Lawrence
In Memory of Sam Gotan                       Fujii, Masuto
   Gotan, Louise                             Fujimoto, Mary
In Memory of Ruth Shimizu                    Fukutome, Lily
   Griggs, Mary                              Goi, M/M George
   Suzuki, M/M Stimson                       Hagiya, M/M Mark
In Memory of Mrs. D. Sueko Saiki             Hamai, M/M George
   Hamai, M/M George                         Hamakawa, Mayumi
In Memory of Akio Hayashi                    Harada, M/M Jeff
   Hayashi, Alice                            Harper, M/M Donald
In Memory of Mitsuru Hironaka                Harvey, Yurie
   Hironaka, Sally                           Hayashi, Alice
In Memory of Sue Okamoto                     Hironaka, Sally
   Ikami, Lily                               Honbo, Dr/M Wesley
   Okamoto, Matthew                          Hoshisaki, M/M Tom
   Okamoto, Peter                            Iida, M/M Frank
In Memory of Dan Inouye (Christmas Offering) Ikami, Lily
   Inouye, Andrew                            Imagire, M/M Art
In Memory of Kenji Furuta                    Ishihara, Wayne
   Nakamura, Mary                            Ishii, Dr Ed
   Sakata, M/M Don                           Ishisaka, Mitsue
   Shikasho, M/M Bert                        Ito, Belle
In Memory of Mary Ouye                       Ito, M/M Jim
   Takuma, Fumi                              Ito, M/M Paul
                                             Kado, M/M Clarence
            CHRISTMAS OFFERING               Kamei, M/M Nob
Akamatsu, Yasuka                             Kanemasu, Don
Alicaya, M/M Chuck                           Kanemasu,M/M Russell
Anonymous                                    Kanemoto, Jean
Arimoto, Hiroko                              Kashiwagi, Sue
Asahara, Francis                             Kato, Keiko
Ashizawa, M/M Winston                        Kawaguchi, M/M Koji
Blaisdell, M/M Farrington                    Kawahara, M/M Yoshio
Bradley, Kay                                 (Continued on page 14)
Sakura Dayori             Page 14                      February 2010

           ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (con’t)
Kazato Rev/M Shiro           Oguro, M/M Keith
Kido, Dr/M Hiroshi           Okubo, Tom
Kimura, Joyce                Oshiro, Joyce
Kinoshita, M/M Ted           Oshita, Edith
Kobayashi, M/M Chuck         Osuga, M/M David
Kobayashi, M/M Richard       Otani-Curtis, Susan
Kobayashi, Motoko            Ouchida, M/M Lester
Kohaya, Mae                  Peake, Yachiyo
Koshino, M/M Eddie           Rasmussen, M/M Scott
Kubo, M/M Edwin              Robinson, M/M Norman II
Kubo, Kathy                  Ronay, M/M Kelvin
Kubota, Nami                 Saito, Margaret
Kujubu, Herbert              Sakakihara, M/M Ben
Kunibe, M/M Thomas           Sakakihara, Diane
Kushi, M/M Tom               Sakakihara, M/M Tom
Laing, M/M Carlton           Sakamoto, Sayuri
Lee, Frances                 Sakata K
Marshall, M/M Robert         Sakata, M/M Don
Matsuda, M/M Walter          Sakauye, Jiro
Matsumoto, Robert            Sasaki, M/M Robert
Matsuo, M/M Ben              Sato, M/M Douglas
Matsuoka, M/M Walter         Sato, Ken
Mikami, Joanne               Sato, M/M Roy
Miller, Kiyo                 Shibata, M/M Victor
Miyai,Clifford               Shikasho, M/M Bert
Miyamoto, M/M Jerry          Shimada, Amy
Mizuguchi, M/M Max           Silvernail, M/M David
Mizuno, M/M Tom              Sugiyama, Elaine
Murai, Marian                Sugiyama, Grace
Murakami, M/M Sam            Sumida, Frances
Nakamura, Emma               Tahara, M/M Ken
Nakamura, Mary               Takeda, Atsuko
Nakao, Kimiko                Takehara,M/M Gerald
Nakashima, M/M Kent          Taketa, Catherine
Nakashima, Mary Ann          Taketa, M/M Bill
Nakashima, Roger             Takeuchi, Dorothy
Nakata, Keiko                Takuma, Fumi
Niiya, M/M Herbert           Tanaka, M/M Russell
Nishihara, M/M Susumu        Tanihana, June
Nishikawa, Rev/M George      Tateishi, Seiko
Nishizaki, Tom
                             (Continued on page 8)
Nitta, Ruby
Sakura Dayori                     Page 15                         February 2010

            ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (con’t)
Teranishi, Sue                       Kunibe, M/M Thomas
Tom, Leland (Vickie Sakauye)         Lee, Frances
Toyama, M/M Evan                     Murakami, M/M Sam
Ukita, May                           Nakamura, Emma
Uno, M/M Dick                        Oguro, M/M Keith
Williams, M/M Frederick
Williamson, M/M James
                                     Teranishi, Susan    India
Wong, M/M Steve
Yamadera, M/M George
Yang, M/M Richard
                                     In Appreciation
Yokoi, M/M Feb
                                        Sakata, M/M Donald
Yokomichi, M
Yomogida, M/M George
Yui, Etsu
                                                   LEGACY FUND
                                      In Celebration of Christmas
Yuki, M/M Philip
                                        Lewis, M/M Tony
Yumikura, Nori                          Okino, Marie
                                     In Appreciation for Support of Family
         CHRISTMAS EVE OFFERING         Shibata, M/M Victor
Fernandez, M/M Richard               In Memory of Sue Teranishi’s Father
Hiratsuka, Jeffrey                      Nakashima, Mary Ann
Imagire, Bryn                        In Memory of Sumiko Sakakihara
Kujubu, M/M Norman                      Sakakihara, Diane
Maeda, M/M Wayne                     In Memory of Pete Takuma
Mayeda, Mark                            Takuma, Fumi
Nakamura, Nancy A.                   In Memory of Joan Kawamura
Oshiro, M/M Calvin                      Yuki, M/M Philip
Takechi, M/M Curtis                  In Memory of George Okamoto
Yamamoto, M/M Robert                    Yuki, M/M Philip
Zhu, June                            In Memory of Tadashi Yuki
                                        Yuki, M/M Philip
Chung, Scott
Clark, M/M Jack N.
Hagiya, M/M Mark
Hamai, M/M George
Honbo, Dr/M Wesley
Hosokawa, Pearl
Inouye, Takaji
Kanemoto, Jean
Kaminaka, Luri
Kido, Dr/M Hiroshi
Koshiyama, M/M Al
Kubota, Nami
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      United Methodist Church             U.S. Postage Paid
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      Sacramento, CA 95823                   Permit No. 790
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