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					Matthew was originally a tax collector (as we read in Matt.9v9) obviously heard of Jesus’activities and felt a strong desire to leave his worldly work
for something that had a future. Because Matthew was a Tax-collector then obviously he would have been fastidious with numbers to ensure that
“The Books added up correctly”. We see this in his writings particularly when numbers are involved the demonic man, donkey+ass and the blind
man are written as two in all three instances – thus we can assume there were two – but the other disciples where only interested on another aspect of
the incident (as we read in context) and thus homed in on what they considered important in their narrative. Matthew as ‘ man of figures’showed
his spirit/desire/personality/trait – get the figures correct was his priority in his writings – hence the numbers given by Matthew would be trusted.
This is not an ‘apology of the scriptures’but rather Yahweh is giving us the full 3D picture from the accurate writings scribed for our benefit if we
are only interested in reading all God’ Word in an accurate translation of at least 60 years old – or please read this translation on this website.
Please see my writings on a Witness Statements to fully substantiate what I state here.

Gospel according to Matthew:                                                                                     Issued date: 01 Aug 2007
                                                                                                                 (Revised: 01 Dec 2008)

Some shorthand used in the subsequent text:
JC = Jesus Christ in a fleshly DNA body, JCg = Jesus Christ in a heavenly body based upon something I do not know!
HS = Holy Spirit (Spirit of/to/the Holy)     TC = True Christian.                                           s
                                                                                              CA = Copyist’ Addition
{...} = one Greek word                     .../... = several English renderings of the same Greek word
(see Glossary on all of these terms – where they are carefully explained)                      og = Original Greek
Important Note: There are (a very few) Christian Leaders who fulfil Yahweh’ Desire, there are (very many) worldly Christian Leaders who are
wayward and/or indulgent, there are (a few) iniquitous Christian Leaders who distort Yahweh’ perfect Word for their own glory (having the same
future as Judas Iscariot) – I will not state who is in which grouping (though it is obvious once having accurate Bible knowledge), but it is incumbent
upon the reader to personally audit their leader against specifically what The Bible teaches us regarding Christian Leadership – else you have what
you ultimately desire (“birds of a feather flocking together” under the leader of their choice)!

Matt.    1-17         Genealogy of Jesus - through Joseph being The Jewish Legal route (see Luke; being The Maternal route through Mary).
Matt.    1v1 og       (The) Book (of) genealogy (of the) JC, (the) son (of the King) David, son (of) Abraham.
Matt.    1v2 og       Abraham generated the Isaac, and Isaac generated the Jacob, and Jacob generated the Judah, also the
Matt.    1v2 og       brothers of him.
Matt.    1v3 og       And Judah generated the Pharez also the Zarah from of the Thamar, and Pharez generated the Hesron,
Matt.    1v3 og       and Hesron generated the Aram.
Matt.    1v4 og       And Aram generated the Amminadab, and Amminadab generated the Nahshon, And Nahshon
Matt.    1v4 og       generated the Salmon.
Matt.    1v5 og       And Salmon generated the Boaz from of the Rahab, and Boaz generated the Obed from of the Ruth,
Matt.    1v5 og       and Obed generated the Jesse.
Matt.    1v6 og       And Jesse generated the David the King. And David the King generated the Solomon from of the
Matt.    1v6 og       (wife) of the Uriah.
Matt.    1v7 og       And Solomon generated the Rehoboam, and Rehoboam generated the Abijah, and generated the Asa.
Matt.    1v8 og       And Asa generated the Jehoshaphat, and Jehoshaphat generated the Jehoram, and Jehoram generated
Matt.    1v8 og       the Uzziah.
Matt.    1v9 og       And Uzziah generated the Jothan, and Jothan generated the Ahaz, and Ahaz generated the Hezekiah,
Matt.    1v10 og      And Hezekiah generated Manasseh, and Manasseh generated Amon, and Amon generated Josiah.
Matt.    1v11 og      And Josiah generated the Jephoiachin also the brothers of him upon the deportation/exile (of them) to
Matt.    1v11 og      Babylon (about 600 BC)
Matt.    1v12 og      And after the deportation/exile (of the) Babylon, Jehoiachin generated the Shealtiel, and Shealtiel
Matt.    1v12 og      generated the Zerubbabel.
Matt.    1v13 og      And Zerubbabel generated the Abiud, and Abiud generated the Eliakim, and Eliakim generated the
Matt.    1v13 og      Azor.
Matt.    1v14 og      And Azor generated the Sadoc, and Sadoc generated the Achim, and Achim generated the Eliud.
Matt.    1v15 og      And Eliud generated the Eleazar, and Eleazar generated the Matthan, and Mattham generated the
Matt.    1v15 og      Jacob.
Matt.    1v16 og      And Jacob generated the Joseph the husband (of) Mariam (= Mary) out of whom was generated Jesus
Matt.    1v16 og      the (one) termed/exclaimed/named “Christ”.
Matt.    1v18          (= Before the marriage of Mary to Joseph, she as a virgin who had conceived JC by the HS – just as it is possible by man today
so nothing particularly spectacular or miraculous as protagonists at both ends of the spectrum make out for divine conception to occur then!)
Thus we understand that it was Yahweh Who created the correct RNA sequence that would mirror the personality of JCg of the heavens in fleshly
bodied form. Thus it was other half of being of Mary’ side of the family (through from King David) that fused with the RNA to become the full DNA
sequence to yield JC in the flesh. Thus JC become the Son of God (being the initial RNA from Yahweh), fused with Mary’ DNA to also become The
Son of Man. Clearly the whole personality of the individual is not just from the DNA – but that drives the propensity of the individual (hence
Luke.2v42-47) but also requires the environment to cultivate the propensity. Yahweh had resolved this as we read. Elizabeth was Mary’ cousin who
generated John The Baptist – where the Father was a Priest and Elizabeth helped him in his duties. We also have Salome the wife of Zebedee where it
is understood that she was the sister to Mary whose children where James and John – to become foremost disciples of JC. Thus the environment was
also there to nurture JC’ inbuilt personality to flourish as it did by the time of 30 years where John the Baptist having known his close friend and
relative to say (Matt.3v14) by inference: “You have no need to be baptised (because you have done no wrong)”!
Matt. 1v17 og Then all the generations from Abraham until (King) David generations 14, also from David until of
Matt. 1v17 og the deportation/exile (of the) Babylon generations 14, also until of the deportation/exile (of the) Babylon
Matt.    1v17 og until of the Christ generations 14.
Matt.    1v18 og And of the JC the birth thus was, for being betrothed of the mother of him Mariam to the Joseph
Matt.    1v18 og before the {coming together}/joining (marriage) of them, she was found in womb having from HS.
Matt. 1v18            (= Before the marriage of Mary to Joseph, she as a virgin who had conceived JC by the HS – just as it is possible by man today
so nothing particularly spectacular or miraculous as protagonists at both ends of the spectrum make out for divine conception to occur then!)
Matt. 1v19 og And Joseph the husband of her, just being husband of her (having just married perhaps a week or so, but Mary
Matt. 1v19 og would have been a few months pregnant) also not willing her to expose publicly (= to claim infidelity prior to their
Matt. 1v19 og marriage), purpose secretly/covertly to divorce/dismiss her (so that she and he should not be shamed).
Matt. 1v20 og And these things he meditated (upon). Behold/Look! (The) Angel/Messenger (of the) Lord by a
Matt. 1v20 og dream/vision/trance was seen by him saying: “Joseph, son of (King) David not to fear taking Mariam
Matt. 1v20 og the wife of you, for the in her (the foetus JC is) generated/begotten from (of the) Spirit is Holy (= HS).
Matt.    1v21 og And she will bear a son, also you shall call the name of him: “Jesus”,
Matt.    1v21 og For he (JC) will save the people of him from the sins of them(selves).
Matt.    1v21    Thus JC will save those specific humans who ultimately are his people. Let me make it very clear how this righteously operates
because there is so much deception and distortion in this present world so that no one understands how Yahweh’ plan righteously operates to
logically show indisputable perfection/completeness (based upon the correct input assumptions).
       1. In the 1st part of our life the very few humans who imitate JC (thus of him) in the 1st part of their life during The Gospel Age are
            automatically saved by being resurrected as Sons of God in spiritual bodies, as described by Paul. The 2nd Death spoken of in The Bible,
            has no power over these ex-humans (Rev.2v11, 20v6) who have then become “Sons of God” of the heavens (plural heavens = all zones
            above the earth = The Universe – more later).
       2. As I show later in The Gospel according to Matthew, for the rest of us, we (as those in [1] above) face our 1st death, but because of JC’    s
                                                                                         Undeserved Gift’ then this becomes just “Asleep” as the
            action (ministry and personal selfless sacrifice of charity love – being the ‘                 ),
            Darnel seed parable clearly tells us (see later at Matt.13v24-30). We become awakened/roused (resurrected) to continue our life in The
            Millennium within our remade, thus perfected DNA fleshly bodies to then learn righteousness from the kings/Priests (formally those of [1]
            above) with JCg as our king. Those who then take on righteousness within (what now becomes) the 2nd half of their life thus are people of
            him (= of JCg) and so become his sons ‘ the earth’(single heaven – more later) who then are able to live forever in their present fleshly
            bodies. Those resurrected humans who still refuse to take on righteousness (and thus still not of him) in this paradise called The
            Millennium of 1000 years will face their/The 2nd Death because, The 2nd Death still has the power over the fleshly body.
            This time however unlike the 1st death which = “asleep”, (only because in Yahweh’ righteousness, He has retained our personality
            records [much more later] as heavenly treasure), then in The 2 death Yahweh chooses not to retain our personality records thus we can
            never be resurrected for the 2nd time. Again this is a righteous action of Yahweh, because of JCg’ Undeserved Gift only occurred the
It is as simple as that – with no mystic waffle!
I use the scriptures to logically explain precisely how Yahweh’ plan is righteously justified and perfectly carried out.
I make nothing up, but as an interpreter I just guide the readers through all the verses to show how this logical plan jumps straight out of the text.
Matt. 1v22 og And this all happened that be fulfilled the (things) spoken by of the Lord through of the prophet
Matt. 1v22 og exclaiming/proclaiming (Isa. 7v14):
Matt. 1v23 og Prophecy: Behold/Look the virgin in womb will conceive also will bear a son, also they will call the
Matt. 1v23 og name of him Emmanuel, which is translated with us “the specific god.” (Where “ho theos” being the specific
god of us being the point of the context – but this term does not refer to Yahweh – please see “ho theos” in Glossary and my essay located within the
Explanations section entitled “What is The Trinity?).
Matt. 1v23                                                                       ho                 the
                        Can the reader see how logical the reasoning is that ‘ theos’is to mean ‘ specific god’of us. The text is specifically
telling us this! How all the theologians of the last 1800 years missed this, I just do ‘not’know! It is a rhetorical question because the understanding
has been held back by Yahweh until the correct time for the full understanding near to The End Times of The Gospel Age. Then all is to be fully
disclosed (to demonstrate that humans even though having all this information, many will still refuse to accept JCg as their Creator and Yahweh as
The Supreme Almighty God during this present system of things within The Gospel Age of about 2000 years).
Matt.    1v24 og      And being awakened/aroused/arose the Joseph from of the sleep he did as commanded him the
Matt.    1v24 og      angel/messenger (of the) Lord, also took (Mary as) the wife of him.
Matt.    1v25 og      Also not did know her (= did not have sexual relations) until where she bore the son of her, the first-born.
Matt.    1v25 og      Also he called the name of him: “Jesus”.
Matt.    2v1 og       And of the Jesus having been born in Jerusalem of the Judea in (the) days (of the) Herod of the King,
Matt.    2v1 og       behold/look magi/{wise man}/{oriental scientist} from (the) east arrived into the Jerusalem.
Matt.    2v2 og       Demanding/exclaiming: “Where is the (one = baby) born king of the Jews?
Matt.    2v2 og       For we saw of him the star in to the east, also came to worship him (Jesus the baby).”
Matt.    2v3 og       And Herod the king (= Herod The Great being the father of the ‘     Herod Agrippa 1’ruling during Jesus’murder some 33.5
Matt.    2v3 og       years later) was troubled, also all (= those of notoriety/elders in) Jerusalem with of him.
Matt.    2v4 og       Also having gathered all (persons) the chief priests also scribes of the people, he enquired/ascertained
Matt.    2v4 og       from them, where the Christ is born.
Matt.    2v5 og       And they said to him:
Matt.    2v5 og       “In Bethlehem of the Judea, for thus it has been written through of the prophet (Micah.5v2):
Matt.    2v6 og       Prophecy: Also you Bethlehem land (of) Judea not no (= in any) least/smallest (respect) are in
Matt.    2v6 og       (= among) the governors/princes/rulers (of) Judea. For from (of the) you will come/issue/{spread abroad}
Matt.    2v6 og       (the) Ruler (= JC) who shall shepherd the people (of the) Me, the (ones = TC) Israel (= Upright with Subjector).”
Matt.    2v6           What does all this mean?
           Bethlehem was the birth place of King David through whom JC was (prophesised many 100’ of years earlier) to be of his lineage and
           birth place. Though Bethlehem was a very small village, the two greatest leaders who represented Israel came from there being King
           David (representing fleshly/worldly Israel = why he was not allowed to build The Temple of God) and JC (representing The Spiritual
           Israel = he = JC = built The Temple of Israel, being “The Temple of Revelations coming down from the heavens”).
                                                                                         the                               s
           Note also David was a shepherd on a fleshly level, but JC was a shepherd on ‘ spiritual level to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire’
           Now the important part of future prophesy.
“Spread abroad Ruler” = JC starting The Ministry to the world for The Gospel Age. From JC’ ministry will come forth people who desire to be
shepherded and become part of his flock. They become part of his flock by hearing his voice and thus imitating him (where he goes they follow,
thoughts leading to works – more later on this).

“Will shepherd the people of Me (Yahweh)” = These ones who imitate JC become TCs gathered out of The Gospel Age. These ones (= TCs who are
chosen/called/elected by Yahweh out of The Christian Nation) become Yahweh’ people = My people (just as the head/leader JC is). These people
now become loved by Yahweh and “a loved people” by Yahweh become “The Israel” that He desires to be with.
“The Israel” = This Israel is what I term in my translations “The New Spiritual Israel” entirely created from TCs called out from all nations
(including the present fleshly/worldly Israel) during The Gospel Age.
“Israel = ‘Upright with Subjector’ = ”
            ‘                                                                          The
             Upright’to mean righteous and just before Yahweh who ultimately is ‘ Judge’in all matters and deems these ones (= TCs) to be
            worthy of Sonship = Kings/Priests of The Millennium (more later) = His personal Sons = that is why He chooses them in The
            Greater/Special Judgement (much more later, and covered in other sections on this website).
            ‘With’to mean alongside with the subjector. Thus these Kings/Priests will be alongside JCg the king administrating and delivering
            righteousness to be taught to the resurrected billions of humans who are now to learn and then practice righteousness during The
            Millennium. To learn and practice righteousness means to learn how to imitate JC (as displayed during his ministry) and then practice it
            within their lives during The Millennium. If they do this then they will live forever. However we have the word ‘Subjector’ .
            ‘Subjector’to mean JCg. We are told that “JCg will rule with a rod of iron” (Rev.2v27, 12v5, 19v15), thus those who refuse to learn and
            practice righteousness will then feel the full force of JCg’ power to subject/coerce them into submission. This is to reform the
            evil/hurtful/harmful thoughts leading to unrighteous works. Some will reform under this. Others will still refuse. They will experience The
            2nd Death from which there is no return.
            Thus in summary “Israel” = ‘   Upright with Subjector’means ultimately The Spiritual Nation of Israel = TCs = The kings/Priests ruling
            with/alongside JCg in The Millennium.
Matt. 2v7 og Then Herod, secretly/discreetly/covertly calling the magi/{wise men} (asked) exactly from them (what)
Matt. 2v7 og time/{season of time} of the appearance/{to be seen}/{to shine} (the) star.
Matt. 2v8 og Also sending them to Bethlehem (he = Herod) said: “Having gone, (then) exactly inquire concerning of
Matt.    2v8 og       the child. Also when you find declare/report to me, so that I also coming may worship him.
Matt.    2v9 og       And they having heard of the king departed. Also behold/look the star which they saw in to the east
Matt.    2v9 og       went before them until coming it stood over where was the child.
Matt.    2v10 og      And seeing the star they rejoiced, joy great exceeding (= … they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy).
Matt.    2v11 og      Also having come into the house, they saw the child with Miriam (= Mary), of the mother of him.
Matt.    2v11 og      Also falling down they worshipped him (the baby Jesus). Also opening the treasures of them they offered
Matt.    2v11 og      to him gifts, gold also frankincense also myrrh.
Matt.    2v11         Gold symbolises Royalty/Kingship (to head up The New Spiritual Israel). Frankincense is the incense offered by the High
Priest to Yahweh in The Most Holy place in The Temple (JC became the High Priest for our only route to salvation to Yahweh). Myrrh is used for
embalming at death (JC had to be murdered to give each one of us ‘ Undeserved Gift’to make The 1st Death of us to become just “Asleep” – thus
for “Awakening/Rousing” [= resurrection] into The Millennium to be taught righteousness).
Matt. 2v12 og Also having been warned according/under (= by a) dream/vision/trance not to return towards Herod,
Matt.    2v12 og      through another way they went back into the country of them.
Matt.    2v13 og      And they (wise men) having departed. Behold/Look an angel (of the) Lord appears/shines
Matt.    2v13 og      according/under (= by a) dream to the Joseph, exclaimed/stated: “Rise up! Take with (you) the
Matt.    2v13 og      child also the mother of him, also flee into Egypt, also {fully accept this} (requirement) until I say to
Matt.    2v13 og      you. For intend/soon Herod to seek the child, of the (one = baby Jesus) (to) destroy/kill/slay him.”
Matt.    2v14 og      And the (one = Joseph the step father) rising up took (with him) the child (JC), also the mother of him
Matt.    2v14 og      (baby Jesus) by night also retired/departed (Bethlehem and went) into Egypt.
Matt.    2v15 og      Also he (= baby Jesus) was there until of the death (of the) Herod, that be fulfilled the proclamation
Matt.    2v15 og      by of the Lord through the prophet exclaiming (Hosea.11v1):
Matt.    2v15 og      Prophecy: Out of Egypt I have called the Son (JC) of Me (Yahweh).
Matt.    2v16 og      Then Herod knowing because (he) was mocked/scoffed by of the magi/{wise men}, was enraged
Matt.    2v16 og      greatly also sending/dispatching (out soldiers) killed/massacred all the boy-children the (ones) in
Matt.    2v16 og      Bethlehem also in all the districts of it, from two years also under (this age), according/{even as} the
Matt.    2v16 og      time (= of child’ birth) which (he = Herod the king) diligently enquired from of the wise men.
Matt.    2v17 og      Then was fulfilled the proclamation by Jeremiah of the prophet exclaiming (Jer.31v15).
Matt.    2v18 og      Prophecy: A voice in Rama (= Ramah province being a few km north of Jerusalem within the land under the Tribe of
Matt.    2v18 og      Benjamin) was heard, lamenting also wailing also mourning greatly. Rachel (= decedents from of the wife of
Matt.    2v18 og      Jacob/Israel who died during the childbirth of Benjamin) weeping for children of her, also not willing to be
Matt.    2v18 og      comforted/consoled, because not endured/existed (= children killed and now do not exist).
Matt.    2v19 og      And having ended/died of the Herod; Behold/Look! An angel (of the) Lord according/under (= by a)
Matt.    2v19 og      dream/vision/trance appears/shines to the Joseph in Egypt.
Matt.    2v20 og      Exclaimed/Stated: “Rise up! Take with (you) the child also the mother of him, also
Matt.    2v20 og      journey/{pass over}/traverse into (the) land (of) Israel, for have died those seeking the life of the child.
Matt.    2v21 og      And the (one = Joseph) rising up took (with him) the child also the mother of him (= boy Jesus),
Matt.    2v21 og      also came into (the) land (of) Israel.
Matt.    2v22 og      And hearing because Archelaus reigns upon of the Judea in position of Herod (being) of the
Matt.    2v22 og      father of him, (he = Joseph) feared there to go. And being warned according/under (= by a) dream/vision,
Matt.    2v22 og      he retired/departed/withdrew into the parts of the Galilee (about 120 km, 75 miles north of Jerusalem).
Matt.    2v23 og      Also having come he dwelt into (a) city being named Nazareth, thus to fulfil the proclamation through
Matt.    2v23 og      of the prophet (a person from this area would be called a Nazarene):
Matt.    2v23 og      Prophecy: Because (The) Nazarene he shall be called.
Matt.    2v23        The direct quote is not found in The Old Testament leading to some people believing this may be a quote from a missing book,
however it can be understood to take the Hebrew “ne’  tser” meaning “The Sprout”. Thus this proclamation is an interpretation directed to Isa.11v1,
Jer.23v5, 33v2 and Zec.3v8, 6v12,13 where they speak of “The Sprout” being an offshoot (= JCg) of King David, where JCg being a king-priest to
build the New Temple of New Spiritual Israel being in The Millennium.

Matt.     3v1          We now move forward to about 30 CE some 27 years and a generation further on.
Matt.     3v1 og       And the days those (= specific days nearing JC’ ministry) comes/publicly/presenting
                                                                       s                                                    John the Baptist
Matt.     3v1 og       proclaiming/preaching/heralding in to the desert/wilderness of the Judea.
Matt.     3v1                           s
                     As I show in John’ Gospel, prophetically “The Wilderness” means “away from the humans operating within Satan’ world” s
and those who physically put themselves out to come out from the world, to listen and absorb the spiritual knowledge from John and later JC are
desired by Yahweh. Note JC went to synagogues to sow the seed, to then draw out humans into the wilderness into Yahweh’ realm.
Matt. 3v2 og           Also cried/shouted: “Repent! For has come near/approaches the kingdom of the heavens.”
Matt. 3v2                 Sadly, worldly Christian doctrine is in so much confusion as I explain in detail John 12v31, when 1John.3v8 is distorted to fit
the falsehood that JC is ruling now. NO! As we are told in many places Satan is ruling as The Prince of this present Gospel Age. That is why there is
so much pain and suffering. I ask the reader to read that section to follow through the detailed reasoning to justify this assertion. But now let me
explain what this verse means.
First what it does not mean!
             That after 3.5 years of JC’ ministry and following resurrection, then immediately JC will be ruling the Earth.
NO! It does not mean this.
             So what does it mean?
As JC first told us:
             “I have come to preach/teach of the nearness of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year” (see Glossary).
             Where “nearness” as I carefully explain with examples in many places means in application and not in time.
He did not say:
             “I have come to institute Yahweh’ Acceptable Year”.
Thus JC came to give us a foretaste (by application) of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year by teaching us of it. The teaching process was:
             ‘ preaching and the demonstration of it’       .
The preaching was to inform us on how we are to behave now (throughout The Gospel Age), to simulate exactly how we must behave righteously to
thus become acceptable in Yahweh’ Acceptable Year.
                                                                                          s                                             s
The demonstration of this “Year acceptable to The Lord” was shown through JC’ actions of what he would do using his Father’ HS. People are to
be resurrected into fleshly bodies to have their DNA repaired so that no diseases, nor illnesses, nor sickness, nor physical disabilities will be
operating within society.
So I ask the reader:
             Can they see these things being fulfilled now?
                          If not. - When?
             If for the last 2000 years it has not occurred then it is unlikely in the future under the present operating system!
                          Because we now have so little time – and the countries of the world are raping the Earth at ever-accelerating rates, and
                          further, the countries are disregarding agreements to reduce pollution. Politicians making promissories so far in the future so
                          that they bear no responsibility in fulfilling them! There is no way out in the present system, those with power are motivated to
                          look after themselves rather than put their neighbour first to the powerful ones’own hurt = basic selfishness!
             Thus we can conclude either Yahweh and JCg are trying to rule but they are utterly incapable!
             Yahweh is allowing the entity (= Satan) of the present system to rule for a limited period to show Satan’ complete ineptness.
             But in parallel Yahweh is operating a mechanism of providing a route to righteousness salvation offered to all resurrected in The
             Millennium, but individuals must work at being righteous for them to finally receive salvation! (I logically explain later exactly what, why
             and how later).
             Because Yahweh has all power and is capable of righting all injustices in His own time through The Millennium process (which is
             naturally Yahweh’ Acceptable Year).
So the reader can clearly understand that we have not reached the culmination of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year YET but it will be here soon, within the
next few decades, but we are told elsewhere that the world will go through a very painful process first.
This website www.FutureLife.Org explains precisely how this process will occur and what we are to expect (being merely what The Bible teaches us).
Thus as John tells us: ‘   Satan is presently ruling (hence the pain and suffering) but he will be removed when Yahweh considers the time is correct
(when the earth is sufficiently full of humans, and 144000 TCs plucked out during the 2000 years) to then bring in The Millennium.’
             So what is this verse telling us?
“Repent” means turn away from your old lifestyle and take on the new life to imitate JC as we all must in Yahweh’ Acceptable Year. You take on
JC’ lifestyle by being baptised (this is what John the Baptist was doing) and effectively live a life of righteous thoughts leading to a righteous
lifestyle. Thus by doing this you then become a TC to teach righteousness to those in The Millennium who could not imitate JC now during The
Gospel Age. JC came solely for his Bride (= TCs) to be taken during the 1st 2nd C at the end of The Gospel Age just prior to The Millennium start.
“For has come near/approaches the kingdom of the heavens” means ‘ lifestyle and the works’demonstrated will be like those seen in Yahweh’                 s
Acceptable Year = The Millennium. The entity exercising this now (= JC) to demonstrate what things/{the system} will be like in The Millennium, will
be the same entity ruling in The Millennium as JCg where it will then be practiced everywhere because it is then ‘ Year now Acceptable to Yahweh’         .
So John is telling us: “Soon you will see this happening when JC starts his ministry which JC has not yet started - thus it is still only
             Nowhere in the Bible do the Gospels or the Epistles tells us that The Millennium has started – perhaps a confused worldly Christian
             Leader/theologian could show me a verse in context that does?
Until then, perhaps we can accept the accurate understanding where Satan is presently the god of this world, to soon be removed when Yahweh
desires Satan to be restrained as we are told in Rev.20v1-4. This will occur by JCg having the full power of Yahweh’ HS, to bring in The Millennium,
as explained in meticulous detail in many, many other places within this website.
I can fully assure the reader that when Satan has been removed from his present custodian position of power it will be utterly obvious to all humans
that this event has occurred!
It will be a ‘step change’from the misery that most of The World experiences, to a complete world of righteous activity and those alive being reunited
by their resurrected relatives. I do not think that I have seen this occur - just yet!
             An aside:
It is a convenient point to introduce the concept of heaven (singular meaning zone around the earth = everything pertaining only to the earth) and
heavens (plural meaning many zones above the earth = The Universe). Thus here we see John The Baptist instructed to speak of the heavens meaning
what Yahweh has operating around The Universe perhaps on many other planets will be operating here upon the earth in the future.
Matt. 3v3 og For this is the (one = Messiah) uttering/proclaiming by Isaiah of the Prophet, cried/shouted (Isa.40v3):
Matt. 3v3 og Prophecy: A voice crying/pleading in to the desert/wilderness: ‘                              Prepares the way/journey/road
Matt. 3v3 og (the) Lord (spelt to = Yahweh), straighten make the paths of him (= JC)”. (Isaiah.40v3).
Matt. 3v3                 Again I need to untangle this verse because again utter confusion reigns through The Trinity doctrine putting a fog over
everything. But to do this I need to split the reasoning/explanation into parts!

     1.     The word “straighten” means “level” to figuratively mean “to be true/correct/righteous” that must be done “immediately/{at
            once}/forthwith/{straight away} from the Greek word “euthus” StrongsTM = 2117.
       2. Refer back to the original text in Isaiah 40v3 and it is not as translated in standard bibles!
            I have put the correct interpretation in Italics within the verse. Now I justify this interpretation.
Let me quote the direct ‘ word for word’Hebrew of Isaiah 40v3, then later I will put it back into context to tell the reader what it really means!
            “Voice of one calling in the desert prepare way of Yahweh make straight in the wilderness highway for god of us”
Translating this prophecy of some 600 years (before the event) into English:
            Voice of one (= John The Baptist) calling in the desert: “Prepares the journey Yahweh (= The Almighty God),
            immediately righteousness/truthfulness the highway for ‘ god of us’(= JC = JCg) in the wilderness.”
What do we understand from this?
       1. There are two entities. One of authority (= Yahweh) and the other (= JC) ‘         walking the highway’here on Earth.
       2. “Yahweh prepares the highway” thus uses His HS to put JCg’ personality into a fleshly body and ensures that His plan is meticulously
            set up correctly till JC’ baptism (not only for JC but also all the other personalities involved to work with JC = The Apostles).
       3. Now JC walks the highway in righteousness and truthfulness during his 3.5 years of ministry where he is being assessed by all entities (on
            and off this planet). He must demonstrate utter purity in thoughts driving his lifestyle in purity.
       4. As I have explained elsewhere “wilderness” metaphorically means “away from people operating a lifestyle complicit with Satan’ world”.      s
            JC preached in the synagogues to attract people’ attention, and those interested followed him into the wilderness “away from the world”
            for more spiritual knowledge.
       5. Thus from the items above those humans who now imitate JC by understanding exactly what Yahweh Desires in the 1st part of their life
            become TCs.
This is what the verse really means, but I have never heard it preached!
Now I would like to put it back into context with the rest of the prophecy (which again is never preached) of Isaiah.
It is so important that I will quote Isaiah 40v1-5 in an English format but in prophecy/archetypical mode (within brackets),
            v1. Comfort, comfort my people; says the god of you (= JCg saying to his people).
            v2. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem (= TCs) and proclaim to her (= TCs) that her hard service (= TCs working hard in to fulfil Yahweh’          s
            Desire in the 1st part of their life) has been completed (at their 1st death), that her sin (in their life prior to becoming a TC) has been paid
                        s                                                                                     s
            for (by JC’ underserved gift of self-sacrifice) that she (= TCs) has received from Yahweh’ Hand (= thus Yahweh’ HS can now s
            righteously be used upon the TCs to resurrect them as Sons of God) double (= many more times) for all her sins (= all past things are
            overlooked and TCs are now entrusted to fully use Yahweh’ HS). s
            v3. A voice of one (John the Baptist) calling in the desert: ‘ Prepares the way Yahweh, immediately righteously/truthfully the highway of
            the god of us (= JC’ ministry to give us the knowledge of Yahweh and of The Undeserved Gift now becomes possible for the rest of the
            things to occur as stated next).
            v4. Every valley (= depravity in the world) shall be raised up (Yahweh’ knowledge given on how to behave), every mountain (= major
            worldly authorities) and every hill (= minor worldly authorities) shall become level (= Satan’ authority governing in the world will be
            removed), the rugged places (= deception within the world) made plain (JC’ Word of God makes all things clear = no mysteries).
            v5. And the glory of Yahweh shall be revealed (to the TCs after their 1st 2nd C resurrection), and all mankind (= all fleshly humans who
            survive through the 1000 year Millennium period) together will see it (when all humans are now righteous after coming through the final
            3.5 year testing period at the end of The Millennium.)
            For the mouth of Yahweh has spoken (= When Yahweh says it – nothing in The Universe can stop it from occurring).
This is what this verse of Matt.3v3 really means in context.
Matt.     3v4 og       And he the John had the clothing/apparel of him from hairs of a camel, also a belt/girdle of leather
Matt.     3v4 og       around the waist of him. And the food of him was locusts also wild honey.
Matt.     3v5 og       Then went out towards him Jerusalem also all (persons) (of) the Judea also all (persons) the
Matt.     3v5 og       neighbourhood of the Jordan.
Matt.     3v6 og       Also (they) were baptised in to the Jordan by him, (they) having confessed/acknowledged the sins of
Matt.     3v6 og       them (thus they agreed to change their lifestyle and so now to follow Yahweh’ Desire).
Matt.     3v7 og       And (John the Baptist) seeing many of the Pharisees also Sadducees coming upon the baptism of him,
Matt.     3v7 og       he said to them: “Offspring/progeny of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?
Matt.     3v8 og       Produce then/now fruits worthy of the repentance (required/demanded by Yahweh).
Matt.     3v9 og       Also not do think/presume to proclaim in yourself:
Matt.     3v9 og       “A father we have in Abraham” (a common Jewish claim/delusion).
Matt.     3v9          The Pharisees felt safe, but did not understand that their real father was of the flesh being of Adam (representing Satan) rather
than of Abraham (representing Yahweh) as “The Loving Father” in Hebrew. Their thoughts were not like the righteous thoughts of Yahweh
demonstrated by Abraham, but rather the thoughts of Satan demonstrated by Adam. See John.1v31, John.8v33-39, John.12v40 and John.17v15 where
I fully explain how they were confused in their reasoning – and not has changed much today in the worldly Christian Leaders!
Matt. 3v10 og And already, also the axe at the root of the trees is laid (thus ready to be used).
Matt. 3v10 og Then any/every tree not producing fruit ideal/good is cut/hewn off/down also into fire is thrown.
Matt. 3v10    So JC is telling us “Beware!”
If you are claiming to be ‘ tree for Yahweh’to give Him fruits being the humans from of this world then watch carefully yourself = give yourself a
close audit to The Bible requirements for each one of us.
The simile being this:
            First we must understand that ‘ tree’is not speaking of our fleshly existence, but of our spiritual side = our heavenly treasure.
            The fruit is created from the action of the tree taking in raw materials from the world (= worldly base humans) and through Yahweh’       s
            word operating within the tree produces acceptable fruit (= brethren and TCs having reasoning/thoughts) for Yahweh’ pleasure (being
            ultimately in The Culmination). We clearly reason that Yahweh will nurture this good tree.
            If however the tree is claiming to represent Yahweh, but uses Satan’ Lies within itself, then the fruit produced are not pleasant but twisted
            and diseased. These twisted humans think they are beautiful fruit but they do not realise they are nothing but diseased, and strangely when
            they look at the good fruit from a neighbouring good tree, they think that good fruit is horrible and then try to infect that good fruit with
            their disease!
This is The Absolute Truth and was precisely what JC means when he said. “They will persecute you, thinking that they are offering sacred service”.
Thus ultimately Yahweh will cut down and burn (to annihilation) the diseased tree, for it never to stand again. I understand this would be at The 1st
Death for iniquitous worldly Christian Leaders, who know The Truth, been baptised and thus running upon the 2nd part of their life (as though they
are in The Millennium) and loose all opportunity of any further part in Yahweh’ world. This is a dire warning, that all do well to reason upon!
Matt. 3v11 og I truly baptise you in water into repentance. And the (one = JC) after me (John the Baptist), coming (the one)
Matt. 3v11 og powerful/strong/mighty/valiant/stronger (than) me is, (of) whom not I am worthy/competent the sandals

Matt. 3v11 og to bear/carry/{take-up}. He you will baptise in HS also lightening/power.
Matt. 3v11    I deliberately use “lightening/power” rather than “fire” as in the standard bible translations.
Because “pur” StrongsTM = 4442 is used to mean lightening/power rather than “pura” StrongsTM = 4443 that truly means fire/flames. Exactly the
same description and consequential mistranslation occurs in the standard bibles as I fully explain appropriately in John’ Revelation.
The verse tells us, just as I consistently claim on this website that: It is JCg who dispenses Yahweh’ HS as whom he (JCg) deems fit as being able to
                                   s                                       s
use the HS to maximise Yahweh’ Desire being worked out in the TC’ lifestyle. Thus we understand that the HS also comes in power, being
         s                            s
Yahweh’ direct power = Yahweh’ expressed Desire in action (see “Holy Spirit” in Glossary).
Matt. 3v12 og Of whom the fan/{winnowing fork} in to the hand of him (= the action of judgement by JCg). Also he will
Matt. 3v12 og cleanse the floor (= The world under Satan’ operation culminating at the end of The Millennium) of him (= The world
Matt. 3v12 og righteously belongs to JCg), also will gather the wheat of him into the barn (= safe in the period of eternity), and
Matt. 3v12 og the chaff (he) will completely consume (= annihilate which does not = eternal torture being another false idea within
Matt. 3v12 og worldly Christian doctrine) with lightening/power perpetual (see the parable of the Darnel seed).
Matt. 3v12                                                    s
                         Thus we correctly reason Yahweh’ power is eternal to ensure that if sin should raise its ‘  ugly head’at any time in the future,
after The Millennium, then it will be quenched/suppressed, never to cause the distress of the last 6000 years.
This righteous action of JCg to immediately quench any sin breaking out in any entity, will be looked upon by all the righteous entities (= those
humans who have passed through The Millennium) as being the correct course of action. They consider it the correct course of action because after
they had experience what they had done during the ‘                                                                                    s
                                                         long-before’6000 year (prison term leading to a death sentence) under Satan’ control then they
most certainly do not desire to go there again (thus fully entrusting upon Yahweh).
So this verse speaks of JCg in The Millennium who will judge all fleshly humans. So that those humans who are solid wheat = having made the grade
by being weighty in knowledge and deeds. They are ones having imitated (= believed/committed in) JC from the teaching of righteousness by the TCs
who had died in the soil of the 1st part of their life resurrected as Kings/Priests to produce fruit that we now see here in The Millennium.
Those who have no weight = no righteousness are at this time in The Millennium worthless because they have had all opportunity to become
righteous and turned their back upon it, by not imitating JC. These worthless humans are those who will face their/The 2nd Death of annihilation.
Matt. 3v13 og Then arrives the JC from of the Galilee upon the Jordan towards the John (the Baptist) of the (one being)
Matt. 3v13 og baptised by him (= JC came from Galilee to be baptised by John in the Jordan).
Matt. 3v14 og And the John (the Baptist) restrained him (JC) exclaiming: “I need have by you to be baptised,
Matt. 3v14 og (so why then) also you come to me?” (= I, John should not be baptising you JC, but you should baptise me!)
Matt. 3v15 og And answering the JC said to him: “Allow (this to occur) now, for thus becoming/correct/fitting/required
Matt. 3v15 og it is to accomplish/copiousness/fulfil entirely/{the whole}/all righteousness/justification.”
Matt. 3v15 og Then (John the Baptist) allows him (JC to become baptised by John).
Matt. 3v15    This verse is the key verse that unlocks all the mystery between fleshly bodies and spiritual bodies!
             What is so special about it?
There are two things that this verse tells us. The 1st is standard reasoning, but the 2nd is the key and never publicly taught!
JC tells us that “he must be baptised because it completely/{utterly fulfils} the whole/all righteousness/justification.”
This verse should be taken very seriously because these words are used:
             “Must, completely, all, righteousness/justification”
       1. Acceptable standard reasoning proposes that JC being the First first-fruit had to set ‘ Standard’by which all the other humans who
             take on JC (= to imitate JC) should thus follow. So if JC is baptised, then Christians taking on The Fidelity likewise follow the example of
             their leader.
             But this does not give all due recognition to the use and intensity of the words given in the verse.
       2. While item (1) is true, this is only just the beginning of the complete explanation of this verse!
             Now let us bring out what the verse is really telling us in its completeness.
             JC is telling us he must do this to fulfil all righteousness/justification.
                         Righteousness and Justification of what?
             The righteousness and justification of why he came here to perform his ministry, from where?
             From his original position as being “the specific god” of us, operating alongside Yahweh.
                         So how was he going to return to that position from a fleshly body back into his spiritual body (in a righteous manner)?
             Let me explain this below with righteous (= seen to be utterly equitable/correct/balanced) logic (based upon accurate assumptions):-
Adam and Eve were placed in a fleshly body and told of Yahweh’ everlasting Edict (never to be repealed):-
             “In the day you sin, you will (begin to) die (everlasting = annihilation)”.
Adam and Eve duly sinned and thus destined, like all of us (without the actions of JC), to face annihilation at our 1st death.
But the converse is true!
             “For during the period that you do not sin then you shall not righteously die!”
                                                                              flip               s
It is very important for the reader to grasp the full importance of this ‘ side’to Yahweh’ decree/edict, before we move on to the next stage in our
             Let us now speak of JC.
The mechanism to how JC’ personality/consciousness was placed into a fleshly body (as I explain in several places within John) was by Yahweh’         s
HS (= power) as we are told by overshadowing Mary, and thus JCg’ spiritual body was temporary discarded. JC now effectively became like Adam
and Eve, created in a perfect fleshly body by the operation of Yahweh’ HS upon Mary’ egg.    s
JC performed his ministry in utter purity (= Holy = separate from the world’ involvement that ultimately culminates in self-gratification) by working
out Yahweh’ desire within his life, thus seen and judged righteous by Yahweh!
But while JC was still pure, he died through his enemies murdering him.
             Thus righteously JC should not have died – but he did die = lost his consciousness and mechanism to live = everlasting dead!
So Yahweh in His power of the HS, would righteously with justification resurrect JC.
             But into what?
             Would it be a spiritual body or a fleshly body?
If as stated here, then JC could only be resurrected back into what he was murdered in = a fleshly body.
This would be no good if Yahweh desired JCg back in the heavens to dispense His HS in the future TCs during The Gospel Age!
But righteously and with justification the only thing that Yahweh could resurrect JC in, back as JC in a fleshly body!
             According to His original Decree!
             So how could Yahweh righteously/justly resurrect JC back into to his former spiritual body and not fleshly body?
We are told in this verse!
             JC said that: “He must be baptised to fully complete all righteousness/justification.”
Now let us apply our reasoning upon this different scenario.
JC said: “I must symbolically cast my life away” and by doing so while still perfect means that he can have a second life.

So that JC may live “in trust” as a human in a fleshly body (subject to corruption = if sins, then eternally dies) as though I am now living in The
Millennium in my resurrected life (thus having nothing left to fall back upon because death now will be The 2nd Death). Thus JC was now telling
Yahweh at his baptism (in front of all witnesses of The Universe), that he was:
            “Entrusting in Yahweh to awaken/rouse/resurrect him, not in a fleshly body (cast off) but now in a spiritual body.”
Because JC had cast off his 1st life in his fleshly body, then he effectively used up “The ‘ side’of Yahweh’ Decree” of being resurrected into a
                                                                                            flip                  s
fleshly body upon his death through his prior perfect lifestyle. He had before all entities stepped beyond Yahweh’ Decree and was now: “Living on
“Gifts/Favours” (= Grace) from Yahweh his Father”.
This incidentally is the same position TCs are in during what now becomes the 1st part of their life, but their “Gifts/favour” is from JCg as the
intercessor between us and Yahweh to make all this possible.
Thus to “fully complete all righteousness/justification” the baptism of JC now fulfils all this as JC told John the Baptist:
      1. JC righteously left his safe spiritual body to enter a very unsafe fleshly body because he, as JCg, so loved his creation (John.3v16).
      2. Yahweh makes the plan unfold by putting all the elements for its success together in place through His HS (see v3).
      3. JC now walks ‘ highway’during his ministry to:
            1. Proclaim The Millennium by teaching and demonstrating what it will be like = our target in the 1st part of their life.
            2. Provides a righteous mechanism through his sacrifice to righteously enable Yahweh to operate His HS in our resurrection for all of us.
      4. From (3) we all now have an opportunity to live in The Millennium in a perfect body learning how to live in it according to Yahweh’      s
            standards under the rule of JCg through his kings/priests (formally the TCs of the 1st life).
      5. JC is now entrusting upon Yahweh’ Gifts/favour for a resurrection into a spiritual body provided JC is perfect, else it is annihilation!
      6. JC is murdered and resurrected into a spiritual body to now rejoin by being along side Yahweh back into his former position.
      7. But because of what JC now as JCg has done, Yahweh has given/assigned all rightful honour, prestige, powers to JCg for him to exercise
            when Yahweh desires JCg to exercise it.
      8. TCs who imitate JC’ lifestyle in their own 1st part of their life and so obviously live as JC did, and thus have The Same Expectation as JC
            did. But it is through JC’ gifts/favour as I copiously explain on this website www.FutureLife.Org
      9. JCg collects his TCs at the 1st 2nd C to become his active force of stewards given greater responsibility of teaching righteousness in The
            Millennium to all other humans resurrected (>99.99% of the ever lived population).
      10. The Millennium occurs and JCg ‘       heads-up’his ‘  force of stewards’to teach righteous to all the resurrected humans.
      11. Humans who desire to practice selfless love to all will have eternal life and those who do not and merely practice self-indulgence shall
            face their/The 2nd Death of annihilation during or at the end of The Millennium depending upon how they respond to the righteous lifestyle
            of the majority of humans around them.
      12. JCg in ‘ Culmination’is now able to “show his perfected creation (us humans) to Yahweh” without becoming the intercessor between
            them and Yahweh.
      13. Will we be bored with an eternal life as some humans now falsely proclaim?
            Because we will be interacting with each other without any of the distressing distractions that we have now.
            Supporting one another to our neighbours’benefit/edification and this will be mutual!
                                                                                     s           s
            All humans are now experiencing the righteous pleasures of Yahweh’ and JCg’ creation on this planet within perfected fleshly bodies.
                         Is this ‘ ?
            No. Because now perfected in both flesh and mind (thus not being a pariah life form ostracised by all other life forms within The Universe)
            then we can meet these other life forms of the Universe using laws of physics that we can only dream about now. To become part of
            Yahweh’ big family that the book of Job speaks of in it’ early chapters.
                      s                                                 s
                         So what does the reader think of all this?
I believe, as the reader can see, this is a completely righteous scenario based upon the previous stage having to be completed before the next stage
can be started. Thus we can reason it is a very logical and thus a righteous progression justified by each preceding stage and there we have it:
            “He must be baptised to fully complete all righteousness/justification.”
Matt. 3v16 og Also (having) been baptised the JC ascended immediately from of the water. Also behold were opened
Matt. 3v16 og to him the heavens (thus originating from Yahweh), also he saw the Spirit of the God descending as a dove
Matt. 3v16 og also coming upon him.
Matt. 3v16    Those atheists who object to The Bible cite this as an example of Bible inconsistency. They state:
            “In John’ Gospel, John the Baptist appeared not to know of the Messiah until the dove landed, but here in Matthew it appears that John
            knew JC was the Messiah beforehand”
These protagonists as usual have missed some important features and made erroneous assumptions that obviously results in error. Their worldly
wisdom shows themselves to be wanton – just like the Pharisees ‘    spinning the truth’to suit their aims and thus fulfilling their desires.
The missed features are:
            We are told in Luke Chapter 1, that JC was a close relative to John the Baptist.
            Also we are told Mary visited Elizabeth (who lived in/near Jerusalem).
            Thus we can reason that every time they went to Jerusalem (for the feasts) they would visit their close relations and ‘            .
            We also know that John the Baptist’ father was a religious priest supported by his wife.
            Thus we can further reason John would closely know his relative JC during his youth, perhaps even played with each other on many
            Thus we can also reason John would precisely know of JC’ personality and character as being very different to all other people around
            him - based upon personal experience.
            We are also told in the Gospel of John, that Yahweh told John the Baptist to know The Messiah as the one having a dove land upon him
            when John Baptised him. But John did not know specifically who it was, because he would only know during/after baptism!
                        So putting this all together, what can we reason?
John the Baptist would have seen his close friend and relative coming to see him, as so often as he had done before in the past, to talk about Yahweh
and ‘ meaning of life’    .
Now this time JC came to John the Baptist and instead of talking about family issues, he came out and said: “I want you John, to baptise me!”
With John knowing JC as well as he did – he would say: “I do not need to baptise you – because there is no sin in you! – It is I who am more sinful
than you, I know that, because I have grown up with you (as a relation and very close friend), so it should be you who is baptising me!”
“I am only baptising those who are sinful. Your lifestyle is not sinful – you JC have nothing to repent of – I John, personally know that!”
            But JC said in reply: “I must be baptised to fully complete all righteousness.”
John the Baptist would say to his close friend JC: “If you want me to baptise you, then I will, because I can see no objection against it!
JC is then baptised by John and then we have the dove landing on JC from the heavens (plural heavens because the HS originated from Yahweh of
The Universe, thus not originating from this sinful Earth) and then Yahweh stating v17:-
            “This is my son – in whom I am well pleased”
Clearly John now becomes ecstatic – He has seen Yahweh’ answer – His close friend and relation Is The Messiah!
It all becomes clear to John, and as we read elsewhere John is now telling them JC is The Messiah and as John tells his own disciples “My personal
ministry is now ‘                                                                               s
                 winding-up’(finishing), as the “One greater than me increases” being JC’ ministry now starts its 3.5 year term.

This reasoning is a logical explanation that would, and thus did occur precisely as The Scriptures tell us.
Thus we are able to see that the atheists’worldly wisdom has led them to an erroneous assumption, that being that John the Baptist knew JC was The
Messiah before JC’ Baptism. But nowhere in The Bible does it state this – so clearly John did not!
Thus this declaration from the atheists that ‘ Bible is inconstant’is now shown to be false, but The Truth is shown to be fully consistent with
logical reasoning that escapes the atheists because the desire of them is not to understand or submit themselves to Yahweh. Further what is worse -
they are taken to this position by the illogical and deceptive worldly Christian doctrine (originating from Satan) put out as mysteries to ‘
people, and put the remaining humans offside.
This confusion is naturally orchestrated by ‘ god of this world’being ‘                   ,
                                                                           Prince Satan’ The Pretender to the throne, soon to be removed/ejected!
           I explain all this in meticulous detail in John 12v31.
Matt. 3v17 og Also Behold!/Look! (A) Voice from of the heavens (originating from Yahweh – hence plural)
Matt. 3v17 og exclaiming/booming:
Matt. 3v17 og “This is the son (JC = JCg) of Me (Yahweh) the Beloved, in whom I delight/{have pleasure in}.”
Matt. 3v17    An interesting note: Matt. Is very particular in his style of writing to use Heavens (plural) as being the source of Yahweh of The
Universe. He even states “Kingdom of The Heavens” rather than as Mark and Luke stating “The kingdom of God (Yahweh)”.
                                                                His               )
Interestingly other apostles at this position (Yahweh stating ‘ beloved son’ split by taking a different understanding being purely how they place
themselves in the writings is it (1) First party account being in the position of the human listener, or (2) Third party account taking an absolute
So Matthew and Mark’ style is telling us absolutely in his writings The Original Source is from The Universe.
But Luke is telling us in his independent style relatively The voice was heard above the witnesses’heads within the heaven (singular = sky).
Thus there is no inconsistency in either the writings nor the understanding of singular and plural heavens but rather an precisely accurate account
depending upon the vantage point of the observer (being what was going through their mind), In each instance it was a precisely accurate account of
what occurred. In The Culmination everything in The Bible will be shown to be precisely accurate though differing accounts will be explained from
the vantage point taken to give that holistic and precisely accurate three dimensional solution as I carefully show on this website – where all
mysteries are holistically explained.
This is another of many pointers to show us the independent nature of the writings rather than those ‘    scholars’conforming to worldly wisdom stating
the Gospels were copied from a master – (rather than being separate personal accounts) but is doing so - then miss the obvious that I point out in
these and other numerous examples!
Matt.     4v1 og       Then the JC was launched/{set forth} into the desert/wilderness under/through of the spirit
Matt.     4v1 og       (desire/personality/trait of JC) to be tested/tried/assayed/tempted/examined by of the
Matt.     4v1 og       Devil/Adversary/Slanderer (of Yahweh).
Matt.     4v1                                                     JC                                            ,                  a’
                        Standard translated bibles tamely say: ‘ was led up into the wilderness by the HS’ insinuating that ‘ HS personage took
JC by the hand and insipidly led him up into the wilderness.
Sorry and all that! This just smacks of The Trinity falsehood, the worldly propaganda being an anathema to Yahweh. Yahweh is The Originator of all
Truth, and thus to have distortions put out ‘  masquerading as truth’by self claimed representatives distorting His Word, being His Son JC and also
the contents of The Bible!
            After that rant, now let me explain clearly what really is going on here in this verse!
The Greek word “anago” StrongsTM = 321, is a compound word of meaning, “lead-up” (so they have got that bit correct) but also the 2nd part means
to “bring out”.
Thus putting this together we see that JC is now dynamically setting forth onto a ‘   new chapter’in his life being the commencement of his 3.5 year
ministry. This is much more resolute = demonstrated commitment = a purposeful mission to be fulfilled rather than the passive ‘        being led’‘by(?)’the
HS. But Satan wants this reasoning to be broadcast because this teaching means humans do not ‘                             to               !
                                                                                                      need’to be active ‘ be a Christian’ We must
logically deduce that: Satan does not want the accurate Word of God taught, he desires and thus promotes deception because he wants the message
of passivity to flourish! But this is clearly what Yahweh does not want – The Gospels and epistles tell us this all through them!
Now I move onto the 2nd part of the mistranslation given in standard bibles. I hinted at this with “by(?)”.
The Greek word “hupo” StrongsTM = 5259 means “under/through” rather than the bland word ‘ .          by’
            So what is the point I am trying to make here?
                                   s               s
As I consistently state: Yahweh’ HS is Yahweh’ power to fulfil His expressed Desire, nothing more and nothing less!
It was Yahweh’ Desire for JC to start his ministry and to successfully complete it. It makes common sense to ‘      drop JC into the deep end’to
consolidate his resolve from at the start, knowing that having ‘  successfully swam at the beginning he would have the self confidence to fully complete
his mission culminating in his murder’- which he knew would occur. This is often seen today, when an older person recognises ability in a youngster
– the ‘authority’will then put the youngster into a difficult position to develop their capability quickly. Likewise Yahweh is guiding JC to ‘  take-on’
       s                                                              s
Satan’ full concerted thrust having the full confidence in His Son’ capability (we have just been told that in 3v17) ready for further awkward
situations within The Ministry.
This is why I like the word “assay” because rather than the negative tested/tempted, assay means ‘     proved’during assessment, and thus it is much
more positive.
            That is why Yahweh was using His HS = power to guide JC.
Now this leads onto the used word “by”.
                          The                                            by’
Poor translation led by ‘ Trinity’indoctrinated translators slide ‘ in to propose personage into ‘          their script’.
I used the more accurate translation of “hupo” to mean “under/through”. This throws a different light onto the translation. The connotation now is
one of ‘ power’operating within JC, thus Yahweh’ power is guiding JC thoughts to be displayed in his actions. Thus it is JC’
                                                       s                                                                             s
spirit/desire/personality/trait to be with Yahweh in The Wilderness guided by Yahweh’ HS operating within JC.
            We can now reason there is no unnecessary personage involved to ‘      clutter the scene’to cause confusion and thus ‘ absorb’any worship
            that should only be directed to Yahweh.
Everything comes from Yahweh and all worship/recognition/acknowledgement should be directed to Yahweh as ‘ Ultimate Authority’(and no
entity between, except our only link, being our personal creator = JCg who is now our proven intercessor between us, and ‘ Ultimate Authority’           ).
After giving that explanation – I could actually step even further away from the obviously false worldly Christian doctrine.
There is nothing in the original Greek that states it is actually The Holy Spirit (as we are told in other places) – for “Holy” is not in the text!
                                      s                                                                                s
Thus we could infer that it was JC’ spirit (= personality/desire – see Glossary) that guided him to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire being linked in with the
Holy Spirit that he received without measure at baptism. Again fully consistent throughout within and without The Original Greek.
Matt. 4v2 og           Also having not eaten days, 40, also 40 nights. Afterwards he hungered.
Matt. 4v2              The reader may not be able to accept 40 days, thus unacceptable being taken as a Bible exaggeration. But it is not an
unreasonable time, when humans take up meditation in a warm country the body can survive for several months as demonstrated today by some
Buddhist’ fasting for 60 plus days. Clearly during this period Yahweh was providing a download to JC, explaining exactly what was to be expected
and what was required during the next 3.5 years. When and where his death was to occur to fulfil all the prophecies written about in The Old
Testament, that were to occur in some 3.5 years time. Then after this had occurred, Yahweh ‘steps back’and allows Satan to move in.
Matt. 4v3-10 Satan now comes to try and find ‘                        s
                                                         chinks in JC’ armour’and his attacks are the three most powerful he could have used, one
attacks his fleshly body and the other two his reasoning (1) Who are you? (2) What is your purpose on earth?

I ask the reader contemplate upon this and see if you can think of something more powerful upon which to tackle JC and make him fail?
Remember that JC now only had to fail just the once during this 3.5 year ministry period and it would be an everlasting death for him, and us whom
he had come to save before Yahweh’ Edict on sin.
Matt. 4v3 og Also approaching him (JC) the tempter/examiner/trier/assayer (= Satan = Liar/Deceiver) said:
Matt. 4v3               Thus Adversarial/Slander Devil, also being the Liar/Deceiver Satan is termed the examiner/assayer because he proves our
resolve to remain faithful to Yahweh’ Desire.
Matt. 4v3 og “If Son (JC) you are of the God (Yahweh) say that the stones these loaves/bread may become!”
Matt. 4v3               JC was obviously hungry having nothing physically to eat and thus fleshly food would have been a powerful incentive. But the
test was more than this! Satan was proposing: ‘ what Yahweh has spoken to you about in your ministry for your own benefit – fill yourself now to
be fully strong ready for your ministry work – keep yourself physically/fleshly topped up with ‘                       from yourself for yourself’
                                                                                                 life-sustaining’bread ‘                         .
Matt. 4v4 og And the (one = JC) answered said: “It is written: Not upon bread alone shall live man, but upon
Matt. 4v4 og every/{the whole}/all word/declaration proceeding through the mouth of God” (Deut.8v3).
Matt. 4v5 og Then takes him (JC) the Devil (which means ‘                     slanderer/{false accuser}’to Yahweh’ Truth) into the holy city
Matt. 4v5 og (= Jerusalem), also sets him upon the wing of the temple.
Matt. 4v6 og Also (Satan) says to him (JC): “If Son you are of the God throw yourself down, for it is written because
Matt. 4v6 og the angels of Him (Yahweh), He (Yahweh) will give charge concerning you, also upon hands they will
Matt. 4v6 og bear you, that not you strike against a stone the foot of you” (Ps.91v12,13).
Matt. 4v6                                                        s                          s
                        This is a crafty attack! Satan uses God’ Word to under-write JC’ authority and position ready to give JC a head start (of
confidence in) the future ministry work. Satan is specifically saying: ‘Yahweh has communicated with you for the last 40 days, but you only know
within your mind that you think you are His representative. If you firmly believe you are His representative, then through this miraculous sign
demonstrate before The World, and most importantly prove to yourself that you are The Son of God. Think of the self-confidence that this head start
in the ministry will give to you!’
            However there is more to this than ever taught.
Look carefully at the significance of the place chosen, being The Temple in Jerusalem.
Bible scholars should immediately switch mind into prophecy/archetypal as soon as they see words like this placed in this type of context.
“The Temple” translated always means ‘                                              s
                                             Personal Service/Dedication to Yahweh’ Desire’and Jerusalem always in this context means ‘ NewThe
Spiritual Israel’being Yahweh’ centre of organisation to enact His Desire.
Thus we understand Satan was expressing the concept that JC was well aware of by now, that he JC, was to dedicate his life to promote Yahweh’      s
Desire to those of The New Future Jerusalem (of The Millennium) being the TCs of the world to be plucked out of the worldly Christian Nation (this
is what JC tells us elsewhere). Thus in this one act JC was to metaphorically promote himself as Yahweh’ Direct Interface (= being of The Temple)
to bring the TCs (= being the inhabitants of Jerusalem) into believing/entrusting ‘ into’himself as the intercessor.
Matt. 4v7 og Said to him (Satan), the JC: “Again it has been written: Not you shall thoroughly test/trial/assay
Matt. 4v7 og (the) Lord the God of you” (Deut.6v16).
Matt. 4v8 og Again takes him the Devil into a mount (= an elevated place, figuratively a mountain) high exceeding
Matt.    4v8 og       also shows him all/every the kingdoms of the world, also the glory of them,
Matt.    4v9 og       also cried/proclaims to him: “These things all/every/{the whole} to you I will give,
Matt.    4v9 og       if {inward affection} (of) worship/homage/reverence (give) to me.”
Matt.    4v9            A “mountain” in The Bible always figuratively means “authority”, and thus in this temptation Satan is ‘   putting JC into a
                                                   s                                               We                            to
position of authority’from his lowly “carpenter’ son” position. And effectively states to him: ‘ know that your ministry is ‘ save mankind’ then    ,
surely the best way to do this ‘ at the top’of society rather than start at the bottom because you will have so many ‘  more strings of influence to
pull’ All aspiring members of society know that reforms cannot occur at the bottom, which is one of many reasons why politicians ‘ overfall
themselves’to get to the top – they are just worldly viewing and thus follow the worldly ways! However JC was not like worldly politicians and thus
looked only towards spiritual matters and the bigger ultimate goal (that I detail everywhere on this website).
An aside to this: This must have been Satan’ world at this point in time, because how else could Satan legitimately offer all the kingdoms of the
world to JC. JC would have recognised and accepted Satan’ authority and his legitimate right (at this present time) to offer these kingdoms, else he
would bluntly say: ‘ They are not yours to give!’ Nothing has changed in the fleshly world between BCE and CE. It is an accepted fact, far more
death, pain and destruction has occurred in the 20th century than at any other period in human history – which is exactly what we read as a future
prophecy by JC in Matt. 24 before JCg (as JC says) comes to take his rule (= before Satan is removed)!
Thus we conclude Satan is now proposing: I voluntarily give everything to you JC to speed up your ministry work and the only thing you need to do
on your part to fulfil your worldly desires is to thank/praise me for this offer of mine to help you in your future work!
Thus we are able to see that Satan is far more devious than standard understanding and translations give to us!
            Beware – he is doing the same to each and every one of us during our lives – constantly beguiling/bewitching us!
If you do not believe this is so, then reason upon this: ‘ error is never discovered until you start looking!’
That is why The Bible says: “Audit/{self examine} yourself against The Word (contained within The Bible)”.
Matt. 4v10 og Then says to him the JC, “Go Satan, for it has been written: (The) Lord, the God (= Yahweh) of you,
Matt. 4v10 og you shall worship, also Him only shall you serve” (Deut.6v13).
Matt. 4v10              We can conclude that while Satan used some very persuasive/beguiling suggestions having logical reasons behind them, JC
could see that the suggestions/proposals were worldly based and not spiritually based (to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire). JC always turned Satan back to
The Word of Yahweh, to which Satan had no reply!
Likewise we must personally know/understand The Word of Yahweh so that when apparently ‘          good ideas’come into our head we can automatically
use the scriptures to counter them. The only way humans are going to know The Word of Yahweh is to daily read a good Bible, rather than the
‘modern’cut-down or distorted versions that now proliferate. But we are at The End Times of The Gospel Age and very soon The Millennium will
come in where Satan will no longer be able to confuse and beguile The Nations through his many worldly representatives feigning allegiance to The
Almighty God!
Matt. 4v11 og Then leaves him the Devil; also behold/look, Angels/messengers came near also ministered to him.
Matt. 4v11           fortunate’for us that JC did not succumb to Satan’ suggestions, else just the one sin by JC effectively by placing
              It was ‘                                                s
       s                     s
Satan’ word above Yahweh’ Word would mean that the death at the end of our life would be utter and complete annihilation – irrespective of what
any representative declares either from the Christian or any other worldly religion! Also JC, our Loving Creator would also be annihilated, because
Yahweh (I quote) “Is unchanging” in his decrees, they remain solid, unmoveable and thus dependable – “In the day you sin you shall die”.
This is very sobering and we have so much to thank JCg for 1. Creating us and 2. Saving his fallen creation from guaranteed annihilation upon the
death at the end of what now becomes the 1st part of our life by his underserved gift to each and everyone of us – irrespective if you know JC or not!
Matt. 4v12 og And having heard the JC because John (the Baptist) was delivered up (jailed, and later murdered by king Herod).
Matt. 4v12 og He (JC) withdrew into the Galilee (120 km N of Jerusalem to be with his family).

Matt.    4v13 og      Also (JC then) departed the Nazareth having come (there earlier. So JC now left his family, to start his full ministry).
Matt.    4v13 og      (JC) Lived/dwelled into Capernaum (on the northern shore of The Sea of Galilee, about 35 km NW of Nazareth)
Matt.    4v13 og      the Sea (shore) in the districts (the) Zebulum also Napthali (this area became JC’ ‘      s headquarters’.
Matt.    4v14 og      That may be fulfilled the proclamation through Isaiah of the prophet cried/exclaimed (Isa.9v1,2):
Matt.    4v15 og      “Land (the) Zebulum also land Napthali, way of the sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the nations.
Matt.    4v16 og      The people the (ones) sitting in darkness (= the misinformation within the world) saw a light great (= The Truth
Matt.    4v16 og      being JCg, now as JC to witness of Yahweh), also to those sitting in the region (of Israel) also shadow of death
Matt.    4v16 og      (= Satan’ Death sentence upon them representing all humans – “Galilee of the nations”), light has sprung up to them
Matt.    4v16         (= The knowledge of Yahweh and how humans must behave, emulating The Millennium period now to become TCs).”
Matt.    4v17 og      From then begun the JC to proclaim/herald/preach also to exclaim/cried/stated:
Matt.    4v17 og      Repent! For has/is drawn near the kingdom of the heavens.
Matt.    4v17           So what does this mean?
            Does it add support to the false worldly Christian doctrine that JCg is ruling the earth?
            As usual, the answer is No!
I direct the reader to 3v2, because this is a repeat of what John the Baptist was preaching, and I answer it there.
Notice the wording “has/is drawn near” thus we can reason ‘ is still not here’but is “drawn near.” But we are told JC has started his full ministry
and thus is now into his 3.5 year ministry.
So the “drawn near” can only mean one of two things:-
            1.    Time relative = It will come in immediately after his ministry period (= false worldly Christian Doctrine).
            2.    Condition relative = The displayed conditions will be like those of The Millennium (= the correct understanding).
As I have meticulously explained elsewhere (in many places) it cannot be time relative because it has been 2000 years since JC’ ministry and
nothing has changed on this earth between the 4000 years BC and the following 2000 years AD, except it has got very much worse for people!
We witness this fact particularly in 3rd world countries! So clearly “drawn near” is not ‘               !
                                                                                            time relative’
That now leaves ‘  Condition relative’ This I fully explain in 3v2. So we can now sensibly reason (= accurate with no mysteries) that JC is
demonstrating in works during his ministry what the conditions will be like in The Millennium for us to understand and thus have The Expectation
that The Epistles (the letters of The New Testament) constantly speak. The epistles are telling the brethren become TCs and have The Expectation of
The Millennium that had become “near” to us during JC’ Ministry. It was only “near” to us for two reasons:-
      1. Many of the religious leaders were making JC’ life very difficult and spoiling the human take-up of The Truth (and that is so true today).
      2. When JC departed as JCg, the ideal conditions that he demonstrated went away with him.
                                                       s                            s
Though (2) is correct, JCg then dispensed Yahweh’ HS within the immediate TC’ (Apostles = “appointed [by Yahweh] to tell”) to give them
qualities (though much inferior to JC, because JC had the HS without measure – because he could ‘               )
                                                                                                       handle it’ to establish The New Spiritual Israel.
The New Spiritual Israel is, as the epistles tell us, The Body of JC made up out of TCs to become the Kings/Priests of The Millennium to now do what
‘                                      s
 Israel’should have done before JC’ ministry, that being to “teach righteousness to The World”. The Old Nation did not, but the New spiritual
‘                                                                                                                                 s
 Israelite’Nation does in The Millennium to bring those humans into learning righteousness and then practising it to Yahweh’ ultimate glory.
Can the reader see Yahweh’ glorious plan being made plain to us from The Bible? All other religions, including worldly Christianity pale into
insignificance when compared to The Absolute Truth contained within The Bible correctly translated. There are no mysteries except the two told to
remain as mysteries – (see “Mystery (The)” in Glossary).
Matt. 4v18 og And walking about the JC alongside The Sea of the Galilee, saw 2 brothers Simon, the (one) named
Matt. 4v18 og Peter (in the Gospels) also Andrew the brother of him, casting a net into the sea, for they were fishers.
Matt.    4v19 og      Also exclaims/shouts to them:
Matt.    4v19 og      “Come after/{take place behind}/follow me, also I will make/appoint you fishers of men.”
Matt.    4v20 og      And they immediately forsook/{gave up}/left the nets accompanied/{became in union}/followed him.
Matt.    4v21 og      Also going on from there, he (JC) saw other 2 brothers, James the (son) of the Zebedee also John the
Matt.    4v21 og      brother of him in the boat with Zebedee of the father of them, mending the nets of them. Also he (JC)
Matt.    4v21 og      called them.
Matt.    4v22 og      And they immediately forsook/{gave up}/left the boat also the father of them,
Matt.    4v22 og      accompanied/{became in union}/followed him.
Matt.    4v18-22        The question is asked: Why did these people just drop what they were doing to follow JC?
The reason why this question is asked is because worldly Christian Leaders never explain why – and they should to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire.
Firstly it is understood that the wife of Zebedee was closely related to Mary the mother of JC, thus James and John were ‘   cousins’to JC and only
lived about 20 miles away in Capernaum where a Roman garrison was located at the northern-most point of The Sea of Galilee. Being this near to
one another meant that JC would regularly visit his cousins, where naturally they would meet up with their neighbourly friends Peter and Andrew.
Clearly JC as he was growing up would be completely knowledgeable about The Tanakh (Luke.2v40-47) and would obviously have spoken about ‘           the
meaning of Life’and Yahweh’ plans for Israel and the prophecies spoken of about a Messiah – Jesus would have known them all. Also as I have
explained at Matt.3v16 all people who knew JC then knew of his most wonderful personality.
                        s                                                                                                 s
I also explain in John’ Gospel how Andrew was with John the Baptist (believed to be a disciple to John) and saw JC’ baptism and heard of John’       s
announcement. Clearly Andrew rushes north to tell his brother Peter and friends James and John that JC (of their long childhood friendship) was The
Messiah that Israel had been waiting for hundreds of years - while Jesus is delayed by 40 days in the wilderness. JC then moves north preaching as
he goes, then gives his message to those in his home town Nazareth – was almost lynched and thus moved to where his friends and relations were at
Capernaum to make his headquarters.
That is where we now enter this piece and clearly (1) as close friends – (2) after what was witnessed and stated by John – (3) all this knowledge
passed to them before JC reached them.
It all makes perfect sense – with this background knowledge – they were perfectly primed to say “Yes” and drop everything to follow JC.
Matt. 4v23 og Also went about all/{the whole} the Galilee the JC teaching (of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year) in the     s
Matt. 4v23 og synagogues of them, also proclaiming/heralding/preaching the Gospel (= Good News) of the Kingdom
Matt. 4v23 og (= The Millennium), also healing every/all disease also every/all sickness in (= among) to the people.
Matt. 4v23              Thus we carefully read the verse and notice the order of priorities, JC is doing as I said ‘preaching of something approaching’
first and then ‘                                                                               s
                 demonstrating of something approaching’which we now know is of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year. It is approaching/near to us because
only a small locality on Earth is experiencing it and we know that in about 3.5 years again it will go away for about 2000 years. After about 2000
years The Millennium will be brought into existence for the whole world to experience, even all resurrected humans, only when Yahweh deems it so
by allowing JCg to then fully exercise The Authority Yahweh has assigned to him.
Perhaps a useful simile would be the close ‘  fly-by’of a meteor in the atmosphere. Perhaps classed as “a near miss”, spectacular during its passage
past those in the locally, but those humans in other parts of the world would know nothing of it. Now perhaps if that large meteor impacted the planet

then quite a few more humans would know about it! Thus as I stated before: “Near’is in terms of contact/influence of the whole Earth being the
physical dimension by application rather than in the time dimension.
Matt. 4v24 og Also went the report/fame/rumour of him into all the Syria. Also (they = populace) brought/presented                                       to
Matt. 4v24 og him (JC) all the (ones = suffers) illness having, various diseases, also torments/tortured suffering,
Matt. 4v24 og also demon possessed, also lunatics/crazy/epileptics, also paralytics/lame. Also he healed them.
Matt. 4v24                                                                       s
              JC is demonstrating what it will be like in The Millennium = Yahweh’ Acceptable Year. All pain and suffering shall be
removed from those who come to him. And as JC, now resurrected as JCg will be ruling over all the Earth in The Millennium then all humans will be
resurrected into perfectly formed bodies, but clearly without the mechanism to procreate. Thus we realise that Yahweh’ Acceptable Year is ‘   near’us
from a content point of view rather than a time point of view. ‘Near’in content because it is only occurring locally where JC is physically based, but
in The Millennium this healing will be over all the Earth!
Matt.     4v25 og      Also followed/accompanied him crowds great/many from of the Galilee also Decapolis also
Matt.     4v25 og      Jerusalem also Judea, also beyond/{other side} the Jordan.
Matt.     5v1 og       And (JC) seeing the crowds He went onto a mount (= a high place), also sitting down himself
Matt.     5v1 og       approached/{drew near}/consented to him the disciples of him.
Matt.     5v2 og       Also opening the mouth of him, (JC) began to teach them exclaiming/stated:
Matt.     5v3             This next section is known in Christianity as “The Beatitudes” – however the reasoning behind it needs serious explaining.
The reason being, that I have heard some people completely misunderstand to what JC is referring. I explain each section in turn always aware that
The New Testament is always focusing upon God’ Acceptable Year (that is what JC told us he came to do) and how humans are “to reach out to
grasp The Expectation” being part of “JC’ Bride” as “a Son of God”. And because of this, JC is only speaking of the humans’present Spiritual
condition rather than fleshly body. It is only the thought processes (the synapse construction – explained later and within John’ Gospel) being our
spiritual condition that is retained, because as we all know, that the fleshly body rots away to nothing. Yahweh is only interested in getting as many
humans into The Culmination (the period after The Millennium) for the humans who themselves desire to be there, and the only way humans are
going to get there is to fully develop their spiritual reasoning mind to the detriment of their fleshly body. The fleshly body dies at the end of this 1st
part of our life – it is utterly worthless to develop, but it is the spiritual reasoning mind being The Heavenly Treasure (see Glossary) (being the
                                                                           s         the          )
reasoning/personality = the synapse construction of a fleshly body’ brain = ‘ software’ that is retained by Yahweh. This Heavenly Treasure is
downloaded by Yahweh’ HS into a new perfected body so that the human entity then regains consciousness (else destroy the ‘              retained software’as
                      nd                                           st
will occur at The 2 Death then the ‘      Asleep’[being of The 1 death] will then become one of annihilation).
             Thus it is The Spiritual part of us that must be developed for eternal life that operates either in a fleshly or spiritual body.
Without either the fleshly body or the spiritual body for the spiritual part (= our reasoning/personality = the ‘    software’part) to operate within, then
there is effectively no existence. It is like software on a disk needing the hardware body “to come alive in” (as the software does within the hardware)
The Bible tells us: “By imitating JC and displaying the Fruits of the HS” fully develops our Heavenly Treasure. Nothing else!
Matt. 5v3 og Blessed (be) the poor/beggar to the spirit, because of them is the kingdom of the heavens (see v12).
Matt. 5v3 og A beggar is someone who recognises that they are poor and in need of something. This is true in the fleshly environment and it
is especial true in the spiritual (see Glossary) realm. However we must realise that JC is not just speaking of a human’ motivation as being the
human’ personal spirit as so often claimed in worldly Christian sermons (in fact today I heard on the radio a worldly priest refer to fleshly needs, -
but his understanding is flawed, being an utter travesty to The Truth), but JC is speaking of the human recognising that they are deficient in Yahweh’       s
HS. And when someone is deficient, also, further recognises they are deficient in something that is deemed important to them so as to work hard to
obtain it, then Yahweh will make the HS available and JCg dispense it within “the one asking for it.” But as I said many times, it is more than just
passively asking for it, but incumbent for a human during the 1st part of their life to work at it, to imitate JC and follow the example of The apostles.
Then as the verse tells us (also being consistent with everything I state in this website) then with this active symbiotic partnership within the TC’ 1st s
                                                                                                                                            st nd
part of their life, God’ Sonship is now possible where they shall have the kingdom of heavens upon their resurrection at JCg’ 1 2 C as
                          s                                                                                                             s
But sadly, again I have never heard this preached in worldly sermons!
Matt. 5v4 og Blessed/happy (be) the (ones) mourning/grieving, because they shall be comforted/entreated/exhorted.
Matt. 5v4                 This verse goes much beyond what is preached. What is normally preached is fleshly, but understandably, because it is very
painful to personally feel the loss/pain/suffering of a close relative or friend. But it goes beyond this. JC is using that normal response to extend his
teaching to those who have this emotion to all humans of The World and even their enemies (see later).
             So what does this statement of mine really mean?
I mean, to quote: “Blessed be the ones mourning and grieving” over the wretchedness of this present system operating in the world under ‘            The
Pretender to the throne’Satan, who is soon to be removed. These humans desire their King JCg to rule and work hard to bring this time ever closer
by bringing more humans into The Fidelity, so that they too can imitate JC. They desire for The Expectation to come so “they may be comforted”.
Matt. 5v5 og Blessed (be) the humble/meek because they shall inherit the earth.
Matt. 5v5                 As JC showed by washing the feet, and Paul showed by being a Jew to interest a Jew, and a Gentile to attract a Gentile, lowly
to attract the lowest, high to speak to the lofty, then likewise a TC take the same or lower level than the listener. What we see demonstrated is that a
                                                                                     s                                                     s
TC will take whatever position is required to maximise the spread of Yahweh’ Word. The TC will dedicate their life to Yahweh’ Glory, and that is to
                                                                                       s                                 s
bring more humans into The Fidelity. Thus these humans shall perform Yahweh’ Desire by working out Yahweh’ HS to maximise the spread of
Yahweh’ Word. The TC takes this position to be humble so as to speak on the same level rather than to ‘         Lord it over’‘                .
                                                                                                                                their flock’ So I ask the
reader: “Does their minister take a high position over them, or a humble position”?
If a person takes the lowly position during their preaching work then as The Bible tells us, they will inherit (see Glossary) the responsibility of
teaching righteousness to all those on the earth in The Millennium.
Matt. 5v6 og Blessed/happy (are) the (ones) famished/craving also (yearning) the righteousness/justice because they
Matt. 5v6 og           shall be filled/gorged.
Matt. 5v6               This is similar to v4. We have the TC who sees the present system operating under Satan and tries so hard to promote
         s                                                                                                       s
Yahweh’ Word in this parched land having no life-giving water (being the accurate knowledge of Yahweh’ Desire). There is no justice, the humans
who operate to fulfil their self desires exploit the weaker humans in society (either in the same country, or by raping the resources from a 3rd world
country). But the TCs know that in The Millennium justice will operate, and all humans will be instructed (though some may be initially forced) to put
their neighbour’ interests before their own.
Thus for those humans who are victimised now in the 1st part of their life, then they will have a wonderful time upon their resurrection, but those who
presently ‘Lord it over others’in the 1st part pf their life will find this new system of things under JCg very unpleasant – where “the greatest will
become the least” in The Millennium. As The Bible tells us ‘     JCg will rule with a rod of iron’to ensure that righteousness operates correctly, so that
we are filled/gorged with JCg’ righteous system operating around us.
Matt. 5v7 og Blessed/happy (be) the merciful/compassionate, because they shall receive mercy/compassion.
Matt. 5v7               This is speaking of the TC exercising the Fruits of the HS in their lifestyle. A TC is one who will exercise the Fruits of the HS
and in doing so (with their other activities) shows they have the correct thought processes for Yahweh to show compassion upon their now excusable

sin because their thought processes alienate themselves from their misdemeanour (fully explained in John). Thus Yahweh is righteously able to ensure
that they receive mercy/compassion when He judges them worthy to become a King/Priest to teach righteousness in The Millennium.
Matt. 5v8 og Blessed/happy (be) the clean/clear/pure to the heart, because they the God shall see.
Matt. 5v8                  These are TCs who have so much heavenly treasure. They have righteous thoughts purely motivated to serve Yahweh’ Desire.  s
This person would imitate JC and be utterly unspotted by the things of The World through being ‘                           .
                                                                                                        dead to the world’ By being ‘   dead to the world’it
means ‘ desires of the world’cannot effect you. Thus the enticements of The World being ‘           prestige, power, position, money, materialism, ‘  worldly’
entertainment, immorality, debilitating habits, etc do not distract a TC from having a pure heart (being the seat of motivation/passion/zeal) to fully
perform Yahweh’ Desire. Thus because a TC has a pure heart then they correctly drive themselves by working hard to use the HS dispensed by JCg
to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire, so inevitably become resurrected at the 1st 2nd C to see Yahweh when they become one of His Sons.
Matt. 5v9 og Blessed/happy (be) the peaceable/peacemakers because Sons of God shall they be called.
Matt. 5v9                  This is an interesting verse and clearly in worldly terms a peacemaker is a good person to have around, but not always!
Someone who just gives ground in worldly issues to make peace by capitulating to a worldly aggressor (and this has occurred many times in history)
does not make them a peacemaker in front of Yahweh.
So this verse is thus speaking beyond worldly terms. JC has clearly ‘     gone up a gear’to now speak upon spiritual matters being the personality/desire
of the individual to precisely fulfil Yahweh’ Desire (see Glossary).
We must remember that JC is looking forward to The Culmination and how humans are to get there! Thus we must apply this understanding to what
we read here.
              How ultimately are we going to have peace?
The clue to the answer is in the word - “Jerusalem”!
‘Jerusalem’means ‘       City of peace’ .
              So why was it given this name particularly when it seems to be a ‘ bed’of agitation in the world – throughout time?
The answer is this. Yahweh gave Jerusalem its name because it is the subject of prophecy. The prophecy being that Yahweh’ righteousness will flow
through ‘                                           s
            Spiritual Jerusalem’being Yahweh’ organisation coming down (but originating) from the heavens made up of Kings and Priests taken from
the world during the 1st part of their life. These kings and priests would be Prophets/{Ancient Worthies} of BC and TCs of AD. Thus peace in the
world will occur through the actions of these ones operating within The Millennium.
              How were these ones able to become part of Yahweh’ organisation?
By the type of work they performed in the 1 part of their life that Yahweh considered as being righteous.
But these humans being the prophets, followed by JC, the apostles and TCs, were hated (generally) by the religious authorities of the world (the Bible
tells us this everywhere – given many examples) - so this does not sound as though they are peacemakers!
That is why the reader must be careful when they read ‘       peacemaker’in this verse, and take it seriously in context as I have just shown. Never take
anything out of context. If a religious leader takes a single verse out of The Bible to justify a point – just ignore them, because invariably a personal
spin has been placed upon the text and this would be a classic example!
              And why is Jerusalem a hot bed of contention?
Because Satan knows it is the centre of Yahweh’ Plan and is making things positively difficult there on a worldly plane because that is the only area
over which he has influence!
So in conclusion the reader is able to see that a TC performing Yahweh’ Desire through personal hard work may not appear to be a peacemaker
within a worldly sense now in the 1st part of their life (because they are upsetting so many hypocrites as JC called them). However, because they are
spreading Yahweh’ Truth accurately to The World then they will be part of Yahweh’ organisation in The Millennium to be called Sons of God.
                       s                                                                    s
Matt. 5v10 og Blessed/happy (be) those being pursued/{pressed upon}/persecuted by reason of righteousness,
Matt. 5v10 og because of them is the kingdom to the heavens (see v12).
Matt. 5v10                 I have touched on this in the previous verse. JC tells us that “(worldly) Jerusalem (= worldly religious leaders) who killed all
the prophets” is an example where JC recognised that this occurred. When JC used it he was speaking about ‘ head’being the centre of
operations of the Pharisees organising the death of prophets in and around Israel. Likewise this become a prophecy to the next set of religious
leaders – being those of The Christian Nation who then become responsible for Yahweh’ Word in the next section of Yahweh’ Plan (see mys
document entitled “What does Israel mean?”. The immediate example of this would be William Tyndale who was hounded by the religious authorities
of the allegoric ‘ worldly Jerusalem’(not the city Jerusalem) whose only crime was to bring The Word of God to those who spoke English.
We see examples in the Acts of the Apostles, and throughout history how TCs have been ‘         hounded’by worldly religious authorities as JC tells us
“Who think they are performing sacred service in my name” (in context). Thus we understand “by reason of righteousness” = “by reason of speaking
                          s                                       s
The Truth of Yahweh’ knowledge to the world” = Yahweh’ Desire of each one of us, then we are hated for it. Thus the TC can only be hated by the
humans operating within The World who personally feel threatened (by loss of prestige, position, power, financial, etc) through the teaching of
Matt. 5v11 og Blessed (be) you (= TCs) when (they) (= predominately the religious leaders) revile/taunt/reproach you (TCs),
Matt. 5v11 og also pursue/{press upon}/persecute, also shall say all/every grievous/malicious/harmful word
Matt. 5v11 og against you deception/falsehood/lying/misinformation by reason/{on account} of me (JCg).
Matt. 5v11    This verse directly supports v10 above. I carefully explain elsewhere how it can only be religious leaders and their cohorts who
will persecute a TC, other humans have no logical reason to revile/persecute/lie about a TC. Because the TC is an inoffensive, utterly law-abiding
                                       s                                             s
human who is working out Yahweh’ Desire by accurately preaching of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year and of The Expectation only available to us
because of JCg!
                                                                            s                                                        s
History fully supports this assertion, I am just bringing it to the reader’ attention through this accurate explanation of Yahweh’ Word.
Matt. 5v12 og Rejoice/Hail also (be) exceedingly joyful/glad/exult because the reward/wages/return of you (the) great
Matt. 5v12 og in to the heavens (plural for many “zones above the planet’ surface” for the Greek “ouranos” StrongsTM = 3772).
Matt. 5v12 og For thus (the religious leaders) pursued/{pressed upon}/persecuted the prophets the (ones) before you.
Matt. 5v12               Contrary to much worldly Christian teaching, Yahweh requires much work from his TCs. The Bible tells us this fact in many,
many places, just as this example in v12 that if you put the work in to accurately promoting Yahweh’ Word and producing Fruits of the HS, then you
will be rewarded/paid for your work. The payment is that if the work is to Yahweh’ Satisfaction, then He desires to and will resurrect the TC at the
1st 2nd C to become The Bride of JC and a Son of God. This work will not be easy! As we now know a TC will be heavily persecuted for his work as
we have been told in so many places, and quite clearly the contrary is equally correct. There will be no worldly persecution for those not doing
Yahweh’ work because they are not upsetting the present god of this world = The Pretender to the Throne = Satan. Satan will promote those doing
his desire in this present world to high places within his system of things to keep out those TCs who would promote Yahweh’ Desire on Earth – this
is totally logical! As JC told us, be humble and lowly to be a TC.
              I ask the reader to reflect very deeply upon this and the righteous logic behind it – then look around him/herself in The World and just
             observe behind the façade!
Matt. 5v13 og You are the salt of the earth; and if the salt be tasteless/insipid/useless, in what (manner) shall (things)
Matt. 5v13 og become salted? For nothing good/wholesome/useful still if not (= except) to be thrown out also to be
Matt.     5v13 og trampled under by of the men

Matt. 5v13                                                a
                         Thus the one who claims to be ‘ minister for Yahweh’is likened to salt. Those who are TCs are useful to Yahweh, and thus
‘ full-bodied’with the knowledge of Yahweh (= the wholesome/useful part of those claiming to represent Yahweh). However JC speaks of those
‘claiming to be salt’but who have lost the useful part of themselves being the ‘                          .
                                                                                  Knowledge of Yahweh’ They parade themselves as being useful salt =
having the knowledge of Yahweh, but when ‘      tried’(= examined/audited by those of The World) they are worthless to be thrown out. The knowledge
they have is nothing and is demonstrated as being nothing. This is normally because the one claiming to be ‘ minister of Yahweh’has taken ‘        on-
board’worldly ideas and opinions, and thus strayed from Yahweh’ Truth.s
The reader is quickly able to identify this type of ‘self-appointed’minister if during any part of their conversation you hear them say:
             “I think: … … .”, or “I believe: … … .”, rather than ‘This is what the Bible says: … … … ”.
This gives the speaker almost a free license to say whatever they want, because they are only held to the norms of what is socially acceptable (and
that varies with time, and thus is of no absolute standard) = nice sound-bites to be popular!
Rather than commit yourself to the solid foundation of fact = The Absolute and Unchanging Standard = Yahweh’ statutes for our guidance to His
Standards, that only The Bible can give us.
             Sadly this type of minister giving personal opinions (rather than what Yahweh teaches us) is only too prevalent in the worldly Christian
             community of today (as The Evidence shows – illuminated by this website with examples)!
                                                                              s                                     s
Their speeches are those that are considered socially acceptable in Satan’ system rather than to set Yahweh’ Righteous Standard!
It reminds me so clearly of an Assop Fable, being the fable of the donkey, man and two children going to market.
The point of the fable is that the main characters take different advice from those of whom they pass during their life (= on the way to the market) so
that in the end, the group looks foolish by displaying worldly wisdom (= by the man carrying the donkey into the market place on his back). Likewise
the worldly Christian community is currently absorbing worldly ‘     advice’that makes the practitioners of the worldly Christianity look foolish/stupid.
Thus at the end of The Gospel Age the demonstrated faults of the worldly Christian community show their ‘       faith’to be worthless and thus trampled
upon by worldly men as we read of in Rev.18 with regard to The Harlot (see Glossary).
Matt. 5v14 og You (= TCs) are the light (giving out the accurate Truth of Yahweh) of the world, not is able a city to be hidden
Matt. 5v14 og (placed) high/upon a mount (= hill) situated.
Matt. 5v14               Thus the TCs must stand up (to be counted) and work for Yahweh by giving out accurate knowledge to develop the spiritual
body. It does not mean being a fleshly (= worldly) social worker! Any worldly religious practitioner can be a fleshly social worker and feed the
fleshly body, but by definition only a TC (as an apostle = appointed [by Yahweh] to tell) can give the accurate knowledge of Yahweh to feed the
spiritual body/personality. I fully realise this appears on the surface to be a hard statement to make. But it is only by getting peoples’mind correctly
orientated to The Absolute Truth, will then all social injustices be removed. Get ‘ the heart of the problem’being our thought processes first. Get
people to ‘                                                        s
            face the correct direction’(pointed towards Yahweh’ knowledge) by sorting out the spiritual body/personality first and then all the fleshly
benefits follow afterwards. And as The Bible tells us: “The harvest is great but the workers are few!” to mean exactly what I am saying.
This reasoning to be further supported in context Acts.6v2. Here we read that the Apostles (being TCs) knew that their 1st importance was “to serve
Yahweh’ word (= spiritual social worker) rather than tables (= fleshly social worker)” thus if we desire to be TCs then likewise we follow what The
Bible instructs us to do!
               s                   fog
But in Satan’ world full of the ‘ of confusion’to everyone saying it is so important to feed the fleshly body (which ultimately rots to nothing) that
everyone forgets to feed the spiritual body/personality (being what is retained by Yahweh)! This is precisely what Satan wants = feed the fleshly body
that dies so that there is no spiritual body/personality as Heavenly Treasure (see Glossary) to be downloaded into the new body at resurrection!
What is difficult to do when there is so much ground fog, is to get one’ head above it to see where the landmarks are sticking out above this fog!
Matt. 5v15 og Nor are they lighting/burning a lamp also place it under the grain measure but upon the lamp stand,
Matt. 5v15 og also it lightens (= gives knowledge of) all/everything the (ones = humans) in to the house.
Matt. 5v15                                                                                                                               s
              Thus contrary to worldly Christian teaching, it is only someone who works hard to shine the accurate bright light of Yahweh’
knowledge to The World, can Yahweh then consider them to be TCs. The quality of the brightness of the light shows their effectiveness of their
teaching work. Those religious leaders who try to snuff out the light from the TCs are directly attacking the light of Yahweh’ knowledge. The Lord’   s
vengeance shall be upon them when perhaps they shall be ignored at the 1st 2nd C and also ignored later at The General Resurrection!
(All fully explained elsewhere).
The reader may like to reflect on v16, the TC is termed ‘                        .
                                                         lamp to shine the light’ The light is the knowledge of Yahweh to The World on how we should
conduct our life. The lamp is the TC burning to shine the light. Thus the TC is expelling energy to shine the light. To expel energy means to do work
and not just “believe” that you are shining the light, when in reality you are cold and dark!
Matt. 5v16 og So let shine the light (= knowledge of Yahweh requirements/truth) of you before of the men, so that they may
Matt.    5v16 og      see of you the beautiful/worthy/ideal labours/works/deeds/acts, also may glorify the Father of you,
Matt.    5v16 og      The (One = Yahweh) in the heavens (as explained in v15).
Matt.    5v17 og      Not do think/infer/suppose because I came to dissolve/disintegrate/destroy The Law (of Moses)
Matt.    5v17 og      or the prophets not I came to dissolve/disintegrate/destroy but to fulfil.
Matt.    5v17            This verse is the one of the most important keys within all The Gospels and its true meaning is completely missed by everyone I
have spoken to (please see “The Laws of … … ” in Glossary).
It is the subtle message lying just beneath the surface that I constantly refer to in all other parts of The New Testament because it is absolutely
fundamental to the understanding of the logic to Yahweh’ plan of Salvation for the two groups of humans.
             So after that grand opening – What is it?
First ask the question:
             What was the Law of Moses about?
       1. It set a Righteous Standard based upon Works. If you surpassed all the laws in works then you were deemed to be a righteous person and
             deserved to live forever! This was Yahweh’ Promise/Covenant with those humans who were supposed to live under The Law of Moses.
       2. Sadly no human could surpass The Law of Moses and hence we all were destined for everlasting Death.
       3. The reason why no one could surpass the Law of Moses in works is because their inward thought processes led them to perform works of
             unrighteousness and thus failed The Law of Moses. Essentially they had self-centred thoughts, the thoughts to pamper their selfish desires
             in whatever field/area of human activity, money, prestige, immorality, power, laziness, degrading habits, etc.
A pretty depressing state of affairs – No redemption for any human, past, present and based upon history, then the future either!
However Yahweh’ Plan involved The Creator of us, being JCg who as John 3v16 tells us “so loved his creation on this world so much that he gave
his own life” to give every human a second opportunity to have a head-start in getting to know and thus ‘ to like’Righteousness in The Millennium
before they are finally tested in a 3.5 year period.
                                                              s               s
But for them to have eternal life given to them by Yahweh’ HS = Yahweh’ power fulfilling His ‘                         ,
                                                                                                       Expressed Desire’ then each and everyone of us
must imitate JC during that 3.5 year period. By precisely imitating JC we show that we entrust upon his Undeserved Gift = his sacrifice at the end of
his ministry. Now we can do that either during the 1st part of our life to become TCs (the stewards learning by experience now, to “be given
responsibility of greater things” in The Millennium period to teach righteousness to all those in The General Resurrection) or later upon our
resurrection into The Millennium to only be resurrected into fleshly but then to be perfected DNA bodies.
             Getting back to the importance of this verse.
However before any of that can happen, JC must demonstrate that he too can surpass The Law of Moses, if he cannot then he fails, becomes like us
and also dies eternally! That is a very sobering thought and certainly never taught by false worldly Christianity. This is why what JCg did for his
personal Creation is so wonderful, being that he could personally have lost all, himself and his creation together, under The Father’ Decree, in the
day you sin (= Do not fulfil The Law of Moses) you die.
So after that we can add a 4th item to the above list:
      4. The Law of Moses set a Standard for every entity within The Universe to judge JC against.
      5. Fortunately for all of us (and JC), he was able to succeed and surpassed The Law of Moses during his 3.5 year ministry culminating with
            his undeserved self sacrifice gift to all of us. Though it is freely given, there is a price that we individually must pay!
            This price is never preached of by worldly Christianity, because their god Satan does not want anyone to pay ‘ Price’to everlasting
            salvation. The Bible tells us that “Satan is The Man-Slayer”, it started in The Garden of Eden and it continues today.
‘ price’is that we must imitate JC to attain everlasting life. Very few people do it in the 1st part of their life. The few who do are called TCs and
will receive undying spiritual bodies upon their resurrection. The vast majority of us >99.99% have the opportunity to practice it in The Millennium
and thus have everlasting life in their fleshly bodies.
After saying this: “Imitate JC” is not an unreasonable price to pay! This is the most righteous thing that I could possibly state, because that is
precisely what JCg and Yahweh want humans to ultimately do, not as a punishment, but because it makes for a stable, peaceful and beautiful society
for every single member of it!
            So where does this verse fit in?
            Where is this very long preamble taking us?
The point is this:-
The reason why JC was able to fulfil and surpass the Law of Moses is because his lifestyle operated upon his righteous thoughts.
The reason why humans failed The Law of Moses is that they had a lifestyle driven by their unrighteous thoughts.
            Righteous thoughts lead to righteous works.
            Unrighteous thoughts lead to unrighteous works.
The above is true just as ‘night follows day’and thus makes a mockery of the false worldly Christian teaching:
            “God does not hate us, he only hates our works!”
This is an absolute travesty of The Absolute Truth as the reader can now realise! Just a lie put out to deceive! It is this utter fog of deception put out
by ‘ god of this world’= Satan, to confuse people to what Yahweh most desires of us!
Yahweh desires righteous thoughts that lead to righteous works! Our thoughts come from our brains. Our brains ‘ us’and no one else’              s!
Our brains are the formation of our thoughts/personality/{being our heavenly treasure}. As I explain JC came to put our thoughts on the correct path.
            So the whole point of this verse that JC is making is this:-
I do not take away the requirements of The Law of Moses that proves your works.
But I come to fulfil The Law of Moses (not just by surpassing it) but
            By giving you my (JC’ Laws to enable all you humans to surpass The Law of Moses.
The Laws (Mark.12v30-31) I give you are:-
      1. To Love Yahweh with all your heart, mind and soul (= conscious operating lifestyle).
      2. To love your neighbour as yourself.
“Upon this hangs all the Laws” to quote JC.
                                                                 s                                                     s
The reader can easily grasp that if a human now follows JC’ Law (1) then the human yearns to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire of him = to imitate JC.
Also the reader is able to grasp that if a human follows (2) then the Fruits of the HS are displayed in the person’ lifestyle.
Putting both (1) and (2) together means that the human becomes a TC who spends all their available time preaching of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year
and how to ‘ there’to all humans now in the 1st part of their life (= The Gospel Age), because the TC is growing ‘ Spiritual body’rather than
             get                                                                                                             The
‘ Fleshly body’of those listening around him.
Quite frankly as all the scriptures tell us in so many places, it is The Spiritual body that Yahweh desires, but Satan desires the fleshly body.
The spiritual body is The Treasure in Heaven that must be magnified – I explain what this really means in copious detail elsewhere on the website.
Matt.     5v18 og For truly I proclaim/state to you:
Matt.     5v18 og Until whenever/should/{if ever}{pass away}/{come forth} the heaven/sky also the earth iota one or
Matt.     5v18    Note: The singular “heaven” = “the sky and zone pertaining to only the Earth” – not The Universe
Matt.     5v18 og one point in not way {pass away}/{come forth} from of The Law (of Moses) until all these things occur.
Matt.     5v18    The “iota” = 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the name of the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet, and when used like this it
figuratively means a very small part of something.
The “point” in this context meaning the apex of the Hebrew letter being the least particle.
             Thus this verse in context confirms the previous verse.
JC is stating that The Law of Moses based upon works will not be taken away!
Thus if we are going to survive for an eternity then we must make our works pleasing to Yahweh, thus reinforcing the understanding of The Lie put
out by false Christian reasoning that God only ‘   hates the works’because now we know that Yahweh will not allow humans to survive an eternity
producing works that He hates!
Thus it is back to getting the reasoning processes to become ‘                                   Christ like’works follow!
                                                                Christ like’= imitate JC so that ‘
Either it is now in the 1 part of our life to be known as a TC, or upon resurrection back into a fleshly body within The Millennium for everyone else!
And ‘ things to occur’will be in The Culmination when Satan has finally been removed, together with humans who still refuse to learn
righteousness after knowing both a badly run system (Satan’ 6000 years of inept ruling) and the ideal/beautifully run system being The Millennium
under JCg’ rule!
Revisiting the single heaven (not plural) and earth above. Thus JC is speaking of all things pertaining to the earth and not outside it in The Universe.
Matt.     5v19 og      Whoever wishes/desires then annulling/{breaks-up}/dissolves one of the commandments/precepts
Matt.     5v19 og      of these of the least also teaches so the men, least he shall be called in to the kingdom of the heavens,
Matt.     5v19 og      and whenever/should/{if ever} does/fulfil/abides (them) also teaches this person great shall be called in
Matt.     5v19 og      to the kingdom of the heavens.
Matt.     5v19          Just as I state elsewhere you are paid/rewarded for your work. We are told here and in other places (for example in JC’  s
parable of the 2 and 5 talent stewards, and the 5 talent received another 1 talent) that there are least people and great people based upon their
capability. So from what we read in The Bible (and irrespective of what worldly Christian leaders tell us to the contrary) we understand that that
there are different levels of reward (Greek word means payment, hire for wages} based upon different amounts of work put in ‘ the front end’= the
TC’ 1st part of their life. Again I have never heard this preached in any worldly Christian sermon – as the reader is starting to realise huge swaths of
The New Testament are just ignored by self-claimed Christian leaders just because it seems unpleasant to their listeners’ears!
This sadly will lead to a duped worldly Christian flock not knowing what Yahweh really desires of them and thus utterly weak in The Fidelity because
                              s               The
only a small fraction of JC’ words, being ‘ Word of God’is actually preached/taught!
            How can the spiritual body/personality be wholesome if only a small part of Yahweh’ Word is preached?
            Also we must ask ourselves: How do the religious leaders who promote this sort of thing appear to Yahweh?
Matt. 5v20 og For I proclaim/state to you: ‘                 Because if not exceed/abound/more the righteousness of you (than) of the
Matt. 5v20 og Scribes also Pharisees not ever shall you into the kingdom of the heavens (= not be a Son of Yahweh)’
Matt. 5v20              Do I need to say any more about the religious leaders of then (and of very many now)?

Matt.     5v21 og      You heard because it was said of the ancients (= Ancient Worthies, Moses, etc):
Matt.     5v21 og      ‘Not do murder; and who whenever/should/{if ever} has murdered, liable shall be to judgement.’
Matt.     5v22 og      And I proclaim/state to you: ‘   Because all/every the (one = person who) is angry with to the
Matt.     5v22 og      brother of him [without cause = CA, thus ignore] liable/subject shall be to the judgement. And who
Matt.     5v22 og      whenever/should/{if ever} says to the brother of him ‘       Raca’(= a term of vilification) liable/subject
Matt.     5v22 og      shall be to the Sanhedrin (Jewish council/court); and who whenever/should/{if ever} says:
Matt.     5v22 og      “Fool/Stupid” liable/subject shall be into the Gehenna of the lightening/power (of Yahweh).’
Matt.     5v22           It must be understood that JC is speaking of the future Gospel Age – for Israel is to be soon ignored – certainly after 70 CE.
Thus Jesus is speaking forward of The Christian Nation operating for a similar period of time as ‘ soon to be rejected’Israelite Nation of some
2000 years now during The Gospel Age. Thus notice the use of “is angry with to the Brother of him’to mean someone within The Fidelity being
angry with someone else within The Fidelity subject to judgement/crisis (= decisions need to be made). Then the 2nd section on ‘             ,
                                                                                                                                       Raca’ again no
change in the subject matter – thus still speaking of ‘                                                                                s
                                                         brethren to brethren’with court (analogous to the court of JCg in Yahweh’ Organisation within
The Millennium). But the worse is given in the 3rd section where perhaps “Fool/Stupid” seems not ‘ bad’– so what does JC mean?
    This is a real conundrum! For the context tells us this is the most serious out of the three examples.
We reason that because it is still ‘ brother to brother’being called “Fool/Stupid” and applying our minds back to other utterances of JC regarding
Gehenna (and specifically Matt.18v6) all within the context of being within The Fidelity then the understanding all gels together. JC is speaking of
those in The Fidelity who lead other astray by faulty teaching effectively saying “fool/stupid” to The Fidelity as they manipulates the recipient’ minds
to worldly reasoning and thus by extension distorting God’ Word to make it also seem foolish/stupid. Now it all holistically fits together – especially
when Yahweh speaks about His Vengeance upon those who misrepresent His interests!
Now moving onto “Gehenna”.
Though spelt and known as Gehenna, the Greek word is “geenna” Strongs = 1067. The Greek word is a transmutation of two Hebrew words to mean
“valley of (the son) Hinnom”; “ge-henna” = Ge-Hinnom being the valley outside Jerusalem used as the city’ rubbish dump!
To help burn and thus consume the rubbish, the authorities would add sulphur/brimstone to the rubbish to help combustion. Not only was the general
city/household rubbish thrown onto this rubbish heap, but also the dead bodies of the criminals would have been thrown onto this heap because
likewise they were considered as rubbish to the community. That incidentally, this is where the two criminals ‘    crucified’either side of JC would have
been thrown. JC would have been thrown in there as well if Joseph of Arimathea had not stepped in and offered his Tomb.
Thus we understand that JC as always, used figurative examples from the listener’ experience to force home the point JC was trying to make at the
particular moment and thus forever to remain within their mind – and not to be forgotten.
Here JC is making the point, just as you throw society’ criminals into “The Valley of Hinnom” to be utterly consumed by the fire/brimstone = the
burning sulphur, then likewise, Yahweh will use His power to utterly consume (= The 2nd Death) those who finally do not accept His requirements of
us, by expelling them from His society of The Millennium administrated by JCg.
Just as the Jews used the burning power of the brimstone to utterly consume the dead bodies so that there were no remains, likewise Yahweh uses His
power to utter consume all those of The 2nd Death = utter annihilation.
Just as the bodies in “The Valley of Hinnom” (= Gehenna) did not suffer everlasting torment (though this is their 1st death and as I carefully explain
elsewhere this is “Asleep” and thus are to be resurrected into The Millennium). Likewise, neither will all those who should/may experience The 2nd
Death of permanent and utter annihilation during and end of The Millennium from which there is no return for an eternity. Yahweh is righteous and
has no morbid need to make humans suffer torment for eternity (this is just a false statement from Satan to support his lie in the Garden of Eden, ‘       By
no means will you die’– when you sin)!
Explained in detail in The Gospel of John.
             After that explanation, what do we read in many bibles here?
We read the word “hell” placed into the translation! I ask the reader to check these verses within their bible.
The word “hell” means absolutely nothing more than “a hole in the ground” that a body rots within.
It has absolutely nothing to do with the ‘                                               the
                                             Valley of Hinnom’(= The Truth) nor with ‘ fire of everlasting torment’(= a lie).
I have a 50 plus page explanation on this website fully explaining every position in both The Old and New Testaments where all the words relating to
Hell, Gehenna, Shoal, Grave, etc that I invite the reader to analyse. So again, we see repeated errors by the translation being bent through humans
only having a worldly understanding of Yahweh’ message rather than the spiritual knowledge of what Yahweh is really telling us within the Original
If the reader finds these serious discrepancies within their bible, I ask the question:
             If your version of the bible is demonstrated to be corrupt, then how do you know where there may be other faults?
             It was this knowledge that drove me to carry out this translation being The Most Accurate in The World that I could rely upon.
So the best thing is to throw your copy away and use the most accurate version available that I present free of charge on The Internet.
If you feel that you cannot trust my version, then please research the issues that I highlight in this version yourself (at least I have identified the issues
to enable you now to concentrate upon), and make up your own mind on what version is the most accurate! But I have done my part to draw the
         s                                                                         the                              s
reader’ attention to the controversial areas so that it can be brought out into ‘ light of day’being Yahweh’ Truth using The Original Greek.
I most gladly welcome the most errant worldly Biblical Scholars/Theologians to contact me to justify their worldly position!
I will expose them by publishing all communication on this website – if I now receive any.
Matt. 5v23 og If then you offer/present the gift/offering of you upon the alter; also there (at the alter) remember
Matt. 5v23 og because the brother of you has any (thing) against you,
Matt. 5v24 og Leave there the gift/offering of you before of the alter also go first be reconciled to the brother of you,
Matt. 5v24 og also then coming offer/present the gift/offering of you.
Matt. 5v24    Thus Yahweh is back to those thought processes within our mind! Get your thought processes correct as explained in v17. Be
prepared to display the Fruits of the HS to your brother and in this manner your thought processes develop more Heavenly Treasure.
Matt. 5v25 og Be well minded (= agreeable) to the opponent/adversary (especially in Lawsuit) of you quickly,                  even/until
Matt. 5v25 og while you in to the way with him, that not you deliver the opponent/adversary to the judge also the
Matt. 5v25 og judge you deliver to the officer also into prison you be thrown.
Matt. 5v25    = Do not be deliberately confrontational pertaining to worldly matters, but sort things out quickly in a reasonable manner even
while you may be going to court, rather than wait until it comes before the magistrate else he may judge you more harshly and throw you into prison.
             So what does it mean?
It means a bit more than just ‘ common sense approach to sorting out worldly issues,.
The whole tenure of The New Testament is “Keep out of worldly issues” Avoid worldly issues, and if you be confronted with them then “be well
minded = agreeable with those opponents of you”. This is not possible if you become the ‘      Standard Bearer” for political/worldly issues.
This is all contrary to modern worldly Christian doctrine, but then as I believe, they are not preaching nor practicing The Fidelity from Yahweh!
             Why is JC telling us to keep out of worldly issues?
I explain in copious places on this website and give about 10 very valid spiritual reasons why we should keep out of worldly issues!
But I do not wish to develop that here, but the point JC is trying to make in this verse is this: Do not make yourself to have a name with the world but
only for issues that concern My Name” = imitate JC. That is what a TC implicitly means = imitate JC and what he commanded us to do. These
commands were 1. Preach The Gospel = The Good News of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year, and 2. Practice the fruits of the HS (Gal.5v22,23) within the
TC’ lifestyle.
           I have seen nothing in The New Testament (during my translation of the whole of The New Testament) to involve oneself in worldly
           political issues, except I have seen many verses telling me to the contrary!
So I welcome any politically involved worldly Christian to give me chapter and verse, in context please, to support their interpretation!
Matt.    5v26 og      Truly I exclaim to you: Not ever will you come out from there, until you should pay the last kodrantes
Matt.    5v27 og      You have heard because it was said to the ancients: ‘    Not commit adultery’   .
Matt.    5v28 og      And I exclaim/state: ‘Because all (persons) the (ones) looking at a woman concerning the lust after her
Matt.    5v28 og      already has committed adultery with her in to the heart (passion/drive/zeal) of him.
Matt.    5v28          This verse and the following verses exemplify what I explained in v17 above – just get the thought processes correct then
righteous works will follow. Also by getting your thought processes correct then your body does not engage in an endless torment between the flesh
desiring to sin and the mind trying to fight against the ‘ of the flesh’.
Matt. 5v29 og And if the eye of you offends you take out it, also throw (it) from you; for profitable to you that
Matt.    5v29 og should perish one of the parts of you also not all the body of you be cast into Gehenna.
Matt.    5v30 og Also if the right of you hand cause to offend you, cut off it also throw from you; for profitable for you
Matt.    5v30 og that should perish one of the parts of you also not all the body of you be cast into Gehenna.
Matt.    5v29-30 Is this verse literally telling us to cut out/off parts of our body?
JC is using the physical aspect of our body that we can readily identify as being very important (essential) to us to explain how we should reason
upon the spiritual aspect of ourselves, being our thoughts and thus the Treasure in the Heavens (see Glossary). So JC is telling us to sacrifice
thoughts (leading to actions) that we consider very important (‘            )                                                       s
                                                                  essential’ to our worldly lifestyle that pull us away from Yahweh’ Desire. We must
cultivate thoughts leading to actions that fulfil JC’ Commandments to us. To put Yahweh first, then in an unpartisan manner our neighbour second
and finally our welfare last! I explain all over the website exactly what Yahweh’ Desire of us is and how it logically ripples down to develop our
neighbours’spiritual needs.
Thus “The Eye” is a sensory input to ‘ Body’that can take in harmful information (certain entertainment, media, internet, etc) to damage
spiritual (see Glossary) habits that take us away from imitating Jesus’ministry activity.
                                                                  The               The
And “The Hand” is metaphorically used by The Bible to mean ‘ Works’that ‘ Body’uses to express the spiritual habits of ‘ Mind’where a The
Christian should be edifying their neighbour to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire.
If they are hurting their neighbour’ best interests then they must ‘ cut-off’the works the body is working against their neighbour.
This is what this passage is teaching us.
Matt.    5v31 og And it was said: ‘    Because whoever puts away the wife of him, let him give her a bill of divorce.’
Matt.    5v31                                                               bill
                 = And it was written: Should a man divorce his wife then a ‘ of divorce’given by him, releases her to marry again.
Matt.    5v32 og And I say to you: Because whoever puts away the wife of him apart from a matter (the) fornication,
Matt.    5v32 og causes her (to) commit adultery, also whoever the put away one (if) marry commits adultery.
Matt.    5v32    = And I say to you: Should a man divorce his wife then unless it is for fornication, she commits adultery if she becomes in
union with another man, and likewise the man of the new union with her. Typifying the sacred marriage between the TC and JCg.
Matt. 5v33 og Again you have heard because it was said to the ancients: ‘            Not you shall swear falsely, and you shall
Matt. 5v33 og deliver to the Lord the oaths of you.’
Matt. 5v33                                         Ancient Worthies’also prophets of old: “You shall not give false testimony”, also back
              = Again you heard it was said to the ‘
                                      The                                                                             .
up what you say by effectively saying ‘ Lord underwrites the authenticity of what I have just declared in my statement’
Matt. 5v34 og And I exclaim/state to you:
Matt. 5v34 og ‘Not do swear all; neither in to the heaven, because throne it is of the God.
Matt. 5v34    Note the singular “heaven” because Matthew is inferring that swearing is ultimately a worldly thing to do, and cannot be
ultimately referenced to Yahweh (even though the intent might be there). The terminology “throne” is used to mean we should be worshiping Yahweh
at His “throne” by our intent to imitate Jesus.
Matt.    5v35 og      Neither in to the earth because footstool it is of the feet of Him, neither into Jerusalem, because it is of
Matt.    5v35 og      the great king (= JCg - see explanation in Revelations). (Isa.66v1, Ps.48v2).
Matt.    5v36 og      Neither in to the head of you swear, because not you can hair white or black make.
Matt.    5v37 og      And let be the word of you (be) Yes, Yes (and) No, No; and excess of these (words) from of the evil is.
Matt.    5v37         Thus JC is saying you should be known by the world that your lifestyle demonstrates your righteous nature so that you do not
need to outwardly call upon oaths to higher Entities to underwrite what you personally state! The world knows that when you state something, then it
is The Truth! Basically a TC can never lie, their conscience before Yahweh would never let them lie to another human. The oath to Yahweh is
continuously inwardly sworn, that no external word need speak of it.
Matt. 5v38                                                                                                                                      fog’
                      This next section leads to utter confusion and so please read through it first & the explanation at the end to remove all ‘ !
Matt. 5v38 og You have heard because it said: ‘ eye for (of the) eye also a tooth for (of the) tooth.’
Matt. 5v39 og And I exclaim/state to you: ‘                Not (to) resist to the malicious, but whoever you strikes upon the right of
Matt.    5v39 og      you cheek, turn to him also the other.
Matt.    5v40 og      Also to the (one) wishing to sue also the coat of you take, allow him also the cloak.
Matt.    5v41 og      Also whoever you shall force to go mile one, go with him two.
Matt.    5v42 og      To the (one) asking you to give, also the (one) wishing/desiring from you to borrow not to turn away.’
Matt.    5v43 og      You have heard because it was said: ‘   You shall love the neighbour of you, also you shall hate the
Matt.    5v43 og      enemy of you.’
Matt.    5v44 og      And I exclaim/state to you: ‘ Love the enemies of you, bless the (ones) cursing you, well do/work to the
Matt.    5v44 og      (ones) hating you, also pray on behalf of the (ones) abusing you, also persecuting you.’
Matt.    5v38-44                                                    like       ,                           absorbing pain’and offering help to
                      We have the Old Testament telling us to match ‘ with like’ but JC speaking of humans ‘
their enemies.
            What does all this mean?
            Is it a Bible contradiction, that so many atheists keep clamouring about?
By now we know there are no contradictions within The Bible, but that it is humans who have a false understanding of The Truth!
So let us analyse what all this means.

Before we can do this we need to restate known understanding upon which to base our reasoning.
      1. The Law (of Moses) given for all to follow in The Old Testament was based upon displayed works.
      2. Leaders of Society righteously enforced The Law to ensure social harmony (physical/fleshly/death).
      3. The Law given by JC during his ministry directed our thoughts.
      4. TCs righteously enforce The Law upon themselves to ensure social harmony (mind/spiritual/life).
I took the liberty to throw in some key words within brackets at the end of (2) and (4) to help the reader to identify in context what relates to what.
I hope to explain how all this links together without the ‘   mumbo-jumbo’that many worldly religious sects seem comfortable to wallow within!
             How did (1) and (2) work?
The humans were given many laws explaining how they were to operate within the daily life. The Law given was to be balanced, so that humans had
to take particular care within their daily life not to hurt their neighbour, knowing that if they did transgress The Law (and hurt their neighbour) then
an equal penalty was levelled against themselves (enforced by The State).
This proved a righteous standard because the victim knew that justice had been correctly done (unlike today in many countries that leads to severe
dissatisfaction and consequential vigilante retaliation). However though The Law was righteous, it could not handle accidents, for the times when the
perpetrator genuinely ‘ not mean to do it’        .
The one exception was for the ultimate - manslaughter. Yahweh instituted 5 safe cities that a human guilty of man-slaughter could run to, have his
case examined by The High Priest (now typified by JC) and interfacing with Yahweh (on the sinner’ behalf – like JC) would pass a righteous
life/death judgement. If found innocent of murder then he could stay there protected from possible retribution given out by victim’ family.
Clearly this righteously operated when The High Priest was in ‘                            s
                                                                     union’with Yahweh’ Desire, however there were many times when this was not true
and consequently Yahweh would ignore (“close His ears”) and hence unrighteousness judgements prevailed.
The ‘                                                                      s
      equal penalty’was administered by The State and not the victim’ family. Thus there was no emotion involved in the sentence and the victim’        s
family would be satisfied with the result being righteous = equal in magnitude to the original act (neither more nor less in severity). It also served as
a good reminder to all others in the community to see = be particularly careful not to hurt your neighbour!
We are able to realise that this was a particularly good system to operate under from a society/system point of view.
             However it had one serious drawback!
The drawback can be demonstrated with a few examples:-
      1. The victim still may have nurtured ill will within himself or herself about the perpetrator of the original act.
      2. The State enforced physical sentence would not have stopped some humans from perhaps despising their neighbour and trying to devise
             cunning schemes to undermine their neighbour’ well being (‘       within’The Law)!
So we can conclude that The Law was given for the individual to lead a physical/fleshly life of works not to hurt his neighbour, enforced by The State.
But the mind may have detested his neighbour, so as never to be proactive in helping his neighbour and thus from Yahweh’ point of view this attitude
can only righteously lead to death.
             How does (3) and (4) overcome this serious drawback?
             First a statement:-
                   JC came to save humans in the world from everlasting death for all those who desire to be saved from it (when all who have ever
                   lived, come to understand of JC’ precepts/commands, principally to most humans after resurrection into The Millennium).
First thing JC tells us – “I have not come to remove any part of The Law (of Moses) but to fulfil it!”
I explain it in detail in 5v17, but I need to add a little more here for this particular context.
So JC is telling us that The State should still operate The Law of Moses to maintain the social structure/fabric but he comes to fulfil The Law to
explain to us how we are personally able to overcome the only drawback of The Law of Moses and now not to be subject to Yahweh’ Decree.    s
JC is now instructing us on a personal level rather than at a society level how we must behave. There is no one to enforce this mental attitude upon
us, except ourselves. We now personally become totally responsible for our actions driven by our thoughts thus demonstrating the utter lie: “God
loves us but only hates our actions” put out by worldly Christian charlatans who are utterly lost in Satan’ fog of confusion (I could write a large
dissertation explaining in exactitude how false that lie is and may well do so when I have time).
We now drive our synapse construction to have righteous thoughts and thus build our Heavenly Treasure. The synapse construction is just a chemical
pathway upon which we are able to build personality and reasoning. The operating synapse zone is just the term ‘                     .
                                                                                                                      consciousness’ The result of this
operation can be placed into any frame to form a conscious entity = soul (which is absolutely nothing to do with some ethereal thing that floats off in
the air when you are die, just another falsehood put out by Satan to support his Lie: “In no way will you die” to confuse humans).
However I have swerved off my script to dispel another myth concocted by worldly Christianity.
Now the choice in the 1st part of our life is that we choose to develop our synapse construction in a manner that Yahweh approves of to become a TC,
or we wait until our resurrection and have what little heavenly treasure (positive aspects of the synapse construction) there is for Yahweh to down-
load into our new fleshly bodies and now to rework the pre-programmed synapse (of a much larger worldly thinking synapse construction)
construction during The Millennium. This reasoning is nothing special – this sort of thing is done millions of times every day in ‘ electronic world’
when we program machines from one type of operating frame to another, I regularly do it myself at work when I design new instrumentation.
But the TC has an enormous amount of heavenly Treasure for Yahweh to put into the TC’ spiritual body upon resurrection, whose personality and
reasoning operates upon a different frame to that of a fleshly synapse construction.
             So getting back to these verses.
The reader is now able to understand that by developing the thought processes within the brains of all people then society would operate in the most
righteous manner, each working for the mutual benefit of all. It is precisely The Culmination that JCg is taking his personal creation forward to, so
that in The Culmination to then present those who desire to imitate JC as now worthy to Yahweh.
             So how can I wrap all this up as described in the verses above?
As I state everywhere, The Bible is the proclamation of “Yahweh’ Acceptable Year” and how we are best served to get there!
The best way to get there is to become a TC in Yahweh’ sight as I have explained because inwardly you are driven by your thoughts desiring the
righteousness of the new system. From this you know that you will received The Expectation to become a Son of God serving JCg personally to teach
the knowledge you have and practised now (and more able to in The Millennium) within a spiritual body guaranteed for everlasting life.
To get there as a TC, then you imitate JC and display the Fruits of the HS in the 1st part of our life.
However the only other way is through the ‘      safety net’approach for the vast majority of humans. Resurrection now is only into a fleshly body similar
to the present body that we live within now during the 1st part of our life, and everlasting life is now not guaranteed (because The 2nd Death is still
possible upon us in fleshly bodies for all time according to Yahweh’ Decree “In the day you sin you will die”). Thus death is now possible for any
resurrected human in a fleshly body and the judgement is then made by JCg - but not by Yahweh (because Yahweh made the judgement for those TCs
to become His Sons during the 1st part of their life and thus permanently escape The 2nd Death Rev.2v11, 20v6).
Thus the reader is now able to see the link between the “key words” given above and how they relate to each other and where all the various
responsibilities lie.
Matt. 5v45 og So that you may be sons of the Father (Yahweh) of you (thus TCs grafted in to become Abraham’ sons of                      s
Matt. 5v45 og ‘ Loving Father’ of the in heavens (thus of The Universe), because the sun of him he makes rise upon
                          The                  )
Matt. 5v45 og (of the) evil also (of the) good, also sends rain upon (of the) just/righteous also (of the) unjust.
Matt. 5v45               Thus utter equality from Yahweh, to all humans to develop themselves, by being responsible for their own actions (see above).
Matt. 5v46 og For if you love the (ones) loving you, what reward have you? Not even the tax-collectors the same do?
Matt. 5v47 og Also if you greet the brothers of you only, what exceptional (thing) do you?

Matt. 5v47 og Not also the tax-collectors so do? (To their own brothers – ‘ the trade’
                                                                                 of          )
Matt. 5v48 og Be then you perfect, even as the Father of you The (One) in the heavens perfect is.
Matt. 5v48                                                                                                            s
              Thus you Brethren must group together like you see occurring in other worldly groups. Support each other’ needs, and thus
adding further witness of the righteousness of your Lifestyle witnessing to authenticity of The Fidelity ultimately sourced from The Perfect Yahweh.
BUT:- it goes much further than this. Now emboldened with The Knowledge of The Fidelity being how to practice it – then go out to accurately
preach to those who ignore you and persecute you - give them your personal attention and time, being courteous in all your actions to those who are
not interested or moreover revile your advances. This constant knock-back in this presently worldly system is hard on personal motivation to keep
going – but if the heart condition (drive/perseverance/zeal/passion) is there – then you will fulfil Yahweh’ Desire – by precisely imitating JC’
                                                                                                             s                                  s
ministry standard and thus deemed perfect to Yahweh’ Requirement of you personally – thus destined to become a Son of God.
This verse as elsewhere states Yahweh is the pinnacle of perfection within The Universe (plural heavens).
Matt. 6v1 og {Take care/heed}/{Be attentive/cautious} (to) the {merciful benefaction/alms/deeds} of you not to do
Matt. 6v1 og before/{in the presence} of man(kind) {in order}/concerning the beholding/{be seen} of them.
Matt. 6v1              = Do not make public of your generosity to the poor within society (to make you appear good in a worldly sense).
Matt.    6v2 og       Then when you do {merciful benefaction/alms/deeds} not do/work trumpet/{make noise}
Matt.    6v2 og       before/{in the presence} you as the hypocrites do/work (themselves) in the synagogues also in the streets
Matt.    6v2 og       so that they may be glorified by/through (recognition of) the man(kind).
Matt.    6v2            = Do not proclaim/state to the world that you give, for example, 10% of your earnings to charity or other worldly causes. It is
easy when you have plenty of excess (by incidentally perhaps ‘  robbing the world’through your personal worldly success – made/allowed only
possible by Yahweh) to throw 10% into the charity box. Just as the rich men did in the temple. But JC saw the poor widow giving 2 mites (likened to 2
farthings less than a penny/cent today), but she gave all she had! Perhaps wealthy benefactors like the rich man speaking to JC asking: ‘  What should
I do to inherit eternal life?” And JC said: “Give everything you have away” (it means more than this, but I expand locally).
            So perhaps those who publicly state: “I give 10% or other to worthy charities”, should give 100% like the poor widow, and keep quiet?
Matt.    6v3 og       And you by doing {merciful benefaction/alms/deeds} not let know the left of you what does the right
Matt.    6v3 og       of you.
Matt.    6v4 og       Because/{So that may} must/appear/be of you the {merciful benefaction/alms/deeds} in to the
Matt.    6v4 og       secret/discretely, also the Father of you The (One = Yahweh) seeing in to the secret/discrete (things you do),
Matt.    6v4 og       {The Same}/Him will repay in to the open.
Matt.    6v4             = As a TC you must perform charitable acts in secret, the Father will see these things done in secret and openly disclose them.
            So what does this mean?
We are back to the righteous thought processes within the brain being the Heavenly Treasure (see Glossary)!
A TC is not worldly and does not desire worldly prestige, position and power. A worldly person does desire prestige, position and power within
Satan’ world of corruption – and that is the point of this! Very often worldly ‘ charity acts’come with ‘  strings attached’either made aware of
beforehand or reminded of perhaps years later, thus the ‘   receiver’becomes beholden to the ‘  giver’in a worldly way.
This is an anathema to Yahweh.
                                                                           giver’expects and desires zero worldly return knowing that he is performing
So this piece is telling us that the righteous thought processes of the TC ‘
         s                                                                                         s
Yahweh’ Desire of him. The symbiotic nature of the TC working with Yahweh through Yahweh’ HS dispensed by JCg, this complete ‘            Entity’
working ‘                                                                                                                            fog
          with one mind’to actively spread the accurate Word of Yahweh to The World so that all humans are not lost in an utter ‘ of confusion’        !
Because the TCs’have these naturally developed inherent righteous thought processes then they automatically become resurrected by Yahweh at
JCg’ 1st 2nd C to become Sons of God where naturally as this verse tells us: “Yahweh will repay them in the open” to teach righteousness.
   It becomes obvious to all resurrected humans in fleshly bodies that the Kings/Priests in The Millennium were the TCs in the 1st part of their life!
Matt.    6v5 og       Also when you pray/supplicate not {you shall}/behave as the hypocrites, because they
Matt.    6v5 og       {have fondness}/love/enjoy in the synagogue also in the corners of the open streets
Matt.    6v5 og       stand/present/staunch to pray/supplicate, because/{so that may} (they) wish/desire to shine/glow the
Matt.    6v5 og       (ones = hypocrites) to man(kind). Truly I say to you because they have the reward/wages/paid of them.
Matt.    6v5          The Pharisees, being the religious leaders in their robes stating their prayers in public for all to see (& relayed on television!)
Matt.    6v6 og       And you (TCs) when you pray, enter into the room of you and shutting the door of you, pray to The
Matt.    6v6 og       Father of you of the (one = TC behaving) in to the secret/discretely, also the Father of you The (One)
Matt.    6v6 og       observing/seeing/{taking heed}/regarding in to the secret will reward/repay/recompense into the open.
Matt.    6v6                                                                                                                          s
                      (Exactly as described in v4. Only a TC with genuine love for Yahweh pray/supplicate in private to promote Yahweh’ Desire).
Matt.    6v7 og       And when praying/supplicating not do use {vain repetition}/{prate tediously} as the nations/gentiles,
Matt.    6v7 og       for they think because in to the lucidity/{much speech}/prolixity of them they will be
Matt.    6v7 og       heard/{responded/listened to}.
Matt.    6v7                                                                                 worldly religions’ as the verse here says “of the nations”.
                        I ask the reader look at all the religions of the world, that I term ‘                 ,
             What do you see?
In the worldly Christian religion an example out of many I could think of, being the use of rosemary beads, in Islam religion the 5 prayers a day of
repetitive phrases, Hindu and a close 2nd the Buddhist religion being the daily practise of the chanting of repetitive phrases until you become ‘   brain
dead’ Then I heard of a supposedly educated Chaplin to The Houses of Parliament proudly boast that during one ‘          important’debate he prayed
repeated only these words: “Lord have mercy upon us!” In what I can only assume would have been in an equally ‘           brain dead’fashion!
 I would suggest that if a deity was listening to any of you then the particular deity would prefer if you played a DVD/{tape recorder} and you went on
a holiday to stimulate the brain your deity is to have supposedly given to you!
I realise that I may sound rude and I sincerely do not arrogantly mean to be, but just provoking hopefully a positive reaction for you to think about
your lifestyle and what it really means to you, your neighbour and ultimately to your deity! What would your deity really desire, utter dedication to
the deity’ well being (which in reality you cannot effect) or your neighbours’well-being that you can in reality effect (who also belongs to ‘    The
Deity’and you have no right/authority in despoiling).
             Would your deity desire you to spend all your time in mindless chants or using that time profitable in helping your brothers’well being?
My Deity strongly desires my worship! But the worship Yahweh desires is not one directed at Him saying words in hypocritical action, but to my
neighbour’ well-being every second of the day, every day of the week, every week of my life! Yahweh sees this positive action and gives more HS to
develop it. Meanwhile if the TC finds his work difficult then he prays to Yahweh in secret to ‘               , pull
                                                                                                 open doors’ ‘ strings’ ‘   , adjust the environment’so
that the TC may then spread The Word of Yahweh more effectively. The reader is now able to see that prayer is not for the TC’ self-indulgence (see
    s                                                                   s
JC’ example prayer v9 in context), but purely to promote Yahweh’ Desire in a barren spiritual land. Yahweh sees this, listens to the prayer and
operates as we now read in context.
Matt.    6v8 og       Then not become similar/like/resemble them, for knows the Father of you what need/requirement you

Matt.    6v8 og       have before of the you ask Him.
Matt.    6v9 og       So now/then pray you (we call it The Lord’ Prayer being a model/example prayer and not to be recited as v7 in context):
Matt.    6v9 og       Father (= Yahweh) of us (including JC here) in the heavens (thus Yahweh rules all places = Ultimate Authority).
Matt.    6v9 og       Be sanctified/hallowed (= acknowledged/deemed to be separated from worldly things) the name of You.
Matt.    6v9                                                                    God’into one of their speeches on worldly issues – it is blasphemy!
                       Thus ignore a politician or terrorist, should they bring ‘
Matt.    6v10 og       Come/{be set}/enter the kingdom/reign of You (= Yahweh rule our hearts/motivation to do Your Desire).
Matt.    6v10 og       Occur/accomplish/become the Desire/Will of You, even as in (to the) heaven, also upon of the earth.
Matt.    6v10                                                                                                                   s
                       Interesting note: All Christians – including myself interpreted this incorrectly until I got into Matthew’ mind to understand
how he used the singular and plural heavens within his text. I now understand that the standard inference is wrong. Satan has control over the
singular heaven = everything in the zone pertaining to the Earth (= “spirit of the air”) thus Matthew knows Yahweh is in utter control of The
Universe (plural heavens) which goes without saying, BUT: Yahweh’ Desire shall become manifest even in the heaven (zone pertaining to the Earth)
as it shall upon the Earth. To mean Yahweh shall quench Satan’ power over the zone local to The Earth (= singular heaven) and also man’ evil   s
heart operating upon the Earth following “the spirit of the air” during “The Acceptable Year of The Lord” – it all makes sense!
Matt. 6v11 og The bread (= life support = spiritual knowledge/wisdom/understanding/discernment) of us the daily, give to us today
Matt.    6v12 og Also forgive us the debts/{something owed}/faults of us, even as also we forgive/{leave/lay aside}
Matt.    6v12 og the (ones = those around us =) debtors/{those owing}/defaulters of us.
Matt.    6v13 og also not {allow to carry inward} (= protect/assist) us into trial/provocation/temptation
Matt.    6v13    Not quite as the unrighteous standard bible transitions give - I quote: “And do not led us into temptation”.
That is not a righteous thing to say towards our loving God, insinuating that it is God who leads us into temptation and we are praying “please
Yahweh do not bring temptation upon us”!
As we see it is instant contradiction to other parts of The Bible stating Yahweh is never capable of tempting nor able to do evil.
However the correct translation as I give, offers no contradiction and we see that we are praying to Yahweh for His HS to assist us, to protect us
when Satan puts temptation/trial against us, just as he did to JC earlier.
            Again I ask the reader – Can you trust your bible translation – given to you by worldly translators?
A better translation, though not directly accurate, would be: “And do not allow us to be led into temptation (beyond what we can withstand).”
Matt. 6v13 og but {rush/push in assistance}/{forced deliverance} us from malice/{hurtful words}/evil/sinners
Matt. 6v13    This is not the duplicate of the 1st part of the verse let me explain.
The 1st part of the verse asks upon Yahweh’ guidance (knowledge/wisdom gained from The Bible) to avoid worldly trials (by steering ourselves
around them before they get to us).
            However if worldly trials beset us, become pressing upon us, then:-
The 2 part is asking of Yahweh to ‘   swoop in’quickly to rescue us from the malice/slander/{hurtful words}/{grievous works}/evil perpetrated by
those protecting their worldly self-interests.
Matt. 6v13 og [Because of You is the kingdom, also the power also the glory into the ages = CA, thus ignore]
Matt. 6v14 og For if you forgive the (ones) man(kind) the {unintentional errors/faults} of them, also will forgive you
Matt.    6v14 og the Father of you the heavenly.
Matt.    6v15 og And if not you forgive the (ones of) man(kind) the {unintentional errors/faults} of them, neither
Matt.    6v15 og the Father (Yahweh) of you will forgive the {unintentional errors/faults} of you.
Matt.    6v15    This is precisely the point I make elsewhere, where the TC having been baptised takes upon the attitude, mental thought
processes to live a righteous life and thus accepted by Yahweh as a TC though thoughts and works. Now the TC becomes justified upon thought
processes and not works based upon The Law of Moses, thus when as stated here unintentional errors/faults occur then Yahweh ignores them and
still considers the TC as being perfect because their salvation is running upon The Law of JC based upon thoughts rather than works.
It is important to clear some further fog that worldly Christians spread everywhere when speaking of ‘     works’ .
            I Quote: “You are not saved by works but only believing in JC”.
This is a terrible distortion of The Truth, something that modern political ‘  spin doctors’would be so proud of!
Let me state the reality and then I will explain it:
            The Law of Moses condemns the human on works that demonstrate the human failing The Law.
            The Law of JC blesses the human on works that demonstrates the TC entrusts upon JC’ Law.    s
                         So what do I mean here?
            One can see both sides of ‘ coin’here.
Group 1. Humans who do not demonstrate that they entrust upon JC are judged against The Law and fail it!
However JC gave us all a second opportunity at learning righteousness in The Millennium, but it will be as we are now in a fleshly body, but now
with JC ruling and Satan restrained. In learning righteousness we now during our 2nd opportunity have to imitate JC’ lifestyle = demonstrate works
eternally for us to live eternally – because The 2nd Death is ‘ over the hill’and it definitely effects fleshly bodies! Remember The 2nd Death is utter
Group 2. Humans in this group are TCs who now imitate JC during the 1st part of their life, by entrusting/faith upon JC. These TCs are living as
though they are living in the future Millennium period, but during the 1st part of their life. These humans have been baptised and accurately preach
 The                                                                             s
‘ Word of God’displaying the Fruits of the HS, as true stewards of God’ Word – they are now working hard demonstrating that they entrust
          s                                                                               s
upon JC’ promise being The Expectation of something new, not given out before JC’ ministry. The Expectation is to become a Son of God upon
their resurrection. They are resurrected into spiritual bodies upon which The 2nd Death has no hold over them = it does not effect them. If as The
Bible states “The 2nd Death cannot effect them”, then they have guaranteed eternal life upon resurrection (as JC constantly tells us: they will “live”
= for eternity) (Rev.2v11, 20v6).
Thus we have a differentiation here which is never preached/taught.
1. We all have access to a resurrection because of JC’ Underserved Gift of The Ransom Sacrifice that no works from any human can buy.
            However on the flip side:-
2. Work must be done to demonstrate a righteous lifestyle in order to have an eternal life.
            When this work is personally done, is purely dependent upon the uptake of the Knowledge of Yahweh and inculcate it within your lifestyle.
            This either occurs during the 1st part of our life or during our last opportunity after our resurrection when in the 2nd part of our life. If
            however, it is never done (taken up by changing our personality to precisely imitate JC) then The 2nd Death of annihilation will loom. Thus
            in context when The Bible says “Faith without works is dead” – it means just that to the human!
Hopefully this piece clears the ‘ of confusion’in what is presently taught by worldly Christian Leaders who really have not the faintest idea! –
            Else surely they would teach us? – Precisely as this website!
It is summed up in a worldly, but accurate expression: “Where the mind goes, the body follows!”
Matt. 6v16 og Also when you fast/{not eat}, not become as the hypocrites (having the) sullen/mournful/gloomy face,
Matt. 6v16 og for they disfigure/waste the faces of them so as they appear/seem the (ones) to man(kind) fasting.

Matt.     6v16 og Truly I exclaim/proclaim to you that they have the reward/payment/wage of them.
Matt.     6v16    Thus these humans get the worldly reward now in the 1st part of their life by appearing as such righteous and wonderful
people/leaders for the self-glory this activity generates.
Matt. 6v17 og And you (the) fasting anoint of you the head, also the face of you wash.
Matt. 6v18 og So as not to appear the (one) to man(kind) fasting, but to the Father of you to the (one) in to the secret;
Matt. 6v18 og also the Father of you The (One) seeing in to the secret will repay/reward you in to the open.
Matt. 6v18             Again it is the thoughts hidden that JCg knows and reflects back to Yahweh as our intercessor. The TC has no desire to have
                   the                                                                        s
recognition from ‘ world’for the tireless work that they do to accurately publicise Yahweh’ Name/Character/Authority in their lifestyle by
precisely imitating JC. Their only motivation is driven by the personal joy coming from bringing new people into The Fidelity knowing of the personal
calm this brings to humans. Because “The Truth will set you free”.
Matt. 6v19 og Not amass/store/heap for you treasures/wealth upon of the earth, where moth also eating (= rusting
Matt. 6v19 og away) cause (it) to perish/vanish, also where thieves/robbers break/penetrate (through) also steal/filch.
Matt. 6v20 og And amass/store/heap for you treasures/wealth in (to the) heaven where neither moth nor eating
Matt. 6v20 og (= rusting away) cause to perish/vanish, also where thieves/robbers not break/penetrate (through) nor
Matt.     6v20 og steal/filch/pilfer.
Matt.     6v20    As I ardently claim “The Heavenly Treasure” is the positive aspects of the mechanism that is constructed from your thought
processes. The synapse construction is a 3-dimesional interconnecting lattice of weak and strong links at the synapse junctions. The desired conscious
thought processes adjusts the strength of the connectivity within the lattice, thus the human tunes the lattice by their thought processes.
It is this lattice structure that is retained by Yahweh (impossible for us to do at present) that is reloaded back into the resurrected human by
reprogramming the new lattice structure with the stored information (= Ezekiel’ vision/example of the valley of dry bones). This function is carried
out by Yahweh’ power of the HS in action (that is why we cannot blaspheme against the HS else we are denying our resurrection). This is not so far-
fetched because a simpler version of this is done many billions of times a day in the field of electronics with electronic silicon structured memories.
Thus Yahweh is able to store this lattice structure for every one of us so that our “1st death” just becomes ‘    asleep’upon our resurrection (thus spoken
of in The Bible as being awaken/roused/raised). Yahweh was righteously/legitimately (under His Decree on Sin) able to do this because of JC’         s
undeserved gift for all of us. Clearly upon our resurrection Yahweh will not need to store the information during our time during The Millennium
(though He is quite able to –but unrighteous – because JC only died the once), thus The 2nd Death now becomes an utter annihilation because there is
no stored information to be loaded into a new lattice structure.
Thus when we pass through our 1st death this information is completely safe in Yahweh’ hands during our period of being ‘
                                                                                              s                                   asleep’while we await
our resurrection. Now clearly as I identify elsewhere if this stored information is sufficiently worthy being that of a TC then Yahweh will not put this
structure into a DNA based body. But instead Yahweh will place this information into a ‘        body’that is ‘Spiritual’(based upon something that I do not
know of) which is precisely what He did upon JC’ resurrection back into his former state as JCg.
              I hope this explains clearly the practical aspects of what this Heavenly treasure means.
However for completeness I should explain why Matthew used singular heaven if I am stating that this treasure is stored by Yahweh of the plural
heavens. The reason is this: The person (actually The Retained Personality) being the vast majority of humans (some >99.99%) will only be
resurrected back on this Earth in fleshly (perfected DNA) bodies – thus still retained to The Zone immediately around The Earth. It will only be a tiny
fraction of humans being The 144000 worthy to be resurrected as Sons of God (Yahweh) and thus able to be part of The Universe (= Heavens).
This is the understanding being conveyed within the text and ‘     flies in the face’against what we are ‘ taught’by worldly Christian Leaders!
Matt. 6v21 og For where is the treasure/wealth of you there will be also the heart of you.
Matt. 6v21    The                               the                                                        do         . The
              ‘ heart’in The Bible always means ‘ seat of motivation/zeal/passion’for the body to actively ‘ something’ ‘ head’
always means ‘ seat of intellectual reasoning’= thought processes based upon knowledge within the head. So we now understand that in Biblical
understanding, it is the heart that drives/motivates the head, though the head should rule/control the heart (though often it does not because the
knowledge base is unsound to know how to control the heart)! Thus putting this together the thought processes become motivated by the heart
driving the human to create the appropriate treasure. The next few verses tell us where this treasure is stored and hence the heart motivation driving
the thoughts.
Matt. 6v22 og The lamp/illuminator of the body is the eye (=metaphoric input device), if now the eye single (=one minded
Matt. 6v22 og =solid/sound =not confused) be, all the body/complete of you {full of bright light} is.
Matt. 6v23 og And if the eye of you malicious/hurtful/slanderous/grievous/mischief (“poneros” StrongsTM = 4190) be,
Matt.     6v23 og all body/complete of you {full/complete darkness} is. If now the light the in you darkness is,
Matt.     6v23 og the darkness how great/vast!
Matt.     6v23    An interesting verse!
“Light” in The Bible always means “knowledge” for the humans to operate their life upon (= they are shown where to go and how to conduct their
lifestyle). The context tells the reader whether the “knowledge” comes from Yahweh, or The World (= from Satan). In virtually every instance in The
Bible, the “light” comes from Yahweh and is thus for our edification. While “darkness” is used to emphasis the wayward, wanton lifestyle of The
World (under Satan’ present inept management) away from Yahweh that leads to self destruction.
However in these verses we read specifically about the “lamp” being our eye ‘          putting knowledge into our body’   .
              v22 tells us that if the TC is ‘solid in the knowledge’of Yahweh then they have a bright (= correct) light on how to conduct their lifestyle.
              v23 tells us that the eye is desiring worldly self-gratification, then to satisfy this, the person will stoop to any level to achieve their goal.
This is within context to the earlier verse speaking of “where your heart is, so then is your desire”.
Further understanding comes from 1Tim.6v10 “For the love of money is the root of all evil (“kakos” StrongsTM = 2556)”.
Let me explain this:
               The difference between the two words is I quote: ‘   “Poneros” = evil, in effect or influence, and thus differing from “kakos”, which refers
              rather to the essential character, as well as from 4550, which indicates degeneracy from original virtue’
Thus we understand that these two words mean the same thing, except here Matt.6v23 ‘ eye itself, is having this evil effect/influence’             ,
but in 1Tim.6v10 ‘ love of money is having an evil degradation upon the person’             .
              So what do we reason upon this understanding?
In both instances the result is the same, we end up with humans far from Yahweh’ ideal standard (which is why these verses are written in The Bible
as a warning to us)!
Now place this back into the context of the verse:
              “If now the light (= knowledge absorbed) is darkness in you, (then) how great/vast the darkness is!
Thus JC is saying:-
              If the person desires things of The World, then the eye will take in worldly knowledge and put this knowledge into practice to gain worldly
              things to satisfy their self-gratification. The heart will chase after this worldly treasure and thus have no desire in absorbing any light of
              Yahweh (which requires considerable effort).
This sadly, is a vicious circle spiralling downwards and inwards upon itself, and regrettably, most often it requires a violent incident in the person’         s
                                        step change’that causes the person to reflect upon how wayward their previous life has been.
life to pull them out of it. It is this ‘

Likewise, this reasoning fully supports the necessity of The Millennium for the vast majority of us.
Matt. 6v24 og No one is able 2 Lords serve; for either the one (he) will hate, also the other (he) will love, or one
Matt. 6v24 og (he) will cleave to, also of the other (he) will despise. Not you are able (to the) God serve also wealth.
Matt. 6v25 og Through (knowledge of) this, I exclaim/state to you: Not be anxious of the life/soul of you, what (you) eat
Matt. 6v25 og [also what (you) drink = CA, thus ignore]; nor to the body of you, what you put on.
Matt. 6v25 og Not the life/soul more is (than) of the food, also the body (than) of the clothing?
Matt. 6v26 og Look/observe at the birds of the heaven (note singular = zone around the Earth, but compare with 8v20), because
Matt. 6v26 og not they sow, nor do they reap, nor gather into barns, also the Father of you the (one = Yahweh) heavenly
Matt. 6v26 og feeds them not do you rather/{the more}/better surpass/{more value}/excellent (than) them?
Matt.     6v27 og      And who of you being anxious is able to add/increase upon the stature/maturity of him cubic one?
Matt.     6v28 og      Also concerning clothing why anxious are you?
Matt.     6v28 og      Consider the lilies of the field, how (they) grow, not (they) labour/work nor spin/weave.
Matt.     6v29 og      And I exclaim/state to you:
Matt.     6v29 og      Because not even Solomon in all the glory of him was clothed as one of these
Matt.     6v30 og      And if the grass of the field today being also tomorrow into (the) furnace being thrown, “the specific
Matt.     6v30 og      god” (= JC being stated as the original creator in JC’ former state) thus enrobes (designed in). (Are) not much more
Matt.     6v30 og      you (of) little faith? (See “Faith” in Glossary to understand what is real faith – for it is not what worldly leaders teach)!
Matt.     6v31 og      Now not be anxious, exclaiming: What may we eat or what may we may drink or what may cloth us?
Matt.     6v32 og      For all these (things) the nations seek, for knows the Father of you The (One = Yahweh) because you need
Matt.     6v32 og      these all.
Matt.     6v33 og      And seek first the kingdom of the God also the righteousness of Him (Yahweh), also these (things) all
Matt.     6v33 og      will be added to you.
Matt.     6v34 og      Now not be anxious for the morrow/{next day}, for the morrow/{next day} will be anxious the (one)
Matt.     6v34 og      itself. Sufficient/enough to the day the badness/depravity/malignity/malice/evil (in this world).
Matt.     6v34           = Do not worry about tomorrow, for already there is worry to be had in that day tomorrow. Based upon past experience we
know each day will bring up its own worldly problems that we have to face.
JC is trying to tell us do not become over burdened by being fearful about what tomorrow may bring. Just lead a righteous life that does not demand
power/prestige/position/materialism/immorality/etc from out of The World, then your worldly problems will be minimised.
Matt. 7v1 og Not do judge (your brother’ work), that not (you) be judged (by Yahweh of your righteousness).
Matt. 7v1                Paul in the Epistles explains precisely what this means. Paul tells us that as TCs, we must not judge the quality of the work that
‘                                         s
 your brother’puts in to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire. We must all just work to the 100% of our capability and it will be different for different people. JC’   s
parable of the talents tells us this, those having 2 talents produced another 2, and those with 5 talents produced 5 more according to their capability.
JC is telling us that the 5 talent person must not judge the 2 talent person as not being ‘               ,
                                                                                            good enough’ because both sincerely gave 100% increase
which is all that Yahweh desires of His future Sons.
Matt. 7v2 og For in what judgement (rules used) you judge/assess (your brethren), you will be judged (likewise by Yahweh).
Matt. 7v2 og Also in what measure (unit of) you (make your) measurement/assessment (for your brethren’ work), it will be             s
Matt. 7v2 og measured (unit of, will be used) to you (by Yahweh against your personal work).
Matt. 7v3 og And why do you see the chip/splinter, the (one) in to the eye of the brother (of The Fidelity) of you,
Matt. 7v3 og and the (one = beam) in to the eye beam/plank not you perceive/recognise/behold/consider?
Matt. 7v4 og Or how will you say to the brother of you: Allow (me) to take the chip/splinter from the eye of you,
Matt. 7v4 og also look/behold the beam (is still present) in the eye of you?
Matt. 7v5 og Hypocrite! Take out first, the beam/plank from of the eye of you, also then (you) will see clearly to
Matt.     7v5 og       take out the chip from of the eye of the brother of you.
Matt.     7v6 og       Not do give the (things) holy to the dogs, nor throw pearls of you before of the pigs, lest they trample
Matt.     7v6 og       them in the feet of them, also turning they charge/break/shatter you.
Matt.     7v7 og       Ask also it will be given to you; seek also you shall find. Knock also it shall be opened to you.
Matt.     7v8 og       For each the (one = TC) asking receives, also the (one = TC) seeking finds, also to the (one = TC) knocking,
Matt.     7v8 og       it will be opened.
Matt.     7v9 og       Or who is from you a man who if should ask the son of him: A loaf, not a stone he will give (to) him?
Matt.     7v10 og      Also if a fish (he) should ask, not a snake (he) will give (to the) him.
Matt.     7v11 og      If then, you evil/hurtful/lewd (in influence) being, (also) know gifts good to give to the children of you,
Matt.     7v11 og      how much more the Father of you The (One) in the heavens will give ideal/good (things)
Matt.     7v11 og      to the (ones = TCs) asking Him.
Matt.     7v7-11        Notice the very specific important words here. “The son asking of the Father” and not “a stranger asking of ‘ person’
                                                                                                                                        any        ”.
            What is the point I am making here?
“The son” by definition is already acknowledged as ‘   part of the family’(= Clansman) of “The Father”.
The Bible tells us that Yahweh already knows whom His Sons are to be - quote “Known from the beginning”.
We also read in many places in The Bible (Old and New Testaments) that “Yahweh closes his ears to those who call to him”, also those who said
“Lord, did not we do all these things in your name? – v22” But they all were rejected – v23.
Thus we must reason that Yahweh does NOT consider many people as specifically his ‘                    ,
                                                                                          Sons of God’ even when they personally and sincerely believe
themselves to be ‘ Sons of God’and claim as much!
Thus we can deduce much from this reasoning: If we hear someone who claims to be God’ representative (a son of God) but displays worldly
attributes = being part of the world = taking up any form of worldly issues in political or self indulgent manner, then we can reason that Yahweh
does not consider them to be suitable material to be one of His Sons.
            So where is this reasoning taking us?
We can reason that Yahweh will not answer these people ‘                                                 ,
                                                            claiming to be his representative = His son’ because as the text here tells us that “The
Father will give to the Son what he asks for” (the best example clearly is JC during his ministry).

The reason why “the father will give to the son” is because The Son will ask of His Father what he knows his Father will give to him, because it is in
tune with the Father’ Desire. This is a symbiotic relationship where they become one/union in their desire. A Son who respects his Father’ Desire
                       s                                                                                                                       s
would not ask for something that his Father does not desire.
Note: Read this in conjunction with 1John.5v14 within its own context to fully support everything I explain here.
            So what is The Father’ Desire?
                    s                                                                                                           s
JC did his Father’ Desire (“in whom Yahweh was well pleased”). Thus if we imitate JC, then we will be doing The Father’ Desire. JC avoided all
things pertaining to The World. He busied himself to “Preach/teach of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year” (for “that was his purpose” – Mark.1v28) and
displayed “the Fruits of the HS” to his neighbour. It was the 1:1 personal touch with no other human interface between the one giving (JC) and the
one receiving (the beneficiary). This is what we should do – there should be no ‘                             the
                                                                                   middle-men’that devalue ‘ act’(and if they enhance then Yahweh
respects the ‘middle-man’rather than the initiator)!
This is naturally all contrary to worldly practice and wisdom – I ask the reader to logically follow through all the lines of reasoning (rather than be
selective) before they object to this statement.
            So in conclusion what do we ask for, knowing that our Father will give it to us?
We ask of our Father that we do His Desire more effectively to our fellow neighbour to their well being/edification in a non-partisan manner. This
can only mean staying out of politics that is always partisan when applied within this world. So thus we reason that Yahweh’ Desire is “to the well
being of all humans” and this is done to promote Yahweh’ requirements of each of us to imitate JC. And how best this can be achieved is by
‘opening doors’between us and our neighbour, to make this message more effectively broadcast to the world.
Do this, and Yahweh will answer to make the TC more effective in publicising Yahweh’ Desire, that is succinctly put thus:-
            “To bring new people (of any race, colour or creed) into The Fidelity (so that they too may imitate JC).”
We must do nothing that stops this – as Paul clearly tells us he became like those that he tried to bring into the Fidelity.
                                    the                               s
The reader can now reason that ‘ world as a whole under Satan’ jurisdiction as custodian’will do anything to stop this specific message from
being preached. But this message will be distorted to mean just “know and believe in JC” – but this is just absurdly so shallow (and much worse) to
Yahweh’ real Desire for us all – He desires us to ultimately to imitate JC (in thoughts and then displayed works) and sooner the better!
Now I ask the reader to look around him and ask the question:-
     Who do you see accurately promoting/fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire in their accurate preaching work and their lifestyle every minute of their life?
That is why there will only be 144000 TCs during this 2000 year Gospel Age who will be resurrected as Yahweh’ Sons.  s
It was JC who set the righteous standard before Yahweh and those who strive so hard to reach JC’ standard will be like him = Sons of God.
Matt. 7v12 og Now all (things) what ever you desire that may do to you, the men; (= whatever you desire men may do to you).
Matt. 7v12 og Also so you do to them. For this is The Law also (what) the prophets (stated and worked to).
Matt. 7v13 og Enter in through of the narrow gate, because wide the gate, also broad the way the (one) leading away
Matt. 7v13 og into the destruction, also many are the (ones) entering in through it.
Matt. 7v14 og Because narrow the gate also constricted the way the (one) leading away in to the life, also few are the
Matt. 7v14 og (ones) finding it.
Matt. 7v15               We enter a very important section being put in as a dire warning to all those claiming to represent Yahweh.
And further, as a warning for Christians coming into The Fidelity to be on their guard from eloquent, lovely sounding Religious Leaders of today!
Matt. 7v15 og And beware from of the false prophets (= humans falsely representing Yahweh = many, not all, religious leaders)
Matt.     7v15 og who come towards you in clothing of sheep, and inwardly they are wolves plundering.
Matt.     7v15    Thus JC is speaking of prophets (= inspired speakers StrongsTM = 4396). These can only be those who claim to be
prophets/teachers of Yahweh in The Fidelity.
Thus JC is telling us beware. = Observe, be careful, be discriminating carry out careful audits upon them.
For two reasons.
         1.    These are false prophets (= inspired speakers) = prophets who do not represent Yahweh even though they claim to represent Yahweh!
         2.                                                                                                                                s
               Thus being false prophets (= inspired speakers), then if you follow their teaching then they lead you away from Yahweh’ Desire.
But The Bible tells us how to recognise a false prophet = one who promotes anything other - but not the Desire of Yahweh.
            JC and the apostles tell us we know by inspecting their fruits (= the results of their work in this world).
But the fruits are not those that look so endearing, wonderful and comfortable ‘   sound bites’and a painted façade put out as a public image.
All the apostles in the Epistles constantly warn us of false prophets beguiling their way in to the church and for some to become leaders in the highest
              the           .
positions of ‘ church’ These false prophets are worldly because they are climbing high in the church community for prestige/power/position in a
political worldly fashion, rather than stay at the lowest level to be active everyday spending all their time with the congregational spiritual needs at a
1:1 level – just as JC and The Apostles did within their lifestyle.
I ask the reader to get to know/understand The Bible so that you have information upon which to audit those who claim to represent Yahweh. Do not
take your leader’ word as being Truth unless The Bible supports the teaching out of his mouth. Similarly his lifestyle must be like that of JC and his
apostles. The fruits must be long lasting, solid and wholesome to the long-term spiritual well being of the recipient.
Not just superficial beautiful sound bites – or ‘inspiring things’for the immediacy of popularity!
            Ask yourself what were their lifestyles like and how were their fruits of the HS displayed?
You will only know by knowing The Bible like ‘ back of your hand’and then everything jumps out at you because you now have the tools to use
during your active auditing process.
Finally I ask the reader to contemplate upon this situation.
            Take your house. The roof leaks – what course of action do you take?
      1. Would you get any person off the street who says: “Yes I can repair a roof – trust me - I am so very good at it!”
      2. Would you find out about their experience – look at the previous roofs that they claim to have repaired?
      Examine the fruitage of what they claim they are able – as I will now explain.
            Clearly you would go for (2) and thus you are carrying out an audit – but do you know what to look for?
Thus you should learn about what is involved in making a good roof or speak to someone who does know shown by their past experience.
            Would you leave it at that?
                                                                          fair                   the
Because the roofs that had been repaired may have only experienced ‘ weather’and not ‘ storms of life’             .
This is the true fruit of the workmanship of the master builder – those who can come through the storms of life.
As JC told us about building a house upon sand or upon rock and the winds and rain came and beat upon both houses.
            Which one survived?
It was the one built by the master builder upon the solid foundation from Yahweh’ Truth.
Thus I ask the reader to meditate by carefully using your reasoning faculties upon this because JC and the apostles indicated that there were many
more false prophets around JC’ ministry, than good prophets and nothing has changed throughout all of history!
This was even true with The Bible accounts of Micah, Elijah, Elisha long before JC’ ministry.
            So what are these false prophets plundering being wolves dressed as sheep?

First let us identify the words.
             “Wolves” mean individuals who have no regard for the best interests of their victims.
             “Sheep” always means humans who consider themselves as Christians (worldly or TCs).
             “Plundering” means those taking away from others what does not belong to them for self-gratification.
Thus we understand JC is speaking of humans who have thoughts and desires for self-gratification, but put on a façade or covering that makes all
people think they are good members of the Christian Nation.
I now ask the reader:
             “Who takes what, and off whom, in the Christian congregation?”
The only possible combinations are:-
      1. Between members within the congregation.
      2. The congregation taking something (anything) from the Christian leader.
      3. The Christian leader taking something (anything) from the congregation.
      4. If the reader can think of another combination then they can add it here, because I cannot think of one!
I do not think that it is (1) because they would be ostracised if it became obvious. We are told (2) must occur because the children (in The Fidelity)
are to feed off the strong ones (being the leaders). The congregation are instructed to provide sufficient provisions for the daily food only and
nothing else giving the example of “not muzzling the thrashing oxen” = providing food for the current day’ work only not for next month or next
year! For example the greedy Israelites in the wilderness taking more food for the next day and God made it rotten. Also we are particularly told in
6v19–30 not to worry about future worldly pensions and other worldly things, and certainly nothing like this must come from Yahweh’ Service. But
more importantly JC and the apostles in their epistles tell us beware of false prophets and leaders. Thus we can only reason that it is not (1) or (2)
but only leaves (3), because a (4) does not exist!
Thus anything else must be for worldly self-gratification – this is precisely what The Bible tells us!
We now have established who takes from whom.
             But what do they take?
Basically as The Bible warns us - it is anything that is from The World that supports self-gratification.
I have explained in copious places power/prestige/position/politics/pension/materialism/money/{opportunity that position gives to all forms of worldly
I have seen this happen with my own eyes as I have been forced to walk out from such ‘      services’demonstrating an utter abuse of their position.
I have seen religious leaders ‘                         ,
                                 working the audience’ performing ‘                                                                      a
                                                                       their act’for mutual self-gratification – both can say they had ‘ good day’at
‘worship’– do they really think Yahweh enjoyed it? Do they believe JC and Paul behaved like that? Look at the Bible and see for yourself!
But to be quite blunt (not to be rude but only as a call to awaken) an acquiescing self-indulgent audience deserves what they get!
The Bible warns of all this – it is my duty to explain it, so that The World knows what to look for and how to audit themselves and their leaders – it is
a two way process.
             As I repeat not all Christian leaders are like this – there is the rare Nicodemus among the large group of Pharisees!
             But it is incumbent upon the reader to pick out the Nicodemus from that large grouping of self-indulgent leaders.
Perhaps the best way to illustrate this is by taking a worldly example of a Good trader and a Bad trader.
The Good Trader loves to show off his ‘    fruit’from his craft and skills because he is personally pleased of the results from his efforts.
The Bad Trader hides his errors and moans at anyone who shows up his errors because it demonstrates his hypocrisy and deceit.
The reader should think very carefully upon this truism and how it might be reflected in what is stated here – by whom to whom!
             Then we move very appropriately in context onto v16.
Matt.    7v16 og      From to the fruits of them, you shall know of them.
Matt.    7v16 og      Neither do the (grapes) gather from thorn-bushes - grapes; or from thistles - figs?
Matt.    7v17 og      So all/{the whole}/every tree (the) ideal/good (then) fruits ideal/good produces.
Matt.    7v17 og      And the corrupt/worthless tree (then) fruits malicious/hurtful/slanderous/grievous/mischief
Matt.    7v18 og      Not is able a tree (the) ideal/good (then) fruits malicious/hurtful/slanderous/grievous/mischief
Matt.    7v18 og      to produce; nor a tree (the) corrupt/worthless (then) fruits ideal/good produces.
Matt.    7v19 og      All/{the whole}/every tree not producing fruits (the) ideal/good is cut down, also into
Matt.    7v19 og      {consuming power} is thrown.
Matt.    7v20 og      Surely from of the fruits of them you will know them.
Matt.    7v20           Thus these verses show two aspects of what we should look for in “The Fruitage”.
       1. The obvious one is the leader’ lifestyle – is it like the Apostle Paul – for example?
       2. The less obvious, but just as important would be to ask: “What is the congregation like?
I have dealt with (1) in many places. But not (2) and so do it now. JC speaks of the listener taking upon themselves ‘ same name’as their leader
(see 10v40-41 as a positive example) but the Greek word for Name also means Character/Authority and how true is this in what we witness by those
who claim to come in JC’ Name?
JC also warns of negative examples.
If the leader fosters acquiescence in the congregation and not promoting active work then the congregation is spiritually dead. Equally a
congregation that does not promote Yahweh’ virtues during the week to strangers but goes every weekend to a worldly inspiring, uplifting ‘   happy-
clappy’church service is also spiritually dead with regard to fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire. I explain in detail why elsewhere (please see “Yahweh’  s
Desire” in Glossary as one example), but basically this is self-seeking rather than seeking the stranger/neighbour upon which to preach/teach
Yahweh’ wholesome Word that is the real form of charity love.
The most valuable gift that anyone has is their time – not money. And it is how the person spends his time that Yahweh looks at when performing His
Desire and makes the judgement on whether the Christian individual makes the grade in Yahweh’ eyes – to become a TC.
The spiritually alive congregation is one that the leader inspires the daily reading of The Bible (with accurately supplied understanding when asked
for), and actively promotes the congregation to take his place when the members demonstrate they are spiritually mature and competent. Further the
leader would inspire each and everyone of the congregation to actively promote The Word of Yahweh to strangers that they daily meet whenever the
opportunity arises. Further the Leader would take nothing from the congregation and actively promote himself to be lower than the congregation.
This is precisely what JC and the Apostles declare in their writings. We must be an active worker to become a TC, rather than stay as a worldly
            I respectively ask the reader to audit all the works of their congregation to the real Desire of Yahweh.
            And we move very appropriately in context to the next verse v21.
Matt. 7v21 og Not all/every (person) the (ones) saying to me Lord, Lord, will enter into the kingdom of the heavens,
Matt. 7v21 og but the (ones) doing the Desire/Will of the Father of me of the in heavens.
Matt. 7v22 og Many will say to me in The (specific) Day (= The Millennium) Lord, Lord, not to the your name did we
Matt.    7v22 og prophesy, also to the your name demons cast out; also to the your name works of power many we
Matt.    7v22 og performed?
Matt.    7v23 og Also then I will declare to them, because never I knew you depart from me the (ones) working the
Matt.     7v23 og      lawlessness.
Matt.     7v23         Explained in v11 and v20.
Matt.     7v24 og      All/every (person) now      who hears of me the words these, also does of them, I will compare him to a
Matt.     7v24 og      man prudent who built the house of him upon the rock.
Matt.     7v25 og      Also came down the rain also came the floods, also blew the winds, also fell against to the house the
Matt.     7v25 og      (specific (one), also not it fell; for it had been founded upon the rock.
Matt.     7v26 og      Also all/every (person) the (one) hearing of me the words these also not doing them, will be compared
Matt.     7v26 og      to a man foolish/stupid/heedless who built the house of him upon the sand.
Matt.     7v27 og      Also came down the rain, also came the floods, also blew the winds, also beat against to the house
Matt.     7v27 og      the (specific (one), also it fell, also was the collapse of it great.
Matt.     7v27         Again in context JC is telling us of the results of the now tested Fruitage. If the teaching from the TC to his congregation of
listeners is wholesome and solid then when the storms of life beat upon them, then the listeners are able to withstand the onslaught. But if the
                                                                                                                              Christianity’of any sort.
religious leader is pushing beautiful sound-bites then the listeners are going to fail the storms of life and drift away from ‘
Matt.     7v28 og      Also it happened/occurred, because finished the JC the words these were astonished the crowds upon
Matt.     7v28 og      to the doctrine of him.
Matt.     7v29 og      For (he) was teaching them as authority having, also not as the scribes.
Matt.     8v1 og       And having come down him (JC) from the mount, followed/accompanying him crowds (being) great.
Matt.     8v2 og       Also behold a leper coming adored/{gave homage}/worshiped/prostrated him (JC) exclaiming:
Matt.     8v2 og       “If you will, You are able me to cleanse/purify/purge.”
Matt.     8v3 og       Also (JC) stretching the hand touched (of) him (leper) the JC exclaiming: “I will – be cleansed/purified.”
Matt.     8v3 og       Also instantly/immediately was cleansed/purified (of) him the leprosy.
Matt.     8v4 og       Also (JC) stated (to) him (leper) the JC: “See/{take care}/look/{attend to} no one you tell/{speak to}
Matt.     8v4 og       but go/depart, yourself show/exhibit to the priest also offer/entreat/present the gift/sacrifice which
Matt.     8v4 og       commanded/instructed Moses for {solemn declaration}/Decalogue/evidence to them (Israelite Nation).
Matt.     8v5 og       And having entered to the JC into Capernaum (= town on the most northerly coast of sea of Galilee) came near
Matt.     8v5 og       (to the) him (JC) a centurion beseeching/pleading (the) him (JC).
Matt.     8v6 og       Also exclaiming: “Lord the child of mine has been laid/{struck down} in to the house a paralytic
Matt.     8v6 og       (= had been sick of palsy) terribly/grievously/excessively pained/tortured/tormented.
Matt.     8v7 og       Also says (to the) him (centurion) the JC: “I coming will heal/cure (from the word to ‘                )
                                                                                                             diligently assist’
Matt.     8v8 og       Also answering the centurion said: “Lord not I am worthy that of me under the roof you may enter,
Matt.     8v8 og       but only speak/command/grant a word, also will be healed/cured the child of mine.
Matt.     8v9 og       For also I a man am under authority, having under myself soldiers, also I exclaim/state/shout
Matt.     8v9 og       to this (person): ‘ Go/Depart!’Also he goes/departs (on a journey/commission).
Matt.     8v9 og       Also to another: ‘    Come/Bring!’Also he comes/brings. Also to the slave of mine: ‘       Do/Perform this!’
Matt.     8v9 og       Also he does (what I commanded him).”
Matt.     8v10 og      And the JC marvelled/admired (what the centurion said), also said (to) the (ones) following/accompanying
Matt.     8v10 og      “Truly I say to you, not in to the (= whole) Israel such faith have I found/seen.
Matt.     8v11 og      And I say to you because many (in time = during The Gospel Age) from (the) east also (the) west (= Gentiles)
Matt.     8v11                                                                                 Christian Nation’to become The Bride of Christ.
                       These “many” are the TCs being collected during The Gospel Age from the ‘
Matt.     8v11 og      will come/arrive, also recline with Abraham also Isaac also Jacob in to the kingdom of the heavens.
Matt.     8v11        Where Abraham represents Yahweh, Isaac represents Jesus and Jacob represents Israel (Small flock pre ministry + Own flock
post ministry being collected from the east and west during The Gospel Age being the very point of this verse in context).
Matt.     8v12 og And the sons of the kingdom shall be {cast/driven/thrown out}/{sent away}/{put forth} into the
Matt.     8v12 og shadiness/obscurity/dimness (being) the outer/exterior (with reference to a group of people)
Matt.     8v12 og there shall the (ones be) weeping also the gnashing/grating of the teeth.
Matt.     8v12                  schools’of thought on this verse (the context and background show which one is correct)!
                  There are two ‘
  1.     The Incorrect reasoning. This is often put out for obvious reasons by the leaders of the worldly Christian nation to mean either ‘    fallen’
         angels termed demons expelled from the heavens or perhaps the religious leaders of the Old Jewish Nation.
         Dispelling the first part is easy. The verse is speaking of the future, but the fallen angels were already declared fallen prior to the time of JC
         and they (as we are told) were already operating around the earth.
         The second line of reasoning actually leads onto the correct reasoning being the future tense of something to occur.
   2. The Correct reasoning. It is based upon the analogy I make being that “The Old Israelite Nation” was a foretaste of “The Christian Nation”
         operating within The Gospel Age. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the prophets were plucked out from the nation after the promise through
         Abraham and his son Isaac to form the Israelite nation. Likewise the TCs are plucked out from the nation after the promise from Yahweh
         through JC to form the Christian nation.
So let us analyse what is being said here in context.
We have a gentile who has utter confidence in JC and displayed it by coming to JC to declare that JC’ sphere of influence covers the whole earth if
he so deemed to use it (which he will as JCg in The Millennium). JC now moves on to state that ‘       many from around the world’will come out of the
Gentile nations to be part of Yahweh’ Family.
Now Yahweh only chose from the Jewish nation prior to JC because the particular individuals chosen were the only ones who knew of a promise (but
not exactly what it was) but chose to put Yahweh 1st in their life.
Likewise Yahweh can only choose out of The Christian nation (covering all the Gentile nations) for those TCs to be The Bride of Christ. You cannot
desire to be the Bride to someone who you do not know (and visa versa).
Now let us analyse what “the sons of the kingdom” means.
Clearly this means humans who are aiming to be “the sons of the kingdom” or further those who think by ‘ of birthright’deserve “the kingdom of
heavens”. Thus these humans know about “the kingdom” and thus consider they are “pressing all the correct buttons” saying and doing all the
correct things that ensures their place in ‘ kingdom of heavens’      .
The birthright in the Old Israelite nation was their line back to Abraham through Isaac (as we are told the Pharisees said “our father is Abraham”)
and JC was very quick to correct them (John 8v33-48).

The birthright in the Christian nation was their line to Yahweh (Abraham) through JC (Isaac) as our intercessor.
Thus again it is the leaders of both these nations who believe themselves self-righteous who personally believe they deserve their place in Yahweh’  s
Family. We already have virtually every Christian who openly promotes The Lie that as soon as they die they go to ‘            !
                                                                                                                      heaven’ Being wrong on two
fronts! They have already made the decision that they are eligible for that position next to JC of which JC himself told us that only Yahweh can make
that decision who are to be His Sons. Thus nowhere in context within The Bible can The Utter Lie “That all Christians go to ‘    heaven’as sons of
God” be substantiated!
We have this falsehood promoted as Truth by the worldly Christian leaders of worldly Christianity (being utterly deviant to what The Bible tells us).
Thus it becomes so very clear now what this verse means. It is the very people who ardently believe they have their rightful position in ‘heaven’who
are in for a very big shock upon their resurrection when it is ‘just’a fleshly body (though beautifully perfected DNA) and their place is on Earth. But
those humans who were the slandered/persecuted TCs in the 1st part of their life are actually the ones resurrected as Sons of God!
Thus wrapping it up we know that Yahweh is pulling out those who demonstrate the correct heart condition to motivate the individual to perform the
Desire of Yahweh through arduous self-sacrifice from all forms of worldly self-indulgence who are ultimately going to be Sons of God. They are the
ones who were pulled out of the old Israelite nation and the Christian nation now.
Matt. 8v13 og Also said the JC to the centurion: Go/withdraw (yourself), also as you believed, let it be to you.
Matt. 8v13 og Also was healed/cured the child (of the) him to the hour the (specific one).
Matt. 8v14 og Also coming the JC into the house (of the disciple) Peter, he (JC) saw the mother-in-law (of the) him
Matt. 8v14 og (Peter) having been laid/{struck down} also burning with fever.
Matt. 8v14              Though stating the obvious – it can be glossed over. Peter was married and it was obviously a close family where the wife’ s
mother lived with them (or stayed there to be nursed). Notice the obvious again, then, while Peter a leading minister/apostle for JC he was married. It
puts to a lie put out by any human who may state to the contrary of what we read here, being any of these two things:-
      1. You are allowed to be an accepted minister/priest to Yahweh and still be married.
      2. Being married is not an acceptable excuse for not performing Yahweh’ Desire of you.
Matt. 8v15 og Also (JC) touched of the hand also {yielded up}/remit/departed/left her the fever.
Matt.    8v15 og      Also she arose also served them.
Matt.    8v16 og      And evening having come they (= local populace) brought/{to deal with}/offered/presented (to the)
Matt.    8v16 og      him (JC) having been demon possessed many (in number).
Matt.    8v16 og      Also (JC) {cast/driven/thrown out}/{sent away}/{put forth} the spirits (to the) Word (of JC).
Matt.    8v16 og      Also all (persons) the (ones) illness/diseased/sick/{badly amiss} having, (JC)) healed/cured.
Matt.    8v17 og      So as may be fulfilled the (writing) spoken/uttered through Isaiah of the prophet exclaiming (Isa.53v4):
Matt.    8v17 og      Prophecy: He the weakness of us took/{caught hold of}, also the sickness/disease (he) bore/carried.
Matt.    8v18 og      And seeing the JC great crowds around/concerning (the) him (JC). (He) Ordered/bided/instructed
Matt.    8v18 og      to {go away}/depart towards the other side (of the Sea of Galilee).
Matt.    8v19 og      Also {coming near}/consenting/assent to} one scribe/secretary/{town clerk} said (to the) him (JC):
Matt.    8v19 og      “Teacher, I will follow/{be in union}/accompany you wherever you go/depart”
Matt.    8v20 og      Also exclaiming/stating (to the) him (scribe) the JC: “The foxes holes have, also the birds of the
Matt.    8v20 og      heaven(s) perches/roosts/nests. And the son of the man(kind) not has where (= a place) the (his) head
Matt.    8v20 og      (he) may lay.
Matt.    8v20           First compare with the singular ‘heaven’at 6v26 where the implied expression ‘  birds flying’is used. We have the same word
as used for ‘ heavens’(in this original Greek text) where Yahweh resides – thus how can this be reconciled for surely it should be singular heaven?
Actually I compare any oddities like this in several original Greek texts before I make any conclusion.
In this particular instance I have one original Greek Text giving a singular interpretation and the other Greek Text plural.
Thus taking the singular in 6v26 - together with the discrepancy between the two Greek Text suggests a singular heaven at this position 8v20.
Then it must be understood that a singular heaven to mean the birds are flying around the zone of the Earth – and has nothing to do with The
Matt. 8v21 og Also another of the disciples (of the) him (JC) said (to the) him:
Matt.    8v21 og “Lord, allow me first to go away also to bury the father of mine.”
Matt.    8v22 og And the JC said to him: “Follow me, also allow the (ones) dead to bury the (ones) of themselves dead.”
Matt.    8v22    I despair when I read a typical worldly Christian commentary I quote here and then I will give the correct understanding.
1. Worldly Christianity misunderstanding – I quote:
            “The disciple’ father most likely was still alive. Jews understood the command to honour father and mother to mean caring for their
            elderly parents and giving them a proper burial. Apparently this man had not yet put his commitment to Christ above the cultural
            expectations. Some suggest he may have used expression for putting things off. “Let me wait until my father reaches the end of his life
            (which, by the way could be years from now).”
The people who wrote this commentary:
      1. Contradict The Bible by saying “Dead means alive” = confusion!
      2. I agree with the middle part (it is accepted knowledge).
      3. The last part adds to the confusion in a twisted manner.
      4. The commentary has not actually explained “dead bury the dead” to the reader!
Thus let me now explain what the v21 and v22 really means and let the reader decide for themselves what JC meant!
2. The correct understanding means this.
The disciple here does not mean one of the 12, but a disciple being one of many who tagged along (see John 6v66,67 in context), thus could be
considered as a ‘ weather’disciple = worldly Christian (see 7v24-27 explained).
I understand The Bible to always tell the truth, thus I state: This disciple’ father truly had just died.
Thus as the commentary correctly stated (nothing remarkable because this is already universally known) that the families were tightly knit together
and mutual support was expected.
            Now what does the cryptic v22 mean?
JC is deliberately mixing the physical earthly death with spiritual death – it is as simple as that!
JC is making the point that a human has just died being their 1st death = dead (being the 2nd “dead” in the verse).
The 1st “dead” in the verse is speaking of those humans who are physically alive but are spiritually dead because they are ignoring the access that
they have to JC’ Word of Yahweh for everlasting life – being given by Jesus at that specific time!
JC’ Word of Yahweh for everlasting life means the righteous knowledge that a human must take into their mind, and being driven by the motivation
of their heart so that their personality and lifestyle is changed to become like JC. Acting like JC means that you become worthy to remain alive
forever in Yahweh’ Universe. Do that in the 1st part of your life makes you a TC worthy of becoming part of the 144000 – chosen only by Yahweh.
Thus JC is saying:
          I advise you to keep close to me for you to learn the knowledge that I am willing to give you so that you may live forever if you apply it
          within your life. Else you can leave me, to go back to the world and thus follow the knowledge of The World to become spiritually dead
          like the one who you will be burying if you leave me.
Matt.    8v23 og Also entering him (JC) into the boat, followed/accompanied (to the) him disciples (of the) him (JC).
Matt.    8v24 og      Also Behold/Look, a shaking/tempest/gale great happened/occurred in to the sea, so that the boat
Matt.    8v24 og      covered/{pulled across over} by of the waves (= sea spray blowing over the boat by high winds).
Matt.    8v25 og      Also having come near the disciples (of the) him (JC) awakened (the) him exclaiming/shouting:
Matt.    8v25 og      “Lord save us, we are perishing/{being destroyed}.”
Matt.    8v26 og      Also (JC) exclaimed to them: “Why afraid are you, “little-faiths?” Then rising up (JC)
Matt.    8v26 og      rebuked/{took charge}/admonished the winds also the sea, also occurred/happened a calm/tranquillity
Matt.    8v27 og      And the men marvelled/wondered exclaiming: “{Of/In what kind/manner} is this/same (thing seen)
Matt.    8v27 og      because also the winds also the sea obey/obedient/conform (to the) him.
Matt.    8v28 og      Also coming he into the other side into the country of the Gerasenes ( believed to be due east of The Sea of
Matt.    8v28 og      Galilee, around the port of Khersa) met/encountered him (JC) two being demon-possessed from of the tombs
Matt.    8v28 og      coming out, violent/fierce/perilous very so as not was able any (person) to pass through of the way that.
Matt.    8v28         Matthew was fastidious with numbers being a former tax collector and we see this elsewhere (two ass/colts used to take Jesus
into Jerusalem, two blind men as two other notable examples) where Matthew desires to keep the figures correct. But other scribes (Mark and Luke)
concentrate on what they consider more salient points being what occurred rather than the numbers in the specific incident – likewise as we read
here. Matthew writes two men, but the other two scribes write in the singular – where numbers were considered unimportant.
Matt. 8v29 og Also, behold/look (they) cried out exclaiming ”What to us also to you Jesus, Son of the God?
Matt. 8v29 og You come here before time to torment/vex us?”
Matt. 8v29    “You come here before time” is such an interesting comment – “before time”.
                            s                                                                                s
Clearly they recognised JC’ position and authority. They also know because of their rebellion to Yahweh’ Desire then they are fully aware restraint
will occur (see also Mark.1v24) – but when, they do not know. However they are very intelligent and it is obvious to them that specific time should not
be now because their mentor Satan is still ruling and nothing has occurred yet to righteously justify their constraint. But JC will demonstrate the
nearness of application of The Millennium by demonstrating partial control (not the total restraint as in The Millennium) but the removal out of a
human. When Yahweh’ Desire is fulfilled by collecting His full quota of demonstrable 144000 sons during The Gospel Age then The Millennium will
be introduced by JCg with the complete restraint of all rebellious angels (demons) starting with Satan (Rev20v2-3). Then the resurrection of all those
humans who died over the last 6000 years shall commence.
Matt.    8v30 og      And at a distance from them a herd of pigs, many feeding.
Matt.    8v31 og      And the demons begged/implored/beseeched (the) him exclaiming: If you expel us allow us to go away
Matt.    8v31 og      into of the herd of pigs.
Matt.    8v32 og      Also (JC) said to them: “Go!” And the (ones) coming out went into the herd of the pigs.
Matt.    8v32 og      Also behold/look rushed all the herd of the pigs down of the cliff into the sea also in the waters.
Matt.    8v32                                                                                                            s
                        Clearly the demons were in such a frenzy to get away from JC that they lost control over the pig’ neuron mapping and thus the
pigs in an unreasoning panic ran in an uncontrolled fashion in any which way, and the easiest direction was downwards!
It was said in traditional folk law that the sea contained demons and that is why the pigs went into the sea. However this should be dismissed for any
rational line of reasoning as another of those worldly myths that Satan like to use to blind The World in trivia! However using the analogy that the
“sea” metaphorically always means “mankind” in The New Testament (unless given a place name) then it could be reasoned that the demons were
running back into the ‘ sea’of ‘  mankind’ .
Matt. 8v33 og And the (ones = persons) feeding (the pigs) fled, also going away into the city told all (things) also the of the
Matt. 8v33 og (ones) having been demon possessed.
Matt. 8v34 og Also behold/look all (persons) the city went out into meet with to the JC, also seeing him, they begged
Matt. 8v34 og that (JC) move from of the borders of them.
Matt. 9v1 og Also entering into the boat, he passed over (The Sea of Galilee), also came into the (one’ = JC’ city.             s       s)
Matt. 9v2 og Also behold/look they brought (to the) him a paralytic upon bed/pallet/stretcher
Matt. 9v2 og {laid out}/{struck down}. Also seeing the faith of them, he said to the paralysed (one),
Matt. 9v2 og be comforted/{good cheer} child (in faith/{The Fidelity} not physique) have been
Matt.    9v2 og       forgiven/{sent away}/remitted/{put aside}/{passed over}/dismissed to you the sins of you.
Matt.    9v2          There are many examples where JC used the ‘    child’metaphor towards adults, to mean young/weak/new into The Fidelity. The
apostles used it much and speak of TCs being mature in The Fidelity. I only explain the word ‘ child’because many atheists cite this as being an
inconsistency when trying to link it with other examples of similar miracles in The Bible or another objection that I have seen written down would be
stated as: How can a child be strong enough to carry their own stretcher?
Thus explaining the use of the word ‘       ,
                                      child’ JC perhaps may have known more about this individual than what is given within this account here, in as
much, this person showed ‘                        a
                            promise’to become ‘ brethren’of perhaps being a TC later on in their life.
Matt. 9v3 og Also behold/look! Some of the scribes/{town clerks} said in themselves: “This (one = JC) blasphemes.”
Matt. 9v4 og Also seeing the JC the thoughts of them. He (JC) said:
Matt.    9v4 og       “Why do you do you think evil/malicious/grievous/hurtful in the hearts of you?”
Matt.    9v5 og       For what is easier to say? ‘  Forgiven/remitted of you the sins, or to say: Rise up also walk about?’
Matt.    9v6 og       And that you may know because authority has the Son of man(kind) upon the earth to forgive sins.”
Matt.    9v6 og       Then he says to the paralytic:
Matt.    9v6 og                          re
                      “Rise up lift you’ the bed/pallet/stretcher, also go into the house of you.”
Matt.    9v7 og       Also rising up (the former paralytic) went away into the house of him.
Matt.    9v8 og       And having seen (this event) the crowds marvelled/wondered, also glorified the God (Yahweh) the (One)
Matt.    9v8 og       giving such authority such the to mankind.
Matt.    9v9 og       Also passing by the JC from that place saw a man sitting upon the tax-office, Mathew called/named
Matt.    9v9 og       also says him: “Follow/{be in union}/accompany me. Also rising up he followed/accompanied him.
Matt.    9v10 og      Also it happened/occurred he having reclined in to the house, also behold/look! Many tax-collectors

Matt.     9v10 og      also sinners having come were reclining to the JC also the disciples of him
Matt.     9v11 og      Also seeing (this gathering) the Pharisees said to the disciples of him:
Matt.     9v11 og       “Why with of the tax-collectors also sinners eats the teacher of you?”
Matt.     9v12 og      And the JC hearing said to them: “Not need have the (ones) being able/avail/capable/strong (= not ill) of
Matt.     9v12 og      a healer/physician/doctor but the (ones) illness having.
Matt.     9v12         The specific point being made here is that it is only those humans who recognise they are ill will then go to the doctor/healer to
be healed. And it goes further than this. The doctor will then prescribe measures to provide the healing, and it is then only those few humans who
follow this advice become healed. Thus it is a 3 part process:-
      1. Recognise that you are ill.
      2. Take the trouble to find a doctor and then go out to the doctor.
      3. Take the advice prescribed by the doctor and implement it within your life.
Sadly many people do not even recognise they are ill = living in a sick society and not prepared to accept that they are part of it! What is worse,
there are so many smooth talking quacks (false doctors) distributing poison rather than wholesome/edifying knowledge. And those other quacks (false
doctors) not distributing poison are distributing dirty/contaminated worldly sourced water (see Glossary) so that those taking this water can never
become Sons of God.
Out of the few who thus enter into the 3 part process and are fortunate to find a TC to hear how to precisely imitate JC, then many more will drop out
through the remaining stages so that ultimately out of perhaps 12 billion people living during The Gospel Age over some 2000 years there are only
144000 who successfully make the grade of becoming completely well – to meet the required standard of sonship to Yahweh (and thus successfully
become “Born Again” upon their resurrection – see Glossary).
In this example here we read of one human Matthew being a former tax-collector who would successfully complete all three stages – being the very
scribe of this gospel.
Matt. 9v13 og And (now) go/journey/travel (through your life) learn/understand what this means (Hos.6v6):
Matt. 9v13 og Prophecy: “Mercy/compassion I desire also not sacrifice, for not I came to call righteous (ones),
Matt.     9v13 og      but sinners into repentance/{permanently turning away from sin}.”
Matt.     9v14 og      Then came near (to the) him the disciples of John (the Baptist) asking: “Why we also the Pharisees
Matt.     9v14 og      fast/{withhold eating food}, and the disciples of you (JC) not do fast/{withhold eating food}?
Matt.     9v15 og      Also replied to them the JC: “Not are able the children of the bride-chamber to mourn/grieve as long
Matt.     9v15 og      as with them is the bridegroom?” And will come the days when will have been taken away from
Matt.     9v15 og      them the bridegroom, also then they will fast/{withhold taking food}.
Matt.     9v15            JC always directs the questioner back to one of the two specific reasons why he came to Earth being:
             1.                                              s
                    Preach/teach and demonstrate Yahweh’ Acceptable Year.
             2.     Offer his “Undeserved Gift” of The Ransom Sacrifice at his murder.
In this instance it is item (1) JC is speaking of his preaching/ministry. JC is The Word of God, providing food for the spiritual growth to yield
Heavenly Treasure. Thus JC here is “feeding his children of the bride-chamber” with the spiritual food of his ministry work. Clearly when JC has left
the Earth after his death and resurrection, then the Apostles have no means of receiving spiritual food directly from JC’ mouth, thus “will come the
days … … . also then they will fast”.
“The sons of the bride-chamber” means the apostles.
Let me explain the various words used within the verse.
The “bride-chamber” means the future union at the 1st 2nd C between The TCs gathered from within the 2000 year period of The Gospel Age and JCg
who then comes to collect his bride to become the future kings/priests of The Millennium.
                        the            The
“Children” means ‘ young’in ‘ Family’of that ‘                          .
                                                            future union’ “The Young” in “The Family” are those humans who are “the brethren” now,
but later through their utter commitment in working out Yahweh’ Desire within their life to become TCs who then form “The body of JC” during the
1st part of their life as TCs. The family as being the ‘exclusive’Family of Yahweh. ‘  Exclusive’because it is difficult to become full members, who only
are chosen by Yahweh to become one of His Sons, also it is Holy = separate from the sin of this present worldly system under Satan’ jurisdiction.
“Mourn” means the desire of the TC to be with their Lord JC, as Paul clearly says: “… I know where I would rather be!”
Thus JC here is trying to explain it is not physical food that humans desire for their physical body that should concern the TC, but in reality it is the
                                s                                                       The       s
Spiritual food from Yahweh’ Word that should concern us daily. Hence the line in ‘ Lord’ Prayer’in Matt.6v11.
Matt. 9v16 og And no one puts a patch of cloth unfulled (by implication = new) upon a garment (being) old, for takes
Matt. 9v16 og away the fullness (= completeness) of it from the garment, also a worse tear occurs.
Matt. 9v16                The Patch = The Word of Yahweh preached by JC into an old religious system of some 2000 years that had been followed ‘        the
ways of the world’ And it was happening too in the days of JC, which is why he stated this prophecy using The Pharisees as an example! “The
patch” is firm and strong, so the material of the old garment (being ‘ present religious system’of the world pretending to represent Yahweh’         s
Desire) will tear away at the seams. The whole garment (being of, and encompassing the world) is the old system being ‘ Establishment’that
cannot hold to, or retain the patch being ‘ Fidelity’     .
Matt. 9v17 og Neither do they put wine (being) new into wineskins (being) old. And if (= Otherwise) are burst the
Matt. 9v17 og wineskins, also the wine pours out, also the wineskins will be ruined. But if they put wine (being) new
Matt.     9v17 og into wineskins fresh, also both are preserved together.
Matt.     9v17    New wine is still completing its fermentation process and thus the gas CO2 is still being released. If this wine is placed into old
wineskins then being old, thus stiff and not subtle, the wineskins will rupture and the wine is lost. New wineskins hold the pressures caused by the new
wine by flexing within themselves.
Let me explain all the analogies in this – there are many!
            The wineskins are humans!
            The Wine is Yahweh’ Word.
            The pressure is the demands that Yahweh’ Word makes upon the individual human.
            The stretching of the wineskin are the adjustments we must make within our lifestyle to contain the ‘ powerful’wine within us!
We as custodians of ‘ wine’look after it, and give it out to those in need, in a controlled manner (through the spout). Thus we are to preach
Yahweh’ Word in a wholesome manner to all those in need. And must not waste it by spilling it into the earth of the worldly system under Satan’     s
control. The Gospel of Luke further tells us Luke.5v39, “No man having drunk the old wine straightaway desires the new wine, because he says the
old wine is better!” Clearly telling us the old wine (being the present system’ teaching’tickles/bends/incline the ears of the listener, lovely sound-
       just                                  ,
bites, ‘ believe and no work is required’ etc) then those humans do not want to take in the new wine into themselves as the new wineskins. But
these humans of the old system rather be the old wineskins containing the old wine of the old system’ teaching.

Sadly worldly Christianity teaches that the wineskins represents ‘ old Jewish system’– Well the representatives of worldly Christianity would
                   t                                  s                                                                                       to
teach that - wouldn’ they, to push the meaning of JC’ parable as far away as possible from present day reality! But this verse is much closer ‘
home’than that! It actually means every individual now on a personal level during The Gospel Age – hence the plural aspect of ‘  wineskins’.
Verse 16 was speaking of ‘ present System’ and then v17 brings it closer to us, to now become a very personal issue!
                           The                 ,
            Become a TC = New Wineskin with New Wine!
Matt. 9v18 og These (things) (JC) speaking to them. Behold/Look! Ruler/noble/magistrate one coming
Matt.    9v18 og      worshipped/prostrated/homage saying: “Because the daughter of mine now {completed good
Matt.    9v18 og      existence} (at point of death) but coming lay/impose/put the hand of you upon her, also she shall live.”
Matt.    9v19 og      Also rising up the JC followed him (= noble) also the disciples of him (JC).
Matt.    9v20 og      Also Behold/Look! A woman having a flow of blood 12 years (haemorrhaging through severe endometriosis)
Matt.    9v20 og      coming near behind (she) touched of the fringe/boarder/hem of the garment of him.
Matt.    9v21 og      For she stated (with)in herself: If only I shall touch of the garment of him (JC), I will be cured.
Matt.    9v22 og      And the JC having turned also seeing her said: “Be comforted, daughter (young in her uptake of The Fidelity
Matt.    9v22 og      of JC in her life) The Fidelity/Assurance of you has cured/healed you.
Matt.    9v22 og      Also was cured/healed the women from of hour the (specific one = that hour).
Matt.    9v23 og      Also coming the JC into the house of the ruler/noble/magistrate, also seeing the flute players also the
Matt.    9v23 og      crowd causing a tumult/uproar/noise.
Matt.    9v23         Part of eastern custom was to make much noise at a funeral, the more noise then the greater the grief publicly displayed!
Matt.    9v24 og      (JC) Exclaims to them retire/{go back}/{withdraw yourselves}, for not has died the girl, but she
Matt.    9v24 og      sleeps. Also the (ones = crowd around) derided/{laughed to scorn}/ridiculed him (JC).
Matt.    9v25 og      And because expelled/{put out}/{sent away}/ejected the crowd entering/{coming in} (the room so that it
Matt.    9v25 og      was now cleared of people), (JC) took of the hand of her, also arose the girl.
Matt.    9v26 og      Also went out the report this into all the land the (specific one = that land).
Matt.    9v27 og      Also passing on from that place; to the JC followed him 2 blind (ones) crying also exclaiming:
Matt.    9v27 og      “Pity us Son of David.” (Again verifying in public JC’ ancestry through King David fulfilling prophecy).
Matt.    9v28 og      And coming into the house came near (to the) him the blind (ones) also exclaimed to them the JC:
Matt.    9v28 og      “Do you believe/commit/entrust because I am able this to do?”
Matt.    9v28 og      They (the 2 blind ones) exclaim (to the) him: “Yes Lord.”
Matt.    9v29 og      Then (JC) touched of the eyes of them stating:
Matt.    9v29 og      “According/under The Fidelity/Assurance of you let it be to you.”
Matt.    9v30 og      Also were opened of them the eyes (= the blind ones were now able to see). Also strictly
Matt.    9v30 og      commanded/instructed them the JC exclaiming: “See no one let know.” (= Do not tell any person what I have
Matt.    9v30        just done – being contrary to what we see today in the mass media ‘faith-healing’spectaculars that show much irreverence in
the fawned hype – Yahweh would not be part of those worldly shows – that are created to fulfil the self-indulgence of the leaders – being a legion of
Matt. 9v31 og And they going out reported him (JC) in all the land the (specific one = that land).
Matt. 9v32 og And (as) they were going out. Behold/Look! They brought (to the) him (JC) a man dumb, having been
Matt.    9v32 og      demon-possessed.
Matt.    9v33 og      Also {being cast out} of the demon (from the man by JC), (then) spoke the dumb (man). Also marvelled the
Matt.    9v33 og      crowd exclaiming: “Never was it (= miracle like this) seen in to the Israel.”
Matt.    9v34 og      And the Pharisees were exclaiming:
Matt.    9v34 og      “In (partnership) to the ruler of the demons, he (JC) casts out the demons.”
Matt.    9v35 og      Also went about the JC the cities all (of them), also the villages teaching in the synagogues of them, also
Matt.    9v35 og      proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, also healing every sickness also every weakness in to the
Matt.    9v35 og      people. (Notice the order of importance of JC’ work, 1st teaching of The Millennium then 2nd the healing of the sick).
Matt.    9v36 og      And seeing the crowds (JC) was moved with pity concerning them, because they (populace) were weary
Matt.    9v36 og      (because they were burdened by spiritual darkness), also scattered as sheep not having a shepherd.
Matt.    9v37 og      Then (JC) exclaimed to the disciples of him: Truly, the harvest (the) great, and the workers few.
Matt.    9v38 og      Pray now of the Lord of the harvest, that He may send workmen into the harvest of Him.
Matt.    9v38           Background in context.
JC has been preaching to very many people about Yahweh’ Acceptable Year and demonstrating what it will be like within it (through his preaching
and curing of infirmities). Thus JC has been shining light upon those in the world suffering spiritual darkness because the charlatan religious leaders
                                 s                                                                               the
had not been fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire in giving understanding to the listeners. JC also had been improving ‘ lot’of those humans who were also
physically suffering through deficient DNA that had occurred through reverse evolution that occurred since ‘ Fall’of humanity commencing in
the Garden of Eden.
Thus these humans did not know how to adjust their thoughts to deliver the righteous works for a complete package = ‘ whole conscious entity’=
‘ soul’to actively please Yahweh. They needed a shepherd to guide them so that they would educate their thought processes to become righteous
before Yahweh, JC providing that service in preaching the required lifestyle in Yahweh’ Acceptable Year.
            That is the background, now what does v37 and v38 mean?
This part is utterly confused in worldly Christian Doctrine, believing that there is only one harvest and blandly states it is means all Christians!
            No! It most emphatically does not!
What were JC’ prime aims?
      1. To provide The Undeserved Gift.
      2. To pull out His Bride from The Gospel Age to be fellow “Sons of God” for the future work of The Millennium.
v37. The harvest spoken of here is the 1st Harvest of The World of which JC is only seeking a small portion. The 1st Harvest are the First Fruits being
the TCs resurrected at 1st 2nd C of JCg to become “Sons of God”. This is the specific Harvest of importance of The Gospel Age being “The
Special/Greater Judgement made by Yahweh”. The 2nd Harvest being The Main-Crop is during The Millennium being the normal Judgement Day
carried out by JCg and his Kings/Priests.

Thus JC is saying: There is so much potential before me during The Gospel Age of humans to become My Bride, but there are so few workers (=
disciples now and future TCs) to bring the knowledge of Yahweh to this potential mass audience and thus produce ‘ Brethren’to fruition as TCs.
v38. “The Lord” is clearly Yahweh of the 1 Harvest, The One Who becomes its Judge. It is Yahweh Who sends His already chosen “His Sons” to
become the TC workers during the 1st part of their life to accurately fulfil His Desire. Thus JC is asking in The Name/Character/Authority of Yahweh
= asking in The Will/Desire of Yahweh, thus Yahweh will answer and send His workmen = TCs to fulfil His Desire and their reward/wages is Sonship
upon their resurrection at the 1st 2nd C.
            None of this is preached by worldly Christians because it does not form any part of their doctrine of utter confusion and mysteries!
Matt.   10v1 og       Also having called/summoned the 12 disciples of him, he gave to them authority/power/jurisdiction
Matt.   10v1 og       (over) spirits unclean (= demons) so as to cast out them also to heal every/all disease also every/all
Matt.   10v1 og       weakness (of the body).
Matt.   10v2 og       And the 12 apostles the names are these:
Matt.   10v2 og       First Simon who (is) named Peter, also Andrew the brother of him, James the (one = son) of the
Matt.   10v2 og       Zebedee, also John the brother of him.
Matt.   10v3 og       Philip, also Bartholomew, Thomas also Matthew the tax-collector, James the (one = son) of the
Matt.   10v3 og       Alphaeus, also Lebbaeus who was surnamed Thaddaeus.
Matt.   10v4 og       Simon the Canaanite also Judas Iscariot the (one) also betraying Him.
Matt.   10v1-4           A very important fact that is ignored by everyone, but I raise it because it has very important consequences and exposes a very
dangerous lie/deception that is prevalently preached today as a lovely ‘    sound-bite’ !
We are told here (with no exclusions given in any gospels or epistles) and I quote v1:
              “JC having called his 12 disciples, he gave to all of them authority/power (= HS) over unclean spirits so as to expel them out of humans
              and to heal every disease, also every infirmity.”
Thus we reason/understand that JC dispensed sufficient of Yahweh’ HS to the 12 disciples to have power over demons, cure diseases and infirmities.
He did this as part of their training ready for their future ministry.
              What is wrong with this?
Absolutely nothing!
So JC dispensed Yahweh’ HS to his disciples.
              Would the reader agree with this?
Just as the same JCg dispenses Yahweh’ HS to True Christians - as he does today, throughout The Gospel Age.
Perhaps the reader would not quite agree with this as much as they would believe the HS is given to a greater audience.
This is the beginning of my point of variance and demonstrated inconsistency of worldly Christian Doctrine!
I would like the reader to recall JC saying at John 6v64 “There are some here not believing” and we are told in context that it means Judas Iscariot
did not believe!
But we know that all 12 received the HS – for we have just been told that. Also we are aware that when the disciples went out 2 by 2, they came back
astounded that they had power of the HS to do these things. It was the HS originating from Yahweh, but dispensed by JC, just as JCg is doing now to
his TCs during The Gospel Age. It was precisely for this reason why JCg had to leave the Earth to join Yahweh, so that he was in the position to
dispense Yahweh’ HS to his TCs during The Gospel Age.
Now Judas Iscariot must have ‘     believed’in terms that we of today understand ‘   belief’to be as preached by worldly Christianity because he had the
power to do these things and was a personal witness to these things happening.
We also know that the HS was removed from Judas Iscariot through betraying JC (his master) and culminating with him taking his own life, for which
JC said: ‘ would have been better if he had not been born’      .
Thus we have a situation where a human in the absolute best position to witness (observe) and to partake in the miracles himself (by using the HS
himself – because we are not told otherwise – but the contrary) did not believe and had the HS removed from him.
              The reader may be ask: – so what?
There are several points here that we can understand from Judas’example.
      1. JC is telling us that: ‘    Belief’is very much more than what is presently preached as ‘    meaning’today.
      2. HS once given, can and will be removed from a human if so deemed (by The Higher Authority).
So we have now seen these things occur to a human in the time of JC.
Now let me now jump forwards to what is preached today by worldly ‘        Christian’leaders.
      1. Just believe in JC to be saved!
      2. Once you have the HS, then it will stay with you forever.
Let us now link the two.
      1. Belief.
The worldly Christian would say “I fervently believe in JC more than anything else and I will go to ‘     heaven’ .”
There are several presumed errors in this single statement and I only wish to develop the ‘     belief’aspect here.
              How much ‘   belief’does the person who states this - really have?
              Could they ever have more belief than Judas Iscariot?
Judas Iscariot actually participated in performing the miracles and witnessing JC’ teaching, preaching and performing his miracles on countless
              Has the person of today who fervently believes in JC not performing or witnessing what Judas Iscariot had done – ever had/have as much
              ‘belief’as Judas would have had?
The crux of this is argument is that the ‘  belief’I am speaking of is exactly the same type preached of today by the very worldly Christian leaders!
Thus for JC to say this ‘  belief’is actually ‘unbelief’means that both of what Judas had and thus what is preached today to millions upon millions of
Christians is wrong!
So the “belief” JC is speaking of is something much different.
              So what is the ‘belief’that JC is speaking of?
Clearly “the belief” is much deeper than just “belief”. The Greek alternative words for “belief” give better understanding to what JC meant.
Alternative words would be:-
              Commitment, entrusting, assured, conviction, persuaded, fidelity, truthfulness to Yahweh’ Desire.
                         So what goes with these words?
              Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Discernment for ‘ Word of Yahweh’             .
When the reader puts all these words together within their lifestyle, then the knowledge of the head, driven by the motivation of the heart then
produces works that imitate those of JC, that is desired by Yahweh.
              Knowledge coming from the thirst to absorb the information directly from The Bible.
              Wisdom is the correct application within one’ lifestyle of the knowledge taken in.
              Understanding is knowing how to apply the knowledge within ones’lifestyle.
              Discernment is the ability recognise prevalent false teaching portrayed as truth (that we are constantly warned of in the Epistles).

This section comprises of “the belief” that JC is speaking about!
              Is this what worldly Christian leaders preach to their congregations?
Now let me move onto the next section.
       2. HS.
Irrespective of what very worldly Christian leaders preach, the HS is The Power of Yahweh exercised to fulfil His Desire – it is most certainly not a
personage (see all references in The New Testament to HS in context fully explained – particularly Rom.8v26 explanation).
First we are told the HS comes to us in the following manner:
       1. JCg will knock at the door (= a TC starting to speak to you about The True Christian message – Rev.3v20).
       2. You open the door to JCg (= personal daily reading of The Bible and more contact with TCs).
       3. JCg will have supper with you (= JCg will dispense Yahweh’ HS to operate within you to further the spread of Yahweh’ Word).         s
That is how we receive the HS.
              How do we loose it?
All through the Epistles we are warned by the writers “Do not backslide”, “Do not mislead the children of The Fidelity”, keep imitating JC’           s
lifestyle, “do not return to The World, and more”
Basically the whole reason why we have the HS is because it is a gift from Yahweh not for our personal gain (that being a glorious by-product), but
principally so that we can promote Yahweh’ Desire here upon the Earth.
Yahweh’ Desire is quite simply:
              To maximise the number of humans who come through into The Culmination, by rejecting Satan’ selfish system.
To fulfil Yahweh’ Desire then the maximum number of humans must have head knowledge, motivated by the heart to accomplish Yahweh’ Desire!           s
None of this is taught by the very worldly Christian leaders (but just ‘    sound-bite’waffle to tickle the ears of the listener – for self-indulgence)!
              I am just merely repeating what Paul warns us of.
So if we ‘  turn to the world’and bring shame to Yahweh, we are told Yahweh cannot work with a two souled person who is like a wave on the
tempestuous sea (James.1v5-8).
If Yahweh cannot work with a person then Yahweh will remove His gift of the HS from that person, because that is the whole point of Yahweh’ HS           s
being within that person! Else it makes a mockery of Yahweh before all entities – you do not leave you power within someone who is working
lawlessness against you.
Let me ask the reader.
              Does the reader see this in secular society?
              Would a company support a sales-person who promotes another company’ products? s
No – they would be removed from the pay-role else the company would be mocked by other companies!
The reader is able to see the veracity and logic, being fully supported by the scriptures.
              So I ask the reader – Who is preaching The Truth – to the glory of Yahweh?
There are several reasons why the message is scrambled/twisted/distorted by worldly Christian leaders – but this is not the place to explain why.
Matt. 10v5 og These the 12 sent out (by) JC having charged/instructed them, exclaiming: “Into the way of the nations
Matt. 10v5 og not do go (= do not journey to see the nations), also into a city, (the) Samaritans not do enter.”
Matt. 10v6 og And go/travel rather towards the sheep the lost (of the) house (of) Israel.
Matt. 10v7 og And going/travelling (within Judea) proclaim/preach/herald exclaiming:
Matt. 10v7 og “Because drawn near the kingdom of the heavens.” (Fully explained in 3v2, 4v17).
Matt. 10v7                Thus JC is telling the disciples as fully explained in 3v2, 4v17 go out only to the Jews to tell them that their Messiah which they
had been longing/desiring to come (and sadly they are still waiting, but ironically, not realising that when he does become visible it will be his 1st 2nd
C as JCg suddenly [as unknown in time as “a thief in the night”] and it is too late to become part of The Bride). This is precisely why JC said this to
his disciples so that the religious leaders of the time had every opportunity to accept him as their Messiah. The Jews as a whole had precisely 3.5
years to accept JC as their Messiah but rejected him, represented by the religious leaders initiating his murder, because his righteous lifestyle of
lowliness together with “taking nothing of the world” hurt them at the time. This was true then of The Nation (Jews) having the responsibility of
Yahweh’ Truth during AD30-33, just as it is now of The Nation (Christian) representing Yahweh’ Truth during The Gospel Age.
           s                                                                                              s
This is a very hard statement to take in and accept, but the reader must understand that any human who feels hurt by this statement has a problem on
their hands, but those who are ‘    right with Yahweh’in their lifestyle would welcome and rejoice in this statement.
              This is the ultimate test and I respectively ask the reader to very carefully reason upon the full implications of this statement!
Matt.   10v8 og        Sick ones heal, lepers cleanse, dead ones raise, demons cast out. Freely you received, freely give.
Matt.   10v9 og        Not provide gold nor silver, nor copper into the belts of you.
Matt.   10v10 og       Not a bag into (the) journey (of you) nor 2 tunics, nor sandals nor staves, for worthy the worker of the
Matt.   10v10 og       food (of the) him is.
Matt.   10v10       Who does this today in modern society? Those who do then correctly imitate JC. But many leaders claim to come in the
Lord’ Name but rather take what they can for self-indulgence from those whom they pretend to serve!
Matt. 10v11 og And into what ever city or village you enter, search out who is in it worthy is (= a person who desires to
Matt. 10v11 og take on The Fidelity sincerely enough to base their life upon it – thus worthy of it!), also there remain, until
Matt. 10v11 og you go out. (= Thus the house is to be used as a base while you are in the city preaching).
Matt. 10v12 og And entering into the house (= among the members of the household) greet it (the household).
Matt. 10v13 og Also if truly be the house(hold) worthy, let come the peace of you upon it.
Matt. 10v13         = The peace from the fruits of the HS from your lifestyle, together with knowledge of The Fidelity inculcated upon their hearts.
Matt. 10v13 og And if not is worthy, the peace of you towards you let return.
Matt. 10v13    = Being not worthy, then the human does not have the propensity/inclination to absorb The Fidelity to then display the Fruits
of the HS, thus these attributes figuratively return to the Apostle/TC when the Apostle/TC leaves the household upon realising that his host is not a
worthy vessel within which The Fidelity can operate.
Matt.   10v14 og       Also who ever not receive you nor will hear the words of you, going out of the house or of the city
Matt.   10v14 og       the (specific one) (then) shake off the dust of the feet of you.
Matt.   10v15 og       Truly I say to you more bearable it will be to the land (of) Sodom also Gomorrah in (the gentle)
Matt.   10v15 og       Day of Judgement than to the city the (specific one – city).
Matt.   10v15          What has been written here “The gentle Day of Judgement”? Have I gone mad?
Quoting ‘StrongsTM = 2250 for the word “Day” = “hemera” mean tame, i.e. gentle; day, i.e. the time space between dawn and dusk … . A period
(always defined more or less clearly by context) … time, while, years.’
           So this is not quite what worldly Christian doctrine proposes, ‘ day’where humans are resurrected, and some go to an everlasting
           judgement of torture in the hell of fire!

Clearly it does not mean this!
             So what does it mean, that ‘   incidentally’supports what I state everywhere on this website?
First ask another question (within context).
             How can the immoral acting humans of Sodom also Gomorrah (of whom Yahweh calls “an abomination”) be resurrected into a more
             bearable state than those humans of the city who rejects (specifically means = not imitating JC) Word of (= JC) Yahweh?
                          Are there different temperatures of ‘ fire’in hell?
Again clearly not! So this worldly doctrine is thus very unrighteous in its understanding and just full of falsehoods from the worldly reasoning.
So let us now reason accurately upon this verse.
It is back to thoughts driving your lifestyle being stored by Yahweh (the positive righteous thoughts creating the good heavenly treasure - that JC
speaks of) to be downloaded into fleshly humans resurrected into The Millennium (to create a reasoning perfect clone of our present 1st life selves).
Being a perfect reasoning clone of ourselves the new entity will actually be us because it is the thought processes that make us, presently us!
Thus as JC tells us it will be as we have gone asleep when we die because there will be absolutely no difference when our thought processes are
reprogrammed back into a fleshly frame upon our resurrection.
             Atheists may argue “How is this going to operate with those having senile dementia – or worse?”
As I have already declared “the thought processes and memories are collected during the lifetime of the human being”, so we can reason the
dementia is the lack of recall due to damaged cells, if the cells were repaired and programmed then the memories would come back to mind -
literally! A similar example to this has been demonstrated by a group of people (some 30 years ago) in a coma state, who were given a drug that
brought their memories back and their brains operated as perfectly normal rational humans, I believe the true-life film was called ‘ Awakening’       .
Sadly the effects were only temporary (a month or so) and finally the humans reverted back to their coma state, but this is almost a foretaste of What
Yahweh will do for all of us in The Millennium – but it will be permanent while we imitate JC.
If the reader now picks this up with the overall theme of this website and the understanding of this verse drops into place!
The practicing homosexuals of Sodom being an abomination to Yahweh operated like this because they did not have Yahweh’ Word amongst them to
instruct them on how to behave. Thus they lived according to their own conscience (as Paul tells us in Romans). But the humans during the time of
JC’ ministry and now The Christian Nation during The Gospel Age taking on the whole Word of Yahweh have the full knowledge of how they must
behave. Now those of the Jews during JC’ ministry and The Christian Nation of The Gospel Age are without excuse of not knowing how to behave!
And because they know how to imitate JC to Yahweh’ pleasure, thus now demonstrate that they are blatantly operating against Yahweh’ Word       s
(=JC), meaning that they are not imitating JC = not implicitly following Yahweh’ Word (JC) to salvation.
             This is all core righteous understanding!
Now JC died for us all, to give each one of us an opportunity to learn righteousness, thus we can apply this to these groups of humans, the ones of
Sodom and the ones in the time of JC’ ministry and equally during The Gospel Age.
Thus those who now know of Yahweh’ Word and deliberately reject Yahweh’ word in the 1st part of their life by not imitating JC’ lifestyle, then
                                          s                                        s                                                    s
they shall have a much more unbearable time in taking up Yahweh’ Word in The Millennium.
Because they knew Yahweh’ Word in the 1st part of their life and rejected it by not imitating JC and are thus more likely to reject it again upon their
resurrection into the 2nd part of their life because their self-centred (= not to put your neighbour first) thought processes desire them to reject
Yahweh’ Word again!
But those in Sodom and Gomorrah did not have Yahweh’ Word and upon resurrection into the 2nd part of their life would gladly welcome Yahweh’
                                                             s                                                                                        s
Word in The Millennium of redirection to then imitate JC’ lifestyle when they will learn of it during their ‘   learning of righteousness’.
             Again this is core righteous/equitable understanding!
So this becomes a dire warning to those now during The Gospel Age, and very much worse for the religious leaders who claim to represent Yahweh
but falsify Yahweh’ Word in their lifestyle (as I reason and state elsewhere with supporting Biblical evidence). All this deceit is being more evidently
demonstrated during the last (very few) remaining decades of The Gospel Age.
             Still within context we now move to v16.
Matt. 10v16 og Behold/Look I {send out}/dispatch/commission you (TCs) as sheep in (to the) midst (of) wolves,
Matt. 10v16 og you be now cautious/capable as the serpents also guileless/innocent as the doves
Matt. 10v16    Thus we understand that the TCs have been chosen by Yahweh (from the beginning) and are being commissioned through JCg
dispensing Yahweh’ HS upon then (just as we have been told here). Thus we read of JC giving the warning to TCs that they are being commissioned
into ‘ world of wolves’to be fleshly ravished, maimed and killed for ‘ Righteous Name of JC’rather than ‘ unrighteous pretence of JC’
      the                                                                  The                                        the                               s
name’  .
            Again you must ask: “Who are the wolves?”
Worldly Christians ironically point to the atheists of the world. But solid reasoning tells us that it cannot be the atheists as I logically explain in detail
                                                                        chalk and cheese’ Atheists consider TCs irrelevant (nice, but ‘
elsewhere - atheists are totally indifferent to the TCs – they are like ‘                 .                                                      )
                                                                                                                                          stupid’ which is
the specific reason why the TC must remain totally neutral in worldly affairs - as Paul tells us “So that you are only persecuted for The Name of JC”.
So it only leaves the people threatened by the righteousness of the teaching, and it can only be the religious leaders demonstrated as JC said “as
being hypocrites” to what they preach. And the religious leaders closer to the content of what is being preached will lash out even more viciously –
all supported by historical events throughout The Gospel Age.
“Cautious/capable as the serpents” means that the TC must use the knowledge of Yahweh’ Word inculcated within the heart to direct the mind in a
wise manner to avoid worldly pitfalls/snares, as we should pray for in 6v13 (Greek original, rather than the unrighteous standard bible translation).
“Innocent as doves” means the TCs have kept themselves spotless from worldly contamination by remaining neutral to worldly affairs – particularly
the politics of the world. But they only concentrate on accurately preaching Yahweh’ Word and displaying the Fruits of the HS. By doing this in
       s                                          s
Satan’ present worldly system means the TC’ become innocent to all charges of unrighteousness. They have displayed perfect righteousness before
The Ultimate Judge Yahweh and thus deemed innocent of all charges the world of false religions bring against them (just as they did with JC and the
apostles/TCs following afterwards). History demonstrates that it was the false religious leaders conniving with political secular leaders to action pain
and suffering upon the TCs of The Gospel Age – it was not the other way around (i.e. secular leaders using the religious leaders)!
Matt. 10v17 og And beware/{give attention to}/cautious from of the men (= worldly thinking humans), for they will
Matt. 10v17 og betray/{deliver up}/cast you into Sanhedrins/councils/courts, also in the synagogues/churches/temples
Matt. 10v17 og of them they will chastise/scourge (this Greek word can be taken literally or figuratively) you.
Matt. 10v17    Thus in context with v16, JC is telling us of the union between the secular leaders driven by the religious leaders acting
together to suppress Yahweh’ Word from being accurately preached by TCs during The Gospel Age. They use any method being physical, mental or
character assassination in this action to chastise/scourge – again as history (from JC to the present day) clearly demonstrates!
Because for selfish (self-indulgent) reasons, they personally feel under threat – that is the only reason why a normal human retaliates!
Matt. 10v18 og Also before governors/rulers and also kings/sovereigns (you) will be brought for reason of me (JC)
Matt. 10v18 og the witness (= the evidence spoken by the TCs) to them (= the religious leaders claiming to represent Yahweh’ Word)       s
Matt. 10v18 og also to the nations (= any person who is not a Christian). (Note: This is a prophetic message – given by JC!)
Matt. 10v19 og And when they betray/{deliver up}/cast you, not be anxious how or what you may say; for it is given
Matt. 10v19 og to you in the (specific one) to the hour/time/season what you might say.
Matt. 10v19    Thus Yahweh is faithful to His servants and will support them to promote His Word to the world.
Matt. 10v20 og For not you are the (ones = TCs) speaking, but the Spirit of the Father of you the (One) speaking in you.
Matt. 10v20    Thus contrary to worldly reasoning, it is Yahweh speaking through his TCs (= future sons) using His power in the form of the
HS dispensed by JC as the intercessor.
Matt.   10v21 og And will betray/{deliver up}/cast (of the) brother (the) brother into death, also father (the) child,
Matt.   10v21 og also rise up children against parents also put to death them
Matt.   10v22 og Also you will be hated/detested by all (persons) through (reason of) the name/authority/character of me
Matt.   10v22 og (JC), and the (one = TC) enduring/persevering/patiently/{having fortitude} into (the) end/conclusion this
Matt.   10v22 og (one = TC) will be kept safe.
Matt.   10v22    “Will be kept safe” does not mean fleshly safe, thus the TC could very likely lose the 1st part of their life in speaking up for
Yahweh and JC. But what JC really means is that the TC will be safe from The 2nd Death which is the one we should all worry about! It is absolutely
not a fiery furnace where some tortured soul is everlastingly condemned. This is just an unrighteous worldly idea and is an anathema to Yahweh
falsely portraying Our Father’ wonderful qualities! The 2nd death is ‘
                              s                                                                             s           ,               s
                                                                       everlastingly put away from Yahweh’ influence’ and as Yahweh’ influence
pervades everywhere within The Universe, then The 2 Death just means utter annihilation = utter ‘    nothingness’= a total non-existence!
So after explaining The 2nd Death, we are told that it has no hurt/power over the TC (Rev.2v11, 20v6), thus we reason that a TC as a Son of God to be
     s                                                                            s
JCg’ Bride will obviously be in the same spiritual body as a member of Yahweh’ Family. Thus a TC being resurrected into a spiritual body “will be
kept safe” from The 2nd Death because it has no power over the TC, just as it has no power of JC or the heavenly angels.
Matt.   10v23 og And when they persecute/{follow to make suffer} you in to the city this, flee/run/vanish/escape into
Matt.   10v23 og the another (city). For truly I say to you neither/never not will have finished the cities of the Israel until
Matt.   10v23 og wish/may/when goes (= Greek “eltho”, StrongsTM = 2064) the son of the man(kind).
Matt.   10v23    Only to be controversial I have used “goes” but it really depends upon the sense that Jesus is using the word “eltho”.
He might be playing with both uses of the word (which is very likely – as just about everything in The Bible is ‘     always’written at two or more levels).
1. It might be applied directly to The Disciples of Jesus’day hence my now vehement defence:-
I use the translated word “go” for “eltho” instead of the commonly used word “come” given in all standard bible translations.
              Thus what does this verse mean?
First let me quote: ‘   StrongsTM: “eltho” ‘ come’or ‘ (in a great variety of applications – literally or figuratively).’
                                               to           go’
Now false worldly Christian doctrine believes it means that the 11 original disciples will not finish until JC comes/advent, only because they are
muddled up when JC takes up rule, believing him to be ruling the earth ‘     immediately’after his resurrection.
Sadly this is utterly wrong because it just does not align with what we observe around us today (nor incidentally what The Bible tells us elsewhere)!
              So let us now answer the question – in the sense of Old Fleshly Israel (see document “What does Israel mean?”.
JC is speaking of the cities during his time on earth during his ministry. Now it starts to become clear what this verse means at one level.
But also let us put the verse back into context.
It is fairly early in JC’ ministry and he is sending out his trainees. He is giving them warnings and telling them to be careful. This will be useful
fieldwork and they can gain from this experience and speak to him about it when they return to JC.
So we have chapters 10 and 11v1,2 speaking of the Apostles/disciples/TCs going out to preach of “The nearness of The Kingdom of Heavens” see v7.
This ‘  nearness’being in content and access, being that JC is here on earth performing his ministry so that the Jews (and the odd Gentile living in
Israel – not outside) could come to listen to JC’ ministry work, and then a few to become brethren leading through to TCs.
That is why “The Kingdom of God was near – because it only affected Old Fleshly Israel and further obstructed by its religious leaders (just as it is
now to The Christian Nation hence only ‘       near’through the TCs work). Also the Bible tells us that JC said: ‘Only go to the Jews and not the nations.’
Put all this together and we are told why by JC’ own words:-
              If you are persecuted, then flee from that city and move to the next city because I truly say that you will not have enough time to visit all
              the cities of the Israel before (when it happens) goes the son of mankind (back to the heavens) = v23.
This now makes perfect sense and it fully fits the context in a logical and accurate manner.
2. It might be applied to the whole of Jesus’body hence meaning all the 144000 who are to follow during the whole Gospel Age.
If this is a true understanding then Jesus is looking beyond the immediate 3.5 years and speaking of the 144000 coming out of metaphoric ‘        Israel’(to
mean The Christian Nation of The Gospel Age and then preaching not only to The Heathen World but also to the bastions (“cities”) within
metaphoric (new fleshly) Israel = The (worldly) Christian Nation – where as we witness throughout history how these 144000 are to be persecuted by
The (worldly) Christian Authorities (as per William Tyndale of some 500 years ago). And this will occur until Jesus “comes” again at the 1st 2nd C.
Thus in this specific verse instance “Goes” could equally be “Comes” under the two levels of understanding.
Please read “OId and New Israel” in Glossary, also the document entitled “What does Israel mean?”.
Matt. 10v24 og Not is a disciple above the teacher nor a slave above the Lord (of the) him.
Matt. 10v25 og (The = It is) enough/suffice to the disciple that (he) become as the teacher (of the) him, also the slave
Matt. 10v25 og as the Lord of him. If the master of the house Beelzebub they called, how much more the (ones)
Matt. 10v25 og of the household (of the) him.
Matt. 10v25                I need to explain this into two sections.
“Enough to the disciple that he becomes as the teacher of him, also the slave as the Lord” means the future Expectation of the TC as I copiously
explain everywhere.
Basically the TC will become the teacher in The Millennium, also as a slave now to the Lord. Where they will upon their resurrection become The
Bride as similar status to JCg and thus Lords (as Kings/Priests) over the resurrected humans in their fleshly bodies.
“If the master of the house Beelzebub they called, how much the ones of the household of the him” is given as a double edge jibe/warning at these
two levels.
       1. Jibe directed to the Religious leaders as the English equivalent expression might state: “Takes one to recognise one!”
       2. A warning where JC is speaking of himself and his Apostles/TCs, or rather expressing what worldly religious leaders would falsely state
              about him and his followers.
Effectively JC is saying: ‘ not worry about what they say about you (or call you) during your accurate preaching work (both by words and deeds),
because they called your master (me, JC – being The Perfect Son of Yahweh) Beelzebub – thus likewise you!’
Beelzebub is the name of Satan, being a parody on “dung god” Beelzebul of the Chal.
Matt. 10v26 og Now not you should fear them, for nothing is covered which not will be uncovered, also (nothing)
Matt. 10v26 og hidden which not will be made known.
Matt. 10v26    Thus TCs should not fear the religious leaders (and their like), for the things done against the TCs during the 1st part of their
life by those religious leaders who feel their hypocritical lifestyle is exposed by the righteous living TC.
The verse is telling us that though humans may feel safe by having discussions in ‘    closed rooms’leading to actions to remove/reduce the effects from
the TC irritants to their comfortable lifestyle. Thus the hidden discussions and resultant actions by ‘ most eminent and respected’worldly humans
will be disclosed by JCg in The Millennium. This will happen when the resurrected humans in The Millennium will go “Wow – did they really do that
in the 1st part of their life!” no wonder these particular fleshly worldly religious leaders were not resurrected as kings and priests over us!
Matt. 10v27 og What I say to you in the darkness (of the world) you say in the light (= Yahweh’ Truth emanating from you).
Matt. 10v27                                                                                     s
                          = JC gives knowledge in the world that has no knowledge of Yahweh’ Desire, the disciples speak of Yahweh in their
Matt.   10v27 og      Also what into the ear you hear, proclaim upon the housetops.
Matt.   10v27         = JC speaking to them privately in their ear, they will broadcast to so many other people that it will be as from the housetops.
Matt.   10v28 og      Also not you should fear the ones killing/{put to death} the body, and the life/soul (= conscious existence)
Matt.   10v28 og      not being able to kill/{put to death}. And fear rather the (One = Yahweh) being able also (the) life/soul
Matt.   10v28 og      also the body to destroy/annihilate in Gehenna.
Matt.   10v28          I really need to explain this (as I have done in a separate 50 page dissertation elsewhere on this website www.FutureLife.Org )
because worldly Christian doctrine has an utterly confused idea about what this verse really means.
Current false worldly Christian doctrine proposes this verse means the human will have some ethereal ‘     soul’burning in eternal torment!
Those who promote this idea just do not understand Yahweh’ righteous message nor the meaning of the Greek words!
Reiterating what I have stated and justified in many places.
           “killing/{put to death}” = removing the present viable operation of (something) and synonymous to the 1st Death = “Asleep” .
           “life/soul” = the conscious existence (present or future).
           “destroy/annihilate” = the ultimate death (= no possibility of any return when passing into it) and = The 2nd Death of annihilation.
           “Gehenna” = Metaphoric use of “The valley of Hinnom” = utter destruction from which there is no return (see 5v22) and Glossary.
Now having defined our terminology let me explain what this verse means in context.
JC is saying:-
           You TCs should not worry about the humans of the world who to protect their pleasant lifestyle will remove your lifestyle. They do this by
           killing and terminating your fleshly body. But this is as I (JC) have told you just means ‘asleep’because Yahweh through his HS has
           retained your {thought processes}/memory data being the aspect of you that can form your life/consciousness when all this information is
           placed back into a resurrected body. Thus this information is not lost (killed/{put to death} because Yahweh has deliberately retained it)
           when your fleshly body is murdered/destroyed and hence rots to nothing. This retained data is not conscious because it is not active in an
           operating body – thus this is likened to being asleep = the period between 1st death and the resurrection being the reprogramming of a
           new operating body when consciousness comes back = being awake. The retained data is just ‘ an operating system being the software
           on a CD/DVD’which only becomes activated (conscious) when loaded back into a body (eg. computer hardware).
           However humans should fear Yahweh Who has the power (HS) to retain your {thought processes}/memory because once this information
           is lost (= deliberately not retained by Yahweh) then there is no possibility of any return back into a conscious entity again. The Bible tells
           us this is The 2nd Death being one of utter annihilation where nothing is retained. Just as in the example JC used for humans to keep
           recalling during their 1st life when they look into The Valley of Hinnom = Gehenna and see all the rubbish/bodies (of criminals) being
           consumed to nothing. See “Gehenna”, “Soul”, “Heavenly Treasure” in Glossary and other documents explaining these terms as you will
           not get an accurate definition of these terms elsewhere in this world – based upon precedence.
That is what the verse truly means, and is nothing about eternal torture of burning flames in hell (= just a hole in ground where the body rots within).
JC was only using examples that humans at the time could understand because of their limited knowledge base (as he always did in his parables).
           Again I ask the reader what seems more logical and righteous?
           Is it what has been written here or the very unrighteous worldly Christian (or incidentally also the worldly Islamic) doctrine.
Matt. 10v29 og Truly not (are) 2 sparrows (of the = for a) assarion (= Roman coin = about a farthing, < penny/cent) sold?
Matt. 10v29 og Also one out of them not shall fall upon the earth without of the Father of you (knowing of it occurring).
Matt.   10v30 og      And of you also the hairs of the head all/{the whole} numbered/enumerated are.
Matt.   10v31 og      Now not fear, many sparrows excel/better/surpass/superior you.
Matt.   10v31         = do not fear, because you are much more superior to many sparrows. (Remember - JC is now speaking to and of his TCs).
Matt.   10v32 og      All/every (person) now who shall confess/covenant/assent in me before of the men (mankind), will
Matt.   10v32 og      confess/covenant/assent I also in him before of the Father (Yahweh) of me (JC) of The (One = Yahweh)
Matt.   10v32 og      in heavens.
Matt.   10v33 og      And whoever wish/desire deny/reject/refuse (to imitate JC in fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire) me before/presence
Matt.   10v33 og      of the men (mankind), (then) will deny/reject/refuse him (during The Millennium) I also before of the Father
Matt.   10v33 og      mine of The (one = Yahweh) in heaven(s) (and thus HS removed so they face The 2nd Death).
Matt.   10v33          Again I have two different original Greek texts stating a singular and plural “heaven” in this position – thus I would
understand this to be plural heaven – because Yahweh rules The Universe.
Essentially these two verses mean that the TC desiring to imitate JC’ ministry will mould their synapse construction to produce a mapping (=
personality profile) similar to JC’ and thus being one that Yahweh Desires to reach The Standard of Sonship. Just spelling it out – because it is not
taught by worldly Christian Leaders inasmuch it conflicts with their lifestyle. JC’ personality is one that takes the least position in The World –
where in genuine humility they lower themselves (to present no barriers) so as to maximise the transfer of knowledge at a one to one personal level.
TC’ preach/teach understanding of The Millennium and why it must occur for full righteousness expressed - rather than their counterparts (worldly
religious leaders) delivering the mysteries to lose the listener in mystic waffle – the principal motive being to have a one-upmanship hold over the
listener to cement mastery over the recipient – as we witness!
Matt.   10v34 og Not think/deem/consider because I came/appeared to cast/{lay down} peace/prosperity/quietness
Matt.   10v34 og upon the earth, not I came/appeared/entered to cast/{strike down}/thrown peace/prosperity/quietness
Matt.   10v34 og but a sword/{judicial punishment}.
Matt.   10v34    = This is JC speaking to his personal assistants being the TCs taken from of the world, saying.
           Do not think that I came into this world (operating under Satan’ jurisdiction) to bring peace/prosperity/quietness into the world
           (operating under Satan’ jurisdiction) but that I bring a sword.
Does this mean JC is telling his followers behave like the Christian Crusaders or the Muslim Jihad?
           Clearly not!
The clue to the answer of this is when Paul uses the word ‘                           s
                                                            Sword’to mean “Yahweh’ Word” of Truth that is sharp and penetrating. It is used to cut
through the deception within the world and open up peoples’hearts with The Truth, so that they know how to please Yahweh through having accurate
                                                                     s              s
knowledge. The accurate knowledge deployed correctly within one’ life is Yahweh’ Wisdom operating within your life.
                             s                                s
Thus we understand that JC’ ministry is to provide Yahweh’ Word into the world so that humans now have the opportunity to take it into the hearts
and minds and demonstrate it within their lifestyle.
           However there is a problem!

Selfishness abounds within the world and people desire to take what they do not deserve (to become self-indulgent over their neighbour). Also others
put out a façade to hide their inadequacies and feel threatened when the façade is blown away by the actions of others who are utterly honest in their
lifestyle demonstrating their righteous qualities. These righteous qualities come from the inculcation of the knowledge and thus the wisdom gleaned
from the understanding of Yahweh’ Desire required of us as individuals.
Clearly there are many people who do not desire to change their lifestyle (as Paul tells us “take on a new personality”), they prefer their old life (as
Luke tells us “prefer the old wine” = the old knowledge base).
Clearly friction will occur between those who change their personality to one of righteousness, showing to the world the unrighteous behaviour of
those who do not wish to change their lifestyle because they prefer their existing worldly lifestyle (being ‘ old wine’        ).
Thus friction between the different groups of humans having differing aims and understandings of ‘ worldly message of confusion’that we are all
witnesses of. But there is one group of humans, being the TCs who are totally neutral in all worldly affairs of confusion and just fulfil Yahweh’     s
Desire in their lifestyle to imitate JC and display the fruits of the HS. It is this righteous lifestyle of the TC that shows the hypocrisy of those
pretending to represent Yahweh that draws so much hostility in a physical sense by all means available to be used.
            So what is JC really telling us?
Firstly JC dispels the current worldly Christian myth that humans can bring ‘ Kingdom of God’upon the Earth during their own time! Because
JC tells us that “he has not come to bring peace/prosperity/quietness to the world but to bring ‘ Sword’The         ”!
But ‘ Kingdom of God’has peace/prosperity/quietness being The Millennium called the specific ‘                Quiet Day’(see 10v15). Thus the worldly
Christian understanding is immediately compromised by The Bible that it purports to come from!
Secondly JC is demonstrating that a righteous sifting process is to take place during this period of The Gospel Age to further Yahweh’ Plan. It is to
extract those worthy enough to become Sons of God, being those who demonstrate themselves to be worthy by imitating IC’ lifestyle during the 1st
part of their life and display the Fruits of the HS while under the suffering and persecution that they will experience by fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire.
The demonstrated worthiness shows them to be reliable enough to exercise Yahweh’ full HS when resurrected as Sons of God as JC was able during
his ministry.
The judicial punishment is the fallout from the above being the ones who refuse to imitate JC fail any opportunity to become a Son of God, and this is
the prime reason for The Gospel Age – to collect JC’ Bride for the future work as trusted stewards given greater responsibility in The Millennium.
Matt. 10v35 og For I came to divide (= make holy = to separate humans from the world of sin and bring them into Yahweh’ Family, and              s
Matt. 10v35 og this process of separation will cause) a man against/under of the father of him also a daughter against/under
Matt. 10v35 og of the mother of her, also a bride against/under of the mother-in-law of her.
Matt. 10v35    Thus demonstrating it is a personal commitment to take on The Fidelity, splitting through family loyalty. This verse shows how
powerful The Fidelity is when operating within a human’ lifestyle.
Matt. 10v36 og Prophecy: Also hostile of the man the (ones) household of the him (Micah.7v6).
Matt. 10v36                        s
                         (= A man’ household will be hostile against him because they love the ways of the world more than the selfless living that JC
demands upon his TCs/slaves. Thus they personally feel threatened by his lifestyle acting as A Standard that their chosen inadequacies cannot live up
to – thus for selfish reasons they are hostile to him because their desire for the world is stronger than the desire for The Fidelity to act within them).
Matt. 10v37 og The (one) loving (fleshly) father or mother above me (JC) not of me is worthy.
Matt. 10v37              This verse means that a human who prefers to serve the worldly aims/desires/expectations/aspirations of their parents of any
description over and above the ministry/service work of promoting/fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire is not worthy of The Expectation that all TCs aspire to.
Note: This aspiration of The Expectation is secondary to the primary aim of the happiness and joy the TC feels in being able to be satisfy Yahweh’       s
Very Important Note: It is not for any future self-gratification of The Expectation – if this were the prime driver/motivation for a person’ apparently
good work, then Yahweh would know this and consider them as being not worthy of receiving The Expectation = Sonship.
Matt. 10v38 og Also who not takes up the {exposure to death}/{self-denial}/{post of displayed death} (of the) him also
Matt. 10v38 og follow/{become in union}/accompany after/behind me (JC) not is of me worthy.
Matt. 10v38              = the person who is not prepared to sacrifice himself from the world (by killing his desires for any of the enticements of the
world) by imitating JC then is not worthy of the special bonus that JC has brought to the world being Sonship to Yahweh. The bonus is not being
freed from the curse of the 1st death being eternal, because JC told us he has freed us ALL (= all humans) from the curse of Satan = eternal death in
our life to now become asleep and thus to make the our present life to become merely the 1st part of our now 2 part life. But the bonus is a spiritual
body only available to Sons of God. This is The Differentiation that presently worldly Christian doctrine just “cannot get its head around” – the
practitioners just do not understand it – and just perpetuate unrighteous gobbly-goosh!
             They just claim they are lost in mysteries – do not go to someone who is blind and lost in mysteries for The Truth else “you fall into a pit!”
Matt. 10v39 og The (one = worldly person) finding/obtain/receive the life/soul of him (in the 1st life) will
Matt. 10v39 og {fully loose}/destroy (the) same (life/soul in the 2nd part of their life), also the (one = TC) {fully loosing}/dying
Matt. 10v39 og the life/soul (in the 1st part of their life) of him (for the) account/reason/because of me (JC) will
Matt. 10v39 og find/obtain/receive (the) same (life/soul in the 2nd part of their life).
Matt. 10v39              What does this verse mean?
This v39 in context is an immediate follow-on from v38 where a human must be prepared to take himself out from unrighteous worldly practices
principally driven by unrighteous thought processes, basically the operation of selfishness.
Verse 39 now reinforces and explains v38.
JC is saying those who feel comfortable operating within the present world in the present 1st part of their life have “found/obtained” a life that they
desire. However in leading this type of lifestyle then their thought processes that drive the lifestyle will not be viable to live eternally (because Yahweh
detests these types of ‘ thought pollution’within His Universe). They must make a change to survive. It is either now during the 1st Part of their life
and thus perhaps have access to the bonus on offer v38 or later (being in the 2nd part of v39) in their resurrection into The Millennium (into the 2nd
part of their life) where after being taught righteousness to then imitate JC’ lifestyle will then live eternally in a fleshly body.
Matt. 10v40 og The (one = brethren to become a TC) accepts/receives/takes you, (then) me (JC) accepts/receives/takes, also
Matt. 10v40 og the (one = brethren to become a TC) accepting/receiving/takes The (One = Yahweh) sending/commissioned me.
Matt. 10v40              = Thus a worldly listener who becomes “a brother” has the correct heart inclination to reform their lifestyle and is eager to
find out The Truth being the knowledge of Yahweh. They eagerly ‘      suck up’like a sponge the knowledge from a TCs who has great personal delight in
bringing someone out of their initial worldly state of darkness. This new brother then acknowledges the wonderful undeserved gift that JC gave to us
all, but moreover the new brother changes his worldly lifestyle by becoming dead to the worldly influences to now imitate JC and also displays the
fruits of the HS. In this way the new brother accepts/receives takes into their lifestyle JC. By doing this the TC then is fulfilling the Desire of Yahweh.
Matt. 10v41 og The (one = brethren to become a TC) accepting/receiving/taking (the) prophet into name/authority/character
Matt. 10v41 og (of the) prophet (the) reward (of the) prophet receives. Also the (one = brethren to become a TC) receiving (the)
Matt. 10v41 og just/righteous (one) into the name/authority/character (of the) just/righteous (one),
Matt. 10v41 og reward/hire/wages/payment (of the) just/righteous will {get hold of}/seize/take.
Matt. 10v41              JC is now expanding what v40 means and explains where this takes us.

Incidentally this verse in never preached/taught by those leaders of worldly Christianity – they ‘
                                                                                                 loose it’because it goes against their bland and
unrighteous teaching.
A new and genuine/sincere brother into The Fidelity assumes/takes upon himself the genuine/sincere characteristics of the person whom they respect
and obviously try to emulate/imitate by taking on their name. If the prophet is genuine/sincere/{has fidelity} to The One they represent then as we are
told in many places within The Bible, then a reward/wages/payment is on offer.
                                                                                         the                    s
Likewise the same reward/wages/payment is on offer to the new brethren if they make ‘ grade’= Yahweh’ acceptable standard of being a TC.
But to make ‘ grade’The Bible tells us as here, that the person must now go out to seize/{get hold of}/take which are positive action/doing words
(applicable to the 2 and 5 talent men)– not apathetic words (as applied to the 1 talent man). Paul tells us that we all must work to the 100% of our
capability just as he demonstrated by example.
By sincerely taking on The Name of whom you represent by imitating everything about them, then you will be rewarded by the entity that you are
taking the name of – seems logical. This is seen in everyday life. A classic example would be members of the public emulating/imitating their favourite
singers on television programs and those who are very good (= imitate very well – with fidelity) and reach the final then they are rewarded with a
personal gift from the famous person they are emulating.
‘ Reward’as The Bible tells us is not “everlasting life by believing in JC” which is only a bland half truth at best because JC has given ALL of us
the undeserved gift of now passing through the 1st death as though it is just “Asleep”.
            ‘ true undeserved gift’as we are told and know of in life cannot be paid for, given as wages or be a reward.
But we are told that we are rewarded/paid/{given wages} here in The Bible.
So ‘ Reward’must be something else. It is what JC made clear in his ministry (that “the prophets could only speculate about”) and that was ‘       The
Bonus’being ‘   Sonship to Yahweh’ ‘ Bride of Christ’being given only by Yahweh in His Greater/Special Judgement at the 1st 2nd C of JCg that
                                     , The
will occur relatively soon.
Matt. 10v42 og Also who ever gives drink/waters to one (of the) little ones (young in The Fidelity) of these a cup cool
Matt. 10v42                                                                                                                   s
                        (thus refreshing water = the knowledge of Yahweh being refreshing, when in this world under Satan’ jurisdiction/control)
Matt. 10v42 og merely/only into the name/authority/character (of the) disciple, truly I say to you neither/never not will
Matt. 10v42 og {fully loosing}/perishing the reward/hire/wages/payment of him.
Matt. 10v42    This verse now wraps up the earlier verses by telling us that this reward becomes guaranteed.
“Drinks” means in The Bible the same as “eats”. It is an active/doing word that means takes something into the body to consume it. “To consume it
within the body” means to ‘ the thing taken in’(and digested) and display it in your lifestyle. Thus JC is telling us take in the cool water.
“Cool” means refreshing. It refreshes a weary body – brings out new life.
“Water” always means ‘     Knowledge/Information’and in this instance The Knowledge that Yahweh imparts upon a willing listening individual.
Thus JC is saying: ‘  take in the knowledge that I desire to give to you from Yahweh for your own edification.’
But moreover in this specific verse JC is speaking of those brethren becoming TCs who then give this “cool water” to new people who are presently
spiritually pained/oppressed/{cannot see a future}/{weary of present life} by the world under Satan’ inept/useless administration. These new people
if they digest this cool water will be invigorated with new life and personality as they take on this water of Yahweh’ knowledge to create a new
personality that Paul speaks of in his letters/epistles.
            And what does JC say about these TC’ who by definition of a TC are actively working in an accurate manner?
“They will not loose the reward/payment/wages” from their active work. Thus they are cementing/consolidating the future reward = The Expectation.
Fulfilment of prophecy in Isa.61v4-11 where the 144000 shall become the bride adorned for her husband JC, where the 144000 are loved by The
                                                   s                                                   s
Father-in-Law grafting in these humans of JC’ creation to become the intimate part of Yahweh’ family – to rebuild The World by teaching
them righteousness in The Millennium.
Matt.   11v1 og       Also occurred/happened because finished the JC {gave command}/instituted/appointed to the 12
Matt.   11v1 og       disciples of him, he moved/passed from the (specific) place of the (one) (to) teach also (to)
Matt.   11v1 og       proclaim/herald/preach in the cities of them.
Matt.   11v2 og       And the (one =) John (the Baptist) hearing in to the prison the works/labour of the JC,
Matt.   11v2 og       sending/dispatching 2 of the disciples of him.
Matt.   11v3 og       Said (the 2 disciples) to him (JC): “You are the (one = Messiah) coming, or another should we look for?”
Matt.   11v4 og       Also answering the JC said to him: “Go/journey/travel relate/declare/report (to) John (the Baptist) what
Matt.   11v4 og       you hear/reported/understand also see/observe:
Matt.   11v5 og       Blind (ones) receive sight, also lame (ones) walk about, lepers are cleansed, also deaf (ones) hear,
Matt.   11v5 og       dead/corpse (ones) raise/stand, also beggars/distressed (ones) are given the gospel.
Matt.   11v5           The reader must understand that when the word ‘    poor’is used in standard bible translations, this is actually a mistranslation.
The correct translation always means beggars/distressed (in their life), thus the true meaning has nothing to do with materially poor (that the worldly
Christians keep harping upon for the fleshly body being only secondary in nature – see Acts.6v2). But rather = those individuals knowing they are
beggars needing food = spiritual knowledge of Yahweh = The Gospel of The Good News of The Millennium and the FULL implications of its
requirements. Also to be strictly correct all the those examples of humans in distress are allegoric because The Bible is always written at two levels.
Thus Jesus is stating that he has explained and demonstrated the nearness of The Acceptable Year of The Lord and thus in allegoric terms:
The Blind are those who can see and understand Yahweh’ Knowledge and thus can walk forward without bumping into the obstacles of The World.
The Lame who hobbled within the detritus of this world can leap freely away from the bonds that this world used to hold over them.
The Lepers being diseased by having their body frame stunted, scarred and hiding away in the darkness come out freely into the world to imitate JC.
The Deaf, made deaf by the rubbish spouted in worldly wisdom have their ears opened to The Knowledge of Yahweh.
This is what The Knowledge of “The Acceptable Year of The Lord” gives out to The World – being precisely the opposite to what Satan desires which
is precisely why we have the rubbish, being the worldly wisdom given out by worldly Christian Leaders of the 1800 or so years!
Note: Not all Christian leaders are worldly – but just the majority of them in the same ration as The Pharisees in the day of JC – thus the reader must
use The Bible to audit their leader against what The Quality Manual of The Bible states – are they precisely imitating JC – if not - then leave them!
Matt. 11v6 og Also blessed/{supremely fortunate/happy} is (the one) who ever not (is) stumbled/apostatised/offended
Matt. 11v6 og in me. (TCs are supremely happy in their present work because ultimately they become Sons of God upon their resurrection)!
Matt. 11v7 og And these (ones = John’ disciples) (were) going/journeying/travelling/returning (back to John to tell him, then)
Matt. 11v7 og began the (JC) to exclaim/state to the crowds concerning John (being JC’ relative and very close friend):
Matt.   11v7 og       “What did you go out into the wilderness to behold/see? A reed by wind being shaken?”
Matt.   11v8 og       But what did you go out to see/understand/perceive? A man in soft/comfortable garments having
Matt.   11v8 og       been clothed? Behold/Look the (ones = rulers in) the soft/comfortable wearing (clothes) in the houses
Matt.   11v8 og       of the kings/sovereigns are (see ending note of 11v5 being applicable to all those imitating Jesus – see Paul’ example).
Matt.   11v9 og       But what did you go out to see/understand/perceive? (The) Prophet?
Matt.   11v9 og       Yes I say to you also (one = John) more excellent/{super abundant}/superior than (of the) prophet.

Matt.   11v10 og       For this is (the one) concerning whom it has been written (Mal.3v1):
Matt.   11v10 og       Prophecy: Behold/Look! I {sent forth}/dispatched the messenger/angel (John the Baptist) of Mine (Yahweh)
Matt.   11v10 og       before/{in front}/preceding (of the) face/presence/person of you (JC) who shall
Matt.   11v10 og       construct/{prepare thoroughly}/equip/build the way/journey/progress of you (JC)
Matt.   11v10 og       before/presence/sight of you (JC).
Matt.   11v10           I think it is very useful/constructive to quote this quotation directly from Malachi in context because it sets the scene to how
bad the world is in its “double speak” then and now, by the religious leaders who should know very much better! It cannot be atheists or general
worldly religions other than “the nation who is to represent Yahweh at the appropriate time” because it would not be as such a personal matter as
                          The                                                                               s          s
the script shows to us. ‘ Nation’was Jewish then and it is now The Christian Nation who represent’ Yahweh’ Word most completely through
Christ Jesus’ministry – being The Witness of Yahweh!
            Malachi 2v17 (direct word for word ancient Hebrew).
            v17. You (humans, specifically religious leaders of the times) wearied Yahweh with the words of you, but you ask: ‘                       By
           how we wearied You?’
           By you saying: ‘ of you (are as) one doing of evil (say this is) good in the eyes of Yahweh! And with them He
           is well pleased.’Or. ‘Where (is) god (= JCg) of the justice?’
           Malachi 3v1,2,3.
           (This next line is about John the Baptist coming just prior to the coming of JC in his ministry).
           v1. See I (JCg) sending messenger (John) of me (JCg) and he (John) will prepare way before me (JC).
           (This next line is of JC coming about 2000 years later as JCg at his 1st 2nd C just prior to The Millennium).
           Then suddenly he (JCg) will come to temple of him (= his Bride at the 1st 2nd C) the Lord (JCg) whom you ones (=
           religious leaders) seeking of, even the messenger of the covenant (= TCs of The Gospel Age) whom you ones (= religious
           leaders are) desiring (to be – but are not accepted by Yahweh to be part of The Bride as Sons of God).
           (This) He says Yahweh of Hosts (= Armies = power to enforce His Decrees = HS) (= This WILL occur as I have decreed)
           (Now in v2,3 we enter The Millennium period of 1000 years where righteousness is taught and humans have to learn how to be good!)
           v2. But who enduring of (The) Day (= The Millennium) to come his? (Thus something must be done about this)!
           And who the one standing when to appear him (JCg) for he (JCg) like fire one refining (= the resurrected humans are
           having the dross of sin squeezed out of their unrighteous thought processes) or like soap of ones being launderers.
           (In both instances the humans are being refined/washed clean by taking in righteousness to be made pure in their thought processes. If the
           ‘ore’cannot be refined enough or the dirt too persistent in the ‘ cloth’then the resultant of that person is too bad [= refusing to learn
           righteousness] then they face their/The 2nd Death of utter annihilation).
           v3. And he (JCg) will sit one refining and one purifying silver and he will purify (the) sons of Levi and he (JCg)
           will purify them like the gold and like the silver then they will be to Yahweh men bringing offering in
           righteousness. (= The culmination after the final 3.5 years at the end of The Millennium where all those who survive are now fully
            acceptable to be presented to Yahweh).
                        What does “Sons of Levi” mean?
            Levi was the tribe of Israel who had the priests taken out of it to administer temple duties within the Temple of God.
            Thus we reason here, that the TCs taken out of ‘ Christian Nation’resurrected as the kings/priests into The Millennium now teach the
            sinful/unrighteous (as considered by Yahweh during His “Greater Judgement” of the 1st 2nd C) resurrected fleshly humans (= sons)
The reader must understand the structure of hierarchy in The Universe and specific protocols showing the layers of authority and responsibility
which must all be demonstrated – else it could always be claimed “it was not ratified/communicated correctly”.
Thus we have Yahweh (= The Ultimate Authority) Who has the overall plan/structure of how things are to be. This is communicated through to
                                                                 s                                          s
the/our world by our creator being JCg. It is JC (being JCg’ personality placed in the flesh by Yahweh’ HS) who is the intercessor to the religious
leaders/representatives (but The Truth is specifically through the TCs). These representatives (who then, as intercessors being ‘   angels’/messengers)
then have the responsibility to pass Yahweh’ Word to the rest of humanity.
            Now with that background the reader is able to understand the righteous ‘    switching of responsibility’that occurs in The Scriptures.
            However standard worldly Christian doctrine has muddled everything up into utter confusion that they proudly claim “Is a mystery”!
Matt. 11v11 og Truly I say to you, not has arisen in (those) born of a woman (the) greater (than) (of the) John of the
Matt. 11v11 og Baptist. And the (one) lesser in to the kingdom of the heavens greater (than) (of the) him is.
Matt. 11v11             What does this mean?
            Sadly Christian doctrine tries to get there but ‘ looses the plot’half way though! And thus stops before reaching a satisfactory answer!
Let me quote from a recognised commentary (as an example of many I could give) to illustrate what I mean:-
            “JC affirmed both the greatness of John the Baptist and the greater privileges kingdom citizens enjoy. Great as he was, John served only
            as a forerunner who announced that the kingdom was near. Under the JC’ new covenant we enjoy the fullest benefits of kingdom life
The Col.1v13-14 quotation is just a repeat of what is stated in the worldly quotation, but does not actually answer the reason why/what/how “we
enjoy the fullest benefits”. So the reader is still left non-plussed wondering “So what!”
Basically because the worldly theologians do not understand the True Christian message and thus stop off too early!
            Let me now explain what this all logically means.
The New Covenant was enacted (proved by demonstration of utter commitment to the end) by JC shedding his blood at his murder. Yahweh
recognised the full legitimacy of JC’ ministry by resurrecting JC to return him to his former self as JCg in a spiritual body, to become “ho theos” =
‘ specific god’of us. JC now showed that those who demonstrate utter commitment to him (by imitating him) because of this
displayed/demonstrated entrusting upon JC, then they too would (as we are copiously told in The Bible) “to be repaid/rewarded” = resurrected as
Sons of God = “The Bride of JC” at the 1st 2nd C.
            But this full covenant would come into force immediately after JC’ resurrection.
But what about loyal humans being Abraham, Moses, Samuel, king David, the prophets and finally John the Baptist who all died before the covenant
came into force?
Ps 45 is a wedding song, actually a song of prophecy being the wedding between JCg and his Bride (figurative princess collectively) being the TCs.
The first section speaks of JCg being worthy and how the nations are coming to the wedding to learn righteousness.
Thus the princess being groomed is this future bride formed during the Gospel Age where she becoming more beautiful by the addition of more TCs.
The virgin companions are the great white multitude spoken of in Revelations who do not worship the beast and thus loyal to JCg.
The subject pointer starts at Yahweh (as The Overseer) having His sons (being the elected TCs to become the princess = Bride of JCg), then the
subject pointer changes to point at JCg to speak of the fathers (of JC) being the Ancient Worthies (and prophets) of Old Israel.
As we see the subject pointer change in verses 7 and 8.

Thus it is through this marriage occurring between the TCs and JCg that enables ‘ fathers’become in a position to become princes in The
Millennium period. It is because the TCs were successful, then because of their success Yahweh can righteously use His HS to appoint these Ancient
Worthies (and prophets) in to a better position than otherwise possible because they too ‘       pre-emulated’what these TCs were able to do.
JC spoke of in many of his parables and also demonstrated in his 1st miracle (see John 2v11) explain this verse 11v11.
We are told of the marriage between JCg and his Bride. We are also told there are guests at this wedding.
We are also told the prophets and Ancient Worthies are reclining in the kingdom of the heavens (Matt.8v11).
Clearly ‘ Bride’comprises of the TCs who become Sons of God during The Gospel Age. But “the guests” are all those righteous humans who died
prior to the death and resurrection of JC. The Bible is not specifically clear quite how the guests are presented. I can only surmise that perhaps they
do not have the full and unimpeded access to Yahweh’ full power at ‘        their finger tips’being the HS which the Bridegroom and Bride have full
access. Perhaps other than this they are similar in every other aspect having different positions of responsibility in the organisation that oversees the
training of the resurrected fleshly humans during The Millennium period.
Matt. 11v12 og And from of the days (of the) John of the Baptist until (the) present (time) the kingdom of the heavens
Matt. 11v12 og {to be taken by force}/seized/impetus, also energetic/vigorous/enthusiastic seize/grasp/grab (the) same.
Matt. 11v12              What does this mean?
Access to ‘ kingdom of the Heavens’was ‘          never on offer’nor did Yahweh ever place it within any covenant of His to humans prior to his Son JCg
coming to earth. Though something special was prophesied earlier but they (prophets) could not understand what it would be. Even righteous Job
said that he would stand in the flesh on the Last Day (= The Millennium). So we conclude this passport to inheriting ‘ kingdom of Heavens’was
something new that JC brought ‘ the party’during his ministry period.
             After that preamble let us now understand the verse.
“And from the days of John the Baptist until the present time” means the time period commencing from John the Baptist’ preaching of JC’               s
coming kingdom continuing through JC’ ministry which started The Gospel Age and into the present period as you read this now! John the Baptist
prepared the way for JC and the message being preached which was that something new is offered to a particular group of humans.
But while this wonderful offer was presented – it came with ‘     strings attached’  .
The ‘ attached strings’were that Yahweh would only offer it to those humans who He, Yahweh, considered worthy enough to be honoured with this
wonderful gift of Sonship – to be His Sons chosen by Himself (at “the greater judgement”). To be considered worthy they would have to imitate JC to
                                                               s                                       s
the very best of their ability = 100%. Though one person’ 100% would be different to another’ 100% - hence the 5 talent man gaining 5 talents and
the 2 talent man gaining 2 talents that fully explains this understanding.
Very Important Note: The worldly Christian Doctrine has completely muddled up what JC actually did for us. They falsely understand that:
             JC’ undeserved gift was to give eternal life to all those who believe in him.
Right and Wrong. But actually his undeserved gift was:
             To give everyone who has ever lived an opportunity to learn and then practice righteousness by making our 1st death become just asleep.
If we subsequently practice righteousness - then we live forever.
             1. The human will only receive this new bonus on offer spoken of in the 1st part of this verse (being a Son of God in The Kingdom of
             heavens) if they practice the 2nd part of this verse during the 1st part of their life.
             2. The vast majority will practice righteousness in the 2nd part of their life being their very last opportunity, which becomes a
             crisis/decision/judgement for them because they do not have the bonus of being a Son of God in a spiritual body – where as The Bible tells
             us The 2nd Death cannot hurt/{have power over} us Rev.2v11, 20v6.
                         We now enter the 2nd part of the verse.
“have the impetus/voracity also energetic/enthusiastic to seize the kingdom of heavens” = means the Christian can only become a TC by imitating
                               s                                                                              s
JC. This means copying JC’ lifestyle = spending all their spare time in accurately preaching Yahweh’ Word to strangers and displaying the fruits
of the HS in their lifestyle every minute of their life. Thus to become a Son of God means a TC must desire it enough to go out and grasp it, by
working very hard with voracity and energy to desire the kingdom of heavens (= Sons of God).
             At this point we now move straight into v13 in context.
Matt. 11v13 og For every/all the prophets also The Law until John (the Baptist) prophesied.
Matt. 11v13              JC is just reaffirming the whole point I make in v12. The prophets did not understand exactly what was on offer but they did
know ‘                                               s
        something great’was possible when God’ special servant (= JC) came in the future. The Law (as I explain in detail elsewhere) set the
righteous standard of works for JC to be judged worthy against by Yahweh and ‘         seen to be’by all other entities of The Universe for the point I make
in Rev 5v3.
So JC is stating all this was prophesied by the prophets and The Law that held sway as prophecy until John started preaching to prepare the way for
JC to change it from prophecy to one of fulfilment.
Matt. 11v14 og Also if you are willing/desire/delight to receive he is Elijah the (one) about/afterwards/yet to come.
Matt. 11v14              The point JC is making here is that you Jews are waiting for Elijah (the one out of two taken by God in the past and from
Mal.4v5) and you think it is John the Baptist, then good because you will now listen to him!
If you listen to him then you will take in what he says to you for your own edification – then you will now listen to what I, JC have to say (because
John has come to prepare the ways of me for humans to listen to me).
However while the above is true, I can assure the reader that JC is saying something far more profound than just this statement – he is telling us of
(confirming) the future prophecy of Rev.11v3 (to be scribed by John under the authorship of JCg’ guidance some 60+ years later).
             What is this?
The clue is the words “he is Elijah the one about/afterwards/yet to come.” Thus Elijah is yet to come.
                                        s                s
      1. John the Baptist herald’ and enters JC’ ministry.
                                                     st nd
      2. Rev.11v3 herald’ and enters JCg’ 1 2 C.  s
Rev.11v3 tells us of two witnesses = two people who saw something and can testify to it.
This has not yet occurred but in the next few decades this will occur – so please watch out for it.
They testify to The World about God’ plan and those humans who enjoy The World hates them for it (so much so, that in the end they are killed for
their efforts – Rev.11v7).
These 2 humans, for them to be witnesses must have been there (throughout time) to see the important events of the world’ history to testify about
them as witnesses (seems a logical assumption).
There are only 2 humans that The Bible tells us in The Old Testament who have never died, but as we are told, have been translated/taken by God (as
we are further told) “so that they should not see death!” These two people were Enoch and Elijah.
Enoch prior to The Flood and Elijah after the flood.
             Why? - We must ask ourselves.
Because Enoch can speak of the events prior to and after the flood – and The World will think him a fool/imbecile!
When he will say: “I witnessed it!”
Then both he and Elijah will speak of ‘ life of JC’       (because two entities were always present at important events) – and The World will think both of
them are fools/imbeciles. When they will say: “We both witnessed it.”
             And the world will still ignore them!

Then they will speak of JC’ very impending 1st 2nd C – and The World will laugh at them and still ignore The Bible (= by not inculcating it within
their hearts).
Please read the rest in context around Rev.11v3.
Matt. 11v15 og The (one) having ears to hear, to him hear. (= Take in spiritual knowledge on how to live and practice it).
Matt. 11v16 og And to what shall I compare the generation this? (Meaning the generation at the time when a stupendous event
Matt. 11v16            occurs, clearly to the Jews then, but also the generation at the end times when all prophecy unfolds, just as it did with JC).
Matt. 11v16 og It is like little children in (of the) markets/streets sitting/residing also calling/exclaiming/summoning
Matt.   11v16 og to the mates/friends/companions of them.
Matt.   11v16    The ‘children’means all those humans who have very little spiritual knowledge in knowing how to please Yahweh.
Matt.   11v17 og Also saying: “We piped/{made music}/flutist to you, also not you did dance. We mourned/lamented
Matt.   11v17 og to you, also not you did wail/{beat breast in grief}/{cut down in sorrow}.
Matt.   11v17    These ‘children’are declaring to JC by saying: Look - we are enjoying ourselves in the world by doing worldly things, but look
at you JC. There must be something wrong with you JC because you are miserable, different and strange by you not partaking in our worldly things!
Matt. 11v18 og For came John (the Baptist) neither eating not drinking, also they say: ‘ demon he has.’    A
Matt. 11v18           Continuing the theme of v17. JC is saying about these ‘        .
                                                                             children’ You declare just because John the Baptist lives in the
wilderness away from you humans (who yourselves are enjoying all the different worldly things that you eat and drink) then he must have the demon
and not yourselves. Because you cannot believe that it is you who are wrong!
Matt. 11v19 og Came the Son of Man(kind) eating also drinking, also they say:
Matt. 11v19 og ‘Behold a man gluttonous/{excessive eater} also a {wine-drinker}/winebibber/tippler.
Matt. 11v19 og (To the) tax-collectors a friend also (to the) sinners.
Matt. 11v19    But now I (JC) come onto the scene and unlike John the Baptist I come into the towns and cities, mixing with certain groups of
humans to bring them The Fidelity and thus draw them out from of the world, then you now declare me to be an excessive drinker and eater.
Matt. 11v19 og Also was justified the (one having) wisdom by to the child (produced) of her.’
Matt. 11v19                                                                                                                      s
                        Wisdom is the accurate application of spiritual knowledge (gained from Yahweh) operating within one’ lifestyle. Thus JC is
             You religious leaders find every excuse to discredit my name before the populace, but irrespective of whatever you say; the wisdom I
             operate under, demonstrated by my actions, is justified by the fruits of my works.
Thus JC means: I came to spread the Word of Yahweh to the world just as you religious leaders are supposed to do. The result of the preaching work
is that the ones who listen to me understand what they are supposed to do and thus try to imitate me (JC) in their lifestyle and consequently fulfil
          s                                                                                                                               of
Yahweh’ Desire of them. The ones, who listen to you (worldly religious leaders), imitate you and thus consequently follow the desires ‘ the world’   .
And that also happened in the day of JC, which is precisely why he said it then and as a warning for us of today!
             I am only speaking as an auditor of what I see around me in the world and asking: ‘Please analyse/{look closely} at yourself!’
Matt. 11v20 og Then (JC) began reviled/taunt/reproached the cities in which had occurred the most miracles/
Matt. 11v20 og {acts of power/HS}/{wondrous signs} of his, because not they had repented (= changed their lifestyle).
Matt.   11v21 og     “Woe/alas to you Chorazin; Woe/alas to you Bethsaida! Because if in Tyre also Sodom occurred
Matt.   11v21 og     {acts of power/HS}/{wondrous signs}/miracles the (ones = miracles) occurring/happening in you,
Matt.   11v21 og     (then) long ago wish/desire in sackcloth also ashes they (would) had repented (= changed their lifestyle).”
Matt.   11v22 og     However I exclaim/state to you: “For Tyre also for Sodom more tolerable it will be in (The) Day of
Matt.   11v22 og     Judgement/Crisis (= The Millennium when all those resurrected in fleshly bodies must live a righteous lifestyle, else face
Matt.   11v22 og     The 2nd Death) than for you (fully explained in 10v15).
Matt.   11v23 og     Also you Capernaum the (one = city) to/until (all time) of the heaven (singular = sky) have been exulted
Matt.   11v23 og     (above all cities because JC’ operations base was here) to/until (all time) Hades/{hole in the ground}/grave
Matt.   11v23 og     (= covered up never to be seen or spoken of again) you will be cast/thrust down, because if in Sodom had
Matt.   11v23 og     occurred the {acts of power/HS}/{wondrous signs}/miracles the (ones = miracles) occurring/happening
Matt.   11v23 og     in you (the) (= Sodom) would remain of the today.”
Matt.   11v24 og     However I exclaim/state to you: “Because (the) land of Sodom more tolerable it will be in (The) Day of
Matt.   11v24 og     Judgement/Crisis than for you (see v22).”
Matt.   11v25 og     At the (specific [= that]) to the time answering the JC said:
Matt.   11v25 og     “I give praise/{agree fully}/avow/promise to You Father, Lord of the heaven (singular = sky) also of the
Matt.   11v25 og     earth (= everything pertaining to this presently sinful planet because ultimately it will return back to Yahweh), because
Matt.   11v25 og     You concealed/{kept secret}/hide these (things) from sophisticated/{worldly wise} also
Matt.   11v25 og     cunning/sagacious/prudent (= those having a ‘         good’brain = academics) also revealed them
Matt.   11v25 og     (= things of Godly knowledge/understanding) to babes (being those not deemed worldly mighty within academia – ref to
Pharisees saying about the disciples: “Where has all their learning come from?” – For the disciples had not attended Rabbinic seminaries).
Matt. 11v25          What is JC saying here?
Quite simply put, it goes back to heart condition. “JCg is the heart-knower” and will place Yahweh’ HS into those specific individuals who will use
it wisely. Yahweh’ HS will develop the best/attuned attributes of what the TC recipient has at the time and place.
Sadly many of those who climb up in academia consider themselves ‘ cut above others’and thus do not have the correct heart condition for JCg to
place Yahweh’ HS within. It is those within academia who behave like this (with an unrepentant and arrogant heart) only have themselves to blame
if they are presently in that position. What is worse – would be those leaders who claim to have Yahweh’ HS but their lifestyle clearly shows that
they do not! JC actually said in his day: These academics with human given ‘    Doctorates of Divinity’behaving in a less than ideal fashion, are thus
clearly hypocrites!
            What a human should desire, is to have a Doctorate of Divinity issued by Yahweh (and not that issued from The World)!
Matt.   11v26 og      Yes the Father, because thus it was {well pleasing}/delightful/satisfying before/{in presence of} You
Matt.   11v27 og      All (things) to me (JC) were yielded/given/committed by of the Father (= Yahweh) of mine.
Matt.   11v28 og      Come towards me all (persons = Brethren aiming to become TCs) the (ones) labouring (= a bit more than just belief)
Matt.   11v28 og      also being burdened (= spiritual anxiety = much in Satan’ world) by also I give rest/ease/refresh to you.
Matt.   11v28                                                                                               s
                      (Because JC gives The Word of Yahweh, the knowledge gives wisdom on how to conduct one’ lifestyle to honour Yahweh.)

Matt.   11v29 og Take/bear/lift the yoke/coupling (= become part of the enjoined servitude with JCg to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire and
Matt.   11v29 og ultimately the union of marriage = The Bride of JCg) of mine upon you (= lifestyle) also learn from me, because
Matt.   11v29 og meek/gentle/humble I am also lowly/{cast down}/depressed the heart (= do not inwardly exult yourself above
Matt.   11v29 og others, but be subservient) also you will find/obtain/perceive recreation/rest to the life/soul of you.
Matt.   11v29    I just ask the reader this one question:
             Is this what you see behind the painted façade of those claiming much within the world?
             Remember when 2 people walk into a room, actually it is 8 people who really walk into that room (not just the 6 as commonly used)!
There are:
           1.   The first 2 people - is “how they see themselves”.
           2.   Another 2 people – is “how they see each other”.
           3.   Another 2 people - is “how the world as a whole sees them”.
           4.   And finally - “how Yahweh sees and assesses the 2 people individually!”
Reason very carefully on the above. Clearly they are all important and the characters in (1) must fully get a grip on how they should behave to ensure
that they maximise the pleasure/delight of The One in (4). But sadly most people please (1) and put a façade on for (2) and (3), utterly ignoring (4).
Matt. 11v30 og For the yoke/coupling of mine (the) easy/kind/good/ideal/useful also the burden/task/service of mine
Matt. 11v30 og (that I offer to you to take up by becoming a TC) light/easy is.
Matt. 12v1 og At the (specific = that) to the season went the JC to the Sabbath through of the grain-fields, and the
Matt. 12v1 og disciples (of the) him hungered also started to pluck/pick heads (of the wheat) also to eat (the grains).
Matt. 12v2 og And the Pharisees seeing said (to the) him (JC):
Matt. 12v2 og “Behold/Look the disciples of you are doing what is not lawful to do in (to the) Sabbath.”
Matt. 12v3 og And the (one = JC) said to them: “Not did you read what did David (to be king David some 1000 years earlier)
Matt. 12v3 og because he hungered himself also the (ones = band of me) with (of the) him?
Matt. 12v4 og How he (David) went into the house of the God (= Temple of Jerusalem), also the loaves of the presentation
Matt. 12v4 og he ate, which not lawful it was (to the) him (the) eat, nor for the (ones) with (of the) him,
Matt. 12v4 og if not (= except) (for) the priests only.
Matt. 12v5 og Or not did you read in to The Law (of Moses) because (on) the Sabbaths the priests in to the temple
Matt.   12v5 og         profane/desecrate also guiltless are?
Matt.   12v5            = Have you not read in The Law that Priests are able to do temple work on the Sabbath and in doing so profane the Sabbath.
Matt.   12v6 og         And I say to you because of the (one = JC) temple (the) greater than is here.
Matt.   12v6            = And I say to you because you should know that one greater than the temple is here.
            What does all this really mean?
            It means a bit more than just what worldly Christianity says being that:
                “Good deeds are more important than all the little laws that the Pharisees created after The Law of Moses was given.”
So giving the full explanation:
The temple being our means to gain knowledge of Yahweh as king Solomon stated in his inauguration speech of The physical Temple = ‘ people of
the world who turn to this temple then Yahweh will answer them’ (See 1Kings.8v22-53, 2Chron.6v12-42).
JC was this spiritual temple and thus those who turn to him (= entrust upon him) then Yahweh will answer them because they are TCs.
‘ bread’is the knowledge to give life (= how to live a righteous lifestyle). Thus David and his followers were hungry and thus eat this bread for
                                        s          the
their physical salvation. Similarly JC’ body is ‘ bread of life’meaning that if we consider ourselves to be spiritually hungry (as beggars) then we
gladly feed by taking in the knowledge from Yahweh though JC being the temple = where we come for this knowledge.
JC is further making the point that it will be priests working on The Sabbath Day doing Yahweh’ work. As I explain in John, the Sabbath represents
The 1000 year Millennium period (being the 7th Day of perfection/completeness of The Acceptable Year of The Lord) where the TCs are resurrected
as Priests to teach righteousness to the resurrected fleshly humans under the Kingship of JCg. And thus these priests desire to carry out the work of
Yahweh to His satisfaction on The Sabbath Day (= The Millennium see v8).
Matt. 12v7 og And if you had known what it is (Hosea.6v6):
Matt. 12v7 og Prophecy: Mercy I desire/delight/pleasure, also not sacrifice.
Matt. 12v7              (Hosea 6v6 goes on to say : “and the knowledge of Yahweh more than burnt offerings”)
Matt. 12v7 og           not would you have judged the guiltless.
Matt. 12v7              = I (JCg speaking on behalf of Yahweh) delight in mercy and not sacrifice, You (= false religious leaders) would not be
judging the guiltless.
            Let me explain what this fully means (because it is tied in with the additional part of Hosea = knowledge of Yahweh):
Yahweh desires to show all humans mercy and not that they should be justified by relying upon sacrifices.
However His steadfast edict says if you sin (being the mind leading the body = thoughts driving the visible works), you die.
Thus the present dilemma between the edict and our present position still stands – being a chasm between!
The sacrifices at the time prior to JC just provided a temporary covering over the chasm, but JC’ Undeserved Gift provided a solid bridge to allow
everyone not to be judged (because we are demonstrated as being guilty) a safe pass to Yahweh provided they were guiltless – just as we are told here
(Yahweh would not be judging the guiltless).
I need to explain this bit – because there is a deliberate spin being placed on the prophetic text.
We are all guilty irrespective of what any one of us does in the 1st part of our life – we have all proved that!
Somehow we must demonstrate we are guiltless before we can come across the bridge (of JC) to be with Yahweh.
When we are considered/deemed as being guiltless (thus judged as being perfect) then we can walk across the bridge.
            How can something that is demonstrated by works as being guilty become guiltless so that they be judged as perfect in The
            Special/Greater Judgement made by Yahweh at the end of The Gospel Age?
The mechanism is the bridge that JC provided, but that is only half of the explanation.
The 2nd half that is never preached accurately, but the opposite is preached by worldly Christians based upon thoughts driving their works.
The 2nd half that is never preached is to take upon each of ourselves The Desire of Yahweh and inculcate it within our lifestyles = to imitate JC.
Now as this website keeps explaining there are two opportunities to perform The Desire of Yahweh and imitate JC, and thus be in the position to then
walk across the named bridge = The Bridge of JC by taking on his name/character/authority (= imitate JC) and being accepted by Yahweh on the
other side.
The opportunities are:-
      1. During the 1st part of your life. Aim to become a TC, chosen/elected from out of The Christian Nation at large. To be
            chosen/picked/elected means from out of a pool of others who have the same ‘            .
                                                                                             belief’ By definition, this pool cannot be from non-
            Christians, which infers others are not chosen out of The Christian Nation (just as Paul tells us in his ‘ Race’example). The Bible keeps

            telling us it will only be a few – not many – thus many people as The Bible tells us “will be disappointed” (and shall be “gnashing their
            teeth” and spitting out “did we not do these things in your name”).
       2. During the 2nd part of your life (after resurrection). The vast majority of us then having missed the prize that Paul spoke of in his race for
            Sonship being option (1) above, thus have the last opportunity to learn how to think and then produce works like JC. This is process of
            learning righteousness, being generated within the womb to be correctly termed “Born Again” and thus acceptable before Yahweh upon
            the final part at your delivery after the 3.5 year test at the end of The Millennium (please read “Born Again” in Glossary).
            If any person refuses to take up righteousness, by not demonstrating righteousness in their works driven by righteous thoughts, then they
            are ‘ still’born = dead, by effectively meeting their/The 2nd Death and never being “Born Again” alive at delivery = annihilation.
Can the reader see the utter/complete righteousness of Yahweh’ Plan to ultimate salvation for those who desire to exercise righteous for the
wellbeing of themselves and of society as a whole?
            No entity in The Universe could ever declare Yahweh is unrighteous in His methodology.
Those of (1) are NOT judged upon their sinful works by Yahweh because as I explain elsewhere their sincere thoughts driving their works imitate JC,
by truly entrusting upon JC. They are judged upon thoughts = their fervent desire is to become The Delight of The Father so they are not judged upon
works, because the past having been wiped clean by JC. They become “Born Again” upon their resurrection as being acceptable by Yahweh to
become His Sons. Because this is election for sonship to Yahweh based upon The Individual’ Mind desiring to imitate JC with fidelity then it is a
Special/Greater Judgement all as The Bible tells us – being exactly the opposite to what worldly Christian Leaders teach us in utter error.
Those of (2) are resurrected and now effectively enter the state that those of (1) who became TCs, to now demonstrate righteous works during their
learning period of The Millennium driven by their mind learning righteousness within a then righteous society under JC and his bride’ complete
control. But these resurrected humans in perfected fleshly bodies are still in ‘ womb’learning and appreciating what it is like have Yahweh’ HS      s
within them working prior to the 3.5 year thrust by the released Satan at the end of The Millennium. After which as I explained above, if they
successfully pass the assay/test then spiritually they will become “Born Again” to become acceptable to Yahweh – just as Adam and Eve were prior
to their sinning. These individuals now become sons of JCg who were the ones created by JCg originally.
            But the reader is now able to see through this whole absolutely wonderful plan that Yahweh has produced more proven through adversary
            Sons of God from what was just the fleshly creation of His son JCg.
What a wonderful Prize that “The Prophets of old looked for but did not understand”.
This is the wonderful Prize that JC made known to those (= TCs) who desired to imitate him.
This was the wonderful Prize that the apostles, and Paul knew of but had to “hold back from his listeners because it was too much for them and thus
had to speak in code for The World”, so that it would only be disclosed by Yahweh’ HS at the correct time during The Gospel Age – being at the end
of it.
Matt. 12v8 og For Lord is also of the Sabbath the Son of the Man(kind) (see John.19v31).
Matt. 12v8               As I explain in many places, JC is resurrected as JCg demonstrating he is the rightful king to take his rightful position over this
planet when Yahweh deems that it should occur. It will become clearly visible so very soon because there are very many signs that show the
prophecies of The Bible are all pointing to a time very soon to occur (relative to the 2000 years of the whole Gospel Age). When JCg assumes powers
and constrains Satan to bring in The Millennium period this becomes the 7th 1000 year block being The One of completeness (= 7th ) where all
humans are finally graded during and after being taught righteousness through the overseeing of the Kings and Priests (former prophets and TCs).
This becomes ‘ 7th Day of Rest’from Satan’ turmoil during the previous 6 days (= 6000 years). JCg thus becomes The Lord of the 7th Day = Lord
                 the                               s
of The Sabbath = The Lord of The Millennium.
Matt. 12v9 og Also moving from (the specific) place he came/entering into the synagogue of them.
Matt.   12v10 og       Also behold/look, a man was the hand having withered/shrunken/useless, also they asked/questioned
Matt.   12v10 og       him saying: “If (it is the) lawful the Sabbaths (to the) heal? That they might accuse (of the) him.
Matt.   12v11 og       And the (one = JC) said to them: What will be of you a man who will, having sheep, one also if fall
Matt.   12v11 og       (this occurring (on) the Sabbath) into a pit, not will lay hold of (the) same (fallen sheep) also raise (it)?
Matt.   12v12 og       How much now excel/better/surpass/superior a man (than) a sheep.
Matt.   12v12          = A man is much more superior than a sheep.
Thus JC is saying to the Pharisees: You tell me that I am working on The Sabbath to help a man become whole and that you consider this wrong. But
you would say nothing to a shepherd going out to rescue a sheep in pain on The Sabbath Day!
Further to us the reader, JC is saying. I am the shepherd who is going to heal all humans from their present pain of the 1st part of their life when
resurrected into the 2nd part of their life during The Millennium being The Sabbath Day of 1000 years (see Glossary).
Matt. 12v13 og Then he says to the man: Stretch out the hand of you, also he stretched out also it was restored
Matt. 12v13 og sound/solid/wholesome as the other (hand).
Matt. 12v13                                                                                    s
               Thus JC is showing us by nearness of application of The Millennium (being Yahweh’ Acceptable Year) where all humans shall
have their DNA infirmities corrected/repaired and thus become perfectly wholesome.
Matt. 12v14 og And the Pharisees (the) council/{deliberation of people}/{lay-court} took against him (JC)
Matt. 12v14 og {issuing out} (= giving out ideas/opinions) how (the) him (JC) they might destroy/kill.
Matt. 12v15 og And the JC knowing (of this plot) withdrew/departed from the (specific) place.
Matt. 12v15 og Also followed (to the) him (JC) crowds many also he healed them all/every (persons).
Matt. 12v16 og Also admonished/charged/censured/warned them that not manifest/{make known}/publicise (the) him
Matt. 12v16 og (JC) they should make/do.
Matt. 12v16    The sole reason why JC did not want those who had been healed to broadcast this knowledge was because JC did not want to
be known as the ‘  local doctor’of the fleshly body. He wanted to be known as the ‘local doctor’of the spiritual (see Glossary) mind, because JC came
for the mind, being the thought processes of righteousness that are to be saved – not the rotting fleshly body! He only wanted humans to come to him
because they desired to become ultimately TCs chosen by Yahweh = The Bride of Christ at the 1st 2nd C.
Compare this with the worldly religious charlatans of today who gain worldly prestige and make so much money from the pretence of miraculous
healing – the contrast between the sincerity of what JC did and the self-indulgence of what these worldly Christian leaders do today is just so stark!
Please treat this as a serious warning – audit your worldly leaders against what The Bible specifically teaches us!
Matt. 12v17 og So that might be fulfilled the (things) spoken though Isaiah of the prophet saying (Isa.42v1-4):
Matt. 12v18 og Prophecy: Behold/Look! The servant/slave (= JC) of Mine (= Yahweh) whom I chose, the dearly/beloved
Matt. 12v18 og of Mine into whom has delighted the life/soul (= conscious existence) of Mine, I will put the Spirit of
Matt. 12v18 og Mine upon him, also judgement to the nations he (JCg) will declare/pronounce/tell/announce/report.
Matt. 12v19 og Prophecy: Not he will strive/wrangle/quarrel nor {cry out}/clamour/{make commotion} nor will
Matt. 12v19 og hear/{take in}/understand any (person) in the streets the voice/articulation/disclosure (of the) him.
Matt. 12v20 og Prophecy: (The) Reed/plant (having been) crushed/broken/bruised not (he = JC) will
Matt. 12v20 og {crack apart}/{render in pieces}, also flax/wick smouldering/smoking (= consume without flames) not

Matt.   12v20 og (he = JC) will quench/{put out}/extinguish until wish/desire might eject/expel/
Matt.   12v20 og {pluck/thrust out}/{send away}/{bring forth} into victory/triumph/conquest The Judgement.
Matt.   12v21 og Prophecy: Also in to The Name of him nations entrust/expect/confide.
Matt.   12v17-21 What do these verses mean?
Clearly this prophecy was made about 650 years before JC’ ministry.s
             But when is it going to be fulfilled?
Again I must draw the reader’ attention to an example of false worldly Christian understanding to show how deficient and obscure its understanding
is for us. I am not doing this for ‘ point scoring’but to show the reader how deviously away from The Truth worldly Christian Leaders are in their
understanding of The Scriptures, so that the reader may thus become educated in knowing what to look for in these worldly commentaries.
I quote:
             “Isaiah described the coming Messiah as one who would not quarrel or cry out; no one will hear his voice in the streets (v19). Though
             Jesus often confronted the religious leaders, his first goal was to bring the kingdom of God to people in need, his ministry brought
             compassion, healing and forgiveness.”
Thus I ask: So what? Where is the author about to go with their quoted commentary? Because it has stopped before it has even got going!
Let me make a few comments on this before I explain what this all means.
       1. Verbose because the 1st part repeats what it is supposed to explain - thus not a commentary!
       2. The author recognised that JC confronted the religious leaders for not accurately representing Yahweh’ Desire – and it is so true now!
       3. His first goal was not I specifically quote: “to bring the kingdom of God to the people in need”.
       4. His ministry may have brought compassion, healing and forgiveness – full of nice sound bites but inaccurate as stands!
It is sad that I have to unpick the discrepancies in the false teachings of worldly Christianity before I can go ahead to explain what these verses mean.
Now commenting upon the points made above.
       1. This I can ignore. It is as I stated.
       2. Stated by those with worldly doctorates of divinity - not realising quite how much it actually applies to them today!
       3. Before I can even answer this I have to state the inaccuracies in their statement (of ‘    understanding’ ).
             3.1 JC never brought the kingdom of God to the people. But he brought near, by application, the kingdom of God to the people.
             Let me explain. John the Baptist and JC at the start of his ministry, also JC during his ministry told the disciples preach to the Jews “that
             the kingdom of God is near.” (see 10v7 and many other places).
             The only reason worldly Christians say this is to support the myth that JC’ kingdom is on earth now which it clearly is not when we look
             around us today! They also want a pretence to get involved in the politics of today and use this as an excuse for political involvement –
             against everything that JC preached and demonstrated!
             Further JC said: “I have come to proclaim of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year – and now this is being fulfilled.”
                           What is being fulfilled?
             It is the preaching that is being fulfilled but not that Yahweh’ Acceptable Year is here now! But we are told it is near.
             Just restating the obvious. Satan is the custodian god of this world – soon to be removed off his tarnished ‘  throne’ .
             3.2 “in need” is not qualified in print here. But in speech worldly Christians speak of those materially in need, being of the fleshly body.
             This is just not what JC spoke of. He said the poor will always be around, but he would not be. Thus the important thing is spiritual
                                                  s                                                                        s
             knowledge and how to train one’ thoughts accurately to reflect godly things rather than distract Yahweh’ message to being one of
             materialism. And again we know why they (worldly Christian Leaders) do that!
             Just restating metaphorically. The fleshly body is the domain of Satan, the spiritual body is the domain of Yahweh.
             Yahweh is after the spiritual mind that desires Him so that He might respond with a spiritual body at the 1st 2nd C.
       4. Lovely sound bites but what does it really mean? These clearly are fruits of the HS. But it does not mean that humans can do what they
             like and never be reprimanded for it, being often the very false impression given. JC tells us “he will rule with a rod of iron” in The
             Millennium and any deviants who despoil the pleasure and tranquillity of others will be severely reprimanded.
I could go on much more, but this is neither the time nor place to do it – but I am just alerting the reader to beware of the deception delivered by
worldly wisdom!
Now I shall explain what these verses really mean.
v18. Servant/slave is JC who faithfully chose to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire, for which Yahweh loved him.
             Would Yahweh love JC if JC did not perform Yahweh’ Desire in its fullness (by sinning)?
             The answer is No! Because JC would have failed in his work to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire. JC would have put Satan before Yahweh!
But in saying that, worldly Christians say ‘     Yahweh loves us’and yet we are far more miserable than JC in our thoughts and works!
             Something is a little wrong here – I would believe?
The true answer is that Yahweh will love ‘ Culmination of humans that succeed in righteousness’ At present in His righteousness, Yahweh cannot
                                                The                                                      .
love humans who are evil in both thoughts demonstrated by works! Thus Yahweh is looking forwards to the long term and hates the present short
term. This is all true irrespective of the utter confusion worldly Christian doctrine generates and then wallows within!
v18. (cont.) Yahweh will place His HS (= power to achieve His expressed Desire) into JC who as of one thought (likened to one mind) desired to
fulfil Yahweh’ Desire.
”Judgements to the nations” Utter confusion when worldly Christian doctrine gets hold of this, because JC says ‘ does not judge the world’but
               he        .
here it says ‘ does’ Thus to get over it Christian doctrine (ignores all the hundreds of other places in The Bible that tells us they are different
entities, and then) states they are the same Entity but different ‘ !  bits’
After that falsehood, now let us get to ‘ Absolute Truth’        .
Clearly Yahweh and JC (= JCg) are totally separate reasoning entities.
Thus Yahweh judges The Christian Nation to elect/{pick out} those specific individuals who are to be His Sons at the 1st 2nd C. But here it is stating
that JC to be JCg will then judge all the humans (termed “The nations”) resurrected and taught how to live a righteous life within The Millennium.
We are further told (in Rev) that those who successfully come through judgement of righteousness within The Millennium become JCg’ Sons but not
Sons of Yahweh. Those humans who refuse to learn righteousness (while living within a righteous society) will face The 2nd Death of JCg’        s
Judgement, through not reaching JCg’ required standard by not believing/entrusting upon him (thus not imitating his personality to edify their
“The nations” mean those humans outside “The New Spiritual Israel”. The New Spiritual Israel are those TCs resurrected as kings/priests who teach
righteousness to the resurrected “the nations” of The Millennium. Thus JCg judges “The nations” and not “The New Spiritual Israel” who are in
Spiritual undying bodies.
             Can the reader see the whole righteous circle of logic in this explanation?
             If not, slowly read it again and it then will hit you! Or just continue to read other passages and then understanding will come later!
“He will declare/pronounce/tell/report” means records will be made of the judgment into The 2nd Death of rebellious humans.
v19. JC did not quarrel, he just stated what he had to announce and then moved on. Just as he told his disciples to do.
JC did not make a clamour/commotion in political demonstrations. Paul told us to respect authorities and not to make their life difficult “so that it
goes well for you”. All that The Bible states here is utterly contrary to modern worldly Christian doctrine of political involvement in Satan’ regime!
Not only worldly Christianity but also its sister harlot religion of Islam where it is heavily involved in the worldly politics of ‘ brothers’all sadly to
the ‘ glory’of Satan the custodian god of this present worldly system! We as outsiders are witnesses to the human grief that these two political biased
                                        all                                                               the
worldly religions cause - of course ‘ in the name of god’but not realising that it is in the name of ‘ god of this present system’       !

As JC says (7v20): “By their fruits you shall know them” given within its own context.
People will not listen = take in and absorb his understanding because as his disciples said in John 6v60 “This word of yours is hard! – Who can
listen to it?” So people only listen to lovely sound bites put out by many religious leaders of the world that as Paul says in Timothy “To
tickle/bend/incline the ears of the listener” to ‘sweet’worldly sound-bites. This is what we see now amongst us today!
v20. ‘ Reed’was associated with humans (see 11v7). Thus JC has not come to crush humans who are presently failing under Satan’ worldly    s
system. Also those humans who are not actively doing anything but pretending they are (from no fire but smoke) he will not stop them at the moment
during The Gospel Age because he is allowing all things to be demonstrated (effectively giving then enough rope to ‘    hang’themselves). But all these
things JC will sort out when it is his desire to do this, within The Millennium Period of 1000 years when he teaches them righteousness so that the
reed can now stand straight unbroken, and the fire burn with activity. But if they do not, then JCg will judge them as unrighteous in “his conquest” of
all unrighteousness at The (Standard) Judgement of The 2nd Death (being what would have been the standard judgement at the 1st Death had Jesus
not gave his ministry and Ransom Sacrifice). “The Triumph” will be that many humans will have reformed their character enough to be considered
righteous before Yahweh and thus now become loved by Yahweh.
v21. We now enter The Culmination being the infinite time period basking within Yahweh’ pleasure after the final weeding out has occurred during
The Millennium finishing with the 3.5 year period that mimics JC’ ministry period on earth where Satan has been released for a short time (see
“The nations” now, will be all people resurrected in fleshly bodies who are not part of the kings/priests (symbolically The New Spiritual Israel) who
are themselves shown to be righteous by loving/entrusting/believing/{imitating}(= in the name of) JC who will be as JCg ruling the Earth.
             Hopefully the reader can see this is a slightly fuller explanation than the standard example given by worldly Christian leaders!
This is what should be preached:
             The coming of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year (= The Millennium) and how we should attain it!
                        Is this what the reader hears preached by worldly Christian leaders?
Matt. 12v22 og Then was brought to him (=JC), (the one) having been demon possessed, blind also dumb, also he (JC)
Matt. 12v22 og healed (the) him so as the blind also dumb also to speak also to see.
Matt. 12v23 og Also were amazed all/{the whole} the crowds also said: “Not is this the Son of David?”
Matt. 12v23               s
               (Clearly JC’ genealogy had been checked in the public records to verify his lineage credentials – and notice in the next verse
how the Pharisees did not contradict this statement – because they could not, but rather used another argument to try and discredit JC).
Matt. 12v24 og And the Pharisees having heard said: “This one not casts out the demons if not (= except) in to (= by)
Matt. 12v24 og the Beelzebul ruler of the demons.” (See Matt.10v25 – so obviously not the 1st time this was said).
Matt.   12v25 og       And knowing the JC the thoughts of them, he said to them: “Every kingdom divided/disunited
Matt.   12v25 og       against/{in opposition}/under itself (is) {brought to ruin}/desolated/{laid to waste} also every city
Matt.   12v25 og       (= inhabitants of) or house (= members of the household) divided/disunited against/{in opposition}/under itself
Matt.   12v25 og       not will stand/continue.
Matt.   12v26 og       Also if The Satan, the (one = demon of) Satan casts/expels out upon/against himself (then is)
Matt.   12v26 og       divided/disunited how now will stand/continue the kingdom (of the) him.
Matt.   12v27 og       Also if I in Beelzebul {cast/pluck out}/expel/eject demons, (then) the sons of you in (= by) whom do
Matt.   12v27 og       they {cast/pluck out}/expel/eject? Through (the reason of) this they of you shall be judges.
Matt.   12v27         A very good spin-back answer by JC upon his enemies. JC knew some of the Pharisees claimed that they too were able to
cast/expel demons (a later example in Acts.19v13). Thus JC is asking these Pharisees: If there are some amongst you (of whom you support), who are
able to cast/expel demons in the name of Yahweh then they will judge whether you reason correctly. Clearly this will become very evident in The
Millennium when as we are told “all things that are now hidden will be fully exposed”.
Matt. 12v28 og And if I in (= by) (the) Spirit (of the) God {cast/pluck out}/expel/eject the demons.
Matt. 12v28 og Therefore come upon you the kingdom of the God.
Matt. 12v28    Protagonists of the worldly Christian doctrine use this verse to support that: “The kingdom of God is now operating on earth!”
            Is this the correct understanding?
No! For several reasons.
      1. The Greek word “humas” Strongs = 5209 specifically means “you” as the object of the sentence. It does not mean “you” as being plural
            to mean ‘  mankind’on a global scale. Thus we can reason that JC is speaking specifically to The Group of Pharisees in front of him who
            were challenging the source and authenticity of his authority.
      2. Secondly, worldly Christianity doctrine states that it was at JC’ death/resurrection period that he had power over Satan and thus his
            kingdom starts from this period. This is only half correct but I explain why elsewhere (see end of John). But the point is that JC had not
            yet died so how can these protagonists thus claim this verse supports their argument – it is illogical and thus unsupportive reasoning!
             The                                                The
      3. ‘ kingdom of the heaven’is not the same as ‘ kingdom of the heavens’nor are either the same as ‘ kingdom of God’  The                   .
                         Heaven comes from the Greek word “ouranos” being Strongs 3772 which just means ‘          above the soil’ .
            Single heaven just means ‘                                       ,
                                        zone above the soil of the earth’ thus where humans live.
            Plural heavens is used for Yahweh and the Sons of God means they have access to all zones in The Universe.
            The Kingdom of God means Yahweh is exercising righteousness with Satan constrained.
            This is missed by Bible Translators because they ignore the plural ‘ the’in front of ‘             .
                                                                                                       heaven’ It is rather disappointing because it is a key
            pointer to the reader to read ‘  heaven’to mean operating on earth or ‘      heavens’to mean outside the earth. This then supports the reasoning
            behind my complete explanation of the Darnel seed being sown in the field (see 13v24) when read in conjunction with all other references.
However what JC does mean is:
            The nearness of The Kingdom of God (= Yahweh’ Acceptable Year) is on the earth operating while he (JC) is here during his ministry
            period. Then if you are a recipient of something miraculous then “The Kingdom of God” has ‘         touched you’thus it has come upon
            specifically you – but to/for the rest of the world it is still near.
Matt. 12v29 og Or how (possible) is able/might any (person) to enter into the house of the strong one also the vessels
Matt. 12v29 og (of the) him to plunder, if not first he binds the strong one?
Matt. 12v29 og Also then the house (of the) him he will plunder.
Matt. 12v29              Again this verse is a little more than what is preached by the worldly Christianity community.
JC is speaking of The Day = The Millennium when he as JCg comes in power at the instruction of Yahweh to bind Satan and cast him in the
‘bottomless pit’for almost a 1000 years. This is a nice metaphorical expression, like someone falling into an imaginary hole going through the centre
of the earth to the other side and thus they get held pulled to the centre never being able to break out to the two exit holes!
The expression just means Satan is constrained by Yahweh’ HS in a ‘           prison’away from disrupting humans during The 1000 year Millennium period.
At present Satan (during these 6000 years) is strong over the vessels of his household of influence over this whole world. But JCg having been given
authority by Yahweh to constrain Satan at the start of The Millennium is then able to take the vessels (= us humans) from the influence Satan has over

us to then teach us righteousness. It then becomes our own responsibility to take up this righteousness within ourselves and display the fruits of the
HS to our neighbour.
Matt. 12v30 og The (one = human) not being with me, against me is, also the (one = human) not gathering scatters.
Matt. 12v31 og Through (reason of) this I say to you: Every sin/offence also blasphemy/{evil speaking} (it)
Matt. 12v31 og {shall be forgiven}/{laid aside}/forsaken/remitted (to) the man(kind). And the (one = blasphemy) of the
Matt. 12v31 og spirit (= personality/desire/intent – see Glossary) blasphemy/{evil speaking} not
Matt. 12v31 og {shall be forgiven}/{laid aside}/forsaken/remitted (to) the man(kind).
Matt. 12v32 og Also whoever wishes/desires speaks a word against of the Son of Man(kind) (it)
Matt. 12v32 og {shall be forgiven}/{laid aside}/forsaken/remitted (to the) him. And who wishes/desires speaks against
Matt. 12v32 og of the HS not (it) {shall be forgiven}/{laid aside}/forsaken/remitted (to the) him neither in this age nor
Matt. 12v32 og in to the coming (one).
Matt. 12v31-32 I was in two minds to reproduce a worldly Christian commentary that pretty well sums up their ‘ useless’understanding.
But it was a relatively long piece that was circular and confusing in its reasoning (and utterly wrong in one place) that I would have to spend so much
time in untangling it, that the hapless reader would become totally confused. And to top it all, it did not actually explain these two verses!
Thus I chose to just explain what these two verses really mean.
Let us just first go over word definitions (because worldly Christian doctrine is at variance to mine).
                                s                   s
             “HS” = Yahweh’ power = Yahweh’ Desire expressed in action (as apposed to personage see Rom.8v26, John.14v16,17 & John.15v26).
             “Blasphemy” = actively [rejecting/{not accepting}/{speaking/working against}] Yahweh’ Desire.s
             “Forgiven” = sin (= missing Yahweh’ requirement of us) will be ignored/{laid aside}/{covered over}.
             “This Age” = this present age (of 6000 years) under the custodianship of Satan.
             “The Coming (Age)” = The Millennium (of 1000 years) under the rightful kingship of JCg. = ‘ th year’of ‘
                                                                                                                7          perfection/completeness’  .
Many worldly Christians would disagree with those definitions but sadly they are just “the blind leading the blind and they both fall into the pit” as
JC told us when warning us of the message that many of the religious leaders taught!
Now the explanation.
v31. Speaking of this present age humans will speak of what they do not know through ignorance and thus will be forgiven for what was said in the 1st
part of their life because they will have The Millennium to learn righteousness and then must practice it.
Now we have “but who desires to speak/act against the HS it shall not be forgiven”.
             What does this mean?
We are still talking about the present age (nothing tells us any different).
             Thus who has the HS now?
It can only be those individuals/leaders of The Christian Nation who claim to have it! Those outside The Christian Nation have no access to the HS
and they are thus safe because they can be forgiven – for the first part of this verse has just told us this!
So it is those in The Christian Nation who claim to have the HS who are thus capable of blaspheming against the HS.
             How can you become capable of blaspheming against the HS?
From the definitions above we know that the HS is the power Yahweh has to express His Desire in action.
                                                       s                                    s
Thus those individuals who claim to have Yahweh’ HS but then go against the Yahweh’ Desire are thus blaspheming against Yahweh’ Desire.       s
We now ask ourselves:-
             What is Yahweh’ Desire?
       1. For the sheep to be shepherded correctly by giving them The Truth from The Bible correctly explained.
       2. By doing (1) we preach The Truth just as JC and his apostles did. Thus we imitate JC for ultimate salvation.
       3. From (2) we are imitating JC in works and lifestyle. Thus we practice the works of the HS producing fruits of the HS for ultimate salvation
       4. From (1), (2), (3) we accurately preach/teach of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year = the approaching Millennium where JCg rules in unopposed
       5. From (4) we preach that The Whole Bible is Yahweh’ wholesome Word and thus is 100% accurate and reliable.
                                            s                                       the
       6. Not to distort any of Yahweh’ Word to make it more acceptable to ‘ desires of the modern world’           .
       7. Not to distort any of Yahweh’ Word to promote self-gratification (particularly of present religious leaders) of any kind.
       8. Polluting Yahweh’ beautiful word by mixing it in with other worldly religions (under Satan’ custodianship) as a harlot would.
I now just ask the reader:
             Who do they know that does this - and thus blasphemes against the HS during this age (under the custodianship of Satan)?
And as I state elsewhere in full support of The Bible the following.
             The only humans who can blaspheme against the HS are those who have been baptised, entered into The Covenant with Yahweh that they
             will imitate His Son JC and as such have JCg’ presence within themselves. They thus take upon themselves the dispensed HS via the
             intercessor JCg to further Yahweh’ Desire. In this way they have effectively been resurrected living in trust to Yahweh, as though they are
             now operating in The Millennium that has effectively come early for them because they are now basking in the presence of JCg operating
             within them – just as it will be physically for all humans in The Millennium. Being that at baptism they have been covered by JC’   s
             atonement just as all humans will when they are resurrected into The Millennium.
             These ones who have done this do not fulfil Yahweh’ Desire. What is worse, they are not passive like the vast majority of worldly
             Christians who will slide though into The Millennium to learn righteousness, but they actively work against Yahweh. They distort His
             Word, confuse those weaker Christians to become passive, effectively ridicule the status of Yahweh to atheists because of their illogical
             reasoning and works. But even worse than this, instead of hiding and keeping quiet – they stand out and shout “Look at us – We
             ‘represent’Yahweh and JC – Listen to us and watch what we do!” This reminds me of the Pharisees in the day of JC and it is being
             repeated today!
So we can reason that these many worldly Christian leaders who behave like this have no fall-back position. Thus as The Bible says here “They shall
not be forgiven”, and so cannot be resurrected again to learn righteousness because they, being in that position now – have lost it!
v32. Again referring to this present age, humans can speak against JC again through ignorance just thinking JC was a good man or a prophet of no
                               any                  .
distinction over and above ‘ who came later’ JC then reinforces the importance of the HS now in this present age (as v31), but now goes further
because he is now explaining that in The Millennium all humans will come to know of and experience the HS. It will not just those of The Christian
Nation as it was during The Gospel Age during humans’1st life. Now any human resurrected into The Millennium who then turn their back upon the
HS will face The 2nd Death.
       1. It was the HS used to resurrect them in the 1st instance made legitimately possible for Yahweh to operate through JC’ underserved gift.
       2. They have the HS operating around them while righteousness is being taught by JCg and his kings/priests.
Now these humans having known all this, who then turn their back upon it, thus righteously face their/The 2nd Death. This is after knowing both the
good system (of The Millennium in their 2nd life) and the evil system (being part of Satan’ 6000 year rule in their 1st life) and they still chose to reject
righteousness by being selfish to face utter annihilation – judged by JCg (not by Yahweh).

This fully explains these two verse with no mysteries. It is fully supported by every verse on the subject in The Bible with no contradictions, and also
an utterly righteous scenario for every human that has ever existed on this planet of whatever physical and mental state now in the 1st part of their
             So what should the reader believe?
This scenario as clearly and logically explained - or that utter distortion put out by the very worldly Christianity doctrine?
             And again logically in context we move to the next verse to explain how people use the HS.
Matt. 12v33 og Or (= either) make/works the tree good/ideal also the fruit (of the) it/him good/ideal.
Matt. 12v33 og Or make/works the tree corrupt/worthless/bad also the fruit (of the) it/him corrupt/worthless/bad.
Matt. 12v33 og For from of the fruits the tree is known/understood (= what the motivation is behind the visible works).
Matt. 12v34 og Offspring/fruitage/generation of vipers (= fruitage of deception = the fall-out from lovely ‘                   sound-bites’).
Matt. 12v34 og How able/can you good (meaning inherently/intrinsically good) (things) speak (while) evil/malicious/hurtful
Matt. 12v34 og (you are) being?
Matt. 12v34 og For from of the abundance/{left over}/excess of the heart (= motivation/passion/zeal) the mouth speaks.
Matt. 12v35 og The (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous man from of the (inherently/intrinsically) good treasure/wealth of
Matt. 12v35 og the heart {puts forth}/{gives out} the (inherently/intrinsically) good (things). Also the evil/malicious/hurtful
Matt. 12v35 og (to a listener’ future well being in all its application – physical and spiritual) man from of the evil/malicious/hurtful
Matt. 12v35 og treasure/wealth {puts forth}/{gives out} evil/malicious/hurtful (things).
Matt. 12v33-35 It must be clearly understood by the reader that even a most revered religious leader who presses all the correct buttons to
make the congregation feel wonderful and good in a worldly sense (as a presumption ‘ it is inherently good’ is corrupting God’ Word and thus
                                                                                           that                     )                   s
corrupting The Congregation and Environment in NOT fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire. s
                                                                                      s                      s
That is The Crux of what JC is stating here – it is essential to read both “Yahweh’ Desire” and “Satan’ Desire” in the Glossary to precisely and
logically understand what is occurring around us to day – and why we are presently being corrupted in our line of reasoning – by the ‘     sweet talking
nothings’of these ‘   vipers’ The Pharisees where no different in their day being how they acted and behaved, with how the worldly Christian Leaders
of today act and behave in precisely the same ratios that we see today – for the mindset of a human climbing to those positions of power is precisely
the same through the generations! They were in the same positions winning the same respect from their clientele for the worldly goodies they
received by return. If they were harsh and unreasonable – the people would rebel against them and life would be difficult. Clearly there would be
infamous examples of harshness metered out by some Pharisee leaders which come to the fore – but likewise we witness the same thing throughout
the history of The Christian Nation to include today – to prove precisely my point of The Broad Spectrum – being THE SAME throughout the ages.
It is essential for the reader to push past the painted façade and peer into the murkiness behind – that is what JC is teaching us – ‘beware of the
hypocrisy of the religious leaders’  !
Matt. 12v36 og And I say to you because all/every word idle/lazy/useless/barren/slow (in respect of promoting Yahweh’                               s
Matt. 12v36 og Desire – all in context with v31-v35) what ever may speak the men (representing Me – JC) they will give
Matt. 12v36 og concerning it/him account/reasoning (meaning ‘ doctrine of what was said in the 1st part of their life’ in
                                                                                   the                                                      )
Matt. 12v36 og (The) Day (of the) Judgement (= The Millennium).
Matt. 12v36              Thus these humans were not active against Yahweh’Word being JC, but they were passive worldly Christians and thus enabled
to be resurrected to learn what they should have done in the 1st part of their life. This would be to learn righteousness and thus imitate JC in The
Matt.   12v37 og      For from of the words of you, you will be justified, also from of the words of you, you will be
Matt.   12v37 og      condemned. (We now see the great responsibility there is in taking on JC’ name – to be called ‘ Christian’
                                                                                               s                       A           ).
Matt.   12v38 og      Then answered some of the scribes also Pharisees saying:
Matt.   12v38 og      “Teacher we desire from you a sign/{wondrous work}/{supernatural event}/miracle to see.”
Matt.   12v39 og      And the (one = JC) answering said to them (= the religious leaders):
Matt.   12v39 og      “Generation/time/nation/age (meaning period and/or persons) an evil/malicious/hurtful (one = period and
Matt.   12v39 og      persons) also adulterous/harlot (spiritually = laying in the bed with worldly religions being of Satan the custodian god of
Matt.   12v39 og      this present worldly system) a sign/miracle seek/enquire/{lust after}/desire, also sign/miracle not will be
Matt.   12v39 og      given/granted to it/{the same}. If not (= except) the sign/miracle of Jonah of the prophet.” (Jonah.1v17).
Matt.   12v40 og      Prophecy: For even as was Jonah in to the belly of the great fish three days also three nights,
Matt.   12v40 og      so will be the Son of the Man(kind) in the heart of the earth three days also three nights.
Matt.   12v40         I need to clarify something here. Many atheist websites cite this verse as being one that shows the foolishness of The Bible.
Let me quote them:-
            “How can The Bible be accepted as fact when it makes a glaring mistake! For example Matt. 12v40 where it states JC was in the ground
            for 3 days and 3 nights. Given the data then:-
            JC died on the Friday, covered on Saturday and raised on the Sunday, you can just about get 3 days out of it but certainly not 3 nights as
            well. The Bible is utter rubbish!
We must ask ourselves:
            “Is The Bible utter rubbish?”
I maintain The Bible is totally 100% consistent and 100% accurate in everything it states.
I also accept the fact that any falsehood of however small means nothing can be accepted within that reference document as being reliable
(particularly so with all other worldly religious documentation that demonstrably shows it cannot be trusted).
So with that understanding behind us let me now explain this verse.
Let me state some assumptions (always wise before an explanation is given).
      1. Matthew was written after JC’ ministry and subsequent resurrection (perhaps some 30 years later).
      2. JC prophesied of his death before it occurred.
      3. JCg was in human form and spoke only of what he knew at the time.
      4. JC would be dead and thus not in control, but Yahweh was in control of events.
Can the atheist accept that these are all valid assumptions? But in reading them the reader can now see from where I am coming.
1. In several places (eg John16v4) The Bible tells us that the disciples will be able to accurately recall what had been said many years earlier through
Yahweh’ HS dispensed by JCg. Thus from (1) we know that Matthew would accurately report what JC said. Thus we reason/accept that JC did say
these words.
An aside:
            An atheist at this point would now say rubbish: “Cannot use something within its self to prove itself”. Correct in worldly terms but here
            we must part company because of the authenticity of The Bible having no inconsistencies (through writings spread over many thousands of

            years giving full consistency) when correctly explained (something utterly impossible if it came from mankind). This knowledge gives me
            the assurance that I can trust Yahweh’ Word to be authentic and reliable in all aspects.
            This is not blind faith but the same type of faith that any person has through constantly experiencing/understanding the effects of gravity
            having upon them. ‘ faith’is the knowledge/assurance that if you step off the edge of a cliff you will fall down! ‘      Blind faith’would be
            that if you stepped off the cliff then you would float - because it goes against what you know as being accurate through experience!
            An atheist cannot have this because they have no experience of The Bible to give them this type of True Faith by experience! Thus they are
            speaking outside their knowledge base and consequently reason in error.
2. JC said it before the event thus he was not stating it as factual details as having occurred but as a simile of what will occur.
3. JC knew he was to be murdered. So he was determined to remain righteous during his ministry period so that he would resurrected, knowing and
entrusting upon Yahweh to resurrect him very quickly thus fulfilling his role as being the dispenser of Yahweh’ HS during The Gospel Age. So he
used the example of Jonah’ 3 days and 3 nights not speaking that these facts are to be directed to himself, but that likewise the son of mankind will
repeat it in similar fashion. As he says, “The son of mankind” and being as such and that the event has not yet occurred, thus the finer details would
not have been made clear (but just working on precedence). There are several times when JC said I do not know what will exactly occur in the future.
1. The exact date of the 2nd coming. 2. Who will be beside him upon the thrones. These things are in Yahweh’ hands especially in this instance, JC
was dead and could do nothing to influence the situation! This is stated in (4). Thus it was enough to show the simile and the result see next verses –
because this is THE REAL point Jesus is making as we now read.
Matt. 12v41 og (Individual) Men (being those of the) Ninevites will stand up in to The Judgement (Day = Millennium period)
Matt. 12v41 og with of the generation/time/nation/age (of) this (one) also will condemn/{to judge against}/sentence it,
Matt. 12v41 og because they repented/{turned away from} (of their previous lifestyle) upon the preaching of Jonah also;
Matt. 12v41 og Behold/Look! A greater (one = prophet = The Son of God) than Jonah (is) here.
Matt. 12v42 og Queen (of the) South (= Queen of Sheba) will be raised in to The Judgement (Day = Millennium period)
Matt. 12v42 og with of the generation/time/nation/age (of) this (one) also will condemn/{to judge against}/sentence it,
Matt. 12v42 og because she came from of the ends of the earth to hear of the wisdom (of the) Solomon
Matt. 12v42 og (see 1Kings.10v1-24 also 2Chron.9v1-8) also; Behold/Look!
Matt. 12v42 og A greater (one = wisdom/[ruler] = The Son of God) than Solomon (is) here.
Matt. 12v42              Note: JC is called “The Wisdom of God” (Yahweh).
            From the definition of ‘                     The                                            s
                                      wisdom’being, ‘ accurate application of knowledge’(in one’ lifestyle).
This is precisely what JC showed us during his ministry. He had (gratefully received) the knowledge of Yahweh and he accurately fulfilled the Desire
of Yahweh in his existence upon earth within a fleshly body. That is why JC was called “The Wisdom of God”.
Matt. 12v43-45 These three verses must be read in the context of how JC spoke them within the surrounding verses and why Matthew faithfully
recorded them to convey what I precisely explain these verse to mean – because JC always spoke in allegories. Worldly Christian doctrine pulls these
verses hopelessly out of context in trying to spin the word ‘              demon’to give an utterly deviant understanding (please see “spirit” and
                                                               spirit’into ‘
“demon” in Glossary) and in doing so make these three verses appear to be ‘ of context’ I am most desirous for worldly Christian Leaders to
                                                                                  out            .
defend their errant understanding/doctrine by the email route given on this website – please note the website’ terms and conditions of acceptance.
A copy of Luke.11v24 as a further introduction to Matt.12v43.
Luke 11v24 First place this in context of the earlier verses, because that is what was going through Luke’ mind when he wrote this Gospel. Thus he
is talking about people who are motivated to imitate JC’ ministry and also those people who are not working with JC to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire, but
                                                             s                                                                               s
are instead adversarial/opposing/resisting (= satanic) slandering/{false accusing} (= devilish). These terms can be levelled towards humans who
promote false worldly ideas/concepts/methodologies/personalities/desires/traits that are utterly alien to the fulfilment of Yahweh’ Desire which are
transmitted from one person to another within a community – thus scattering humans away from fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire.s
We are seeing the fractious nature away from fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire ever more so in the last generation of The Gospel Age – Today just prior to
The Millennium introduction – hence the cataclysmic demise through implosion of the internally unsupportive nature of the present system!
Matt. 12v43 og Also when the unclean/evil spirit (= desire/personality/trait) goes from of a man, the (one = spirit) goes
Matt. 12v43 og through dry/waterless (= no welcoming mind in which to express this concept) seeking recreation/rest (to find a
Matt. 12v43 og compliant/receptive mind to operate within) also not does find/get/obtain (a welcoming mind to express this concept).
Matt. 12v43                                                                                        an
                         It must be clearly understood by the reader that this is not necessarily ‘ entity’wondering about (as some utterly misguided
religious leaders might claim – see “spirit” and “demon” in Glossary) but rather JC is stating that concepts/methodologies/doctrine can be
transmitted by normal intercourse between humans debating and discussing ideas between themselves. Also a human is able to welcome undesirable
(= worldly) spirits/desires/personalities/traits (relative to Yahweh’ Desire for each one of us) into themselves by striving to make their mind go blank
(= away from Yahweh’ Desire) through mediation for ‘         enlightenment’that means the person becomes suggestible to a worldly undesirable
spirit/desire/personality/trait! Thus it is not self-enlightenment, but in actuality their god becomes this undesirable spirit/desire/personality/trait
                      s                                                                                     s
(relative to Yahweh’ Desire) within themselves that then guides their life away from fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire. This occurs because the human is not
actively finding out specifically what is Yahweh’ Desire but allowing any worldly wisdom come in and infect their mind and thought processes –
being perhaps much worse methodologies/doctrine than the first! This is why this type of Hindu/Buddhist teaching of ‘       self-enlightenment’through
mindless repetition of chanting is just so dangerous to the human!
Which is precisely why Satan wants us to practice this – to pull us away from fulfilling “Yahweh’ Desire” of us – see Glossary!
                                            s                                                      s
Other practices would be involving one’ self in The Occult, where I understand that Yahweh’ protection would be removed from those humans who
do this, then the spirits/desires/personalities/traits are not merely concepts/methodologies/doctrine but rather the person would become subject to
demon attack.
This is why The Bible warns us of all these dangerous practices (see v44) where in the extreme limit - it is possible for ‘ spirit’to be expressed by
being associated within a demon entity exhibiting any type of spirit/desire/personality/trait who would then overwhelm their victim.
Matt. 12v44 og Then (spirit/desire) exclaims/states: “(I) Will return/convert/revert into the house (= the human/family) of
Matt. 12v44 og mine from where (I) {came out}/(issued from} also coming/entering the (one = spirit) find/obtains/gets
Matt. 12v44 og (it) vacant/{to be on holiday}/{to be at leisure} (= by implication devoted oneself wholly towards indulgency).
Matt. 12v44                                                                                                     s
                         So a human who empties/vacates their mind principally of the knowledge of Yahweh’ requirements for us to operate for our
personal edification through fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire, becomes an open invitation, a welcome, a holiday for a spirit/desire/personality/trait to come
in and make these thoughts/personality as an existence to be at leisure within that individual. The human (as we witness occurring within the world)
becomes subservient to the spirit/desire/personality/trait. Thus anything that a human partakes in being alien to Yahweh’ advice and
recommendations about how we are to live opens us up to an ‘       invasion’(see v45) of other badness.
Sadly many of the worldly religions do just this in their practices, by effectively crying out: “Come and get in me!” (see v43).
Matt. 12v45 og Then the (one = spirit) goes/journeys/travels also {takes along}/associates with (specifically of) it/himself
Matt. 12v45 og seven (=complete number of) other/different spirits (desires/personality/traits based upon ideas/concepts/ideologies)
Matt. 12v45 og more evil/malicious/hurtful than (specifically of) it (or “himself” as being the man’ personality expressed), also
Matt. 12v45 og entering/{go in} dwells/inhabits there. Also becomes the last things of the man the (specific one = man)

Matt.   12v45 og more worse/aggravated (further from Yahweh’ Desire) of the first/beginning/{former state}.
Matt.   12v45    Please see Luke 11v24-26 where this section is fully explained.
Matt.   12v45 og Likewise it will be also to the generation/time/nation/age this to the (one being) evil/malicious/hurtful.
Matt.   12v45    As we witness at The Ending of The Gospel Age during the last 100 years where excessively more death through the Three
Horses of The Apocalypse - war, pestilence/disease and famine is demonstrably evident throughout the world. We have the knowledge and expertise
to help our neighbour – but rather there is greater evidence of the persecution of our neighbour through this knowledge and technology – precisely as
The Bible states in the closing era of The Gospel Age – to then herald in The Millennium under JCg’ rule of perfection/completeness during The
Sabbath 7th Day.
Matt. 12v46 og And while he (the) speaking to the crowds, behold/look the mother also the brothers of him stood
Matt. 12v46 og outside seeking (to the) him to speak. (= Fleshly mother Mary and fleshly half brothers).
Matt. 12v47 og And said any (= a person) (to the) him (JC): “Behold/Look! The mother of you
Matt. 12v47 og also the brothers of you out (side) are standing seeking to you to speak.”
Matt. 12v48 og And the (one = JC) answering said to the (one = a person) speaking (to the) him (JC):
Matt. 12v48 og “Who is the mother (of the) me? Also the who are the brothers (of the) me?”
Matt. 12v49 og Also stretching out the hand (of the) him upon the disciples (of the) him, he (JC) said:
Matt. 12v49 og “Behold/Look the mother (of the) me also the brothers (of the) me.
Matt. 12v50 og For who wishes/desires does the Will of the Father (of the) me, of The (One = Yahweh) in heavens.
Matt. 12v50 og He (of the) me brother also sister also mother is.
Matt. 12v47-50 Do these verses mean that JC had no regard for his fleshly family?
           No – it most certainly does not!
Because we know that when JC was being murdered he said to John “Look after my mother” so he had deep concern for her. Also we know some of
JC’ half brothers became disciples of him.
Thus JC here is just making this specific point:
           Do not hold your fleshly family in higher regard than your spiritual family of the heavens.
           The spiritual family comes 1st in the life of a TC and thus a TC will always put Yahweh’ things 1st (see 10v35,36)
                                                                                           s                                  s
Your sole duty is to serve Yahweh as a TC, and now during The Gospel Age it is Yahweh’ Desire to maximise the size of JC’ body of TCs by each
individual TC precisely imitating JC and displaying the Fruits of the HS to the very best they are able. Nothing more and certainly nothing less!
Matt. 13v1 og And in to the day the (special one) going forth the JC from of the house he sat down beside the sea.
Matt. 13v2 og Also were assembled/gathered towards him crowds (being) great (in number), so that he into the boat
Matt. 13v2 og embarked/entered (JC) sat down.
Matt. 13v3 og Also (JC) spoke to them many (things) in parables, exclaiming/stating: Behold/Look!
Matt. 13v3 og Went out the (one = person) sowing/scattering of the sowed/scattered (= seed = God’ Word of knowledge).     s
Matt. 13v4 og Also in to the sowing/scattering (the) him (= JC, later TCs), some truly fell alongside/beside the roadway,
Matt. 13v4 og also came the birds also ate/consumed them (the seed, thus some humans dismissed it without even listening).
Matt. 13v5 og And other/different (seed) fell upon the rocky places where not (they) had earth much. Also
Matt. 13v5 og immediately (it) germinated through (reason of) the (ones = seed) not having depth/profundity (of the) earth.
Matt. 13v6 og And (the) sun arising (it) was burnt/scorched, also through (reason of) the not broad/spacious root (it)
Matt. 13v6 og {dried up}/withered/shrivelled (the wheat plants = humans).
Matt. 13v7 og And other/different (seed) fell upon the thorns (bushes), also ascended/{grew up}/climbed the
Matt. 13v7 og thorns (bushes) also stifled/choked them (the wheat plants = humans).
Matt. 13v8 og And other/different fell upon the earth the (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous, also (wheat plants = humans
Matt. 13v8 og {brought forth}/yielded/delivered/made fruit, the one (= person doing this makes the Word) (a) hundred
Matt. 13v8 og (fold increase), and one (person) (a) sixty (fold increase), and one (person) (a) thirty (fold increase).
Matt. 13v9 og The (ones = humans) having/possessing ears to hear, to them hear/listen/understand. (= And then do!)
Matt. 13v10 og Also drawn near the disciples said (to the) him (JC): “Why in parables (the) you speak to them (=humans)?
Matt. 13v11 og And the (one = JC) answering them said to them (the disciples): “Because to you (it has) been given (to)
Matt. 13v11 og know/understand/resolve the secret/mysteries of the kingdom of the heaven, and to
Matt. 13v11 og those (specific ones = crowd) not (it has) been given (to know/understand/resolve).”
Matt. 13v11    This one verse tells us so much about the disciples (as future apostles = appointed to tell) knowing all things so that there are
no mysteries, because JC had revealed it to them through Yahweh’ HS. We know that the disciples were TCs who spoke to the crowd of normal
people who did not understand, but wanted to learn and thus were being taught by the TCs.
             In conclusion, we know it was TCs who spoke and preached to explain the mysteries of Yahweh to the crowd being eager to listen, because
             to the TCs there were no mysteries. They also displayed the fruits of the HS in their daily selfless life. It was the religious leaders of the
             time who could not understand JC and things were mysteries to them, because the HS was not acting in their lives.
                         And this also occurred in the day of JC!
             I ask the reader to reason very carefully and deeply upon what is being written here and all its implications!
The Bible tells us in many places that Yahweh makes all things known to those who have the desire to find out!
It always comes back to the true heart condition, being the prime motivation of the individual! If what is said here, hurts – then there is a problem!
Is it with the scriptures (I have done nothing except bring to the fore what these scriptures tell us) – or is the problem with yourself?
Remember the one doing the Delight of Yahweh loves His Word!
See parable of The Two Sons – One who said “Yes” – but did not, and the one who said “No” but then went on to fulfil his father’ desire (referenced
at Matt.20v21)!
             And after all that we very appropriately, now in context, move to v12.
Matt. 13v12 og For whoever has will be given to him also he will have in abundance/excess; and whoever not has,
Matt. 13v12 og also what the (one = person) has will be taken away from him.
Matt. 13v12                            s
               This solely means Yahweh’ HS dispensed by JCg upon a Christian. If they are a TC (= by definition an active Christian) then
more HS will be given to them, because they are worthy of receiving it via JCg through the effort they put in fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire within the 1st
part of their life – to gain experience ready for the 2nd part of their life as Kings/Priests to teach righteousness to The World as The Bride of Christ.
If the Christian is a slacker/lazy/worldly then JCg will remove any of Yahweh’ HS from that person because they are not investing it correctly to
                s                 s
fulfil Yahweh’ Desire (see JC’ parable of The Talents that clearly explains this).

Matt.   13v13 og       Through (reason of) this in parables to them I speak because seeing not they see/perceive, also hearing
Matt.   13v13 og       not they hear/listen neither understand/comprehend (what is coming into their mind through their senses).
Matt.   13v14 og       Also (is) being fulfilled upon (of) them the prophecy (of) Isaiah the (one) exclaiming/stating (Isa.6v9-10):
Matt.   13v14 og       Prophecy: (The) Report/rumour/fame (= the thing heard) you will hear, also not no (= unable to)
Matt.   13v14 og       understand/comprehend, also seeing (= the thing seen) you will see, also not no (= unable to)
Matt.   13v14 og       perceive/{take in}
Matt.   13v15 og       Prophecy: For has {grown fat}/stupefy/callous the heart of the people this, also the ears heavily/dull
Matt.   13v15 og       (= the ears were closed) they heard (= they did not hear), also the eyes of them (the ones) closed; that not they
Matt.   13v15 og       see the (ones = humans) (of their) eyes, also the (ones = humans) (of their) ears they hear, also (with) the heart
Matt.   13v15 og       understand/{be wise}/consider (= thus must be correctly motivated/impassioned to be), also
Matt.   13v15 og       converted/{turn about}/revert, also (then) heal/{make whole} them.
Matt.   13v16 og       And of you blessed/{well off}/{supremely happy}/fortunate (are) the eyes because they see
Matt.   13v16 og       (= recognise/perceive), also the ears of you, because they hear/listen (= take in for personal edification).
Matt.   13v14-16        It means they heard but did not desire to work out what they heard into their lifestyle being what JC demanded of them and
also demands of us today to become a TC. JC gave out in his ministry of what was on offer to become a Son of God, but it carried tremendous
responsibilities that needed to be demonstrated in their/our 1st part of their/our life to show the determination of the TC to perform Yahweh’ Desire
against all worldly opposition. Basically the vast majority of Christians desire to be worldly Christians because the disciples in John 6v60 said “The
word is too hard – Who can do it”. Consequently the vast majority of Christians do not truly perform ‘ Word of God’and thus ‘             spiritually leave’
by not fulfilling the Desire of Yahweh just as the crowds did in John 6v66. But they still ‘  sincerely’(but falsely told by their equally duped leaders)
believe that Yahweh loves them because they say they ‘   believe in JC!’ There is one thing worse than this and that is the religious leaders
perpetuating that myth because they too choose not understand what Yahweh’ True Desire is of them during their 1st life (else they would not preach
‘ myth’ – for which they will have to answer to Yahweh! The sole reason these leaders do this is because they prefer the worldly inducements that
 the       )
come from their deviant practices for self-indulgence – for which they will be made accountable in The Millennium!
However there were many people of Old who desired to have this knowledge that Jesus was now giving and we read that in the next verse.
Matt. 13v17 og For truly I exclaim/state to you because many prophets also righteous/just (ones = Ancient Worthies)
Matt.   13v17 og desired/yearned/lusted to see/know/understand what you see/perceive, also not did
Matt.   13v17 og see/know/understand (= JC and his ministry of The Prize on offer in The Millennium as I explain copiously elsewhere).
Matt.   13v17 og Also to hear/listen what you hear/listen also not did hear/listen.
Matt.   13v17    This is such a key verse to explain “The Mystery of The Bible” placed in the holistic context of The Bible message. Please see
“Mystery (The)” in Glossary to explain it.
Matt.   13v18 og You now hear the parable of the sower/scatterer.
Matt.   13v19 og All/every (person) hearing the word of the kingdom also not understanding/{become wise}/considering
Matt.   13v19 og comes the evil/malicious/hurtful (one), also catches/plucks/takes away the (one = seed of Yahweh’ Word)           s
Matt.   13v19    “Comes the evil malicious one” = Satan being The Original Instigator of self-indulgence. Thus this piece means that humans
                     s                                                                               s
who ignore Yahweh’ Word for self pleasure (= self-indulgence in the limit) effectively put Satan’ thought processes above the thought processes
           one              .
being as ‘ with Yahweh’ Thus these people make Satan their god and thus effectively “comes the evil/malicious one” to suppress the thought
                                  one                     .
processes that make a human of ‘ mind with Yahweh’ Where “one mind with Yahweh” only means you desire to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire of alls
entities within His Universe (being what JC exemplified when he stated “one with God” (it is not The Trinity myth). It does not mean as of the
Buddhist worldly religion ‘              , you                ,
                           God is in you’ ‘ become God’ and all the other faulty perversions that we might hear spoken by those who do not
understand but sadly just misled by Satan during the 1st part of their life! Fortunately there is The Safety Net of The Millennium so these individuals
only miss out on Sonship to Yahweh – but not the possibility of attaining everlasting life – that is True Righteousness/Equality!
Matt. 13v19 og being sown/scattered in the heart (seat of motivation/zeal/passion) (of the) him (= recipient human).
Matt. 13v19 og This is the proximity/beside/account the way the (one = seed of Yahweh’ Word is) sown/scattered.s
Matt. 13v20 og And the (one = seed of Yahweh’ Word) upon the rocky places sown/scattered. This is the (one = person) the
Matt.   13v20 og       Word hearing/listening, also immediately with joy/happiness/cheerfulness catch/grasp/take it.
Matt.   13v21 og       And not has (the) root in himself, but temporary is, and (then) occurring/happening (from the world)
Matt.   13v21 og       tribulation/burdens/anguish/trouble (= the problems of life) or persecution (= actively pursuing to hurt) through
Matt.   13v21 og       the Word (thus a person actively promoting Yahweh’ Word) immediately he is offended/stumble/entrapped.
Matt.   13v22 og       And the (one = seed of Yahweh’ Word) into the thorns (bushes) sown/scattered, this is the (one = person) the
Matt.   13v22 og       Word hearing/listening also the distraction/soliciting of the age (= human’ present period) of this also the
Matt.   13v22 og       deceit/delusion of the riches/{worldly things}/materialism/prestige/power choke/stifle the Word
Matt.   13v22 og       (operating in that person) also unfruitful/barren it becomes/occurs (person turns back to everyday worldly pursuits).
Matt.   13v23 og       And the (one = seed of Yahweh’ Word) upon the earth, the (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous, the
Matt.   13v23 og       sown/scattered this (person) is the (one = person) the Word hearing/listening also
Matt.   13v23 og       comprehend/{act wisely}/understand who indeed bears fruit also yields/produces/makes the
Matt.   13v23 og       (one = person doing this, makes the Word) (a) hundred (fold increase), and one (person) (a) sixty (fold increase),
Matt.   13v23 og       and one (person) (a) thirty (fold increase).
Matt.   13v24 og       Another parable (JC) put forth to them (the crowds) exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   13v24 og       Compared/similar the kingdom of the heavens (to the) Man (= JC working the land) sowing/scattering
Matt.   13v24 og       (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous seed (= Yahweh’ Word) in to the fields (= the world) of him (JCg).
Matt.   13v24                                 s
                        The fields were JCg’ responsibility, given to him by Yahweh being The Master of the household v27. The kingdom of heavens
(plural indicating that it is both upon the earth and The Universe) thus ‘ kingdom of (one of) the heavens’is being spoken of as being here upon
the earth – that is where the action is upon mankind! Thus there are other kingdoms within The Universe of Yahweh that fulfil His Desire – but also
see below.
            The pertinent question now to be asked is about this specific planet: At what time frame is this occurring?
                                                                     s                                          s
Clearly the seed was started to be given out at the beginning of JC’ ministry period but it does not end at JC’ ministry nor at his death and
resurrection because the seed is still being spread onto new humans being born onto this planet for the seed to operate within. But more importantly
Satan is still sowing deception within the present a kingdom of the heaven(s) (= being on this planet now) about what the future kingdom of God is

like. Satan is also further attempting to destroy by choking out (obviously unable to, but this is the refinement process of) the First-Fruits (TCs)
during this Gospel Age who are required later to lead by teaching righteousness in The Millennium.
Matt. 13v25 og And in to the sleeping the men (= while the men slept)
Matt. 13v25              What does this mean?
                          The                             s
v24 tells us that JC as ‘ Man’is fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire in teaching the world during his ministry. Then when he has finished his ministry he
leaves the field (= the world) to be with The Master of the household (= in the heavens).
v25 now speaks of “the men sleeping”. The context implies that the men would be watching over the field to maintain it.
                                                s                                                                             s
Now we know Satan was disrupting Yahweh’ Desire upon worldly people, during the previous 4000 years before JC’ ministry but there were some
       1. Importantly the people had no understanding of ‘ Bonus’(= guaranteed Salvation) or how general salvation was going to operate =
             “The Mystery” – see Glossary.
       2. Vast majority of humans had no knowledge of Yahweh but just of Satan’ chameleon gods (via worldly religions – what is different now)!
       3. The Israelite nation was blessed by knowing/representing Yahweh but were constantly frustrated from ‘            within and without’by Satan.
             (This occurring within The Christian Nation since Jesus’ministry and up to now)!
The difference is that JC explained how salvation was to occur and how we were to achieve it. Satan is now distorting this message to guaranteed
salvation so that humans should not be saved (being the ‘                                                                   s
                                                              double-edged sword’that it is after baptism). Prior to JC’ ministry if JC succeeded then all
humans would be resurrected irrespective of what they did. But now it is different – baptised humans are effectively living in The Millennium period
based upon entrusting in JC and thus have nothing to fall back upon (if they actively work against Yahweh’ Desire through deception). So Satan
does this by distorting what was preached by JC in the world so that humans become like darnel in the way they think and thus fail Yahweh’ Desire     s
of us, so possibly facing our 2nd Death now we have the knowledge of Yahweh’ Word through JC which is only possible by being within The
Christian Nation.
Satan does this by deceiving us into believing that:
             “We do not need to do anything, except just believe in JC”.
This is utter deception on two fronts, because the requirements inherent in “believing” are not understood! Thus humans are now thus deceived:
             We just ‘ love’everyone and consequently we are all forgiven = another lie (as practised)!
In reality ‘ Love’Yahweh speaks of is charity love to put your neighbours’(= any person other than yourself) well-being before your own, not in
a social/fleshly self-indulgent manner (that many worldly Christians operate under to varying degrees) but a godly/spiritual lifestyle – all this being
to fulfil the Desire of Yahweh.
So - Who then are specifically not able to stop Satan from deceiving the humans destined to learn righteousness in The Millennium while JC is away?
These surely are the TCs (proven as First-Fruits and thus ‘ over’The Millennium) who individually “sleep” when they die (precisely as The Bible
tells us in many places elsewhere) at the end of the 1st part of their life, and thus allow Satan to get into the field during The Gospel Age.
This last sentence must be logically understood in time frames because it comes into the next section.
             We now continue in v25.
Matt. 13v25 og came (of the) Him (= Yahweh), the (one = Satan) hostile/hateful (towards Yahweh’ Desire) also sowed/scattered
Matt. 13v25 og (the seed of deception =) Darnel (= a weed that grows looking exactly like wheat but is useless having no worthy fruit)
Matt. 13v25 og in between/amidst/among of the wheat (during The Gospel Age under Satan’ stewardship of the world) also
Matt. 13v25 og went away (= Satan being constrained by JCg during The Millennium period so that he cannot further effect germination).
Matt. 13v25              Thus the darnel seed are worldly ideas/practices/concepts that are created to sound plausible to a very blind world. These
ideas are sowed by Satan to displace The Truth that JC preached being of the Desire of Yahweh upon the behaviour of all entities in His Universe.
Basically these ideas are worldly religions formed from mystic concepts (of some worldly guru/prophet) or worldly myths based upon a very human
extension of fact (for example macro evolution myth from the fact of micro evolution giving designed-in variety). And the greatest of all myths is to
twist what the real Christian message truly means for our salvation. All these ideas/myths/{worldly creations} are promoted as being credible in this
present world to pull humans away from the fact of knowing what is really required of humans, who are being bewitched/entranced by these various
doctrines. Humans are required to take in knowledge from Yahweh on how to behave so that they may have eternal life in a most wonderful and
righteous system ruled by JCg. JC gave us this knowledge of salvation and opened the door for us to get there through his undeserved gift.
Very Important Note – Always missed by worldly Christianity (because they just do not presently understand it).
                                                                                                                 The               The
It is absolutely crucial for the reader to understand the logic of this next section because it fully explains ‘ Gospel’of ‘ Good News’             .
‘ Undeserved Gift of JC’means that we all slide through into The Millennium as though we are asleep (in reality = our 1st death). It is because of
us being ‘  asleep’we are thus considered by Yahweh as though The Millennium is a continuation of our present 1st part of our life existence as we
become now like Adam and Eve (because our sins are {covered over}/atoned by JC). That is why now the 2nd Death at end of (and possibly for some
humans during) The Millennium becomes our real death of Finality if we now break Yahweh’ Decree:     s
             “In the day you sin you will (begin to) die (everlastingly).”
That is why we are constantly warned of The 2nd Death – not that as falsely claimed by worldly Christians for it to be a painful torture (= a most
unrighteous statement for us to claim from The Most Righteous God - Yahweh).
             But The 2nd Death is to be exactly like our 1st death to experience but the difference is that there is no return from The 2nd Death!
Thus in this parable the slide from the 1st part of our life into the 2nd part of our life is considered as a continuous process of a single life so The 2nd
                   The                    .
Death becomes ‘ Death of Finality’ It now becomes a personal choice rather than the excuse we all hear now: “It was someone else’ fault” (eg      s
Adam and Eve).
             Can the reader understand the full logic of everything stated within this section?
If not, do not worry but please read more of this website www.FutureLife.Org to be fully conversant with the finer points of Yahweh’ whole plan for
us and the understanding will come to you - if you genuinely seek it.
Matt. 13v26 og Also (during this period = a kingdom of the heavens now moving into The Millennium to complete the whole growing period)
Matt. 13v26 og because germinated/sprouted (= the full opportunity to see the full results of the plant growth = all humans now in The
Matt. 13v26              Millennium experiencing the good system after the bad system = for full righteousness to be displayed in their fruit)
Matt. 13v26 og the blade/leaf, also (when) fruit produced, then appeared also the darnel.
Matt. 13v26              I need to explain “a kingdom of heavens”. The Greek word for “heaven” just means “zone above the soil of the earth” = sky
and thus means the zone that humans operate within confined to the earth. It also means by extension of the plural for heavens as being zones outside
the realm of earth’ influence. The Bible speaks of plural heavens when speaking of Yahweh to mean He controls everything in The Universe. Thus we
understand here that “The/A kingdom of heavens” is the human inhabitable zone around earth under the ultimate jurisdiction of Yahweh that is
moving from Satan’ local control (of 6000 years) to the local control by JCg of The Millennium (for 1000 years) operating under Yahweh’ Desire.      s
Matt. 13v27 og And drawing near the slaves (= angels) of The Master (= Yahweh) of the house (= Yahweh’ household) said                   s
Matt. 13v27 og (to the) Lord (= Yahweh): (Was) not (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous seed (= Yahweh’ Word) did You sow       s
Matt. 13v27 og (via Your man JC during the 2000 years) in to the your field (= the world during the 2000 years of The Gospel Age)?
Matt. 13v27 og Where/(why) now has it (in the field = world) the darnel (grown after all that input work from Your representatives)?
Matt. 13v27              The sprouting plants are resurrected still fleshly humans (basically still continuing their existence to a fullness to display their
full fruitage after all has been expended upon the field for example ‘              ).                          s
                                                                          fertiliser’ The darnel having Satan’ deceptive ideas nurtured to produce
unrighteous humans are fully displayed during The Millennium period where humans are now developing during their last opportunity (in their now
extended 2 part life) – hence they are all allowed to grow up together in v30.
             This parallel can be further extended.
The initial germination and shooting from the seed grain is under ground away from the direct light – this is likened to our short 1st part of our life in
the darkness under Satan’ inept jurisdiction/control of a generalised limit of 70 years. The resurrection period can be likened to the shoot/blade/leaf
first appearing above ground to then bask, by growing into the Light of The Millennium period under the rule of JCg in what will be a much longer
period of growth to perhaps 1000 years (encouraged to grow to its full potential). It is JCg reflecting the bright light being The Knowledge of Yahweh
upon these new seedlings. But how the result of the seedling turns out depends upon the source of their material. In a plant it is genetic and cannot
                          s                                              s
change, but in Yahweh’ righteousness He has given us through JC’ design the possibility to reconnect our synapse construction and thus effectively
change our metaphoric genetic make-up being our spiritual/thinking/desirous side. Thus in this wonderful light of Yahweh via JCg (and local feeding
via TCs as kings/Priests) then if the growing plants still prefer selfishness during The Millennium period then v30 occurs after every opportunity has
been made for each of them to produce righteous fruit.
This is a truly righteous plan by Yahweh. Rather than the most unrighteous concept proposed by Worldly Christianity and worse, Islam.
Sadly Judaism is still waiting for its Messiah and when JCg comes the 2nd time (apparently their 1st) it will be too late for Sonship to The New Israel.
All other worldly religions are ‘ far off track’to be a waste of time of which to even speak – they are full of inconsistent holes when viewed by logic.
Matt. 13v28 og And the (One = ‘ Master’= Yahweh) said to them (= angels), the man (= Satan) hostile/hurtful this
Matt. 13v28 og did/worked (= did, but not now during The Millennium where the two groups are undisturbed by Satan). And the slaves
Matt. 13v28 og (= angels) said (to the) Him (= Yahweh): “Will you now (be) {going out}/departing we may gather them
Matt. 13v28 og = the humans who are learning and beginning to demonstrate righteousness or unrighteousness as fruitage or lack of.
Matt. 13v29 og And the (one = Yahweh) said: “No! That not gathering/collecting the darnel (plants = unproductive =
Matt. 13v29 og unrighteous humans) you may uproot together/with them (= darnel having no fruitage of the HS), the wheat.
Matt. 13v29              (=wholesome =righteous humans that fulfil the Desire of Yahweh, who do not understand why darnel should be removed early)
Matt. 13v29              “that while collecting the darnel (early) you may uproot (= mentally destabilise) the wheat” means the following:
As I state in many places all entities do not have the capacity of Yahweh to make the correct decision early (before the event has occurred). Thus
Yahweh is allowing the unrighteous humans to fully develop/show themselves as being unrighteous (without fruit) so that the righteous humans (with
limited capability) can then understand why perhaps a former 1st life fleshly family member must be totally destroyed.
Unless the unrighteous humans have been demonstrably allowed to fully absorb righteousness and then actively reject it (after all possible assistance
= charity love to help them), only then can those watching fully accept within themselves that Yahweh has made the correct decision in destroying
perhaps a former close fleshly friend/relation.
Matt. 13v30 og Allow/{lay aside}/{let alone} to grow together both until of the harvest (being at the end of The Millennium),
Matt. 13v30 og also in to the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers (= angels): Gather/collect first the darnel
Matt. 13v30 og (during the 3.5 year testing period at the end of The Millennium), also bind/knot/tie them into bundles
Matt. 13v30 og concerning/about the (ones = bundles) to burn them (= The 2nd Death of total annihilation so that nothing remains),
Matt. 13v30 og and the wheat bring together into the granary of mine (entering The Culmination of eternity in Yahweh’ pleasure)                s
Matt. 13v24-30 My understanding is fully supported by JC’ explanation given in v37 to v43.
             Why is it at variance to unrighteous worldly Christian (and incidentally the worldly Islamic) Doctrine?
Both of these very worldly religions propose that there is not The Millennium period - that is why the reader has never heard them preach it!
             But JC came to preach of The Millennium so that a righteous judgement may be made upon all humans, not just the ones within their own
             specific worldly religions! JC preached of Yahweh’ Acceptable Year where righteousness abounds.
             For true righteousness to abound then both the positive and negative aspects must be demonstrated to show distinction else a righteous
             decision cannot be demonstrated – that is just common sense!
Both of these worldly religions propose that the eternal ‘ and death’judgement is made at the end of this 1st life on many people who know no
This is The Most Unrighteous Statement (and basically a stupid/foolish statement) that can be made by any human, thus it can be shown to be utterly
false, thus perpetuating a myth by humans who do not understand about what they are speaking!
I am always reminded of a television program that I saw many years ago, of a spiritually poor Christian Minister (who was clearly searching but still
lost) stating on camera the following:
             “I just do not understand God. How can He cut-off so many people in the world who are forced by worldly events and pressures to live
             their life away and not knowing JC – it is just not fair! I can understand why reincarnation must be better because humans can come back
             to have another opportunity and perhaps learn about JC.”
I just weep for this minister who was sincerely fighting a rational dilemma within his mind.
Satan would be laughing at this minister’ genuine discomfiture, especially because this man was starting to move to another very worldly religion
(Hinduism) perpetrated by Satan. But this worldly Christian Minister was genuine because he was questioning the very worldly Christian Doctrine
from being inside it and thus knowing how false it was and still is! Sadly so very many worldly Christian ministers obviously do not bother and just
perpetuate a myth for a worldly income and position within a worldly society – else why have they not done what I have demonstrated here?
       So why is it The Most Unrighteous (and thus foolish) Statement?
       1. All humans who do not come to know JC are cut-off – rather unfair for those who did not have the opportunity or the capacity to know JC.
       2. JC stated he came for all humans = give them an opportunity to come to know him – does not align with worldly Christian doctrine!
       3. There are many other sub-issues that I cover elsewhere that show the contradictory nature of the worldly Christian doctrine.
(The same arguments apply to Islam – except it is even more unrighteous in many respects than the ridiculous conceptual worldly Christianity).
Those of worldly Christian doctrine put forward all the usual mystical answers to try and answer the above problems but all are logically flawed!
The answer must be logical else Satan can point the finger at Yahweh and declare that was not logical, then stating: ‘   You’Yahweh are unrighteous!
And those standing roundabout (angels and other entities) could within themselves have doubt and thus believe that Satan had a very valid point!
But Yahweh in His utter righteousness is able to demonstrate righteousness by ensuring that no short-cuts are taken that could cause any doubt!
Yahweh desires a stable system in The Culmination where all the entities feel secure and have utter confidence in all of Yahweh’ pronouncements!
Matt. 13v31 og Another parable (JC) presented to them exclaiming/stating: “Like is the kingdom of the heavens (to the)
Matt. 13v31 og grain of mustard, which taking (the) man sowed/scattered in to the field of him.
Matt. 13v32 og (The grain of mustard) which (is) lesser/smaller truly (than) all/every of the seeds; and when (it is) grown
Matt. 13v32 og greater/larger (than) of the plants is, also becomes a tree/bush, so that come/enter the {flying animals}
Matt. 13v32 og of the heaven (notice the single ‘              heaven’= zone on earth = sky) also remain in the branches/twigs of it.”
Matt. 13v32              The black mustard seed was the smallest seed that the Israelites planted, and it does grow into a large bush-like plant.
Matt. 13v33 og Another parable (JC) spoke to them: “Like is the kingdom of the heavens to leaven (from ‘ ferment’                        to        )
Matt. 13v33 og which taking a woman {lays/mixes in}/incorporates into (of the) meal/flour measures/scoops 3,
Matt. 13v33 og until was fermented/raised the whole (= completely raised bread).

Matt. 13v33           Notice the plural ‘            .
                                           heavens’ Thus JC is speaking of the possible access that some humans have by demonstrating that they are
TCs and thus as chosen by Yahweh to become His Sons of the heavens. Thus JC is saying that he has over 3 years of preaching and teaching
Yahweh’ word during his ministry period to establish a foundation being the places in the heavens having been expanded to take in new entities (this
was never fully understood by the prophets and Ancient Worthies – see v35 in context) to be part of Yahweh’ Intimate Family.
Matt. 13v34 og These (things) all spoke the JC in parables to the crowds, also without (the) parable not he spoke to
Matt. 13v34 og them. (= JC only spoke to the crowds in parables to explain Yahweh’ Good News of The Millennium).
Matt. 13v35 og So that was fulfilled that spoken through of the prophet saying (Ps.78v2):
Matt. 13v35 og I will open in parables the mouth of mine, I will speak out things kept hidden/secret from (the)
Matt. 13v35 og deposition/conception {adorning/decoration (of the) world} (= before the placement of humans upon it).
Matt. 13v36 og Then sending/leaving the crowds (then) came/entered into the house JC also came near (to the) him (JC)
Matt. 13v36 og the disciples (of the) him exclaiming/stating: “Explain to us the parable of the Darnel of the field.”
Matt. 13v37 og And the (one = JC) answering said to them: “The (one) sowing/scattering the (inherently/intrinsically)
Matt. 13v37 og good/virtuous seed is the Son of the Man(kind) (= JC).
Matt. 13v38 og And the field is the world, and the (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous seed, these are the sons of the
Matt. 13v38 og kingdom (notice not plural = earth, thus they are to be those who ultimately survive on the Earth).
Matt. 13v38           It is utterly crucial for the reader to understand the very subtle difference that JC is speaking about here (being utterly lost in
worldly Christian doctrine). “The seed” are humans who are growing with the knowledge of Yahweh’ Word but not produced anything yet - unlike
those 144000 TCs who have – by becoming mature in The Fidelity called “Men Asleep” during the 1st part of their life being the TCs as guardians of
Yahweh’ Word during The Gospel Age. Men “Asleep” just means that they have lived, then matured in The Fidelity during The Gospel Age and thus
become ACCEPTED by Yahweh at their {1st death}/”Asleep” as being WORTHY (= to now be called “men”) by passing The Special/Greater
Judgement made by Yahweh for these 144000 to become Sons of God of The Millennium to teach righteousness.
Matt. 13v38 og And the darnel are the sons of the evil/malicious/hurtful (one = Satan).
Matt. 13v38           (Those humans who hurt other people by ‘     stepping upon them’to fulfil their own selfish desires follow the example of Satan!)
Matt. 13v39 og And the hostile/hateful the (one = Satan) who sowed/scattered them is The Devil. And the harvest (is the)
Matt.   13v39 og      culmination/completion/consumption of the {everlasting age}/perpetuity.
Matt.   13v39 og      And the reapers, angels are (= And the reapers are the angels).
Matt.   13v40 og      Exactly like now the darnel also with power/fire/lightening is consumed (by humans destroying weeds),
Matt.   13v40 og      so it will be in to the culmination/completion/consumption of the {everlasting age}/perpetuity of this.
Matt.   13v41 og      Commissioned/dispatched the Son of the Man(kind) the angels (of the) him, also (they will) gather/collect
Matt.   13v41 og      from of the kingdom (of the) him all the offences/{stumbling blocks}/snares also the (ones = now becoming
Matt.   13v41 og      the iniquitous people who know The Absolute Truth) doing/working lawlessness/iniquity/unrighteousness.
Matt.   13v42 og      Also they (= angels) cast/throw them (iniquitous humans) into the furnace of the power/fire/lightening.
Matt.   13v42 og      There shall be the (ones) weeping also the (ones) gnashing/grating/grinding of the teeth (being The 2nd Death
Matt.   13v42         of annihilation – See Glossary on all of these terms).
Matt.   13v43 og      Then the (ones) righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of the Father (Yahweh) of them.
Matt.   13v43         Because these ones (144000) have completed the mission during The Millennium to purify the resurrected human species to
become the successful children of “The Special Marriage” between JCg and his Bride of 144000. It is these 144000 who have become like the sun in
the kingdom of The Father by becoming His glorified Sons.
Matt. 13v43 og The (ones) having ears to hear/listen (then) to him hear/listen (= do what those preaching The Absolute Truth teach
Matt. 13v44 og Again like is the kingdom of the heavens (to the) treasure having been hidden in to the field, which
Matt. 13v44 og having found a man hidden. Also from the joy/gladness/delight (of the) him goes, also all/every (thing)
Matt. 13v44 og which (he) has (he) sells, also buys the field the (specific one = field).
Matt. 13v44           = A human who has found The Fidelity. The person becomes a TC by “selling everything” means that the TC is disposing of
everything pertaining to worldly things/desires/{self-indulgence}. He “buys the field” means every thing that was formally taking the TC’
time/energy/resources is now used to promote Yahweh’ Word within the world to The Desire of Yahweh. Finally the TC is aiming for the treasure to
become ‘ Son of God’thus the plural aspect “of the” ‘                                  off
                                                         heavens’points us to meaning ‘ this earth’  .
Matt.   13v45 og      Again like is the kingdom of the heavens to a man a merchant seeking excellent pearls.
Matt.   13v46 og      Who finding one very precious/valuable pearl, going away (he) sold all/every (thing) that (he) had, also
Matt.   13v46 og      bought it/{the same}. (Exactly as explained in v44).
Matt.   13v47 og      Again like is the kingdom of the heavens (to a) net thrown/cast into the sea (= all of humanity), also
Matt.   13v47 og      from all/every kind gathered/assembled (within the net).
Matt.   13v48 og      Which because it (= net) was filled, (then) drawing/lifting up upon the shore also sitting down
Matt.   13v48 og      gathered/collected the good/ideal into vessels, and the {flame coloured} (= rotten), out they threw.
Matt.   13v48                                                                       s
                        This is speaking of the plural heavens thus meaning God’ Sonship is open to all humans who take on Christianity by becoming
caught in the net. Those humans not caught in the net are those outside The Christian Nation and thus do not have the opportunity to become a Son of
God. However we are told that there are all types within the net. There are even rotten things within the net. Thus we reason that Yahweh finds some
of those people in The Christian Nation aiming to become Sons of God (thus can only be leaders who are by present status claiming that position
during the 1st part of their life) as being rotten and are to be thrown away, just not worthy of Sonship. And likewise the normal passive worldly
Christian who does not claim Sonship are also not aiming for Sonship are merely worthless sprats – so who is worthy? It is only those individuals
                            s                                                   s
who precisely imitate JC’ ministry who will be successful in becoming JCg’ Bride.
Matt. 13v49             The v48 is speaking directly of Sonship of the heavens at the 1st 2nd C, then JC goes on to say also/likewise at the end of The
Millennium (being the culmination) as well, separation also will occur to separate those who now have learnt righteousness and those who have not
learnt righteousness and thus now face their/The 2nd Death. All this is chronologically described in the verses within context.
Matt.   13v49 og      Likewise it will be in to the culmination/completion/consumption of the {everlasting age}/perpetuity.
Matt.   13v49 og      will go out the angels, also will separate the evil/malicious/hurtful (ones) from (of the) midst of the
Matt.   13v49 og      righteous/just (ones).
Matt.   13v50 og      Also will throw/cast them into the furnace of the power/fire/lightening. There shall be the
Matt.   13v50 og      (ones) weeping also the (ones) gnashing/grating/grinding of the teeth.

Matt.   13v51 og      Exclaims/states to them the JC. “Have you considered/discerned/understood these (things) all?”
Matt.   13v51 og      They exclaimed/stated (to the) him: “Yes Lord.”
Matt.   13v52 og      And the (one = JC) said to them: “Through (reason of) this all/every scribe/writer (the) disciple/trainee
Matt.   13v52 og      into the kingdom of the heavens like is (to a) man (a) master (of a) house (who) {puts forth}/{sends out}
Matt.   13v52 og      from of the treasure (of the) him new also old.”
Matt.   13v52            JC is answering them after the ‘                  :
                                                         leading question’ “Do you understand this?”
JC is saying:
1. If you do understand this then as scribes and writers of (the future) letters/epistles when trained from discipleship and become part of the kingdom
of the heavens (thus as TCs to become Sons of God over plural heavens) then you become a wise man. A wise man can then call upon all experiences
of their past life to assist in promoting/teaching of Yahweh’ Word.
Clearly the extension is beyond the TC’ 1st life with the 1st death being just asleep. Thus resurrection means humans’lives are effectively extended
into The Millennium where all humans can call upon the past experiences shown by replays of the equivalent of HDVDs as part of the teaching aids
that will be used to teach/preach righteousness to those resurrected in fleshly bodies.
2. However the other take on this to make it specific to JC as The Leader would be that JC is telling that he is bringing together what The Old
Scriptures of the Tanakh taught us together with what he is teaching us and combining the two together where he become the fulfilment of the old
promises together with the future fulfilment during The Gospel Age into The Millennium. And this is what He desires all TCs to do at the appointed
time in Yahweh’ Master Plan – when the HS makes it know in due season.
Matt. 13v53 og Also (it) happened because had ended the JC the parables these, (JC) moved from the (specific) place.
Matt. 13v54 og Also coming/entering into the homeland/fatherland (of the) him (JC) taught them in to the synagogue of
Matt. 13v54 og them, so that were astounded/amazed they also exclaimed/stated: “What source (to) this one the
Matt.   13v54 og wisdom this, also the signs/{works of power}/miracles?”
Matt.                                                       s
        13v55 og Not this is the (one) of the carpenter’ son? (Is) not the mother (of the) him called Mariam (= Mary),
Matt.   13v55 og also the (natural half) brothers (of the) him, James, also Joseph, also Simon, also Judas
Matt.   13v56-57 Thus we understand that JC had 4 half brothers and at least 2 half sisters.
However as usual we have many worldly Christian scholars not believe what is stated here merely for worldly doctrinal reasons insisting that Mary
was a virgin all her life! However in ignoring what The Bible states here (and in Mark.6v3) then they further ignore that it was prophesied the
firstborn would inherit the kingship of David - 2Sam.7v12-13 when these worldly scholars blithely state perhaps Joseph had children from another
marriage - which if that was true then The Pharisees would have jumped on this to state JC was not the first born through the legal route as given in
Sadly these people are paid to try and discredit The Bible by the very huge Christian denominations that put on the front as being Yahweh’ s
representatives – this being merely part of the mass Hypocrisy that these ‘representatives’indulge within of which JC warned – just to perpetuate an
errant doctrine – being one of many (another being The Trinity)!
They will be made to account for their most delinquent ways in The Millennium!
Matt. 13v56 og Also sisters (of the) him not all towards (= with) us are? What source now (to) this (one) these (things) all.
Matt. 13v57 og Also they (= old friends/neighbours) (were) offended/{stumbling block}/snare in (to the) him (JC).
Matt. 13v57 og And the (one) JC said to them: “Not is (the) prophet honourless/despised, if not (= except) in to the
Matt. 13v57 og homeland/fatherland (of the) him, also in the house(hold) (of the) him.
Matt. 13v57             = A prophet is not respected in his own homeland, but is outside his homeland among people who did not know him as a child.
Matt. 13v58 og Also not he (JC) performed/did/worked there signs/{works of power}/miracles many, through
Matt. 13v58 og (reason) of the unbelief/unfaithfulness/disobedience (of) them.
Matt. 14v1 og In the (specific) to the time heard Herod the tetrarch the fame of JC.
Matt. 14v2 og Also said to the servants (of the) him, this is John the Baptist he is risen from of the dead (ones), also
Matt. 14v2 og through (reason of) this the signs/{works of power}/miracles efficiently/active/fervent in (to the) him.
Matt. 14v3 og For the Herod having seized/retained the John bound him also put in prison, though (reason of)
Matt. 14v3 og Herodias the wife (of the) Philip of the brother (of the) him.
Matt. 14v4 og For exclaimed/stated (to the) him (Herod) the John: Not (it is) lawful for you to have her.
Matt. 14v4                                                                                                            s
                        John the Baptist bravely accused Herodias of adultery because she was also the wife of Herod’ brother – she hated John!
Matt. 14v5 og Also (Herod) wishing/desiring (the) him (= John) to kill/slay, he feared the crowd, because as (the)
Matt. 14v5 og prophet (the) him they held/attributed.
Matt. 14v6 og And a birth(day) feast being held of the Herod danced the daughter of the Herodius in to the midst,
Matt.   14v6 og       also pleased to the Herod.
Matt.   14v7 og       From which with an oath he promised to her give the (one = thing) whatever she may ask (for).
Matt.   14v8 og       And the (one = she) being urged/forced on/forward by of the mother of her: Give me, she says,
Matt.   14v8 og       here upon a platter/plate the head (of the) John of the Baptist.”
Matt.   14v9 og       Also was grieved the king and through (reason of) the oath also those who reclined/sat with (Herod),
Matt.   14v9 og       ordered (it) to be given/granted
Matt.   14v10 og      Also sending (servants) beheaded the John in the Prison.
Matt.   14v11 og      Also was brought the head (of the) him (John) upon a platter/plate, also was given to the girl, also she
Matt.   14v11 og      brought to the mother of her
Matt.   14v12 og      Also having drawn near the disciples (of the) him took the body, also buried it, also
Matt.   14v12 og      coming/accompanying told to the JC.
Matt.   14v13 og      Also hearing the JC withdrew from the (specific) place in to a boat into a deserted place privately.
Matt.   14v13                                 s
                      (John the Baptist was JC’ relation and also a close friend who was obviously of very like mind.)
Matt.   14v13 og      Also having heard the crowds followed (to the) him (JC) on foot from of the cities.
Matt.   14v14 og      Also going out the JC saw (the) great crowd, also was filled with pity upon them, also (JC)                      healed the
Matt.   14v14 og      infirm/weakened of them.
Matt.   14v15 og      And evening having come, drew/came near (to the) him (JC) the disciples (of the) him exclaiming/stating
Matt.   14v15 og      “Wilderness is (this) the place, also the time/hour already is gone by (= becoming late in the day).
Matt.   14v15 og      Dismiss the crowds that going away into the villages they may buy for themselves food.”
Matt.   14v16 og      And the JC said to them: “Not need they have to go away. Give (by hand of) yourselves (for them) to eat.
Matt.   14v17 og      And the (ones = disciples) exclaimed/stated (to the) him: “Not we have here if not (= except) five loaves
Matt.   14v17 og      also two fish.
Matt.   14v18 og      And the (one = JC) said: “Bring to me them here.”
Matt.   14v19 og      Also commanding/instructing the crowds to recline/{sit comfortably} upon the grass, also taking the
Matt.   14v19 og      five loaves also the two fish looking up into the heaven/sky (single = being the zone above the soil/earth), (JC)
Matt.   14v19 og      blessed/thanked also breaking (JC) gave to the disciples the loaves, and the disciples to the crowds.
Matt.   14v20 og      Also ate all/every (person), also were satisfied/filled, also (they) took the excess/remaining of the
Matt.   14v20 og      pieces, twelve hand-baskets full.
Matt.   14v21 og      And the (ones) eating were men about 5000 without/{apart from} women also children.
Matt.   14v15-21                                                                              s
                      (Please see John 6v1-15 for the full explanation of this event during JC’ ministry).
Matt.   14v22 og      Also immediately compelled the JC the disciples (of the) him (to) enter into the boat, also went                     before
Matt.   14v22 og      (the) him into the other side until he dismissed the crowds.
Matt.   14v23 og      Also dismissed/released the crowds (JC) went into the mountain apart (by) himself/alone to
Matt.   14v23 og      worship/pray, and evening coming alone he was there.
Matt.   14v24 og      And the boat now amidst/upon of the sea was being tossed/tormented/vexed by of the waves, for was
Matt.   14v24 og      against the wind (thus the wind was throwing up the waves).
Matt.   14v25 og      And in (the) 4th watch of the night, went towards them the JC walking upon the sea.
Matt.   14v26 og      Also seeing him the disciples upon the sea walking about (they = disciples) were troubled exclaiming:
Matt.   14v26 og      Because a phantom/ghost/spectre it is also from/out of the fear (they) screamed/shrieked.
Matt.   14v27 og      And immediately spoke to them the JC exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   14v27 og      “Be comforted/encouraged - I am (He). Not do fear.”
Matt.   14v28 og      And answering (to the) him (JC) the Peter said:
Matt.   14v28 og      “Lord – If you are (He), call/command/bid me towards you to come upon the waters.
Matt.   14v29 og      And the (one = JC) said: “Come/Accompany (me)!”
Matt.   14v29 og      Also descending from of the boat the Peter walked upon the waters to come/accompany
Matt.   14v29 og      towards the JC.
Matt.   14v30 og      And seeing the wind strong, (Peter) was afraid also beginning to sink, (Peter) screamed/shrieked
Matt.   14v30 og      exclaimed: “Lord – Save me!”
Matt.   14v31 og      And instantly the JC extending/stretching forth the hand seized/grasped/took hold (of the) him,
Matt.   14v31 og      also exclaimed/stated: “Little faith, why (the) you {waver in opinion}/doubt?”
Matt.   14v32 og      Also ascending up they into the boat ceased/stopped the wind.
Matt.   14v33 og      Also the (ones) in to the boat (upon JC/Peter) coming/entering/accompanying
Matt.   14v33 og      worshipped/prostrated/adored (to the) him.
Matt.   14v34 og      Also completing/finishing (they) came into the land of Gennesaret.
Matt.   14v35 og      Also recognising/knew him (JC) the men of the place the (specific one = that place) sent/dispatched into
Matt.   14v35 og      whole/complete the neighbourhood/vicinity the (specific one = that place), also
Matt.   14v35 og      brought/tender/treat/{bear towards} (to the) him (JC) all/every (persons) the (ones) illness/sickness having.
Matt.   14v36 og      Also implored/beseeched/begged (the) him (JC) that only (they) might touch of the fringe of the garment
Matt.   14v36 og      (of the) him also whosoever/{as many} (as) touched cured/saved/restored/{made wholesome}
Matt.   15v1 og       Then came/drew near to the JC the (ones) from Jerusalem scribes also Pharisees exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   15v2 og       “Why the disciples of you transgress/{violate a command}/{act contrary} of the elders (Jewish council)?
Matt.   15v2 og       For not (they) wash the hands (of) them when bread (they) eat.
Matt.   15v3 og       And the (one = JC) answering said (to the) them:
Matt.   15v3 og       “Why also you transgress/{violate a command}/{act contrary} the
Matt.   15v3 og       command/{authoritative prescription}/precept/injunction of the God (Yahweh) through (reason of) the
Matt.   15v3 og       tradition/ordinance (of the) you? (This is a stunning reply by JC).
Matt.   15v3                                         s
                      = “Why do you transgress God’ Laws by inventing your own traditional worldly laws?”
Matt.   15v4 og       For the “The Specific God” (= Yahweh speaking to His representative Moses of The Israelite Nation)
Matt.   15v4 og       commanded/instructed/enjoined exclaiming/stated: “Honour the father (of the) you also the mother,
Matt.   15v4 og       also the (one = person) speaking evil (of) father or mother (to the) death (to him) expire/die.
Matt.   15v4          Ref: Ex.20v12, 21v17. Le.20v9, De.21v18-21, Children were taught to respect their families if not then they were cursed
Le.19v3, De.27v16 all of these were based upon honouring the father also the mother De.5v16 and Eph.6v2. The reason for this is obvious – social
cohesion would break down (as sadly we see today) but also it was to set the correct mind/heart condition to respect Yahweh’ Family of The
Millennium and thus bring a person’ way of thinking ready to accept righteousness during their last opportunity during the 2nd part of their life.
Matt.   15v5 og       And you exclaim/state: ‘   Whoever wishes/desires says to the father or to the mother:
Matt.   15v5 og       A gift what ever by (of the) me you would gain.’
Matt.   15v6 og       Also not no (= unable to) honour the father (of the) him or the mother (of the) him (doing this), also (you)
Matt.   15v6 og       annulled the command of the God through (reason of) the tradition/ordinance (the one of) yours (origin).
Matt.   15v6           What does JC mean here? What is JC trying to say to the Pharisees? How has JC turned the argument around?
JC has been able to spin the argument right around to show religious leaders true motivation is one of a very worldly heart. Worldly rules are
created within the mind driven by the passion/zeal of their heart just as JC tells us in 6v19 for power over the community delivering self indulgence.
And ‘variations of the same theme’is seen all throughout the Gospel Age up to and including present day in The Worldly Christian Church – I let the
reader muse on examples that may come to their mind while they read this.

This passage is explained in Mark.7v11 and given the name at the time as “Corban” (The original Hebrew word Qorban to mean “offering” from
Le.1v2-3, 2v1; Nu.5v15, 6v14,21 1, also used in Ez.20v28, 40v43.) Also I refer to it in Matt.27v6 where Judas threw down betrayal money of JC into
the temple, but they would not accept ‘   blood money’  .
After that reference material behind us, now I will explain the customary practice.
The practice was this.
              A‘ middle aged person’may declare all his possessions as ‘                                                     gift
                                                                           Corban’thus the possessions were declared as a ‘ to God.’
              Being ‘ gift to God’then humans could not touch them else they are violating something that belongs to God.
              Thus the processions were now effectively suspended from everyday transactions.
                         What was the benefit of this to the ‘middle aged person’ ?
                   middle aged person’was now ‘
              This ‘                                excused’from caring for their aged parents irrespective of how poor they were!
                         But the Pharisees put an escape clause in!
              The ‘middle aged person’could administrate the possessions himself until his own death at which point they went to the Temple Funds.
The reader can immediately see the loop holes this created – just like the (very ‘  legitimate’ expense accounts of many of the people in public life that
we have today funded by those, of whom they are supposed to represent (either spiritually or worldly). I let the reader decide why many of these
people climb to that high position in public life (“by their fruits you shall know them” is a useful Bible quotation to recall). But remember do not
become bewitched/mesmerised by the painted façade – Always ask: “What is going on underneath/behind what I readily see presented to me?”
Thus going back to the Corban practice what occurred is that the possessions would not go to the parents but stayed under the administration of the
‘                                .
 person who made it Corban’ The astute administrator would attempt to eke the possessions out over their life so that the Temple would get none of
it, or slide the possessions over to relatives in a ‘laundrette’manner. But the important thing would be that he would be administrating it for his own
personal benefit rather than his parents having it for use in their retirement.
A similar practice occurred with the Greeks I quote Historian Josephus (Jewish Antiquities IV,73): “Those who describe themselves as ‘      Corban’to
God when desirous to be relieved of this obligation must pay to the priests a fixed sum”.
              And after all that discussion, we appropriately enter v7-9.
Matt. 15v7 og Hypocrites! Honestly/accurately prophesied concerning you (= religious leaders) Isaiah stating (Isa.29v13):
Matt. 15v8 og “Draws near to Me the people this with the mouth of them also the lips Me it honours (= the public
Matt. 15v8 og painted façade - BUT); and of/or (the) heart of them (= motivation/zeal/{zest for activity})
Matt. 15v8 og far/distant {holds off}/{keep away} from (of the) Me.
Matt. 15v9 og And {in vain}/{of no purpose}/{without success} (they) worship/prostrate/adore/venerate me (by)
Matt. 15v9 og teaching/preaching (the) doctrine/instruction precepts/commandments of men.
Matt. 15v9               = You are wasting your time in your worldly display of worshipping/adoring Me (before your congregation) when you preach
worldly derived ideas/myths and present them as coming from Me - Yahweh.
This is just so prevalent today and this website is committed to exposing the worldly myths, and thus explain logically The Truth of Yahweh’ Fidelity
as preached by 1 century True Christians. I need not list all the falsehoods here, but the reader would have already been introduced to some of them
in earlier parts of Matthew.
Matt. 15v10 og Also calling near the crowd (so obviously the Pharisees set up this questioning in front of a crowd to try and humiliate
Matt. 15v10 og him – but JC so neatly spun it around) (JC) said to them: “Hear/listen also understand/be wise}/consider.
Matt. 15v11 og Not the (thing = food) entering into the mouth defiles/{make unclean}/pollute the man;
Matt. 15v11 og but the (thing = what is said) issued/{coming out}/discharged from of the mouth,
Matt.   15v11 og       this defiles/{make unclean}/pollutes the man.
Matt.   15v12 og       Then drawing near the disciples (of the) him: “(You) Know because the Pharisees hearing the saying
Matt.   15v12 og       were offended/stumbling/displeased!” (Beautiful innocence of the disciples not realising what was ahead for them).
Matt.   15v13 og       And the (one = JC) answering said: “Every plant which not (has) planted (by) the Father of me
Matt.   15v13 og       the heavenly, (shall be) {rooted up}/{pulled out}” (see 13v24-30).
Matt.   15v14 og       Leave/forsake/{put to one side} them (the religious) leaders/guides/teachers they are blind (teachers of
Matt.   15v14 og       those in the congregation who are also) (the ones) blind; and (of those being) blind, (the ones) blind if/whom lead,
Matt.   15v14 og       both into (the) pit will fall (= fail to meet Yahweh’ Desire in their lifestyle).
Matt.   15v14          (I will not belabour this verse I quote it extensively not to ridicule, but just as ‘ wake-up call’being so applicable today.)
Matt.   15v15 og       And answering the Peter said (to the) him: “Explain to us the parable this (one).
Matt.   15v16 og       And the JC said: “Still now also you unintelligent/{without knowledge}/foolish are?
Matt.   15v17 og       Not yet you perceive/consider/think/understand because all/every (thing) the (things) having
Matt.   15v17 og       entered/{gone in} into the mouth into the stomach goes. Also into the {waste-bowl}/lavatory/toilet is
Matt.   15v17 og       expelled/{cast out}.
Matt.   15v18 og       And the (things) issued/{coming out}/discharged from of the mouth from of the heart
Matt.   15v18 og       departed/{spread/gets out}/{issue abroad}, also those (things) defiles/{make unclean}/pollute the man.
Matt.   15v18        (Thus it is the motivation/passion/drive of the heart to satisfy the fleshly desires, over-rides the knowledge base of the mind.)
Matt.   15v19 og     For from of the heart departed/{spread/gets out}/{issue abroad} reasonings/thoughts (= internal debating
Matt.   15v19 og     about the following things), evils (= malicious/hurtful things against the neighbour), murders (= character assignations),
Matt.   15v19 og     adulteries, fornications (= taking your time to indulge yourself with all types of worldly things before Yahweh’         s
Matt.   15v19 og     requirements), thefts (taking what should be going to Yahweh), false witnessing (being a false teacher of Yahweh’            s
Matt.   15v19 og     Word), blasphemies (taking Yahweh’ Name in vain by pretending that God is with you or that you are on His side).
Matt.   15v19        Some of these things I have directed towards actions that are personal between the reader and Yahweh (being the sub-level),
rather than as immediately recognised at the higher level. This is to understand that it is not just between man and man but more how your worldly
actions between neighbours reflect to and upon Yahweh.
Matt. 15v20 og These (things) are the (things) defiles/{make unclean}/pollute the man and the (ones with) unwashed hands
Matt. 15v20 og (they) eat not defiles/{make unclean}/pollute the man.
Matt. 15v21 og Also {going out}/leaving the (specific) place, the JC withdrew/departed into the parts/coasts/areas
Matt.   15v21 og of Tyre also Sidon.
Matt.   15v22 og Also behold/look! A woman Canaanite from of the borders those (specific ones), coming forth
Matt.   15v22 og clamouring/{crying out}: “(Have) Pity/Mercy/Compassion (upon) me, Lord Son of David, the daughter
Matt.   15v22 og (of the) mine is demon-possessed.
Matt.   15v23 og      And the (one = JC) not answered her a word. Also having drawn near the disciples (of the) him asked (the)
Matt.   15v23 og      him exclaiming/stating: “Dismiss/{send away}/release her because (she) screams/shrieks behind us.”
Matt.   15v24 og      And the (one =JC) answering said: “Not (I was) dispatched/sent/commissioned if not (= accept) towards
Matt.   15v24 og      the sheep the lost/destroyed/perished (based upon their present understanding – like all humans) (of the)
Matt.   15v24 og      house(hold) (of the) Israel.
Matt.   15v25 og      And the (one = she) coming/accompanying worshipped/prostrated/adored/venerated (to the) him
Matt.   15v25 og      exclaiming/stating: “Lord, help/aid me!”
Matt.   15v26 og      And the (one = JC) answering said: “Not it is (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous (to) take/grasp/seize
Matt.   15v26 og      the bread of the children, also (to) throw to the dogs.
Matt.   15v27 og      And the (one = she) said: “Yes Lord, for also the dogs eat from of the crumbs of the (ones) falling from
Matt.   15v27 og      the table of the lords/masters of them.”
Matt.   15v28 og      Then answering the JC said to her: “Oh woman, great/strong/mighty (of the) you The Fidelity,
Matt.   15v28 og      (it) will occur to you as you desire/please/delight.”
Matt.   15v28 og      Also was healed/cured the daughter of her from of the time/hour the (specific one).
Matt.   15v22-28                             the
                        The woman is from ‘ nations’and JC stated that he only came to the Israelite nation, because they were the ones
commissioned to teach the world (being ‘ nations’ He was to instruct the Israelite nation 1st who themselves were to set the example for the rest
                                           the         ).
of the world to follow. However we know they did not, just as JC knew they would not, but he gave them a chance face to face during his ministry to
demonstrate his righteousness – else they could say: ‘ did not give us a chance/opportunity!’ However JC was setting up The Christian Nation
from which Yahweh would choose His Sons being those who demonstrated themselves to be TCs.
But JC was not averse to assisting those outside The Israelite Nation if they demonstrated belief leading to righteous works. In this instance the
woman’ belief (being The Fidelity of True Faith – see why later) was that JC was the Son of God and had power to heal. She demonstrated her
belief/commitment/entrusting in righteous works by travelling possibly a great distance to find him (perhaps asking many people on the way, where
she could find him) – in those days it would have been difficult for a woman (perhaps a widow).
            Was JC being harsh to her?
Most worldly Christian leaders preach JC was unreasonably harsh towards her.
            But this is an utterly wrong assessment of the situation.
He was just assaying her before the disciples and to The World as recorded for us in The Bible. He knew what her response was going to be, even
before he asked her from his interaction with Yahweh. JC was demonstrating to the whole world her righteousness, her works based upon righteous
(rather then feigned) belief/commitment/entrusting. He was allowing her to preach to the world of her commitment to him, but moreover using her
words to tell The World what the Israelites were supposed to be doing. They were commissioned by Yahweh to preach what they learned directly from
the prophets and the priests to the nations of the world, but instead the people (and the religious leaders) ignored the prophets and thus poisoning the
scraps as they fell from the table!
Equally now with much of the self-claimed worldly Christian Nation, being progressively more applicable to those leaders higher up within their
I cover these points in JC’ parable fully explained regarding The Rich Man and Lazarus in the explanation “What is hell?” on this website.
Matt. 15v29 og Also moving/departing the (specific) place the JC came beside the Sea of the Galilee, also ascending
Matt.   15v29 og      into the mount, JC sat there.
Matt.   15v30 og      Also came (to the) him (JC) crowds (being) great (in number), having with themselves (the ones) lame, blind,
Matt.   15v30 og      dumb, maimed, also others (being) many. Also (they) flung/deposited/dropped them beside/alongside
Matt.   15v30 og      the feet of the JC, also (he) healed/cured them.
Matt.   15v31 og      So that the crowds marvelled/admired/wondered seeing (of the ones) dumb speaking, (of the ones) maimed
Matt.   15v31 og      whole/sound/healthy, (of the ones) lame walking about, also (of the ones) blind seeing. Also (they)
Matt.   15v31 og      glorified/esteemed/honoured the God (= Yahweh) (of the) Israel.
Matt.   15v32 og      And the JC calling near the disciples (of the) him said: I am filled with pity upon the crowd because
Matt.   15v32 og      now three days they remain with me, also not have any (thing) (they) to eat, also to send away them
Matt.   15v32 og      hungry not I desire that (they) be weary in to the way/journey (of them).
Matt.   15v33 og      Also exclaim/state to him the disciples (of the) him:
Matt.   15v33 og      “From where to us in a desert/wilderness loaves so many as to fill/satisfy a crowd (this) great?”
Matt.   15v34 og      Also exclaimed/stated to them the JC: “How many loaves have you?
Matt.   15v34 og      And the (ones = disciples) said: “Seven also a few small fish.”
Matt.   15v35 og      Also (JC) ordered/urged the crowd to recline/{sit comfortably} upon the ground.
Matt.   15v36 og      Also taking the seven loaves also the fish {giving thanks}/{expressed gratitude} (to Yahweh) (JC) broke
Matt.   15v36 og      also gave to the disciples (of the) him, and the disciples to the crowd.
Matt.   15v37 og      Also ate all/every (person) also were filled/satisfied. Also (they) took/{lifted up}/removed the
Matt.   15v37 og      excess/abundance of the pieces seven {hamper/lunch baskets} full.
Matt.   15v37           This is a similar occurrence to that of the 5000 in Matt.14v15-21 and fully explained in John 6v1-15. I would not be at all
surprised if during this occasion JC had only perhaps seven disciples with him because the other 5 may have been called out on other transient
personal/family matters (Peter was married for example).
I am forced to refute a much promoted modern idea about the feeding of the 5000 and the feeding of the 4000.
A very worldly idea now ‘  doing the rounds’through our much ‘     enlightened elite’of the worldly Christian Nation is that through heightened hysteria
the humans thought they had been fed by JC. They ignore the quantity of bread left over in the baskets! Perhaps the disciples were hysterical when
they collected the left-over bread and filled 12 and 7 baskets respectively. And still hysterical some 30 and 60 years later when writing about it!
This is just another example of what I warn the reader about - to beware of the false prophets seducing the flock and making their own flocks!
Being as we have been told (Matt.15v14) “The Blind leading The Blind and they both fall into the pit”.
Matt. 15v38 og And the (ones = people of the crowd) eating were 4000 men without/{apart from} women also children.
Matt. 15v39 og Also dismissed/{sent away}/released the crowds, (JC) went into the boat, also came into the
Matt. 15v39 og borders/frontiers (of) Magdala. (Sea town on Western most point of The Sea of Galilee about 8km SW of Capernaum).
Matt. 16v1 og Also having come/drawn near the Pharisees also Sadducees tempting/testing asked (the) him (JC) a
Matt. 16v1 og sign/{powerful work}/miracle from of the heavens (plural being the realm of Yahweh) to

Matt. 16v1 og         show/exhibit/display (to) them.
Matt. 16v2 og         And the (one = JC) answered said (to) them:
Matt. 16v2-3           [Evening coming on you say, clear sky is red for the heaven. Also at morning Today is a storm, is red for being overcast the
heaven Hypocrites! Indeed the face of the heaven you know how to discern and the sign of the times not you are able? = CA, thus ignore.]
Matt. 16v4 og “Generation/time/nation/age (meaning period and/or persons) an evil/malicious/hurtful (one = period and
Matt. 16v4 og persons) also adulterous/harlot (spiritually = laying in the bed with worldly religions being of Satan the custodian god of
Matt. 16v4 og this present worldly system) a sign/miracle seek/enquire/{lust after}/desire, also sign/miracle not will be
Matt. 16v4 og given/granted to it/{the same}. If not (= except) the sign/miracle of Jonah of the prophet (Jonah.1v17).
Matt. 16v4 og Also leaving them he (JC) backed away (from them).
Matt. 16v4             This troubles/confuses the reader in that it is just a repeat of 12v39. But we must remember with a person creating such a
commotion as healing many people, the authorities would want to see for themselves in the many locations that JC operated within. Thus JC would
not have said this once or perhaps twice as we read here but on many occasions when he could read the motivation of their hearts – it was not
genuine, but their motive was only to criticise the power and intent of Yahweh (hence blaspheming against the HS). Also by this time into his 2nd / 3rd
year of his ministry he knew his murder was getting much closer and this would be uppermost in his mind.
Matt. 16v5 og Also coming/accompanying the disciples (of the) him (JC) into the other side (they) forgot/neglected
Matt.   16v5 og       loaves to take.
Matt.   16v6 og       And the JC said to them: “Beware/perceive also {take heed}/cautious from the leaven (from fermentation)
Matt.   16v6 og       of the Pharisees also Sadducees.
Matt.   16v7 og       And the (ones = disciples) reasoned/thought/disputed in/among themselves saying:
Matt.   16v7 og       “Because loaves not we took/grasped? (I can imagine them thinking “How did we get onto this topic from ‘     !)
Matt.   16v8 og       And knowing, the JC said (to) them: “Why (do you) reason/think/dispute in/among yourselves,
Matt.   16v8 og       little-faiths, because loaves not you took/grasped?
Matt.   16v9 og       Not you perceive/understand/comprehend nor remember/recollect the 5 loaves of the 5000 (men),
Matt.   16v9 og       also how many hand-baskets you took (being 12 in number).
Matt.   16v10 og      Neither (remember/recall) the 7 loaves of the 4000, also how many lunch-baskets (you) took/lifted up?
Matt.   16v11 og      How not perceive/understand/comprehend because not concerning (of the) loaves I said (the) you (to)
Matt.   16v11 og      {take heed}/cautious from of the leaven of the Pharisees also Sadducees?
Matt.   16v12 og      Then (they) knew because not he said {take heed}/cautious from of the leaven of the bread,
Matt.   16v12 og      but from of the teaching of the Pharisees also Sadducees.
Matt.   16v6-12              s
                        JC’ basic condemnation of the religious leaders was their hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy operated on two levels, the 1st being more obvious and often spoken of, but the 2nd never preached of today.
         1.    Hypocrisy of the religious leaders to their people.
         2.    Hypocrisy of the religious leaders to The Almighty God.
Hypocrisy means “feigning to be what one is not; concealment of true character” from the Greek word “hypokrinesthai” meaning “to play on a
JC spoke to the people about the obvious: “Do what they say, but not what they do”. Not that the religious leaders may be saying the correct thing,
but they become responsible to Yahweh about what they instruct to the people. Effectively the people become blameless before Yahweh– provided they
respected the authority of The Priests at the time. It was the Priests (being the religious leaders) who would feel the full force of Yahweh’ anger,
because of the errant ways of the people (provided the people followed what was instructed of them).
However it goes much deeper then this as we read in v12. Though JC was disturbed by (1) he was more angered by (2) the false teaching of the
religious leaders (as we are constantly told in the gospels and epistles) which was the hypocrisy of the religious leaders to The Almighty God.
I specifically use ‘ Almighty God’rather than Yahweh to include all religions of the world who claim to represent a Single Theocracy God.
            How is this Hypocrisy to ‘ Almighty God’        ?
For the simple reason:
            “How is The Almighty God portrayed to the people” through the religious leaders purporting to represent “The Almighty God”.
The religious leaders are given a very important responsibility to portray The Almighty God accurately to the people – with fidelity.
Can I repeat this because it is just so important:
            To become a spokesperson for The Almighty God is the most important responsibility/honour/duty that any person can do and should be
            undertaken with due diligence/care/reverence to ensure that as an ambassador, the person represents The Almighty God with true fidelity.
But most religious leaders do not!
            This is the real point JC was making.
This is the real hypocrisy that JC is speaking of here. Let me amplify:
      1. They as actors on the stage, play a character of what The Almighty God represents to the people.
      2. They feign what The Almighty God means to the people.
      3. They conceal what The Almighty God wants/desires from the people.
I include all religions of the world here. Clearly a great outcry will occur – “But this is not so!”
            But again is this true?
Look through all of history and ask yourself: Is what they say true? JC said: “You shall know them by their fruits!”
Let the reader make that decision for their self – if they are truly searching.
            Just picking out two extreme examples out of many that I could, for local expansion.
JC is warning the disciples: “Do not be misled by the teaching of the religious leaders who claim to represent The Almighty God.”
Their teaching misleads the populace at two ends of the spectrum:-
         1.    Preach fear into the congregation by suggesting that they are so bad and must try and win the favour of God in works.
         2.    Preach that God loves you so much that you can drift along in your worldly fashion without a care!
Both teachings are so wrong.
‘Preach Fear, saved by works’occurred much in the worldly Christian religion of centuries ago, and still continues in some denominations, but also
within other religions today as an example in much of the Islamic religion. This is done by the religious leaders to assert authority over the populace
through using the message to enforce their personal position – because they claim to represent ‘ Authority’that demands utter obedience in all
things for them to be saved. Thus the populace obeys the self-claimed representative of ‘ Authority’through fear and attempts to show outside
observance but deeply split internally (psychologically – with guilt). The religious representatives enjoy the power and prestige this type of teaching
gives them over the congregation.
‘                                   s
 Preach passivity, saved by God’ love’sounds a good ‘      sound-bite’put out by modern worldly Christianity but as this website tries to explain, this
understanding is not righteously logical, nor is it scriptural! But why is it done?

It makes the recipient feel good, because they need do nothing but have an enjoyable social life. The religious leaders practice this because they look
good, by producing a ‘                                                  the
                          nice atmosphere’at the services that keeps ‘ punters’coming in. And clearly the more ‘       punters’enlisted, then the greater
revenue that comes in to support the religious leaders’activities to pamper their self indulgencies.
Satan loves this because it is contrary to Yahweh’ Desire, Whose desire is that all humans within The Christian Nation just imitate His son JC – as
simple as that!
Not all Christian leaders are like this, because there are few that perform Yahweh’ Desire. The whole point of this website is to make the reader
aware and thus audit their religious leader against accurate Bible teaching and thus move to congregations who are led correctly.
Ideally I would like this website to stimulate religious leaders to self-examine themselves, thus correct their teaching to then become what Yahweh
Desires of them. However I expect much abuse from many, because the religious leaders would prefer to attack me, rather than reform their
comfortable life-style – being what their worldly sermons are designed to deliver.
Remember abuse will only come from those who resent being exposed, I will receive praise from those who are already fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire – s
because I am saying nothing except perform Yahweh’ Desire! What surely is wrong in that?
             So it is precisely for this reason why JC spoke as he did, here and on many other occasions – but was eventually murdered for it!
I realise this is hard to take in, but I have spoken to worldly Christians and just talked things through as I have done on this website. The interesting
thing is that over the months of knowing me, they have come and volunteered what they have seen within their congregation that now worries them,
because they now understand the actions and what is being taught by their religious leaders is contrary to Bible teaching. But the reader only knows
that it is contrary to Bible teaching - if they start reading The Bible daily to learn it themselves – and again – what is wrong with that statement?
             Please use an accurate Translation and certainly not one that is less than 60 years old!
And “fermentation/leaven” - What does that mean?
It means the false beliefs leading to false practices grow like a cancer within the congregation.
Just like “a bad apple in the barrel” again the epistles give examples.
             Now just applying the simile even closer to what we observe today.
We know in The Bible when JC uses the word “bread”, he means the “bread of life” being The Word of God given to humans for their ultimate
survival/salvation. But as we read here, it is being applied to The Pharisees.
             So why is the scribe Matthew linking the two together?
It is the CO2 gas of fermentation aerating the bread, just as the false worldly religious leaders aerating “the bread of life” being “The Word of God”
being aerated with their worldly ‘                                                                                                                  s
                                      wisdom’(of expelled CO2 saturated air), being the worldly myths, leading to the utter distortion of Yahweh’ Word
(purgatory, indulgences, praying to saints, Hell, Yahweh and JC are parts of the same Entity, HS is a personage, pilgrimages, symbols being worn,
self hurt, soul being some ethereal thing after death, chanting, etc, etc). The list is almost endless (limited only by feckless human imagination) and
absolutely none of these things come from The Bible but only from the lips of worldly ‘      wise’men, ultimately from, and to the glory of Satan the
‘                                                                    s
 Father of the Lie, The Contender/Resister/Adversary to Yahweh’ Desire. It is Satan being the present Pretender to the throne of this present system
that is pushing out all this confusion into the world. It is to Satan’ present advantage to push out smoke/fog so that humans cannot see The Truth,
and thus cannot find Yahweh The Almighty God, through the only intercessor being JCg “the specific god” of us.
I invite the reader to visit the appropriate sections in this accurate translation of The New Testament to discover exactly what The Bible actually tells
us and what it really means. I desire the very ‘   best’worldly scholars to communicate with me so as to enable me to expose their worldly
understanding against “The Absolute Truth” contained within The Bible.
I feel so strongly when I see humans sincerely searching, to be then constantly distracted from The Truth to their own hurt (though perhaps others
may think they are having a wonderful time - in this world) by those who are supposed to be faithful ambassadors for Yahweh.
I repeat, not all Christian religious leaders are so worldly – there are the very few like Nicodemus, but is incumbent upon the reader to audit theirs!
But to become an auditor the reader must know and understand The Bible – hopefully this website will be the catalyst to do just this!
Matt. 16v13 og And coming/entering the JC into the parts/regions of Caesarea (coastal town on The Mediterranean Sea third of
Matt. 16v13 og the way down from the province of Galilee to Judea) of the Philip. (JC) enquired/asked the disciples (of the) him,
Matt. 16v13 og exclaiming/stating: “Whom me, (do) exclaim/state the men to be, the Son of Man(kind)?”
Matt. 16v13              = Whom (do) the men exclaim (that) I the Son of Man(kind) to be?
Matt. 16v14 og And the (ones = disciples) said: “The (ones = men) truly (say) John the Baptist, and others Elijah,
Matt.   16v14 og      and others Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.”
Matt.   16v15 og      (JC) Exclaimed/stated (to) them: “And you, whom me (do you) state to be?”
Matt.   16v16 og      And answering Simon Peter said: “You are the Christ, the Son of the God of the living/existing.”
Matt.   16v17 og      Also answering the JC said (to the) him: (Supremely) Blessed/happy/fortunate (are) you, Simon Bar-Jonah
Matt.   16v17 og      because flesh also blood (= knowledge from of the world of men, thus ultimately from Satan) not (did)
Matt.   16v17 og      reveal/disclose to you, but the Father of me the (One = Yahweh) of the heavens.
Matt.   16v18 og      And I also (to the) you exclaim/state: Because you are Peter, also upon this to the rock (I will) build of
Matt.   16v18 og      me the church (= ecclesia = calling out), also (the) gate/porch/vestibule (of the)
Matt.   16v18 og      Hades/hell/grave/{hole in the ground} (=where the fleshly body rots) not (will)
Matt.   16v18 og      prevail/{over-power}/succeed her (= ecclesia = the TC = the body of Christ =The Bride of Christ).
Matt.   16v18             Well - this verse causes a few interesting ideas within the worldly Christian doctrine!
             It would be wise to investigate the wording to find out what JC is really telling us.
First put aside the current very worldly Christian ideas of “flesh and blood” (= being of man = ideas originating from Satan) spoken of in v17 that
lead to utter confusion and unrighteous logic.
             Let me explain what this verse really means.
“Because you are Peter, also upon this rock I will build of Me the ecclesia”. Paul speaks of Peter (Gal. 2v9 written some 30 years after this event
and at a similar time as Matthew) as being the pillar of The Fidelity thus meaning a buttress/support to The Fidelity. Peter was the lynch-pin to The
Fidelity in Jerusalem and eastwards – while Paul extended it westwards into Asia and Europe. “The Ecclesia” is not the whole Christian nation but
only those individuals elected from out of The Christian Nation whom Yahweh considers to be TCs. Even JC told us that he was not allowed to choose
ultimately who is to be his bride but only The Father being the One Who arranges the marriage of His son.
     So I am somewhat surprised that worldly religious leaders consider themselves greater than JC, to be in fact ‘    God’in deciding who are to saints!
“Also the gate/porch/vestibule of Hades/hell/grave will not over-power her.” There is much un-picking here because of the confusion in the world.
I had better start with “Hades/hell/grave”. This basically means a hole in the ground where the fleshly body rots and decays back into the soil around
                                                                       delightful’figment of the imagination put out by Satan for several reasons:-
it. It has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual afterlife that is a ‘
             1.                                                                                                                      s
                   To reinforce the idea of what he said in the Garden of Eden “you will not die” = an utter lie against Yahweh’ Decree.
             2.    This allows him to pervade through all worldly religions this idea of an ‘                                       s
                                                                                               after-life’to devalue again Yahweh’ Decree.
             3.    It allows him make it seem to us that we do not require JC’ Undeserved Gift, which incidentally is the only thing that righteously
                   enables us to become resurrected in the future.
Basically it is a confidence trick that Satan uses to manipulate the mind of mankind within the numerous worldly religions of utter deception.

Thus we reason that Hades/hell/grave is a place of everlasting death for the human. We reason that it is not at the end of the 1st part of our life
because we are told (in many places in The Bible) that this is likened to being “Asleep” (we are “awakened/roused” from sleep). Thus it must be the
finality of The 2nd Death of which JC is speaking for those specific iniquitous people who refuse to learn righteousness in the 2nd part of their life.
We read (Rev.20v6) that “The 2nd Death has no power” over those special people where the true church/ecclesia being TCs who, as we are told by
The Bible will themselves be resurrected as kings/priests in spiritual bodies to rule by teaching righteous in The Millennium to all those humans
resurrected in fleshly bodies (as we are now). We are also told that The 2nd Death will have no power over the spiritual body. Thus this explanation
now gives understanding to the above verse in complete consistency with every other verse in The Bible (I welcome the very best Biblical scholars to
find verses to the contrary to support their most errant understanding!)
Matt. 16v19 og Also I will give/deliver/minister/grant (to the) you keys of the kingdom of the heavens (= plural heaven =
Matt. 16v19 og very important); also who/what you may bind/tie (in bonds) upon of the earth, shall be bound/tied in to the
Matt. 16v19 og heavens, also who/what (you) loosen/break-up/melt/dissolve upon the earth, shall be
Matt. 16v19 og loosened/broken-up/melted/dissolved in to the heavens.
Matt. 16v19    Bind means to {stop from occurring}/refuse/forbid/prohibit. Loosen means to allow/permit.
Thus the teaching both in words and lifestyle (latter aspect forgotten today by many) set an example for all those aiming to become TCs from out of
the worldly Christian nation.
             The apostle’ lifestyle set an example that Yahweh will judge us all upon - is it to be a lifestyle of the 5 talent man or the 1 talent man?
Thus the teaching from the TC will expose the hypocrisy of those leaders claiming to represent Yahweh, and thus the accurate Truth taught by a TC
will ultimately bind up the words from a charlatan leader as being accepted by those listeners upon the Earth as Yahweh’ spokesperson. And
obviously not only the words will be bound up, but likewise, these false prophets/teachers/{religious leaders} will also be physically bound up from
reaching the kingdom (= family) of Yahweh by the words preached by the TCs not being accepted by these charlatan religious leaders.
Clearly the converse is true. The TC’ words of Absolute Truth displayed within their lifestyle will free humans up from the constraints of this world
because their eyes will be opened to see/understand the knowledge of Yahweh correctly explained. And likewise once these humans start practicing
The Fidelity within their life then they too will be loosened to inherit Yahweh’ kingdom, to become a Son of God and Bride of Christ in The
Millennium to further teach the resurrected humans righteousness.
Matt. 16v20 og Then (JC) warned to the disciples (of the) him that no one (they) should tell because he is Jesus the Christ
Matt. 16v20              Because JC did not want the Jews to follow after him thinking that he was their saviour in a worldly sense from the Roman
occupation of Palestine and of that whole area (though ironically JC was saving them from The World). JC desired humans to follow him because
they only wanted to change their lifestyle from a worldly personality to a spiritual personality that imitated JC’ spirit (see Glossary).
Worldly concerns invariably involve selfishness, grabbing what the individual can for some type of self-gratification as we constantly witness in our
present world. Thus JC did not want to promote this within his followers, especially in some form of land-grab or arresting political power from those
who already had it – for as we are told JC was not of this world nor was he to participate in its worldly dealings.
Matt. 16v21 og From then began/commenced the JC to show/{make clear}/exhibit to the disciples (of the) him because
Matt. 16v21 og necessary/must/ought (the) him (to) {go back}/{pass away}/depart into Jerusalem, also many
Matt. 16v21 og sufferings/vexations/{painful experiences} from the elders (of the present day religious establishment), also
Matt. 16v21 og chief priests, also scribes, also (to be) killed/slain/{put to death}, also on the 3rd day to be raised.
Matt. 16v22 og Also {taking near}/{caringly with affection}/{bringing close} (the) him (JC) the Peter began to
Matt. 16v22 og rebuke/censured/forbid (to the) him exclaiming/stating: “Lord, not no (= not able) will be (to) you this.
Matt. 16v23 og And the (one = JC) {twisted round}/turned said to the Peter: “Go behind/follow/after (= imitate) me,
Matt. 16v23 og Satan. (The) Offence/{stumbling stone}/snare (to) me you (Satan) are, because not you
Matt. 16v23 og think/{interested in}/regard the (things) of the God, but the things of men.”
Matt. 16v24 og Then the JC said to the disciples (of the) him: “If any (person) desires/loves/{rather have}/prefers
Matt. 16v24 og behind/follow/after (= imitate) me (to) come/accompany, disown/abstain/{deny utterly} himself
Matt. 16v24              (= do not desire a worldly lifestyle of any type of self-indulgence of power/position/prestige/materialism/immorality/habits/etc).
Matt. 16v24 og also (to him) bear/carry/{take up} the pain/{character assassination}/tribulations/suffering (of the) him
Matt. 16v24 og (= the personal lifestyle), also (to the him) follow/accompany/{be disposed}/{as a disciple} (of) me (JC).
Matt. 16v24              Many self-styled worldly Christians already have personally deemed a position for themselves in the heavens but do not know
of this verse to practice it within their lifestyle. This verse is also ignored particularly by the worldly Christian religious leaders who just promote
“Believe in JC and you will go to ‘   heaven’when you die!” This is just a myth put out from the minds of “flesh and blood” originating from Satan!
Please read this website where I untangle The Absolute Truth from the myths that worldly Christian leaders delight to wallow within.
             And again we conveniently move in context onto v25:
Matt. 16v25 og For whosoever wishes desires/loves/{rather have}/prefers the life/soul (of the) him to
Matt. 16v25 og save/{do well}/maintain/wholesome (in the present fleshly world of self indulgence in the 1st part of their life),
Matt. 16v25 og (then he will) loose (the) same/it (in the 2nd part of their life within The Millennium being ‘ extension’to the 1st part of
Matt. 16v25 og their life, through Asleep, from which there is no return). And whosoever wish (to) loose/die/destroy the life/soul
Matt. 16v25 og (of the) him (being the 1st part of their life by dying away from the self-indulgencies/gratifications that Satan’ world can s
Matt. 16v25 og bring) for the sake/reason/because of me (= JC, thus a TC who by putting all their time in self sacrifice to fulfil
Matt. 16v25 og Yahweh’ Desire as explained on this website), (he =TC) will find it
Matt. 16v25              (= guaranteed life as kings/priests in a spiritual body guaranteed never to die over which The 2nd Death has no power).
Matt. 16v26 og For what (will be) beneficial/advantageous/better (to) man if the world whole/everything (he) gain/win,
Matt. 16v26 og and the life/soul (of the) him forfeits/looses/{casts off} (being the all important one of The 2nd Death).
Matt. 16v26                                                                                                                          s
                         = How is it beneficial for a man to gain everything (thus the lusting of what the world [under Satan’ custodianship] can give
being what drives him to actively work to satisfy these lusts = “being his master”) that The World can give during the 1 part of his life, if in doing so
his mind (being the thought processes = reasoning faculties) becomes alien to Yahweh (= yielding to habitual selfishness in all aspects of life)?
In having these thought process operating within a body to allow consciousness to operate = life = soul and thus being alien to Yahweh in the 1st part
of their life; then unless this person becomes reformed (= utter repentance) in the 2nd part of their life (= during The Millennium), then he/she will
lose his/her whole 2 part life (to be then = utter annihilation) during or at the end of The Millennium (= The 7th Day of perfection/completeness).
Because he/she have failed his/her whole Crisis/Judgement Day (when he/she had this remaining opportunity to stay perfect after JC had atoned for
the person’ sins upon their awakening/rousing/rising [= resurrection]).
Thus we are instructed to work at being righteous (to the very best of our ability) now in the 1st part of our lives, so that it will be so much easier in
the 2nd part of our life because our thought processes retained in the physical synapse construction (which are to be cloned upon our resurrection) is
the heavenly treasure (see Glossary) that will be used to reprogram the new perfected DNA fleshly body. Where the perfected DNA would have all the
corrected system support DNA from our present corrupted Junk DNA to keep us alive for a possible eternity – provided we reform our personality to
be commensurate with the then perfected DNA body.
           Can the reader see the righteous logic to Yahweh’ Perfect Plan correctly explained?
Matt. 16v27 og Prophecy: For {this intention}/reason/necessity the Son of the Man(kind), to come/enter/accompany in to
Matt.   16v27 og the glory/dignity/honour/praise of the Father of him with of the angels/messengers (of the) Him
Matt.   16v27 og (= Yahweh), also then (He) will reward/recompense/repay/render/restore (to) each according/under to
Matt.   16v27 og the practice/deed/work/office (= position taken) (of the) him (= the human). (Quoted from Ps.62v12).
Matt.   16v27    What does this mean?
            As usual it must be taken in context.
JC is speaking of two types of humans operating during the 1st part of their life (before their Death/”Asleep”) being NOW within The Gospel Age:
                1. Those who imitate JC = a incredibly small group of people (< 0.01% of the population – less than 1:10,000).
                2. Those who do not imitate JC = virtually everyone.
The judgement is made by Yahweh at The Greater/Special Judgement displayed at the 1st 2nd C by resurrecting those of group (1) to become His
specific Sons of Yahweh (that is why The Bible calls it the Greater/Special Judgement – and not the ridiculous understanding given by worldly
Christian leaders)!
Group (2) are “awakened/roused/raised” (= resurrected back as we are now in our present 1st life) but then the 2nd part of our lives will have all
infirmities cured within each of our DNA based fleshly frame, thus to continue our life in our repaired fleshly bodies to now learn righteousness so
that we then become “sons of JCg” being the Standard/General judgement of Judgement Day over The Millennium period of 1000 years.
Those humans who practise righteousness and imitate JC will continue forever in the perfect environment = paradise, with all persons mutually
helping/edifying/supporting each other – where selfishness will then be a thing of the past 1st part of our life (the pain and suffering under Satan’  s
6000 year rule).
Outside these two groupings of (1) and (2) means personal annihilation.
That is the overview of v25 to v26, now to explain v27.
“For the intention/reason/necessity the son of mankind came/enter/accompany into the glory/dignity/praise of The Father of him” means JCg had
                                                                                The                             The
to leave his very safe position in the heavens alongside Yahweh to become ‘ Ransom Sacrifice’being ‘ Undeserved Gift’to enable individual
humans a single opportunity to RESET their sinful life (= Missing the Mark of Yahweh’ Requirement = Do not sin). They RESET their life by
entering into a personal covenant with Yahweh and promising to take on JC’ name = imitate JC’ lifestyle. Most people during the 1st part of their
                                                                                 s                      s
life cannot make The Grade Yahweh requires/demands, because their thought processes are still self-centred (heavily infected by this present world’        s
standards – taken up while an infant) – remember sin once and you have failed Yahweh’ Decree! Thus the Special/Greater Judgement is based only
upon intense belief/commitment/entrusting in The Fidelity that drives the thought processes (that allows unintentional sinning to be ignored).
Thus JC received the glory/dignity/honour/praise from Yahweh when JC fully completed his mission perfectly. Because JC did fully fulfil Yahweh’         s
requirement, then Yahweh was legitimately/righteously (before all watching entities – including Satan’ possible accusations of imperfection) able to
resurrect JC into a spiritual body to become JCg (into the same type of ‘   body’that he operated within prior to his ministry on earth – but now having
greater accolades for the work he did).
“With of the angels/messengers of Yahweh” Taking a traditional understanding, then this could mean that Yahweh has also assigned all power
pertaining to this planet (= earth and heaven, being singular heaven = the zone around the earth), this also includes all the angels/messengers that
were originally under Yahweh’ direct control that pertain to this planet.
However I would like to extend this so that it could mean that the messengers of Yahweh are actually TCs of The Gospel Age. This is precisely what
angel means = “a messenger” and in this instance they are messengers of Yahweh, just as JC was the chief messenger of Yahweh. These TCs imitate
JC and thus can also be considered as angels. Just as Paul tells us: ‘  take strangers into your house because they may be angels’- to really mean they
may be TCs spreading The Word of Yahweh – thus support them and inculcate their knowledge into your heart/mind/body.
This then leads onto the next section of the quotation:
“Also then (Yahweh) will reward/recompense/repay/render/restore (to) each (TC) according/under to the practice/deed/work/office (of the) him
(during the 1st part of their life)” means that just like The Faithful Stewards in JC parables given according to their ability and responded likewise to
then be given greater responsibility in The Millennium. Just as we are told in the JC’ parables, and in all the epistles the TCs are paid/rewarded
according to what they did to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire. We are also told exactly the same thing here. Thus according to the ability of the TCs in the 1st
part of their life, Yahweh will give to His new Sons different positions of responsibility in The Millennium (“5 or 10 cities” over The World of
resurrected humans).
            How does this concur with what the reader hears taught by worldly religious leaders?
       1. The Christian person does not need to work and only believe to be saved, because the undeserved gift is free.
       2. We are all resurrected to receive the same entitlement.
As the reader can now begin to understand that these 2 statements are gross distortions of The Absolute Truth. We have just read The Absolute Truth
being the written Word of Yahweh and now we can see that additional explanation is unnecessary – all aspects covered elsewhere on this website.
The reader must be so careful about the mass of misinformation put out by those charlatans claiming to represent The Almighty God (from any
worldly religious base). You know The Tree by its fruitage.
NOTE: A person may cite JC’ parable of the workers coming in at different part of the day and only receiving a danarius for the work as being an
example against what I preach here. Sadly they are taking it out of context. The context there is that JC is speaking of the gift to become “A Son of
God” in spiritual bodies instead of staying as we are within fleshly bodies – just as Paul tells us being the two states available to us in the 2nd part of
our life.
However the Sons of God will have different levels of responsibly according to ability – so that no one is stressed beyond what they are able.
Matt. 16v28 og Truly I exclaim/state to you there are some (persons) of the here/{this place}
Matt. 16v28 og standing/appointed/presented/abiding, who not no (= not able) (will) taste/experience/eat
Matt. 16v28 og (= fully digest within their life) (of the) death, until wish (they)
Matt. 16v28 og see/understand/{have knowledge}/{be aware}/{be sure of} the Son of the Man(kind)
Matt. 16v28 og coming/entering/accompanying in to the kingdom (single kingdom thus = on earth) (of the) him (JCg).
Matt. 16v28               What does all this mean?
       Some worldly Christians think it may be one of the following:-
            1.      The kingdom may have come in at Pentecost (Acts 4.1-11)
            2.      The transfiguration of JC as a “glimpse of his heavenly glory” (17v1-8
            3.      Or JC may have been describing the destruction of Jerusalem in AD.70.
            4.      John seeing JC coming again at the end of the 1st part of his life in the book of Revelations.
The interesting thing is (just as in Revelations) they do not seem to understand that it actually means of the present time that we are so fortunate to be
within. Inasmuch we are all witnesses to the unfolding events as prophesied, but sadly for many being the most painful in society yet to come. We are
just starting to see the perturbations reaching from 3rd world countries to 1st world countries at the time of writing this exhaustive/{The Most
Accurate} translation and inter-verse commentary (2006).
The most important thing that is obviously lost within inaccurate standard translations of The Bible is the distinction between singular and plural
heavens. The Greek scriptures are very clear and utterly consistent about this in their demarcation upon the subject.

            The kingdom of the (single) heaven means just here upon the surface of the Earth = zone within the earth’ atmosphere.
            The kingdom of the (plural) heavens means all spaces and zones above the Earth = The Universe.
As I have just stated, this is just lost upon the translators because they do not carry this understanding through within their worldly translations.
            Basically they just ignore this information within The Word of God (because it has always been so – just follow tradition – as always)!
Out of the four possible options given earlier, the most likely is option (1) for the following reasons:
            1.    The kingdom of heaven means what is practiced here on earth is within the scope of Yahweh via JCg (= single heaven).
            2.              s
                  Yahweh’ HS (dispensed by JCg) providing knowledge/understanding to the disciples at Pentecost.
Note: This does not mean JCg was ruling the world from that time, but that he had been acknowledge then as the rightful heir and will assume full
authority when Yahweh deems it ready to occur being at the end of The Gospel Age. This future point in time being the commencement of The
Millennium Period (close to our time period at 2007 – which is one reason why I am working very hard to get this translation finished).
            However while (1) seems a very possible explanation, I think JC is saying something more cryptic than this.
I have alluded earlier and several other places within The Bible that witnesses are present at important junctures in time to be observers – throughout
the time of the 6000 years under Satan’ present regime. They are witnesses as I believe to speak out as a personal witness (seems logical, else why
use the word ‘             ?).                                                                                          a
                witnesses’ The logical place to speak out is at the end of The Gospel Age almost as in summary of ‘ closing chapter in history’to
                                                                                                               st nd
then mark ‘ dawning of a New Age’upon their death and resurrection (see Rev.11v3 onwards) into the 1 2 C at the 7th trumpet (see elsewhere
for explanation).
Thus I understand the two witnesses spoken of in Revelations are present in this passage witnessing as JC is speaking of them here. It is no
coincidence that the very next passage in The Bible speaks of two people with JC at his transfiguration. Clearly this is on Matthew’ mind as the
scribe and pointed to by The Author being Yahweh through His HS dispensed by JCg some 30 years after the event.
            I explain more in the very next section.
Matt. 17v1 og Also after six days (represents the 6000 years of Satan’ system prior to this event now to be spoken of – more later)
Matt.   17v1 og       {takes alongside}/{with close association} the JC, the Peter, also James, also John the brother of him,
Matt.   17v1 og       also leads/{taking up}/bearing them into mountain (the) high/esteemed (i.e. may have been a highly regarded
Matt.   17v1 og       mountain) under privacy (= no other humans knew they were going there).
Matt.   17v1            Why a 6 day reference here as a pointer to the 6000 years under Satan?
Because it is referred to the starting point at 16v27 being the point when Yahweh started his plan (see prophecy Gen.3v15 explained elsewhere)
                                                        s                                                               s
through 16v28 to be the middle main part of Yahweh’ Plan (= start of The Gospel Age) and then end-point of Satan’ term (= end of The Gospel
Age) all of which approximately = 6000 years.
Matt. 17v2 og Also (JC) was transfigured/metamorphosed/transformed/changed before/{in sight of} them, also
Matt. 17v2 og {radiated brilliantly}/{beamed out light} the person/countenance/face (of the) him (JC) as the
Matt. 17v2 og {ray of the sun}/sunlight, and the garments (of the) him became white as the light/luminosity/fire.
Matt. 17v2                                                                                                           sons of God’(Yahweh) – also
                        Showing the disciples what it will be like in spiritual/heavenly bodies upon resurrection as ‘
Yahweh is giving JC the appropriate endorsement of what the future holds – being what it was like for JCg prior to his conception in Mary’ womb.
Matt. 17v3 og Also behold/look! {Watching/Gazing (as transfixed) from a distance} (Strongs = 3700) (appeared to) them, TM

Matt. 17v3 og Moses also Elijah with (of the) him (JC) conversing/{talking together}.
Matt. 17v4 og And answering the Peter said to the JC. “Lord (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous it is us here to be.
Matt. 17v4 og If (you) desire/{be delighted/pleased} (let us) make/work/construct here tents/tabernacles/habitation
Matt. 17v4 og (for) you one, also (for) Moses one, also one (for) Elijah.
Matt. 17v5 og After (of the) him (Peter) speaking: Behold/Look! A cloud radiant/{full of light}
Matt.   17v5 og       overshadowed/{envelop in haze of light}/{preternatural influence} them. Also Behold/Look!
Matt.   17v5 og       A voice/disclosure from of the cloud exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   17v5 og       “This is the Son of Me the beloved in whom I delight/{have pleasure}/{well pleased}/approve
Matt.   17v5 og       (of the) him – hear/listen (= take in what he says and do it within your lifestyle).
Matt.   17v6 og       Also hearing/listening (to the voice) the disciples fell upon the face (of) them, also were
Matt.   17v6 og       frightened/fearful/terrified (in deferential/reverential sense) greatly/exceedingly/vehemently.
Matt.   17v7 og       Also drawing/coming near the JC touched them also said:
Matt.   17v7 og       “Rise up also do not be frightened/fearful/terrified.”
Matt.   17v8 og       Also lifting up the eyes of them, no one saw, if not (= except) the JC alone.
Matt.   17v9 og       Also coming down their (= also their coming down) from of the mountain
Matt.   17v9 og       enjoined/commanded/instructed/charged to them the JC exclaimed/stated:
Matt.   17v9 og       “(To) No person speak/tell the spectacle/sight until that the Son of the Man(kind) from (the) dead
Matt.   17v9 og       (as a corpse) is raised/{stand up}.”
Matt.   17v9           So what happened here? And what is its significance?
Identical accounts of this are in Mark 9v2-9 and Luke 9v28-36 – thus obviously an important event to the disciples.
Standard worldly Christian reasoning explains the series events as I summarise here:-
            1.   JC already told his disciples whom he was and now God verified it for the disciples to see.
                 It was for the disciples benefit not his own.
                 They were in the presence of The Lord and the message is clear JC is the Messiah, the Son of God.
            2.   They recognised Moses and Elijah because God gave them insight or they over-heard what was said.
            3.   God brought them back from the spiritual realm presumably paradise to appear with JC on this special occasion. Several Bible
                 references to ‘ Paradise’were given but were flawed and would have added more confusion as I would need to try and unpick the
                 inaccuracies in the logic at these references – which I do with evidence in the appropriate sections. Thus at this point I have ignored
                 these irrelevant references demonstrating the confusion within the compiler’ mind!
            4.   They were brought back because Moses represented The Law, and Elijah represented The Prophets and both were there to approve
                 of JC’ New Covenant, being superior to the earlier one with God (Heb.8v6).
All seems on the surface plausible until one starts to dig deeper using the scriptures. Now my presentation will not give references at the moment – I
am just running on memory.
Please Note: When I have finished the full translation of The New Testament, then I will carry out a third pass through the whole Bible with my
concordance designed to collate all references on these controversial aspects. I recognise there is severe famine of scriptural knowledge within The
World – so please bear with me until I have completed the accurate translation first.
First thing we must take onboard in our reasoning:
            Yahweh has a logical reason why He behaves as He does, thus to demonstrate His full righteousness in The Culmination.

This is an absolutely fundamental point we must accept within our reasoning on any matter in The Bible, else any entity will in The Culmination feel
unsatisfied, being driven by doubt. Or they could ‘    point their finger’and claim that an unrighteous action has occurred (and thus sow the seeds of
                         s                                                           half           .
doubt in another entity’ mind) – which is precisely what Satan will do if given ‘ a chance’ But Yahweh is presently and will give Satan (and his
friends) all opportunity to do this, thus demonstrating to all other entities that Satan has no argument and thus is utterly worthless in all his actions
and pronouncements!
Thus this event must be a fundamental part of Yahweh’ ‘    s demonstrated to be’righteous plan.
            This understanding starts to colour what we read in the four points given above.
Let me now follow through the points made in order.
            1.                                                                         For
                  “Yahweh was displaying to his disciples who JC really was.” – ‘ their benefit’          ?
                  We already have in Matt. 16v13-17 Peter already knowing who JC was and JC replying that The Father had revealed it to him – So
                  why reveal it again in a spectacular manner – it was unnecessary!
                  This scripture (16v13-17) was put into the text almost in prior answer to this worldly understanding.
                  Further if it was to reinforce the disciples’faith (as worldly claimed) then why not bring all the disciples?
                  The select few taken were the closest to JC and more secure in The Fidelity, thus JC should have brought all the others instead if it
                  was for “the strengthening of their faith”!
            2.    They recognised Moses and Elijah (assumed by leaders today ‘       because God told them so at the time’ ).
                        Is this an accurate interpretation based upon what we know in The Bible?
                  Firstly we are told the scribes accurately wrote what their memory accurately recalled at the time.
                  Thus we reason that the scribe faithfully wrote as a faithful record of what they perceived at the time, and then explained later.
                  What they perceived at the time was what worldly traditions taught them. They were waiting for Elijah and perceived the other to be
                  Moses (ref Jude 9, De.34v6 because the body could not be found), and he was their 1st leader assigned by Yahweh.
                  The Bible also tells us that they were at a distance from StrongsTM = 3700, thus unlikely to hear.
                  Also no record or form of wording tells us that they were able to overhear what was said.
            3.          Why would Yahweh want to bring these two back – it must be for a special reason – else why do it?
                  Further we are told Moses died (De.34v5-6) and like King David was still dead and rotten in his grave at the time of JC’ ministry.
                  We are further told no one comes back from the grave until the 1st 2nd C with one exception Lazarus being typified as The New
                  Spiritual Israel as fully explained in John 11v1-44.
                  Also we are told in John.3v13 that no one goes to the heavens except JC who has come from there.
                  Thus we can reason it was not Moses else it contravenes what The Bible says – and we know that is not possible.
                  However Elijah is a separate case fully explained later.
                  Now we enter (4).
            4.    On the face of it this seems plausible – but is it both logical and scriptural in its reasoning?
                        Take Elijah first being a foremost prophet.
                  Actually I personally think Isaiah would have been more appropriate because he was the one who told us the most about JC’ future  s
                                                                                                            s                     I
                  ministry some 600 years earlier! He would have been the prophet best to ratify JC’ position. In-as-much ‘ prophesied of his
                  coming and now confirm he is The One that I spoke about’ Finally JC has already told us that John the Baptist was greater than all
                  the prophets, thus why use a ‘  lesser prophet’to substantiate a greater prophet – this is never done, except “the greater substantiates
                  the lesser” as will occur only in The Millennium (under different rule to make this a certainty).
                  Thus this proposal of worldly Christianity that it should be ‘  Elijah representing the prophets ratifying a greater JC’is starting to be
                  very hollow – remember Yahweh is all righteous and must be seen to be by all.
                        Taking Moses being the giver of The Law.
                  JC told us that he did not come to take The Law away but to substantiate it, also The Law would never be removed and thus still
                  remain in place to The Culmination (which also make a mockery of worldly Christian teaching that ignores ‘        reforming of the
                  personality’for ultimate survival into eternity).
                  So I ask, how could The Law that is still in place, but we are told inferior, then substantiate JC’ Laws (Heb.3v3)?
                  (Note: I use the concept of a Law to establish [= set the boundaries of] a covenant).
                  We are back to the same argument something inferior not really able to substantiate the superior.
                  Being what Jesus gave is vastly more superior as Paul teaches us that The Law (of Moses) was weak ... etc.
                  Again it is not logical. Thus it is unrighteous and unworthy to being sourced by Yahweh – hence sourced by Satan!
                  Often said that Moses was similar to JC in “death of children at birth”, “given a commission”, etc. But that does not substantiate
                  the argument of being representative of the inferior ‘ Law’based upon works.
Now for the logical solution that is supported by The Bible.
Though it is not Moses, the link is through Moses. Just as the key to the link is given to us through Elijah to John The Baptist immediately in the next
section in The Bible.
The link is this “And he walked with God”. This was said of Enoch (Gen.5v22,24). In this matter I stand corrected but Enoch was the only individual
(other than Noah) that this phrase is used upon. The other person closest to this description was Moses. Perhaps The Bible writes more about Moses
than any other human (except obviously JCg as JC in human body). It speaks of Moses doing as Yahweh commanded (Ex.12v28, Lev.8v4,
Num.27v22, Deut.34v9), None like Moses (Deut.34v10), Moses was a very meek man (Num.12v3), Found grace in The Lord’ sight (Ex.33v17), The
Lord passed by Moses and showed him His glory (Ex.33v18 to Ex.34v9). All these examples show us that Moses would be termed as “And he walked
with God”. However we are told that Moses and Noah died. Irrespective of what the representatives of false worldly religions tell us (and I invite
them to cite evidence to the contrary), The Bible tells us no humans have yet been resurrected thus we can conclude that what was seen could not be
the conscious entity of Moses because he was still dead! Sadly some worldly Christians (contrary to Biblical teaching) believe Samuel appeared
before Saul at The Witch of Endor (1Sam.28v7-25, not realising that in actuality it was a demon assuming the dead person Samuel’         s
stature/appearance (as I fully explain in the explanation – What is Hell) – I hope that they do not propose the same thing occurred here with JC!
            Thus we can see The Bible is telling us as a pointer to whom the other person is.
Thus the other person with Elijah is Enoch. We are told (Heb.11v5) in the original Greek:
            “(Through) Fidelity/Assurance/Faith Enoch (was) transported/translated/{changed over} (from the Greek words “accompanied to
            another place”) of the not {look upon}/{have knowledge}/perceive death, also not (was) found/discovered/obtained (the body), through
            (reason of) transported/translated/{changed over} (the) him (Enoch) (by the work of) “the Specific God” (Yahweh). For before the
            transported/translated/{changed over} (of the) him (Enoch) witnessed (as the person) pleasing/gratified entirely to the God.”
There is much in here completely glossed over by all sections of worldly Christianity.
Let us note them down:
      1. Enoch was a delight to Yahweh. Enoch entirely pleased/gratified Yahweh.
      2. It was because of Enoch’ integrity in his fidelity/faith/belief/commitment obviously displayed within his works (works follow thoughts)
            that Yahweh desired Enoch to be translated (the same basic Greek root word “meta” to mean “change” as used here in Matt.17v2).
      3. We are told why Enoch was to be transported/translated/{changed over} so that he should not die.
      4. We are told that JCg carried out The Will/Desire of Yahweh, thus very logical for JC to speak to him now!
      5. In Jude 14 we are told Enoch was 7th in line from Adam (a symbol of completeness).
The point is:

             Why should Yahweh translate Enoch, so that Enoch should not see death?
As I state elsewhere, Enoch with Elijah become the 2 witnesses spoken of within Rev.11v3 who perform a personal witness to say:
             “We have personally seen all these major events throughout Satan’ 6000 year ‘    term of office’and it is a shambles”
I explain it further in the Bible book of Revelations that speaks of this in chapter 11.
Some Christian denominations suggest that when The Bible says: “Enoch was translated so that he should not see death” it means that he was
drugged or placed into a coma prior to his death so that Enoch could not feel his death.
             I ask the reader does the text really say this?
             And why would Yahweh desire to drug or place Enoch in a coma before his death?
             Has He done this to other humans and made a specific point of writing about it?
These points would suggest that the text does not mean this!
             Thus, as I know with utter certainty, Enoch and Elijah (Dan.12v5 – the river always means information/action/interference from God =
             The Flood – see Glossary on all these terms), and in Malachi 4v5-6 speaking of Elijah coming just before The Great Day (= The
             Millennium, being Great because it is perfect and complete).
             Thus in conclusion it means precisely as I state in Rev.11v2-12. – Because all other worldly ideas are illogical and unrighteous!
I am most desirous for the very best worldly theologians to contact me and explain their most errant understanding for me to expose its flaws!
Matt. 17v10 og Also questioned him the disciples (of the) him exclaiming/stating: “Why now the scribes exclaim/state:
Matt.   17v10 og       “Because Elijah must come first?”
Matt.   17v11 og       And the JC answering said to them:
Matt.   17v11 og       “Elijah truly comes first, also (shall) reconstitute/restore (in health/organisation) all (things).”
Matt.   17v12 og       And I exclaim/state to you because Elijah already came, also not they recognised him, but did/worked
Matt.   17v12 og       in (to the) him whatever (they) desired/pleased (= they ignored him and then persecuted him).
Matt.   17v12 og       So also the Son of Man(kind) is about/intend/necessary/duty to suffer/vex/{passion of pain} by them.
Matt.   17v13 og       Then understood/{became wise}/considered the disciples because concerning John of the Baptist (JC)
Matt.   17v13 og       spoke to them.
Matt.   17v10-13        There is something very “open” here in this passage. I just sense that JC is just passing this off as being:
            “Yes – OK - Accept John the Baptist as typifying the Elijah to come because he speaks of me as setting up the mechanism to the future
            restoration. And the leaders will do what they want with him (= kill John) just as they will do for me – JC.”
But I know with utter certainty that this was only to typify the real fleshly-bodied Elijah to come just prior to 1st 2nd C of JC but then it will be JCg in a
spiritual body who will then set up the reality of “The restoration” being the start of The Millennium period.
            The reason why I know it is still “open”, is that it is not balanced!
            Yahweh does not leave things in an untidy/unfulfilled/unbalanced manner (else it is unrighteous) (and would reflect upon His nature).
Thus this statement is still “open” because Elijah was never reported in the Bible to have been killed by the leaders, but he “just disappeared” off the
Earth “taken by God”. Though a letter given to the king Jeroanh appeared about 2 years after his disappearance purporting to come from Elijah it
was written as a future prophecy by Elijah, perhaps to be given to the king two years later by his acolyte Elisha (- however, we just do not know).
Thus JC is telling us here that they did what they pleased which means “give him a rough time” but Yahweh made sure they could not kill Elijah,
which they would have done - if allowed to. They were allowed to kill John the Baptist – just like JC, but not Elijah.
            Thus you must ask yourself - Why?
            Especially when quote “So also the Son of Man… … ” but that ‘ also’has not yet happened to Elijah.
            This is the “open” part of this cryptic account.
Now we enter Revelations where it speaks of the two witnesses who must speak of what they have seen, else they cannot be called witnesses!
Right at The End of this present system of things (just prior to the Start of ‘ Restoration’reality) these two witnesses stand up to speak about the
sin and corruption within the present worldly system orchestrated by Satan during his maladministration over the last 6000 years and the world
(generally) will hate them for it (thinking that they are lunatics) – especially when they teach our personalities must change to become Christ like!
The two witnesses will speak about all that they have seen over the last 6000 years or so including that JC did come in his ministry, died and was
resurrected – because they witnessed it!
See Rev.11 for the full account, but ultimately, as true prophets they will die for their efforts and quote “for 3.5 days their dead bodies in the street
will be seen by the world” on television. Afterwards they are resurrected into spiritual bodies and this becomes what is known as “The Rapture”
when all 144000 TCs during the 2000 year Gospel Age will be resurrected at the 7th Trumpet (of completeness to Yahweh’ Mystery) to become The
Bride of Christ.
The world will enter 3.5 years of mayhem after which, The Millennium is ushered in followed by The General Resurrection of all humans to learn of
righteousness (I give all Bible references elsewhere to fully support this accurate attestation).
Matt. 17v14 og Also coming/entering they toward the crowd, drew near (to the) him a man {kneeling down}/bowing
Matt. 17v14 og towards (to the) him (JC).
Matt. 17v15 og Also exclaiming/stating: “Lord – pity/compassion/mercy of me the son because (he is)
Matt. 17v15 og moonstruck/crazy/lunatic/epileptic also miserably/sorely/grievously suffer/vex, for often (he)
Matt. 17v16 og falls into the water. Also I (= the man pleading to JC for help) brought him (= his son) to the disciples of you,
Matt. 17v16 og also not (they) were able him to heal/cure.
Matt. 17v17 og And answering (them) the JC said: “Oh generation/time/nation/age faithless/disbelieving/untrustworthy
Matt. 17v17 og also perverted/corrupted/distorted until when shall (I) be with you?
Matt. 17v17             (= This faithless/disbelieving also perverted/distorted generation/age, how long will it be before you accept me as your king.)
Matt. 17v17 og Until when shall (I) endure/{put up with}/suffer you.
Matt. 17v17             (= How long will I have to endure/suffer [your thoughts and works of alienation from my standards]?
Matt. 17v17             Of whom is JC speaking?
            Put it back into context.
This man had a son who showed outward signs of an epileptic. This man brought his son to the disciples of JC who may have been some of the 12
main disciples, or perhaps to Judas Iscarot only, or others who (sincerely) claimed to be JC’ disciples but were not so close to JC. The point is that
                              s                                                                  s
they could not heal the man’ son. That is why the man now came to The Source of Yahweh’ Word here upon earth - being JC.
            Now for v17.
Many Christians think that JC was speaking of all the humans around him – but this is not so! He knew most humans could not understand The
Ministry word, so he entrusted it with those who claim to represent Yahweh (and His son JC) to help explain Yahweh’ Word = The Gospel = The
Good News = of The Millennium (being The Acceptable Year of The Lord) to those humans around The World who did not know of it.
Now we enter v17.
JC was actually speaking of those who claim to represent him as disciples/{religious leaders} of The Christian Nation.

Thus JC is telling everyone then in his day and today as we read The Bible: ‘   Why are those who claim to represent me and Yahweh are
perverted/corrupted/distorted in their thinking that Yahweh will not operate His HS through them.’Which is why after the healing by JC, we neatly
move into v19 to v21 where the disciples ask specifically why they could not and JC plainly answers them.
I also explain elsewhere that these leaders (obviously - by definition of their claims) thus claiming to represent JC had not the correct faith because
perhaps much of the confidence they had was for self-indulgence of personal self ego - rather than 100% directed to fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire and
thus glorifying Yahweh being in actuality that it was Yahweh using His HS to make the cure in the 1st instance. This occurred then and is even more
prevalent today – for statistically the mindset of the people who assume these positions is the same irrespective of The Age in which the positions are
                    s                          a
assumed (Yahweh’ Word to them is merely ‘ means to an end’– of their self indulgence).
An example of this is seen in ‘faith healing’today where trickery is used to befuddle the duped audience and when shown healing has not occurred –
then the usual get-out clause (which is actually a lie) – it was the recipient who had not enough faith! But all this is explained to the lowest common
denominator elsewhere on this website www.FutureLife.Org
Matt. 17v17 og Bring to me him (= the lunatic son) (the) him here.
Matt. 17v18 og Also rebuked/charged/forbid (to) it (= the demon within the son) the JC, also departed/{came out} from
Matt. 17v18 og (of the) him the demon, also was healed/cured the boy from of the hour/time the (specific one = this time).
Matt.   17v19 og       Then drawing near the disciples to the JC under privacy said:
Matt.   17v19 og       “Why us not were able (to) {cast/send out}/expel him (the demon)?”
Matt.   17v20 og       And the JC said to them: “Through (reason of) the unbelief/unfaithfulness of you.
Matt.   17v20 og       For truly I exclaim/state to you; If you have fidelity/assurance as a grain of a mustard
Matt.   17v20 og       you will say to the mountain (to) this (one), move from here to there also it will move,
Matt.   17v20 og       also nothing shall be impossible to you.”
Matt.   17v20             The classic worldly (hence erroneous) Christian understanding is the following (I quote an example):-
            “JC urged his disciples not to wallow in unbelief but to recognise how God can use even a tiny amount of faith. Our faith may seem small
            and insignificant (especially in times of hardship and testing), but as our faith grows, so does our potential to overcome great obstacles.”
This is a lovely sound-bite that I constantly warn the reader as an example of many to beware of that pervades throughout worldly Christianity which
is in actuality a half truth leading the worldly Christian further away from The Fidelity rock of Yahweh.
The deception lies in the two halves of the statement. The first sentence is acceptable; the second sentence is the worldly part being from Satan sliding
in his deception of acceptability riding on the back of the first part.
            How perverse! What an absurd comment! What ‘ earth’can I mean by it?
The reader must get behind and underneath the reasoning contained in the quotation above.
            So what does the normal person reading this worldly ‘      lovely sound bite’understand from its superficial level?
            Notice that faith is written as ‘ faith’(please see “Faith” in Glossary to fully explain this word).
            Also key to this is that the worldly understanding is taken out of context (as always, hence worldly)!
They would take in the following message:-
            1.     JC desires us to become strong in The Fidelity/Assurance of Yahweh => GOOD!
            2.                         faith’then God can use it => Not so good.
                   If we have a little ‘
            3.     It is acceptable to be weak in ‘ faith’especially in times of worldly stress => Getting worse.
            4.     At some future point in time our ‘  faith’may grow => Not very inspiring.
            5.     If our ‘faith’becomes stronger then so does our potential => Now potentially we are way off track.
            6.     If we have strong faith = strong in potential then we can do great things => Now potentially very bad!
At the moment I will leave a whole load of questions forming in the mind of the reader to “what ‘ earth’I am talking about” and move on to what
JC is really saying before I make clear what is wrong in the above - using Bible scripture to support my assertions.
            What JC is really saying (based upon the context)?
In context we have (which is why JC said it – and recorded as such now for our edification) - that ‘ disciples did not have enough faith to remove a
difficult demon out of a poor sufferer’ Notice the term ‘    poor’in spiritual sense and not material ref back to 5v3 – hence knowing it as beggars, the
sufferers came to JC.
That is the whole reason why the disciples asked JC the question, and then JC answered their question!
            What was the faith that JC was speaking of?
The ‘                                               in
      faith’that JC was speaking of was being ‘ tune’with Yahweh’ Desire.  s
JC means having The Fidelity/Assurance (= true meaning of the word ‘          faith’as used in standard translations which is the Greek word “pistis” being
StrongsTM = 4102) of Yahweh’ Desire operating within us to become a TC.
These disciples of JC were still learning from The Great Teacher (JC) many things but they were still not there, because we later read how they
disputed amongst themselves who was to be the greater in JC’ Kingdom! Thus their Fidelity/Assurance (= faith) was not complete in Yahweh.
    s                                                          s
JC’ Fidelity/Assurance was complete/fulfilled in Yahweh’ Desire – that was the sole reason for his ministry period upon this Earth.
            So where is this reasoning taking us?
Before I answer that, there is another observation to be made.
            I ask the reader: “Who was going to remove the demon?”
                          Was it going to be the Disciples? Or was it going to be Yahweh?
            I further ask the question, if the disciples had infinite faith (as worldly understanding of faith goes) “Who is going to remove the demon?”
                          Was it going to be the Disciples? Or was it going to be Yahweh?
In both instances it would be Yahweh and not the human.
            This reasoning is the clue to the correct answer to the point JC is making.
Now I ask the reader to combine both points that I am making here.
If the disciples had the correct faith = The True Fidelity/Assurance that they were operating within Yahweh’ Desire then the demon would have
been removed (by Yahweh) irrespective of how much (or little) faith they had. Hence correctly in context/quoted the grain of a mustard seed able to
move the mountain now – not at some time in the future as corruptly stated/spun by worldly Christian ‘        reasoning’ .
Thus it is not the quantity but the quality of the disciples’faith. It is over this issue that members of worldly religions get completely confused, thus
promote falsehoods and become the destructive paths as we reason over later. This is precisely why there is pain and suffering because Satan has
corrupted reasoning on this planet in all the worldly religions to let ‘ things go’in certain situations under his regime.
An example of ‘  quality as a opposed to quantity’would be in the scientific world of quantum mechanics.
            Electromagnetic energy is measured in eV and is inversely related to the wavelength of the light it represents.
            Different compounds require different light energies to break down the molecular structures.
            Low energy levels would be around 3eV and higher energies would be 11eV.
            The point I make is that one could have enormous amounts of power at 3eV and nothing would happen to a compound requiring 11eV to
            break it down.
            But if there were just a tiny fraction of the original power at the correct energy level (wavelength) for example 11eV then the compound
            would be easily broken down.
Exactly the same understanding can be applied to what JC is explaining to us here.

The Fidelity/Assurance of the disciples at the time was not at the ‘                                      s
                                                                        correct wavelength’to Yahweh’ Desire.
JC’ Fidelity/Assurance was 100% because of the genuine compassion he had for that individual to help them.
For the disciples the Fidelity/Assurance was perhaps(?) 90% compassion and 10% for self-glory!
                                                                        in                                             s
The point is that the disciples’Fidelity/Assurance was not 100% ‘ tune’/ same wavelength as that of Yahweh’ Desire and thus Yahweh refused to
remove the Demon to make the point that they had other than 100% wholesome motives in removing the demon.
                         This is absolutely fundamental for the reader to understand.
                         Because it applies to virtually every human that has existed on this planet especial to those who claim to represent Yahweh.
            Hence ‘ spin’‘      faith healers’(charlatans) use: “You (recipient) did not have enough faith for the cure to work” = a comment of
            absolute abomination!
Which is why in context JC answered them as he did (I quote again):-
            Through (reason of) the unbelief/unfaithfulness of you. For truly I exclaim/state to you; If you have fidelity/assurance as a grain of a
            mustard you will say to the mountain (to) this (one), move from here to there also it will move, also nothing shall be impossible to you.”
The rest of what JC said, I will now explain in the context of my earlier explanation.
            “Through (reason of) the unbelief/unfaithfulness of you.” = as I explained, the disciples were still worldly and desired some aspect of
            Yahweh’ HS to reflect on themselves – thus “unbelief/unfaithfulness” was not 100% committed to Yahweh’ Desire.    s
            “For truly I exclaim/state to you; If you have fidelity/assurance as a grain of a mustard” = thus even the tiniest amount of faith that
            correctly 100% aligns with Yahweh’ Desire means that what is thus asked for by the TC will be performed by Yahweh through the action
                                                                                               s                                         s
            of His HS. The Desire of Yahweh is for a TC to accurately promote Yahweh’ Word to strangers (and not a charlatan’ ego of self-
            indulgence) thus to this end Yahweh will respond to a TC’ request demonstrated by works (many examples but one is 1John5v14-16 to
            assist his brother or neighbour’ Fidelity).
            “You will say to this mountain, move from here to there and it will move” = as it states!
                         But why?
            Because Yahweh has amplified your faith/fidelity/assurance through His action of the HS now displayed.
                         And why did Yahweh do it?
            Because as The Bible states: The TC asked what was of Yahweh’ Desire anyway!
            The TC was able to ask for what was Yahweh’ Desire because the TC knew what the Desire of Yahweh was!
                         And how did the TC know what to ask for?
            Because he imitated JC in thoughts demonstrated by deeds every minute of the day within his lifestyle. Through the thoughts and deeds the
            TC displays fruits of the HS.
            “Also nothing shall be impossible to you.” = if what you ask for is to the Desire of Yahweh the He will do anything so that nothing is
This whole explanation in context explains exactly what JC means resulting a virtuous circle. As the reader now realises, it is nothing like the very
false reasoning that worldly Christianity preaches through its advocates.
With The Truth now fully explained, let me go back to show how unrighteous and misleading the worldly (thus satanic) understanding is given. Let me
repeat what has been inculcated within the hapless acolyte’ mind chained to worldly Christianity so that we may discuss its implications:-
      1. JC desires us to become strong in The Fidelity/Assurance of Yahweh => GOOD!
      2. If we have a little ‘   faith’then God can use it => Not so good.
      3. It is acceptable to be weak in ‘    faith’especially in times of worldly stress => Getting worse.
      4. At some future point in time our ‘     faith’may grow => Not very inspiring.
      5. If our ‘   faith’becomes stronger then so does our potential => Now potentially we are way off track.
      6. If we have strong faith = strong in potential then we can do great things => Now potentially very bad!
Let me discuss these items with you.
      1. This line is GOOD, but sadly in all worldly religions there are these lures to entrap the victim, and this is an example of such.
      2. This is where the problem starts. There is no definition of what the faith refers to (crucially does it relate to Yahweh’ Desire or a worldly
            desire? – Ripe for a 1000 page expansion!). It also infers that a little faith is acceptable, but JC and the Apostles said this was not good.
            JC was always despairing of humans who had little faith. Paul said get off the milk and get onto solids! He also said I must speak in
                                            big          .
            riddles else you will become ‘ headed’ Thus we can reason this is not so good, and it is a point from which we must move away.
            I wish to develop the argument of the definition to what faith refers upon an extreme but topical example to investigate where this worldly
            religious/Christian line of reasoning takes us. My example would be ‘       Suicidal Bombers’but this instance is only too true for less extreme
            examples that occur every day to all humans.
      3. Paul stated that “when I feel weak (in time of worldly stress) I know that I am strong”, which is the opposite to what is being preached
            here by this worldly understanding. It is allowing the person to acquiesce in weakness because their Fidelity is poor, rather than
            rousing/awakening (as Paul keeps instructing us to do) the individual to become strong in The Fidelity - thus allowing Satan ‘ hold’over
            that person (all quotable scriptures).
      4. Rather than from (3) motivating/galvanising the person to do something about the situation around them now by reading The Bible or by
            speaking to TCs who correctly understand The Bible, it is saying ‘       stay as you are - something may happen in the future!’
            I can see much defensive flack coming my way about this. But my point is that worldly Christian leaders through very poor preaching (and
            this website gives documented examples of this) on their part, has allowed their congregation build their house upon sand rather than
            upon the solid bedrock of The Knowledge from Yahweh.
      5. This is starting to get dangerous. Nowhere has the True Fidelity been documented in worldly sermons (transcripts of publicised worldly
            Christian sermons on this website support this ascertain) thus the hapless devotee becomes motivated to make strong what they already
            ‘            .
             believe in’ What they “believe in” is what/how their environment has promoted the ‘         growth’of synapse construction (= the
            strengthening/weakening of connections) within their brain. Taking the extreme example of the most committed and dedicate of all humans
            on this planet are those as JC said: ‘  Give their life for their brethren!’ Just like JC did!
            However as in all things that JC preached/demonstrated, Satan has produced a counterfeit by cleverly spinning this around to misinform
            very sincere and dedicated humans to ‘ cause for their (present) god of this world’to become suicidal bombers!
                         Where has their information come from?
            ‘                                                                                                                              s
             Twisted in the mind’(evil by definition = malicious/hurtful) religious leaders who most certainly do not have Yahweh’ Desire foremost
            in their mind but of their own worldly self-glory. This statement applies to all religious leaders of all the very worldly religions of the
            world – fawning and playing a Harlot to their ‘ of this present world’Satan who sows the seed of discord within the world being ‘            The
                                       The                        s
            Father of The Lie’and ‘ Opposer’to Yahweh’ Desire from the beginning.
      6. Now (5) grows into some powerful act that Yahweh is displeased about - only because the very worldly religious acolyte has been told:
            ‘ develop your faith in what you believe in (= a very common phrase today – that Satan promotes in all directions) which they duly and
            religiously do. Sadly the now worldly acolyte is so far ‘ track’that they ferment more hostility within the world to the glory of Satan –
            now being their god.
            I may be accused of pessimism but do not take my word for it, but look at all the statistics that immediately justify what I state!
Thus we must precisely imitate JC and the apostles to become TCs to fulfil the Desire of Yahweh for that is our only safe guideline – for Satan has
twisted everything else on this planet – but he cannot twist JC’ lifestyle. This knowledge to imitate Jesus can only come from daily personal study of
The Bible and inculcate what it states within your heart and mind. Also go to a TC (demonstrated by their fruits of the HS) to guide and help you

through it. Sadly finding a TC in this world is very difficult! Most religious people are now so worldly by becoming politicised within their god’   s
world to fulfil the desire of their god – Satan, who is presently only the custodian god of this world – soon to be removed by JCg using Yahweh’    s
Power of the HS.
            This is precisely what the book of Revelations tells us.
                         I feel moved to include an impassioned rant here – apologies beforehand!
            “I could write a 1000 page book on this giving case histories, but it would be pointless, I only wish to be the catalyst to those who are
            genuine and honestly desire to find out The Truth and desire to practice it within their lives! That is all Yahweh is after = those humans
            who are genuine in character to that of JC which then makes them suitable material to become Kings and Priests of The Millennium! He
            is not after those humans who need an additional 1000 page book to accompany The Bible – The Bible is all you need – no other books!
            All I am doing is asking the reader ‘  become awake’(just as the Epistles tell us) to look around you and question what you see! Gain
            Yahweh’ Knowledge and apply it accurately within your life, being wisdom coming from Yahweh – just like JC.”
This commentary is so long because I am forced to first un-pick the worldly misinformation that is so prevalent in the world today!
            Thus in conclusion: Why is the worldly understanding as I initially quoted so wrong and obviously from Satan?
            Because it attributes “the moving of the mountain” to human effort and gives no recognition to Yahweh performing the feat!
An aside note: It could be argued that because I always promote the idea The Bible uses mountain to mean ‘      authority’– thus argue that JC means
that we should try to change worldly authorities through political involvement. A person arguing this way is mixing two opposites together.
Let us assume for this argument that JC does mean worldly authorities, but nowhere has he assigned political involvement to do this. However what
he would mean is that by being a TC and thus demonstrating the fruits of the HS by following Yahweh’ Desire then more people would come into
The Fidelity/Assurance and accurately practice what it preaches to us. I choose the alternative word “Assurance” because it is appropriate here. Our
commitment demonstrates our assurance that it is Yahweh who will convert the mountain (assigned worldly authority) and move its reasoning base to
another position (the parable) just as we are told in The Bible it is Paul/Apollos who plant/water the seed but it is Yahweh through JCg that makes it
                                        s                                          s                                         s
grow. Similarly in Nebuchadnezzar’ dream, it was the small stone being JC’ ministry that crushes the edifice and JCg’ body of TCs growing as the
mountain that surpasses everything else so that when The Millennium comes there is nothing else but JCg’ ‘    s mountain of authority’   .
As the reader will see there is no worldly political involvement, and ‘ moving’is assigned/attributed to Yahweh working upon human’ reasoning s
by viewing a TC’ righteous acts in lifestyle being totally law-abiding and not troubling secular authorities (as instructed both by JC and Paul). Thus
this reasoning is still totally consistent with everything stated on this website.
Matt. 17v21 og And this the kind not does go out if not (= except) in prayer [also fasting = CA].
Matt. 17v21                                                                                     s
                         Thus emphasising my point that it only through the action of Yahweh’ HS that can carry out a powerful act and has absolutely
nothing to do with the quantity of faith but just the quality = the rightness/correctness with Yahweh’ Desire. Thus reaffirming my long explanation
above showing how unrighteous worldly Christian understanding is!
Matt. 17v22 og And (during) living/busying their (= And their living) in to the Galilee said to them the JC:
Matt. 17v22 og “Necessary/{for purpose}/shall the Son of Man(kind) (be) delivered/surrendered/betrayed into
Matt. 17v22 og (the) hands (of) men.
Matt. 17v23 og Also they will kill/slay/murder him, also on the third day (JC) will be awaken/raised/roused.
Matt. 17v23 og Also (they = disciples) grieved/sorrowful/distressed exceedingly/sore/vehemently.
Matt. 17v24 og And coming/entering their (= And their entering) into Capernaum drawing near the (ones = tax collectors for
Matt. 17v24 og the upkeep of the temple at Capernaum) the didrachmas (= tribute/tax) receiving/collecting to the Peter also said:
Matt. 17v24 og “The teacher (= JC) of you not pays the didrachma (= Greek silver coin of about a day’ wages)?”                s
Matt. 17v25 og (Peter) Exclaimed: “Yes!”
Matt. 17v25 og Also when (Peter) entered into the house, anticipated him the JC (then) exclaimed/stated:
Matt.   17v25 og       “What do you think/suppose Simon?
Matt.   17v25 og       “The kings of the earth from whom (do they) receive custom/levy or tax/tribute?
Matt.   17v25 og       (Is it) From of the sons of them (= the kings/leaders), or from of the strangers?
Matt.   17v26 og       Says (to the) him (JC) the Peter: “From of the strangers.”
Matt.   17v26 og       Said to the him the JC: “Then indeed free/exempt/unrestrained are the sons.”
Matt.   17v27 og       And that not (we may) offend/{cause them to stumble}/displease them (then) go into the sea throw/cast
Matt.   17v27 og       (the) hook, also the coming/rising up first fish take, also (then) opening the mouth (of the) it, (you) will
Matt.   17v27 og       find/obtain a stater (= coin of standard value) the (specific one) having taken give to them for me also for you
Matt.   17v27            JC is teaching us here that he and those to become betrothed to him are not attached to this world but merely passing through
it during the 1st part of their life – they are as The Bible teaches us through prophecy and allegory that these people are “Sojourners” living in ‘  tents’
(see Glossary on these many terms). They are not to become burdened by material things that consume valuable time that would eat into imitating the
precise standard that JC set for us during his ministry period. This is the standard set for “The Special/Greater Judgment” carried out by Yahweh
upon all Christians where ‘   their work is to be consumed by fire and the resultant examined’- is “the resultant” good enough for Sonship ready for
the more demanding task of teaching the whole resurrected world righteousness. Where respect from the resurrected world is given due to the work
carried out in the 1st part of their (TC’ life when ‘ things are broadcast from the roof tops’
                                           s)           all                                         !
Thus during the 1 part of our life we must do nothing to irritate The Worldly Authorities – we must be seen as being perfect in all our dealings where
we do not make judgements upon varying ‘        degrees of greyness’within The World – for it is all “under the power of the wicked one” (Satan). Thus we
must stay untarnished/unblemished and be model citizens to the worldly laws – provided they do not conflict with God’ Laws. We pay taxes into the
central pot of government – it is not our responsibility to apportion what we should pay as some false worldly Christian leaders presently advocate –
for they are demonstrating an observance of The World and being part of its operations (thus not blind to The World). Hopefully this explains what
JC is teaching us – but sadly I need to work overtime to straighten/nullify the falsehoods presented by worldly Christian Leaders pandemic in this
world under Satan’ control.
Matt. 18v1 og In the (specific) to the hour/time drew near the disciples to the JC exclaimed/stated:
Matt. 18v1 og “Who therefore (is) greater is in to the kingdom of the heavens (= being as Sons of God)?”
Matt. 18v2 og Also then summoned/{called together} the JC, (then) a child (JC) set/held/presented him in (to the)
Matt. 18v2 og midst/middle of them (the disciples).
Matt. 18v3 og Also (JC) said: “Truly I state to you, if not convert/{turn back} also become as children not no
Matt. 18v3 og (= unable to) you may enter/{go through} into the kingdom of the heavens (= not become a son of God).
Matt. 18v3               This means - that just as a child has an open mind to take in the knowledge of its environment so likewise as adults we should
take in the spiritual knowledge (being our thought processes) that JC is now teaching to The World during his ministry of teaching and of works = his
lifestyle. Do not become like the vast majority of adults who are ‘ in their ways’that gives personal succour / support for the present lifestyle of
self-indulgence and thus reject anything that opposes this ‘                                                     lot’
                                                                pleasant’(= the best you can make it with your ‘ in life) very worldly lifestyle. If you do
not take in this spiritual knowledge that changes your personality from that of the world to that one offered by JC then you will have no opportunity

to become a TC – for you have personally chosen to through it away! Thus you will become rejected at the 1st 2nd C to become a Son of God =
King/Priest = The Bride of Christ, the time of which beforehand will be as “the thief in the night”, but when it does occur – it may be public to some
people – but too late for everyone else.
Matt. 18v4 og Whoever now will humble/abase/humiliate/{bring low} himself as the child this, this (one = person) is
Matt. 18v4 og the greater in to the kingdom of the heavens (= a person brought low now will become a Son of God).
Matt. 18v4               Thus an adult who lowers himself in his lifestyle thus becomes like a child before other humans, thus displaying/demonstrating
a heart of humility. By assuming this position of personal humility they then put their mind into a receptive state by taking knowledge from a TC and
inculcating it within the mind driven by the passion to do this from their heart condition. This does not mean become a zombie! Everything must be
tested against the scriptures and fruits of the HS witnessed. But as JC told us most “people prefer the old wine” and do not take in the new wine!
Matt. 18v5 og Also who ever receives/takes (the) child such one upon to the name (= imitate in lifestyle) of me,
Matt. 18v5 og me (JC as JCg in the heavens) receives/takes (= receives Yahweh’ HS dispensed by JCg).s
Matt. 18v5               JC is speaking of the Apostles/TCs who bring the child up into the accurate name of JC rather than the prevalent
                                s                                                                                             s
falsehoods/blasphemy of JC’ name by so many worldly Christian Leaders (a lead into v6). The TC who fulfils Yahweh’ Desire in their lifestyle by
accurately bringing new adults as children into The Fidelity and growing them in The Fidelity so that they become TCs themselves – then JCg will
dispense Yahweh’ HS to assist them. A TC will not allow his congregation to become complacent and stay like children just surviving on milk!
Matt. 18v6 og And who wishes/desires offends/{trip up}/snares/entraps one to the little (ones) of these to the
Matt. 18v6 og believing/entrusting/committed/faith into me, gainful/expedient/profitable/advantage (to the) him that
Matt. 18v6 og be hung the millstone (as large in size as that driven by) of an ass/donkey upon the neck (of the) him,
Matt. 18v6 og also (he) be sunk/under in to the depth of the sea.
Matt. 18v6               What does this mean?
Yahweh is speaking about His Word being misconstrued/twisted to suit the worldly aims of the religious leaders who do this for self-indulgent
reasons, but ultimately the spin-off being to the glory of Satan in his present disgusting regime.
I give an example of distorted/twisted message from a worldly Christian commentary incidentally to just a few verses earlier on v3:-
             “The kingdom of God is not earned by human effort, but received in childlike trust as a gift of mercy and grace of God.”
There are ‘  almost as many’errors in this lovely ‘   sound bite’as words in it!
       1. What kingdom of God are they referring to? I suspect it is the kingdoms of God thus meaning to become a Son of God (1st confusion in the
             quotation above).
       2. If it is to become a ‘ of God’then all through the Gospels (in perhaps over 100 places) it tells us that we must work to become
             accepted by God as His son – just as Jesus correctly showed us (thus the 1st lie in the quotation above)!
       3. If they mean resurrection onto the Earth as ‘ kingdom of God’then that clears the confusion because no work is required to just fall
             onto The Safety Net. The Millennium is that ‘   safety net’that Yahweh enabled though the work of JC during and at the end of his ministry -
             so graciously given to all of us humans with no distinction (colour/creed/background/whatever). However the worldly religions never
             preach The Good News of The Millennium (2nd confusion and 2nd lie in the quotation above).
       4. ‘                                .
              Received in childlike trust’ Paul told us do not be like babes and drink milk but be mature and take solids. He also told us to audit what
             we did against what The Bible teaches us. This is not childlike trust (3rd lie in the quotation above).
       5. If becoming A Son of God, then we are told in so many places that TCs are paid/wages/reward for the work done in the 1st part of their life
             and that action is not a gift as such. JC’ “Undeserved Gift” was a passport/credit life given freely for every single human to be used just
             the once to make The 1st Death just “Asleep” for us to be “awakened/roused” from (rather than it being eternal). (3rd confusion and 4th lie
             in the quotation above).
       6. Grace means Gifts/Favours. The Epistles are actually very careful to distinguish between Who does what.
             There is the grace of JC and also the grace of God (Yahweh).
             The Grace of JC is his “Undeserved Gift” for all, and the ministry to specifically pick out the TCs in the 1st part of their life demonstrated
             by their specific works in precisely imitating JC’ ministry.
             The Grace of Yahweh is the use of His HS to resurrect us made legitimately possible by the actions of JC on Earth. (4th confusion in the
             quotation above. And if you include ‘ Trinity’myth in this then you make it 5th confusion and 5th lie in the quotation above).
Adding it up give a total of 10 errors in about 20 words ignoring a few link words.
                                                                                                                          s       s
This is an example of just how bad worldly Christian doctrine is being much worse than utterly useless – but it suit’ Satan’ desire!
             So getting back to v6 in context!
It is those humans who assume high places in worldly religion who then perpetuate utter confusion and lies because basically while they may know
the subject matter perhaps(?) better than I do – they just do not understand it and thus consolidate a myth!
There are others who are worse! They do the above but then ‘       milk’their congregation at the same time to perpetuate a very material lifestyle!
Finally there are those who lay in bed with Satan’ world and spend their time in political issues!
All this distracts from The Fidelity and draws the congregation away from precisely imitating JC and the Apostles.
             But we all should know why they do this!
Because as the apostles said “This is hard – who can do this?”(John.6v60-66). This is the point - the religious leaders do not want to loose their
income stream or their position of power/prestige over humans (from a mass walk-out by those being part of a worldly congregation) – thus they
perpetuate a myth that is easy to do in Satan’ worldly system!
This is abhorrent to Yahweh and it is better if they refrained from doing this by ending the 1st part of their life forthwith!
Best to explain The Bible rather than follow the example of many who start “I think … … ”
The most important thing to rationally understand is that JC only died the once.
When a human takes on baptism they are spiritually saying to Yahweh:
             “I accept that I am now living in The Millennium period now while in my 1st part of my life.
             I have handed the best thing I have on offer to You, Yahweh, and that is The Undeserved Gift that JC has so graciously given to me as an
             entry into The Millennium.
             I thus hand that back in honour of this wonderful gift in trust, to You, Yahweh, as it is the only thing that I have worthy to give to You.
             The Undeserved Gift that Your precious Son gave to me is all I have that is worthy enough.”
In doing this the Christian is now entering into a bi-lateral covenant with Yahweh not based on The Law of Moses but upon The Laws of JC.
             Because Yahweh effectively replies through JC’ example:
                 I’                                                      I’
             If ‘ consider that you are as worthy as My Son JC then ‘ too will resurrect you to become equally a son of God – likewise.
                         Thus we are now not judged by works but by attitude/thoughts that are feverously striving to imitate JC’ ministry work.
If we do not perform the works that precisely imitate JC to the very best that we are able, then we are still caught by the safety net of The Millennium
because we have drifted into it while we were “Asleep” (at our 1st death).
             Those who work by precisely imitating JC, then these people become TCs and have the bonus on offer to become a Son of God.
Those who actively work against Yahweh’ Word by distorting/twisting it to mislead humans are iniquitous thus face their 2nd Death at their 1st
physical Death. They have nothing to fall back upon because they have already handed their ‘        ticket to salvation’back to Yahweh and now display
fruits of wrath against God’ Word!

             Can the reader see the full righteous logic in this argument?
Thus JC is saying rather than mislead humans by falsifying/distorting Yahweh’ Word to confuse and mislead children in knowledge of The Fidelity
then it is better to physically die in the 1 part of your life so that you can at least slide into The Millennium without having to face Yahweh’
Vengeance of ignoring you in your 1st death to make it your 2nd Death!
             Again, can the reader see the full righteous logic in this argument?
Incidentally Paul said the exact same thing about several humans. For it was better for them to be with Satan now while in the 1st part of their life
than try to covert them to The Fidelity for this exact same reason.
             Thus we now move again in context onto the next verse.
Matt.   18v7 og        Woe/alas to the world from to the {cause to offence}/{stumbling block}/{reason to fail/fall) for
Matt.   18v7 og        necessary it is to come/accompany the {cause to offence}/{stumbling block}/{reason to fail/fall);
Matt.   18v7 og        yet woe/alas to the man the (specific one = man) through whom the
Matt.   18v7 og        {cause to offence}/{stumbling block}/{reason to fail/fall) comes/enters (to the people of the world).
Matt.   18v7           A natural follow-on from v6. The human religious leader who instructs those weak in The Fidelity through spoken falsehoods
that lead to confusion/lawlessness, becomes the stumbling block to those who are weak in The Fidelity and take them away from imitating JC. The
religious leaders who do this will feel the personal vengeance of Yahweh (vengeance because it is a personal attack upon His Word).
Note how JC also places a spin on this when he applies a prophecy to himself as The Stumbling Stone (Matt.21v42-44) to various individuals within
The Christian Nation. I fully explain all this at the appropriate verse.
Matt.   18v8 og        And if the hand of you or the foot of you offends/{trip up}/snares/entraps you, cut off it also throw
Matt.   18v8 og        from you, good for you (the) is to enter/{go through} into the life lame or maimed than two hands or
Matt.   18v8 og        two feet having (to be) thrust/thrown into the power/lightening the everlasting.
Matt.   18v9 og        Also if the eye of you offends/{trip up}/snares/entraps you, pluck out it also throw from you,
Matt.   18v9 og        (inherently/intrinsically) good/virtuous for you (the) is one-eyed into the life to enter than two eyes having
Matt.   18v9 og        (to be) thrust/thrown into the Gehenna of the power/lightening.
Matt.   18v7-9         (All covered in Matt.5v29-30 hence the natural follow-on from v6-7 above).
Matt.   18v10 og       {Take heed}/{Be attentive} (that) not despise/{think against}/disesteem (the) one of the
Matt.   18v10 og       little/least/small (the = ones = metaphoric children = adults but young in The Fidelity) these.
Matt.   18v10 og       For I say to you because the angels/messengers of them in heavens through all (things or continuously)
Matt.   18v10 og       behold/look/see/{take heed} the face of the Father of me in of the heavens.
Matt.   18v10            = Adults who are weak in The Fidelity and been led astray by Religious Leaders are not always ignored, Yahweh tells us that
they were not at fault themselves by ‘                      .
                                        going off the rails’ Their error was due to the worldly self-gratification of the particular religious leaders who
made this occur. Again this is all in context with the earlier verses. Hence the lead-in to the next verse to say that JC has come to make wholesome
(resurrected into The Millennium) even those ‘    children’who were led astray by the false leaders during the 1st part of their life!
But Yahweh is using His angels (= messengers = TCs) working hard in the 1st part of their life imitating JC’ ministry who will snatch those
                                                                                                      s                                s
appropriate children out of the clutches of the charlatans and bring them forward to become TC’ themselves – to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire – hence
verse 11 as the obvious follow-on.
             Thus the vengeance of The Lord is against the false leaders and not the duped recipients of the false message.
Matt. 18v11 og For is come/entered the Son of the Man(kind) to save/{make whole}/preserve/heal the (ones = humans)
Matt. 18v11 og destroyed/lost/perished (in their 1st life – hence The Restoration of 17v11 of The Millennium – see 13v24-30).
Matt. 18v12 og What to you seem/suppose/think? If there be (the) any man (the) 100 sheep also
Matt. 18v12 og strays/wanders/seduced one (sheep) from them (the flock), not will he leave the 99 (sheep)
Matt. 18v12 og [upon the mountains = CA] (then) departs (he) seeks the (one = sheep) strayed/wandered/seduced.
Matt. 18v13 og Also if (he) causes/happens to find it, truly I say to you because (he) rejoices upon it more/better.
Matt. 18v13              Sadly worldly Christianity has misconstrued the meaning of this to mean all sheep = all of the Christian Nation. But it does not
mean this! JC and Apostles are only speaking of “The Brethren” and TCs (out of The Brethren) that (chosen by Yahweh) come out from of the
Christian Nation. JC is speaking of those from his own flock (John.10v3-4) of a 100 sheep (to become his ‘             ),
                                                                                                                bride’ he is not speaking of all the sheep
in The World = the whole Christian Nation being all other flocks of the all the some 20,000 duped denominations to date of The Worldly Christian
Nation. These ‘    100’sheep being those of this specific shepherd (= JC) are those who are totally dedicated to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire and express it
within their life (see my full explanation of John 10v1-18). Thus JC will go out to find the Brethren/TC who has wobbled in their lifestyle because JC
is out to fulfil the required number of Kings/Priests of The Millennium for His Father’ Desire during The Gospel Age. To be brutal in this
explanation, Yahweh is only after 144000 TCs (precisely imitating JC) during The Gospel Age for the next stage in His plan because of the ‘        safety
net’of The Millennium for the rest of humanity. These TCs have been “refined in the fire” of this present world’ opposition for only working out in
their lifestyle the Desire of Yahweh = imitate JC and the Apostles (so that they become apostles themselves – “appointed [by Yahweh] to tell”).
It does not mean getting involved in the politics of Satan’ present worldly system - irrespective of what secular/religious leaders’say, who both are
operating under this present worldly system! It is the politics of this presently worldly system that has got us here in the 1st place (and never changed
in the last 6000 years), which is precisely why JC climbed above it by specifically keeping out of the mire of it! Remember Israel was under Roman
occupation (with regular crucifixions) and while there were many opposition groups; JC was not one of them – he and his apostles preached the
opposite – to respect authorities and keep out of worldly politics! JC even helped cure dependants of roman soldiers as well as those of the Jewish
nation thus showing that all humans deserve equality.
See also the inter-verse commentary at Luke.13v1-3 regarding this aspect.
Matt. 18v14 og So not is the will/desire/inclination before/{in presence} of the Father of you of the in heavens, that
Matt. 18v14 og should perish/destroy one of the little (ones = children of The Fidelity) of these.
Matt. 18v14    In the context of 18v10, JC is speaking of those humans weak in The Fidelity now, but have the potential of becoming TCs
strong in The Fidelity, together with 18v12 being weak while still learning and thus prone to wander before becoming secure. Thus Yahweh will
protect those showing sincere promise and thus having potential to become strong TCs to further Yahweh’ Desire during The Gospel Age.
Matt.   18v15 og       And if may sin/offend/{miss the mark}/trespass towards you the brother of you go also
Matt.   18v15 og       reprove/convince/confute him between you also (of the) him alone. If you (he) shall hear, you have
Matt.   18v15 og       gained a brother of you. (Note: This is a brother and not a neighbour – there is a big difference – see 18v22).
Matt.   18v16 og       And if not (he) shall hear take along with you beside/more one (persons) or two (persons) that upon
Matt.   18v16 og       (the) mouth of two witnesses (= martyr/{person for a cause}) or three may stand all/every word.
Matt.   18v17 og       And if not (he) neglects/refuses to hear them (then they are to) tell to the church and if also of the church
Matt.   18v17 og       (he) neglects/refuses to hear, (let) to the him be to you as the pagan also the tax-collector.

Matt. 18v17            Thus if an apparent brother refuses to take instruction from Yahweh through those ‘ elders’concerned for the maintenance to
The Absolute Truth within “the own flock” of JCg, then this apparent brother must be considered heathen and rejected, else his retrograde antics will
disturb the cohesion amongst the remaining brothers (and sisters), who in themselves are ardently trying to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire in this presently
stressful world.
                                             churches’– they ignore this verse – and we witness the results of this within their communities.
This is never taught in worldly Christianity ‘
Matt.   18v18 og Truly I say to you whatever you may bind/tie upon of the earth, will occur been bound/tied in to the
Matt.   18v18 og heaven/sky (on earth). Also whatever you may loose upon the earth, will occur having been loosed in to
Matt.   18v18 og the heaven/sky (on earth).
Matt.   18v18    Never taught by worldly Christian Leaders because the connection is lost – but in context of the verses around v18 we see that
if a brother (or sister) is tied to the system of The World then they are tied to “the spirit of the air” (being Satan) that controls The World at large.
But if a TC is able bring a brother (or sister) around back to The Absolute Truth then they have loosened that person from the things of The World
and obviously from the clutches of Satan being “the spirit of the air”.
Matt. 18v19 og Again I say to you, because if two (persons) of you may agree upon of the earth concerning every
Matt.   18v19 og       matter what ever matter they may ask it will occur to them from of the Father of me of the in heavens.
Matt.   18v20 og       For where are two or three (TC’ or brethren) are gathered together in my name/character/authority (JC),
Matt.   18v20 og       there I am (as JCg dispensing HS) I am in (to the) midst of them (as they fulfil Yahweh’ Desire).
Matt.   18v21 og       Then drawing near (to the) him (JC), the Peter said:
Matt.   18v21 og       “Lord how often shall sin towards me the brother of me, also I forgive him? Until seven times?
Matt.   18v22 og       Exclaims/states (to the) him the JC: “Not I say to you until seven times but until seventy times seven.”
Matt.   18v22              The Bible makes a differentiation between brother (or sister) and neighbour (see parables and epistles).
              The Brother is a member of The Fidelity.
              A neighbour is a member of those outside The Fidelity (worldly Christians and ‘   heathen’ ).
We are told to love our neighbour as our self (being JC’ 2nd Law) and thus must treat them with respect and assist them whenever it is within our
means to do so (see the parable of The Good Samaritan).
A brother of The Fidelity becomes even closer to us than a neighbour. A brother is of the same flesh being the one body of JCg during The Gospel
Age. Because of this, our thinking must be in tune with one another, so the forgiveness to a brother must be completely automatic without even
thinking about it. This means do not even question the motives of why the injury was done to you, because it was not intentional – just drop the issue
and wipe the slate clean, just as JCg has done with all the members of his body.
Where the confusion comes about is because some Christian leaders falsely change the text from ‘       brother’to ‘ neighbour’.
Also they misapply what is known as The Lord’ Prayer (Matt.6v13-14) where we are instructed to forgive the “intentional faults”, just as The Lord
will forgive the “intentional faults” of us. This being a double edged sword, because The Lord will not forgive the “intentional faults” of iniquitous
leaders, but TCs are safe because their faults should be unintentional, else by definition they cannot be TCs!
There is nothing illogical here within this rational proposition – and it is precisely what The Bible teaches us in by the original Greek wording.
Thus while we are to love our neighbour as ourselves, then if our neighbour constantly sins against us, rather than keep forgiving them by becoming
‘ punch bag’for their indiscretions, the best thing (as JC commended a steward for being worldly wise) is not to retaliate but to have a quiet word
with them and try to sort the matter out with them or if this is impossible, then to move from the vicinity. This is now demonstrating love to them as we
would love ourselves to make the situation peaceful. We are in this situation to go more deeply with the other person to try and understand why the
sinning has occurred and solve the issue to the best of both parties.
The difference between the two situations is this:
              Sinning between two brothers should be unquestioned and utterly ignored an infinite amount of times.
              Sinning between a brother and a neighbour should be resolved and the underlying reasons discussed so that it does not occur again.
This is never explained and ‘    allowed to float’by worldly Christian leaders as a confused mess – to the glory of Satan, being the god of lawlessness.
What the confused message of worldly Christianity gives is one that will produce internal guilt within a Christian who is genuinely trying to forgive a
neighbour hundreds of times because they believe The Bible is telling them to become a ‘      punch bag’(when in reality The Bible is not telling them
that). It is only preached by leaders appearing to sound self-righteous in the ears of the listeners in the congregation and rarely practice it themselves
within their ‘                .
                political life’
Matt. 18v23 og Through (reason of) this was likened/similar the kingdom of the heavens to a man (being a) king who
Matt. 18v23 og desired to take account with of the servants (of the) him.
Matt. 18v24 og And begun (of the) him to reckon/think was brought near (to the) him one debtor of 10,000 talents.
Matt. 18v25 og And not having (of the) him (= servant debtor) to repay commanded (the) him the Lord, of him (the debtor),
Matt. 18v25 og to be sold also the wife (of the) him also the children, also all/every (thing) as much as he had,
Matt. 18v25 og also to pay back (to the Lord).
Matt. 18v26 og Now having fallen the servant bowed the knee (to the) him exclaiming:
Matt. 18v26 og “Have patience upon me also all/every (thing) to you I will repay.”
Matt. 18v27 og And having pity/compassion the lord of the servant (of) the (specific one = slave)
Matt. 18v27 og released (the) him (servant), also the loan forgave/{laid aside} (to the) him.
Matt. 18v28 og And having escaped/{went out}/the servant the (specific one = slave) found one of the fellow-slaves
Matt. 18v28 og (of the) him who owed (to the) him (= the servant) 100 denarii, also then seizing (the) him (= slave)
Matt. 18v28 og (was) choked (and the servant) exclaimed/demanded: “Pay back to me what ever you owe.”
Matt. 18v29 og Now falling the fellow-slave (of the) him towards the feet (of the) him (= servant) begged/pleaded (the) him
Matt.   18v29 og       exclaiming: “Have patience upon me also all/everything I will repay to you.”
Matt.   18v30 og       And he (= servant) not (the) will/desire (to forgive), but having departed (then) threw (the) him (fellow-slave)
Matt.   18v30 og       into prison until which place (he stayed) (until) paid back the (one = fellow-slave) owed.
Matt.   18v31 og       And having seen the fellow-slaves of him the (things) occurring/happening, (they) grieved greatly, also
Matt.   18v31 og       come/entered reported/described to the Lord (to/of) them all/every (thing) the (things) having
Matt.   18v31 og       occurred/fulfilled
Matt.   18v32 og       Then called near (the) him, the lord (of the) him: exclaims/states (to the) him:
Matt.   18v32 og       “Servant evil/malicious/hurtful (you are); all/every the debts the (specific ones = debts)
Matt.   18v32 og       I forgave/{laid aside} you since (you) begged/pleaded (to) me.”
Matt.   18v33 og       Should not also you (the) mercy (have on) the fellow slave of you, as also I (upon) you (had) mercy?
Matt.   18v34 og      Also being angry the Lord (of the) him delivered/{gave up}/committed (the) him to the tormenters until
Matt.   18v34 og      he to repay all/every (thing) the (things) owing (to the) him.
Matt.   18v35 og      So also the Father of me the heavenly will do/work to you, if not (= except) you forgive each one to the
Matt.   18v35 og      brother (of the) him from of the hearts of you the trespasses/{unintentional errors}/offences (of) them.
Matt.   19v1 og       Also occurred/happened because completed the JC the words these, (JC) moved from of the Galilee,
Matt.   19v1 og       also came/entered into the borders of the Judea across of the Jordan.
Matt.   19v2 og       Also followed (to the) him crowds (being) great (in number), also (JC) healed them there.
Matt.   19v3 og       Also drew near (to the) him the Pharisees tempting/assaying/testing (the) him also exclaiming (to the) him
Matt.   19v3 og       “Whether/{if indeed} so also is it correct (= is it lawful) (to a) man (to) dismiss/{put away}/divorce the
Matt.   19v3 og       wife (of the) him under all/every reason?”
Matt.   19v4 og       And the (one = JC) (then) answered said to them: “Not (did you) read because the (one = creator = JCg),
Matt.   19v4 og       made/{brought forth}/purposed from beginning male also female made/{brought forth}/purposed
Matt.   19v4 og       (of) them?
Matt.   19v5 og       Also he (JC) said: “By reason of this forsake/leave/’        abandon’(the) man (his) the farther also the mother,
Matt.   19v5 og       also to be glued/adhered/cleave/joined to the wife (of the) him, also {shall be}/{future living} the two
Matt.   19v5 og       into flesh/meat one.”
Matt.   19v6 og       So that {no longer/more} are they two, but flesh one. Now what “the specific god” (= JC as our specific
Matt.   19v6 og       god = creator) has yoked/conjoined/complemented/married man(kind) not (do)
Matt.   19v6 og       {pull apart}/separate/{put asunder}.
Matt.   19v7 og       (The ones = Pharisees) Exclaimed/stated (to the) him: “Why then Moses commanded/{gave charge} (to)
Matt.   19v7 og       give a bill/scroll/writing (of the) divorce/separation, also (to) {put away}/dismiss/{send away} her?”
Matt.   19v8 og       (JC) Exclaimed/stated to them: “Because Moses {in view}/{by reason of}/{pertaining to} of the
Matt.   19v8 og       hardheartedness/intransigence/{destitution of perception} of you allowed/permitted/{gave licence}
Matt.   19v8 og       you (to) {put away}/dismiss/{send away} the wives of you. From beginning (= in order/time/place –
Matt.   19v8 og       I expand later) and not it was so (decreed originally by the creator).
Matt.   19v8           What is the point I am making on the word “beginning” in this verse?
            The Greek word for “beginning” is “arche” StrongsTM = 746.
Taken in context of v8 the ‘beginning’would mean at the creation of humans. Thus from the beginning of the creation of humans it was the desire of
The Creator (= JCg using his Father’ HS) that the male and the female (being of opposite sex) should complement each by coming together and
form an indivisible union and any other type of union is against what JCg desires for all of us.
            OK the reader might say – but where are we going with this?
Clearly there are other places in The Bible where the Greek word “arche” is used. Thus how it is used should be taken in context.
Sadly translators of modern standard Bibles take liberties by extending more to the “beginning” than the context justifies. Often they suggest it is
“The Beginning” of The Universe rather than perhaps “the beginning” of the Earth or as we see here to mean “the beginning” of human creation.
To further exasperate this they actually place words in like “eternity” or “universe” (as in NIV – utterly useless for any analytical work) into the
translation where these descriptive words are not in the original Greek text. This just adds to confusion. That is why I am meticulous in getting back
to the original Greek as my translation faithfully shows – I am most desirous for precision that can only come from The Absolute Truth.
Matt. 19v9 og And I say (to) you because whoever wish/desire {put away}/dismiss/{send away} the wife (of the) him
Matt. 19v9 og if not (= except) upon fornication also wed/marry another commits adultery.
Matt. 19v10 og Also the (one = her = wife) {put away}/dismiss/{send away} marrying commits adultery.
Matt. 19v10 og Exclaimed (to the) him (JC) the disciples (of the) him: “If {in this manner} is the cause of the man(kind)
Matt. 19v10 og with of the wife not (be) advantage/gain/profit/better/good to wed/marry?”
Matt. 19v11 og And the (one = JC) said to them: “Not all/every (persons) {make room}/{have place} (in their lifestyle for)
Matt. 19v11 og the word (of) this, but to whom {it is given}/{have power over}/bestowed.
Matt. 19v12 og For there eunuchs (or by implication impotent or bachelors) who from (of the) womb (of the) mother were
Matt. 19v12 og generated/created/begotten so (= naturally inclined to be unmarried/single).
Matt. 19v12 og Also there are eunuchs (or by implication impotent or bachelors) who where made eunuchs by of the men
Matt. 19v12            (= forced by environment to be neutered or unmarried/single).
Matt. 19v12 og Also there are eunuchs (or by implication impotent or bachelors) who made eunuchs (of) themselves through
Matt. 19v12 og (reason of best attaining) the kingdom of the heavens (= to become a Son of God).
Matt. 19v12 og The (one = person) having been given to receive, (to that one) receive (and live the appropriate lifestyle).
Matt. 19v13 og Then was brought (to the) him (JC) children, that the hands (JC) may lay (upon) them (figuratively to be
Matt. 19v13 og empowered by being in JC’ presence), also to pray/supplicate (upon their behalf to Yahweh).
Matt.   19v13 og      And the disciples rebuked/admonished/prevented/censured them.
Matt.   19v14 og      And the JC said “Permit/allow the children, also not prevent/stop them to come/accompany towards
Matt.   19v14 og      me for to the (ones = children => adults who have a receptive mind for The Fidelity) is the kingdom of the heavens.
Matt.   19v15 og      Also having laid (upon) them the hands, (JC) departed from there.
Matt.   19v16 og      Also behold/Look! One (person) drawing near said (to the) him (JC):
Matt.   19v16 og      “Teacher good/ideal. – What good/ideal shall I do that I may have life everlasting?
Matt.   19v17 og      And the (one = JC) said (to the) him: “Why call me good/ideal? Not one (the = JC) good/ideal if not
Matt.   19v17 og      (= except) one “The Specific God” (= Yahweh being specific to JC in context), and if
Matt.   19v17 og      (you) desire/delight/intend/disposed (the) enter/{go in/through} into the life, keep the commandments .
Matt.   19v18 og      (The man) Exclaimed/stated (to the) him (JC): Which/What (commandments specifically)?
Matt.   19v18         (The Law of Moses had many Laws, being the fundamental Laws and also many lesser laws for the Israelites’well-being).
Matt.   19v19 og      And the JC replied:
Matt.   19v19 og      “The (one = person) not shall murder, not commit adultery, not steal, not bear false witness,

Matt.   19v19 og       Honour the father of you also the mother, also you shall love the neighbour of you as yourself.”
Matt.   19v20 og       Exclaims/states (to the) him (JC) the young man: “Every/all these (things) (I) have kept/obeyed/observed
Matt.   19v20 og       from youth of me; What yet/more (do) I lack/{fail in}/{be deficient in}?
Matt.   19v21 og       Said (to the) him (= young man) the JC:
Matt.   19v21 og       “If you desire/delight/love perfect/complete/full to be, (now) go/depart sell of you the property also
Matt.   19v21 og       give (to the) poor /beggars, also (have) you (the) treasure in (to the) heaven(s).”
Matt.   19v21           Again I have two different original Greek texts stating a singular and plural “heaven” in this position (as seen in Matt.10v33)
– thus within the context I would understand this to be plural heaven – because Yahweh rules The Universe and safely retains this Heavenly Treasure
in the heavens (see “Heavenly Treasure” in Glossary) away from the pollution of this worldly system.
Matt. 19v21             “also (have) you (the) treasure in (to the) heavens.” What does this mean?
Thus JC is telling this man sell everything to make the statement that he is not self-indulging from things that this World can deliver to titivate the
fleshly senses. Thus he is not to be distracted by embracing the self-indulgence which this present world is able to deliver and thus demonstrably puts
all his time imitating Jesus’ministry at the forefront in his mind – to thus become a sojourner in this present world – in The Expectation of The
Inheritance of The World under Jesus’righteous rule.
Now the text makes complete sense and is textually/logically accurate.
We will then read that the man withdrew and did not listen to the next part where JC now expands to say to his disciples: Forsake everything on the
earth, then the kingdom of the heavens now become possible – which is what 11 of the 12 disciples have done.
Please read Glossary to explain many of these terms used within the explanation.
Matt. 19v22 og And (the) hearing the young man the word departed/{fell back} being grieved, for he was having
Matt.   19v22 og       estate/passions/wealth much/many.
Matt.   19v23 og       And the JC said to the disciples (of the) him:
Matt.   19v23 og       “Truly I exclaim/state to you because {with difficulty}/{hardly able to} (the) rich man
Matt.   19v23 og       enter/{pass through} into the kingdom of the heavens (thus meaning to become a Son of God).
Matt.   19v24 og       And again I say to you: Easier it is (the) camel through (of the) eye (of the) needle to pass, than (the) rich
Matt.   19v24 og       man into the kingdom of the God to enter.”
Matt.   19v24           Two standard understandings here to what the “Eye of the needle means”
      1. The “camel” could be translated to mean “rope”, thus exaggerating for emphasis going through the eye of a fishing-net needle.
      2.    The “eye of the needle” was a very small, low gate in the wall of Jerusalem used as a ‘ back-door’to bring goods into the city.
It does not mean: A rich person cannot become a Son of God, but that the thoughts/motivation of the person who is rich by attaining the things of the
world are unlikely to be the thoughts/motivation of a person being driven to become non-worldly to attain the things of Yahweh. Being a rich person
and a Son of God are not automatically mutually exclusive but are very unlikely to be the same qualities within the same person – however Yahweh is
The Judge in this matter – no human can be that judge!
The crux of the matter is that wealth only brings “opportunity” – it does not bring happiness nor grief. It is purely how the wealth is used by the
individual with it – sadly most wealthy people form a synapse construction that desires to self-indulge the opportunities that The World itself presents
and thus have no time to actually imitate JC’ ministry – it is as simple as that!
The reader must understand it is the thoughts/motivation being the drive of a human’ lifestyle that are being Judged for Sonship by Yahweh.
Matt. 19v25 og And having heard the disciples (of the) him (JC) were astonished/amazed exceedingly exclaiming:
Matt.   19v25 og “Who then is able to be saved/delivered/preserved/healed/{made whole}?
Matt.   19v26 og And observing/{closely looking}/{clearly discerning} the JC said to them: “With man(kind) this is
Matt.   19v26 og impossible, and with (to the) God (Yahweh) every/all (things) possible are.”
Matt.   19v26                                                                                          s Underserved Gift’made it possible
                 Humans are destined for everlasting death because of their sinful thoughts. However JC’ ‘
for Yahweh to righteously act by using His HS to give all humans an opportunity to learn righteousness so that they will then have access to salvation
if they maintain a righteous lifestyle for eternity to the mutual well-being of the whole human community (and obviously all life on the planet).
For as we are told “Yahweh” means: “I (make) become what/who I choose to become” - because Yahweh is boundless – for He is infinite/omnificent.
Matt. 19v27 og Then answering the Peter said (to the) him (JC): “Behold/Look we left/forsook/{laid aside}/suffered
Matt. 19v27 og every/all (things) also followed/{in union with}/accompanied you (JC). What therefore shall be for us?
Matt. 19v27             Peter says it all for The Apostles and TCs of The Gospel Age. They have nothing from The World because they have forsaken
everything, having no worldly self-indulgences of self-glory, financial, material, pensions, the best positions, fine clothing, worldly adoration, trinkets
and adornments – being all the things we see operating within all the worldly Christian edifices. I ask the reader: What do they witness? Is it where
these leaders feed off the congregations of past and present – rather than accurately feeding the congregations with The Absolute Truth of Yahweh’       s
Word by their word and actions?
Matt. 19v28 og And the JC said to them: “Truly I say to you because you, (being) the (ones = as the first TCs)
Matt. 19v28 og followed/{in union with}/accompanied me (JCg in their lifestyles, that), in to the regeneration (= 1st 2nd C
Matt. 19v28 og where JCg collects his Bride), when sits/dwells/remains the son of the man(kind) upon (of the)
Matt. 19v28 og throne/{position of power} of the glory (of the) him (JCg), (you) will sit/dwell/remain also you upon
Matt. 19v28 og 12 thrones/{positions of power}, judging the 12 tribes of the Israel.
Matt. 19v28    What does this mean?
People get muddle-up here in their thinking, especially with the false worldly Christian understanding that is presently propagated.
This is what it is not:
           The 12 apostles are resurrected 1st to be with JC to then judge humans immediately upon their resurrection based upon works of their 1st
           life to everlasting life or eternal damnation of fiery hell!
Why is it not this?
      1. First while JC was speaking, Judas was one of the 12 and he certainly will not be judging! Thus it must be taken as being metaphoric.
      2. It is not righteous! How can a correct decision be made on those who have not known JC to be saved?
      3. Is fiery hell for an eternity for a less than 70 year existence, a righteous decision by what we know of Yahweh? Clearly not!
These are just 3 to be getting on with (I can add few more) – any one of the above would be valid enough to give!
           What it does represent is a period of future time, as I maintain is The Millennium of 1000 years – but how?
Let me now explain.
We must go back to the old Israelites prior to JC’ ministry because this is the pointer that we are told to use for our edification.
The 12 tribes of Israel were to be Yahweh’ ‘ s Gold Standard’to teach the world righteousness. They collectively failed but had within them righteous
individuals being The Prophets and some leaders (for example King David).

Likewise The Christian Nation were to be Yahweh’ ‘       s Gold Standard’to teach the world righteousness, Likewise they collectively failed but had within
them righteous individuals being the TCs.
             Where is this explanation taking us?
With JC’ parables teaching us that not only will TCs be at the wedding, but also these righteous humans prior to JC’ ministry. Then the 24 elders of
           s                                                                                                                 s
Revelations represent the 2 groups of righteous humans before and after JC’ Ministry. I give a full explanation in the book of Revelations.
Thus the 12 thrones of power metaphorically mean the TCs of The Gospel Age.
             But how can they be judging the 12 tribes of Israel?
We need to turn our attention back to what is meant by ‘      Israel’(see “What does Israel Mean?” within the Explanations section)
             Old fleshly Israel was Yahweh’ people (through JCg as our intercessor), with the rest of the world being under Satan = heathen people.
Then JC came to give his ministry and undeserved gift for all of us.
Now everything stepped up by one level (because JC has made The New Covenant of Sonship to Yahweh now possible).
The TCs now become ‘ New Spiritual Israel’of which The Old Testament prophesied, being those very specific individuals who are 100% loved
by Yahweh and become His personal Sons (= the Bride of JCg of similar stature).
Now we look to the future outcome in The Culmination in our explanation which is obviously the final outcome that JC is speaking of here.
             The ‘ final fleshly Israel’represents all the resurrected world comprising of both those who will “contend” and those who will “worship”
             Yahweh (where “Israel” means “Persevere with Subjector”).
             Ultimately those who worship shall be the successful humans being fleshly Israel over the whole world who now become the children of
             JCg’ personal family (as offspring out of The Millennium).
             Righteous fleshly Israel then becomes JCg’ people (the children of “The Special Marriage”).
             Iniquitous fleshly Israel shall destroyed at The 2nd Death of the 3.5 year testing period at the end of The Millennium – because they still
             hanker after the former system of the 6000 years under Satan’ jurisdiction.
                           Now how does this explain what JC is speaking of?
It now comes back to the purpose of The Millennium period.
The Millennium provides the mechanism of the righteous sifting of humans when they are taught righteousness. They have experienced ‘           evil’in the 1st
                        st                               nd
part of their life (= 1 life) and ‘                                                                       s
                                     goodness’in the 2 part of their life extended, made possible by JC’ Undeserved Gift = selfless sacrifice of his
murder, thus enabling Yahweh to righteously (before any accusations from Satan of unrighteousness) use His HS to resurrect all of us.
The TCs shall be resurrected first as The First-fruits (Rev.14v4) to become Kings and Priests as Sons of Yahweh to teach righteousness and also at
the end of The Millennium will judge all the fleshly humans based upon how they have conducted their whole ‘          single’life made up of two parts with
the ‘Asleep’period in the middle.
                             the                                                                                                 are
We are told this, in that ‘ Kings and Priests will judge the nations’being formally the nations of The World who then ‘ given to know’The
Absolute Truth and thus become a fleshly Israel as explained earlier above having the opportunity to believe in Jesus – their Messiah!
             Can the reader see how all this spins around to fulfil all things?
             This IS the Righteous scenario that awaits us, being righteous for ALL humans that have ever lived.
Matt. 19v29 og Also every/all (persons = the following TCs of The Gospel Age) who left/forsook/{laid aside}/suffered houses
Matt. 19v29 og (= all of the family), or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for the
Matt. 19v29 og reason of the name of (= those who imitate JC in their lifestyle) me (a) 100 fold shall
Matt. 19v29 og {catch hold}/receive/grasp/{take away with}, also life everlasting shall inherit (= guaranteed life upon
Matt. 19v29                resurrection into a spiritual body = become a Son of God for the reason as explained in the previous verse) – see Matt.19v27.
Matt. 19v29                Basically by becoming a Son of God (a faithful Steward during the 1st part of their life then they will be given more
responsibility in the 2nd part of their life – to paraphrase The Bible) in “The Awakening” to “administer 5 cities or 10 cities”. By having this
increased responsibility then by default they receive/grasp “100 fold” during The Millennium when these former TCs become responsible for
teaching the resurrected world, based upon their past experience of accurately imitating JC’ ministry.
Matt. 19v30 og And many (persons) {shall be}/{come to pass} (living their lifestyles, during The Gospel Age of some 2000 years)
Matt. 19v30 og (the humans being) first/closest/best/beginning (= during the 1st part of their life of power/position/wealth/intellect being
Matt. 19v30 og the) last/furthest/least/{end of} (in The Millennium period, they must learn righteousness and accurately practice it),
Matt. 19v30 og also (the) last/furthest/least/{end of}(= during the 1st part of their life of power/position/wealth/intellect being the)
Matt. 19v30 og (the) first/closest/best/beginning (in The Millennium period, where they now easily attain and display righteousness).
Matt. 19v30                = Let me explain this in two paragraphs.
Many people who are living during The Gospel Age (being the 1st part of their life prior to their “Asleep”/death) shall take the best
things/places/positions of/that the present world can give and those humans who do this shall be the placed (by JCg) to take the
least/things/places/positions of/that The Millennium period will give them (thus they are being taught to practice righteousness).
Also (many people who are living during The Gospel Age, being the 1st part of their life prior to their “Asleep”/death) those who have the least
things/places/positions of/that the present world can give, and those humans who do this shall be placed (by JCg) to be given the best
things/places/positions of/that The Millennium period will give them (because they have demonstrated more righteousness during their 1st part of
their life than those of the 1st paragraph).
Thus we can understand the mix of general worldly humans who come through from the 1st part of their life into the 2nd part of their life to then
experience differing aspects to get a complete picture for full reflection of the complete reality of what human existence involves over the whole single
but in actuality 2 part life, ready for the final 3.5 year assay by the released Satan at the end of The Millennium where the question is asked:
             Do you wish to return back to injustice, selfishness and sin?
 Like the Parable of the Darnel Seed, if you remain pure, then like the grain you live forever in a righteous paradise, but show yourself as the darnel
plant when becoming fully developed (after experiencing all aspects of life) then face utter annihilation.
Matt. 19v28 -30 (v28 speaks of the Apostles bringing forth the TCs spoken of in v29. And then v30 speaks of everyone else on the planet!)
Thus can the reader see how all humans are covered in this piece given as prophecy for the future, for all those from the past and present?
Matt. 20v1 og For like is the kingdom of the heavens (to the) man, a housemaster/{head of the family} (= Yahweh) who
Matt.   20v1 og        {went out}/{proceeded forth}/{spread abroad} when early/{at dawn} to hire/{for wages} workmen
Matt.   20v1 og        (= the TCs) into the vineyard (= the world) (of the) him (= Yahweh).
Matt.   20v1             The                                                                                         s
                       (‘ day’in this parable represents the whole active working period of time during any human’ lifetime to perform functions)
Matt.   20v2 og        And agreed/{in accord} with the workmen (= the TCs) from (= for) (a) denarius (for) the day.
Matt.   20v2 og        (He = Yahweh) Sent/dispatched/commissioned them (= the TCs) into the vineyard (of the) him.
Matt.   20v2           (These are humans who started early in their active working life to become TCs perhaps aged 20 to 30 years old.)
Matt.   20v3 og        Also went out about the 3rd hour (of Jewish day = 09:00 hr European time) (He = Yahweh)
Matt.   20v3 og        perceived/{able to know}/understood others (= more TCs who are now perhaps aged 30 to 40 years old.)

Matt.   20v3 og        presenting/supporting/establishing in to the market-place idle/inactive (= the Christian Nation as a whole).
Matt.   20v4 og        Also to them (he = Yahweh) said: “Go also you (TCs) into the vineyard (= active area in The World for TC’ to     s
Matt.   20v4 og        produce fruitage of new Christians), also what ever may/should be just/righteous (I = Yahweh) will give to you.
Matt.   20v5 og        And the (ones = TCs perhaps aged 30 to 40) departed/{followed behind} (Him = Yahweh).
Matt.   20v5 og        Again (He = Yahweh) went out about the 6th hour also 9th hour (of Jewish day = 12:00 hr 15:00 hr European time)
Matt.   20v5 og        (equivalent to perhaps aged 40 to 60) (the One = Yahweh) did/worked (the) same (= in like manner to as before).
Matt.   20v6 og        And about the 11th hour (about 17:00 hrs) (equivalent to perhaps aged 60+) went out (the One = Yahweh)
Matt.   20v6 og        presenting/supporting/establish (as) idle/inactive, also says (to) them:
Matt.   20v6 og        “Why here you present/stand/establish throughout the day idle/inactive?
Matt.   20v7 og        (The ones = to be TCs at the end of their life) Exclaim (to the) him (= The Master = Yahweh) not one (of) us
Matt.   20v7 og        (have been) hired. (He = Yahweh) Says to them:
Matt.   20v7 og        “Go also you (TCs) into the vineyard.” [also what ever may be just you receive = CA, thus ignore]
Matt.   20v8 og        And evening came (= The end of the 1st part of their life =”Asleep”) exclaims/states the Lord (= Yahweh) of the
Matt.   20v8 og        vineyard to the manager (= JCg) (of the) Him (= Yahweh): “Call (= 1st 2nd C) the workmen (= the TCs =
Matt.   20v8 og        The Bride is collected by JCg), also pay them the wage (= to become a Son of God in a spiritual body) having
Matt.   20v8 og        begun/started from of the last/furthest/{end of} until/{up to} of the first/closest/beginning.
Matt.   20v9 og        Also having come/entered the (ones = TCs) about the 11th hour {took hold}/grasped/received
Matt.   20v9 og        apiece/each (repetitively to all) (the) denarius.
Matt.   20v10 og       And having come/entered the (ones = TCs) first/closest/beginning (of the day working)
Matt.   20v10 og       supposed/deemed/assumed because more {take hold}/grasp/receive, (but) also (they)
Matt.   20v10 og       {took hold}/grasped/received also (as the other workers) apiece/each (repetitively to all) (the) denarius.
Matt.   20v11 og       And having {taken hold}/grasped/received, (they) grumbled/murmured under of the housemaster.
Matt.   20v12 og       Exclaiming: “Because these the (ones) last one hour worked/performed/made also equal/like to us them
Matt.   20v12 og       worked/performed/made the (ones = longest working ones in their lives) enduring/sustaining/bearing the
Matt.   20v12 og       burden of the day also the heat (= the persecution from Satan within the world – over perhaps a longer period of life).
Matt.   20v13 og       And (He = Yahweh) answering said to one of them: “Clansman/{family members} not I
Matt.   20v13 og       wronged/hurt/{being unjust to} you. Not (of the) denarius (you) agreed/contracted with Me?”
Matt.   20v14 og       Take up (and move along) the (thing = wage) (the) yours also depart/withdraw.
Matt.   20v14 og       And I delight/{have pleasure}/desire (to) this to the last/furthest/{end of} to give as also you.
Matt.   20v15 og       Or not it is lawful (= being correct/justified in public display) for me to do/make/work/yield what I
Matt.   20v15 og       delight/{have pleasure}/desire in the (things) (of) mine?
Matt.   20v15 og       If the eye (of the) you evil/malicious/hurtful is, because I good/ideal am?
Matt.   20v15             (Yahweh is just making the point if I am the pinnacle of perfection (= good/ideal) then any other standard is relatively evil!)
Matt.   20v16 og          So {shall be}/{come to pass} (the) last/furthest/worse/{end of} (the) first/closest/best/beginning also
Matt.   20v16 og          the first/closest/best/beginning (the) last/furthest/worse/{end of}, for many are called and few are (the)
Matt.   20v16 og          elect (this last piece is precisely as we are told in Paul’ race example of the TC’ life).
                                                                                    s                         s
Matt.   20v16                                                                                              st
                          Just as we read in 19v30 this same phrase was used for general humans in the 1 and 2nd part of their lives (summed to make
the one whole life upon which judgement is made, now this same phrase is being used here to apply to TCs in spiritual bodies. We know there will be
different levels of responsibilities given according to abilities (as demonstrated in JC’ parable of the talents, also told of mansion [= temple] with
many places/levels of abode). But again we can reason that in the 1 part of our life those TCs who did appear to be worthy (perhaps not faced much
persecution) may not take such a high position within Yahweh’ family as those who Paul says “we are the scum of the earth” and as such I believe
Paul will be given one of the foremost positions in Yahweh’ family.
Both these accounts show just how fickle and superfluous human recognition and understanding is of any information being presented to them as the
frontal façade but are unable to penetrate beneath the surface! But there are many ‘      children’of The Fidelity who are searching but are being led
astray by worldly Christian Leaders for whom it would be better to tie a millstone around their neck and jump into the sea rather than mislead these
children desperately seeking those crumbs of bread from the rich man’ table to paraphrase The Bible twice.
            It is for this reason I am spending all my time writing this website www.FutureLife.Org to help those who are genuinely searching.
Matt. 20v17 og Also going up the JC into Jerusalem, (JC) took along the 12 disciples under privacy in to the way,
Matt. 20v17 og also (the JC) said to them:
Matt. 20v18 og “Behold/Look (we are) going up to Jerusalem, also the son of the man(kind) will be
Matt. 20v18 og delivered/betrayed/recommended/cast up (to) the priests also scribes (= the religious and secular leaders)
Matt.   20v18 og       also they will sentence/condemn/damn him to death.
Matt.   20v19 og       Also they will deliver up him to the nations (= the heathen - represented by Rome) into the mocking/jeering
Matt.   20v19 og       also (the) scourging/fogging also the {public death on a pole} (= regular Roman public execution was crucify).
Matt.   20v19 og       Also to the third day he will {stand/rise/lift up}/{rise again} (being to “awakened/roused”).
Matt.   20v19         Predicting with certainty his immanent murder as he now manoeuvres the situation so that the religious leaders may fulfil their
desire in removing JC from their presence permanently, so that all the scriptural prophecies might be fulfilled at the correct timing. Having the
                                                                                   s          s
appropriate people placed as they are in time to act in the way as prophesied 100’ and 1000’ of years earlier.
Matt. 20v20 og Then drawing near (to the) him (JC) the mother of the sons (of the) Zebedee with of the sons (of) her
Matt. 20v20 og worshiping/adoring/{prostrating in homage} also asking any/some (thing) from (of the) him (JC).
Matt. 20v21 og And the (one = JC) said to her: “What (the) desire/delight (you)?”
Matt. 20v21 og (She) Exclaimed (to the) him (JC): “Say that may sit these the two sons (of the) me, one from (the) right
Matt. 20v21 og (of the) you, also one from the left; in to the kingdom (of the) you (= during The Millennium period).
Matt. 20v22 og And answering the JC said: “Not (you) know what (you) ask. Are (you) able to drink the cup (in Greek it
Matt. 20v22 og always means the contents of) which I am about to drink, also the baptism which I (am to be) baptised (with),
Matt. 20v22 og (you too be) baptised? (The ones = disciples) Exclaimed/stated (to the) him: “We are able.”

Matt. 20v22              Note this is closing the link (‘               )
                                                         handshaking’ to the most important point that I make in Matt.3v15.
JC is making the specific point that his death and subsequent resurrection is all part of the initial water baptism that a Christian participates within
as an acknowledgement to the covenant that the Christian has made directly with Yahweh (made possible through JC’ Underserved Gift). If the
Christian becomes a TC then they will follow through with the baptism by then correctly fully completing the passage of being “Born Again” into a
spiritual body just as JC was able to do – to become as the scriptures tell us “fully begotten” from a fleshly body a spiritual body.
This fully explains the part (1 = 1st part of our life) and part (2 = 2nd part of our life) with “Asleep” (= The 1st Death) being in the middle leading to
being “Born Again” as a Son of God– it is not what present-day ‘        Born Again’protagonists believe it to be – all solely in the 1st part of our life – this
is the wrong scriptural interpretation, because it leads to fundamental inconsistencies of righteous logic.
However the ‘   Born Again’for all humans occurs if and only if (iff) they fully take-on-board the righteous teaching compulsory offered in The
Millennium after their resurrection (because they are still in their fleshly body effectively continuing from the 1st part of their life into the 2nd part of
their life).
             Can the reader see the righteous logic behind this?
Now the following verse where JC affirms “yes” they are able to follow through as TCs to become his future Bride.
Matt. 20v23 og Also (the JC) exclaimed/stated to them: “Truly the cup (of the) me (you) will drink, also the baptism
Matt. 20v23 og which I (am) baptised (you will be) baptised. And the sitting from (the) right (of the) me also from (the) left
Matt. 20v23 og (of the) me not is mine to give, but (the) whom (it was) prepared by of the Father (of the) me.
Matt. 20v23              This is the key verse that tells us two very important things.
Both of which are contrary to worldly Christian doctrine and practice.
       1. It is not JCg who is able decide who from the 1st part of their lives are to become Yahweh’ Sons (= JC’ Bride).
                                                                                                             s              s
             This is the domain/province of Yahweh only. So JCg is not allowed to decide who are the saints and thus certainly not humans!
             So the making of human saints is an anathema to Yahweh – especially if particular humans presume themselves to be “God”
       2. From (1) it can be deduced that Yahweh and JCg are two totally separate reasoning Entities.
             Thus demonstrating the Trinity is nothing more than a worldly myth to create ‘ mystery of confusion’(sadly to the glory of Satan)!
The reader should bare both these points in mind when they hear what is preached by those purporting to represent Yahweh’ Word!       s
Matt. 20v24 og Also having heard the 10 (disciples) (were) indignant concerning of the 2 brothers.
Matt. 20v24              It is understood that Salome (wife of Zebedee) was the mother of James and John who asked for this special place for her two
children. Why did she ask?
Because she was the fleshy sister to Mary the mother of JC. Thus it was JC’ aunt asking a special favour of JC for his cousins (James and John).
Thus a case of ‘                ,
                  nephewism’ favouring those in the family to the exclusion of those outside. This is what makes this piece so very interestingly
‘         ,
 human’ and why the other 10 disciples became indignant when they got to hear about this!
A possible real cause for contention within the disciples. But JC then handles it precisely and so correctly as we now read.
Matt. 20v25 og And the JC having called near them said (you) know/understand because the rulers/princes of the
Matt. 20v25 og nations exercise lordship over their (= You know rulers exercise lordship over their nations),
Matt. 20v25 og also the (ones) {exceedingly great/powerful} {exercise authority}/{have full privilege} over their
Matt. 20v25              (= also the exceeding powerful have full privilege over their ones [= ‘     servants’of whatever relative hierarchy]).
Matt. 20v26 og And not so it to be in (= among) you (thus TCs must not be like those of the world – require a different ‘                      mind set’ ).
Matt. 20v26 og but who ever delight/{have pleasure}/desire in (= among) (the) you great to become will be (the) you
Matt. 20v26 og (the) servant. (= In this 1st life any pretension to greatness means a debasement in the 2nd part of our life in The Millennium).
Matt. 20v27 og Also who ever delight/{have pleasure}/desire in (= amongst) (the) you to be first/closest/best/beginning,
Matt. 20v27 og (he) will be of you (the) slave. (= An extension of v26).
Matt. 20v27              Thus the Bible is telling us it is purely the heart condition and where its passion/zeal is driving us. Those humans who perform
any climbing in society to become first/best/{closest to worldly things}/{beginning in worldly things} are pandering to (pampering) their self-
indulgencies with the things that the world can provide for them. This world is under the custodianship of Satan and thus worldly things are things
                          s                                                                        s
that will bolster Satan’ position in the world (by removing humans from fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire). Thus those who chase after things of the world
= power/position/prestige/materialism/immorality = the habits that defile the spiritual aspect of humans and then there are all the habits that defile
the fleshly body. All these things are an anathema to Yahweh because they despoil the soul = the ‘        spiritual’and fleshly body working together as a
‘wholesome’conscious entity = correct definition of “soul”.
Where ‘  spiritual’(see Glossary) means the ‘                                                                                                  s
                                                 active thought processes’that we must consciously drive to become the same as Yahweh’ Desire of us
(to then become the positive “Heavenly Treasure” (see Glossary) that must be actively increased for our salvation).
             Again I must dispel the myth that a soul is some ethereal thing that ‘   consciously’wonders about in space outside a fleshly body.
                         This interpretation is absolute and utter rubbish! The Bible makes it very clear what a soul is in so many places.
             I show in my translation how I deliberately place both life/soul from the same Greek word. Thus demonstrating where translators twist
             exactly the same word for ‘ to be soul’and ‘        soul for life’dependant on how their fancy takes them. There is absolutely no logic in the
             standard bible translation but dependant solely on how the translators’whim/tradition takes them to propagate a mystery again to the
             glory of Satan – because we humans then become lost in mysteries!
The world is full of humans who pretend, through living ‘ life of pretence’before other humans. This is one reason why many humans proudly, but
falsely claim JCg is presently running the earth because it gives them free license to claim to be ‘ representative and at the same time indulge in
the world (because I am part of ‘ s empire’except to which god?).
However all these representatives clearly ignore these verses and many like them in The Bible through ‘         selective reading’!
The human (as these verses tell us) being the one who is closest to Yahweh is the one doing ‘ work on the ground’= “minister” = The Greek word
                                                                                            lay                   one
to mean “scurrying around in the dust serving others” – I would term these ones as ‘ preachers’on a ‘ to one’basis with their listener.
Carefully analyse what those leaders really do at the head of those worldly edifices – do they really imitate Jesus’lifestyle?
I ask the reader to closely look around them - get behind and under the façade as these verses tell us – get to know and understand The Truth.
Do not get palmed off with excuses or acquiesce in a less than acceptable offering/presentation of a ‘       scriptural’sermon that promotes apathy!
             All through the scriptures we are told: “A TC is one who actively works for Yahweh for which he will be paid at a later date.”
This is contrary to most religious sermons now given in the world of Christianity which naturally pleases Satan being the god of this present system!
Matt. 20v28 og Even as the Son of the Man(kind) not come/entered (the world within a fleshly body) to be
Matt. 20v28 og served/{waited upon} but to serve/{wait upon} (others = all humans) also to give the life/soul (of the) him
Matt. 20v28 og (the) ransom/redemption/atonement instead/substitution/correspondence (of taking the life/soul) of many.
Matt. 20v28              Thus JC succinctly tells us: He becomes the substitute life for all humans. But this does not mean guaranteed salvation.
All JC has done is RESET the clock of Adam and Eve’ transgression following through with our now known practiced transgressions. This RESET
condition is applied upon our resurrection into phase 2 of our life into The Millennium to then learn righteousness. Those who wish to RESET the
clock earlier in the 1st part of their life may do so by becoming baptised into The Christian Nation and thus be ‘      running for the prize’being Sonship to
Yahweh, but it does carry a very heavy price for deliberate failure (= Iniquity). Because the clock has been chosen by the individual to be RESET

early then these particular humans are now living effectively in the 2nd part of their life = The Millennium (come early) – their next death becomes
The 2nd Death for which JC has made no provisions for us before Yahweh’ Edict.
The 2 Death becomes one of annihilation to those who know and deliberately sin by going against Yahweh’ Word (= iniquity) particularly to
pamper worldly self-interest – this is iniquity by specifically misleading and distorting God’ Word to others (being ‘  children’in The Fidelity). This
is directed to false prophets/{religious leaders} of ‘ Christian Nation’that we are constantly warned of within the epistles (the seriousness of
which is demonstrated in Matt.18v6). Thus to be applied to all Christians (with practiced accountable knowledge) in the 1st part in their life, or all
humans when resurrected and are taught righteousness in The Millennium, must then practice it within their lifestyles. There are no excuses because
the individual has all the information upon which to make a reasoned judgement on how they wish to direct their lifestyle.
            As the reader can clearly see where the righteous logic is taking us.
Practice righteousness now in your 1st part of your life as best as you possibly can = TC, the reward is guaranteed everlasting life as a Son of God.
OR: Wait until the 2nd part of your life and then practice it continuously within a corruptible/fleshly body to then attain everlasting life within a most
righteous society.
Matt. 20v29 og Also {departed/proceeded out} they from Jericho followed/accompanied (to the) him (JC) a crowd
Matt. 20v29 og (being) great (in size).
Matt. 20v30 og Also Behold/Look! Two blind (ones) sitting beside/alongside the roadway, hearing because JC (the)
Matt.   20v30 og       {passing by}/{in proximity} screamed/shrieked exclaiming:
Matt.   20v30 og       “(The) Pity/compassion (upon) us Lord (the) Son of David (being king David).
Matt.   20v30                                          s
                       (Thus all the Jews recognised JC’ lineage all the way back to King David of some 1000 years earlier. It was never contested.)
Matt.   20v31 og       And the crowd rebuked/charged/censured them that they be silent/quiet.
Matt.   20v31 og       And the (ones = blind men) the more screamed/shrieked exclaiming:
Matt.   20v31 og       “(The) Pity/compassion (upon) us Lord (the) Son of David.”
Matt.   20v32 og       Also standing/presenting/abiding (before them) the JC called/addressed them also said:
Matt.   20v32 og       “What desire/{have pleasure in}/delight I may work/do/yield (to the) you?”
Matt.   20v33 og       (The ones) Exclaimed/stated (to the) him: “Lord that be opened (of) us the eyes.”
Matt.   20v34 og       And {being deeply moved with pity/sympathy}/{inward compassion} the JC (closely) touched of the
Matt.   20v34 og       eyes of them also immediately {recovered sight} of them the eyes, also they followed/accompanied
Matt.   20v34 og       (to the) him (JC).
Matt.   21v1 og        Also when they approached into Jerusalem also came/entered into Bethphage towards the Mount of
Matt.   21v1 og        Olives, then the JC dispatched/commissioned/{sent forth} 2 disciples.
Matt.   21v2 og        Exclaiming/stating to them:
Matt.   21v2 og        “You journey/travel into the village the (one) opposite/before/against (= in the presence of) (the) you,
Matt.   21v2 og        also soon/shortly/forthwith (you will) find/obtain/receive (the) ass/donkey tethered/tied, also
Matt.   21v2 og        (the) colt/foal/{young ass/donkey}.
Matt.   21v3 og        Also if any (person) (to the) you says any (thing) you will say: Because the Lord of them need has and
Matt.   21v3 og        (the) immediately (the one) will dispatch/send/commission them (the ass and colt for JC’ need).
Matt.   21v4 og        And this all occurred/happened that may be fulfilled the (word) spoken through of the prophet
Matt.   21v4 og        exclaiming/stating (Isa.62v11, Zech.9v9):-
Matt.   21v5 og        Prophecy: Tell to the daughter of Zion. Behold/Look! The king (of the) you meek/humble/mild also
Matt.   21v5 og        mounted upon (the) ass/donkey also (the) colt (the) son of an ass/donkey.
Matt.   21v5                                                         s
                       (The donkey carried JC and the colt carried JC’ and the disciples’belongings.)
Matt.   21v6 og        And journeyed/travelled the disciples also having done/worked/yielded as ordered them the JC.
Matt.   21v7 og        (They) Led the ass also the colt also laid/{placed on}/imposed over them (the ass/donkey and colt) the
Matt.   21v7 og        garments/cloaks/robes of them (= disciples’clothes) also (JC) {sat on} over them (ass/donkey and clothes).
Matt.   21v7          Thus perhaps the best robe on the back of the 1st animal for JC to sit on and the rest of the garments and personal belongings
went on the back of the 2nd animal. It would be impossible to put 12 sets of clothes and garments on one animal because there would not be enough
room for JC – hence the use of two animals!
Matt.   21v8 og        And the tremendous crowd strewed/spread of themselves the garments in to the highway/road.
Matt.   21v8 og        And others were cutting branches from of the trees also strewed/spread in to the highway/road.
Matt.   21v9 og        Also the crowds the (ones) going before/preceding also the ones following/behind were
Matt.   21v9 og        screaming/shrieking exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   21v9 og        “Hosanna to the Son of David. (The) blessed/thanked/praised the (one = JC)
Matt.   21v9 og        coming/entering/accompanying in (the) name (of the) Lord. Hosanna in the highest.
Matt.   21v9                                Oh                                      exclamation of adoration’
                       (Where hosanna means ‘ save/saviour’from “hoshiana” being an ‘                       ).
Matt.   21v10 og       Also having entered (of the) him into Jerusalem, was shaken/agitated/trembled every/all (persons in)                        the
Matt.   21v10 og       city exclaiming/stating: “Who/what is this?
Matt.   21v11 og       And the crowds (they) exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   21v11 og       “This is JC the prophet, the (one) from Nazareth of the Galilee.”
Matt.   21v12 og       Also {went in}/{to enter} the JC into the temple of the God, also ejected/{threw out}/expelled
Matt.   21v12 og       every/all (persons) the (ones) selling also buying in to the temple.
Matt.   21v12 og       Also the money-tables of the money changers (meaning loan merchants/‘      sharks’ (JC) overthrew also
Matt.   21v12 og       the seats of the (ones) selling the doves.
Matt.   21v13 og       Also (JC) exclaimed/stated to them (it has been) written (Isa.56v7, Jer.7v11):
Matt.   21v13 og       The house (of the) me (the) house (of the) prayer shall be called/named, and you it/{the same} (the temple)
Matt.   21v13 og       have made/worked/yielded (the) den/cavern (to the) plunderers/robbers.
Matt.   21v12-13     I understand that this is perhaps the 3rd year in a row JC had expressed his displeasure in this practice. I can imagine the
extreme annoyance this was to the market traders. As soon as they saw JC’ face enter the temple especially after hearing of his triumphant entry into
Jerusalem - they knew what was coming!

I can also picture within my mind, the scurrying around by the market traders in trying to protect their wares!
I need to dispel a prevalent misunderstanding promoted by some very worldly ‘      Christian’denominations.
It is stated by them that JC sinned by becoming angry, displaying lack of self control and thus showed unrighteousness.
We need to investigate this very worldly understanding put out by Satan to confuse.
             First question: Is Anger a sin?
Rather than listen to what humans think or preach, the best thing is always go back to see what The Bible tells us.
Yahweh is the Supreme Almighty God and as we are told by JC in 19v17 that only Yahweh is good/ideal and further in 20v15 everything else is less
than the good/ideal Yahweh Who demonstrates the pinnacle of righteous standard for all in The Universe to try to emulate.
We are also told Yahweh is unchanging, and further that He can be a wrathful God.
We also know that “wrath” is “a display of anger”. The dictionary definition of “wrathful” is “Violent anger”, “Very angry”, “Holy indignation”.
             Thus from The Bible we know that Yahweh being angry/wrathful can be righteously justified and is not in itself sinful.
             Second Question: How can Anger become sinful?
Anger is human indignation occurring from an inner feeling based upon certain precepts/principals/rulings.
Thus to answer this question we have to understand what the precepts are that make up our lifestyle.
    1. If the precepts are based upon Bible Principals as taught by JC = the TCs being plucked out of The Christian Nation then the TC has an
          internal righteous/just anger. And because the TC displays fruits of the HS then the internal righteous anger is displayed in righteous works
          that are always in a controlled manner to demonstrate Yahweh’ teachings for us all in a forceful manner to ‘    stick-in-our-mind’.
    2. If the precepts are based upon Worldly Principals then the human often has an internal unrighteous/unjust anger. Now the human displays
          the fruits of the world (Satan being the god of this world) often in an uncontrolled manner. This is demonstrated from a robber stealing from
          another – excused in a worldly sense because this is ‘  righteous’spread of wealth, to the extreme of a bomber (of whatever type)
          indiscriminately killing humans (‘                     )
                                             collateral damage’ because this is ‘  righteously’defending my ‘  brothers’elsewhere.
Now apply what we have learnt to JC’ actions in the temple.
The reader is able to see from both:-
    1. The reasons why he did it.
    2. The level of the action that he displayed.
             JC thus displayed righteous controlled anger.
Unrighteous anger would have been demonstrated by JC physically hurting humans – totally alien to JC’ principals. All he did was to hurt their
arrogance and self pride to make them realise that their intentions/motivation of their actions were sinful (= against what Yahweh Desired).
They would not forget it the next time they ‘ up stalls’– which is precisely what they would do the next year (and give a ‘     kick-back’to the priests
for their stall position) all demonstrating the now iniquitous worldly behaviour before Yahweh (as we witness outside the edifices of some Christian
The reader must realise JC was working at the thought processes of the human mind and not the physical body. The physical body in The Grand
Scheme of Things is nothing because it rots away to nothing. It is the Heavenly Treasure being the ‘    stored synapse construction’(having no
consciousness) reloaded into a new perfected DNA body to then form the now conscious reasoning soul/life form (which becomes exactly like you
again – it would be just like ‘ sleeping through the night’– just as JC tells us).
The reader is now able to see why Satan has distorted this concept to yield Buddhism as a distraction away from The Truth of reality.
Satan twists The Truth to develop all the worldly religions we see around us today. This is done to take the glory away from Yahweh so that we
effectively worship Satan by not acknowledging Yahweh’ utter righteousness within our lifestyle.
I could go through all the worldly religions (including evolution) one by one to show exactly how Satan copies The Truth and then puts a spin on it –
just like worldly politicians of today, so that humans below these leaders are left utterly confused!
Matt. 21v14 og Also drew near (to the) him (JC) blind also lame/crippled in to the temple also he healed/cured them.
Matt.   21v15 og      And {having seen/understood/perceived} the chief priests also the scribes the wonders/miracles which
Matt.   21v15 og      he did/worked/yielded, also the children screaming/shrieking in to the temple also exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   21v15 og      “Hosanna to the Son of David.” They (Pharisees) were incensed/indignant/{sorely afflicted}/displeased.
Matt.   21v16 og      Also said (to the) him: “Do you hear what these exclaim?” And the JC retorted to them (the Pharisees)
Matt.   21v16 og      “Yes, never did you read (Ps.8v2):
Matt.   21v16 og      Prophecy: Because from (of the) mouth (the) babes also suckling (ones) you have perfected praise.
Matt.   21v17 og      Also abandoning/forsaking them (= the religious leaders to their own myths/mysteries of who JC was)
Matt.   21v17 og      (JC) went outside of the city (Jerusalem) into Bethany also lodged/{stayed for the night} there.
Matt.   21v18 og      And early returning/{thrusting forward} into the city (JC) hungered (important word – see later).
Matt.   21v19 og      Also seeing fig-tree one upon of the highway/road, (JC) came upon it, also nothing found/obtained
Matt.   21v19 og      if not (= except) leaves only. Also (JC) exclaims/states to it:
Matt.   21v19 og      “{No longer}/{not any more} from (of the) you, fruit {come into being}/{be generated} into the
Matt.   21v19 og      age/perpetuity/eternity. Also became {dried up}/shrivelled immediately the fig-tree.
Matt.   21v20 og      Also {having seen/understood/perceived}, the disciples marvelled/admired/wondered, exclaiming:
Matt.   21v20 og      “How immediately became {dried up}/shrivelled the fig-tree?”
Matt.   21v21 og      And answering the JC said to them:
Matt.   21v21 og      “Truly I state to you. If able/holding The Fidelity/Assurance, also not doubt/waver/hesitate/question
Matt.   21v21 og      not only the (one = miracle) of the fig-tree (you) will do/work/make/yield, but even if to the mountain to
Matt.   21v21 og      this (you) say: Take/lift/bear away also be thrown into the sea – it will occur/happen.
Matt.   21v21         Sadly worldly Christianity leaders promote the most unrighteous interpretation of this verse, as I fully cover in Matt.17v20.
Matt.   21v22 og      Also every/all (things) whatsoever wish/desire you ask in to the prayer
Matt.   21v22 og      entrusting/committed/{true faith}/{truly believing} you will {catch hold of}/grasp/attain/obtain.
Matt.   21v22          This follows on the back of the understanding to the previous verse, please read the explanation of Matt.17v20 carefully.
Again this verse is completely taken out of Bible context when quoted; hence all spiritual knowledge to the real understanding of it is lost.
There are key marker words whose real understanding are just completely ignored and thus the understanding of the verse is lost.
I have personally heard and thus am witness to both extremes of worldly understanding relating to this verse and both understandings lead to
confusion and sadness.
I hear it stated:
             1.   “God never answered my prayers”.
             2.   “I prayed for the best outcome and nothing happened”.
             3.   “I prayed that my closest friend should not die and they did – I do not believe in God”.
             4.   “National days of prayers led by our worldly Christian leaders (and those of other faiths) for some good cause – and nothing
                  changes afterwards – thus there cannot be a God.”

       What does this tell us?
                          That there is no God!
It most certainly does not tell us this!
On this website I answer all these points in their various areas and perhaps a detailed dissertation would be useful to explore where all the paths of
reasoning lead us but that is outside the scope of this translation.
I will not repeat the usual standard answers to the above (some of which I would disagree with) but lift it to be more visionary as seen from Yahweh’           s
perspective rather than the individual level.
Keeping the guide brief I will use (expanded) bullet points for consideration rather than attempt to justify them here.
Overriding points that cover all the points above.
       A. Yahweh will only answer prayers as the Bible clearly tells us if:-
             It is to positively promote His specific Desire being the active spread of His Word in this world to counter Satan’ distortion.
                                                                        s                                              s
             The person asking, is genuine/sincere (from Yahweh’ viewpoint) in positively promoting Yahweh’ Sovereignty.
             The action asked for will at sometime in the future lead to one or both of the above.
                          Anything outside the above will not lead to answers from Yahweh – irrespective of what religious leaders say!
       B. The person must be asking in The Name/Character/Authority of Yahweh = knowing Yahweh’ desire and thus what to ask for!
             Else as Yahweh very clearly and repeatedly tells us in The Bible – He will “shut His ears to us” and utterly ignore us!
       C. We are at present living in the 1st part of our life – the glorious 2nd part of The Millennium is yet to come.
       D. Yahweh is omnipotent in power/knowledge/wisdom/glory His Desire will be fulfilled when human failure is exposed now in this 1st phase.
             This does not mean Yahweh glories in our suffering but saddened, however while humans still believe they can do it all – Yahweh is
             allowing them to expose their inadequacies while His plan is operating in parallel to ensure that ultimately in The Culmination He does
             have a group of humans that sincerely and genuinely love Him, proven in righteousness.
       E. Finally humans are so rebellious in their thoughts (called “stiff-necked” in The Bible) that should any extraterrestrial entity attempt to
             operate righteously during this 1st phase to overturn this system under Satan, will ultimately only give credence to Satan’ inept s
             management style.
             Satan is being allowed to show the fruits of his self-indulgent management style to the whole of mankind until sadly the planet ‘        falls
             over’                                                                                                           s
                    /destroyed. Because sadly, while there are humans still stating: “They are able to solve the world’ problems – just vote for them”,
             then this terrible state of affairs will continue until it is utterly obvious to all humans, this species will fail completely unless a benevolent
             Extraterrestrial Entity intervenes – so it is those leaders proclaiming this that delays The Perfect Day of The Millennium!
             That is why righteous JC stayed out of it – He was not of this world – His world was of The Future when he comes in Yahweh given power.
             This time is The Millennium period when restitution of humans and the ‘         mankind destroyed planet’will occur.
Hopefully this clears the confusion and the sadness that we have within our present lives understanding that in the future we will look back at this 1st
phase knowing that it was just a ‘   blink of an eye’in the dark where we courted sin and hated it so much that we do not want to go there again!
However we must take this verse in context with the other subject matter within and without it.
Take the universal allegories for Mountain and Sea in the background knowing what JC was speaking about the useless religious leaders (then and in
the future 2000 years) in not fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire (but only their self-indulgencies). Also JC being the fulfilment of Nebuchadnezzar’ Dream     s
Dan.2v45 ‘ stone from a mountain cut with non human hands’smashing the empires to form the new mountain of Yahweh’ power operating       s
through JC and then this all fits snugly together.
With this prophecy going through JC’ mind together with the utter uselessness of The ‘            worldly acclaimed’Religious leaders throughout all ages and
it will only be the TCs that form this great mountain with Yahweh working through them (as through William Tyndale) via JC as The Original Stone’
then it is quite natural for JC to use “The Mountain being moved into the Sea”. Where The Mountain is Yahweh’ Authority being transferred into the
Sea of Mankind and to ultimately dominate it. The TRUE faith (see Glossary) would be where The Mountain would be in perfect harmony with
Yahweh and that is why the mountain could be moved into the sea for it would be Yahweh driving it.
Matt. 21v23 og Also came/entered (to the) him into the temple, drawing near (to the) him (JC) (while he was) teaching (came)
Matt.   21v23 og        the chief priests also the elders of the people exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   21v23 og        “In what authority these (things) (the you) do/work/{make occur}/yield? Also,
Matt.   21v23 og        Who to you gave/granted/bestowed the authority this (you have/claim to)?”
Matt.   21v24 og        And answering the JC said to them:
Matt.   21v24 og        “I will question you, I also word/utterance/question one, which if you tell me, I also you will tell in
Matt.   21v24 og        what authority these things I do/work/{make occur}/yield.
Matt.   21v25 og        The baptism (work) of John (the Baptist), {from where/source/origin} was (it)?
Matt.   21v25 og        From (of the) heaven or from (the) men?”
Matt.   21v25 og        And they reasoned/{discussed thoroughly}/considered locally/by themselves exclaiming:
Matt.   21v25 og        “If we say from (of the) heaven, he (JC) will say to us Why now not (you) believed (to the) him?
Matt.   21v26 og        And if we say from (the) men, we fear the crowd; for every/all (persons) hold/able/capable John
Matt.   21v26 og        (the Baptist) as a prophet.”
Matt.   21v27 og        Also answering to the JC (they) said: “Not we know.”
Matt.   21v27 og        Also said to them, he (=JC): “Neither I exclaim (to) you in what authority these (things) I do/work/yield”
Matt.   21v27                                                   s
                        You have John and JC fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire and moreover others who initially feel overwhelmed (see Matt.21v31) but
then also fulfil Yahweh’ desire. However you have The Religious Leaders (Pharisees in the day of JC) proclaiming “Yes – they represent Yahweh”,
but in reality do the very opposite – by effect blaspheming against the HS (see “Blasphemy” in Glossary) by opposing Yahweh’ Desire. Which is
precisely why JC launches into this next parable.
Matt. 21v28 og “And what (to the) you (it) seems/think/supposes?
Matt. 21v28 og A man (= Yahweh) had children two (= those individuals who fulfil Yahweh’ Desire and those individuals who do not),
Matt. 21v28 og also drawing near to the first (he) said:
Matt. 21v28 og ‘         Child depart/withdraw today task/job/work in to the vineyard (= World of humans) of me.’
Matt. 21v29 og And the (one = 1st child) said: ‘           Not I will’(go and work), and afterwards having regretted/repented
Matt. 21v29 og (he) left/departed/followed (his fathers request) (= Says “No” but then decides that he goes to fulfil his father’ desire).
Matt. 21v30 og Also drawing near to the second (he) said likewise (as to his 1 child).           st

Matt. 21v30 og And the (one = 2nd child) said: ‘ (go and work) lord also not (he did) leave/depart/follow (his father’ request).      s
Matt. 21v30                       nd
                        Thus the 2 child says “Yes” – but then ignores his father and does not fulfil his father’ desire.
Matt. 21v31 og “Who from of the two did/worked/{made occur}/yielded the will/desire/delight/inclination/decree
Matt. 21v31 og of the father?”
Matt. 21v31 og (They = the Crowd, Pharisees and Disciples) Exclaimed/stated (to the) him: “The first.”
Matt. 21v31 og Exclaims/states to them the JC: “Truly I state (to the) you, because the tax-collectors also the harlots go
Matt. 21v31 og before (in precedence/ranking) you into the kingdom of God.”
Matt. 21v31    We read here of the kingdom of God in the context of the single heaven of Matt.21v25, thus this is speaking of here, on Earth in
                                               s                    s
The Millennium being the reason for John’ work prior to JC’ Ministry – for he was preparing the ways of JC for the nearness of application of
Yahweh’ Acceptable Year.
             So what is my point?
Worldly Christianity doctrine has no answer to this verse except its proponents blandly say “They eventually believed in JC and were saved.”
This is just not good enough because it leaves as many holes in the doctrine as there are in all the other faulty/flawed very worldly religions.
             So what is JC saying here to the crowd and to us in particular?
Take on-board The Millennium concept and place these verses into context with the passage of Matt. 19v30 and 20v16 stepped at one chapter
intervals thus to be taken as very important theme if mention three times in as many chapters!
JC has nowhere said that these specific humans will for certainty become The Brethren and later on to become TCs but they showed a sincere interest
thus JC taught them (though we are told in the Epistles speaking of truly repentant TCs [thus changed their lifestyle] “these you once were”).
Also JC is speaking to the Pharisees in the crowd and he implies that even these irreligious people will be entering the kingdom of heaven (singular).
The proponents of worldly Christian doctrine just ignore the implications of the last sentence – it is just too much for them to take in!
             However bring in the concept of The Millennium and then things start to make sense.
Some of the Pharisees as religious leaders listening to JC during his parables did not contribute to the well-being of the people, but some had not
deliberately distorted Yahweh’ Word (as some baptised Christian leaders in 2000+AD) thus they still deserved resurrection into a fleshly body to
learn how they should behave to become righteously motivated by the heart. However there are harlots and tax-collectors though despised and hated
(respectively) they may have a genuine heart and are only forced by circumstances to exist as they are during the ‘ st part of their life’ These
                                                                                                                            1              .
individuals are thus much more likely to be positioned higher up the return ladder of The Millennium (in the ‘ nd part of their life’ than those with a
                                                                                                                      2                  )
‘dirty’heart condition (= being one of self interest) who may be in the hole at the bottom of the ladder.
Please see the full explanation of this simile in Rev.10v10 to gain complete understanding of what I mean here.
Matt. 21v28-31 What is JC really speaking of here in all these verses?
First the reader must place this parable in context. JC is speaking of the Pharisees (representing religious leaders of The Gospel Age) and of John the
Baptist (representing TCs).
The Father in the parable is Yahweh.
The vineyard is the world of humans (without knowledge of The Fidelity) who need to be cared for, to bring them (as the human fruit) to the required
quality that Yahweh being the owner of the vineyard expects of them (= the human fruit).
                                  the                                                                     s
The crux of the parable is that ‘ sons’are seen (by the vineyard world) to be part of the Master’ family. These sons are to represent the Master’     s
will/desire as being the work in the vineyard to produce a yield from the vineyard world that is acceptable to The Master’ (Yahweh) Desire.
Thus JC is speaking of some sons who initially feel intimidated by the work before them and thus say “No” to becoming a TC, but later repent of this
decision and go out to work hard to fulfil the Father’ desire.
Other sons are those who say “Yes” and put on a very public face in the vineyard as representing the Father, but do no work and thus the fruit of
their labour is diseased/withered and worthless. They have ignored and not done the desire of their Father.
             So JC’ question: Who fulfilled the desire of Yahweh?
The ones (= TCs) who did the will/desire of Yahweh!
It was not the ones (religious leaders) who put on a public face by saying “Yes” we represent your desire but do not do it!
             We conveniently now enter in context the next verse.
Matt. 21v32 og For came/entered towards you (religious leaders) John (the Baptist) in (to the) road/journey/highway (of the)
Matt. 21v32 og righteousness/justification, also not (you) entrust/committed/{have faith}/believe (to the) him.
Matt. 21v32 og Also you {having seen/understood/perceived} (the knowledge of Yahweh but) not regretted/repented
Matt. 21v32 og afterwards (as required by Yahweh) of the entrusting/commitment/{having faith}/belief (to the) him.
Matt. 21v32             Thus the religious leaders had all the information upon which they could “grasp” the knowledge of Yahweh and inculcate it
within their hearts - but it was in conflict to their lifestyle. For many (not all) of these religious leaders their lifestyle gave them
power/prestige/position/{worldly financial security} (= house with the job, salaried job, pension with the job – it was just a job having the many
worldly inducements!). To them, these inducements were more important and thus could ‘ be lost’in preference to The Fidelity that should have
been operating within their lives.
JC is only making this specific point through this parable because they personally claimed to ‘ world’to represent Yahweh.
             Also we can reason that likewise, the majority of Pharisees in JC’ day felt the same worldly pressures as well!
             Satan’ worldly system was in operation in their day, just as it is presently today – we are still within the 6000 year leasehold!
Matt. 21v33 og (JC says: I have) Another parable hear/listen (to me).
Matt. 21v33 og (The) Man some/certain, (He = Yahweh) was (the) housemaster who planted a vineyard
Matt. 21v33 og (= the world populated with humans not knowing The Fidelity), also the hedge (= protection for growth = things of the
Matt. 21v33 og world to support mankind’ needs) it placed around (= hedge placed around it = vineyard), also dug in it (vineyard) a
Matt. 21v33 og winepress (= results of the grapes assessed = results of the humans’lifestyles/behaviour assessed) also built a tower
Matt. 21v33                                                                                                           s
                        (= protection from attack = knowledge given to protect humans from Satan = Yahweh’ Word in its various forms through the
Matt. 21v33 og ages). Also rented out it to vinedressers (= those who claim to know how to bring The Fidelity to the world of humans
Matt. 21v33 og void of this knowledge) also (the housemaster) {departed to a foreign land} (= away from the sinful humans).
Matt. 21v34 og And because approaching the season of the fruits (to be assessed) he (= Yahweh)
Matt. 21v34                                                           s
                        Principally in 600 to 700 years before JC’ ministry when The Old Israel was just about to be destroyed as an entity by the
secular/worldly Babylonian power. Yahweh carried out an assessment, the results showed it to be found as unworthy in preaching/demonstrating
righteousness to the world through it’ religious leaders being The Pharisees.
Then please read v38 in context with this – This is “a pattern” that The Bible speaks of that we should take in for our edification.
Matt. 21v34 og sent/dispatched/commissioned the slaves (= the prophets – Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Amos, etc) (of the) him
Matt.   21v34 og      towards the vinedressers to receive/obtain/assay/take/holding the fruits of it.
Matt.   21v35 og      Also then taking/holding the vinedressers the slaves (= prophets) (of the) him, this one they beat,
Matt.   21v35 og      and one they killed, and one they stoned.
Matt.   21v36 og      Again (he) sent/dispatched/commissioned other slaves (= prophets) more than of the last (occasion)
Matt.   21v36 og      also (they) did/worked/yielded to them likewise.
Matt.   21v37 og      Also later (he) sent/dispatched/commissioned towards them the son (= JC) (of the) him exclaiming:
Matt.   21v37 og      They will revere/respect/regard the son of me.
Matt.   21v37         This was JC coming here upon this earth to carry out his ministry and also to provide the Undeserved Gift.

Matt.   21v38 og And the vinedressers {having seen/understood/perceived} the son said among themselves:
Matt.   21v38 og This is the heir (rightful owner of the world) come/following, (let us) kill/destroy/slay (the) him.
Matt.   21v38 og also (let us) seize/grab/{hold tightly} the inheritance (of the) him.
Matt.   21v38    The religious leaders though understanding the full significance of “the Son” enjoyed the inheritance of the present world
more than the inheritance of being a Son of God. Thus they grasped the inheritance of the present earth under Satan’ control (= the short term gain
that the pleasurable things in this world gave to them) over the future inheritance of this world in The Millennium being the inheritance of JCg.
This is what this spiritual/prophetic aspect of verse really means!
             But it goes beyond this.
The Bible tells us the things in the past are a pattern for the future for our edification (provided we search).
Thus this is to be repeated during The Gospel Age (see Luke 20v9) because The Christian Nation mirrors The Israelite Nation.
Matt. 21v39 og Also taking (the) him cast/thrust/expelled outside of the vineyard also killed/destroyed (him).
Matt. 21v40 og Therefore now/when comes/enters the lord of the vineyard what (will he) do/work/yield (to) the
Matt. 21v40 og vinedressers the (specific ones = vinedressers).
Matt. 21v40              Note: The text does not specify “Immediately” Strongs = 2112 “eutheos” and thus the situation is still ongoing with the errant
vinedressers still in control of The Vineyard until The Master steps in through giving full authority to His Son JC to completely remove those in
religious power (being the worldly Christian Leaders) who have assumed/presumed their position as vinedressers. This removal of power will be so
evident because it will be a complete worldly system change – that has obviously not occurred yet – from the pain and suffering that we witness within
The World today – thus clearly presently no change! But in the side wings, there are new vinedressers humbly learning their craft from The Son
being TCs during The Gospel Age to become fully educated by learning their trade by being faithful in small matters ready for the hand-over that
occurs in the next verse to be given responsibility over greater matters – being the whole vineyard.
Matt. 21v41 og (The crowd then) Exclaimed/stated (to the) him: (The Ones = vinedressers) Bad/evil/malicious/hurtful (are),
Matt. 21v41 og grievously/miserably/sickly (he = Yahweh) will destroy/slay them (= vinedressers of the 1st part of their life and
Matt. 21v41 og thus at the end of their 1st life now being their 2nd life) also the vineyard (now passing into The Millennium) (he = Yahweh)
Matt. 21v41 og will give/{lease out}/{let forth} to other vinedressers (= TCs resurrected as Kings/Priests) who will
Matt. 21v41 og restore/requite/yield/deliver (to the) him (= Yahweh) the fruits in the seasons of them (as those penitent
Matt. 21v41              humans take on righteousness in their life as and when at different times within The Millennium).
Matt. 21v41              Notice how the Wine Press has not been mentioned in the parable – but why did Jesus add it – if it is not to be mentioned?
Taking the holistic picture of all of Jesus’parables, plus the epistles to give us Yahweh’ Most Righteous Plan tells us that it is to be used during
Yahweh’ Acceptable Year to access the grape being the produce from The Vine (Jesus as The Rootstock) and the Vineyard in this instance.
The grapes are the resurrected people of The Millennium being taught righteousness from JCg and his Bride of 144000 formally TCs of the 1st part of
their life. The grapes are crushed (assayed/tested/proved) in the winepress and the resultant is assessed. The wine (being the children of The Special
Marriage) pleases Yahweh and retained, but vinegar (iniquitous rebellious humans) rejected (being The 2nd Death of annihilation).
Matt. 21v42 og Exclaims to them the JC: “Never (did you) read in the scriptures (Ps.118v22,23):
Matt. 21v42 og Prophecy: (The) Stone which rejected/repudiated the builders this (one = stone) become/generated/fulfilled
Matt. 21v42 og into head (of the) corner from (of the) Lord become/generated/fulfilled this, also it is a wonder/marvel
Matt. 21v42 og in (the) eyes (of the) us?
Matt. 21v42              The Stone = JC that has been rejected by the builders who should have been the Old Israelite Nation. The Old Israelite Nation
was supposed to have taught righteousness to The World made up of the heathen nations ‘        headed-up’by Satan, but they failed miserably. So The
Lord = Yahweh, resurrects JC to become the corner/head stone to generate/procreate The New Nation = TCs being The New Israelite Nation = The
body of Christ which itself (made up of TCs) upon resurrection becomes The Bride unified as ‘ person’with JC, as described here and by Paul
telling us of the wonder/marvel of marriage (before our eyes).
     The New Nation represents what the Old Israelite Nation should have been, but has come out of ‘ Old Nation’being The Christian Nation.
This may sound confusing but it is righteously ‘  spot-on’in its logic that Yahweh is using to fulfil His plan for The Ages to counter any criticism that
other entities may use against Him in The Culmination. I explain this from several various angles elsewhere in many places on this website.
Matt. 21v43 og Through (reason of) this I say (to the) you because (will be) removed/{take away}/expiate from you the
Matt.   21v43 og      kingdom of the God, also will be given to a nation making/producing/working/yielding the fruits of it.
Matt.   21v43         JC is speaking directly to the Old Fleshly Israel, and of the new nation being The New Spiritual Israel =TCs of The Gospel Age
Matt.   21v44 og      Also the (one = person) falling/stumbling/snared upon the Stone (will be) crushed/broken/shattered,
Matt.   21v44 og      and upon whom wish/desire (it) fall/alight, (the stone will) pulverise/{grind to powder} (the) him.
Matt.   21v45 og      Also hearing/listening the chief priests also the Pharisees the parables (of the) him,
Matt.   21v45 og      they knew/understood/sure because concerning them (= the religious leaders who were entrusted with the
Matt.   21v45 og      knowledge of Yahweh) (He = JC) speaking (about them – in actuality all worldly religious leaders of all ages).
Matt.   21v46 og      Also seeking/enquiring/plotting (the) him (to) seize/retain/{hold firmly} (= arrest), (they) feared the
Matt.   21v46 og      crowds understanding/occurring as (the) prophet (the) him (= JC) they assumed/held/capable.
Matt.   21v46         (= The Pharisees desired to arrest JC, but feared the popularity JC had with the crowds who believed him to be a prophet.)
Matt.   22v1 og       Also answering the JC again spoke to them in parables exclaiming:
Matt.   22v2 og       (Is) Compared the kingdom of the heavens (to the) man (the) king (= Yahweh) who made/prepared/yielded
Matt.   22v2 og       a wedding feast to the son (= JC) (of the) Him.
Matt.   22v3 og       Also (the king = Yahweh) sent/dispatched/commissioned the slaves (= the Old Testament prophets) of Him
Matt.   22v3 og       {to call}/{be named}/invited the (ones = religious leaders) {already called/named/invited} (= only the Priests
Matt.   22v3 og       of The Old Israel) to the wedding feast (= guests to the TC’ wedding to JCg at 1st 2nd C) also not
Matt.   22v3 og       desire/love/delight to come/enter (= into the covenant of the heart/motivation with Yahweh).
Matt.   22v3           “{already called/named/invited}” being the direct translation of the Greek root word “kaleo” StrongsTM = 2564.
In this context it means specific individuals who already believed themselves named by Yahweh through position of ‘                         .
                                                                                                                      natural circumstance’ For
example a noble/duke would be expected to be called to the king because ‘  they are worthy’through position. That is exactly the point being made
here. Instead of the humans being nobles/dukes they are by ‘                                                                                    s
                                                              assumed position’to be the priests and religious leaders (of any time during Satan’
administration of this planet). That is to say, those humans ‘                       righteous realm’of the religious kingdom to be automatically
                                                              established’within the ‘
invited. These religious leaders are those individuals who have claimed the position of assumed nobility for themselves above the masses in relation
                                          s                                                   s
to being the representatives of Yahweh’ Word at the appropriate age (both pre and post JC’ ministry period as we now read in the next section).
Matt. 22v4 og Again (the king = Yahweh) sent/dispatched/commissioned the slaves (= the New Testament TCs) of Him
Matt.   22v4 og          (to) bid/command/call the (ones = religious leaders) {already called/named/invited} (= only the Priests of
Matt.   22v4 og          The Gospel Age): Behold/Look! The {best meal} (of the) me I provided/{made ready} (so close now
Matt.   22v4 og          to the 1st 2nd C) the oxen (of the) me also the {grain-fed (= fatted) beast} sacrificed. Also every/all (things)
Matt.   22v4 og          ready {come quickly} (because there is now so little time – Gospel Age ending) into the wedding feast (= 1st 2nd C).
Matt.   22v5 og          And they (= worldly priests of The Gospel Age) {not caring}/neglecting/indifferent (then) departed/followed
Matt.   22v5 og          (= after worldly things). The one (person) into the (one’ own field, and the (one) into the trading (of the) him.
Matt.   22v6 og          And the (ones = persons) remaining/{rest of} seizing/held/retained the slaves (= TCs) (of the) him (Yahweh)
Matt.   22v6 og          abuse/insulted/spiteful also killed/destroyed/slay (this we have seen through the ages – e.g. William Tyndale).
Matt.   22v7 og          And hearing/listening the king became angry also sending/wielding/{ordering in} the troops (of the)
Matt.   22v7 og          Him (= Yahweh) destroy/perish the murderers/{public bandits} the (specific ones = false priests of
Matt.   22v7 og          The Gospel Age) also the city (their centre/hub of operations = see Rev.18v1-24) of them burned (destroyed).
Matt.   22v8 og          Then (He = the king = Yahweh) exclaims to the slaves (= TCs) (of the) him:
Matt.   22v8 og          “Truly the Wedding (= 1st 2nd C) ready is, and those {already called/named (by position)/invited}
Matt.   22v8 og          (= those who claimed to speak in Yahweh’ Name) not were worthy.
Matt.   22v8             Note: While I have written this piece in Chronological order to the 1st 2nd C , in actuality the mirror is showing the Wedding of
the 1st 2nd C is coming quickly to the end of the individual’ life (during the whole Gospel Age) where they (as an individual) can effect the outcome of
their lifestyle. Thus the way JC has presented this parable enables both parallel scenarios to be gleaned from the same speech.
Note also that the central hub of false Christianity must be destroyed (by the world imploding upon itself) ready for The Millennium to come in, just
as false Israel was destroyed as The Gospel Age came into existence. We are seeing its demise – together with its ‘       sisters’now.
Matt. 22v9 og You depart/journey/travel now upon the openings (= market/meeting places) of the roads/highways
Matt. 22v9 og Also as many as you can find call/named/invited ones (= new humans now specifically called/chosen by Yahweh)
Matt. 22v9 og          into the wedding feast.
Matt. 22v9              We read here that the call is now everywhere just prior to the wedding feast being the last days of The Gospel Age where we
are told at Matt.28v19-20 where The Word is to be preached to the whole world so that everyone during this age has the opportunity to be part of the
wedding feast. We know that there are more alive humans on this planet now as you read this piece than during the 1st 1950 years of the whole
Gospel age period. It is this fact that v9 is referring to – the multitude of humans who now have access to The Word of Yahweh (God).
Matt. 22v10 og And having {spread abroad}/{gone far and wide} the slaves the (specific ones = slaves = TCs) into the
Matt. 22v10 og roads/highways gathered/hospitable all/every (persons) as many as they find/obtain/perceive
Matt. 22v10 og evil/malicious/hurtful also good/ideal. Also was filled with (those) reclining/{seated comfortably}.
Matt. 22v10             Very important to understand that while the invitation was open to the world now through the work of the TCs. It does not
mean the whole world came to the wedding. The vast majority would still be disinterested like the worldly priests and stayed away, however the
difference is this. The invitation was now made outside the priestly class (outside monasteries, etc) (made possible by modern communication) =
those who deem themselves as being saints or future saints are actually those rejected by Yahweh (as we soon read in the next section). Thus in the
last days of The Gospel Age, the invitation to the world is open to any person irrespective of their present state (see Matt.32v31) but desire to come
to the wedding means that you desire to know the way and thus demonstrate it in your lifestyle by attending The Wedding Feast = imitate JC to be
worthy (as Matthew, Levi chose to do) and thus of the same stature (= 100% of personal capability) just as JC did.
Matt. 22v11 og And coming the king visiting/inspecting/viewing the (ones) reclining (he) saw/understood/perceived
Matt. 22v11 og there a man not {dressed/fitting correctly} (= clothing was ill fitting) (in) a clothing/apparel (of the) wedding.
Matt. 22v11                                                   the
                        Clothes in prophecy always mean ‘ state of your lifestyle’= how other people see the fruitage of your works.
Thus in this instance, the man had sneaked into the Wedding Feast, pretending that his works were worthy enough to be part of the celebrations.
Matt. 22v12 og Also (He = Yahweh) exclaimed/stated (to the) him:
Matt. 22v12 og “Clansman/Friend (assuming a position as part of the family, see 26v50 – but now detected as disguised) how (did) you
Matt. 22v12 og how (did) you enter/arise/{go into} here/{this place} not able/having clothing/apparel (of the) wedding?
Matt. 22v12 og And the (one = false prophet/teacher/leader/priest) (was) silent/muzzled (= could not defend himself).
Matt. 22v13 og Then said the king (= Yahweh) to the servants (= angels) bind/tie (of the) him (the) feet also hands,
Matt. 22v13 og [take up and remove him = CA, thus ignore] also {throw/cast out}/ejected/expelled into the
Matt. 22v13 og shadiness/obscurity/darkness the exterior/outer (= just means away from Yahweh’ feast but not to be exterminated)
Matt. 22v13 og There shall be the weeping/lamentation/wailing also the gnashing/grinding of the teeth.
Matt. 22v14 og For many are called/invited (to be a TC/saint) and few are chosen/selected/elected (by Yahweh to be His Sons).
Matt. 22v14    What is happening here?
              First always place into context.
We are speaking of the kingdom of the heavens and thus speaking of being part of Yahweh’ exclusive family = being a Son of God.
Through all the examples we have read above, the text is speaking of humans who are worthy to become Sons of God.
JC is spoken of as The Cornerstone – the buttress/foundation/head stone of a nation that is 100% loved by Yahweh. This nation is loved by Yahweh
because ALL the members of this nation love to workout Yahweh’ Desire within the 1st part of their life (= to their 1st death = “Asleep”) and thus
face heavy criticism/persecutions and possible (1 ) death for this cause. Because they are loved by Yahweh, they become chosen by Yahweh to
become His sons of the future eternity, having unlimited power of Yahweh’ HS at their disposal being fully trustworthy with its use.
This wedding is organised by the housemaster/vinedresser Yahweh and is between the TCs and JCg who made it possible. This wedding will start it at
the 1st 2nd C (soon to occur) when all the TCs will be resurrected.
The guests at the end may be those called in Revelations The Great White Multitude” who have demonstrated themselves worthy in their 1st life to
attend this wedding.
As I alluded to above, ‘  clothes’in prophecy always mean your ‘             ,
                                                                    lifestyle’ being your personal appearance to others. We know how in our life the
manner in which you dress says something about you (thoughts/lifestyle/grouping) – but not always (more later), Thus just as you can change your
clothes, likewise you can change you personality. This is what we are told by Paul “Put on the new personality” (being a remapping of our synapse
construction) so that we become acceptable to Yahweh.
So just as we read here the guests are those who have changed their lifestyle so that it becomes the acceptable apparel for the wedding, meaning their
lifestyle is righteous, imitating JC and displaying the fruits of the HS.
But we read here that Yahweh spied a human who was not feeling comfortable within his garments. This human knew where he was going and how to
get there (to the wedding). But ‘ show’= ‘ presentation’= ‘ façade’that he gave during the 1st part of his life before other humans (the
                                   the         the                     the
congregation who obviously adored him) was not really his natural genuine self/state. Yahweh would be able to see this and thus throw him out of the
circle of this close family.

Note: The Bible does not say he was destroyed, but that he was cast/thrown out from this intimate family occasion. Thus he was thrown out of the
‘                                     the
 kingdom of the heavens’(plural) into ‘ kingdom of heaven’(singular) = the earth with all the other resurrected fleshly humans, to learn what real
righteous is all about!
The script then concludes that many are invited to become Kings/Priests of The Millennium, but only a few are chosen to become part of this Wedding
into Yahweh’ exclusive Family. Just as Paul tells us: “many enter The Race, but only one wins the prize.”
Matt. 22v15 og Then departing/leaving the Pharisees counsel/deliberation/discussion took/held so as (the)
Matt. 22v15 og him (JC) (they may) ensnare/entangle in words/discourse.
Matt. 22v16 og Also (they = Pharisees) sent/dispatched/commissioned (to the) him (JC) the students/pupils of them with
Matt.   22v16 og the Herodians exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   22v16 og “Teacher we know/understand because (the) truthful (you) are, also the way/path/road of the God in
Matt.   22v16 og truth you teach/preach, also not it concerns/matters/cares you about no one for not you look into
Matt.   22v16 og (the) face (of the) men.”
Matt.   22v16    This does not mean JC is indifferent to the needs of humans. But that he does not behave any differently for humans from any
class or social background – for he would treat them all with equal respect and kindness.
Matt.   22v17 og      “Then tell us, what you think/suppose: Is it allowed to give tribute/tax (to) Caesar, or not?”
Matt.   22v18 og      And knowing/understanding the JC the wickedness/plots/iniquity of them said:
Matt.   22v18 og      “Why me (the) tempt/assay/test, (you) hypocrites?
Matt.   22v19 og      Show me the coin of the tribute/tax.” And they brought (to the) him a denarius.
Matt.   22v20 og      Also he (JC) exclaims/states to them: “Of whom the image this also the inscription?
Matt.   22v21 og      (They) Exclaimed/stated (to the) him: “(Of the) Caesar.” Then (JC) stated to them:
Matt.   22v21 og      “{Give over}/render/{deliver up} now the (things) (of the) Caesar, (to the) Caesar,
Matt.   22v21 og      also the (things) (of the) God to the God.
Matt.   22v17-21         These verses go beyond money!
Often it is just assumed to mean money, because JC answered a direct question on tribute/tax, but JC’ answer was to expand the explanation to
include the much greater picture which is why it is a ‘ master reply’  .
The true answer to this contained within v21 needs further expansion.
             The things (in its broadest sense – having no qualifiers) of Caesar’ (representing the world) {Give over}/render/{deliver up} to Caesar (=
             abide by worldly/secular laws – provided they do not contradict Yahweh’ Laws), also the things (in its broadest sense – having no
                                     s                      s
             qualifiers) of Yahweh’ (representing Yahweh’ Desire) {Give over}/render/{deliver up} to Yahweh (= fulfil Yahweh’ Desire).s
Thus we read here there is to be no ‘   muddying of the waters’between the two very distinct areas namely:-
       3. Those of Caesar = the heathen world of Satan (= the kingdom of heaven [singular] = operation on this planet).
       4. Those of Yahweh = the Universe of Yahweh (= the kingdom of heavens [plural] = operation everywhere).
Together this is supported by the Apostles constantly instructing us to be spotless from the contamination world, by setting our sights upon fulfilling
Yahweh’ Desire.
             The Bible instructs us to imitate JC.
So what did he do for our instruction?
       1. He accurately preached the Word of God being The Millennium and how to get there.
       2. He displayed the fruits of the HS.
       3. Those who came to him for physical fleshly help, then he did the best he was able (JC was able to cure).
       4. He avoided all forms of secular politics (this was also a country under foreign occupation).
       5. He was not partisan in any fashion – all humans were treated equally (see v16).
       6. He had no aspirations to Lord-It over those around about (being his creation) – but rather became The Servant to them for no return!
                         What can we learn from this?
JC did not go out to help people’ fleshly needs first (in fact he told them not to tell others about their fleshly cures) but rather he went to the
synagogues to preach and draw them out into the wilderness to preach The Word to those more interested. Thus preaching The Word for the spiritual
edification (to the desire of Yahweh) came before anything and naturally the fruits of the HS showed that his actions supported his teachings
(converse to 23v3).
Preaching The Word is more important than anything else a TC can do because it sets in train the righteous thought processes within the listener –
without The Heavenly Treasure then as far as Yahweh is concerned – there is nothing!
This appears to be harsh and contrary to what is preached in the world today – but we now are beginning to understand why! Satan wants anything
to occur, except the preaching of Yahweh’ Word accurately else people will see Satan exposed for what he is – The Manslayer, The liar and ‘         The
Opposer/Resister/Adversary’to Yahweh! But without having the knowledge that shows us what to look for - then we cannot see it!
             Can the reader see the righteous logic behind what is written here?
As I have quoted before a worldly maxim (of Eastern origins): “The body follows the mind”.
If the mind is lost – then the body (being the works) is equally lost!
Matt. 22v22 og Also hearing/listening (they) marvelled/wondered/{in awe}/admired also {let alone}/forsook/left
Matt. 22v22 og (the) him (JC) departed/from/{backed away}.
Matt. 22v23 og In the (specific) to the day drawing near (to the) him (JC) Sadducees the (ones = following the doctrine that)
Matt. 22v23 og exclaim not to be (the) resurrection. Also (they) questioned (the) him (JC).
Matt. 22v24 og Exclaiming/stating: “Teacher, Moses said (Deut.25v5):
Matt. 22v24 og If any (man) die not having children, (shall) take to wife the brother of him (= the brother of the dead man
Matt. 22v24 og takes his widow to look after her – being a duty to give material support to an elderly lady family member) also (shall) raise
Matt. 22v24 og up seed to the brother (of the) him (= look after any dependants, principally 1st born son to continue the family name).
Matt. 22v25 og And were with us 7 brothers (= In this example that we are speaking of there are 7 brothers).
Matt.   22v25 og      Also the 1st having married again expired/died, also not having seed {let alone}/forsook/left the wife
Matt.   22v25 og      of him to the brother (of the) him.
Matt.   22v26 og      Likewise also the 2nd , also the 3rd until to the 7th . (Excuse my shorthand)!
Matt.   22v27 og      And last of all died also the woman.
Matt.   22v28 og      Now in the resurrection (of) which to the 7 (brothers/husbands) will be wife? For all had her (as a wife).
Matt.   22v28           They must have thought they had got a good one over JC here and also lampoon the idea of a resurrection! It was stretching
                                                                           foolishness’ The ‘ would have been chosen because in Hebrew it
the limit to stress from their view point the idea of a resurrection being ‘          .     7’
represented completeness. Incidentally, this is the only tenuous connection that the apocrypha book ‘Tobias’has with the canon. I would understand

that both this incident and Tobias came from folk-law at the time and was thus used by the Sadducees as a good hook upon which to catch JC on – not
realising that Yahweh had perhaps put it in their minds so that JC could further expand The Truth – as we now discover.
Matt. 22v29 og And answering the JC said to them: “(You) Err/wandered/deceived/{gone astray}
Matt. 22v29 og not knowing/understanding the scriptures, nor the power (= HS expressed) of the God.
Matt. 22v29                                        s
                          The HS being Yahweh’ fulfilled expressed desire for some thing to occur. Here in this instance to resurrect humans.
Matt. 22v30 og For in to the resurrection neither marry/wed; nor (are given in) marriage; but like/{in the same manner)
Matt. 22v30 og angels/messengers of the God in (the) heaven they are.
Matt. 22v30               This covers both future scenarios.
Note: 1. JC does not use the Greek word for ‘                            like’ similar’thus explaining a displayed quality being one of sexless neutrality
                                                    equal’but the word ‘ /’
for all resurrected humans.
Note: 2. Singular “heaven” is used here because these angels/messengers used by Yahweh within ‘ zone pertaining to this planet’are recording
certain activities (by whatever technological means beyond our present understanding) – see Rev.1v20 and subsequent references in Rev.2 and 3.
The “heaven” is not referenced to Yahweh – but rather the angels/messengers operating here under Yahweh’ command.   s
Now to explain this verse.
This equation (in context) only refers to the reason for marriage “to procreate and fill the earth”. No other attribute can be applied to it. Though
clearly there will still be the close and intimate affection between couples in The Millennium, but without the necessity of reproduction.
             Now, how is this applied to The Millennium period?
Clearly the TCs become resurrected in spiritual bodies that are sexually neutral – their ideals of the 1st part of their life have not been fused with
immorality, they have not developed their inclination (synapse construction) to be driven by sexual activities, thus are quite happy to loose this fleshly
function to become The Bride of Christ.
However we need to explain why the vast majority of humans (some 99.99+%) who will be resurrected back into fleshly bodies as a continuation of
the 1st Part of their life into the 2n part of their life to now experience righteousness to gain all the information upon which to enable them to make a
valid decision being a judgement day, a crisis day being one of annihilation (to end it) or everlasting life (continuum of the 2nd part).
JC is explaining the 2nd phase of our life (and continued existence for those who do not fail at the end of The Millennium period). We were given the
ability to procreate for the expressed reason from God to “Fill the earth” when the earth is filled then there is no reason to procreate any more. We
know that:-
          1.                                                                 a
                When humans are selfish, then many resources go only ‘ little way’      !
          2.                                                                     a
                When humans display charity love, then a few resources go ‘ long way’        !
This is exactly what will happen very shortly.
The world in its last days will be raping the world of its precious resources to build armaments to fight over the faster dwindling resources (being
used to build more armaments, etc, fuelling the vicious circle) so that the whole population of the world will become utterly impoverished to a point of
When JC replaces Satan and “rules with a rod of iron” to ensure charity love reigns throughout, then this world would support very many more
people – it has been stated that if this world lived in a state of harmony (everyone pulling an equal amount of weight) with nuclear fusion as the
universal energy supply then this planet could support 12 billion people for an eternity (using recycling processes to minimise pollution).
This is why Yahweh has stepped back, to show that under Satan’ regime the world will be destroyed with 6 billion people ‘        living’on it, but under
JC’ regime it will support for an eternity a total of about 12 billion people with about 6 billion unrighteous ones removed at the end of The
Millennium (see Revelations for the explanation to where these numbers have come from). These numbers also ‘           equate’very roughly (as my personal
‘best guess’– I am sure other people will come up with different numbers) to the total number of humans that have existed within the last 6000 years.
Thus getting back to this verse, when the planet is filled, it is logical to resurrect untested (because they have just run along with the world in their 1st
life) humans into a fleshly body with no capacity to reproduce, thus demonstrating Yahweh’ righteousness in allowing space for all humans who
have ever existed the opportunity to fill the earth for eternity.
Matt. 22v31 og And concerning the resurrection of the dead not have you read the (things) spoken to you by of the God
Matt. 22v31 og (= Yahweh who is The Ultimate Authority and all things (& resurrections) refer back to Him) exclaiming/stating (Ex.3v6):
Matt. 22v32 og I am the “The Specific God” (of) Abraham, also “The Specific God” (of) Isaac,
Matt. 22v32 og also “The Specific God” (of) Jacob?
Matt. 22v32 og Not is “The Specific God” (“specific god”) of the dead (ones) but (of the) living.
Matt. 22v32               The 2nd “specific god” is not placed within another Greek source, checking other positions (Mark.12v26, Luke.20v37) would
suggest that the 2 position is a copyist’ addition).
Matt. 22v32               The relative index pointer for “ho Theos” (= the specific god) points to Yahweh – see Concordance on “Ho Theos”.
This is an interesting verse because out of context many worldly Christian Leaders/Theologians use it to suggest that people are resurrected as soon
as they die and conveniently forget the many more references that teach us - people are not immediately resurrected upon their death nor why should
they be?
I fervently ask these most errant worldly Christian leaders:
       Why does Yahweh need to resurrect a human immediately – justify it with exegesis!
But I can give a much better argument as I do on this website – please read it to understand what Yahweh’ Plan really is for all of mankind.
Clearly this worldly understanding leads to inconsistencies and there are no inconsistencies in Yahweh’ Word, so then the error is within human
understanding. The Bible runs on allegories so that revelation is given by the HS in due season.
However in this instance it is a projection forward in prophecy rather than a statement of something that has occurred.
These humans were recognised as being righteous and also they are allegories for:-
             Abraham = Yahweh
             Isaac = JC
             Jacob = Israel
Thus these three individuals will with certainty (being the point JC is making) be resurrected into The Millennium for certain everlasting life –
because they demonstrably fulfilled Yahweh’ Desire during their life. Their life being a life that JC was in the process of making a 2 part life with his
Undeserved Gift of The Ransom Sacrifice – hence again why The Certainty behind JC’ comment – because he was enabling Yahweh to righteously
use His HS to get all humans into The Millennium.
Matt. 22v33 og Also (having) heard, the crowds (were) amazed/astounded upon to the doctrine/instruction (of the) him.
Matt. 22v34 og And the Pharisees hearing/listening because (JC) silenced/muzzled the Sadducees were
Matt. 22v34 og assembled/convened/together upon the it (= discussing the matter of entangling JC in his words).
Matt. 22v34               Interesting, because the next section is what the whole New Testament hangs upon.
Matt. 22v35 og Also questioned one of them, (the) lawyer tempting/assaying/testing (the) him (JC) also exclaiming:
Matt. 22v36 og “Teacher which command (out of all the many Commands within The Law of Moses) (is) great in to The Law?
Matt. 22v37 og And the JC said (to the) him:
Matt. 22v37 og You shall love (the) Lord the God (= Yahweh) (of the) you in all to the heart (of the) you,
Matt.   22v37 og      also in all to the life/soul (of the) you, also in all to the mind (of the) you. (Note: life/soul = same Greek word.)
Matt.   22v38 og      This is the 1st also great (= the most important) Commandment.
Matt.   22v39 og      And the 2nd (is) like to it. (You shall) Love (by Principal) the neighbour (of the) you as/like yourself.
Matt.   22v40 og      In these the 2 commandments all The Law also the prophets hang (= rely upon).
Matt.   22v40           This is the crux of The New Testament setting the tone for what is to be practiced within The Millennium.
I call these two commandments in my translation The Laws of JC, and explain in meticulous detail how they operate with The Law of Moses.
            They set The Standard for righteous thoughts. From the righteous thoughts develop the righteous works being the fruits of the HS.
What is the most unrighteous logic that the modern worldly Christian ‘   elite’are developing, is the concept that:
            “God loves you but not your actions!”
I really do not want to go over old ground again – I fully cover it many places elsewhere to explain how absolutely illogical and unrighteous this
statement is.
While I am on this subject of ridiculous pronouncements sprouting out of from worldly Christianity, this is another one:-
            “Look to see Jesus in all/other people!”
JC never used this statement anywhere in his recorded ministry neither did any of the apostles in their epistles.
However I have seen much to the contrary written in The Bible.
            We are told look for JC (not in other people but) in the writings within The Bible.
            We are told by Paul to imitate JC, just like he imitates JC.
            We are told never compare yourself against other people but only to what The Bible tells us.
            We are told that humans are of the world, and further, things of the world are abhorrent to Yahweh.
            We are told we are for JC or we are against him – there is no middle path (thus looking for JC in all people?).
            We are told The Bible and Yahweh’ requirements never change, but world standards followed by people change all the time.
So where do we think/suppose this faulty statement leads us - if followed?
            How do we know what we should be looking for – if what we are told by the leaders are half truths – so then - What is what?
            We know people’ standards change thus trying to follow something (1) unknown that is (2) changing, is recipe for disaster!
            We are setting our sights on something low rather than The Ultimate Standard within The Bible.
            How is someone going to improve (we all come short of Yahweh’ standard) if we initially set our standards low!
What should be said is:
            Imitate the thoughts and lifestyle of JC by learning what they are from the daily reading of The Bible.
In doing this then we become the temple of Yahweh, we have edified ourselves so that we become the beacon for humans to see The Light of Truth
operating within our lives as fruits of the HS. Rather than passively looking at others through an unclear indistinct filter, we have actually done
something active ourselves by working upon ourselves to try and fulfil the Desire of Yahweh to the very best of our ability.
This may be hard – but this is going to be the thrust of the righteous teaching within The Millennium, so we should get to learn to like it now!
However Satan being the god of this world desires humans to promote apathy to the operation Yahweh’ Word within their own lives.
False leaders thus sow confusion like the darnel seed in with the words of righteousness from The Bible so that humans do not know where to turn!
            But these two quoted very worldly ‘  lovely sound-bites’“tickle/bend/incline the ears” of the listeners - do they not!
Matt.   22v41 og And having been assembled/convened/together of the Pharisees, questioned them the JC.
Matt.   22v42 og (JC) Exclaiming/stating: What (to the) you think/suppose concerning the JC? Of whose Son is he?
Matt.   22v42 og (They = Pharisees) Exclaimed/stated (to the) him: “Of the (king) David”
Matt.   22v42    (Thus the Pharisees were locked into accepting that JC was the Son of David fulfilling the prophecies [for our benefit]).
Matt.   22v43 og (JC) Exclaims/stated (to) them (Ps.110v1):
Matt.   22v43 og “How then (King) David in (the) HS, (the) Lord (= JCg) (the) him calls stating:
Matt.   22v44 og Prophecy: Said the Lord to the Lord (of the) me, sit from the right (of the) Me until I wish/desire put/settle
Matt.   22v44 og the hostile (ones = wicked humans) (of the) you (as the) footstool of the feet of you?
Matt.   22v44       The
                 = ‘ Lord (Yahweh) said to the Lord (JCg = “the specific god”) of me (= king David), sit at the right of Me (= Yahweh) until
I (Yahweh) wish/desire put/settle the hostile humans of you (JCg), so that they become like a footstool to you (JCg).’
This is a prophecy of the future, which religious leaders of today seem to ignore when they state JCg is ruling now!
            What does the passage say (and other epistles, where they state “be patient like JCg is patient”)?
“Sit/wait to the right of Me (Yahweh) until I wish/desire to make those hostile to you submit and become like your footstool.”
            I ask the reader: “Can we see hostile ones presently submitting to JCg?”
Only when they do, does it demonstrate that JCg has come and is ruling – at present he is waiting at the right hand side of Yahweh before (as the
Bible tells us) he comes in power as a lion. All these are quotes from The Bible that our worldly Christian leaders seem to forget? Perhaps they have
not been reading these parts of The Bible lately. Getting involved in worldly political matters does take a lot their personal time – does it not!
Matt. 22v45 og If then (king) David calls (the) him Lord (= JCg), how can a son (= JC) (of the) him is (he)?”
Matt. 22v46 og Also no one was able (to the) him (JC) (to) answer (the) word, nor dared anyone from the (specific = that)
Matt. 22v46 og of the day to question (the) him (JC) no more.
Matt. 22v46             We see here that the secular/religious elite who through personal intellectual pride (and no different today, for the mind-set is
identical of those taking that position) claimed ‘ high ground’of ‘                      ,
                                                                       intellectual might’ but now being decimated, cut down with a few words from JC
– the few words being like fire coming out of JC’ mouth consuming his opposition.
Likewise we are told that the apostles/TCs need not worry when arrested and come before the leaders, because the HS will speak for them.
Likewise in Revelations exactly the same thing will occur with the 2 witnesses (Rev.11v5). (Yahweh will be speaking through His HS).
And even later upon our resurrection these self-same-styled humans of today will have a rough time from JCg when they try to wriggle with the many
excuses to why they behaved as they did in the 1st part of their life.
Matt. 23v1 og Then the JC spoke to the crowd also to the disciples (of the) him, explain/stating:
Matt. 23v2 og “Upon of the Moses seat/bench (representing The Law/Judgement) the scribes also the Pharisees.
Matt. 23v3 og Every/all (things) then whatever wish/desire (they) tell (the) you to keep/{look after}/protect/guard,
Matt. 23v3 og (then) keep/{look after}/protect/guard also do/work/perform/yield.
Matt. 23v3              = Adhere/abide by what your leaders tell you.
Reasons: 1. To respect authority, 2. Generally conveying what the Scripture say (though often this is not true today).
So by respecting what is said, then you are respecting assigned “order” and not promoting “chaos”, and further, you are not accountable by
performing what your leaders instruct of you, however the leaders then become responsible for their what flock does.
Thus the seriousness accountable responsibility the religious leaders assign to themselves – for which they will be charged later.
Matt. 23v3 og         And under/according the {occupational work/labour} of them not do/work/perform/yield.
Matt. 23v3 og         For (they) exclaim/state (what should be done) also not do/work/perform/yield.

Matt.   23v4 og        For (they) bind/enchain (as a prisoner) burdens/tasks/services (that are) heavy/grievous/weighty,
Matt.   23v4 og        also difficult/oppressive. Also laden/{bear upon}/impose upon the shoulders of the men. And with to
Matt.   23v4 og        the finger (of) them not they choose/desire/intend/please {to stir/move} them (= the burdens off the people).
Matt.   23v5 og        And every/all the works of them do/work/perform/yield concerning/{in order} the be seen/beheld the
Matt.   23v5 og        (ones) (of the) men (= the populace). And broaden/enlarge the phylactery (= for the use in the wearing of scriptural
Matt.   23v5 og        texts, a guard-case) (of) them, also enlarge the fringes/tassels/boarders of the garments/robes (of) them.
Matt.   23v5                        t                                                                          the
                        (You can’ help but ask yourself: What is different now? The higher you climb in ‘ world’the more glitzy frills and tassels!)
Matt.   23v6 og         Both they love/{have fondness} (1) the {first couch}/{place of honour} in the suppers/{main meal},
Matt.   23v6 og         also (2) the {first seat}/{place of honour} in the synagogues/congregations/churches.
Matt.   23v7 og         Also the greetings/salutations in the market also called/named/invited by of the men Rabbi (master),
Matt.   23v7 og         Rabbi (master/teacher). (Is this 33AD or 2000AD?)
Matt.   23v8 og         Also you not be called Rabbi (master/teacher) for the one is (of) (the) you the leader the Christ (JC).
Matt.   23v8                                                          a
                        We are told (in John to be the minister = ‘ person who scurries through the dust to serve others’that JC showed to us. But
                            the           the                                       the       ,
also as we are told JC is ‘ head’of ‘ body’being made up of TCs. Being ‘ head’ he obviously leads his body.
Matt. 23v8 og And every/all (of the) you brothers are. (Bible definition: Brothers are TCs, and neighbours are those of the world).
Matt. 23v9 og Also father not call/name/invite (of) (the) you upon of the earth, for one is the Father (of) (the) you the
Matt. 23v9 og (one) in to the heavens.
Matt. 23v9              An interesting verse that one major worldly Christian denomination appears to ignore!
Something that goes through my mind when I hear the term ‘        father’used by the priests of this particular denomination is the immediate question: If
you are my father which are you?
       1. My fleshly DNA father now “Asleep”.
       2. My spiritual Father Yahweh in the heavens.
Who would the reader consider this self claimed ‘    father’to be – if any of the two above?
However this is a critical Biblical verse – and is lost in worldly circles.
Jesus is trying to get The Brethren ‘ to his level’– ie to be prospective future Sons of God.
Worldly Christian leaders deliberately block this route (for self-indulgence) by placing themselves in the way by their needless (from a heavenly
viewpoint) layers of worldly ‘                                                                                        s
                                administration’but by doing so are alienating themselves from fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire to make humans sons of God
Matt. 23v10 og Neither (be) called/named/invited (as) leader/master/guide/teacher, for one (of) (the) you is the
Matt. 23v10 og leader/master/guide/teacher the Christ (thus it is only JCg who becomes ‘ Head’of ‘ Body’being the TCs).
                                                                                                               The            The
Matt. 23v11 og And also elder/greater/larger (of) (the) you shall be (of) (the) you (a) servant/minister.
Matt. 23v11             Is this what we see of ‘our’religious leaders? The elder/greater serving as a minister “scurrying through the dust to serve?”
Being the true definition of the Greek word “diakonos” Strongs = 1249. Clearly some do but many do not. Thus it becomes incumbent upon the
reader to differentiate between those who do, and those who do not by looking at their fruits (their lifestyle and the congregation’ lifestyle) but not
the fruits lined up upon the façade (see 22v12-14).
Matt. 23v12 og And whoever exults{rises up}/elevates himself (over others in the 1st part of their life) (shall be)
Matt. 23v12 og humiliated/humbled/abased{brought low} (in The Millennium when learning to practice righteousness);
Matt. 23v12 og also whoever will humiliate/humble/abase{brought low} himself (in the 1st part of their life before others)
Matt. 23v12 og (shall be) exulted{raised up}/elevated (as a King/Priest in The Millennium in the 2nd part of their life).
Matt. 23v12             All this is speaking about fulfilling the Desire of Yahweh in the 1st and 2nd parts of our life. Thus we are speaking of only those
humans operating as teachers/prophets and religious leaders ‘       representing’Yahweh. These verses are not specifically speaking of any person who is
taking any secular position/stance outside that of representing Yahweh – consequently, secular operating individuals are utterly ignored and transfer
automatically through into The Millennium as a fleshly bodied persons – but the inference is there supported by other text – that those in secular
positions will also need to take lowly positions in their own sphere of operations.
Matt. 23v13 og And woe (to) (the) you scribes also Pharisees (being) hypocritical. Because (you) shut/close the kingdom
Matt. 23v13 og of the heavens (= access to become a Son of God) before/{in the presence of}/presented to the man(kind).
Matt. 23v13 og For you (worldly religious leaders of self indulgence) not {able to enter} (= to become a TCs = Sons of God)
Matt. 23v13 og nor the (ones = children of The Fidelity) (who are trying to) entering/{go through} (to become TCs)
Matt. 23v13 og {do you allow} to enter/{go through} (into the kingdom of heavens to become a Son of God).
Matt. 23v13             Basically JC is saying the religious leaders are hypocritical in what they preach to others and then practice themselves in
private behind the façade. Humans do not change throughout history; there is exactly the same statistical propensity to be hypocritical as it was then,
to what it is now. Thus we can reason it is exactly the same now and we are all witnesses to it ourselves some 2000 years later! I do not apply the
‘                                                      s
 broad brush’to all, but most - just as it was in JC’ day and we read of in several sections of Revelations speaking of our time that I
comprehensively explain within that book.
The religious leaders are preaching distortions as truth and then further, not practice what they preach. Thus being like this means they who do this
will all miss “The Bonus” on offer to become a son of God, and further the distortions preached mislead the few children of The Fidelity who are
honestly seeking The Truth so that they too miss “The Bonus”. To find out who The Truthful Ones of The Fidelity, look at their fruits – can their
fruits withstand the tempest (now at the closing epoch of The Gospel Age) that will beat down upon the house – (are the foundations rock or sand?).
Matt. 23v14 og Woe/alas (to) (the) you scribes also Pharisees (being) hypocritical. Because (you) devour/consume the
Matt. 23v14 og houses/households (= material wealth) of the widows also (as a) façade/{outward showing}/pretence
Matt. 23v14 og (of) long prayers (for the household’ future ‘      s        well-being’.
Matt. 23v14             = The religious leaders take money for their own worldly self-indulgence.
Though the religious leaders of today would smartly exclaim how terrible it was of those nasty Pharisees to take money from families, particularly
those widows perhaps having dependants - so as to distance this practice as far as possible from themselves.
But let us reason upon what JC said.
Money was taken on the pretence of prayer/{sacred service}/worship and being used by the religious leaders to spend as they see fit.
Can we take this practice out of JC’ day time domain and bring an equivalence near to us?
Let us look at a couple of examples (and there are more in specific congregations - if you dig deep enough).
       1. The practice of giving estates near your death to reduce purgatory (a false teaching to bring in extra worldly revenue).
       2. Church donations based upon the pretext – The more you give, the more ‘                                         s
                                                                                         god’loves you, “for the lord’ service”.
      And what do we see in those congregations that support this type of theology?

The priest driving a prestigious car – but of course he must to have the reliability to see all his practitioners on a ‘ to one’basis!
Now an aside:
And sadly I heard one of these leaders ( I believe was a minister for the House of Commons) proudly claiming that during one debate he only kept
praying “Lord have mercy upon us” repeated infinitum as perhaps one of these “long prayers” I assume Matthew was speaking about – which is also
regularly practiced in monastic institutions. Well sadly they have a very rude shock coming to them – “Yahweh utterly ignores your worthless prayers
that a tape-recorder – or IPOD could equally perform – with about the same mindless ritual”.
Just please wake-up to your responsibilities and start imitating JC! Please see my essay entitled: “Why do we Pray” for guidance in this matter.
So generally from this whole section we can ask these very questions:
            Is this what JC preached and practiced?
            And is this what Paul preached and demonstrated?
Matt. 23v14 og Through (the action of) this (you) will grasp/{catch hold}/receive {super abundantly more}/exceeding
Matt. 23v14 og judgement/condemnation.
Matt. 23v14    This is as we are told elsewhere, The Greater/Special Judgement being displayed at the 1st 2nd C of JCg to collect his bride. In
this instance they will miss it (Yahweh will pass over them and ignore them) and if they are not resurrected in The Millennium (being considered by
Yahweh as being too iniquitous) then they will never be resurrected, thus this 1st life of theirs will effectively be their last – if they have been baptised
– because JC only died the once.!
Matt. 23v15 og Woe/alas (to) (the) you scribes also Pharisees (being) hypocritical. Because you
Matt. 23v15 og {walk around}/encompass/{lead about} the sea also the dry (land) to do/work/make/perform/yield one
Matt. 23v15 og proselyte/disciple/acolyte, also when generated/{becomes grown} (you) do/work/make/perform/yield
Matt. 23v15 og (the) son of Gehenna (= The valley of Hinnom just outside Jerusalem where rubbish and dead criminals were burnt to
Matt. 23v15 og nothing = annihilation of the fleshly body) {two fold}/twice more (than) (the) you.
Matt. 23v15               Let me quote a worldly Christian commentary that speaks for worldly Christian doctrine.
              “How did Pharisees turn others into ‘                ?
                                                       sons of hell’
              The phrase ‘ of hell’was likely a Hebrew expression that meant a particularly wicked person – in contrast to the ‘          sons of the kingdom’
              (13:38). Jesus bluntly accused the Pharisees – who bragged about being righteous – of being blatant sinners and hypocrites, Worse yet
              they spread their false teaching and legalistic ways to those they recruited. They led people further away from God’ Truth by taking them
              deeper into human tradition.”
It is difficult to know in what direction to start tackling the problems in this piece!
Firstly it is verbose and does not actually add much to what has already been said – thus just waffle. And what is new, is wrong!
So immediate the reader would ask of themselves: “Why have I wasted my time – have I missed something?” - but clearly they have not missed
anything because it was not there in the 1st instance!
       1. “Son of hell being a wicked person”. – The worldly Christian doctrinal definitions would suggest that this is a person who is performing
              nasty things in their life who is destined for everlasting torture when they are resurrected.
              This is a blatantly unrighteous statement for several reasons because:
              1.1It takes no account for the reasons why the person is doing these things.
              1.2 It slams an eternal torture onto the scene – which by now we know does not or will not exist.
              1.3 We make an arbitrary decision upon the future prospects of a person for which The Bible tells us not to do.
              1.4 It takes our eye off ourselves because we think because we are not wicked (like ‘           ),
                                                                                                     they are’ then we are ‘   Sons of the kingdom.’No!
       2. The writers of the commentary have become confused between the application of singular and plural heaven (in their quote 13:38) thus
              meaning on this earth, rather than Sons of God (which I suspect they really mean) and thus should have chosen quotations where JC is
              speaking of those attaining the kingdom of the heavens (plural) which is really what the parables are describing!
                                                                                                             just                   .
       3. The Pharisees bragged about being righteous. The accurate definition of righteous is to be ‘ before Yahweh’ To be accepted by
              Yahweh as being ‘ before Yahweh’means that Yahweh accepts you as being a ‘ of God’ and thus take a place in the heavens. But
                                  just                                                              Son          ,
              while worldly Christians kept ‘                                                                      just
                                               self-righteous’harping on that they are sinful, but because they ‘ have to believe in JC’then at their
              death they will go to heaven(s). Does this pronouncement not make them actually righteous in their own eyes? And thus no different to the
              Pharisees – who also stated their father was Abraham (with the allegoric connections)?
              Can the reader start to realise that there is something just a little wrong here – with regard to True Righteousness?
       4. The Pharisees are blatant sinners and hypocrites. We are all sinners, but yet some worldly Christians are blatant hypocrites as well - from
              what we have seen in the previous pages – so again, does this make them any different to the Pharisees?
       5. The Pharisees spread their false teaching and legalistic ways. I have already demonstrated on this website the false teaching propagated
              by worldly Christianity throughout the ages and including present day – particularly the leaders at the top of the denominations are now,
              today, proudly claiming that you do not need to believe the whole Bible – “only bits of it” that they themselves choose ‘ you’for     !
              Further the legalistic customs that the priests of all denominations perform in their ceremonies.
              So again, what is the difference between the Pharisees and now - today?
       6. They lead people further away from The Truth of The Fidelity into traditions of their own making.
              Do we not see that now? Else there would be unification – but they all have their own ways of doing things – thus 20,000 denominations!
              And further the false doctrine propagated from about 325AD of “the Trinity, purgatory, JC being The Almighty God of The Universe”,
              etc, etc.
So I beg the reader open your eyes and see – is it not “the pot calling the kettle black”?
As I try to show The Pharisees of the Old Israelite Nation truly represent many of the religious leaders of The Christian Nation, there is no difference
as far as Yahweh is concerned. In the leaders and also the two nations as a whole – generically they are spiritually identical.
              Well after all that, being my concerns expressed, then I had better explain what JC really means in this verse!
It is partially covered in the piece above.
It is true of all worldly religions (including evolution) that children of ‘ (worldly) belief’(being one of entrapment) are drawn in by their
environment while young – keen to learn (rather like the old Jesuit saying: “Give me a child till the age of seven and I will give you the man”) and
thus take in all the information like a sponge – often too afraid of their peers (or superiors) to question it (because the child wants to advance in their
chosen [but merely] worldly belief). But after all that time of so many years absorbing the worldly information then they have to stay with it, else ‘      loss
of face’(self-pride being the most important) /livelihood/pension/{peer pressure}/institutional pressures to then stay and perpetuate the myth of
whatever denomination (including evolution of ‘ scientific’denomination) for their future very worldly sustenance.
Which leads me nicely into the next part.
I need to explain “son of Gehenna” (not hell as falsely translated in NIV created to promote even further confusion of the worldly doctrine).
“Gehenna” means “Valley of Hinnom”. As I explained this was a valley outside Old Jerusalem and thus conveniently used as a rubbish pit. Clearly
to consume the rubbish they burnt it, and to assist burning they placed sulphur/brimstone on the rubbish pile to make the flame hotter and thus aid
combustion. Also the dead bodies of criminals and other undesirables were thrown onto this pile to be likewise consumed to nothing. Their fleshly
body were annihilated, though clearly this being the 1st death means that Yahweh has the synapse records of each person to allow resurrection and
the placement of such information within a new fleshly body ready for The Millennium (thus this 1st death as JC tells us was just “asleep”).
However JC was showing the people a graphic picture that they could retain within their mind based upon what they witnessed every day, being of a
human dead body disappearing to nothing = no remains left = death = a (metaphoric) annihilation – only metaphoric because Jesus made that 1st
Death merely one of “Asleep” ONLY because of his Ransom Sacrifice given to each one of us to make our life now 2 part instead of previously only 1
part with guaranteed annihilation at the end of it.
Now tie this in with the passage JC is always speaking of the spiritual aspect to gain as much heavenly treasure as possible thus maximise the positive
synapse construction over the negative aspects of the thought processes contained within the synapse construction. If humans created a synapse
construction that operated in a worldly fashion to perpetuate/sustain false religious ideas and doctrine, then the person would not know how to attain
what Yahweh desires of us. They would practice and develop (habit forming) worldly desires at the expense of Yahweh’ Desire.s
Because satisfying what Yahweh Desires is our only salvation, then those who continue to practice worldly self-indulgencies based upon worldly
religious ideas (and it continues through into The Millennium) then utter death of total annihilation is their only future.
I ask the reader:
            What piece in this commentary gave you the most informative picture (based upon information content) to what this verse truly means?
Matt. 23v16 og Woe/alas (to) (the) you (religious) leaders/guides (being) blind (= unable to see/understand the scriptures),
Matt. 23v16 og the (one= blind guides) exclaiming/stating: Whoever wishes/desires swears/{declares on oath}
Matt. 23v16 og in to the temple, nothing is, and whoever wishes/desires swears/{declares on oath}
Matt. 23v16 og in to the gold of the temple (is the) debtor.
Matt. 23v16    = woe to you religious leaders who do not understand the scriptures when you exclaim swearing an oath upon the temple
means nothing, but if you swear upon the gold of the temple then your oath means something!
Matt. 23v17 og Fools/stupid also blind! For what (the) greater is: The gold                      or the temple the
Matt.   23v17 og      sanctifying/{making holy} the gold?
Matt.   23v18 og      Also who ever swears in to the alter nothing it is, but whoever wishes/desires swears in to the gift
Matt.   23v18 og      to the above/over (it = alter), him (is a) debtor.
Matt.   23v19 og      Fools/stupid also blind! For what (the) greater is:
Matt.   23v19 og      The gift or the alter the sanctifying/{making holy} the gift?
Matt.   23v20 og      Now the (one = person) swearing in to the alter swears in to it also in every/all the (things) above/over it.
Matt.   23v21 og      Also the (one = person) swearing in to the temple swears in to it, also in to the (One) inhabiting it.
Matt.   23v22 og      Also the (one = person) swearing in to the heaven swears in to the throne of the God also
Matt.   23v22            The singular heaven is used because Matthew would never associate anything like this with Yahweh, but rather it is an action
         spirit of the air/sky’would desire of any human.
that the ‘
Matt. 23v22 og in to the (One) sitting above/over it.
Matt. 23v17-22 We are told elsewhere that “Let our Yes be Yes and our No be No” without additional qualifiers being the oaths to support
what we say. Thus JC is telling us we are not to use oaths to reinforce what we say.
            But he is making a further point:-
The fact that you feel a need to make an oath is wrong, but further, your oath is actually directed to the wrong thing. Your eyes are fastidiously
directed to material things of the world, rather than the more important spiritual matters to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire. This is shown by the oath being
made on the gold rather than the temple (as we know represents JCg) and the gift on the alter (as we know represents the spiritual presence of
Yahweh within us). Thus the human fixation is upon the human perceived valuable things (gold, animal offered) rather than the spiritual aspects
                               the              the
figuratively represented by ‘ temple’and ‘ alter’        .
Matt. 23v23 og Woe/alas (to) (the) you scribes also Pharisees (being) hypocritical. Because (you) tithe/pay/give the mint
Matt. 23v23 og (sweet scented plant), also the dill (anise), also the cummim (fennel).
Matt. 23v23 og Also (you have) left/forsaken/{laid aside} the weightier/grievous/serious (things) of The Law,
Matt. 23v23 og the judgment also the faith. These (things it is) necessary/must do/work/make/perform/yield,
Matt. 23v23 og also those not (to) leave/forsake/{lay aside}.
Matt. 23v23              Rather self explanatory. Essentially paying much attention to the small daily trivial things and ignoring:
      1. How ‘ Law’is to be implemented within the hearts of the people – led from the front, by example.
      2. Warning the people the importance of inculcating The Law within their hearts for it to operate in their life for future salvation.
      3. Explaining and demonstrating the integrity/strength of The Fidelity so that the people can understand why they must change their lifestyle.
Naturally all this drops down into the ‘                               s                        The
                                          next generation’in Yahweh’ plan of salvation being ‘ Christian Nation’and ‘         naturally being worldly’we
see the same thing occurring again.
What ministerial clothes should be like and then how they are to worn, when and how. All the little ceremonies associated with any action performed,
the colour of the collection bag on specific worldly ‘ saint’days and the equivalent. All the politics holding the religious edifice together – the tiny
fraction of which we hear. I could just go on and on – but it is just so depressing and makes me feel quite ill thinking about it!
But regarding the 3 points I make above, the reader has to ask himself/herself:
            Is this really going on in worldly Christianity today – or not?
            Is this what Jesus and his apostles taught us?
Matt. 23v24 og Leaders/guides (being) blind the (ones) filtering/straining (out) the gnat/mosquito (from your drink of water),
Matt. 23v24 og and the camel swallowing/devour.
Matt. 23v24    Thus these leaders who are supposed to be guiding us spiritually are effectively taking out of the water (being the knowledge of
                                          the                                                                                                 bits’
salvation from Yahweh) what they feel are ‘ bits’(of worldly contamination) that are affecting this purity, but themselves ignore much larger ‘
that grabbed the whole knowledge and thus contaminated everything!
            s                                                                                                        s
Clearly JC’ mind then ran onto another example to demonstrate other aspects of what these blind ones do to Yahweh’ perfect crystal-clear Word
appropriate at the time.
Matt. 23v25 og Woe/alas (to) (the) you scribes also Pharisees (being) hypocritical. Because (you) cleanse/purge/purify
Matt. 23v25 og the outside of the cup (= ministerial presentation) also the dish/platter and within/inside
Matt. 23v25 og swollen/{entirely full} of extortion/robbery/spoiling also self-indulgence/gratification.
Matt. 23v25                                                                                  s
               The verse running on the back of v24 is moving from the contents of the Yahweh’ Word itself being distorted, to now in v25
being what the utensil (= the religious leaders) are like containing The Word of Yahweh, in that they are supposed to pass onto the recipients (= very
young ‘ children’of the faith) drinking/eating from the utensils. Thus ready for the run into v27 in context, JC is speaking of the apparent lovely
                                              at                                                                    s
exterior/façade of those religious leaders ‘ the top’but in reality they are filthy and thus contaminate Yahweh’ clear water of knowledge by their
own inherent lifestyle.
Thus we can reason upon the 2nd part of this verse to where these ‘  qualities’lead.
Its punch to us is spiritually, by spoiling the opportunity of humans to become TCs, by robbing humans of The Fidelity and the extortion by twisting
The Truth so that there is no separation between fact and fantasy in human minds thus ‘ gain through drawing out (= the resultant actions) by

compulsion (= by the use of false ideas)’as the transcripts of many worldly sermons preached by worldly Christianity clearly demonstrate. I have
legion examples on and off my website for The World to examine.
Matt. 23v26 og Pharisees (being) blind, cleanse/purge/purify first the inside/within of the cup (= ministerial presentation)
Matt. 23v26 og also of the dish/platter (= support structure) that (may) {be generated}/{become into being}/{be fulfilled}
Matt. 23v26 og also the outside of them (the) clean/purged/purified (= their works become pure to Yahweh’ requirements).       s
Matt. 23v26                                                                           s
                       Thus if worldly Christian Leaders actually knew what Yahweh’ Desire was of them, and then they started to teach it with
commitment to demonstrate belief/fidelity in/to JCg and The Father (Yahweh) then their mind (being the synapse construction) would become
reformed by knowing that they were now fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire – knowing what The Target is that they should be aiming towards. Because their
mind was reformed then the works performed as seen from the outside would also become clean. The Bible speaks of this as a person having “white
clothes” where clothes means personality. Sadly worldly Christian Leaders’present understanding is so chaotic, utterly illogical and most
unrighteous because they currently have not much idea where they should be aiming towards or even knowing what they should be doing – if they
actually had any intention to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire!
Please read this website and learn what Yahweh’ Desire is of each individual – rather than attack it as would any person whose devious actions
have been exposed! If a person is fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire then they are not worldly and would thus welcome what this website states!
Matt. 23v27 og Woe/alas (to) (the) you scribes also Pharisees (being) hypocritical. Because (you are) similar/like
Matt. 23v27 og graves/tombs (having been) whitewashed/whitened that outwardly truly appear/seem beautiful,
Matt. 23v27 og and within/inside (are) full (of) (the) bones (of) (the) dead also all uncleaness/foulness/impurity.
Matt. 23v27            This was a much more severe attack against the religious leaders than it might be 1st supposed, for The Jews from their Mosaic
Laws were taught that a dead body was unclean and made themselves unclean if the body was only touched until they became personally purified
ready for the next day. Thus JC here rather extended the analogy to infer these religious leaders where so bad as to be the dead bodies themselves –
a most devastating and accurate observation!
Matt. 23v28 og So also (the) you outwardly truly appear/seem the (ones) to men righteous/just, and within/inside
Matt. 23v28 og swollen/{entirely full} are, (of) (the) hypocrisy/{pertaining to your own} also
Matt.   23v28 og      lawlessness/iniquity/transgressor/unlawful.
Matt.   23v29 og      Woe/alas (to) (the) you scribes also Pharisees (being) hypocritical. Because (you) build/edify/embolden
Matt.   23v29 og      the graves/tombs of the prophets also adorn/garnish the monuments (= the physical visible structures of
Matt.   23v29 og      remembrance) of the righteous (explained in John 5v47).
Matt.   23v30 og                            If
                      Also exclaim/state: ‘ (we) had been in to the days of the fathers of us, not wish/desire (we) have (been)
Matt.   23v30 og      sharer/companion/associates of them in to the blood of the prophets.
Matt.   23v31 og      So you witness (= the person =) yourselves, because sons you are of the (the ones) murdering/slaying the
Matt.   23v31 og      prophets.
Matt.   23v31          And so sadly it happens equally ‘  today’during The Gospel Age!
Let me give two notable examples:-
      1. My classic example is William Tyndale – hounded by The Religious Leaders of his day all around Europe to finally half garrotte him and
            then burnt him at the stake! His only crime was to bring The Word of God to the English speaking world in its own language.
            And what do we have today? The religious leaders stating: He did good work by bringing The Bible in the English language to the people
            in their own tongue!
      2. My other example is slightly different – but demonstrates the very same principles – summed up as hypocrisy!
            It would be during war time through the last 1800 years where the religious authorities have teamed up with secular authorities to give
            moral support to the troops in their work. And this occurs on both sides of The War particularly so in the Two Great Wars – delivering the
            carnage we witness!
            Then afterwards we have annual parades so that we remember The Dead fallen in the conflict.
            Where we surmise – just as JC tells us that these religious leaders say how wonderful these people are – being the very ones that these self
            same religious leaders endorsed to be killed in the 1st instance!
If these stark examples do not show the double standards of hypocrisy in the religious leader’ teaching then I do not know what else I can offer!
Please note: My stance to The Solder is exactly the same as was Jesus to the centurion and John The Baptist was when asked by The Solder what he
should do. I am not against these often, very sincere, individuals in whom there is no malice – but fully sympathise with them – being given the ‘short
straw’by their religious and secular leaders (under the general heading of “Politics”)!
My mind is reminded of Aesop’ Fables and the specific one that comes to mind would be the old man and his donkey - in particular when we
consider the differences in their responses to an attack from ‘ enemy’– it makes worth-while reading in this context!
For I look to The World of JCg instituted as The Millennium where the fleshly solders will be no more – for there will be no wars – but only The
144000 Sons of God teaching and administrating righteousness, who each could call upon the assistance of 10 legions of angels – where as we read
at 2King.19v35 it only required one angel to kill 185,000 men!
There will be no large outbreaks of conflict in what will be a most righteous future society!
Matt. 23v32 og Also (the) you accomplish/{fully complete}/{fill up} the measure of the fathers (of) (the) you.
Matt. 23v33 og Serpents (= sharp malicious person driven by Satan), Offspring/descendants/fruit (of) (the) Viper/Adder.
Matt. 23v33            Showing a metaphoric link to whom their father really is Gen.3v1, Rev.12v9 effectively behaving in a silver/forked-tongued
manner to entice the recipient for purely self-indulgent reasons.
Matt. 23v33 og How escape/shun/avoid you from of the judgement of the Gehenna (see v15 and many other places on this
Matt. 23v33 og website for full explanation).
Matt. 23v34 og Through (the reason of) this. Behold/Look! I send/dispatch/commission towards you prophets also wise
Matt. 23v34 og (spiritually – not worldly) also scribes/writers also of them (you) will kill/slay/assassinate (privately),
Matt. 23v34 og also crucify (= public execution e.g. William Tyndale), also of them (you) will scourge/flog in the
Matt. 23v34 og synagogues/churches (of) (the) you also persecute/{pursue to harm/hurt} from city into (next) city.
Matt. 23v35 og So that comes/enters/accompanies upon you every/all blood righteous (being) {poured out}/shed/spilt
Matt. 23v35 og upon of the earth from the blood of Abel of the righteous until of the blood (of the) Zechariah,
Matt. 23v35 og [son of Barachiah = CA] whom (you) murdered/slew between/adjoining of the temple also of the alter.
Matt. 23v36 og Truly I exclaim/state (to) (the) you, will come these (things) upon the generation/nation/age this.
Matt. 23v37 og Jerusalem, Jerusalem the (one = inhabitants of/representing the city) killing/slaying the prophets also stoning
Matt. 23v37 og the (ones = prophets) sent/dispatched/commissioned towards her (= Jerusalem). How often I
Matt. 23v37 og desired/pleased/intended (to) gather/collect (together) the children (of the) you (in) that character/manner

Matt. 23v37 og gathers/collects together a bird the young of her underneath the wings, also not you
Matt. 23v37 og desired/delighted/pleased (to do this).
Matt. 23v37                                                                                                            head-up’the Old
               Thus Jerusalem (as the name tells us “Jerusalem” means “The City of Peace” as prophecy) was supposed to ‘
Israelite Nation and thus the children here, means The Israelite Nation who were supposed to fulfil Yahweh’ Desire through JCg (hence JC speaking
 as         )
‘ himself’ and bring the world around to learn righteousness. They failed miserably (just as any worldly nation would – even The Christian Nation
as a whole, now), but that is why JC came to open up a route for those TCs (chosen out of The worldly Christian Nation) during The Gospel Age to
become part of The New Spiritual Nation. This is The Mystery that the prophets yearned to know – that JC unfolded during his ministry of The Good
News = The Gospel! Thus while the body of JC being TCs is The New Spiritual Nation during The Gospel Age demonstrating its worthiness, but
when the TCs are resurrected into spiritual bodies into The Millennium now to typify Jerusalem (being The City of Peace) will then bring The World
to righteousness and thus fulfil Yahweh’ Desire.
            Can the reader see the utter circular righteousness of Yahweh’ ultimate plan?
Matt. 23v38 og Beware/Look (is being) left/forsaken/{laid aside} (to) (the) you the house(hold) (of) (the) you
Matt. 23v38 og desolate/solitary/waste/wilderness (= you and your family are forsaken and will become desolate = no inheritance).
Matt. 23v38             No inheritance to the Old Israelite Nation because it has moved to The TCs chosen from out of The Christian Nation and
likewise mirrored by The Christian Nation as a whole, it too will have no inheritance (but only the TCs who mirror the prophets (etc) of Old Israel).
Matt. 23v39 og For I exclaim/state (to) (the) you, not no (= unable to) me will see from now until (you) wish/desire say:
Matt. 23v39 og “Blessed/praised/prosper (is) the (one = JCg) coming/entering/accompanying in the name of the Lord.
Matt. 23v39             Not quite as explained by others. This is more spiritual rather than physical. I have placed (one = JCg) being that JCg coming
in the name of Yahweh at the 1st 2nd C. However it equally could be applied to those accepting a TC (these chosen humans are spoken of as ‘     angels’
= messengers of Yahweh where we are told to accept humans into our company because they may be angels – but these ‘         angels’are in fact TCs
coming to sincerely/honestly/truthfully preach Yahweh’ Word).
Thus we now combine the two above for the complete explanation to this verse.
            We can now reason the following.
A human who accepts a TC into their company, accepts ‘       angels’to teach them the Word of Yahweh. As we are told in The Bible these TCs/angels
represent “JCg knocking at the door” (Rev.3v20). The person opens the door to JCg in their life by listening and absorbing the knowledge into their
mind from a TC and then adopting it to become their lifestyle motivated by their heart to do so. This process was described in The Bible where “JCg
has supper with you”. When they have done this and become committed to imitate JC in their life, then JCg’ presence/coming will be made manifest
by JCg dispensing Yahweh’ HS within this newly committed person.
In this manner the newly committed person has been watching for JCg’ presence, thus JCg has come early (not physically seen by worldly people
but seen through the fruits of the HS operating within this person). Thus reiterating; a TC who imitates JC is watching for JCg who is thus actually
operating within them. Though this person may die (= asleep) they were still watching while they were still conscious just prior to becoming
“Asleep”. Thus when JCg comes at his 1st 2nd C they will be part of the 5 brides who were ready watching for their bridegroom (= JCg) now
physically coming to collect them at their “Awakening/Rousing”.
I know this fully links all the relevant parts of The Bible passages logically and righteously together.
Matt.   24v1 og        Also {going/issuing forth}/escaping/{getting out} the JC journeyed/{went away} from of the temple
Matt.   24v1 og        also drew near the disciples (of the) him showed (to the) him the buildings of the temple.
Matt.   24v2 og        And the JC said to them: Not you behold/look/see all these (things = buildings).
Matt.   24v2 og        Truly I exclaim/state (to) (the) you: not no (= unable to) be left/forsaken/{laid aside} here stone upon
Matt.   24v2 og        stone which not no (= unable to) be {thrown/cast down}/destroyed/{broken up}.
Matt.   24v3 og        And reclining/sitting (of the) him (JC) upon the Mount of Olives, drew near (to the) him the disciples
Matt.   24v3 og        under privacy exclaiming/stating: “Tell us when these (things) will be will be, also what (is) the
Matt.   24v3 og        wonder/sign/miracle of the your presence/coming/advent also of the {entire completion}/{the end}
Matt.   24v3 og        of the age/{present operations}/{old to new world} (= when is this present system of things going to end)?”
Matt.   24v4 og        Also answering the JC said to them: “Beware/Look/Perceive (thus observe, take in and understand, so that)
Matt.   24v4 og        not any of you (becomes) misled/deceived/seduced/{go astray} (from The Fidelity/Assurance).
Matt.   24v5 og        For many (persons = false prophets) will come/enter (into the world) upon to the name of the me
Matt.   24v5 og        exclaiming/stating: “I am the Christ”, also many (persons as false prophets) (will) cause to
Matt.   24v5 og        err/{become deceived/seduced}/wander/misled (those being weak in accurate spiritual knowledge).
Matt.   24v5             I was just watching a program called ‘  Cult Killer’(21st Aug 2006) speaking of proselyte ‘ Rick’born into The Children of ’   god’
religious cult who practised ‘                       ,             The
                                Free Love Theology’ and under ‘ Law of Love’one could practice anything! This was started by a religious person
called David Berg in 1968 California who created ‘ Family’of god (clearly worldly god, Satan). But he portrayed himself as being representative
of JC and used his acolytes to entice new converts into the group through sexual favours during which they prayed with the new converts to share JC
with them. An utter distortion of ‘ love’being the erotica love, rather than the charity love that we must show to our neighbour (to our own hurt).
Very sadly some 30 children have committed suicide over the last 30 years or so after being part of this cult.
Then we had another group at Waco under the leadership David Koresh (or the Branch Davidians) who had their own type of faith supported by
worldly armaments – an anathema to TC teaching and distortion to why the world was against them.
But the TC is a model secular person fully law-abiding in all aspects and the only reason why the world is against a TC is because the TC imitates JC
and in doing so, the TC clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy of those merely claiming to represent JC but their worldly self-indulgence lets them down.
A third example was The People’ Temple cult headed up by Jim Jones started in America and then they moved to Jonestown in Guyana where some
912 then killed themselves in 1978.
And finally bringing this subject matter full circle in several respects, now back to the present at the time of writing, we hear of the arrest of the cult
leader Warren Jeffs by the FBI in USA. This cult leader claims to be The Prophet of ‘    god’for his group called The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints near to Colorado City, Arizona. Operating under similar practices to those occurring in The Children of ‘      god’within this
                                          s                                                                    in
group. Their doctrine twists The Bible’ Book of Revelation, so that the description of The Temple means ‘ their understanding’the physical bricks
that they are presently putting into their temple located in Arizona so that when it is finished then ‘god’will come.
The common denominator is that human lives are destroyed by these ‘       very extreme’false prophets who claimed to represent JC.
These are just four appalling examples out of very many examples in the late 20th Century that show the veracity of what JC was prophesising about
the future being of what was and yet to come.
Though sceptics would say this has happened all the time throughout history – so I ask: – “Prove it
I invite the sceptics to validate their words and demonstrate the frequency of these alleged groupings through the ages!”
Matt. 24v6 og And (you) (are to) expect/anticipate/shall hear of wars/battles also rumours/reports of wars/battles.
Matt. 24v6 og See/discern/{take heed} (of these things occurring and keeping at a distance), not be frightened/troubled
Matt. 24v6 og (in the mind) for must these (things) happen/occur. But not yet is the end/conclusion/{ultimate limit}

Matt.   24v6          (of these things occurring).
Matt.   24v6          (More death from the wars of the 20th century has occurred than at all time within the previous history - combined!)
Matt.   24v7 og       For will be awoken/roused/raised nation upon nation also kingdom/realm upon kingdom/realm also
Matt.   24v7 og       (there) will be famines/hunger/destitution also plagues/disease/pestilence also
Matt.   24v7 og       earthquakes/volcanoes/tempests/floods against (human) {occupied places}.
Matt.   24v7            It is an audited fact that more death and destruction through natural disasters upon human occupied places has been steadily
increasing during the last few decades, so again they have more influence upon humans than at any other time in history.
Matt. 24v8 og And all these (things occurring) (are) beginning/first (of the commencement) (of) (the)
Matt. 24v8 og throes/sorrows/travail/{pangs of pain} (so there is more yet).
Matt. 24v9 og Then they (associates, religious people to the secular authorities) betray/{yield/deliver up}/surrender/imprison
Matt. 24v9 og you (= TCs) into affliction/persecution/tribulation/anguish also will kill/slay you (TCs) also (you TCs) will
Matt. 24v9 og be hated/detested by every/all of the nations through (the reason of) the name (of the) me.
Matt. 24v9              By imitating the lifestyle/works of JC then the nations will hate the TC, as I copiously and in detail explain elsewhere it is
because the lifestyle of the TC is showing the false religious leaders’lifestyles to be hypocritical. And thus the religious leaders will remove this
‘                                                                  no
 thorn from their side’through the secular authorities so that ‘ blood can be seen on their own hands’        .’
Matt. 24v10 og Also then (will be) ensnared/entrapped/apostasies/offended many (people), also one another (will)
Matt. 24v10 og betray/{yield/deliver up}/surrender/imprison [also shall hate one another = CA, thus ignore it].
Matt. 24v11 og Also many false prophets will be awoken/roused/raised (up) also will cause to
Matt. 24v11 og err/{become deceived/seduced}/wander/misled many (humans).
Matt. 24v11             As we progressively witness today – pandemic.
Matt. 24v12 og Also through (reason of) the multiplication/{boundless increase}of the lawlessness/iniquity, the growth
Matt. 24v12 og of coldness/{lack of humanity}/lifeless (inside the humans as they self-interestedly fight for the lack of resources and
Matt. 24v12 og having a ‘           house of spiritual knowledge’built upon sand) the (lack of charity) love of the many (humans).
Matt. 24v12             As we progressively witness today – pandemic.
Matt. 24v13 og And the (one = TC) enduring/patient/persevering (in The Fidelity) into (the) end/termination (of the 1st part of
Matt. 24v13 og their life) this one (will be) kept safe/preserved/healed/delivered/{made whole} (being resurrected into a
Matt. 24v13             spiritual body at the 1st 2nd C of JCg where The 2nd Death has no power over the TC).
Matt. 24v13             This, together with v14, are the key verses that tell us how JC is beginning to spilt the prophecy to show how the Jew is
‘officially’replaced by The Christian as being trustees of His Word. Where likewise the vast majority of Christians mirror the worldly self-indulgence
of their predecessors (prior to JC’ ministry). But Yahweh is drawing out “A New People”, “A Remnant”, “People for His Name” being The 144000
TCs taken out of The Gospel Age that precisely imitate JC in their ministry – by becoming dead to the present world of inducements (that would
otherwise nullify their effectiveness).
Matt. 24v14 og Also (will be) proclaimed this, The Gospel (= The Good News) of the kingdom (singular - thus of
Matt. 24v14 og The Millennium here upon the earth) in all the inhabited earth for a testimony/witness (= the information of
Matt. 24v14 og The Millennium) (to) every/all the nations also then will come the end/termination/conclusion (of this present
Matt. 24v14             6000 year system under the maladministration of Satan).
Matt. 24v15 og Whenever then (you) see/consider/perceive/understand the detestation/abomination (being a form of
Matt. 24v15 og idolatry) of the despoliation/desolation the (one = entity) spoken through Daniel of the prophet
Matt. 24v15 og standing/abiding/appointed/{lay hold to} in (to the) (occupied) place (to the) holy, the (one = person) reading
Matt. 24v15 og (this then) consider/think/comprehend/understand (Prophecy given at Dan.11v31-32).
Matt. 24v16 og Then the (ones = people) in to the Judea (they are to) flee upon the mountains.
Matt. 24v16             The conclusion of The Israelite Nation through its destruction by The Romans where for about 3.5 years they were given an
opportunity (67 to 70 CE) to escape from Jerusalem (= seat of Worldly Authority representing Yahweh’ Word). Likewise being those so many
worldly Christians at the end of The Gospel Age tied up in the seat of Worldly Authority representing Yahweh’ Word = The ‘         Jerusalem’of
Christendom (being its leaders) must flee from its impending destruction because of the fornication of its leaders with the present god of this world -
Satan. Because they misrepresented Yahweh’ Word for some 2000 years – just as The Israelites had done for some 2000 years prior to JC’            s
ministry! (See Rev.18) For Yahweh does not desire them in their present positions for The Millennium – thus they must be removed and replaced by
humble/lowly TCs (to be Sons of God) taken out of The Gospel Age.
Matt. 24v17 og The (one = person) upon of the housetops not (he to) go down/under (to) take any (thing) from the house
Matt. 24v17 og (of the) him.
Matt. 24v18 og Also the (one = person) in to the field not (him) turn around back/return (to) take the garment (of the) him.
Matt. 24v17-18 While at a superficial level the contents of these two verses might show haste to avoid the impeding problems, however most
things in The Bible are allegoric and thus there is a second level to be considered.
As I show through this website’ exegesis:
            “housetop” means “vantage point” = made/make known
            “house” means “household” = family
            “field” means “growing area” = The world
            “garment” always means “the clothing being how people see you” = personality
Now place the translated words back into the two verses and what do you understand from the new text.
v27 = The person having it made known must not take anything from his family.
v28 = Also the person in the world must not turn back to take his personality.
            This all seems very cryptic, but quite simply it means:-
v27 = The brethren (having knowledge – made known) must not return back to ‘ family’- being what it believes in.
v28 = The brethren (living in the world) must not return back to take on his old personality (and forsake his new personality).
Thus all that is being said in this cryptic fashion is: Stay firm to The Fidelity when The World around is imploding – do not become weakened and
thus enticed back into The World (being its methodology operations driven by The World’ doctrine of falsehoods).
Matt. 24v19 og And woe/alas to the (ones) in womb having (= pregnant), also to the (ones) suckling (= breast feeding babies)
Matt. 24v19 og in those the days (obviously thinking of past conflicts in Jewish history – to be repeated again here).
Matt. 24v20 og And pray/supplicate/worship that not {will occur}/{become reality} the flight/escape/fleeing (of the)

Matt.   24v20 og       you (of the) winter (cold being painful) nor in (to the) Sabbath (indicating much work would be required in the escape).
Matt.   24v21 og       For will be then affliction/persecution/anguish much/great, such as not (has) occurred from (the)
Matt.   24v21 og       first/beginning (of the) world (not meaning the lifeless planet, but humans upon the planet – thus occurred from
Matt.   24v21 og       Adam/Eve). Until of the now neither not no (= unable to) occur/happen
Matt.   24v22 og       Also if not (= except) abridged/shortened the days the (specific ones = days), not wish/desired be
Matt.   24v22 og       saved/protected/healed/{made whole} any flesh, and through (reason of) the elect/chosen (= TCs)
Matt.   24v22 og       abridged/shortened the days the (specific ones = days).
Matt.   24v22            = These specific days must be shortened because humans (experiencing this suffering) wish to be saved from this present
system (because they can see no point in living into the future of Satan’ present worldly system). It is because of this reason Yahweh is hastening the
end of Satan’ rule (through abridging these days of Satan’ rulership) by starting with the 1st 2nd C where all the TCs (of The Gospel Age) are taken
               s                                              s
(those who are dead/asleep awoken/roused (= resurrected) and then together with those final TCs who are already alive in the 21st century will all be
changed into spiritual bodies/beings to then be gathered with JCg).
Sadly in this present increasingly sickening worldly system, we are all witness to this, when we see many very unfortunate suicidal victims ‘     pushed
over the edge’because they can see ‘ light at the end of the tunnel’to their present depression/predicament within this world under Satan’         s
control. That is why JC has given us The Good News of The Millennium giving the 2nd phase of the human’ existence to learn what life should really
be like under JCg’ control (which is never specifically taught today by worldly Christianity nor any other worldly religion). Clearly it is no excuse to
 end                                                                                   s
‘ our active life early’because we are told (Ecc 12v13) to actively fulfil Yahweh’ Desire (Commandments) in this whole life (made up of 2 parts)
as I describe elsewhere, these being to imitate JC and actively promote Yahweh’ Word to other people so that they too may become TCs to then fulfil
Yahweh’ Desire within their own lives. The atheist may dispassionately describe this as a virus having all the negative connotations, but in reality
this ‘virus’benefits all humans to generate a society of mutual support and selflessness. Surely we all want this?
‘ the sake of the TCs’can mean several things:
   1. The end times are becoming so stressful that JCg comes to take his TCs at the 1st 2nd C before the “full wrath of Yahweh is poured upon the
         earth” (= humans becoming wrathful upon themselves) thus meaning Yahweh is allowing this to occur (but because many TCs have suffered
         and died already thus we can reason that (2) below is the more likely).
   2. Satan’ system is being brought to a close at the 1st 2nd C from (1), though not completely finished because there is a further 3.5 years to go
         from this point before The Millennium starts, but this event/advent heralds the ‘start of the end’ ‘ start of the end’means that all the TCs
                                                                                                           . The
         have been taken off this planet to learn the responsibilities entailed by becoming being a Son of God, and then to come back upon the earth
         3.5 years later to start the preaching work to all humans resurrected into fleshly bodies during The Millennium. Thus this scenario is for “the
         sake of the TCs’being taken so that days are now shortened”, thus enabling them to provide relief to the billions of humans resurrected in
         The Millennium that now is imminent.
Matt. 24v23 og Then (in those days) if any (person) (of) (the) you says: “Behold here the Christ, or (the JC located) here,
Matt. 24v23 og not do believe/entrust/commit/{have faith} (in these {charlatan priests}/{self-claimed impersonators}).
Matt. 24v24 og For (will) awaken/roused/rise false/impersonator christs (=messiahs =people claim to be saviours chosen/anointed
Matt. 24v24 og by ‘ ), also false/impersonator prophets (people giving false predictions/interpretations to mislead many humans),
Matt. 24v24 og also (they give) signs/miracles great also marvellous wonders/omens (= ‘                           reasoned’arguments) so as
Matt. 24v24 og {cause to err/wander}/{become seduced/deceived} (away from The Fidelity) if possible also the
Matt. 24v24 og elect/chosen (= thus sound ‘ convincing’that TCs could become influenced by these false teachers).
Matt. 24v25 og Look/Behold I have foretold/predicted (to) (the) you (these things so that you are forewarned and prepared).
Matt. 24v26 og If then/now they say (to the) you: “Behold/Look in to the desert/wilderness – He is! Not go forth.
Matt. 24v26 og Behold/Look in the private rooms (- He is!). Not believe/entrust.
Matt. 24v27 og For as the lightening (= flash/glare of light) goes forth from (the) east also shines {as far as}/until (the) west
Matt. 24v27 og so will be also the presence/coming of the Son of the man(kind).
Matt. 24v27              Many members of the worldly Christian nation get really ‘  hung-up’over presence and coming. The Greek word “Parousia”
Strongs = 3952 used here v27 more accurately means ‘      presence’rather than any of the other 18 Greek words all having different aspects of
come/coming being Strongs = 305, 602, 1205, 1511, 1525, 1529, 1531, 1607, 1660, 1831, 1904, 1999, 2064, 2186, 2597, 3854, 4334, 4905 that could
have been used. Particularly 1660 which means “advent”. Thus we can reason that when there is only the one word for “presence” then it means just
that definition - when it is used!
Thus worldly Christians believe that ‘   presence’means to ‘ come’to physically show yourself. Other Christians believe it just means JCg’      s
influence/effect will be here only.
Actually both sides are right and both are wrong - it actually depends upon context and in this instance it also means both – that is why it is used!
JCg’ presence does exist early during The Gospel Age long before his 1st 2nd C..
             But here the word ‘ presence’is used in v27 – so what does this mean?
“JCg’ presence early in The Gospel Age.”
This word ‘  presence’means that something is detected only if someone is watching. Thus the ‘   presence of something’is not immediately obvious to
those within the environment.
Thus we quickly reason that the environment being ‘ world’does not see JCg but only those humans within the environment who are watching,
thus actively looking for JCg. Those specific individuals actively watching for JCg are TCs who demonstrate their active watching by their works
intimating JC, thus JCg makes his presence known to them. This is displayed by the fruits of the HS and the support they get within their lives to
actively and accurately promote Yahweh’ Word to more people.
However the rest of The World cannot see JCg and thus not detect his presence within The World. But they are able to see JCg in a TC because the
TC has taken on JC’ name by accurately imitating his lifestyle. You become the mini-mobile temple of Yahweh that humans come to visit when they
desire to worship Yahweh by coming to you to learn about Him. You become the mechanism to teach about Yahweh and thus JCg presence works
through you.
Thus JCg has come early as ‘ presence’before the 1st 2nd C to only those (= TCs) who are watching and actively working out Yahweh’ Desire
                                a                                                                                                             s
within their lifestyle.
We then have the word ‘           .
                           come’ To ‘  come’normally means very visible to everyone, but not necessary to effect them, thus different to the word
‘                         not                     is
 presence’that means ‘ readily visible’but ‘ felt’as given above.
             So why is the word ‘ presence’with the connotation of ‘   coming’used here rather than any of the other 18 words for ‘  coming’  ?
             Perhaps it does mean both ‘  presence’and ‘  coming’ !
Because as the contextual description tells us: JCg’ 1st 2nd C will be very visible from the east to the west like a shining light (but it might not in any
‘human’form but in some extraordinary physical event which is very significant). Also we are told in v26 of humans who are not to be misled by false
prophets/leaders by going into open or private places to see JCg’ coming. Thus we can reason by default, the text can only be referring to worldly
Christian nation humans who would go (not atheists, nor those of another religion nor TCs). But we are told JCg’ presence/coming will be very
visible to all humans. All humans would fall into one of these four sub-groups (1) worldly Christians, (2) atheists, (3) members of other religions
(groups 1-3 being those not watching) and (4) TCs (who were watching). Thus this 1st 2nd C is ‘   coming’because he (as this extraordinary physical
event) is readily seen and also a ‘ presence’is felt by all humans because they can recognise a supremely powerful entity external to their own
existence is making their presence felt more so now, than earlier just through his TCs during previous 2000 years or so. However JCg is only coming
to collect his bride (to which he has had a presence within during the 1st part of their life) – then once this has been done he will go again leaving The
World in utter shock! But The World will continue in its own manner still under Satan’ control but now rapidly degenerating through an implosion
into chaos for the next 3.5 years before The Millennium heralding JCg’ righteous rule.
            What does The Bible mean when it tells us “JCg will come as a thief in the night”?
This indicates a condition where JCg is not seen!
            Does this mean the Bible has contradicted itself (being visible v27 but also invisible like a thief)?
Actually those who believe this, have taken the quotation out of context.
The answer given in the text was not to the question “How will JCg come”, but “When will JCg come”.
Thus JCg is not coming like “a thief” in the manner he comes, but that he comes as “a thief” in the night when he comes!
This subtle difference is missed by virtually everyone!
Thus we are speaking of the timing of when JCg comes. Just as we do not know when the thief comes (else we are ready for him – hence in context
the 10 brides, 5 who were ready and 5 who were not) then likewise we do not know exactly when JCg will come as his 1st 2nd C – just as JC told us
here on earth during his ministry – but only when his Father = Yahweh tells him to come (because it is Yahweh Who is choosing who His 144000
sons are to be – taken out of The Gospel Age). Thus the epistles are always telling us “the time is short”, we do not know when JCg will come to take
us (while alive or when they could die/{become “Asleep”}), thus we must always be working out Yahweh’ Desire in our lifestyle – because once we
become “Asleep” (= The 1st Death) we cannot effect any more positive heavenly treasure!
                                       the                                                                                 s
            Hopefully this clears up ‘ fog’of utter misinformation there is operating here on this earth within Satan’ worldly system.
Matt. 24v28 og For wherever if must/should (be) the corpse/carcase there will be gathered/collected the vultures.
Matt. 24v28              Does this mean there will be dead bodies here at this event/advent?
JC is giving us verification/assurance that this will be just as he has described.
He is saying:
            Just as when there is a dead body then vultures will collect around it.
            So then what I have spoken of (in v23-27) being the manner of my 1st 2nd C is also true – just as I have declared to you.
Matt. 24v29              We see after my explanation of v28, JC then repeats v23-28 again to fully emphasis what his 1st 2nd C will be like – particularly
when this is what the disciples specifically asked for – commonly done to make a specific point!
Matt. 24v29 og And immediately after the anguish/affliction/persecution of the days the (specific ones = days), the
Matt. 24v29 og {sun light/rays} obscured/darkened also the moon not will give/deliver the light/brilliance (of) her.
Matt. 24v29 og Also the stars (= Satan and his angels = demons) will fall (= loose influence – see Revelations) from the heaven
Matt. 24v29 og also the miraculous powers/abilities/strength of the heavens will be agitated/shaken/toppled/subside
Matt. 24v29    (= JCg now establishes his rightful position in the heavens with respect to this earth ready for The Millennium to occur).
Matt. 24v29    This is all symbolic language.
This verse is figuratively speaking about the major changes occurring in the heavens because The Gospel Age is coming to its end (= ‘ End
Times’of Satan’ jurisdiction over this planet for the last 6000 years). Thus Satan knows his time is short (Rev.12v12) and is working through these
false ‘christs’who themselves are fulfilling their own self-indulgencies. Thus Yahweh is assigning full power to JCg to be soon expressed/exercised
upon this Earth. Because during the last 6000 years Yahweh has been so distant to most humans, that The Bible expresses the ‘   soon to occur’
spectacular event (to cover the whole world) then by the most appropriate allegory being the two largest objects in the heavens relative to the Earth –
the sun and moon. Thus the physical sun and moon becomes darkened by the two Entities (Yahweh and JCg) having infinitely more power being now
expressed than mere physical objects (Sun and Moon).
Thus with Yahweh’ power expressed to be apparently greater in magnitude than the sun – thus the sun appears darkened, and likewise because JCg
is now assuming full power (being given the go-ahead to move upon this planet by Yahweh) then it will appear that the Moon is darkening while JCg
starts to move upon this Earth. Please see “Sun” and “Moon” in the Glossary.
Matt.   24v30 og       Also then will show/appear/{be seen} the {wondrous signs/tokens/miracles} of the son of the
Matt.   24v30 og       man(kind) in to the heaven (singular – thus acting upon this earth), (= the very visible 1st 2nd C of JCg ) also then will
Matt.   24v30 og       wail/mourn/grieve (because they will realise what they have missed in ignoring The Fidelity within their 1st life)
Matt.   24v30 og       every/all the tribes/race/clan of the land also (they will) see/gaze/look the son of the man(kind)
Matt.   24v30 og       coming/entering/upon to the cloud of the heaven(s) with miraculous powers/abilities/strength also
Matt.   10v33          Again I have two different original Greek texts stating a singular and plural “heaven” in this 2nd position – thus I would
understand this to be single heaven – because JCg in whatever guise will be visible in the sky to all those on the Earth..
Matt. 24v30 og dignity/glory/honour/praise/worship much (being v27 repeated – just so there is no confusion in what was said).
Matt. 24v31 og Also (Yahweh will) send/dispatch/commission the angels (of the) Him with trumpet [sound/noise = CA]
Matt. 24v31 og great/loud (this is the 7th Trumpet of Revelations) also (they = angels will) gather/collect the elect/chosen (= TCs)
Matt. 24v31 og (of the) Him (Yahweh’ now to become His sons) from of the four winds (to mean the four quarters of the earth
Matt. 24v31 og = points of the compass = north/east/west/south) from (the) ends/extremities (of the) heaven (singular thus taken off
Matt. 24v31 og this planet) {as far as}/until (the) ends/extremities (of) (the) them.
Matt. 24v32 og And from of the fig tree learn the parable (basically telling us to look for the signs of the end times):-
Matt. 24v32 og ‘        When now tender shoot/branch of it becomes tender, also the leaves it sprouts/{puts out} (you) know
Matt. 24v32 og because near the summer Thus when you see these obvious signs – as described – then you know Yahweh’ Acceptable           s
Matt. 24v32            Year has moved forward to the next phase where we shall enter The Millennium period – under new management for relief!.
Matt. 24v33 og So also you, when (you) see/perceive every/all these (things) know/understand because near it is upon
Matt. 24v33 og (the) doors (to mean the opening for TCs to become Sons of God = the main reason for The Gospel Age).
Matt. 24v34 og Truly I exclaim/state (to the) you, not no (= unable to)
Matt.   24v34 og       {passes by/away}/transgress/{be removed}/approach/arrive the age/generation/nation/time
Matt.   24v34 og       this until wish/desire all these (things) generated/{come into being}/occur.
Matt.   24v35 og       The heaven/sky (singular thus = around this earth) also the earth (will)
Matt.   24v35 og       {pass away}/{go by/away}/transgress/{be removed}/approach/arrive and words/sayings (of the) me
Matt.   24v35 og       not no (= unable to) (may) {pass away}/{go by/away}/transgress/{come near}/approach/arrive.
Matt.   24v35               s
                     = Satan’ system presently operating here on the earth and around the earth in the atmosphere (= sky) will be removed and
                 s                                                        s
replaced with JCg’ kingdom rule in The Millennium. As we are told “Satan’ influence is like the air we breath”.

Matt.   24v36 og And concerning of The Day the (specific one = The start of The Millennium being the 1st 2nd C), also of the
Matt.   24v36 og hour/time/season no person knows/understands/{aware of}, neither the angels/messengers of the
Matt.   24v36 og heavens if not (= except) the Father (= Yahweh) (of the) me only.
Matt.   24v36    Thus demonstrates how separate these two reasoning Entities are – so how can the very worldly Christian Doctrine state they
are the same in “Oneness Doctrine” or three ‘   combined lumps’of “The Trinity Doctrine” and where is the HS in all this? Also how can worldly
Christian Doctrine insinuate that The Almighty God died on a post! It shows what absolute rubbish this doctrine is being perpetuated and I strongly
desire / invite the world’ very best Trinitarian Doctrine representatives to defend their very errant worldly ideas to me so that I may use The Bible
Scriptures to show how very wrong they are. If I do get any written correspondence I will post their errant ideas on this website and then answer
them word by word using The Bible text.
However rather than contend with me, I would much rather they sit back and consider everything on this website very carefully and realise that the
present worldly Christian doctrine has deceived them, but now having The Knowledge of The Fidelity to then start preaching it and thus demonstrate
it within their life to bring more people accurately to The Absolute Truth! But now having this knowledge – they have no excuse before Yahweh if
they choose not to reform their thinking and consequential lifestyle – for which they will have to answer to Yahweh!
Matt.   24v37 og       And as/likewise in the days of the Noah so will be also the presence/coming of the son of the
Matt.   24v37 og       man(kind).
Matt.   24v38 og       For as (they) were in the days the (ones) before of the flood eating also drinking, marrying also given in
Matt.   24v38 og       marriage until which day entered into the ark.
Matt.   24v39 og       Also not (they) knew/understood/aware until came/entered (into the world) the flood also
Matt.   24v39 og       {lifted up} took/{carried away} all/{the whole}/every (one = person).
Matt.   24v39           Thus we reason that because JC was, as he claimed to be the Son of God = JCg who was thus around during the time of
Abraham, Noah and Adam/Eve (as we are told by The Bible), then we can reason that as a witness/{and party} to the events of The Flood – then it
truly did occur and wiped out the vast majority of humans just as Scientists now believe when studying the human mtDNA. Though I may disagree
over their dating to when this occurred being a factor of about 15 out, however ultimately, enormous timing errors can be generated through
extrapolation of known observed data forming about 0.03% of the time frame! (Hardly scientific logic – but the best we humans can do at present!).
Sadly as history demonstrates scientists cannot deal with discontinuities within physical data – for they ‘                           s
                                                                                                              correctly’apply Occam’ Razor for the
minimized solution of the facts known at the time and presume a linear equation. But when more data is made known and discontinuities show
themselves then radical changes in hypotheses are forthcoming – thus we reason here scientists are now closer to proving The Flood – but are yet
only half-way there! They just require more data on the mtDNA!
            But waters covering the whole earth and the mountains - Impossible?
As I explain in meticulous detail elsewhere on this website, The Flood as JCg said did occur and it killed the humans by creating the bottleneck in
mankind (now as the scientists are beginning to say actually happened) that also removed the error correcting DNA (now termed ‘         junk DNA’because
it is now misaligned and assumed to do nothing) that caused our life expectancy to drop so drastically after the flood. Though utterly logical, it will
hurt atheist evolutionists because it goes counter to their ‘ religious’belief based upon their blind faith (because they were not there as witnesses
taking quantitative scientific measurements).
            OK all seems ‘  plausible’what about “covering the mountains”?
When The Bible uses the word “mountain” it is ‘                                                       s
                                                    always’speaking about “authorities”. Yahweh’ aim was not to cover physical mountains, but
fleshly ‘mountains of authority’ His aim was to remove the ‘ world order’and start again. The “old world order” would live and administrate,
                                 .                               old
just like we do today, on the river deltas (and similar heights inland) where life is easy, but not in the high mountains because they had nothing to
fear. When it rains, you stay in the house until it stops raining. Except if it does not stop raining then you drown, for you cannot decide to run to the
high places because the water has backed-up behind you!
            This very briefly explains ‘ Flood’and the properties/implications before, during and afterwards.
And likewise as we are told in the verse a similar thing is now to occur though a different mechanism, being Global Warming to now close ‘       This
Gospel Age’(as being ‘ old world order’before The Millennium starts) but this time created by the self-assuming ‘          god’- mankind!
As we are told in The Bible, we are told to take things that happened in the past as a pattern for us that are to occur in the future.
Matt. 24v40 og Then two (persons) will be in to the field, the one (person) is
Matt. 24v40 og {intimately taken}/{assume office (as king/priest)}/{associated (with JCg)} also the (other) one (person is)
Matt.   24v40 og       left/forsaken/{laid aside}/omitted.
Matt.   24v41 og       Two [women shall be = CA, thus ignore] (persons) grinding to the mill, one (person) is
Matt.   24v41 og       {intimately taken}/{assume office (as king/priest)}/{associated (with JCg)} also (the other) one (person is)
Matt.   24v41 og       left/forsaken/{laid aside}/omitted.
Matt.   24v40-41         This period explains the taking of a TC who is alive during the 21st century when JCg comes to collect his Bride at the 1st 2nd C.
As Paul tells us, those who are dead will be resurrected and together with those alive (being the individuals of these two verses who are taken) to be
with the Lord = JCg at the 1st 2nd C, one resurrected will not proceed the other who is alive. This shows the fallacy of the worldly Christian/Islamic
doctrine that erroneously teaches us we are resurrected immediately at our death – because how can it be if one does not proceed the other at
             Also according to worldly Christian Doctrine, why are some people left/remaining and some are taken?
A deathly silence to that question!
But if as I explain this is the 1st part of JCg’ 2nd Coming just/only to collect his Bride (transformed into spiritual bodies) as we are told elsewhere,
then JCg comes later, when he heralds/brings in The Millennium period of 1000 years for all humans then to learn righteousness from the TCs
resurrected earlier. Then those still remaining alive slide through, still in their fleshly bodies like the others that will be resurrected likewise in fleshly
Matt. 24v42 og {Keep awake}/Watch/{Be vigilant} now because not (you) know/understand/aware what
Matt. 24v42 og hour/time/season the lord (spelt to = JCg) (of) (the) you is coming/appearing/accompanying/entering.
Matt. 24v42              See “Watching” in Glossary to explain what we must do in the context of which it is used.
Matt. 24v43og And this know/understand because if knew/perceived/aware/resolve/understands the housemaster (in)
Matt. 24v43og what watch the thief is coming/entering (he would) have {kept awake}/watched/{been vigilant} also not
Matt. 24v43og wished/desired allow penetrate/{break through} the house (of the) him.
Matt. 24v44 og Through (reason of) this also you (be) generated/{come into being}/occur/{become new} (then be)
Matt. 24v44 og adjusted/anew/prepared.
Matt. 24v44    Thus we are told “If we do not want to be caught unawares like the housemaster” then we must change our personality,
become generated as a continuous operation until we are fully accepted by Yahweh. At that point where a specific human is completely accepted by
Yahweh this becomes the point where that person is “Born Again” (see Glossary) and is not what self-claimed ‘born again’Christians believe it to be
for two reasons:-

      1. It is illogical in the complete scheme of things.
      2. It does not allow any redemption for those who fail (because JC only died the once to cover/atone the 1st part of our life).
However by taking on The Fidelity and displaying the fruits of the HS with Yahweh’ HS operating within the TC (thus now conceived), dispensed by
JCg, then within in the 1st part of a TC’ life he/she is growing within ‘ womb of this world’developing (with the HS operating within them –
                                        s                                 the
dispensed by JCg) so that if accepted as a TC at the end of the 1st part of their life by Yahweh then they become Born Again at their resurrection into
spiritual bodies. Those remaining humans (the vast majority of humans being > 99.99%) who are not accepted at this stage will be resurrected in The
Millennium to continue their 2nd phase/part of their fleshly life having the 1st part of their life’ sin RESET by JC’ underserved sacrifice/gift. They
                                                                                                   s                s
now learn righteousness from the kings/priests (formally TCs) and training regimes retracing their past life experiences displayed on Yahweh’ HD   s
DVD equivalents. If they learn righteousness then at that point they too become “Born Again” but only reside in their present perfected DNA fleshly
Matt. 24v45 og Who then is the faithful/assured slave/servant (= TC, just as JC was described in Isaiah) also
Matt.   24v45 og       prudent/wise/{practised intellectual thought} whom appointed/commissioned/ordained the lord
Matt.   24v45 og       (spelt to = JCg as The Head of the body dispensing Yahweh’ HS) (of the) him (= TC) upon to the
Matt.   24v45 og       care/attendance/healing (of the) him (= JCg) of the (ones = children of the faith) to give them the food
Matt.   24v45 og       (= spiritual nourishment) in (to the) season (= during The Gospel Age).
Matt.   24v46 og       {Supremely blessed/happy}/{well-off}/fortunate (for the bonus of Sonship) the slave/servant
Matt.   24v46 og       the (specific one = TC), whom coming/entering the lord (spelt to = JCg = knocking, entering and having supper)
Matt.   24v46 og       (of the) him (= TC) (will) find/see doing/making/producing/working/yielding so (= feeding spiritual knowledge
Matt.   24v46 og       to the children of The Fidelity).
Matt.   24v46            “{Supremely blessed/happy}/{well-off}/fortunate” tells me that there are other slaves who are not bad (next section), but
mediocre – because we know that in life there is a full range of humans from the very best to the very worse. So these mediocre slaves would be
worldly Christians not doing anything spectacular that warrants special favour (to be paid) because they have not precisely imitated JC’ ministry.
Thus there is a separation between individuals – more so than just stated here. For JC is only speaking of the extreme cases that warranted particular
attention – where something special will occur for those claiming to be special (= leaders) ‘                     .
                                                                                                  master slaves’ Those who claim to be ordinary slaves
(ordinary Christians) in the middle will float through and be caught by The Safety Net of The Millennium.
Matt. 24v47 og Truly I exclaim/state (to the) you because over all the property/possessions/substance (of the) him (= JC)
Matt. 24v47 og (will) appoint/designate/ordain (the) him (= TC as king/priest over resurrected humans in The Millennium – please see
Matt. 24v47 og “Inheritance” in Glossary in context with this piece).
Matt. 24v48 og And if says the (intrinsically worthless) bad/depraved/injurious/harmful/wicked slave/servant
Matt. 24v48 og the (specific one = false/worldly religious leader), in to the heart (of the) him:
Matt. 24v48 og ‘          Lingers/tarries/delays the lord (= JCg) (of the) me to come/entering.’
Matt. 24v48              There may be some confusion over JCg ‘     coming/entering’(StrongsTM = 2064) into the TC during their 1st life to become as we
are told elsewhere a ‘  presence’(Strongs = 3952), and the same word to be ‘        coming/entering’(StrongsTM = 2064) into a false religious leader at
The Millennium start and not earlier in the 1st part of their life.
            The answer is perhaps in that very statement! But let me explain fully.
JCg enters the TC early because the TC is receptive to fulfil the Desire of Yahweh within their life. Thus JCg dispenses Yahweh’ HS within the TC, to
make the TC more effective in ‘                                       s                                                         The
                                   opening doors’to spread Yahweh’ Word further. The TC now becomes an extension of ‘ Head’by becoming ‘                 The
Body’of JCg as one operating ‘      entity’during the TC’ 1st part of their life. Thus the TC (as part of the body) becomes in union with JC spiritually
linked by the HS as the ‘  electrical energy’running through the body from JCg as The Head.
            Now we move onto the next stage.
When JCg comes physically to collect the TCs together to become JCg’ Bride (as Paul says “is the mystery of marriage where the ‘ become one’two
union” occurring at the 1st 2nd C where the TC now as a ‘ of Yahweh’becomes physically in union (by being of the same state = spiritual body -
but not as one lump) with JCg. The TCs are now physically in union with JCg thus able to now become kings/priests ready for The Millennium work
just as we are told in v47 above – all in context.
That explains the TC.
            Now for the false worldly Christian leader (of which there are many today).
Clearly there are degrees of falseness. Some are just misled by their dominant peers, while others are ‘ and out’to be evil but not blatantly, but
surreptitiously (being the most deceiving and thus dangerous to others) look after themselves so that they always ‘       come out on top’= in the best
position = the best worldly position for self interest (being the exact opposite to what JC preached both by words and genuine actions). These ones
climb to the top of their worldly establishment – for that is their hope/expectation in the 1st part of their life being the peak position in the whole of
their 2 part life!
            But there is one thing worse a false Christian leader can do - and that is to attack Yahweh!
They do this by attacking His Word, put a spin on it, distort it, twist it – say that you cannot believe all of His Word but only parts of it!
Ignore sections out of The Bible because this particular human disagrees with it – it cramps their lifestyle!
Then these false leaders preach these distortions as being truth to cause others (very young ‘     children’to The Fidelity) to stumble/{become
To these false (thus very worldly) Christian Leaders (and there are very many of them in these last days – just as JC prophesied and warned us –
being in the most high places) Yahweh will be vengeful to these ones. These ones will feel the full wrath of Yahweh because they
hurt/offended/malicious/evil/bad/injurious/depraved/harmful towards the children of The Fidelity and thus led them astray.
“For it is better that these false worldly religious leaders place a millstone around their neck and they jump into the sea than mislead the children!”
Thus the lord will linger/tarry/delay in displaying his presence within the 1st part of the life of the falsely expectant worker of lawlessness - and will
only make his presence known in The Millennium to show this false Christian leader that they have been rejected and will now feel Yahweh’ wrath     s
dispensed by JCg – rather than the HS!
As an aside: To be a false slave/servant means that you are working for your master, but falsely. Thus the slaves/servants pretend to work for their
master by taking on His family name (“clansman”) but work for someone else. Thus in this example the false slaves are those claiming to be
Christian leaders to be working for Yahweh, but in actuality are working for another master. There is only one other master in this universe outside
Yahweh (for JCg fulfils his Father’ Desire) and that is Satan!
Thus emphasising, false servants of Yahweh are those who outwardly claims to work for Yahweh (being the religious leaders of the very worldly
Christian nation), but are actually working for Satan. The religious leaders of other worldly faiths do not claim to work for Yahweh directly through
JC and thus cannot be claimed as false slaves/servants of Yahweh, because they are not known by the world as working for Yahweh. By default they
are slaves of Satan but not considered responsible for their actions by Yahweh – but just presently lost in this heathen world to learn of The Absolute
Truth in The Millennium. Though those Islamic leaders who promote death and friction to fellow members of Yahweh’ creation through JCg are
similarly comparable to the false Christian leaders, and are likely to feel the wrath of Yahweh because they are again distorting/twisting His Word of
harmony within The Universe.
Matt. 24v49 og Also (should) commence/begin (middle voice thus the person desires this himself) (the)

Matt.   24v49 og      beating/wounding/offending the {fellow slaves/servants }, (the) eating and also (the) drinking with the
Matt.   24v49 og      (ones) drinking/drunk/intoxicated,
Matt.   24v50 og      Comes the lord (= JCg) of the slave/servant of the (specific) in (The) Day which not (he)
Matt.   24v50 og      expects/anticipates also in (the) hour/time/season which not (he)
Matt.   24v50 og      knows/perceives/aware/resolve/understands
Matt.   24v51 og      Also (will) bisect (the) him, also the portion/allotment/share with of the hypocrites
Matt.   24v51 og      (Greek word to mean “actors under an assumed character”) (will) put/place/position. There will be the
Matt.   24v51 og      weeping/wailing also the gnashing/grinding of the teeth. (All fully explained in v48).
Matt.   24v51           This does not mean (as I understand worldly Christian/Islamic doctrine promotes) that evil humans are resurrected into
everlasting torment. But it means that these particular humans will be so upset/distraught because they have missed the wonderful opportunity to
                                                                        had                                        s
become Sons of God particularly when they personally believed they ‘ it in the bag’assuming they were God’ chosen/elect ones and had already
positioned themselves in the heavens (as we hear today – “when we die we will go to heaven”). They will be saying to themselves “How can this be –
surely we were doing this in Your name?” Which conveniently introduces the parable of the ‘      sheep and the goats’of the next chapter!
The ‘ bisect him’just means metaphorically the person has been ‘ into two’not realising where they have gone wrong in the 1st part of their life.
‘                                                                                            s
 Part of them’is saying “We are right/correct (in what we did), but the reality of Yahweh’ action through JCg has cut that part out of their mind and
introduced the sad truth that the person was really looking after themselves and was not wholly committed to Yahweh’ Desire. Thus not worthy of
resurrection to Sonship, but to be with the rest of the resurrected humans in just a fleshly body to now learn what real righteousness means.
This does not conflict with other parts where I suggest a possible interpretation that Yahweh will not resurrect some humans after their 1st life (and
                                                                        cut-off point’decision is purely in Yahweh’ ‘
thus only life) , because there are always degrees of iniquity and that ‘                                           s hands’how He desires to use His
Matt. 25v1 og Then (shall be) compared/similar the kingdom of the heavens (to) 10 virgins (representing the Christian
Matt. 25v1 og Nation, baptism has made them virgins away from Satan’ system) who taking the torches of them
Matt. 25v1 og (torches = their abilities/talents to promote light of Yahweh’ Word) went out into a meeting/encounter
Matt. 25v1 og (= taking on Paul’ race for the prize to be with) of the bridegroom (= JCg).
Matt. 25v2 og And 5 were prudent/wise/{practiced intellectual (= Biblical) knowledge} (thus TCs)
Matt. 25v2 og also the 5 foolish/stupid/dull (ones = worldly Christians),
Matt. 25v3 og who being foolish/stupid/dull (having) taken the torches of them not (did) take with themselves oil.
Matt. 25v4 og         And the prudent/wise took oil in the vessels of them with of the torches of them.
Matt. 25v4             The oil represents the Biblical knowledge of Yahweh and JC that a TC carries within them. The oil is the source of energy that
drives the light of Yahweh’ knowledge that we spread to other people. Thus we become the ‘      light stand’and the HS operating within us, assists us to
                             s                                                                                     s
accurately preach Yahweh’ Word to other receptive humans. Thus oil accumulates and is collected by the TC’ synapse construction and thus forms
“The Heavenly Treasure” that forms the personality requirement to be downloaded into a Spiritual Body to become a Son of God – see Glossary.
Matt. 25v5 og And delaying/tarrying/lingering (during The Gospel Age) of the bridegroom (meant that) nodding/wearied
Matt. 25v5 og (= during their working 1st part of their life) all (persons expecting Sonship, thus desiring go to the heavens) also slept
Matt. 25v5             (= the “Asleep” meaning the 1st Death before a resurrection into The Millennium for the 2nd part of their life).
Matt. 25v6 og And (at) (the) middle (of) night (an) outcry/clamour (of notification/tumult within the world) occurred/happened
Matt. 25v6 og (= 1st 2nd C of JCg physically coming to the earth). Behold/Look bridegroom (= JCg) comes/enters (now too late for
Matt. 25v6 og worldly Christians to receive his presence) {go out}/{spread abroad}/departed into meeting/encountering
Matt. 25v6 og (of the) him (= JCg).
Matt. 25v6             The presentation of themselves is actually before Yahweh during the 1st part of their life and if Yahweh considers them
acceptable by inspecting the oil contained in their vessel being “The Treasure in Heaven”. If they have oil, being the necessary heavenly treasure
then they are taken by JCg in spiritual bodies as we now read.
Matt. 25v7 og Then awaking/roused/rising all (persons being) the virgins the (specific ones = the Christian Nation as a whole)
Matt. 25v7 og also prepared the torches of them. (This is equivalent to the servants in JC’ parable of the talents v13-v40, displaying
Matt. 25v7             their talents – thus showing/{bringing to account} their abilities they used within their 1st life to spread Yahweh’ Word).
Matt. 25v8 og Also the foolish/stupid/dull (= worldly Christians) to the prudent/wise (= TCs) said:
Matt. 25v8 og Give us from of the oil (of) (the) you because the torches of (the) us (being)
Matt. 25v8 og extinguished/{snuffed out}/quenched (= not used, attributes/talents had no spiritual value in the 1st part of their life).
Matt. 25v8             Thus worldly Christians have no positive heavenly treasure. It is the TCs who have accrued oil through the service that the TCs
have performed during the 1st part of their life. They earned the oil by working for it with Yahweh’ HS aiding them to perform satisfactorily by
supplying the oil (knowledge and thus enforced/practiced synapse construction) for the accurate ministry work in shining the light of Yahweh’ Word.
Matt.   25v9 og       And answered the prudent/wise exclaimed/stated:
Matt.   25v9 og       “(No!) Lest/ever/else not sufficient/enough (Greek meaning to raise a barrier, thus a barrier to Sonship if
Matt.   25v9 og       insufficient) (to) us also (to the) you. And journey/travel rather/better towards the ones busy/trading
Matt.   25v9 og       (concurs with The Parable of The Talents = work with your gifts to gain heavenly treasure = oil/{more talents}) also
Matt.   25v9 og       redeem (through purchase) yourself (thus counter to the worldly Christian mantra – ‘ work is required’.
                                                                                                              no                   )
Matt.   25v9          Thus told to go out and work/trade/buy to gain oil (thus effectively having to go out in the 3.5 years prior to The Millennium to
trade/barter because as we now read in v10).
Matt. 25v10 og And (the worldly Christians) departing/{following behind}/{passing alongside} (thus passing alongside’in the
Matt. 25v10 og 3.5 years just pre The Millennium and ultimately ‘       behind’the TCs in The Millennium) they to work/trade/buy, (then)
Matt. 25v10 og came/entered the bridegroom (= JCg), also the adjusted/anew/prepared (ones = TCs with new personality
Matt. 25v10 og during their 1st life) entered/arose/{went through} with (of the) him (= JCg) into the wedding feast,
Matt. 25v10 og also shut the door (thus no other humans other than the TCs are to become The Sons of God).
Matt. 25v11 og And eventually/{the last} come/enter (now into The Millennium) also the remaining virgins (worldly Christian
Matt. 25v11 og Nation) exclaiming/stating: “Lord, Lord (spelt to = Yahweh) open up (= make space for us to become kings/priests
Matt. 25v11 og with the TCs) (to) (the) us.”
Matt. 25v12 og And the (One = Yahweh) answering exclaimed/stated: “Truly I say (to) (the) you, Not I know (the) you!”

Matt. 25v12                                                                                s
                        These worldly Christians are not yet ready to be part of Yahweh’ exclusive family, because they are not yet truly “Born
Again” i.e. thus still sinful. Consequently they still require to learn righteousness as with all the other resurrected fleshly humans, being the atheists
and other worldly religions through the now almost arrived Millennium period (during the 3.5 year deliberate ‘      over-run of The Gospel Age’after this
 st nd
1 2 C).
Matt. 25v13 og {Keep awake}/Watch/{Be vigilant} now, because not (you) know/aware/understand The Day
Matt. 25v13 og nor the hour/time/season in which the son of the man(kind) comes/enters (not a ‘                              presence’now,
Matt. 25v13             but Strongs = 2064 = physical because it is the 1 2 C of JCg).
                                   TM                                         st nd

Matt. 25v14 og For {exactly like} the man (= JCg) {going abroad}/{travelling far}/{long journey} (= JCg going to the
Matt. 25v14 og heavens) (specifically) called/{named ones} (thus these carry the name ‘                  Christian’upon themselves) the private
Matt. 25v14 og (reinforcing the concept = The Christian Nation of the world and not other worldly religions) slaves/servants
Matt. 25v14 og (thus the Christian nation supposing to work for Yahweh), also
Matt. 25v14 og delivered/surrendered/entrusted/committed/recommended to them the goods (= personal abilities,
Matt. 25v14 og the knowledge of The Word of Yahweh and made available as appropriate the HS) (of the) Him (= Yahweh).
Matt. 25v15 og Also (to) whom one (slave) gave (JCg dispensing Yahweh’ HS) 5 Talents (= quantity of goods),
Matt. 25v15 og and (to) whom one (slave) 2 (Talents = quantity of goods), and (to) whom also (one)
Matt. 25v15 og (= the last slave has 1 talent = minimum quantity of goods) under the (one’ own ability . s)
Matt. 25v15             (Thus in JCg’ righteousness he only gives to the ability of each, so that he does not overload any specific person).
Matt. 25v16 og And journey/travelling the (one = slave = TC) the 5 Talents {caught hold of}/{held onto}
Matt. 25v16 og toiled/laboured/worked (again not what modern worldly Christian doctrine promotes) in them
Matt.   25v16 og       also made 5 other talents.
Matt.   25v17 og       Likewise, also the (one = slave = TC) the 2 (Talents), gained also (the) he (an)other 2 (Talents)
Matt.   25v18 og       And the (one = worldly Christian), the 1 (Talent) {caught hold of}/{held onto}
Matt.   25v18 og       departing/{following behind}/{passing alongside} burrowed/dug in the earth (thus figuratively ‘                burying the
Matt.   25v18 og       talents into things of Satan’ worldly system) and hid/{kept secret}/concealed the silver (being the talents of
Matt.   25v18 og       Yahweh’ word that should have been used for The Lord’ work) of the Lord (spelt to = Yahweh) (of the) him (= worldly
                                 s                                            s
Matt.   25v18          Christian person claiming to represent Yahweh).
Matt.   25v19 og       And after {(a) period of time} (being) large (= The Gospel Age of some 2000 years) comes/enters the Lord
Matt.   25v19 og       (spelt as = JCg) of the slaves of those (specific ones = Christian nation as a whole from the nations of the world – being
Matt.   25v19 og       atheists and/or other worldly religions), also takes with them (to have computational words =) accounts/reckoning.
Matt.   25v20 og       And drawing near (to) also the (one = slave = TC) the (one = with) 5 Talents {caught hold of}/{held onto}
Matt.   25v20 og       {carried toward}/tendered/offered/presented (an)other 5 Talents exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   25v20 og       “Lord 5 Talents (to) me (you) entrusted/delivered/{brought forth}:
Matt.   25v20 og       Behold/Look (an)other 5 Talents (I) gained upon them.”
Matt.   25v20          This TC out from the Christian Nation had worked to100% of his ability and delivered another 100% more for his master.
So this TC brought more humans accurately into the knowledge of The Fidelity during the 1st part of his life to precisely imitate JC.
Matt. 25v21 og And said (to the) him the lord (spelt as = JCg) (of the) him (= TC):
Matt. 25v21 og “Well done, slave/servant ideal/good also faithful/trustworthy upon a few Talents (to represent humans
Matt. 25v21 og brought into The Fidelity), upon many/plenteous you (Greek meaning ‘ your household’ and                    )
Matt. 25v21            Where “your household” means “The Inheritance” of The World = all the resurrected humans to be taught in The Millennium.
This is where I explain in Glossary under “Inheritance” that the successful ones in The Millennium become part of the this TC’ family by becoming
the children of this TC – where the TC is part of the 144000 TCs that make up The Bride of Christ in the Special marriage to Christ Jesus.
Matt.   25v21 og       I will set/appoint/designate/ordain. Enter/arise/{go through} into the joy/cheerfulness /gladness
Matt.   25v21 og       of the Lord (spelt as = Yahweh) (of the) you.”
Matt.   25v21 og     (Yahweh now becomes their direct Farther, because the TCs as kings/priests now ‘    equal’with JCg and require no intercessor.)
Matt.   25v22 og     And drawing near (to) also the (one = slave = TC) the (one = with) 2 Talents {caught hold of}/{held onto}
Matt.   25v22 og     {carried toward}/tendered/offered/presented (an)other 2 Talents exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   25v22 og     “Lord 2 Talents (to) me (you) entrusted/delivered/{brought forth}:
Matt.   25v22 og     Behold/Look (an)other 2 Talents (I) gained upon them.”
Matt.   25v22        Just like the TC with 5 talents, this TC out from the Christian Nation had worked to100% of his ability and delivered another
100% more for his master, though less than the 5 talent man this TC also worked to 100% of his ability = as hard/tirelessly as he could.
So this TC brought more humans accurately into the knowledge of The Fidelity during the 1st part of his life to precisely imitate JC.
Thus JCg collected him at the 1st 2nd C to take him to his Father to become a ‘ of God’
                                                                              Son          .
Matt. 25v23 og And said (to the) him the lord (spelt as = JCg) (of the) him (= TC):
Matt. 25v23 og “Well done, slave/servant ideal/good also faithful/trustworthy upon a few Talents (to represent humans
Matt. 25v23 og brought into The Fidelity), upon many/plenteous you (Greek meaning ‘ your household’ I will (as kings/priests)
                                                                                                    and                    )
Matt.   25v23 og       set/appoint/designate/ordain. Enter/arise/{go through} into the joy/cheerfulness /gladness of the Lord
Matt.   25v23 og       (spelt as = Yahweh) (of the) you.”
Matt.   25v23          (Yahweh now becomes their direct Farther, because the TCs as kings/priests now ‘
                                                                                                      equal’with JCg require no intercessor.)
Matt.   25v24 og       And drawing near (to) the (one = Worldly Christian) also the (one = with) 1 Talents
Matt.   25v24 og       {caught hold of}/{held onto} said:
Matt.   25v24 og       “Lord, I knew/{was aware}/understood you (Greek meaning ‘ your household’ because
                                                                                     and                  )
Matt.   25v24 og       fierce/harsh/tough/exacting you are a man (this is never preached in worldly Christian congregations about JCg!),
Matt.   25v24 og       reaping/harvesting where not (you) sowed, also gathering/collecting from where not (you) scattered;
Matt.   25v24         The “hard/tough/harsh” is used in the Greek to mean “dry parched lands” (remember also the parable of the demon leaving
and then coming back with 7 more to completely overwhelm the recipient). Thus this is representative of the worldly Christian community in saying:
‘ know that nothing is forthcoming from you, because when I pray to you, I do not seem to be answered’  !

 And thus this land is “dry parched” because these ones do not have the accurate knowledge of Yahweh to know of what to ask, and thus ask for the
wrong things for which the ears of Yahweh are closed! See appropriate passages and explanations on this website www.FutureLife.Org where I
explain in context for what we should pray and ask.
That is one aspect, but an extension of the above:
Some people feel that JC has been away for such a long while now (as we are told in the parable of the housemaster who beat the servants and
became drunk because the master had delayed) that perhaps he will never come and thus reason thus:
             You hide away’and do not give the Word of Yahweh now during The Gospel Age and only rely on others to sow the seed of Yahweh’
            ‘ ‘                                                                                                                                       s
            Word. Then after expecting others to do all your work then you expect to come and gather TCs from out of The Gospel Age!’
                        Because I have specifically heard this said by one worldly Christian:
            “I know I love God and that He loves me - So I leave it in His hands to decide when to come!”
                                     s                      s
            Please read “Yahweh’ Desire” and “Satan’ Desire” in Glossary to understand whose desire this reasoning might fulfil!
Those who think like that have missed the whole point of what JC and the apostles are teaching us all through The New Testament!
It was JCg who gave life to us in the 1st instance, he has also offered something much greater to us of The Gospel Age than was ever on offer to Adam
and Eve, also those of the 4000 year period up to his ministry period and finally he did not force this person to take on the role to become a leader of
Worldly Christianity (which it must be if they thought like that)!
Matt. 25v25 og Also fearing/reverential/awe departing/{following behind}/{passing alongside} I (the one who)
Matt. 25v25 og concealed/hid/{kept secret}/covered the Talent (of you) in to the earth.
Matt. 25v25 og Behold/Look you have the (one = Talent of) yours!
Matt. 25v26 og And answering the lord (spelt as = JCg) of the him (= worldly Christian) said (to the) him:
Matt. 25v26 og “Evil/hurtful/malicious/grievous (false) slave also slothful/indulgent/{self-gratifying}/tardy,
Matt. 25v26 og you knew (before you became a slave/servant of me = became baptised as a Christian to take on ‘ Race’ (that)     The       )
Matt. 25v26 og I (= JCg) reaped/harvested where not I sowed, also I gathered not where I scattered.
Matt. 25v27 og {It is necessary}/Behoves/Required then (you to) put/thrust the silver (of the) me to the bankers
Matt. 25v27 og (= entrust your abilities/knowledge with someone else to use), also coming/entering I {would have}
Matt. 25v27 og received/obtained wished/desired the mine now (with) interest.
Matt. 25v27             It is interesting to read “I desire what is mine” being the interest, thus JCg desires what he has dispensed to those claiming to
come in his name – but did this person also come in his Character and Authority being the other qualities of the Greek word for “Name”.
Matt. 25v28 og Take then, from (of the) him the Talent, also give (to the) him (= the very able TC) having the 10 Talents.
Matt. 25v29 og For to the (one) having to all/every (person) (will) be given also (so the TC) will
Matt. 25v29 og {super-abound}/excessive/excel/overflow. And from the (one = worldly Christian) not having
Matt. 25v29 og (position/responsibility/favour), also what he has will be taken from (of the) him.
Matt. 25v29             Thus we understand those who have performed very well, will be given in The Millennium more HS and more responsibility.
Matt. 25v30 og Also the worthless/useless/unmeritorious/unprofitable slave/servant (= worldly Christian)
Matt. 25v30 og expelled/{thrust/thrown out}/ejected into the darkness the outer.
Matt. 25v30 og There will be the weeping also the gnashing/grinding of the teeth.
Matt. 25v30    The contents of this verse is repeated in many places in The New Testament and as the reader is able to see that it is directly
associated with those very specific humans who had HS dispensed within them by JCg and thus cannot be a person of the heathen world – but must be
from The Christian Nation. But it is more than this. Most worldly Christians are quite indifferent to being a Christian being the ideals and specific
goals given as instruction by JC and the apostles. Thus these people also can be excluded from being the one Talent person described here. We are
now in the last grouping where the one Talent person must be presenting themselves in a similar fashion as that presented by the five Talent person.
The focus of Yahweh though JCg is for the genuine interest to produce an individual that sincerely (because Yahweh through JCg can read the
synapse construction to understand the motive) imitates JC’ ministry and lifestyle. The five person is able to do this – which might be only five
people (TCs) like him. But the one Talent person might produce a 1000 people like him (worldly Christians) – but they are equally reviled by Yahweh
through JCg. Thus it is not the quantity but rather the quality that Yahweh is looking for in His Sons of God for the next part of their commission to be
embarked upon in the 2nd part of their life. This is to be the main part of their task over their whole life.
“The weeping and gnashing of teeth” comes about because these one talent people honestly believe that they are worthy of becoming Sons of God
and they cannot rationalise within their own minds how they could lose something that was actually in the very palm of their hand during the 1st part
of their life – but somehow they had thrown it away. Thus these people can only be worldly Christian leaders who ultimately failed Yahweh’ Desire.
For as they state in the next few verses: – Did we not do these things in your name? Also notice the proposed ratios given earlier.
Matt. 25v31 og And when comes/enters the son of the man(kind) (= JCg) in to the glory/honour/dignity (of the) him also
Matt. 25v31 og all/every the holy/sacred (= separate from sin/{world of Satan}) angels/messengers then he will
Matt. 25v31 og sit/recline/dwell upon the throne (of the) glory/honour/dignity (of the) him (JCg),
Matt. 25v32 og also (will be) assembled/collected/accompanying before (of the) him all/every/{the whole} the nations,
Matt. 25v32 og also (JCg) (will) part/separate/divide (according to boundaries/criteria) them from {one another}/{each other}
Matt. 25v32 og as the shepherd parts/separates/divides the sheep from the goats.
Matt. 25v33 og Also (will) appoint/set/present the truly sheep of (the) right (of the) him, and the goats of (the) left.
Matt. 25v33                                                                                                                         s
               Please read the definitions of “Sheep” and “Goat” in Glossary to understand that actually JCg is following his Father’
instructing at The Special/Greater Judgement where he is sifting out those humans who are only in The Christian Nation by collecting the TCs at the
1st 2nd C to become his Bride where he speaks to those in v34-36 represented by The Sheep that Jesus calls “his own sheep”.
Matt. 25v34 og Then will say the king (=JCg) to those of (the) right (of the) him:
Matt. 25v34 og “Come/follow, those (having been) blessed/praised/{spoken well} of the Father (= Yahweh) (of the) me (JC);
Matt. 25v34 og inherit the (kingdom been) prepared/{made ready} (for the) you kingdom from the conception/depositing
Matt. 25v34 og of the (adorning/decoration) (of the) world (= from the time of the covering of humans – or earlier life forms).
Matt. 25v34              (Note these are not my definitions but those of Strong’ TM).
Matt. 25v35              The next section is never taught as I now present it (because it is not understood by those who should know), but the reality
being that JC is not speaking of a fleshly body that rots and dies, but (as we are told) the inheritance that was always there for those desiring it – thus
this section is spiritually speaking and not fleshly. Furthermore, JC is not speaking about the whole world being judged here but it is of the
“special/greater judgment” occurring at the 1st 2nd C where Yahweh chooses His Sons being the TCs and this is the point where JC is collecting them
out of the Christian Nation only. It is not the whole world being judged at this time – this is to be later in The Millennium period.

Because at this point in time JC is coming to collect the TCs – that is what The Gospel message is about during this some 2000 years – to pullout TCs
who desire to be with Yahweh as His Sons. (In context of the Talents) The TCs who then are given more authority (as kings/priests) in The Millennium
to teach righteousness to all those resurrected into fleshly bodies.
So as you read this, then realise that the sheep being those of the special flock of JC (see John.10v1-18 and explanations) are the TCs who love JCg
follow his word everywhere and do not go after other worldly calls/desires to consume their time from Yahweh. So these sheep do the things that are
stated below, but those of worldly Christianity know what is required but do not do it – for their life is pulled to the lures of worldly distractions that
                                                           s                                                 the
Satan paints as being desirable – more so than Yahweh’ Desire, thus effectively making Satan become ‘ god of you’rather than Yahweh being
The God of you (being a future Son of God). Thus the false slave to Yahweh now slaves after Satan. A ‘     false slave’can only be one who has said ‘ am I
                                 I                           s
a Christian Leader’to declare ‘ am slaving for Yahweh’ Word’to bring more people to Yahweh, but does not actually imitate JC for the genuine
article (an imitation of JC)!
Note: As we read later in the sheep/TCs doing it to ‘ (= JCg being the head of the body) then they are doing it to following generations of TCs
(being the body of JCg) thus again demonstrates this is speaking only of The Special/Greater Judgement of the 1st 2nd C, and not the main judgement
of The Millennium. With this understanding now please read the next section.
Matt. 25v35 og For (spiritually) I hungered, also (you) bestowed/{brought forth}/gave me (the food) (to) eat. I thirsted
Matt. 25v35 og (for knowledge) also (you) {gave drink}/irrigated (Yahweh’ Word) (to) me; an alien I was (to Yahweh’ Word,
                                                                                             s                                                  s
Matt. 25v35 og thus The Inheritance), also (you) assembled/collected/accompanied me (= stayed and preached Yahweh’ Word).                        s
Matt. 25v36 og Naked (= unprotected from Satan’ worldly thrusts of misinformation), also (you) clothed me (= accurately preached
Matt. 25v36             Yahweh’ word so that their lifestyle changed and thus became a protection from Satan’ worldly thrust),
                                s                                                                                   s
Matt. 25v36 og I was sick (being terminally ill in Satan’ worldly system) and you visited me (by coming and accurately preaching
Matt. 25v36 og The Word of Yahweh so that The 2 Death has no power over me = becomes a TC); in prison I was (= constrained to

Matt. 25v36 og operate within Satan’ worldly system – being his slave) also (you) came/entered to me (= The accurate knowledge of
Matt. 25v36             Yahweh released me from Satan’ hold over me and freed me to become a “freeman to Yahweh”).
Matt. 25v37 og Then (will) answer (to the) him (=JCg) the righteous/just (ones = TCs) exclaiming/stating:
Matt. 25v37 og “Lord when you (= includes household) (did) we see hungering also (we) fed; or thirsting, also gave drink?
Matt. 25v38 og And when you (= includes household) (did) we see (the) alien also gathered/collected (you) in; or naked also
Matt. 25v38 og clothed (you)?
Matt. 25v39 og And when you (= includes household) (did) we see sick or in prison, also came to you (= includes household)?
Matt. 25v39             The Greek word for this particular “you” means “you and all those who belong to your family” thus particularly poignant in
this specific piece.
Matt. 25v40 og And answering the king (of the new system of things – to commence in The Millennium) will say to them:
Matt. 25v40 og “Truly I exclaim/state (to) (the) you upon as much as (you) did/worked/performed/yielded one of these
Matt. 25v40 og (things) to the brothers (= now the complete body of JCg being all the TCs of The Gospel Age who are now being judged
Matt. 25v40 og righteous) (of the) me of the least/smallest (in size of these actions) (to) me (you) did/worked/performed/yielded.
Matt. 25v40             Thus JCg is speaking to each one and collectively as a whole that each one worked on each other to bring them to their present
position as being declared righteous from the works that they all did during the 1st part of their life – being to plant and water the seed – where it was
Yahweh that made it grow within the individuals.
Matt. 25v41 og Then (JCg) says also to the (ones = the false Christians leaders who distorted Yahweh’ Word to deceive others)
Matt. 25v41 og of (the) left: “Go/depart/journey from (of the) me (JCg) the (ones = false Christians) into the
Matt. 25v41 og lightening/power/fire (as I detail in Revelations, this represents the restraining power/energy of Yahweh) the everlasting,
Matt. 25v41 og the one (having been) prepared/{made ready} to the Devil also the angels/messengers (of the) him.
Matt. 25v42 og For I hungered also not (you) gave (the spiritual food) (to) eat; I thirsted, also not (you) gave drink
Matt. 25v42 og (= spiritual knowledge of Yahweh’ Word) (to) me.
Matt. 25v43 og (An) alien (the one I) was, also not you (= includes household) gathered/collected/accompanied me.
Matt. 25v43 og Naked also not (you) clothed me; sick, also in prison, also not (you) visited me.
Matt. 25v44 og Then (will) answer (to the) him, also them (= the false Christian leaders), exclaiming
Matt. 25v44 og “Lord when you (= includes household) (did) we see hungering, or thirsting, or (the) alien, or naked, or sick,
Matt. 25v44 og also in prison, also not we (did) minister (to) you?”
Matt. 25v45 og Then (JCg) will answer them exclaiming/stating:
Matt. 25v45 og “Truly I exclaim/state (to) (the) you upon as much as not (you) did/worked/performed/yielded (to) one of
Matt. 25v45 og these least/smallest (ones), neither (to) me (you) did/worked/performed/yielded.
Matt. 25v46 og Also will departing/{following behind}/{passing alongside} these (0nes = false religious Christian leaders)
Matt. 25v46 og into vexation/punishment/chastisement for the {eternal age}.
Matt. 25v46    What does all this mean?
            Is there contradiction between what I state about worldly Christians in general and the false religious Christian leaders?
            Let me tell you what it is not first!
It is not what false and very unrighteous worldly Christian/Islamic doctrine proposes being:-
            “This is The Judgement Day where humans are resurrected some to face everlasting life and the others resurrected to torture in flames of
            fiery hell!
Is this The Good News that JC preached in his ministry – especially those humans who have had no chance to reform themselves in this present
world under Satan’ present mal-administration?
Is this The Good News that JC preached in his ministry – especially those humans who have had no opportunity to come to know of JC and thus
imitate him to thus become saved from Yahweh’ Edict?
Is this The Good News that JC preached in his ministry – especially to all those humans who died as infants or had to permanently live within
mentally retarded physical frames?
            Clearly not!
And any other mystical ‘  get-out’clause to illogically get round these and other perfectly valid points demonstrates the unrighteous nature of the very
worldly religious doctrine being ‘                        s
                                   pumped out’in Satan’ system of mass deception.
And if Yahweh did use these mystical escape clauses then it is an ‘  open opportunity’for Satan to ‘ point a finger’to Yahweh and righteously claim:
            “How do we know that You actually made the correct decision?”
And immediately seeds of doubt would be sown in the minds of the watching entities!

However, fortunately Yahweh is operating a marvellous plan given to us through JC’ ministry of The Good News that precisely explains to us how it
will all logically ‘ out’so that Satan cannot make this claim against Yahweh about His decision making, because humans themselves will make
that choice for themselves – being demonstrated to all.
What JC’ ministry of The Good News is (as this website www.FutureLife.Org gives in so many different places):-
             There is The Millennium of 1000 years where all humans are resurrected to learn righteousness from proven humans (who themselves
             have been there before during the 1st part of their life as TCs) in a kingdom under JCg’ rule. Satan would have been temporarily removed
             to allow righteousness to flourish within the new system within The Millennium. Thus humans are now experiencing the good part of their
             ‘extended’1st life after just being “Asleep” (= their 1st death) to become the 2nd part of their life, only made possible by JC’ “Undeserved
             Gift” to balance Yahweh’ Decree “In the day you sin – You (begin to) die (everlastingly)”. Humans would have experienced the bad part
             of the 1st part of their life and now the good part of the 2nd part of their life to now ‘ to like’the good part of their 2nd part of their life in
             their fleshly body – to now “work out righteousness in their whole life” by truly believing in JC by imitating his personality.
             Now Satan is released for 3.5 years at the end of The Millennium period and humans now must imitate JC’ ministry period of displaying
             utter righteousness – if they do, then they continue to live forever proven and displaying righteousness. Those who do not choose to imitate
             JC, then choose their/The 2nd Death of annihilation, and being in a fleshly body to perish eternally.
             Clearly in this scenario infants can grow, and formally mentally retarded humans can now be functionally corrected in a repaired DNA
             body at the peak of their capability, just like a 25 year old so that they too can make a conscious decision at the end of The Millennium.
So I ask the reader what is most logically righteous?
             1.     The worldly Christian/Islamic Doctrine of the 1st version?
             2.     The Doctrine of Fidelity that The Bible tells us in the 2nd version?
So back to the verse 46.
             How is it that some humans are then to face the flames of Gehenna?
I have written it as the worldly Christian Doctrine would, because I want to show that it is not quite what the verse tells us!
The Greek words tell us that these humans “pass alongside” and “behind” also they suffer “vexation” and “punishment”.
It is also to occur to “the eternal age”.
             Seems to support worldly Christian/Islamic Doctrine and not JC’ ministry of The Good News – or does it?
It actually supports the 2nd more righteous version.
These particular humans if resurrected (more later), will have to face some severe ‘        re-straightening’of their personality. The personality that must
become ‘   re-straightened’would be the ‘     thought processes’inside, that us mortal humans outside cannot see (though JCg as the ‘       heart-knower’is
able to see the true personality). The only thing that humans outside can see for a clue to the person’ true personality is the long term fruit produced
(more later). The reader must realise that generally humans are sly and the more intellectual ability humans have, demonstrated by climbing higher
than other humans in society, then the slyer they become! Thus humans higher up society have more opportunity and also more ability to cover ‘               up
their tracks’unless of course it is too blatant – then their life becomes unravelled to all who are watching.
However as I said before if their life has not become unravelled before us, then just look at ‘ Fruits’to determine what their true personality is.
But please do not just look at the ‘    beautiful’fruit put on the front stand or laid on the top of a pile of rotting fruit underneath. That is why I say look
at the long term fruit because a false person cannot keep the façade up for many years – but again – the higher up they become, the longer the time
required to see their true Fruits! The reason for this is because the higher ranking person becomes more insulated from the general public and can
thus hide their tracks from the general public by the protecting entourage that swirls around them.
So the reader is now able to see the vexation and stress created within these humans as they must ‘         remould’their personality to one of righteousness
– some will manage it, but for others it will be impossible.
For those whom it is impossible during this “age of eternity” now possible for all, then it will not be eternal for them and they will fail at the end of
The Millennium to face their/The 2nd Death of annihilation. This understanding turns upside down the prevailing very errant worldly reasoning.
             So who could this passage be best referred to?
The people who would fit in to this position would be those who were so close to The Truth and spurned it in the 1st part of their life because in the 2nd
part of their life the message is still the same!
Clearly those who were a long way from The Truth in the 1st part of their life, having no opportunity to know what it was, could easily adopt The
Truth when they get to know of it (see Matt.21v31).
So the people who fit this description are The Religious Leaders, and the closest ones to The Truth are going to find it the most difficult to change.
These will be the false Worldly Christian Leaders operating now in personal comfort of self-indulgence during Satan’ system!     s
             While this may seem hard for us to presently accept because of the present system clouding it – the logic is impeccable.
This also aligns with The Bible speaking of the JC dying for us only the once, the importance of The Special/Greater Judgement, The Millstone
around the neck rather than mislead the children, and many parables - I could just keep going on with example after example directly out of The
Bible all in context.
I am not saying all Religious Leaders fall into this grouping but just the false ones (in about the same ratio as in the time of JC’ ministry –
statistically humans have not changed), there are obvious exemplary religious leaders taking lowly positions and labouring to promote Yahweh’               s
Word in personal stress and conflict from Satan.
Because Satan does not like their effective teaching methods and will give them so much trouble during the 1st part of their life. The Christian Leaders
who are not (and have no genuine/sincere interest in ) fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire are then obviously working out Satan’ Desire in his present system
                                                                                s                                                  s
and thus will be left alone by Satan to flourish to high positions within The World (to keep out those TCs who are effective in preaching Yahweh’           s
Word accurately). The logic is indisputable.
I point the finger at no one – but just warn the reader “Beware” – it becomes your personal responsibility before Yahweh to go to a congregation
that promotes His Desire. Beware of the fine fruit on the front shelf – just look behind the front shelf!
             Last point.
I mention elsewhere some people may not be resurrected again. The Bible says in very many places JC only died the once, to only cover our sins the
once. Thus when we become baptised to hand our most precious offering back to Yahweh by entering into a personal covenant with Yahweh through
     s                                                                                                                         The
JC’ actions then we are entrusting upon JC. As I copiously explain elsewhere, we are now effectively living upon ‘ Laws of JC’and not ‘                  The
Laws of Moses’ If we now turn our back upon JC and {blaspheme against}/{distort/twist} The Word of Yahweh in any sense to confuse ‘ children        the
of The Fidelity’then like Judas Iscariot I personally understand that we have lost all including a future resurrection. Our 1st death becomes our The
Final Death of annihilation because we have handed our ‘                           s
                                                                 credit life’– JC’ Undeserved Gift to us back to Yahweh, because now as a Christian we
are supposed to be living in The Millennium.
             Can the reader see the righteous logic in all this?
I explain it more fully elsewhere on this website.
Thus this utter annihilation (Being The Wrath/Vengeance of Yahweh) at The 1st Death is reserved only for those who have been baptised and pretend
to be Christians leading from the top – but do the following:
       1. Distort/twist Yahweh’ word. s
       2. Claim The Bible does not mean what it says.
       3. Suggest that you only can believe some parts of The Bible and ignore other parts – because those other parts cannot be trusted.
       4. Lead a lifestyle that mocks The Bible contents, while the religious leader still claims to represent Yahweh!
       5. Claim The Bible was written for generations long ago, and thus parts of it do not apply today for us!
I am sure that the reader can think of a few more that could be added to this list!

I am also sure that the reader has heard many Christian leaders say some or all of the above – and thus they should now publically repent.
Finally if these worldly Christian leaders working in their lives combinations of (1) to (5) believe themselves to be genuine, then I suggest for their
sake that they follow the advice that The Bible gives to us.
Either “shut up” and utterly repent so that you might start fulfilling Yahweh’ Desire or take yourself completely outside of that position where you
practice your worldly civil rights to deceive those weak in the congregation – else as The Bible repeatedly tells us the future is very dire for these
iniquitous worldly Christian leaders.
Matt. 25v46 og And the righteous (ones = TCs) into life (the) eternal age/perpetuity.
Matt.   26v1 og        Also {came to be} because ended/finished the JC all/every the sayings these.
Matt.   26v1 og        (JC) Said to the disciples (of the) him:
Matt.   26v2 og        “(You) Know/aware/understand because after 2 days the Passover comes (then) also the son of the
Matt.   26v2 og        man(kind) (is to be) delivered/betrayed/yielded/given up into the {public execution on a pole} (= the
Matt.   26v2 og        common Roman Crucifixion).
Matt.   26v3 og        Then assembled/collected/gathered the chief priests also the scribes also the elders/councillors
Matt.   26v3 og        (Sanhedrists) of the people into the court of the high priest of the (one) named/called Caiaphas.
Matt.   26v3            Caiaphas was a Sadducee (Acts.5v17) believing in no resurrection (Acts.23v8) being the son-in-law to the still living Annas
where breaking convention (and Yahweh’ Law) was also the high priest (John.18v13, Luke.3v2). But the interesting thing is that while there were
two High priests – and their should only be one – actually there were three High Priests – the 1st two being very imperfect, but the 3rd was perfect
being Christ Jesus himself to be effectively executed by the two charlatans – as we read in the next verse!
Matt. 26v4 og Also consulted together that the JC (they could) seize/arrest/retain (by) cunning/deceit also kill/slay (JC).
Matt. 26v5 og And (they = religious leaders) exclaimed/stated:
Matt. 26v5 og “Not in to the feast, that not (a) turmoil/disturbance/uproar occur/happen in to the people.”
Matt. 26v5              A very interesting comment – so it appeared that the Religious leaders wished to wait until after The Passover before they
moved upon Jesus. However Judas Iscariot forced the issue by voluntarily going to them beforehand Matt.26v14-16. Where we might justifiably
argue that to fulfil prophecy where JC should be The Passover Lamb he told Judas to ‘ and get it over and done with’as we read in 26v21 -25 and
in other Gospels.
Matt.   26v6 og        And of the JC, became in Bethany in house of Simon of the leper.
Matt.   26v7 og        Drawing near (to the) him (a) woman (the) alabaster vial of ointment having very precious also poured
Matt.   26v7 og        (the ointment) upon the head (of the) him (JC) (being) reclined/seated.
Matt.   26v8 og        And seeing/aware the disciples (possibly led by Judas Iscariot) (of the) him (JC), (the) indignant/displeased
Matt.   26v8 og        exclaiming/stating: “Towards what (ends) the waste this?”
Matt.   26v9 og        For was able/possible this the ointment trade/traffic/sale (of the) much/great/large (money) also to be
Matt.   26v9 og        given (to the) poor/beggars.
Matt.   26v10 og       And knowing /aware/understanding the JC said to them:
Matt.   26v10 og       “Why trouble/weary/labour (do you) give/cause/present to the woman?
Matt.   26v10 og       For work/labour (intrinsically/virtuous) good (she) worked/laboured/ministered towards me.”
Matt.   26v10             Many worldly Christian leaders just boldly claim this event is the same as John.12v1-3 and Mark.14v3-9. Then proudly declare
amongst themselves we will just ignore the differences and put these differences down to Bible inaccuracy because they know better than the writers
under direction of the HS. Then perhaps these worldly Christian ‘     elite’know more than Yahweh being the author of His handbook kindly given to us
to assist us into The Millennium – but then they do not believe The Millennium will occur either – because they never preach it!
             So why claim things are the same when there are distinct differences?
Then we have the atheists ‘                                                                                 the      , the       ,      the
                               self-righteously’claim this account differs from the one in John.12v1-3 in ‘ place’ ‘ time’ and ‘ person doing it’
and thus shows the inaccuracy of The Bible!
So we have both sides actually working on the same side (having a common denominator = worldly influences) attacking authenticity of The Bible.
However I have no problem with what I read in these Bible accounts of JC’ anointing, because there are so many differences then obviously (thus
clearly telling us) it is a different event – not the same event!
The link with Judas is that he did not learn/understand from the first encounter with Mary, and repeated the same mistake here in Matthew – because
his mind was always thinking – ‘      how could he personally get more money for worldly self-gratification!’ Thus demonstrating he had two masters,
with worldly aims dominating at The Betrayal – thus this recorded event could almost be reasoned as a warning by JC specifically to Judas: do not
let the love of money come before the love of me. But as we know, it was ignored by Judas as we read in the context of four verses on at 26v14.
Matt. 26v11 og For always the poor (you) have with yourselves. And me not always (you) have.
Matt. 26v11               I can see no reason why JC should not repeat this statement a few days later than the event described in John.12v8. We have
read it so many times and again we constantly hear leaders (including some religious leaders) promising to remove the poor out of society! They all
state “we must remove poverty from society” (a commendable sound-bite) to mean the removal of ‘                           ,
                                                                                                        material poverty’ but so very little is said about
removing ‘                                                                                    to                          ).
            spiritual poverty’in the world (apart from meaningless religious sound-bites ‘ build a house upon sand’ It was the removal of ‘         spiritual
poverty’that concerned JC the most – but nobody is really interested in that – just promote their own worldly ideals!
             So it seems that JC cannot repeat it enough times for some humans even for today!
Matt. 26v12 og For pouring she, the ointment this upon of the body (of the) me towards the burying (of) me she did (it).
Matt. 26v12               As I state in the explanation of John.12v1-3 of a very similar event occurring a few days earlier, then everyone would be in a
heightened state of emotion. Perhaps some 100,000 visitors had arrived to Jerusalem for the Passover (and after the word ‘         going around the
country/{surrounding lands} of JC’ pervious exploits of earlier Passover festivals) the visitors may have been twice the normal amount to see JC in
action again within the temple and thereabouts! But this time he had already made it known to his friends earlier that he would now become the
                                 The                          .
centre of attraction – being ‘ Perfect Passover Lamb’ Thus I can readily accept that JC would perhaps experience an anointing every day by a
woman (or more per day) who admired him through his teachings and would show their appreciation in the only way they knew how. We can reason
that only the more spectacular events would be recorded.
Matt. 26v13 og Truly I exclaim (to) (the) you: Whatever is proclaimed/heralded the gospel this in all to the world,
Matt. 26v13 og also (will be) spoken the work/performed/action she into (the) record/reminder/memorandum (of) her.
Matt. 26v14 og Then going/travelling/journeying on of the 12 (disciples) the (one = disciple) being named/called
Matt. 26v14 og Judas Iscariot towards the chief priests (Judas now begins his betrayal of JC - to sell JC to his enemies).
Matt. 26v15 og Said: “What will (you) me give, also I (to) (the) you (will) deliver/betray/commit/{yield up}
Matt. 26v15 og (the) him (= JC)? And they (chief priests) weighed (to the) him (Judas) 30 silver pieces.
Matt. 26v15               Which as we read elsewhere is the subject of prophecy Zech.11v12-13.

Matt.   26v16 og      Also from then (Judas) sought/endeavoured/desired opportunity/{favourable occasion}
Matt.   26v16 og      that (the) him (= JC) (that Judas) might deliver/betray/commit/{yield up}.
Matt.   26v17 og      And to the first (day) of the unleavened/uncorrupted (bread) drew near the disciples to the JC
Matt.   26v17 og      exclaiming/stating (to the) him: “Where desire/prefer (you = JC) (we disciples may) prepare/provide (for) you
Matt.   26v17 og      (to) eat (the food of) The Passover.
Matt.   26v18 og      And the (one = JC) said: “Go/depart/withdraw into the city towards the certain one (= a person carrying a
Matt.   26v18 og      water pitcher – see Mark.14v13) also say (to the) him: ‘   The instructor/teacher (being the JC) states:
Matt.   26v18 og      The occasion/season (of the) me is, with you (= and household) I make/work/yield/do The Passover with
Matt.   26v18 og      of the disciples (of the) me (JC).’
Matt.   26v19 og      Also did/worked/yielded the (two) disciples as directed/appointed them the JC also prepared/provided
Matt.   26v19 og      the Passover.
Matt.   26v20 og      And evening having come (JC) reclined/seated with of the 12 (disciples).
Matt.   26v21 og      Also eating they (JC) said: Truly I exclaim/state (to) (the) you because one out (of the) you (will)
Matt.   26v21 og      deliver/betray/commit/{yield up}.
Matt.   26v22 og      Also grieving exceedingly/vehemently/greatly (they) began (to) exclaim/started (to the) him (= JC)
Matt.   26v22 og      each (of) them (the disciples): ‘   Not I am (he), Lord?”
Matt.   26v23 og      And the (one = JC) answering said: “The (one) dipping/wetting with (of the) me in to the dish the hand,
Matt.   26v23 og      this one me (will) deliver/betray/commit/{yield up}.
Matt.   26v24 og      Truly the son of the man(kind) goes/departs/withdraws even as (it has) written/inscribed concerning
Matt.   26v24 og      (of the) him. And woe/alas to the man the (specific one = that), through whom the son of the man(kind)
Matt.   26v24 og      is deliver/betray/commit/{yield up}, (intrinsically/virtuous) good were it if not born/generated the
Matt.   26v24 og      man the (specific one = that).
Matt.   26v25 og      And answering Judas the (one) deliver/betray/commit/{yield up} (the) him (= JC) said:
Matt.   26v25 og      “Not I am (he) Rabbi/Master?”
Matt.   26v25 og      He (= JC) exclaims/states (to the) him: “You (have) said (it).” (At about this point we know that Judas left).
Matt.   26v26 og      And (while) they eating, taking the JC the bread also blessing/{speak well}/praised (to Yahweh) (JC)
Matt.   26v26 og      broke (the unleavened bread) also gave to the disciples also said: “Take/grasp/hold/obtain,
Matt.   26v26 og      eat (= digest to take in), this is the body/slave (= wholesome/solid/saved) (of the) me.
Matt.   26v27 og      Also taking/grasping/hold/obtain the cup (Greek often to mean ‘ contents’ also (giving)
                                                                                               the         )
Matt.   26v27 og      blessing/{speak well}/praised (to Yahweh) (JC) gave to them (the disciples) exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   26v27 og      “Drink (= imbibe/ingest) of its (= the contents) all/{the whole}/everything.
Matt.   26v28 og      For this is the blood (= represents the intrinsic life juice) (of the) me the (one) of The New Covenant,
Matt.   26v28 og      the (one) concerning many/abundant/great/plenteous (is being) poured/gushed/shed into
Matt.   26v28 og      deliverance/forgiveness/remission (of) sin/offence/{missing the requirement}
Matt.   26v28                     s
                      (to Yahweh’ Decree: “Sin and you shall [begin to] die [eternally]”)
Matt.   26v29 og      And I (JC) Exclaim/state (to) (the) you because not no (= unable to) drink from now/henceforth from this
Matt.   26v29 og      of the fruit (being the righteous humans) of the vine (JC being the root and TCs the branches) until of
Matt.   26v29 og      The Day the (specific one = that) (= The Millennium) when it (= wine = humans being made righteous through the work
Matt.   26v29 og      of the TCs see John.2v1-11 fully explained) I drink with (to the) you (disciples and TCs) new/fresh in to the
Matt.   26v29 og      kingdom of the Father (of the) me.
Matt.   26v30 og      Also (having) hymned/praised/celebrated (Yahweh), (they) went/proceeded/departed into
Matt.   26v30 og      the Mount of the Olives.
Matt.   26v31 og      Then exclaimed/stated to them the JC:
Matt.   26v31 og      “Every/{the whole}/all (of) you (Disciples and TCs) (will be) offended/stumbled/snared/entrapped in
Matt.   26v31 og      (the = name = reason of) me in to the night this (one), (it has been) written/inscribed (Zech.13v7):
Matt.   26v31 og      Prophecy: For I (Yahweh will) strike/wound/smite the shepherd (= JC) also (will be)
Matt.   26v31 og      scattered/separated/dispersed the sheep (= Disciples during the coming night) of the flock” (= the future body of
Matt.   26v31         JCg = TCs).
Matt.   26v31                                                                          s
                     Note: The scattering of the disciples = though it occurred at JC’ arrest, more importantly it was a foreshadow of what was to
come for TCs being their future persecution during the 1 part of their life – an example where Paul was hunting them down before he was converted.
Matt. 26v32 og “And after the awakening/rousing/rising me (JC), I will go/precede/lead/prior/before (of) you into the
Matt. 26v32 og Galilee.”
Matt. 26v32    Atheist critics cite this verse as being an inconsistency with what actually occurred.
They state the following:
            “When JC rose from the dead he saw the disciples in the closed room and not in Galilee.
            Thus this demonstrates an inconsistency in the prophesied text and what occurred later.”
As usual they have completely misunderstood what actually occurred through ignorance of The Bible text.
Correct JC saw Mary at the tomb, and also came to visit the disciples in a locked room (see John.20v19-31) in Jerusalem.
But then following chapter (John.21v1-24) we have an episode occurring in Galilee exactly as prophesied here.
Now placing this in context with what JC actually said/prophesied here: “I will lead from the front of you in Galilee”.
If the reader now recalls what occurred. The now 11 disciples were completely disorientated, one of them (Judas) had betrayed the whole family (TC
grouping) by being instrumental in removing the head (JC). They had seen ‘ Head’awakened from death appeared to them twice in a locked
room (thus JC now resurrected as JCg in a spiritual body) and thus presently utterly rudderless. Consequently they went home and started to do only
what they had originally been trained to do – be fishers of fish.
It was now JCg came to be with them again in (John.21v1-24) and now galvanised/consolidated them by now leading from the front to reorganise
them and doing this by directing/instructing Peter and John to guide the rest of the disciples to become full fishers of men as I explain fully in John.

I now see no contradiction here but complete support of what the written evidence given in The Bible showing coherent structure/logic in the
message/knowledge given to us for our edification today.
Matt. 26v33 og And answering the Peter said (to the) him (JC): “If also all/every (person) (be) offended/stumbled/snared
Matt. 26v33 og in (the) you, I never (will be) offended/stumbled/snared.”
Matt. 26v34 og Said (to the) him (Peter) the JC: “Truly I exclaim/state (to) you because in this to the night before/prior
Matt. 26v34 og (the) cock/{male fowl} crows, 3 times disown/deny me.”
Matt. 26v35 og Exclaims/states (to the) him (JC) the Peter: “Even if must/necessary/required me with (the) you (to)
Matt. 26v35 og die/slain/{lie a-dying} not no (= unable to) you (JC) (I will) disown/deny.”
Matt. 26v35 og Likewise also every/all the disciples said (the same).
Matt. 26v36 og Then comes/enters with them the JC into (the) place (being) named/called Gethsemane,
Matt. 26v36 og also (JC) exclaims/states to the disciples:
Matt. 26v36 og “(You disciples) Recline/sit its (place = Gethsemane here) until (I come) {at this place},
Matt. 26v36 og departing/going (I, JC shall) {pray earnestly}/worship there.”
Matt. 26v37 og Also {intimately taking}/{assuming position} the Peter also the 2 sons of Zebedee (= James and John),
Matt. 26v37 og (JC) began/progressively (to) grieve/worry also (to be) distressed/loathing (of what was about to befall himself).
Matt. 26v38 og Then (JC) exclaimed/stated to them (the 3 disciples): “Deeply/intensely grieved is the life/soul (of the) me
Matt. 26v38 og unto (of my immanent) death, remain/endure/dwell here also watch/{be vigilant}/awake with (of the) me.”
Matt. 26v39 og Also {going forward/further} (a) little, (JC) fell (down) upon (the) face (of the) him
Matt.   26v39 og     {praying earnestly}/worshipping also exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   26v39 og     “Father (Yahweh) (of the) me, if possible/able it is, (let) pass/{go by}/avert from (of the) me the cup this
Matt.   26v39 og     (being the cup’ contents of pain and suffering - to be soon faced), yet/rather not as I (JC) will,
Matt.   26v39 og     but as You (Yahweh) (desire/require).”
Matt.   26v40 og     Also (JC) comes/enters towards the disciples also finds/sees them sleeping also exclaims/says
Matt.   26v40 og     to the Peter: “So not (had you) strength/might/avail one hour (to) watch/{be vigilant} with (of the) me?
Matt.   26v41 og     Watch/{be vigilant} also {pray earnestly}/worship that not (you) enter/{go through}into
Matt.   26v41 og     temptation/assay/test/trial, truly the spirit (= inherent desire/personality) (the) eager/willing/ready, and the
Matt.   26v41 og     flesh (is) weak/sick/feeble.
Matt.   26v42 og     Again from 2nd time departing/{going away} (JC) {prayed earnestly}/worshipped exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   26v42 og     “Father (Yahweh) (of the) me (JC) if not be possible/able this the cup (to) pass/{go by}/avert from (of the)
Matt.   26v42 og     me, if not, it (I) drink, (let be) done/{come to pass}/become the will/desire (of the) You.
Matt.   26v43 og     Also coming/entering (JC) finds/sees them again sleeping, for were of them the eyes heavy.
Matt.   26v44 og     Also leaving/{laid aside}/forsaking from 3rd (time), the same word saying (again).
Matt.   26v44        (Thus JC has now calmed himself, ready and composed to face his immanent torture, followed by the most painful death).
Matt.   26v45 og     The (JC) comes/enters towards the disciples (of the) him, also exclaims/states (to) them:
Matt.   26v45 og     “Sleep/{lie down} the remaining (time) also rest/{take ease}/refresh.
Matt.   26v45 og     Behold/Look! Approaches/{draws near} the hour/time, also the son of the man(kind) (is)
Matt.   26v45 og     betrayed/delivered/surrendered/yielded up into (of the) hands (of) sinners (= self indulgent ones, not of Yahweh)
Matt.   26v46 og     Awaken/Rise go/lead/drive forth. Behold/Look! Approaches/{draws near} the (one = Judas)
Matt.   26v46 og     betraying/delivering/yielding me (to the religious authorities so they can murder me).
Matt.   26v47 og     Also while he (was) speaking, behold/look Judas one of the 12 (disciples) came/entered, also with him
Matt.   26v47 og     (a) crowd many/numerous with swords also clubs, from the chief priests also elders (Sanhedrists) of
Matt.   26v47 og     the people.
Matt.   26v48 og     And the (one = Judas) betraying/delivering/yielding up him (JC) gave to them (the) sign
Matt.   26v48 og     exclaiming/stating: “Whomever (I may) kiss, he it is; seize/arrest/constrain him.”
Matt.   26v49 og     Also immediately drawing near to the JC (Judas) said:
Matt.   26v49 og     “Hail/{Be well}/Greetings Rabbi/Master”, also earnestly kissed him (JC).
Matt.   26v50 og     And the JC said (to the) him: “Clansman/Friend, why are you here?” Then drawing near (they = priests’
Matt.   26v50 og     servants) laid/{threw upon} the hands upon JC also seized/arrested/contained him.
Matt.   26v50           Notice the word “Clansman” in 20v13, 22v12 and here 26v50. We read that those for whom it is used, are not necessarily
“Friend” as I give (being the Greek extension). So we understand that Yahweh and JC use this word to mean someone who publicly claims to be a
family member, but is not necessarily a “friend” to ‘ Family’as we understand it.
As I carefully explain elsewhere, a “clansman” can only be someone who claims to be part of The Christian Nation (claiming to honour The Almighty
God and Jesus Christ), thus cannot be part of Judaism or Islam and certainly no other grouping (= any other worldly religious grouping in which I
do include atheists/humanists – because themselves/mankind become their own god – inasmuch their efforts/indulgencies/time [thus worship] is
directed at what humans are able to give/deliver and it is not directed to what Yahweh can infinitely more offer).
Thus perhaps we can understand this “Clansman” as being a human who claims to be a True Christian (as I am sure all persons of The Christian
Nation do) but we now know that much less than perhaps 0.01% of this major grouping comes anywhere near to Yahweh’ Righteous Standard. So we
have so many claiming to be “Clansmen” but taking the other extreme of this grouping, we read here that Yahweh and JC detest them, but they are
still called “clansmen” because as leaders they claim before others that they are Yahweh’ representatives.
             How can I speak for Yahweh and JC - to say They detest these ‘   clansmen’ ?
Because They told us of Their feelings in ‘   Their Word’of the scriptures. – Look at the 1st and 3rd example.
In the 1st example they are thrown out of the family grouping, and in the 3rd we are told “it would have been better had they not been born” etc!
The reader must be very careful and audit their religious leaders very closely – just as JCg does (and only places the HS in those who are able to
fulfil Yahweh’ Desire) – very many religious leaders fail the minimum standard required by Yahweh, let alone to surpass The High Standard of
imitating JC in their life, that is required to become a TC (in Yahweh’ eyes and not in the eyes of the worldly instructed congregation)!
Matt. 26v51 og Also behold/look, one of those with JC (we are told elsewhere it was Peter), stretching/extending the hand
Matt. 26v51 og drew/unsheathed the sword/knife (of the) him, also striking the slave/servant of the high priest

Matt.   26v51 og removed/{cut off} (of the) him (servant’ the ear.
Matt.   26v52 og Then exclaims/states (to the) him (Peter) the JC:
Matt.   26v52 og “Slide back (of the) you the sword/knife to the location/holder/scabbard of it, for every/all (persons) the
Matt.   26v52 og (ones) grasping/taking/using (the) sword, in/by a sword (shall) perish/destroyed/die.
Matt.   26v52    Something that not only should we remember – “violence breeds violence”, but we witness this truism today between nations
and also between religions particularly when mixed in with the world of politics.
But this was said some 2000 years ago – and it is never taken onboard by The World and those of religions throughout The Gospel Age of any side
that resort to violence to kill, maim and hurt others of ultimately God’ creation in the name of their worldly god being Satan.
That is why JC told us this, and why a TC keeps out and away from all forms of violence (even the pretence of within ‘                               )
                                                                                                                             accepted entertainment’ and
worldly politics that itself is steeped in violence physical or mental. TCs are actively neutral in all affairs of the world, and exceedingly active in the
affairs of Yahweh – which are to imitate JC.
            We must remember those devotees of religions who use the fear of retribution are externally forced to become enslaved.
            But those of a religion being The Fidelity of Yahweh based upon charity love desire themselves to become the slaves!
The reader should think very deeply about this and reason upon their own religion – whatever it may be (including materialism)!
Matt. 26v53 og Or (you) think/suppose/consider because not I could/{be possible}/able now
Matt. 26v53 og implore/invite/{call near/upon}/beseech the Father (Yahweh) (of the) me, also (Yahweh)
Matt. 26v53 og aid/assist/present/provide me more/greater than 12 legions of angels?
Matt. 26v53    Roman legion comprises of 5000 to 6000 men, thus JC could call upon more than 60,000 to 70,000 angels each one assigned
by Yahweh to wield His power of the HS to destroy 185,000 men (see 2kings.19v35). Thus JC is saying I could call upon enough power to destroy all
life on this planet and save myself, if Yahweh desired it! But JC was fulfilling his personal desire to save all humans who in The Culmination desired
to operate under JC’ Two Laws and to ensure that Satan could not find any reason to spoil this ultimate conclusion, JCg had to provide a righteous
                            s                                                               s
mechanism (to satisfy JCg’ desire [to redeem his fleshly creation] and to satisfy Yahweh’ Desire [to bring on 144000 new Sons of God]) thus
enabling Yahweh not to undermine His original (and never to be revoked) Decree on sin.
Matt. 26v54 og How then (should) be fulfilled/satisfied/accomplished the scriptures? Because so it must happen/occur!
Matt. 26v55 og In the (specific = that) to the hour/time said the JC to the crowds (= the arresting priests’servants/henchmen):
Matt. 26v55 og “As upon (like a) plunderer/robber (you) came/{spread abroad} with swords also clubs
Matt.   26v55 og       seized/captured/arrested me?
Matt.   26v55 og       Under day (time) towards you I sat down teaching in to the temple, also not (you)
Matt.   26v55 og       seized/captured/arrested me?
Matt.   26v56 og       And this all (has) occurred/{come to pass}/{become true} that (may) be
Matt.   26v56 og       fulfilled/satisfied/accomplished the scriptures of the prophets.
Matt.   26v56 og       Then the disciples all forsaking/{laid aside}/departed (the) him fled/escaped/vanished.
Matt.   26v57 og       And the (ones = priests’servants) seizing/arresting the JC {took/led away}/escorted (JC) towards Caiaphas
Matt.   26v57 og       the high priest, where the scribes also the elders (were) assembled/gathered/together.
Matt.   26v58 og       And the Peter followed/{on same path} (to the) him (JC) from (a) distance until/{up to} of the
Matt.   26v58 og       court/palace/hall of the high priest, also entered/{went through} inside (the high priest) sat with of the
Matt.   26v58 og       under-officers to know/understand/perceive the end/{prophetic purpose}/termination.
Matt.   26v58          (= a kangaroo court to ensure that JC was found guilty and executed).
Matt.   26v59 og       And the chief priests also the elders also the Sanhedrin whole/entirety sought/endeavoured/required
Matt.   26v59 og       false/untrue testimony/witness against of the JC so as (the) him (they might) put to death/slay/kill.
Matt.   26v60 og       Also not (they) found/obtained, (and) also many false testimonies/witnesses (came from those) drawing
Matt.   26v60 og       near, not found (any giving consistency in their testimonies for them to be useful in prosecuting JC).
Matt.   26v60 og       And at last drawing near 2 (people able to give consistent) false testimonies.
Matt.   26v61 og       Said this (one) rumoured/quoting (JC):
Matt.   26v61 og       “I am able to destroy/disintegrate the temple of the God, also through 3 days build/construct it.”
Matt.   26v62 og       Also standing up the high priest said (to the) him (JC): “Nothing (you) answer (to) what these (of the) you
Matt.   26v62 og       against testimony.” (= You say nothing to these ones testifying against you?)
Matt.   26v63 og       And the JC (was) silent/{said nothing}. Also answering the high priest said (to the) him:
Matt.   26v63 og       “On oath (I put) you under of the God of the living, that us, (you) tell if you are the Christ,
Matt.   26v63 og       the son of the God.” (Interesting comment in light of what JC taught see Matt.5v33-37 and 23v16-22).
Matt.   26v64og        Exclaims/states (to the) him (high priest), the JC: “You said (it). More I exclaim/state (the) you, from
Matt.   26v64og        {presently over time} (will) gaze (wide eyed and from afar) the son of the man(kind) sitting/dwell/remaining
Matt.   26v64og        from (the) right (hand side) of the (abundance of) power/might/strength also coming/entering upon of the
Matt.   26v64og        clouds of the heaven (singular, thus seen in the atmosphere of the earth = 1st 2nd C to collect his TCs).
Matt.   26v65 og       Then the high priest tore/ripped the garments/robes/clothes (of the) him saying:
Matt.   26v65 og       “Because (he) blasphemed! Why yet/still need/require/want have (we) (of) witnesses?
Matt.   26v65og        Behold, now (you) listened/heard the blasphemy (of the) him.
Matt.   26v66 og       What (to) (the) you think/seems/suppose it?” (= Rhetorical leading question: “There is only one conclusion:-”)
Matt.   26v66 og       And they (around) answering said: “Liable/Guilty (of the) death (JC) is.”
Matt.   26v67og        Then (they = religious leaders) spat into the face (of the) him also beat/buffet with the fist (the) him (JC).
Matt.   26v67og        And (they = religious leaders) slapped (him),
Matt.   26v68 og       Exclaiming/stating: “Prophesy (to) (the) us Christ who is it, the (one) striking you?”
Matt.   26v69 og       And the Peter outside sitting/dwelling/remaining in to the courtyard. Also drew near (to the) him
Matt.   26v69 og       one slave/servant girl exclaiming/stating: “Also you were with JC of the Galilean!”
Matt.   26v70og        And he (Peter) disowned/denied before every/all (persons) exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   26v70og        “Not I know what/why (you) exclaim/state (that I know JC from Galilee)”.
Matt.   26v71 og       And escaping/{getting out}/departing he into the portal/doorway/porch saw him another (person),
Matt.   26v71 og      also exclaims/states to those there: “Also this one was with JC the Nazarean!”
Matt.   26v72 og      Also again (Peter) disowned/denied, with (of the) oath: “Because not I know the man.”
Matt.   26v73og       And after a little (while) drawing near the (ones) standing said to the Peter:
Matt.   26v73og       “Truly, also you of them are, for also the speech (= dialect) (of the) you manifest/shows/evidently you
Matt.   26v73og       makes/does/yields.
Matt.   26v74 og      Then (Peter) began to curse also to swear: “Because not I know the man!”
Matt.   26v74 og      Also immediately (a) cock crowed.
Matt.   26v75 og      Also remembered the Peter of the utterance/topic of the JC saying (to the) him:
Matt.   26v75 og      ‘Because before (a) cock crows 3 (times) (you will) disown/deny me.’
Matt.   26v75 og      Also escaping/{getting out}/departing outside (Peter) wept bitterly/inconsolably.
Matt.   26v75         Peter showing himself to be deeply repentant – this was like a sword going into his heart – this one experience would make
him, as JC stated: You are to become The Rock upon which JC (as JCg) would build The Ecclesia.
Matt. 27v1 og And dawn/{early morning} occurring/becoming, (then) {counsel deliberation/consultation together}
Matt. 27v1 og took/obtained/caught every/all the chief priests also the elders/councillors (Sanhedrists) of the people
Matt.   27v1 og       against of the JC so as to kill/slay/murder him.
Matt.   27v2 og       Also having bound/tied him, (they) {led/carried away} also delivered/yielded him (to) Pontius Pilate to
Matt.   27v2 og       the governor (thus Pontius Pilate was the Roman Governor over Palestine/Israel).
Matt.   27v3 og       Then seeing/understanding Judas the (one) delivered/yielded/betrayed him (JC), because (JC was)
Matt.   27v3 og       condemned, regretting (this), returned/{turned back} the 30 silver pieces to the chief priests also the
Matt.   27v3 og       elders/councillors.
Matt.   27v4 og       Exclaiming/stating: “I have sinned/{missed the mark/requirement}/offended, betraying/yielding blood
Matt.   27v4 og       innocent. And they said:
Matt.   27v4 og       “What towards us (= Why does it concern us), you look (= at a distance) (to yourself)”. (= You see to you own affairs).
Matt.   27v5 og       Also tossing/throwing the silver pieces in to the temple (Judas) retired/withdrew;
Matt.   27v5 og       also departing hanged (himself).
Matt.   27v6 og       And the chief priests taking the silver pieces said:
Matt.   27v6 og       “Not (is) lawful to put them into the treasury, since price (of the) blood it is”
Matt.   27v6            Demonstrates the hypocrisy of the religious leaders. Let us go through what has happened.
      1. Judas desired money (perhaps also had a grudge against JC’ notoriety – surpassing his own self-indulgence).
      2. The religious leaders were plotting to destroy/kill JC.
      3. (1) and (2) came together. The religious leaders gave the 30 pieces of silver to Judas to betray his master as prophesised some 580 years
            earlier by Jeremiah – but see important note below).
      4. Later, Judas comprehended that he had ‘                              s
                                                       missed the mark’of JC’ message and the 30 pieces of silver ‘     burnt’his consciousness and
            believed the best thing was to give it back to the priests.
      5. The priests just did not care for Judas’future – for they had got what they desired, thus told him to go away and not to trouble them.
      6. Judas threw the money at them and went away to hang himself.
      7. Interesting that the priests had already assumed JC was going to die before sentence was passed. The crux of this being the priests had
            already condemned JC to death prior to the passing of sentence by Pilate and thus demonstrated their determination to kill JC for which
            they will have to answer.
      8. Thus these religious leaders were not prepared to accept their own money being now contaminated by the very purpose they had
            engineered and had already pronounced the sentence! But now being prepared to push it away from them as though they had nothing to
            do with it – not to be tainted with “blood money”!
            But very typical with the machinations of The World under Satan’ rulership!
Matt. 27v7 og Counsel and taking (= And taking counsel), (they) bought of them (= silver pieces) the field of the potter
Matt. 27v7 og (earthenware – just as humans are described in The Bible) for the burial of aliens (guests/strangers of the Jews thus
Matt. 27v7              generally for the Gentiles).
Matt. 27v7              Thus in prophecy (see next verse) to show us of today, that the field is used for the burial (everlasting death) of those who do
not come into the knowledge of The New Spiritual Israel, brought about by spurning/betraying the knowledge of JCg (just as Judas had done) – being
                                                                                 s                                             s
in The Gospel Age worldly Iniquitous Christian Leaders who distort/twist God’ Word for their self-indulgence in Satan’ Worldly system of
operations becomes The 2nd Death come early – just as it had done to Judas – not really ‘    believing in JC’ !.
And the further extension thus prophetically in The Millennium “strangers then in the land of Israel” where they have all the knowledge from JCg
and his Bride (of 144000) and are still desirous to remain sinful for self-indulgent reasons – and thus become iniquitous. This becomes for them - the
field of blood where these earthen vessels are broken to annihilation in The 2nd Death.
Matt. 27v8 og Through (reason of this) was fulfilled/accomplished/{came to be} the field the (specific one = that field)
Matt. 27v8 og Field (of the) Blood, until of the today.
Matt. 27v9 og Then fulfilled/accomplished/{came to be}the (one = prophecy) spoken through Jeremiah of the prophet
Matt. 27v9 og exclaiming/stating (Zech.11v12,13):
Matt. 27v9 og Prophecy: Also I took the 30 pieces of silver, the price of the (one) having been priced, whom they
Matt. 27v9 og priced from sons of Israel.
Matt. 27v10 og Prophecy: Also gave them into (= for) the field of the potter, under/as directed me (the) Lord.
Matt. 27v9-10 Why direct something that Zechariah said to Jeremiah?
           Did Matthew get it wrong?
See the writings of Jeremiah in Jer.18v2,19v1,11. Jeremiah was a more notable prophet than Zechariah but more importantly Jeremiah (circa. 580
BC) was writing a generation or two before Zechariah (circa. 518 BC) and thus Matthew was acknowledging (by citation) the original
thought/writings came from Jeremiah, rather than Zechariah. Thus precedence went to Jeremiah rather than Zechariah – this type of thing occurs in
the recording of Patents today and the suchlike of any original work.
Matt. 27v11 og And the JC stood/staunch before/{in front} of the governor, also questioned him (JC) the governor
Matt. 27v11 og (Pontius Pilate) exclaiming/stating: “You are the king of the Jews?

Matt.   27v11 og      And the JC affirmed (to the) him: “You stated (it)!”
Matt.   27v12 og      Also in (= during) to the accusing/charging (the) him (JC) by of the chief priests also of the elders
Matt.   27v12 og      nothing (JC) answered.
Matt.   27v13 og      Then exclaimed/stated (to the) him (JC), the Pilate:
Matt.   27v13 og      “Not (do you = JC) hear what (of the) you (they the) witnesses say against (you)?”
Matt.   27v14 og      Also not (JC) answered (to the) him (Pilate), towards neither even (one) word/topic/{subject matter},
Matt.   27v14 og      thus (the) marvel/wonder/admire the governor much (over JC’ attitude – to an impending death sentence).
Matt.   27v15 og      And under a (Passover) feast custom, the governor (to) release one to the crowd (a) prisoner,
Matt.   27v15 og      whom (they = people of the crowd) desired/pleased/delighted.
Matt.   27v15         From the understanding that The Passover was for the remission of death of the firstborn. Thus if a criminal destined for death
was considered by the crowd as reformed (to be accepted back into society) then this one could escape death just as the Jewish first-born was able.
Matt. 27v16 og And (they = authorities) had then (a) prisoner notorious/remarkable/infamous named/called Barabbas.
Matt. 27v17 og {when assembled/gathered together} then they (= Then they, when assembled together), said to them
Matt. 27v17 og (= the ‘      rent-a-crowd’mob, hastily got together by the religious leaders early in the morning about 05:00 hr) the Pilate:
Matt. 27v17 og “Whom desire/pleased/delight (you) (I may) release (to) (the) you; Barabbas,
Matt.   27v17 og      or Jesus the named/called Christ?”
Matt.   27v18 og      For (Pilate) knew/understood because through envy/jealousy (they = religious leaders)
Matt.   27v18 og      delivered/betrayed/yielded (the) him (JC).
Matt.   27v19 og      And sitting/dwelling/remaining (of the) him (Pilate) upon the tribunal/judgement (seat), dispatched
Matt.   27v19 og      towards (the) him the wife (of the) him (Pilate) exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   27v19 og      “(Have) Nothing (to) you also (with) to the just/righteous the (specific one = JC).
Matt.   27v19 og      For many (things) I suffered today under (a) dream through (reason of) (the) him (JC).”
Matt.   27v20 og      And the chief priests also the elders persuaded/{convinced by argument} the crowds that (they) should
Matt.   27v20 og      call/crave/desire Barabbas, and the JC destroy/kill/murder.
Matt.   27v21 og      And answering the governor (Pilate) said to them:
Matt.   27v21 og      “Which (do you) desired/pleased/delighted from of the two (I may) release/dismiss/pardon (to) (the) you?”
Matt.   27v21 og      And the (ones = members of the crowd – partisan to the religious leaders) said: “Barabbas.”
Matt.   27v22 og      Exclaims/states to them the Pilate:
Matt.   27v22 og      “What then (should I) do/make/perform/work/yield (to) JC the (one) named/called Christ?
Matt.   27v22 og      (They = crowd led on by the religious leaders) exclaimed/stated (to the) him every/all (persons together):
Matt.   27v22 og      “(Let JC be) Publicly executed”. (Roman execution = crucifixion)!
Matt.   27v23 og      And the governor affirmed (= make known your thoughts):
Matt.   27v23 og      “For what (intrinsic worthlessness of) badness/depravity/harm/evil/injury (has JC) done/worked/performed?
Matt.   27v23 og      And the (ones = of the crowd) more screamed/shrieked exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   27v23 og      “(Let him be) Publicly executed”!
Matt.   27v24 og      And seeing/understanding the Pilate because nothing (to be) gained/{of advantage}/profit/prevail,
Matt.   27v24 og      but rather/more (an) uproar/tumult/disturbance occurring/happening, taking water (Pilate) washed
Matt.   27v24 og      the hands before/{in front} of the crowd, exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   27v24 og      “Innocent I am from of the blood of the righteous/just (one = JC) of this, you will see.”
Matt.   27v25 og      Also answering every/all the people (of the crowd) said:
Matt.   27v25 og      “The blood (of the) him upon us also upon the children (of) us.”
Matt.   27v25         As I cover quite deeply elsewhere - a very prophetic statement!
Matt.   27v26 og      Then (Pilate) released to them the Barabbas. And the JC (was) flogged/scourged, (Pilate then)
Matt.   27v26 og      delivered/committed/yielded that (JC) (should be) publicly executed (“death on a pole” = Roman crucifixion).
Matt.   27v27 og      Then the soldiers of the governor, taken the JC into the praetorium/{court room} (= hall of judgement)
Matt.   27v27 og      gathered/collected upon (the) him (JC) all/{the whole} the cohort (= squad of roman soldiers).
Matt.   27v28 og      Also stripping/unclothing (the) him (JC) (they = cohort) put/{placed around} (to the) him (a) cloak scarlet.
Matt.   27v29 og      Also had plaited (a) crown/wreathe of thorns, (they = cohort) placed upon the head (of the) him (JC),
Matt.   27v29 og      also (a) reed upon the right (hand side) (of the) him. Also {bowed the knee} (in) front (of the) him,
Matt.   27v29 og      (they) mocked/jeered/derided (to the) him exclaiming/stating: “Hail/{Be well} the king of the Jews.”
Matt.   27v30 og      Also spitting into (the) him (JC), (they) took the reed, also struck/wounded/pummelled into the head
Matt.   27v30 og      (of the) him (JC).
Matt.   27v31 og      Also because (they) mocked/jeered/derided (to the) him, (they) stripped/unclothed (the) him the cloak
Matt.   27v31 og      also put/{placed around} (the) him the garments/clothes (of the) him, also {led/carried away} (the) him
Matt.   27v31 og      into the (place) to publicly execute (him). (By death on a pole, Roman execution was normally by crucifixion).
Matt.   27v32 og      And {spreading abroad}/{proceeding out} (they = Romans) found/obtained (a) man, (a) Cyrenian,
Matt.   27v32 og      by name/assigned Simon. This (one) (they = Romans) compelled/{pressed into public service} that
Matt.   27v32 og      (Simon) bear/carry/{lift up} the pole (of the) him (JC).
Matt.   27v33 og      Also coming/entering into (a) place/locality named/called Golgotha, which is exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   27v33 og       Of
                      ‘ the Skull’place (= Place of the Skull).
Matt.   27v34 og      (They = Roman soldiers) gave/offered (to the) him (JC) (to) drink vinegar with gall (being) mingled/mixed
Matt.   27v34 og      (together). Also (of) tasting, not (JC) would drink/imbibe.
Matt.   27v34         Two notes here.

     1. Gall here means quoting StrongsTM “Similar to 5514 (from the greenish hue): “gall” or bile, i.e. (by anal.) poison or an anodyne
        (wormwood, poppy. etc.):- gall.”
    2. JC would not let this liquid pass beyond his lips to drink. This liquid having sour wine (vinegar) would have been (spoiled) “fruit from the
        vine” and we were told in 26v29 that JC said he would not taste the fruit of the vine (really meaning ‘ then the righteous humans’of The
        Millennium) rather than the sour/spoiled fruit of the vine now (in both senses – 1. This vinegar, 2. Those who claim to represent Yahweh
        and do not, but only their worldly interests during the whole of The Gospel Age).
Matt. 27v35 og And (then) publicly executed (the) him (JC), (they = Roman soldiers) divided/partitioned/shared up the
Matt. 27v35 og garments (of the) him (JC), casting/throwing (a) lot/{labelled bits of wood} that (might be)
Matt. 27v35 og fulfilled/accomplished the (prophecy) spoken/uttered by of the prophet (Ps.22v18):
Matt. 27v35 og Prophecy: They divided the garments of me themselves also upon the clothing of the me they cast a lot.
Matt. 27v36 og Also sitting/dwelling/remaining (they = Roman soldiers) guarded/watched (the) him (JC) there.
Matt. 27v37 og Also (they = Romans) placed/imposed/added above of the head (of the) him (JC) the charge/crime/cause
Matt. 27v37 og (of the) him (JC) written: “This is Jesus the King of the Jews”
Matt. 27v38 og Then are publicly executed (upon a post – Roman execution of crucifixion) (complete) with (to the) him 2 robbers,
Matt. 27v38 og one from (the) right, also one from (the) left.
Matt. 27v39 og And the (ones) passing/travelling near by blasphemed/vilified/defamed (the) him (JC),
Matt. 27v39 og shaking the heads of them(selves).
Matt.     27v40 og     Also exclaiming/stating:
Matt.     27v40 og     “The (one = JC) disintegrating/demolishing the temple, also in 3 days (the) building/constructing (it),
Matt.     27v40 og     save/deliver/preserve/{make whole} yourself.
Matt.     27v40 og     If son art/be (= you) of the God (Yahweh), come down from of the post (assumed to be cross).”
Matt.     27v41 og     And likewise also the chief priests mocking/jeering/deriding with of the scribes also elders/councillors
Matt.     27v41 og     exclaimed/stated:
Matt.     27v42 og     “Others saved, (but JC) himself not is able to save/deliver/preserve/{make whole}.
Matt.     27v42 og     If king (of) Israel (he) is, (let him) come down now from of the post also (we will) believe/entrust/commit
Matt.     27v42 og     (to the) him (JC).
Matt.     27v43 og     (He = JC) Trusted/{had confidence}/relied upon the God, (let Him = Yahweh) rescue/deliver/liberate now
Matt.     27v43 og     him (JC), if (He = Yahweh) desires/pleases/delights (the) him (JC).
Matt.     27v43 og     For (he = JC) said because (of the) God (Yahweh) I am son.”
Matt.     27v44 og     And same also the robbers the (ones) together publicly executed (= impaled on a pole, assumed to be Roman
Matt.     27v44 og     crucifixion) (to the) him (JC) reproached/taunt (to the) him (JC).
Matt.     27v44         This does not conflict with Luke.23v40-43 as so many atheists seem to delight in!
For a start, 6 hours (09:00 hrs to 15: 00hrs – see John.19v14 for full time details) is a long time to express many feelings between 3 people in close
proximity, particularly when they had nowhere else to go!
             They would not be quiet and saying nothing – or only the things recorded!
Thus we can reason only the salient things or a summary of events during the event would be recorded for us.
So it is perfectly reasonable to assume that both criminals would initially call/beg JC to save them, just as the populace were saying:
             “He is the son of God – let God save him!” In their position would not the reader say the same thing?
They would say perhaps during the 1st hour (or so):
             “Show us your power, save you and us from certain/imminent death!”
Then start saying:
             “If you cannot – why not? – What are you waiting for! You cannot be the son of God as you claim!”
Then perhaps afterwards JC started to preach to them (he never missed an opportunity) and explained as best he could (even during the incredible
pain that he was suffering) why he had to come to this earth, minister and finally die like this!
Now perhaps during the 3rd to 4th hour, one of the criminals would perhaps become responsive, and thus now understand what God’ Plan was all
about. Thus this criminal would become converted and then start to defend JC’ position as recorded in Luke, towards the other Criminal who clearly
had not understood and was still worldly thinking. This could be particularly so when at midday, being halfway through this period, we are told that
the land became darkened/obscured for the next 3 hours (see next verse – v45).
Now it becomes perfectly understandable that the recorded events now complement each other to give a complete picture for us to now comprehend
what really occurred, and not to be immediately assumed the recorded events are to be taken as contradictions as I clearly show them not to be in the
inter-verse commentary located at John 19v14.
Thus we now understand the depth given within The Bible rather than the superfluous reasoning of an atheist, as sceptic might reason upon any
worldly religion!
Let me illustrate this with an example of an eastern story about five blind people trying to ascertain what a specific animal was by touching in one
             The four blind people felt an individual part of an elephant spoke of the different part they specifically felt each being as a different
             animal. But the 5th person listening puts all four animals together in his mind and thus correctly reasons ‘ elephant’
                                                                                                                            an          !
Likewise here, The Bible gives us all the different aspects and it is our responsibility to put the parts together to now obtain the complete picture.
Matt. 27v45 og And from the 6th hour (= 12:00 hrs European clock) darkness occurred/{became about} upon
Matt. 27v45 og all/{the whole} the land until the hour (of the) 9th (= 15:00 hrs European clock).
Matt.     27v46 og And about the 9th hour {repetitively cried out}/{shouted out in tumultuous manner} the JC voice
Matt.     27v46 og (being) loud/great exclaiming/stating: Eli, Eli lama sabachthani” this is ‘            God of the me, God of the
Matt.     27v46 og me, Why me leave? (from the Greek to mean ‘         leave behind in some place’.
Matt.     27v46                 st
                   This is the 1 line of Psalm 22 called out by those bereaved, mourning at the Hebrew Funerals. JC knew the scriptures and the
customs of the time and was calling upon Yahweh his Father to now carry him. At this point in time, quite simply, JC felt Yahweh’ HS leave him (just
as he felt a little of the power [being the HS] leave him when curing the haemorrhaging woman) and he knew his time to die was now to occur.
Thus Yahweh was benevolently releasing JC from his present pain, by allowing him to die so that further prophecies might be fulfilled, spear in the
side, no bones be broken by dying ‘                                                                       the
                                      early’see Mark.15.44 ready for burial rather than being thrown into ‘ valley of Hinnom’to burn with the other
two criminals.

This is shown by Mark.15v44 onwards and still allowing time for (1) permission to be sought for JC’ body, (2) body taken down, (3) taken to be
wrapped and (4) laid in a tomb. All within the time constraint of 3 hours where the new Jewish Day being The Great Sabbath was to start and no
work must be done!
I am deeply disturbed when I hear an absolutely blasphemous statement put out by some of those supporting worldly Christianity, being this
statement of theirs:
             Yahweh forsook JC because of the disgust He had for JC when ‘ absorbed the sins of the world’at his death”
This is the typical mystic waffle that many of the worldly Christian ‘      elite’seem to have plenty of time to dream up and then mentally swim around
within, and perhaps “the number of angels who could dance on the top of a pinhead” and such like.
             Why is this mystic waffle so dangerous?
             Because it distorts The Absolute Truth.
Yahweh always loved His son JC – “in whom Yahweh ‘                                ”.
                                                              Was well pleased’ Yahweh “Awakened/Roused” JC to be reunited alongside (not
‘            )
 absorbed’ with Yahweh again as JCg. In all instances Yahweh was proud – ‘             aglow’‘ inside’of the stupendous effort His beloved son JC did to
utterly fulfil Yahweh’ Desire.
             Would Yahweh ever be disgusted of JC?
             Absolutely not!
Yahweh would be ‘     glowing with pride’that His wonderful son fully accomplished everything perfectly without flaw, and at this moment of JC’ death,   s
Yahweh would be so proud and yet so sad with the pain His son put himself through. The pain that His son had to under go because of the son’              s
personal love for his personal creation, that now enables Yahweh to operate upon all humans, and thus as in the parable of the Darnel seed to give
all those who finally desired to be saved - salvation in The Culmination.
             To even suggest Yahweh would be disgusted in JC or what he represents is a travesty of The Absolute Truth.
It also demonstrates the inconsistency of the prevalent flawed worldly Christian ‘        doctrine’that says “God loves us” if now they claim “God is
disgusted with us” through JC at his death because he absorbed our sins upon his shoulders.
             Are these worldly Christian ‘    elite’so blind not to see the flaws in their own reasoning???
Sadly I can understand why atheists have such a field-day with worldly Christians who then hide behind this type of mystic waffle.
             How are you going to convert anyone with that sort of ‘      logic’clouding The Good News?
Why drag the purity of The Fidelity down to the level of other worldly religions that cannot internally hang together through righteous logic!
             So why did JC call this out then?
As I stated:-
       1. First he was recalling the scriptures that tied him to Yahweh at the point of Death as his mind was ‘          rolling around’ .
       2. And (1) occurred because he felt Yahweh pull His HS from JC in His compassion to allow him to die quickly as we are told before the two
             criminals – JC had now performed everything as required – Yahweh now ‘           pulled the plug’to fulfil scripture that no bones in his body
             should be broken – to remain as The Perfect Sacrifice – without any blemish – to become The Passover Lamb. And just as JC was able to
             feel his miraculous power leave him to heal the ‘     bleeding woman who touched him’then likewise and more-so now.
Matt. 27v47 og And some of the (ones = witnesses) there standing listening/hearing exclaimed/stated:
Matt. 27v47 og “Because Elijah calls this one (JC)” (Exactly as one of the Two witnesses to see this and speak of it in Rev.11v3 etc).
Matt. 27v47               (JC would know, being privy to his pre-existence that The Two Witnesses would be watching ready for their testimony later.)
Matt. 27v48 og Also immediately running one of them also taking (a) sponge filling (it) both (of ) vinegar
Matt. 27v48 og also putting upon (a) reed (so as) (to give) drink (to the) him. (But JC would not drink it because of his oath earlier).
Matt. 27v49 og And the others/remaining exclaimed/stated: “{Leave alone}/{Let be}! (Let us) See/behold if
Matt. 27v49 og coming/entering Elijah to save/deliver/preserve/{make whole} (the) him (JC).”
Matt. 27v49               (Elijah would be watching and not there to save – all righteous people knew that JC had to go through this fleshly death –
being The 1 Death that because of his perfection made “Asleep” but at the same instant made all humans 1st Death become also “Asleep” before
           s                                                                     s
Yahweh’ Decree on Sin – provided ultimately they precisely imitate JC’ lifestyle/personality.)
Matt. 27v50 og And the JC again screamed/shrieked (with) voice (being) loud (then) {let go}/{yielded up}/{sent forth}
Matt. 27v50 og the spirit (being JC’ consciousness operating as his personality within his fleshly body departed = thus JC died).
Matt. 27v50               Nothing mystical here. Irrespective of what faulty religious doctrines say (of all worldly religions – the representatives of
which have not the faintest idea about what they are talking) demonstrated by distorting everything in mystic waffle (see detailed explanation
elsewhere and in Glossary) so that they feel they have a hold over the listener!
             Let me explain what actually occurred.
The Greek word soul = life = the consciousness/reasoning half operating in a functioning body (either fleshly = mortal = human, or a spiritual body
= everlasting body = Son of God). Thus the body/brain stopped functioning, because the fleshly body ceased to function. Because the fleshly body
ceased to function then reasoning/consciousness (= spirit half) was lost = JC let go/released his “spirit” (see glossary) through death.
It is as simple as that – nothing mystical whatsoever.
However Yahweh retained the synapse construction mapping and is thus able to reproduce the reasoning capability again to produce a ‘               reasoning
clone’ Being a ‘
        .          reasoning clone’then unlike a ‘    physical DNA clone’(being that identical twins are different in their thought processes) the 1st death
becomes “Asleep” and upon “Awakening/Rousing” (= resurrection) it will be just as if you have been asleep!
Matt. 27v51 og Also look/behold! The veil of the temple (was) torn/rent/ripped into 2, from above until below,
Matt. 27v51               The veil was the covering between the Holy Place (where the priests could go) and The Most Holy Place beyond (and behind
the veil) where The Ark of The Covenant (between Yahweh and his people) containing the statutes (for humans to come to Yahweh). The High Priest
went through the veil once a year to offer sacrifices for The Israelite Nation.
                      the                                            s
This torn veil was ‘ reply action’from Yahweh at His son’ death and notice it was from top (ie from Yahweh) to the bottom (to mankind) and
being tall showing that no human could do it. His Son JC demonstrated unto death that he had scrupulously followed The Desire (to the delight) of
Yahweh his Father. In doing this JC showed himself to be The Perfect Sacrifice of atonement for all humans so that they now may have a 2nd, but last
opportunity of The Millennium to exercise/demonstrate righteousness and in The Culmination have access to Yahweh. Humans now did not need the
fleshly high priest (as Paul meticulously explains in Hebrews) to present the annual sacrifices of atonement as a foretaste of what was to come, but
JC now was demonstrated perfect, The High Priest who was the way through to Yahweh through the previously covering veil for us all to Yahweh.
However this must be demonstrated by work through imitating JC to be acceptable to Yahweh, because the work done is the outward sign of the
inside thought processes being righteous.
Just as the contents of the Ark of the Covenant are the physical statutes (= Law of Moses) to get to Yahweh, the contents of The Perfect High Priest
enabling us to get to Yahweh is through his Two Statutes (= The Law of JC) operates upon our thought processes to make them righteous. Once these
thought processes are righteous then we meet the physical statutes (I quote an old truism: “The body follows the mind”).
So, just as in the 1st part of this life the high priest sacrifices covered (only) the Israelite nation to Yahweh (and those sacrifices only accepted were
those sacrifices offered by those humans accepted by Yahweh as being righteous humans, ref also earlier Able/Cain).
Then during The Gospel Age, likewise our 1st part of our life, The High Priest sacrifice of JC himself for those (only) of The Christian Nation who
desire to imitate JC by becoming TCs, who take on JC’ lifestyle (and thus accepted by Yahweh) come through to Yahweh as His Sons upon their
          Can the reader see the supreme righteous logic of this set out by Yahweh – so that no entity can contend the righteousness of The Plan!
          However I explain much more in my inter-verse commentary located at Luke.23v45 being the full significance of this event!
Matt.   27v51 og also the earth was shaken, also the rocks (were) torn/rent/sheared.
Matt.   27v52 og [Also the tombs were opened = CA] Also many bodies (= sound whole) of the {laid out}/sleeping
Matt.   27v52 og purified/blameless were raised (inasmuch some dead bodies where visible lying in the ground).
Matt.   27v53 og      Also departed/{going abroad}/proceeded from of the tombs accompanying/amid the
Matt.   27v53 og      resurgence/resurrection (of the) him [entered in = CA] into the purified/blameless warfare/city
Matt.   27v53 og      (the Greek word “polis” is uncertain, thus both translations have been used) also exhibited (to) many.
Matt.   27v53                                                                                             CA’additions within the text.)
                      (These two verses need more research especially with the disproportionate amount of ‘
Matt.   27v54 og      And the centurion also the (ones = soldiers) with (of the) him guarding the JC seeing/understanding                      the
Matt.   27v54 og      earthquake also the occurrences/happenings, feared/{in awe}/reverence exceedingly/vehemently
Matt.   27v54 og      exclaiming/stating: “Truly (of the) God, son was this one (JC).”
Matt.   27v55 og      And were there women many from far away beholding/discerning/experiencing who
Matt.   27v55 og      {followed closely}/{intimately associated} to the JC from of the Galilee ministering (to the) him.
Matt.   27v56 og      In (= among) whom was Mary the Magdalene, also Mary the (one) of the James, also (of) Joseph mother,
Matt.   27v56 og      also the mother of the sons (of the) Zebedee.
Matt.   27v57 og      And evening occurred/{became to be} came/entered (a) man rich/{very wealthy} from Arimathea,
Matt.   27v57 og      named Joseph, who also himself was (a) disciple/pupil to the JC.
Matt.   27v58 og      This one (= Joseph of Arimathea) drawing near to the Pilate pleaded/begged/craved for the body of the JC.
Matt.   27v58 og      Then the Pilate commanded/ordered (to) {give away}/{handed over} the body (to Joseph).
Matt.   27v59 og      Also grasped/obtained/took the body, the Joseph entwined/wrapped it (in the) linen clean.
Matt.   27v60 og      Also laid/placed/{settled down} it (JC’ body) in to the new/fresh (of the) him tomb/sepulchre,
Matt.   27v60 og      which (he had) hewn/quarried in to the rock, also rolled (a) stone exceedingly huge/large to the
Matt.   27v60 og      door/entrance of the tomb/sepulchre.
Matt.   27v61 og      And was there Mary the Magdalene, also the other Mary sitting/dwelling/remaining
Matt.   27v61 og      {in the close locality} of the tomb.
Matt.   27v62 og      And to the morrow (= next morning = Saturday) which is after The Preparation were assembled/collected
Matt.   27v62 og      together the chief priests also the Pharisees towards (the) Pilate.
Matt.   27v63 og      Exclaiming/stating: “Lord/Sir (we) recall/remember because the (specific one = JC) the
Matt.   27v63 og      ‘impostor/deceiver/seducer’said yet/while living: “After 3 days I awaken/rouse/rise.”
Matt.   27v64 og      Command/order then secure/{make fast} the tomb/sepulchre until of the 3rd day, lest/else
Matt.   27v64 og      coming/entering the disciples (of the) him (JC) (by) night (may) steal/filch (the body of) him,
Matt.   27v64 og      also may speak/claim/promote to the people/populace:
Matt.   27v64 og      “(He is) Awaken/Roused/Raised from of the dead.”
Matt.   27v64 og      Also will be the last deceit/delusion/fraudulence worse/{more aggravated} (than) of the
Matt.   27v64 og      fore/first/before/beginning.
Matt.   27v65 og      And said to them the Pilate; “You have (a) guard/sentry depart/withdraw/go. Make/render
Matt.   27v65 og      secure/fast the tomb/sepulchre sealing/{stopping up} the stone with of the guard/sentry.”
Matt.   28v1 og       And end/close in the Sabbath (day), to the dawning into the 1st (of the) Sabbath (Week, being The Feast of The
Matt.   28v1 og       Unleavened Bread) came/entered Mary the Magdalene also the other Mary (to) view the tomb/sepulchre.
Matt.   28v2 og       Also Behold/Look! (An) Earthquake/Tempest occurred/happened (being) great/large,
Matt.   28v2 og       for an angel/messenger (of the) Lord (spelt = Yahweh) descended from heaven/sky (singular = within the
Matt.   28v2 og       locality of the earth => one of the witnesses), drawing near rolled (away/back) the stone from off of the
Matt.   28v2 og       door/entrance, also sitting/dwelling/remaining above/over it.
Matt.   28v3 og       And was the countenance/appearance (of the) him as lightening/{glaring brightness}, also the
Matt.   28v3 og       clothing/apparel/garments (of the) him white as snow.
Matt.   28v4 og       And from of the fear (of the) him shook/trembled/agitated those (soldiers) guarding (the tomb), also
Matt.   28v4 og       (they) became as dead/corpse. (= Figuratively, thus ‘         mortified’unable to move = stupefied = results of extreme shock).
Matt.   28v5 og       And answering the angel said to (the) women: “Not fear you; for I know/understand/aware because JC
Matt.   28v5 og       the (one) (having been) publicly executed (you) seek/endeavour/desire.
Matt.   28v6 og       (For) Not (JC) is here, for (he) (was) awakened/roused/raised even as (he) said.
Matt.   28v6 og       ‘Come/Follow see/understand/{be aware} the place where lay/{stretched out} the lord (spelt = JC).’”
Matt.   28v7 og       Also quickly departing/journeying/going (to) tell the disciples (of the) him, because (JC) (was)
Matt.   28v7 og       awaken/roused/raised from of the dead (plural = dead ones/{many humans} = thus other humans are still dead and
Matt.   28v7          are not raised as told to us by the representatives of false worldly religions).
Matt.   28v7 og       Also behold/look! (JC) goes/precedes/leads/prior/before (of) you into the Galilee,
Matt.   28v7 og       there (the) him (JC) gaze/awe. Behold/Look, I told you” (see Matt.26v32).
Matt.   28v7                                                                                                                      straw-man’argument,
                       As I carefully explain in Matt.26v32 there is not the contradiction that atheists try to make out in their ‘
between this statement and JC appearing to the Disciples as the understanding now give us.
            The Greek word “proago” StrongsTM = 4254 means to “lead forth” thus as ‘ head’of ‘ army’to move objectively forward with
                                                                                          the            an
Thus the two visits JC made to the disciples in a closed room as detailed in John’ Gospel were only to give them mental sustenance so that they
could ‘                        .
       limp – back to Galilee’ Even when they returned to Galilee the disciples were at the time a ‘   spent force’after loosing their leader. But it was
in Galilee that JCg came to lead/motivate/drive and thus give the impetus required to get The Christian Nation ‘ the ground’else it could have died
then – being that the disciples did not know how to move forward.
            Thus the atheist ‘argument’is based ‘ upon the sand of worldly understanding’by not knowing/understanding their subject matter.

Matt.   28v8 og       Also going/escaping/{spreading forth} {without delay}/quickly from of the tomb,
Matt.   28v8 og       with fear/alarmed/overwhelmed also joy/gladness/cheerfulness (being) great/large (they) ran (to)
Matt.   28v8 og       announce/report/declare to the disciples (of the) him (JC).
Matt.   28v9 og       And as (they were) departing/journeying/going (to) announce/report/declare to the disciples
Matt.   28v9 og       (of the) him (JC). Behold/look the JCg (where JC is now resurrected into a spiritual body) meet/encountered them
Matt.   28v9 og       exclaiming: “Hail/{Be well}”.
Matt.   28v9 og       And they (the two Marys) drawing near (they) {seized power/strength} (= the Marys became emboldened)
Matt.   28v9 og       (of the) him (JCg) the feet also worshipped (to the) him (= at his feet they worshipped him).
Matt.   28v9          = Now running away to tell the disciples, the two Marys became emboldened when they met JCg and fell down at his feet to
worship him.
This is what the true Greek sentence structure means rather than the false understanding given in standard mistranslations.
It is false for two reasons:-
       1. The Greek word “krateo” = StrongsTM = 2901 means the effect on one’ self rather than upon an external object (see below).
       2. It contradicts what John’ Gospel tells us about JCg telling them not to touch them.
                                    aorist’form to indicate that it is the strengthening, of continuous effect upon themselves, thus rendering utterly
In the context here “krateo” is the ‘
ridiculous the standard mistranslations to assign it to JCg’ feet!
Again atheists not knowing, nor understanding the subject matter (principally because traditional inept/unprofessional nature of Bible translators not
caring to understand in ensuring the authenticity/fidelity of the translation) cite this as an example of Bible inconsistency, which correctly translated
again shows no inconsistency!
Matt.   28v10 og      Then exclaims/states to them the JC:
Matt.   28v10 og      “Not be frightened/alarmed/{in awe} go/withdraw/retire (from me and) announce/report/declare
Matt.   28v10 og      to the brothers (of the) me that (they may) follow/behind/depart (= Greek for “at a distance”) into the
Matt.   28v10 og      Galilee also there me (they) will gaze/awe (= to keenly/attentively to see/understand/perceive).
Matt.   28v10         This is the re-grouping exercise that JCg is now telling of – where the disciples become emboldened when they become led and
instructed precisely what to do with their future lives.
Matt.   28v11 og      And departing/journeying/going they beheld/saw some of the guard coming/entering into the city
Matt.   28v11 og      (they = soldiers) announced/reported/declared to the chief priests every/all (things) the (ones = events that)
Matt.   28v11 og      occurred/happened.
Matt.   28v12 og      Also (being) assembled/collected together with the elders, the counsel both (groups of humans)
Matt.   28v12 og      taking silver sufficient/enough gave to the soldiers (= a bribe to keep the solders quiet over what happened).
Matt.   28v13 og      Exclaiming/stating: “Say because the disciples (of the) him (JC) (by) night coming/entering (the tomb)
Matt.   28v13 og      stole/filched (the) him (JC), we (= the soldiers, being) asleep.
Matt.   28v14 og      Also if listened/heard this (report) upon of the governor (= if the governor hears of this report),
Matt.   28v14 og      we (will) persuade/convince (the) him, also you {free from}/absolved worry/anxiety
Matt.   28v14 og      make/do/work/perform (= we will clear your name before the governor so you soldiers have nothing to fear).
Matt.   28v15 og      And the (ones = soldiers/guards) taking the silver did/worked/performed (what they were) taught/instructed.
Matt.   28v16 og      And the 11 disciples departing/journeying/going into the Galilee, into the mount where
Matt.   28v16 og      assigned/appointed/ordained them the JC.
Matt.   28v17 og      Also seeing/perceiving/aware (the) him (they) worshipped/adored/revered (to the) him and they
Matt.   28v17 og      wavered/{weak minded}/uncertain (about how their future should be ‘   mapped out’.)
Matt.   28v18 og      Also drawing near the JC uttered/preached/instructed/lectured (with) them exclaiming/stating:
Matt.   28v18 og      “(Has been) Given/assigned/commissioned (to) me all/{the whole}
Matt.   28v18 og      authority/privilege/jurisdiction/power/strength/right in heaven/sky (singular = everything external pertaining
Matt.   28v18 og      to this planet) also upon earth.
Matt.   28v18          This piece merely means that JCg has no more work to do in order to have the full authority over The Sky and The Earth. But
nowhere here or elsewhere does it state that Jesus is to immediately exercise that authority/privilege/jurisdiction/power/strength/right now at the
beginning of what is to be The Gospel Age as falsely stated by the vast majority of worldly Christian Leaders – who quite obviously do not understand
Yahweh’ most righteous Plan! But rather when Yahweh has His full quota of TCs worthy to be Sons of God taken out over the whole Gospel Age –
THEN Yahweh will instruct JCg to move in to then exercise this full power and authority, not only over The Sky and Earth but also to chain and
restrain Satan – as we are so clearly told in The Bible. We are also told that this point in time will occur relatively very soon to herald in The
Millennium. It will be VERY obvious to every person on this planet when this transition occurs!
Matt. 28v19 og Then (you) depart/journey/go (make) disciple/pupil/instruct all/whole the nations (being subjected/part of
Matt. 28v19 og Satan’ system of operations) baptising them (= being overwhelmed/covered = ablution, fleshly through water in baptism,
Matt. 28v19 og spiritually through the HS dispensed by JCg originating from Yahweh thus) into the Name/Character/Authority of
Matt. 28v19 og the Father (Yahweh) also of the Son (= JCg) also of the HS (= the power emanating from Yahweh = Yahweh’                             s
Matt. 28v19            Expressed Desire in action).
Matt. 28v20 og Teaching/instructing them (= The Brethren becoming TCs) (to) observe/{hold fast}/guard/maintain every/all
Matt. 28v20 og (things) whatever I commanded/enjoin/instructed (to) (the) you, also behold/look I with (to) (the) you and
Matt. 28v20 og every/all the days until of the completion/consumption of the age (being this one = The Gospel Age of about
Matt. 28v20 og 2000 years prior to the start of The New age = The Millennium). Amen.


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