Mesothelioma Leaflet by pcherukumalla


									    “Obviously, before my diagnosis
    I had no knowledge or
    experience of what was going to
    happen to me.”
                                   Mr Bryan Brown, Scunthorpe

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Asbestos and Mesothelioma:
An introduction to claiming compensation
Even after the potentially
lethal dangers of
asbestos were identified
it was widely used in
power stations, steel
works, shipbuilding, the
automotive trade and in

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 A Silent Threat
    Asbestos is a health risk when fibres are present in
 the air that people breathe.
    Today, it is the greatest single cause of work-related
 deaths in the UK and a damning indictment of previous
 corporate negligence.
    Mesothelioma, the subject of this leaflet, is a fatal
 form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos fibres.
    The importing and use of asbestos has been banned
 in the UK.
    But symptoms from asbestos-related illnesses can
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 take a long time to appear - between 10 and 40 years
 after exposure has ceased, sometimes longer.
    Many people suffering now were exposed to asbestos
 way back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.
    Once Mesothelioma has developed, symptoms can
 sometimes be eased but there is no cure.
    For a person or their family in this terrible situation,
 claiming compensation can both help by providing
 financial security and bring some sense of acting against
 a grievous injustice.
    What follows here is a brief guide to how Thompsons
 can help you pursue such a claim.
Here is the story of one of our recent Mesothelioma clients.

“The Thompsons’ representative
was like a Jack Russell with a rat –
she may not find that flattering but
I mean it to be – she wouldn’t let go.

   “In the summer of 2005 I had 4 litres of fluid drained from
my chest and was told my condition was non-malignant.
   But on Sep 5 that changed and I was diagnosed as having
   It came as a real surprise – and knocked the stuffing out
of me.
   A specialist Macmillan nurse got me leaflets and various
documents. One was a booklet with a list of contacts of

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people who were familiar with the disease, if that’s what it is.
   Thompsons Lawyers was mentioned in that and I noticed
they had offices in Leeds, not too far away from me in
   Again, a few days later, I was talking to a Department of
Work and Pensions man, and he knew of Thompsons, too.
   So I phoned them and asked someone from there to
contact me.
   They phoned back within a couple of hours – and within
another hour of that I was called by a Thompsons
representative, asking if she could visit me.
   It was impressive.
   The Thompsons representative came and stayed a couple
of hours and after that, took control of the situation.
   She was brilliant – she wrote and phoned me regularly and
kept me in the picture.
   She was like a Jack Russell with a rat – she may not find
that flattering but I mean it to be – she wouldn’t let go.
   Her name was Helen Tomlin and she handled my claim
   I’d heard rumours of what settlements were in my
circumstances but I also heard about a House of Lords debate
where it was suggested such settlements should be cut back
by 50%
   Eventually, a court date was set for April 19 this year – but
I wasn’t going to go, I was too ill.
   As it worked out it didn’t matter. Neither of my 2 old
employers contested my case and they settled in line with
my original expectations.
   In fact, they even added a further amount to compensate
for the same amount deducted from such settlements by the
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   I am satisfied with my settlement, which will go to my
estate and children and, again, grateful for the efficiency and
dedication of Thompsons Solicitors.”

                                            Bryan Brown, Scunthorpe

  Thompsons’ Helen Tomlin handled
Mr Brown’s claim, earning his accolade of
being “like a Jack Russell with a rat!”
 Claiming compensation –
how Thompsons can help you.
   Over the last five years alone, we’ve dealt with hundreds of
claims for Mesothelioma.
   We’ve achieved substantial compensation levels for our clients.
   And done so with the least possible upset to them.
   Indeed, though we have a formidable reputation for fighting hard
for the maximum compensation in the minimum time, we also
never forget that the diagnosis of Mesothelioma causes shock,
anger and deep distress.
   We conduct ourselves with respect for that too.
   Here are 5 vital points for you to consider.

  1. Have you been diagnosed with Mesothelioma?
   If so, seek legal advice promptly - there are time limits on
making a claim.
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   Generally, court proceedings should be commenced within
three years from the date of your diagnosis.
   If you are, or were, a member of a Trade Union, claiming
compensation should be free through your Union’s legal assistance
   (If you are unsure which Union you were in when you were
exposed to asbestos contact us and we should be able to help.)
   If you are not a member of a Union, or are not covered by their
scheme, we offer a free initial interview to assess your case.
   Should we proceed with your claim it will also be on a
no-cost-to-you basis.
   So either way, you will not pay anything for us to act for you.
   You’ll get 100% of the settlement achieved and not a penny less.

  2. Where were you exposed to asbestos?
  As mentioned, asbestos related illnesses, including Mesothelioma,
can take anything from 10 to 40 years or more to develop after
exposure to asbestos.
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   So it’s important to think back to the time, or times – possibly in
more than one job, when you believe you were exposed.
   Some of the jobs where asbestos exposure may have occurred
Construction workers          Plumbers
Electricians                  Boilermakers
Shipbuilders                  Demolition workers
Carpenters                    Joiners
   But you could have worked in other jobs where asbestos was
   Or merely lived near an asbestos factory.
   Further, family members of people who worked with asbestos
and brought the dust home on their clothes have sometimes
developed Mesothelioma.
   Thompsons have won groundbreaking cases in this field.
   Including the first ever successful asbestos compensation claim
in 1972.
  3. The liability of your employer or ex-employer.
   Your employer is, or was, responsible for protecting you from
exposure to asbestos at work.
   In most cases, we can claim compensation from your employer
or past employer, for failing to provide such protection and the
consequences suffered by you.
   Even if your employer no longer exists it may still be possible to
pursue a claim – by Thompsons tracing your defunct employer’s
   And in rare cases where we are unable to locate an employer’s
insurer, you may still be entitled to claim under the Government’s
Workers Compensation Act 1979.
   Thompsons only work for injured people, never for insurance
companies or employers.

  4. How much compensation might be awarded?
  Compensation payable varies in each case and is calculated by
considering factors including:
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• Pain and suffering
• Disability
• Financial losses
• Care costs
• Other expenses
  incurred as a
  result of asbestos-
  related illness.
   We will claim
compensation for all
past and future
   Our aim is to
maximise your
   5. What about State Benefit claims?
   You may be entitled to industrial injuries disablement benefit
and/or other State Benefits.
   Thompsons can provide advice as, of course, can your local
DWP office and asbestos-related support group.
   Any such claims are made separately to your claim for
   On the inside back cover of this leaflet are the phone numbers
for the DWP benefit enquiry freephone, the DWP freephone
number relating to claims under the Workers Compensation Act
1979, the phone number for Mesothelioma UK and for the Forum of
Asbestos Victim Support Groups.

                                           and guidanc
              ank you for   all your help                    ou
“I want to th                                teful for all y
               ’s case and    I am ver y gra                  h
during Robin                                  for being wit
                             to thank Clare
              I’d also like                       p to
did for me.                        n we came u
                on April 5th whe           ver y kind an
 *David and I
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 London for th
                 e Court ca
          fter me so w
                             se. She was
                                                  MRS R CAMB son
 looked a                                                  *her

    Mrs Cambell’s husband, Robin, was exposed to asbestos as a
firefighter and developed Mesothelioma.
    Following his death, she made a claim for compensation on
Robin’s behalf through Thompsons.
    She received a substantial settlement.
    The “Clare” Mrs Cambell mentions
above is the Thompsons’ solicitor
who handled her case.
   “ The amou
   …             nt received fa
  and gave me                    r exceeded m
                  the security                 y expectation
  future that m                 and peace o                   s
                 y husband w                 f mind for th
  have. I would                 ould have so               e
                   like to thank               wanted me to
 work you ha                     you most sin
                ve done… I h                   cerely for th
 staff to be ex                ave found yo                 e
                tremely unde                 u and your
 you have kep                  rstanding an
                t me informe                  d courteous,
have explain                   d ever y step
               ed matters in                 of the way an
to understan                   a way that I h               d
               d. This has c                  ave been able
a difficult tim               ertainly help
                 ”                         ed me throu

                                                     MRS SELBY

    The above is taken from Mrs Selby’s
 thank-you letter to Thompsons.
    She received substantial compensation on behalf of her husband
 who died after contracting mesothelioma.
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    His ex-employers were responsible for exposing him to asbestos
 fibres many years before.

                                       st of my fam
              f my fath er and the re                   e
“On behalf o                            l thanks for th
             to expre  ss our gratefu           s case was
I would like                  w  ay my father'
               and sensitive              l outcome wa
professional             and successfu
 handled. The
                speedy                           g and it has
                             sa t the beginnin
               all our hope            rms with the
 way beyond             ll come to te
                 ed us a
 certainly help               himself in”
                father found                 THE DOHER
                                                       TY FAMILY
  situation my

 A thank you letter to Thompsons from the family of Mr Doherty who
 was a boiler cleaner from 1966 for over ten years. In 2005 he was
 diagnosed as having Mesothelioma and made a successful claim
 through Thompsons against his former employers.
Useful contacts                                 Department for Work and
                                                Pensions benefit enquiry line:
Mesothelioma UK                                 Freephone 0800 88 22 00
(the National Macmillan                         Textphone 0800 24 33 55
Mesothelioma Resource Centre):
0800 169 2409
Forum of Asbestos Victims
Support Groups: 0161 636 7555
DWP - Pneumoconiosis
(Workers’ Compensation) Act
1979 Freephone 0800 279 2322

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Further Information
Simply call 0800 783 0266 for free expert legal advice. You can
also visit our website at, for more
detailed information about mesothelioma and some useful links
to other sites.
   Or, if you prefer, contact one of our local offices listed on the
previous page.

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