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									          California mesothelioma lawyers battle on behalf of victims

Over 43,000 Americans have been lost to mesothelioma since 1979, a vicious form of cancer,
which strikes the protective sac around most of the internal organs within the human body. This
number is pathetically high considering that Mesothelioma is a preventable form of cancer.
Asbestos exposure causes mesothelioma symptoms, and 10 to 40 years can pass before there is
even the slightest symptom of this deadly sleeper.

Just as someone with a headache would not go to a podiatrist for guidance, a patient struck down
with mesothelioma symptoms should seek out a specialized California mesothelioma attorney.
California mesothelioma lawyers have undergone the necessary training to understand the
specialized aspects of asbestos related cases. This specialized education gives California
mesothelioma lawyers a leading edge in fighting the big business practices, which negligently
exposed their employees to without a second thought to the potential health hazards. California
mesothelioma lawyers understand the statistics, and what the statistics actually mean to this
American health crisis.

Jury awards and Mesothelioma settlements reflect the very nature of mesothelioma symptoms, a
significant injustice portrayed upon the American worker. The preventability of the disease is
perhaps the most incredulous sin of the entire ordeal. While the removable of asbestos can be a
significant expense for a company to voluntarily take on, juries are sending the message that it is
only a fraction of the cost of allowing the heart of the company to fall ill.

The overall success of these Mesothelioma settlements can be attributing to company
knowledge, as California mesothelioma lawyers were pivotal in exposing the vast majority of
companies with high risk factors for asbestos related illnesses were well aware of these factors
but chose to do nothing about it. Relying on the longevity of the dormant nature of asbestos
caused cancers, the vast majority of American companies felt they would not be hold responsible
by the time their loyal employees became ill. Over the last ten to fifteen years, California
mesothelioma lawyers have exposed countless companies for their ignorant and callous
company practices.

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