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									Hideki Frazier is a renowned martial art
expert who established his first martial art
school namely Tae Kwon Do Defense
Academy in 1982. He has had a special
interest in the martial art since his early
childhood and so decided to pursue career
in the same field. He graduated from
Ramsey School in 1981 and then moved
to California to establish his own martial
art school.
In starting, this school aimed at developing
tournaments and kickboxing competitors, and
in 2000, it became specialized in age specific
training for children, and strived to build
effective leaders in the society. Aside from
that, Hideki Frazier is known for his
humanitarian activities, and for conducting
free self defense classes especially for women
and local teachers. He also offers martial art
classes for under privileged children.
 In broadest sense, martial art refers to
any kind of combat strategy, usually
stressing foot and hand combat, and in
some cases it also refers to the
combination of various self defense
techniques. Generally, martial art can be
classified into different categories- all of
which are designed for a single purpose:
to physically defeat opponents and to
defend against threats.
With repeated practice of kicks, punches,
moves and steps, the martial art students
develop mental discipline, grace and
strength. Some of most popular and
common martial art forms are Karate,
Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, and Kenpo.
Tae Kwon Do which translate to ‘the way
of foot and fist’, stresses mental discipline
and flexibility, and teaches students to use
their hands to strike the opponent or
block the opponent’s punches.
A resident of La Habra, California, Hideki
Frazier specializes in children’s martial
arts training and stresses on the
importance of learning basic self defense
techniques. He is a highly energetic
person who loves to live his life to the
fullest. He keeps an optimistic outlook
towards life and loves challenges. He
spends his free time working on cars and
watching movies. Moreover, Hideki Frazier
also goes out to the shooting range.

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