PowerPoint Presentation Temperate Forest in the U S A by pengxuebo


									By Sierra H.
  Block 1
  Where in the    is the
Highland Temperate Forest?

The Highland Temperate Forests are located on mountains
including The Great Smokey’s The Rockies and the Sierras.

        This image came from www.anders.com/.../ 15-mountians.jpg
           Can I climb a

             I found this picture at   pantransit.reptiles.org/ images/1996-07-28/was...

Yes! You can climb or ski a mountain, swim or fish in
lakes and streams, hike through trees and jog up hills.
              Will I see Lions and Tigers and
                       Bears? Oh My!
                You might see a Mountain Lion, a Coyote or maybe a
                Black Bear or Grizzly Bear depending on where you stay
                but you will probably see or hear some type of rodent.
                Mountain lions are hunters and hunt on rodents and fish.
                So are the bears and Coyotes. Rodents are veggie eaters
                and they eat leafs and mushrooms and such. They often
                are heard nibbling on tasty snacks.
These Pictures came from:

                        montanakids.com/db_engine/ presentations/prese...
www.nps.gov/noca/bear.htm                                           www.vcn.bc.ca/spes/ urbanwildlife/p_coy_tu.htm
                            Is that Poison Ivy?
             Maybe but besides the poisonous plants you will
             probably see a ton of conifers, moss and broad leafs.
             All these plants depend on the climate the animals
             and the plants around them to survive. Moss lives in
                            www.botany.hawaii.edu/.../ images/conifer.jpg

             the lower highlands. Broad leafs grow in the middle
             and conifers enjoy the chilly winds

www.ire.ubc.ca/ ecoresearch/moss.gif          www.uwsp.edu/geo/faculty/ ritter/geog101/modul...
             ..Is it chilly or is that just me?
  It sure isn’t you!
  Even in the summers
  at most altitudes it
  gets down to the mid
  20’s in the mornings.

                                    www.wonderboymi.com/ vwaffle/6071.jpg

In the mornings
                          Most Of the Time the Temperature is
make sure you wear
                          below 80 and it doesn’t rain more
a coat. In the
                          then 1.7 inches per month. That’s
summer wear some
                          one chilly place!
long pants.
When is there a good time to go What clothes would   Can Humans
to the Highland Temperate       I need to Bring?     live there?
                                You will probably    Of Course
It depends on what you want need jeans shorts        many People
to do there if you want to go and t shirts to long   have homes
skiing you would probably       shirts in the        in the
want to go in the winter If you summer And jean      mountains!
wanted to go swimming you long shirts and
might want to wait till the     heavy coats.
summer sets in
         Say what?
What water does to the Highland
     Temperate Forests?

Water affects the Highland Temperate Forests in many
ways. Water feeds the plants which make up the forest and
feeds the animals. Forest streams run in even the driest
weather, keeping the living things healthy. Water keeps the
soil fertile. And there’s plenty of it during the spring and
Who helped me well, I wouldn’t
 want to take all the credit for
  Thank You to all the books and sites
  who helped me including…
  *The New Book Of Knowlegde
  *The World Atlas 2004

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