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Title                                   Bromley Town Safer Neighbourhoods Panel Meeting
                                        Bromley Town Church Ethelbert Road Bromley
                                        Tuesday 10th May 2011
Summary                                 Minutes of meeting
                                        Open to the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel
Branch / OCU                            Bromley Borough Police
Author                                  Mark Headley PC960py
Date created                            Wednesday 11th May 2011
Review date


        Bromley Town Safer Neighbourhoods Team
        PC 960 Mark HEADLEY
        PC 697 Jon SMITH
        SPC 5885 Julie Lakha
        SPC 5856 Caroline McCullouch

        Insp Craig WITHERS
        PC Simon FULLER

        Stephen Dilworth               CHAIR PERSON HAYES ROAD
        Jonathan McGILL                BROMLEY TOWN CHURCH
        Andy BAWN                      PUBWATCH
        Mark BROCK                     VINCENT CLOSE
        Kevin BREWER                   GLANDVILLE ROAD
        Roy USHERWOOD                  FASHODA ROAD
        Dave FREEBORN                  PALACE VIEW
        Mike CHALMERS                  HAYWOOD ROAD
        Helen JAGGEE                   ST PAULS SQUARE
        Lorraine MCQUILLAN             TOWN CENTRE MANAGER
        Sandy GREENFIELD               UNITED REFORM CHURCH (5000 PROJECT)
        Cllr Will HARMER               COUNCILLOR
        Matthew WALES                  BECKENHAM LANE
        Anita MILLER                   THE CHASE
        Linda EVANS                    QUEENS ROAD
        Kate CHESHIRE                  BROMLEY YOUTH SERVICE

1. Introductions / Apologies for absence
Bromley Town Special Constables Julie Lakha and Caroline McCullouch.

Apologies received from Sgt Weston, Cllr Diana MACMULL, Daphne ROBESON,

2. Minutes of last meeting

3. Actions Arising from last meeting


4. BCEF meeting

Steve Dilworth and David Freeborn recently attended the BCEF meeting at which Bromley
Police Commander Charles Griggs gave a presentation with the overall crime figures for the
borough including a 25% reduction in crime. This meant 7500 less victims of crime since he
became borough Commander

Street pastors also gave a presentation by Ray Bell which highlighted there are now currently
8000 street pastors in the UK and 45 in Bromley.

Paula Hayne gave a presentation of the licensing of premises in Bromley and advised there
are now 800 licensed venues on the borough.

5. British Transport Police Update
Inspector Withers informed the panel that they have been working on a major issue of
mobile phone snatches on trains whereby the victim has their phone snatched by the suspect
who then runs out the door and away from the train.

PC Fuller advised crime figures for Bromley South station between 1st February to present
day total 57.
The majority were against staff at the station with 4 involving trespass on the railway.

The team have also changed there working hours to coincide with the last train and now are
on duty till 130am.

Lorraine McQuillan asked for an update on Bromley North station, and was advised the
station is generally very quiet with little problem, the majority of issues being travel with no
ticket as the station and Grove park do not have barriers..

Steve Dilworth asked if the team were now fully based at Shortlands station, and was
advised that they were. The officers involved in several operations (Vacation and Short
Break) around anti robbery patrols worked closely with the Met and Ward security on the
robbery problem around the Shortlands corridor and town centre. This had been very
successful, and a number of suspects involved identified and arrested.

Sue McVicker asked if officers worked with Ward patrols on the parks and was advised that
there have been several incidents where officers answered a request from Ward patrols and
this resulted in suspects being searched for drugs.

PC Smith advised there had only been one reported robbery in the area over the Easter
School Holidays.

PC Fuller advised that Bromley South railway station is due to be re-vamped for the
Olympics, with work starting on 5th September to include cycle racks lifts a larger ticket hall
and a drop off area in the front. Also following concerns a taxi driver toilet would be installed.

Linda Evans agreed this would be a good idea and the drop off point was how it used to be.

Kevin Brewer asked when the toilets would be open, and was advised it would be for the taxi
drivers who would have keys.

Steve Dilworth asked when it would be completed and was advised at this time, this was not

6. Bromley Town SNT police report

PC’s Smith and Headley advised the panel the following:

Team activity:
Arrests:                 5                 cannabis, shop lifting (X2) , Ag. Tresspass,
PCSO detentions:         4                 which resulted in arrest

Stop and search          18                Drug related, going equipped

Warrants                 2                 Drugs assisting Plaistow and Sundridge

General news:
Investigation of lady believed shot with air weapon in the head White Hall Rec, officers
at base first to attend.

TUC march 26th March, resulting in PC697py arresting in Fortnum and Masons for
aggravated trespass.

 PC960py Headley commendation for dogged determination to bring an offender to

Spent the day ( 2 officers for 8 hrs) with a teenager reported missing till a place could be
found to stay, eventually placed with a family friend in Croydon.

Royal wedding aid, PC Smith spent the night on duty, security and PC960 Headley
spent the day on the Mall in his tunic!

15th March PC’s sat sergeants exam at Alexandra Palace (both failed with honours)

Bromley County court witness protection 3 mornings days and more to follow

Sgt Weston assisted with the making of a DVD for age concern.
Sgt Weston met with the new Bromley Town Chaplain Russell Chadwick.

3 days with marked police livery car borrowed from Biggin Hill. No results.

Pub watch meeting at Lloyd’s bar

Polling day repeated visits to all polling stations on the ward.

PCSO training by LBB for the issuing of FPN’s litter, dog foul and graffiti.

New PCSO Colin Johnson started in March from Town Centre and new PCSO starting
23rd May

PC’s given level 1 restorative justice training for use in low level crime or disputes

PC Smith then advised the panel of the restorative justice process whereby in low level crime
or anti social behaviour incidents, both parties agreed and were happy to have the matter
dealt with in this manner, and that both parties were not known to the police, then the process
could be used. But, once commenced the criminal justice system could not then be reverted
back to.
Not tried to day on our team but a useful tool in the right circumstances

                                        WARD NEWS:

Palace Estate: Murray Ave, Rafford way, The chase.
Now 7 with 3 new NHWs set up following a series of visits and a questionnaire SEE
SAMPLE) following small burglaries in the area.
Two push bikes recovered found abandoned in gardens
Insecure vehicle found by PCSO’s R/K traced and advised keeper who wrote and
complimented officers

Kevin Brewer advised the panel that there is a major problem with fly tipping of rubble in the
alley ways in the Landfill Road area

Sue McVicker advised that the Enviro team may be able to assist if it is a persistent problem
and have access to CCTV and other equipment.

Roy Usherwood advised the panel that there is dumping of garden rubbish which is being
piled high in the car park of Norman Park.

Sue McVicker advised she would bring this to the attention of Toby Smith, also Bill Lines and
the Bromley common and Keston SN team as its there ward.

Roy Usherwood then enquired why he hasn’t seen the ward security dogs in Norman Park

 Sue McVicker advised that Ward security are currently being tasked to a number of hot
spots on the borough in Chislehurst and Biggin Hill, as well as in Church House Gardens.

Police report continued:

Ravensbourne Ave
2 stolen vehicles found and recovered.
5 stop and search and cannabis warning issued.

Granville Road area:
PCSO talk to scouts group
PCSO’s attended a report of possible child abduction

London Road /Blyth Road area:
Arrest for cannabis possession,
PCSO detention for breach of non molestation order
Crime prevention visit to autism trust repeat victims

South Street Community house
Age Concern Bromley Crime prevention talk to elderly group
Bromley SPARKS AGM attended

Civic Centre grounds
7 drug related stop and search negative results

Shortlands Village:

Immigration visits

Tetty Way/Elmfield Road
Complaints to council about rough sleepers, assisted environmental services to clear area.

Mike Chambers queried the addresses not near each other, and PC Headley and Sandy
Greenfield confirmed these are two locations where the homeless attend.

Ravensbourne Road/Ringers Road
Neighbour dispute over parking

Homesdale Road
Ongoing issues with youths (11-13 years) causing damage to fences and abuse

                                        Ward priorities

Joint initiative with BTP and Ward security to patrol the Shortlands corridor between the
station and the town centre to detect and deter youth robbery suspects and reassure possible

Palace Estate increased patrols and presence and provided a questionnaire to raise
awareness and offer crime prevention advice. Also 3 new NHW areas were created.

Road Safety
27th May planned day of action with assistance of parking and other team
3 days with marked car

Kevin Brewer produced an article from the Kent News about Kent police who have
purchased a number of vans fitted with CCTV for capturing road offences like no seat belt and
using a mobile phone. The article continued that 46 crashes had directly involved cases
where the driver was using a mobile phone. Steve Dilworth agreed to circulate a copy of the
article to the Team.

David freeborn then asked those present if there where any figures known about mobile
phone incidents?

PC Headley advised the use of mobile phones and enforcement has been previously
discussed and that it has not proved to be a successful use of officers time, and reassured
the panel that if a driver was seen on the phone, and officers were in a position to safely stop
the vehicle and speak to the driver, a ticket could then be issued.

Kevin Brewer asked if similar equipment to that mentioned in the article was available or if
Kent could be approached and the van borrowed from them.

PC Headley advised there was already a number of organisations with good quality CCTV in
Bromley which could be used to monitor traffic, but it would not be the best use of officers
time, and with the current budget cuts it was very unlikely that new equipment like that in
Kent would be purchased.

PC Smith advised we could investigate the figures, discuss with the traffic division and advise
the panel.

Sue McVicker advised the panel that she had some accident stats for the borough and the
highest incident on the ward was the junction between London Road and London Lane with 6
However this did not relate to the use of mobile phones.

Steve Dilworth asked if Sue McVicker could look into the possibility of mobile phone related
accident figures on the ward.

Kevin Brewer then advised the panel of a dangerous junction between Glanville Road and
Woldham Road and it was noted that this had been discussed before. He handed to panel
members two photos of a vehicle collision which occurred in March. Kevin advised there
have been 3 serious incidents at this junction in the last 18 months, and suggested this
junction needed to be seriously looked at before another fatality occurred, as 25 years ago a
person was killed and the body ended up in his garden.

The suggestion of a mini round-a-bout or a road hump could be installed.

Cllr Will Harmer advised he was unaware of the RTC in March and the last reported incident
at the junction that the council was aware of was in 2008.
Also the TFL figures for dangerous junctions had been reviewed and this one was not in the
top 50 dangerous junctions in the Borough.The monies to modify would be provided by TFL
and that this junction would not, on the figures as they stand be considered.

Steve Dilworth suggested that Kevin write to the council to advise of the incidents of which
he was aware, as it would appear that they may not have been recorded by the council.

Cllr Will Harmer and Kevin Brewer agreed this action.

Roy Usherwood asked if there was any further news on the Hayes Lane crossing?

David Freeborn advised the panel that he has been working with TFL and on the 18th March
received a letter which supports the mayors policy of improving the crossing, but Councillor
Smith had concerns around the impact of traffic movement. Several issues raised, the
children using the crossing where blamed for not crossing properly, and the traffic Island
opposite the Phoenix Centre was high lighted as dangerous.

Mathew Wales informed the panel that the crossing on Beckenham Lane in Shortlands
village was very dangerous due to cars stationary on the crossing and pedestrians having to
cross between these vehicles

Sue McVicker advised the panel that the traffic expert at Bromley was Angus Colverwell and
he could be asked to come and speak to the panel.
This was agreed to be a good idea.

Helen Jaggee raised her concern that this junction needs improving as it is very dangerous,
and she has a personal concern as her 11 year old will be attending the school in September.

David Freeborn advised the Ravensbourne school of which he is a governor fully supported
the crossing.

Mathew Wales advised the panel that he had worked with a member of Angus Colverwells
team, and had a series of long discussions. However Mathew felt that the team member was
“dragging his heels and wasting time before any action took place”.

Cllr Will Harmer advised the panel that there has been a huge decline in accidents in the
borough, and will make sure these issues are followed up, but there was a need to be careful
as all residents wished traffic calming measures in their area. He requested that he be copied
into all further e-mails on this matter.

Kevin Brewer asked how much would traffic humps cost?

Sue McVicker advised a typical zebra crossing would cost £150,000.00 typically

7. Councillor Harmers update.
Cllr Harmer informed the meeting that there had been the elections and a re-shuffle
Councillor Stevens now in charge of safety.

The council was being sued by Linden Homes over the building of houses in Bromley North,
they wanted to build 400 but have only been allowed 200

The re-development of Bromley North is still ongoing which will endeavour to attract people to
the end of the High Street, with wider pavements and encouragement for businesses.

Linda Evans stated the area does look down at heel with a number of boarded up shops

Cllr Harmer advised the properties are not council owned but owners have been requested to
keep their properties tidy.

Lorraine McQuillan advised the panel there looking to make it a business zone.

Roy Usherwood commented on the state of repair of the roads, and stated he witnessed a
pot hole being filled with sand.

Helen Jaggee commented that the roads near the cinema are in a very poor state of repair

Cllr Harmer advised this section has recently been repaired by contractors.

Helen Jaggee advised the panel that a number of people are letting there dogs off the lead in
St Pauls Square before continuing to the park, and a concern has been raised by a blind
resident as her guide dog sometimes chases these dogs, also these dogs are fouling the

Cllr Harmer advised the dog fouling was an offence.

PC Headley confirmed to the panel it was and so was the dogs being off a lead next to the
highway, and PCSO’s and Ward security who are based in the lodge are empowered to issue
fix penalty notice tickets for both offences. Also Bromley Town PCSO’s would be advised of
the problem.

Cllr Harmer finished his update by advising the panel that there are ongoing issues with
Ravensbourne school. Dave Freeborn and Steve Dilworth advised that there was a lengthy
history to this dispute and that it had been immensely difficult to resolve.

8. Any other business
Andy Bawn advised the panel that the Greyhound was due to open on5th july 2011

Steve Dilworth asked if Steve Maly was still a councillor?

Cllr Harmer advised he was not.

Steve Dilworth then informed the panel to be wary of a bogus e-mail apparently from Cllr
Maly requesting cash as he was stranded in a foreign country.

SD then continued that he wished it to be officially recorded that the panel thanked the police
for the good work and reduction in crime figures announced earlier, and concluded with
thanks to Jonathon McGill for the use of the venue.

David Freeborn advised the panel he was now an executive member of the BCEF panel,
which he hoped would assist information flow, but if there where any who felt this to be a
conflict of interest to please advise.

Steve Dilworth thanked all for attending and the meeting closed.


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