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									                                       new travel solutions

Yorkshire and Humber Region
Offering realistic choices for work, school
and leisure journeys
Findings after 1 year of the Target 2 Project

                                                Target 2 is co-funded by the

                                                European Region Development Fund,
Winter 2004                                     Interreg IIIB North Sea Region programme.
                                   Target 2 aims to implement effective ways to promote
                                      travel alternatives to private car use.
                 funded                          Co-funded by the North Sea Region Interreg III-B programme,
                                                    Target 2 is led by Metro for Yorkshire and Humber Region (UK);
                 project                               with partners from Bremen (Germany), Göteborg (Sweden),
                                                           Odense (Denmark) and a regional partnership within
                                     A                         Flanders / Province of Zeeland (Belgium /
                                consortium                        Netherlands).

                                  of eight
                                                                               Five of the 26 activities within

Target                                               Working in
                                                                                  Target are based in this region
                                                                                     involving Metro, South Yorkshire
                                                                                       PTE, the Councils of York, Leeds,

  is                                                and Humber
                                                                                     Kirklees, Bradford, Calderdale,
                                                                                  Wakefield, the Yorkshire Dales
                                                                               National Park Authority and Carplus.
                             alternatives to
                                lifestyles                 The project supports sustainable transport by raising
                                                       awareness and providing a range of viable choices for
                                                     work, school and leisure journeys.

                                            Activities are delivered through five Work Areas:
              out more...                Workplaces, Mobility Education, Transport and Leisure,
                                     City Living and Transnational Exchange. This brochure
                                  describes key information and findings in the Yorkshire and
                               Humber region during the first half of the Target 2 project.
                            For more detailed information visit our
                         Target web site at www.eu-target.net

      Bike bus,          Publicity mousemat,       Travel Plan roadshow,   Awareness raising, Carplus   Curriculum learning,
Transport and Leisure   Access to Communities           Workplaces                                       Mobility Education
            Yorkshire and Humber Region

The Target 2 project is led by Metro on behalf of         Meet the UK Target team:
Yorkshire and Humber largely through the
Yorkshire and Humber Travelwise group.                    Project Manager
                                                          Alison Pilling
The project is a regional resource to:
                                                          Tel: 0113 251 7367
• Enable organisations in the region to implement
                                                          email: alison.pilling@wypte.gov.uk
  sustainable travel measures
• Learn from and with other European and regional
  partners to fast track good ideas
                                                          Workplaces Project Officer
                                                          Helene Vergereau
Target 2 started in Spring 2002 and is due to end in      City of York Council
Summer 2005. This brochure shows early outputs of         Tel: 01904 551446
the project at the halfway point.                         email: helene.vergereau@york.gov.uk

We hope that you will find the projects described
interesting and relevant to your work. We also want       Mobility Education Project Officer
                                                          Robin Bettison
Target to have a real impact on the work of authorities
                                                          South Yorkshire Passenger
and other bodies beyond those currently involved.
                                                          Transport Executive
                                                          Tel: 01142 211467
Read on to find out about:                                email: robinbe@sypte.co.uk
• Workplace travel planning across the region
• Promoting SafeMark - safe public transport to           Transport & Leisure Project Officer
  schools                                                 Mark Allum
• Access options from urban areas to the Yorkshire        Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  Dales National Park                                     Tel: 01756 752848
• Improving transport access to work for job-seekers      email:
• Establishing a Car Club                                 mark.allum@yorkshiredales.org.uk

Transnational exchange between Target partners across     City Living Project Officer,
                                                          Access to Communities
the North Sea Region and in the UK works through
                                                          Erica Ward
regular Board, Thematic Seminar, Work Area and
steering group meetings, as well as frequent activity     Tel: 0113 251 7358
updates on the web site. Target partners work together    email: erica.ward@wypte.gov.uk
to share knowledge, experience and expertise to:
• Fast-track solutions to problems and challenges         City Living Project Officer,
• Gather new perspectives and dimensions to travel        Car Clubs
  options                                                 Ilan Sherman
• Test new solutions in different countries, locations    Carplus
  and contexts                                            Tel: 0113 234999
                                                          email: ilan@carclubs.org.uk

More about the project can be found:
                                                          UK Site and Transnational
 on the website www.eu-target.net
 by emailing target@wypte.gov.uk
                                                          Marian Read
 by ringing the project management team on               Metro
  0113 251 7366                                           Tel: 0113 251 7366
 by visiting the project members themselves              email: target@wypte.gov.uk
Then use this brochure to implement sustainable travel
measures in your area!

The aim is to develop a consistent and effective                Case Study, TOPS - regional services:
package of travel plan support for workplaces                   South Yorkshire had developed a scannable
across the Yorkshire and Humber region.                         standard staff travel survey with automatic report
                                                                generation. Through Target 2 an improved version
Yorkshire and Humber has:                                       is now available on CD-ROM, which means the
• Adapted the approach of South Yorkshire’s TOPS                service can be offered more widely. This software
  (Travel Options Planning Service) in delivering a travel      has also been modified for use in West Yorkshire.
  planning service in other parts of the region
                                                                Personalised journey planning, another feature of
• Shared the piloting of new elements to the TOPS
                                                                TOPS, will become more widely available by linking
                                                                a new generation Journey Planner to batch
• Launched car share schemes in York and Leeds
                                                                processing software to generate journey plans
• Held information events and produced newsletters              based on home to work postcodes.
  targeted at the health sector
• Facilitated a cooperative approach to travel planning         A ticketing discount has now been secured within
  with multiple employers at key business sites                 West Yorkshire on the MetroCard season ticket.
• Compared the costs, processes and products involved           Detailed evaluation has led to greater understanding
  in the creation of site-specific transport information        of the costs and benefits to all stakeholders that in
  at different levels of detail                                 turn helps with promotion. Discounted ticketing is
• Launched a South Yorkshire Travelwise website:                now being explored for cross-boundary journeys.
• Facilitated partner exchange visits and consequent
  dissemination seminars
• Monitored the effectiveness of the services provided

The partnership approach has been supported by
regular regional and sub-regional travel plan officers
meetings and training sessions, with financial help
from Yorkshire Forward.

                                                                Electronic information service

                                                               European Partner Achievements:
                                                               Bremen has:
                                                                Developed a CNG vehicle conversion programme for
                                                                the municipal fleet
                                                               Göteborg has:
                                                                Promoted travel plan measures through
Health Service seminar, Leeds
                                                                telemarketing and site visits
                                                                Held information days for staff
                                                                Organised an information seminar on car clubs for
                                                               Odense has:
                                             Car share logo,    Developed an electronic car-pooling database
                                                        York    Developed a range of effective car-share promotions
                                                               West-Vlaanderen has:
                                       Newsletters and          Investigated harbour mobility requirements
                                       information pack
            Mobility Education

Across the region, South and West Yorkshire                   Case Study, Junior SafeMark:
work together to roll out the SafeMark Award                  Junior SafeMark, which was launched in 2003 with
scheme which aims to increase young people’s                  eight schools, aims to allay young people’s
awareness of sustainable travel by focusing on                concerns about independent bus travel when they
home to school travel and in particular the use               move from Primary to Secondary school. The
of public transport.                                          scheme gives them the knowledge and confidence
                                                              to travel on buses before they reach secondary age,
To achieve a SafeMark Award, schools develop working          and encourages sustainable transport attitudes.
partnerships with pupils, PTEs, local authorities,
transport providers, parents and the police.                  One community action partnership in Sheffield
                                                              which works with the more economically deprived
Yorkshire and Humber has:                                     areas has developed a Junior StreetRangers group.
• Established SafeMark awards at 73 secondary schools         The subjects include safety awareness, bullying,
• Adapted and developed Junior SafeMark at 8 Junior           drugs awareness, fire safety and anti-social
  schools                                                     behaviour and have adapted the Junior SafeMark
• Developed a curriculum based educational resource,          model for school and transport issues.
  relating public transport to a range of subjects
  including geography, maths, citizenship and PHSE            It has proved extremely effective in addressing a new
• Developed a web resource to enable teachers to              target audience and has created key links to schools.
  integrate travel awareness learning in schools
• Encouraged learning through quizzes, competitions
  and role play
• Introduced public transport days
• Monitored behaviour on school bus services and the
  quality of service provision
• Produced magazines and associated SafeMark publicity
• Liaised with other authorities to develop SafeMark

This life-style based learning involving citizenship with
young people encourages positive attitudes and
                                                              Partnership between pupils and bus operator
influences behaviour, and has been endorsed by
Regional Government Office for promoting safe and
sustainable journeys to school.                             SYPTE SafeMark bus                        Road safety role-play

European Partner Achievements:
Göteborg has:
 Established information training with teachers and
  schools in the Lundby district
 Developed ‘Storyline’ environmental and road safety
Odense has:
 Undertaken and published a safe routes evaluation study
 Developed a strategic plan for school route
West-Vlaanderen has:
 Implemented a cycle safety campaign
 Produced a promotional video and active media campaign    Competition winner                   SafeMark award ceremony
           Transport & Leisure

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is extremely                 Case Study, Social inclusion
popular with walkers, cyclists and tourists, with              taster days:
over 8 million annual visitors. An estimated 90%               Current visitors to the National Park are
of these visitors travel to the Park by car.                   predominantly white and in the 45 to 65 age group.
                                                               Many people outside this traditional audience have
Target is providing solutions to reduce urban-rural car        little knowledge of the Park and often lack the
dependent tourism by providing and promoting a range           confidence or information to make a first trip.
of alternatives, which also address expanding the social
diversity of visitors, promoting health benefits and           In partnership with ‘Walking for Health’, Target
ultimately providing real support for the rural economy.       initiated a series of taster days to bring new groups
                                                               to the Yorkshire Dales. They were accompanied on
Yorkshire and Humber has:                                      public transport and were met by a volunteer who
• Increased public transport usage on targeted services        guided them on a suitable walk and provided local
  by providing a range of information and publicity            information. Seven hundred people experienced the
• Held public transport information days                       taster days and evaluations indicated positive
• Created a public transport user database                     experiences, with enquiries for return trips received.
• Improved signing and mapping facilities for walking
  and cycling                                                  The next stage will be a series of leadership events
• Commissioned a Cycle Tourism Strategy                        held in conjunction with the Youth Hostel Association.
• Re-launched the 24-space cycle bus running from
  West Yorkshire and doubled the number of cycles
  carried in 2002
• Arranged 20 social inclusion ‘taster’ day visits and
  delivered a report
• Developed a three-year marketing strategy
• Commissioned two companies to provide ‘green
  break’ packages
• Developed a web site that provides independent
  travellers with accommodation and public transport
• Developed proposals for traffic free cycle routes
• Drafted mapped walking routes for the Settle-                Community visit to the Dales

  Carlisle railway corridor

                                                              European Partner Achievements:
Cycle bus and users
                                                              Bremen has:
                                                               Developed an ‘all inclusive’ leisure and public
                                                                transport SmartCard
                                                               Held awareness campaigns to encourage sustainable
                                                                travel to the Botanika Centre
                                                               Developed a cycle bus and trailer with links to
                                                                extensive cycle tracks
                                                              Bruges has:
                                                               Evaluated the tourist impact on the city of Bruges
                                                               Implemented a Park and Ride, parking station / free
                                                                bus ticket scheme
                                                              Schouwen-Duiveland has:
                                                               Undertaken feasibility and analysis studies
                                                               Liased with Bremen partners for EntdeckerCard
                                                              Sluis has:
Information days                            Cycle map and      Undertaken a feasibility study for a coastal public
                                        information leaflet     transport system
          City Living

Access for Communities                                          Car Club
Access for Communities is concerned with the                    Carplus is developing a vibrant City Car Club in
links between social exclusion, transport and the               Leeds. The scheme offers a pay-as-you-drive
location of jobs, training, education and services.             alternative to car ownership as well as discounted
It aims to explore how mobility management                      travel on public transport. Members use modern
techniques can contribute to social inclusion.                  cars, located close to home or workplaces and easily
                                                                booked by phone or the internet. For other journeys,
Yorkshire and Humber have:                                      members can take advantage of discounted
• Consulted with disadvantaged communities to                   travel on all public transport in West Yorkshire.
  identify transport barriers
• Developed direct information and ticketing initiatives        Yorkshire and Humber has:
• Liaised with bus operators and delivered new bus              • Produced a two-year marketing strategy
  services to key employment sites                              • Developed partnerships with public transport
• Explored the impact of land use planning on exclusion           operators, local authority, politicians, housing
                                                                  developers and employers
                                                                • Held awareness raising events
  Case Study, Metro Connect, Leeds:
                                                                • Collated a database of over 100 potential members
  Aire Valley is a major regeneration area in Leeds,
                                                                • Signed their first corporate member
  estimated to provide 20,000 new jobs in the
                                                                • Commissioned eight parking bays in four locations
  coming years. With few public transport links,
                                                                • Secured a 15% discount on annual travel tickets
  Metro Connect, developed in partnership with Aire
                                                                • Tendered for an operating company
  Valley Leeds, uses Urban Bus Challenge, SRB and
  Target funding to link disadvantaged communities
  with this area of employment growth.                            Case Study, Raising awareness:
                                                                  Promotional campaigns have begun in earnest to
  The Metro Connect service provides:                             raise awareness about the new car club, to be
  • A direct link between communities and jobs                    launched in Leeds early 2004. And the star of the
  • A service operating from early until late to                  show is none other than Carla the Car Club Cow!
    facilitate access for shift work
  • Buses that divert up to half a mile off route to              Why Carla? Well people notice her, and she has a
    pick up passengers                                            message for everyone:
  • A marketing strategy for businesses offering                  “If you need a glass of milk, do you
    free travel
                                                                  go out and buy a cow? ... No! So why
  • Ticketing initiatives offering free travel to access
                                                                  buy a car when all you need to do is
    job interviews and new jobs

                                                 Access for       City Car Club
                                               communities        vehicles bay
  Metro Connect service                                                                                Raising awareness

European Partner Achievements:                                  Göteborg has:
Bremen has:                                                      Established the Lundby Mobility Centre
 Opened two mobility interchange points that                    Held awareness raising events and information days
  integrate public transport, ride sharing, cycling and taxis     including ‘scrapping your old car’
 Supported the development of the Vegesack cycle               Odense has:
  pool station                                                   Tendered for new bus priority systems including signage
 Undertaken high profile awareness raising campaigns            Consulted and developed health promotional
 Assisted the Leeds City Car Club development                    campaigns to encourage an active lifestyle
                                                                 Implemented a learning cycle tour for seniors
                                                new travel solutions

                                            Target 2 is managed in the region by
                                            Metro (West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive)
                                            in partnership with the Regional Travelwise Group.
                                            Site Coordinator, Marian Read

                                            Target 2 is delivered by:
                                            Metro (West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive)
                                            South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
                                            City of York Council
                                            Leeds City Council
                                            Kirklees Metropolitan Council
                                            City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
                                            Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
                                            Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
                                            The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

                                            Yorkshire and Humber Regional Travelwise contact:
                                            Roger Gill
                                            email: Roger.Gill@rotherham.gov.uk

                                            Target 2 is supported in the region by
                                            Yorkshire and Humber Assembly, Yorkshire Forward,
                                            Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber and
                                            The Countryside Agency

Target 2 is co-funded by the

European Region Development Fund,

Interreg IIIB North Sea Region programme.


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