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									                                                                        Radish & Peas
                                                                                           by Mary Ann

                                                                                    project time - 4 hours

                                                                  INGREDIENTS                      MISCELLANEOUS
                                                                  BISQUEFIRE                       Sponge
                                                                  1003 Rim Charger                 Small piece of Tee shirt
                                                                  1002 Rim Dinner Plate            material
                                                                  1001 Rim Salad Plate             Pencil
                                                                  1028 Desert Plate                Fine Tip Sharpie Marker
                                                                                                   Tissue Paper to transfer
                                                                  FUN STROKES                      pattern
                                                                  FS 2300 Polar Bear               Glaze Brush
                                                                  FS 2313 Happy Trails             # 6 Round Brush
                                                                  FS 2342 M.A.S.H
                                                                  FS 2348 Red Alert
                                                                  FS 2359 Lime Light
                                                                  FS 2360 Oliveoyle
                                                                  FS 2366 Chocolate
                                                                  FS 2378 Pea Soup
                                                                  FS 2385 Sweet Pea

Dinner and Salad Plate
STEP 1- Apply 3 coats of Pea Soup to the top and bottom of the salad plate. Let dry.
STEP 2- Apply generous coats of Sweet Pea to both sides of the dinner plate. Let dry.
STEP 3- Go back to the salad plate and apply 2 coats of Polar Bear to the top and bottom of the plate going over the Pea Soup.
Let Dry.
STEP 4- Wet and ring out the tee shirt rag and put aside for the next step.
STEP 5- Pour some MASH onto a paper plate or tile. Using the big glaze brush, thin down the MASH a little before you apply
it to the plate. Now apply to the whole back side of the plate quickly. Get the damp rag, dab the plate to pull off paint. Don’t
swipe at all. It’s called ragging off so you will be pulling color off slightly and giving a texture look at the same time. Dabbing
too much will get it muted and you don’t want to do that. Put the dinner plate aside because that’s finished other than clear
STEP 6- Trace your radish pattern onto the salad plate. Put some Oliveoyle and some Pea Soup on a tile. Using the # 6 round
brush apply just one coat of Oliveoyle to the leave areas that say O and one coat of Pea Soup to the leave areas that say G.
STEP 7- Apply one coat Red Alert to the entire radish. Using a damp sponge, soften up the color by patting it lightly. Take a lit-
tle extra off the right side of the radish and add a little on the left side.
STEP 8- Using the # 6 round brush wet, dab and side slide with Happy Trail to shade the leaves and the radish. Make sure
this is very light just enough to give it some color. Using a # 6 round brush, wet, dab and side slide your brush with Happy Trails
to the outside of the leaves. Do the veins on the leaves with the technique also.

Desert Plate w/peas-
STEP 1- Fallow the same instructions as the radish from above.
STEP 2- Trace the peas onto the plate and apply a thin watered down coat of Oliveoyle. Apply a thin coat of Pea Soup just
scattered here and there over the Oliveoyle. Apply one coat of Lime Light on the peas and shade them with Pea Soup then
shade the outside of the peas with Mash.
STEP 3- Using a little Red Alert, apply on the edges of the peas very lightly.

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