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									            READING & COMPREHENSION
Dr. Fry’s                                                       Alphabet                                              Take Home Activities
How to Teach Reading                                            Cards, Games & Activities                             Language Arts
Compact 7”x9” size (144 pages)                                  Grades JK-K (176 pages)                               Grades K-1 (176 pages)
This classic best-seller is a prac-                             Fun-filled activities focus on                        Help build home-school con-
tical guide for bringing children                               phonemic awareness and other                          nections while giving students
or adults with no reading skills                                beginning skills children must                        additional practice in language
up to 5th grade reading ability.                                master to become fluent readers.                      arts. Features lessons designed
MR #020589 $19.95                                               Full colour adds appeal to letter                     for use at home by students and
                                                                cards and cross-curricular cards.                     parents, and provide activities
Dr. Fry’s                                                       Reproducible student pages add                        that require minimal prepara-
Informal Reading                                                practicality. It’s a book with                        tion. Each lesson includes easy-
Assessments                   BEST R
                                                                benefits for both children and teachers!              to-follow directions for parents.
                             SELL                               MR #045843 Alphabet                        $27.95     MR #045837 Take Home Activities                 $27.95
Grades K-8 (96 pages)
Evaluate literacy needs using
22 assessments-oral reading,                                    Letter Works                                          Literacy Centers for Reading Skills
phonics, onset and rime, pho-                                   Building Early Literacy Skills                        Grades JK-2 (176 pages each )
neme segmentation, letter and                                   JK - Grade 1 (304 pages)                              Use full-colour          FULL R
word recognition, comprehen-                                    Week-long units for each letter of                    center activities       COLO
sion, spelling, and more.                                       the alphabet reinforce developing                     for reinforce whole
MR #023864 $16.95                                               literacy skills. Read-aloud activi-                   class instruction in
                                                                ties, songs, centers, and snacks                      sight words, phonics
                                                                provide connections to language                       & decoding, and
Dr. Fry’s                                                       arts, math, science, and social                       reading & writing
Word Sorts                                                      studies concepts. Teach these                         responses. All the
Grades K-2 (96 pages)                                           stand-alone units in order, or                        easy-to-manage
Word sort activities encourage                                  flow from one theme to the next!                      activities are linked
beginning readers to manipulate                                 MR #034713 Letter Works                    $31.95     to standards and
pictures, sounds, and words                                                                                           benchmarks.
while having fun and building                                   Practice and Learn the                                MR #034716 Grades JK-1                          $27.95
phonemic awareness.                                                                                                   MR #034717 Grades K-2                           $27.95
MR #034732       Letters and Digraphs                 $16.95
                                                                Grade JK-1 (224 pages)
MR #034733       Onsets and Rimes                     $16.95    Activities in language arts, math,                    Reading Games
MR #034734       Phonemes                             $16.95    art, and cooking incorporate                          Grades JK-1
MR #048396       COMPLETE SET (3 books)               $49.95    reading and writing into ev-                          Colourful, ready-to-use games give children oppor-
                                                                eryday experiences, so children                       tunities to develop both social and intellectual skills.
                                                                learn letter names and sounds in                      Four games per topic (12 games per book) are based
                                                                meaningful ways.                                      on objectives and standards for specific reading skills—
                                                                MR #024431 $23.95                                     letter recognition and sound recognition.
                                                                                                                      Grades PreK- K (176 pages)                    FULL R
                                                                                                                      Featuring a collection of brightly           COLO
                                                                Getting Ready to Read                                 illustrated board games that
                                                                Grades JK-1 (304 pages)                               offer young students the neces-
                                                                This book addresses the sounds                        sary practice to build important
                                                                most often used for the letters                       reading skills. The games are
                                                                of the alphabet and common                            designed to capture students’
                                                                digraphs. This cross-curricular                       attention as they learn to make
Dr. Fry’s                                                       approach to beginning reading                         associations between letters
                                                                and handwriting practice is fun
1000 Instant Words                                              for students of all learning styles.
                                                                                                                      and sounds. They can be easily
Instant Words are the most common words for teach-                                                                    integrated into any phonics
                                                                MR #034712 $31.95                                     instruction and can be used
ing reading, writing, and spelling.
MR #020586 1000 Instant Words                         $11.95                                                          in small groups, in centers, as
                                                                Year Round Preschool                                  student assessment, or as take-home practice.
Dr. Fry’s                                                       Reading                                               Students in PreK-K will practice the following skills:
Instant Word Practice Book                                      Grades PreK (240 pages)                                 • Recognize uppercase letters
Grades K-3 (272 pages)                                          Use developmentally-appropri-                           • Recognize lowercase letters
Use a variety of activities to reinforce Instant Words by Dr.   ate activities, art projects, and                       • Associate sounds with letters
Fry. Choose from word scrambles, anagrams, letter squares,      interactive cards to help pre-                          • Identify initial consonant sounds of pictures
word searches, bingo, concentration, and more.                  schoolers develop and reinforce                         • Identify ending sounds
                                                                reading and writing skills that                       MR #042164 Reading Games (PreK-K)               $27.95
MR #023865 Instant Word Practice Book                 $31.95
                                                                are based on current standards.
Dr. Fry’s                                                       MR #043028 $31.95                                     Grades K-1 (176 pages)
Instant Words Bingo                                                                                                   Students in Grades K-1 will
Grades K-2 (112 pages)                                                                                                practice the following skills:
Four complete Bingo games help youngsters learn the             High Frequency                                         • Recognize vowel letters A, E,
100 most-needed words in reading and spelling. Twenty                                                                    I, O, and U
five reproducible Bingo cards per game can be used as a
                                                                Word Practice                                          • Distinguish between conso-
                                                                Grades K-2 (144 pages)                                   nant and vowel letters
review or a diagnostic tool.                                    Teach basic sight words using a
MR #030541 Instant Words Bingo                        $16.95                                                           • Identify short vowel sounds
                                                                variety of engaging exercises that                     • Identify long vowel sounds
                                                                account for individual student                         • Understand the difference                  FULL R
Dr. Fry’s                        FULL R
                                                                strengths and weaknesses.                                between letter names and letter sounds    COLO
Reading Activities              COLO                            MR #034705 $19.95                                     And much more!
Grades K-3 (176 pages)                                                                                                MR #042165 Reading Games (K-1)                  $27.95
Colourful reading activities,
word cards, and activity boards                                 Reproducible Little
help students learn important                                   Books for Sight Words                                 Dr. Seuss
reading skills and the Instant                                  Grades K-2 (176 pages)                                Grades JK-2
Words that compose a high                                       Help students develop word                            This complete resource provides
percentage of al reading mate-                                  recognition skills and fluency                        sample lesson plans, the author’s
rial. Use these versatile activities                            through the use of high-fre-                          picture and biography, book
in language arts centers and to                                 quency words. Students who                            summaries, and lots of activities
supplement any reading program.                                 automatically recognize sight                         for the author’s books. Includes
                                                                words can devote more attention                       a culminating activity and as-
MR #042167 Grades K-1                                 $27.95
                                                                to comprehension.                                     sessment suggestions.
MR #042168 Grades 1-2                                 $27.95
                                                                                                                      MR #029730 $16.95
MR #042169 Grades 2-3                                 $27.95    MR #034706 $22.95

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                                                                              READING & COMPREHENSION
                                                                                                                                          BEST R
Dr. Fry’s                                          Language Arts Literacy Activities                        Reading First                SELL
Phonics Patterns                                   Grades 1-2 (176 pages each )                             Unlock the Secrets to
Grades JK-3 , ELL (64 pages)                       Full-colour materials help busy                          Reading Success with
Develop phonics and spelling                       teachers present fun-to-do                               Research-Based Strategies
pattern knowledge with a huge                      activities. Each standards-based                         Grades K–3 (176 pages)
list of word families. Use these                   lesson has one or more clearly                           Reading First is a comprehen-
353 phonograms as the founda-                      stated objectives. Topics cov-                           sive resource for understanding
tion for lessons and worksheets                    ered include: beginning, middle                          and implementing phonemic
MR #020590 $11.95                                  & ending sounds, rhyming                                 awareness, phonics, fluency,
                                                   words, word families, compound                           vocabulary, and text comprehen-
Dr. Fry’s                                          words, contractions, parts of                            sion. As outlined in the K–3
                                                   speech, capitalization, punctua-          FULL R         Reading First initiative of the No Child Left Behind
Phonics Charts                                     tion, sequencing, and more.              COLO
                                                                                                            Act, these strategies are effective to help all children
Grades 1-3 , ELL (96 pages)
The 99 charts can be dis-                          MR #034696 Language Arts Literacy Activities $27.95      become successful readers.
played in the classroom                                                                                     MR #037335 Reading First                              $25.95
                                                                                 FULL R
or reproduced for home                             Literacy Activities          COLO
study.                                             Grades JK-2 (176 pages each)                                                          BEST R
MR #020591 $18.95                                  Wow! Full-color, ready-to-use art                        Reader’s Theater
                                                   PLUS activities that are based on                        Develop Reading Fluency and
Phonics                                            the latest research on literacy.                         Text Comprehension Skills
Games & Learning Activities                        Just cut out the pieces need-                            Grades 1–4 (96 pages)
Grades K-3 (144 pages)                             ed to create great-looking                               Repeated readings help students
Classroom-tested lesson ideas                      learning centers or fun-filled                           make significant reading-rate
plus ready-to-use materials help                   games. Follow the step-                                  gains. Each book describes how
teachers present motivating                        by-step directions, and                                  to direct instruction and coach
learning activities.                               watch the learning take place!                           students. Script includes: flu-
MR #019480 $19.95                                  MR #034704     Sounds & Letters        $27.95            ency instruction, key vocabulary,
                                                   MR #030494     Rhyming & Sight Words   $27.95            and comprehension activities.
                                                   MR #030495     Reading & Writing       $27.95            MR #037330      Fairy Tales, Gr. 1-2                  $17.95
Word Chunks                                        MR #037213     Sight Words             $27.95
Activities for Learning Word                                                                                MR #037331      Fables & Folklore, Gr. 1-2            $17.95
                                                   MR #037214     Sight Words & Sentences $27.95            MR #037332      Philosophers to Astronauts, Gr. 3-4   $17.95
Families                                           MR #042252     COMPLETE SET (5 books) $134.95
Grades K-2 (96 pages)                                                                                       MR #037634      Discoverers and Inventors, Gr. 5-6    $17.95
Visual cues and hands-on ma-                                                                                MR #037635      Ancient Civilizations, Gr. 5-6        $17.95
nipulative activities give children                Literacy Centers and Activities for          FULL R
the tools they need to read,                       Nursery Rhymes                              COLO
                                                                                                            Developing Reading Fluency                      BEST R
spell, and comprehend more ef-                     Grades JK-1 (176 pages)                                                                               SE  LLE
fectively by recognizing familiar                                                                           Using Modeled Reading,
                                                   Classic nursery rhymes are
parts of words.                                    used to promote literacy skills                          Phrasing, and Repeated
MR #028560 $16.95                                  including phonemic awareness,                            Oral Reading
                                                   phonics, fluency, vocabulary,                            Grades 1–8 (96 pages)
Phonics Practice                                   and comprehension. Each                                  Meet district, state, and national
Grades JK-3, (176 pages each)                      rhyme is accompanied by a wide                           reading standards by incorporat-
This three-book series helps                       variety of full-colour materials                         ing these engaging activities into
students develop reading skills.                   to engage students in whole                              your reading program. Fluency
Students review and practice                       group, center, and individual                            activities include:
phonemic awareness and                             literacy activities.                                     • Reader’s Theater and plays
alphabet recognition skills and                    MR #034724 Volume 1                           $27.95     • cheers and chants
work their way through more                                                                                 • read-arounds
                                                   MR #034725 Volume 2                           $27.95
advanced phonics concepts                                                                                   • intervention instruction for “robotic readers”
including blends, digraphs, syn-                                                                            MR #037442      Grade 1                               $17.95
onyms, and antonyms. Suitable                      Sight Word Books                                         MR #037443      Grade 2                               $17.95
for ELL and intervention programs.                 Reproducible Readers to                                  MR #037444      Grade 3                               $17.95
MR #034738      Book 1                    $19.95   Share at School and Home                                 MR #037445      Grade 4                               $17.95
MR #034739      Book 2                    $19.95   Grades K–1 (144 pages each)                              MR #038130      Grade 5                               $17.95
MR #034740      Book 3                    $19.95   Each resource includes 30                                MR #038131      Grades 6-8                            $17.95
MR #048397      COMPLETE SET (3 books)    $58.95   cross-curricular mini-books
                                                   with fun, predictable text
                                 FULL R
                                                   that students personalize                                Guided Reading Resource Guide
                                                   to make a set of beginning                               A Must-Have for Your
Phonics Word Sorts                                 readers. These mini-books                                Guided Reading Program
Grades K-3 , ELL (176 pages)                       give students repeated practice                          Grades.K-3 (64 pages)
Word sorts help students make                      reading, writing, and spelling                           Offering a wealth of ideas for us-
connections among words,                           over 50 words most common                                ing leveled books during guided
sounds, and spelling patterns.                     in print and will:                                       reading, this resource provides
Full-colour, ready-to-use activities
can be adapted to whole class,                       • boost comprehension skills                           activities to do before, during,
small group, or individual settings.                 • improve fluency                                      and after reading. It also suggests
                                                     • expand vocabulary                                    a lesson format that can be used
MR #034735      Grades K-1                $27.95   Also includes ideas for making thematic “reading         with any leveled book.
MR #034736      Grades 1-2                $27.95   sticks” students can use to track print.                 MR #037338 $14.95
MR #034737      Grades 2-3                $27.95   MR #037439 Sight Word Books (Level 1)      $22.95
MR #048398      COMPLETE SET (3 books)    $79.95   MR #037440 More Sight Word Books (Level 2) $22.95
                                                                                                            Reading Comprehension
                                                                                                            Eleven Strategies to Improve Comprehension
Sight Word Puzzles and Activities                  Celebrate Reading Resource Guide                         Grades 1–3 (96 pages)
Building a Strong Foundation for Reading Fluency   Teaching Reading Skills Using Multicultural              Research shows that when you
and Comprehension                                  Celebrations                                             give specific strategies, students
Grades K–2 (96 pages)                              Grades K–3 (112 pages)                                   make significant gains in reading
This resource improves reading                     This resource includes 12 repro-                         comprehension. This resource
skills by reinforcing 165 Dolch                    ducible holiday stories as well as                       highlights eleven key strategies
sight words using a variety of                     interactive lessons and activities                       including:
puzzle formats including:                          that coach children in five areas                        • phrasing and fluency
  • crossword puzzles                              of reading instruction—phone-                            • predicting
  • word searches                                  mic awareness, phonics, fluency,                         • categorization
  • scrambled sentences                            vocabulary, and comprehension.                           • accessing prior knowledge
MR #037437 $17.95                                  MR #047878 $18.95                                        MR #037461 Reading Comprehension                      $18.95
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Comprehension Skill Cards                                         Mind Building Reading                                                 Phonics Rules!
Sequence • Main Idea • Inference • Facts • Context • Conclusion   Grades K-1                                                            A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Phonics
Single Skill Practice for Reading Success!                        Fun activities develop the visual,                                    Grades 3+
Want your class to focus on a specific comprehension              auditory, and critical thinking                                       You can’t go wrong with this
skill…at a specific reading level? If so, then                    (comprehension) skills students                                       easy-to-use guide that takes SELLER      BEST
this comprehensive program is sure to help!                       need to become successful read-                                       the headache out of phonics
Six key comprehension skills are featured                         ers. Based on the Reading First                                       instruction.
in each of these boxed                                            Guidelines and aligned with                                           Part I is a simple, easy-to-un-
sets. Reading passages                                            state reading standards. Includes                                     derstand Teacher’s Guide that
are sorted by level of                                            teaching suggestions, answers,                                        defines essential phonics rules
difficulty—from low to                                            and charts that correlate skills                                      and gives specific examples.
high—so students can                                              developed to national standards.                                      Part II consists of fun, hands-on student activity pages,
progress at their own                                             MR #032124 Mind Building Reading                           $25.95     each reinforcing one of the phonics rules. A valuable
individual pace. Spe-                                                                                                                   resource for students and teachers alike!
cific Skill Questions                                                                                                                   MR #036623 Phonics Rules!                        $13.95
follow each reading
                                                                  Reading Detective®
                                                                  Grades 3-8
passage to assess                                                 Reading Detective® uses
student mastery of that                                           standards-based higher-order                                          Improving
particular skill. Skills                                          thinking activities to develop                                        Reading Fluency &
are color-coded and
numbered to ensure
                                                                  the analysis, synthesis, and                                          Comprehension
                                                                  vocabulary skills required                                            48 Nonfiction Stories With Skill-Building Activities
that you can find just                                            for exceptional reading
the right skill at just                                                                                                                 Grades 2-4
                                                                  comprehension. Includes                                               Simple sentences and short,
the right reading level for each                                  reports, lesson guidelines,
individual learner in your diverse classroom. Perfect                                                                                   easy-to-read paragraphs are
                                                                  and answers with detailed                                             paired with compelling illustra-
for reinforcement and assessment. Ideal for large and             evidence. Reading and literary analysis skills are based
small groups and as a center activity. Each set features                                                                                tions for a strong picture-text
                                                                  on grade-level standards.                                             correspondence. Age-appropriate
between 350 and 450 questions.                                    Available as books or software!
Each handy storage box includes 96 skill cards (2 each of                                                                               topics and a controlled vocabulary motivate students
48 different cards) and teacher guide with response sheets,       MR #023971 Beginning Book (grades 3-4) $30.95                         and help ensure success. Follow-up activities focus
answer key, and progress chart. Cards measure 8½" x 11".          MR #023972 A1 Book (grades 5-6)        $30.95                         on specific reading skills such as finding the main
                                                                  MR #023973 B1 Book (grades 7-8)        $30.95                         idea, making inferences, reading for details, locating
MR #046047 Reading Level 2.0 - 3.5   $63.95                                                                                             information, using context clues, and more. Activities
MR #046048 Reading Level 3.0 - 4.5   $63.95                       Reading Detective® Software (Single Computer Licence)                 challenge students to re-read each passage up to four
MR #046049 COMPLETE SET (both sets) $127.95                       CD-ROM compatible with Windows XP/2000/98 and Mac OS X.               times. This research-based series is a sure-fire way to
                                                                  MR #047161          Beginning CD-ROM (home)                $37.95     improve fluency and comprehension skills! 104 pages.
                                                                  MR #029846          Beginning CD-ROM (school)              $82.95     MR #036010 Grades 2-3                            $14.95
Skill-By-Skill Comprehension Practice                             MR #047159          A1 CD-ROM (home)                       $37.95     MR #036011 Grades 3-4                            $14.95
Sequence • Main Idea • Inference • Facts • Context • Conclusion   MR #029847          A1 CD-ROM (school)                     $82.95     MR #036012 COMPLETE SET (2 books)                $29.95
68 Short Paragraphs Targeting Specific Reading Skills             MR #047160          B1 CD-ROM (home)                       $37.95
Do your students need practice mak-                               MR #029848          B1 CD-ROM (school)                     $82.95
ing inferences and drawing conclu-                                                                                                      Blends
sions? Are they having trouble reading                                                                                                  Master Two-Letter Consonant Blends!
for details and then determining the                              Reading Detective Rx              ®
                                                                                                                                        Grades K-1
main idea? This innovative                                        Grades 6-12+ (Readability Gr. 4-6)                                    This terrific book will boost
series highlights 10 essential                                    Improves comprehension skills                                         reading skills in no time!
reading skills/concepts—                                          in low readers. Grades 4-6                                            Students get plenty of practice
one skill at a time.                                              readability, Grades 6-12 story                                        writing, identifying, and using
Extremely short passages                                          content. Topics include ap-                                           two-letter consonant blends to
are followed by comprehension                                     propriate social and peer issues,                                     form new words. Blends include
questions designed to target and                                  career prep, and other relevant                                       br, cr, sn, st, and more. Also in-
improve specific reading skills.                                  subjects for secondary students.                                      cludes bonus coloring activities.
High-interest topics keep stu-                                    Includes pretests, post-tests, les-                                   MR #036267 Blends                                 $8.95
dents interested, while the short                                 son guidelines, and answers with
passages keep students from                                       detailed evidence. Reading and literary analysis skills
feeling overwhelmed and “giving                                   are based on grade-level standards.                                   Context Clues
up.” Ideal for students who get                                   MR #025687 Reading Detective Rx                            $30.95     High-Interest Topics Boost Comprehension
intimidated by longer para-                                                                                                             Grades 2-4
graphs, those with short attention spans, and struggling                                                                                Students use context clues to
readers of all ages. A controlled vocabulary and simple           Read & Colour Series
                                                                  Stories to Enjoy… Pictures to Colour… Skills to Practice              complete short, high-interest
sentence structure help ensure success. 72 pages each.                                                                                  paragraphs on such diverse top-
                                                                  Grades 3-4
MR #046046 Reading Level 1 - 3                        $12.95      The wonderful, ready-to-color                                         ics as the speed of lightning and
MR #046056 Reading Level 3 - 5                        $12.95      illustrations featured in these 10                                    the sleeping habits of fish. Di-
MR #046057 COMPLETE SET (both sets)                   $25.95      popular classic tales are sure to                                     rections are given for completing
                                                                  bring each story to life for the                                      a task relating to the topic.
                                                                  reader or listener! Each story                                        MR #036379 Grades 2-3                             $8.95
                                                                  comes with three skill-based                                          MR #036380 Grades 3-4                             $8.95
Sight Word Stories &                                              activity pages and 15 or more                                         MR #036382 COMPLETE SET                          $17.95
Seatwork Activities                                               questions to stimulate an “After
Clever Stories & Activities Centered Around                       You Read” discussion. A great
High-Frequency Nouns                                              way to pair enjoyment with                                            Rhyming Words
                                                                  learning!                                                             Build Phonemic Awareness & Vocabulary Skills!
Grades 2-4                                                                                                                              Grades 1-3
Two books of 27 delightful                                        MR #035810          Jack and the Beanstalk   $4.95
stories utilize a list of                 BEST R
                                              E                   MR #035811          Rumplestiltskin          $4.95                    Fun activities in each book will
nouns most frequently                    SELL                     MR #035812          Bremen Town Musicians    $4.95
                                                                                                                                        give students lots of practice iden-
                                                                                                                                        tifying and writing words that
found in beginning readers.                                       MR #035813          The Snow Maiden          $4.95                    rhyme! Students will complete
Each lesson is based on three or                                  MR #035814          The Frog Prince          $4.95                    puzzles, word searches, and color-
four nouns woven into a short                                     MR #035801          SET 1 (5 books above)   $22.95                    ing activities in Rhyming Words.
story and is followed by seven related seatwork activi-                                                                                 In Words That Rhyme they
                                                                  MR #035815          The Pied Piper           $4.95
ties. Exercises include: questions related to a story’s                                                                                 will color, cut, paste, and work
content, scanning, sequencing, finishing incomplete               MR #035816          Pecos Bill               $4.95
                                                                  MR #035817          Paul Bunyan              $4.95                    puzzles. An entertaining way to
sentences, following directions, and more! The perfect                                                                                  promote phonemic awareness and build vocabulary!
way to build skills and encourage independence!                   MR #035818          Sally Ann Crockett       $4.95
                                                                  MR #035819          Old Stormalong           $4.95                    MR #036227 Rhyming Words (Gr. 1-2)                $8.95
MR #035936 Book 1                                      $8.95
                                                                  MR #035802          SET 2 (5 books above)   $22.95                    MR #036389 Words That Rhyme (Gr. 2-3)             $8.95
MR #035937 Book 2                                      $8.95
                                                                                                                                        MR #036685 COMPLETE SET                          $17.95
MR #035938 COMPLETE SET                               $17.95      MR #035823          COMPLETE SET (10 books) $44.95
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                                                                                                   READING & COMPREHENSION
Word Families                                                 Reading for Speed & Content                                            Beginning Sight Words
More than 60 Different Word Families                          Timed Activities to Build Speed & Improve Comprehension!               Master 54 Essential Sight Words!
Terrific for Building Basic Reading Skills!                   Grades 2-5                                                             Grades 1-2
Grades 1-3                                                    Build reading fluency and con-                                         Based on the Dolch List, this
                                            BEST R
This best-selling series                  SELL
                                                              fidence with these easy-to-use                                         “hands-on” book features 54
gives plenty of practice with                                 books! The short, high-interest                                        popular sight words and is
letter phonograms. More than                                  stories will capture students’ at-                                     loaded with plenty of step-by-
20 different word families are                                tention while they race the clock                                      step activities! Students first
included in each delightful book.                             to improve their reading speed.                                        practice reading, tracing, and
These books are so effective, we                              The end-of-line word counts and                                        writing the words, then they
recommend you get the entire set.                             words-per-minute charts make                                           work on more creative activities
Terrific for boosting reading skills!                         it quick and easy to figure the                                        involving each word.
MR #035981         Book 1                             $8.95   number of words read. Follow-                                          MR #036081 Beginning Sight Words                      $8.95
MR #035982         Book 2                             $8.95   up activities test comprehension.
                                                              Fun and easy for students and teachers alike!
MR #035983         Book 3                             $8.95
                                                              MR #035797          Grades 2-3                              $8.95      Fun With Phonics
MR #035984         COMPLETE SET (3 books)            $26.95                                                                          Phonics Practice for Struggling Readers
                                                              MR #035798          Grades 3-4                              $8.95      Grades 1-3
                                                              MR #035799          Grades 4-5                              $8.95      Beginning readers will enjoy the
Critical Thinking & Classic Tales                             MR #035800          COMPLETE SET (3 books)                 $26.95      whimsical themes of these highly
Imaginative Stories Great for Character Education!                                                                                   motivating books filled with a
Interest Level 3-8 • Reading Level 3-4                                                                                               variety of activities designed to
Covers all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy!                        Sentence Sequencing                                                    teach basic vowel sounds. They’ll
This wonderful collection of 24                               A Fun, Step-by-Step Approach to Sequential                             discover short vowels in a circus
fables and tales (12 in each book)                            Ordering of Sentences                                                  setting, experience long vowels
features activities sure to develop                           Grades 2-3                                                             designed around a sports theme,
critical thinking skills and                                  Thirty activities help kids learn                                      and take a trip through the zoo with special vowels.
promote maximum compre-                                       skills essential to comprehension                                      Three great ways to keep them interested and learning!
hension. Illustrated stories                                  such as drawing conclusions and
are followed by a crossword                                                                                                          MR #035965                Short Vowels               $8.95
                                                              predicting outcomes. Cutting
puzzle plus questions based                                   and pasting short sentences into                                       MR #035966                Long Vowels                $8.95
on Bloom’s Taxonomy and labeled                               meaningful sequence progresses                                         MR #035967                Speical Vowels             $8.95
according to a targeted skill/thinking level. The many        to forming original sentences.                                         MR #035968                COMPLETE SET (3 books)    $26.95
morals and lessons throughout provide opportunities to        MR #035969 Sentence Sequencing                               $8.95
work on character building. Each 48-page book is accom-                                                                                                                           BEST R
panied by a high-quality audio CD, to help your reluctant                                                                            Comprehension Collection                    SELL
readers participate and achieve success. CD follows           Beginning Reading                                                      Lots of Fun Activities to Boost Reading Skills
text word-for-word to aid fluency and comprehension.          Get Your Young Readers Off to a Great Start!                           Grades 1-6
Graphic organizers and a chart of skills are included.        Grades 1-3                                                             This excellent 6-book series is
MR #036317 Fables (Book & CD)           $25.95                Students read kid-friendly stories                                     filled with a variety of topics and
MR #036318 Tales (Book & CD)            $25.95                then answer comprehension                                              formats chosen to make reading
MR #036319 COMPLETE SET (2 Books & CDs) $50.95                questions that challenge them                                          fun and interesting.
                                                              to find facts, read for details,                                         • Exercises cover many
                                                              learn new vocabulary words,                                                important aspects of reading
                                BEST R
                                    E                         and improve their writing skills!                                          comprehension taught in
Mini Mysteries                 SELL                                                                                                      grades 1-6
Short, Suspenseful Mysteries,                                 Fine-motor skills get a workout
                                                              when students color the delight-                                         • Skills include: reading for
Comprehension Activities, & Audio CDs                                                                                                    details, classifying, sequencing, following directions,
Interest Level 3-6 • Reading Level 3-4                        ful illustrations. Great for building reading confidence!
                                                              MR #036479          Grade 1                                 $8.95          finding the main idea, context clues, and more
Activity Books - The activity                                                                                                          • Tested against the Fry Readability Graph
books give comprehension and                                  MR #036490          Grade 2                                 $8.95
                                                                                                                                     MR #035992                Grade 1                    $8.95
critical thinking skills a workout                            MR #036497          Grade 3                                 $8.95
                                                                                                                                     MR #035993                Grade 2                    $8.95
as students follow clues, find                                MR #036500          COMPLETE SET (3 books)                 $26.95
                                                                                                                                     MR #035994                Grade 3                    $8.95
facts, analyze information, make                                                                                                     MR #035995                Grade 4                    $8.95
inferences, predict outcomes,                                                                                                        MR #035996                Grade 5                    $8.95
and ultimately solve each caper!                                                                                                     MR #035997                Grade 6                    $8.95
Audio CDs - Students become                                                                                                          MR #035998                COMPLETE SET (6 books)    $53.95
a part of each story as they listen to the
professionally recorded mysteries complete with sound
effects, mood music, and more! A great way to spice
                                                                                                                                     Comprehension Quickies                     BEST R
up your reading comprehension, critical thinking, and                                                                                                                          SELL
listening curriculum!                                                                                                                3-Minute Comprehension Activities
Suspenseful audio tracks follow each story’s text word-                                                                              Interest Level 4-12 • Reading Level 1-5
for-word... making them ideal for auditory learners,                                                                                 Short, thought-provoking para-
struggling readers, and those with limited English skills.                                                                           graphs, nifty illustrations, and
                                                                                                                                     simple questions which require
MR #035910         Mini Mysteries Book ONLY       $9.95                                                                              complete sentence answers.
MR #035913         More Mini Mysteries Book ONLY $9.95        Reading Activity Books                                                 Terrific for students who have
MR #035907         BOOK ONLY SET (2 books) $19.95             The Titles that Early Readers Need                                     trouble reading longer para-
MR #035911         Mini Mysteries Book & CD      $25.95       Grades K-2                                                             graphs. You’ll be amazed by how
MR #035916         More Mini Mysteries Book & CD $25.95       MR #036237          Sentence Comprehension         Gr. K-1   $8.95     much information can be found
MR #035909         COMPLETE SET (2 books & CDs) $50.95        MR #036527          Primary Cloze Reading          Gr. 1     $8.95     in such short paragraphs!
                                                              MR #036528          Primary Cloze Reading          Gr. 2     $8.95     MR #036305                Reading Level 1            $8.95
                                                              MR #036194          Beginning Consonants           Gr. K-1   $8.95     MR #036306                Reading Level 2            $8.95
                                                              MR #036225          Ending Consonants              Gr. K-1   $8.95
Natural Phenomena                                             MR #036228          Vowels                         Gr. K-1   $8.95
                                                                                                                                     MR #036307                Reading Level 3            $8.95
High-Interest / Low Readability Workbook                                                                                             MR #036308                Reading Level 4            $8.95
Interest Level 4-8 • Reading Level 3-4                        MR #035972          Letter Recognition             Gr. K-1   $8.95     MR #036309                Reading Level 5            $8.95
They are fun to read about, but                                                                                                      MR #036310                COMPLETE SET (5 books)    $44.95
you may not want to experience
                                                              Read, Write, and Color Activity Books
                                                              MR #036405          Vocabulary Book 1         Gr. 1          $8.95
the natural phenomena featured
in this book! Tsunamis, hur-                                  MR #036406          Vocabulary Book 2         Gr. 1          $8.95
ricanes, tornadoes, avalanches,                               MR #036413          Vocabulary Book 3         Gr. 2          $8.95            1-877

floods, and more are covered in                               MR #036407          Sentences                 Gr. 1          $8.95            MIND

this collection of short stories.                             MR #036408          Comprehension             Gr. 1          $8.95
After each story, students read
for details and sharpen comprehension skills by an-
                                                              MR #036409
                                                              MR #036410
                                                                                  Comprehension             Gr. 1-2
                                                                                  Safety, Health, & Manners Gr. 1-2
swering questions and completing a crossword puzzle.          MR #036411          Word Association          Gr. 1          $8.95
MR #036320 Natural Phenomena                         $8.95    MR #036412          Word Association          Gr. 2          $8.95
                           130 SHOEMAKER STREET                                                                                    PHONE: 1-877-414-6463 (TOLL FREE)
                        KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                                     FAX: (519) 895-0331                               115
                                                                         Learning Little Words                                                  Practical Reading 1
                                                                         Teach 200 High-Frequency Words with                                    UNIT TITLES:
                                                                         these Cute Stories & Activities!                                        • Working for a Living
                                                                         Grades 1-3                                                              • Looking Good
                                                                         Little words are a big deal                                             • Food and Nutrition
                                                                         when your students use them                                             • Managing Your Money
                                                                         to read and write!                                                     Students locate key information,
                                                                         This popular series                                                    analyze word structure, make
                                                                         brings you 200 of                                                      comparisons, draw conclusions,
                                                                         the most frequently                                                    and more.
                                                                         used words in the                                                      MR #030316 Student Book              $17.95
                                                                         English language, along with fun activities to build                   MR #030317 Teacher’s Manual           $4.95
                                                                         and reinforce students’ vocabularies.
                                                                         Each lesson focuses on five words and provides eight
                                                                         lessons to highlight them from every angle–through                     Practical Reading 2
                                                 are        here         reading, copying, fill-ins, comprehension, writing                     UNIT TITLES:
                                                   can                   sentences, and illustrations! Students receive plenty of                • Recreation and Hobbies
                                                               the                                                                               • Behind the Wheel
                                                                         practice recognizing, writing, and using the words.
                                                                         MR #035959 Book 1                                            $9.95      • Good Cooking
                                          10 STUDENT READERS             MR #035960 Book 2                                            $9.95      • It’s the Law!
                                           48 ACTIVITY CARDS             MR #035961 COMPLETE SET (2 books)                           $19.95     Distinguishing main ideas and
                                     96 SIGHT WORDS FLASH CARDS                                                                                 details, drawing conclusions,
                                                                                                                                                dividing words into syllables, se-
Beginning Reader Program                                                                                                                        lecting synonyms and antonyms,
For the Learner Who is Ready to Read Words in Story Format                                                                                      spelling, and lots more.
Interest Level K-4 • Reading Level 1                                                                                                            MR #030318 Student Book              $17.95
Start beginning readers off right with this easy-to-use,                                                                                        MR #030319 Teacher’s Manual           $4.95
practice-packed program! Ideal for use with students
who are ready to read words in story format, developing                                                                                         Reading Nonfiction 1
the ability to decode single syllable words with short                                                                                          UNIT TITLES:
or long vowels, or need beginning sight word practice.                                                                                           • Historic Speeches
Program includes 10 full-color phonics readers—each                                                                                              • Science and Technology
featuring one short or long vowel, high-frequency                                                                                                • History and Geography
words, and direct picture/text match.                                                                                                            • Biography and Autobiography
SAMPLE SET: 10 books (1 of each title), 1 activity book, flash cards                                                 !                          Skills strands include determin-
COMPLETE SET: 30 books (3 of each title), 1 activity book, flash cards                                           SAVE ORDER 10+                 ing cause and effect, using pre-
CLASSROOM SET: 60 books (6 of each title), 1 activity book,                                                               OF A STUDENT BOOK     fixes and suffixes, distinguishing
                    flash cards and storage box                                                                             AND SAVE 10%        fact from opinion, alphabetiz-
MR #036182 SAMPLE SET                                       $37.95                                                                              ing, and many more.
MR #036183 COMPLETE SET                                     $89.95       Reading in Context                                                     MR #030320 Student Book              $17.95
MR #036184 CLASSROOM SET                                   $165.95       A Practical Reading Comprehension Program for All Students             MR #030321 Teacher’s Manual           $4.95
                                                                         Grades 6-12+, ELL • Reading Level 4
                                                                         This dynamic series was designed for students who
                                                                         still have trouble understanding what they read. All                   Reading Nonfiction 2
101 Easy Reading Games                                                   lessons (16 in each worktext) feature a two-page                       UNIT TITLES:
Grades 1–5                                                               reading selection followed by four pages of correlated                  • Animals in the News
This series includes teacher help                                        exercises. The emphasis is on variety for maximum                       • Sports Spectaculars
and student reproducible pages.                                          interest and involvement - traditional reading com-                     • Inventors and Inventions
Includes game descriptions and                                           prehension skills, language arts skills (e.g. vocabulary,               • Historic American Places
reproducible game cards and                                              syllabication, variant word forms, etc.) and critical                  Students sequence events, draw
boards for 101 reading games.                                            thinking skills. For maximum efficiency, the easy-to-                  conclusions, compare past and
The books are organized by                                               use worktext format combines the instructional core                    present, write different forms of
game type, and games relate to                                           of a textbook with the built-in response mode of a                     a word, identify rhyming words,
familiar favorites (e.g. Bingo,                                          workbook. A systematic, incremental teaching method                    and much more.
Memory, Go Fish, etc.). Perfect                                          promotes progress by steadily building confidence.                     MR #030322 Student Book              $17.95
for practicing reading skills                                            Student books are 112-pages.                                           MR #030323 Teacher’s Manual           $4.95
in fun, engaging ways without having to learn new
games. 8.375” x 10.875”. Reproducible. 128 pp.                           The Teacher’s Manuals introduce the program and its
                                                                         design. Included are teaching tips, answer keys, ideas for             Reading Fiction 1
MR #043817         Grade 1                                  $17.95                                                                              UNIT TITLES:
MR #043818         Grade 2                                  $17.95       cooperative learning, homework assignments, a repro-
                                                                         ducible course completion certificate, a classroom chart                • Fiction
MR #043819         Grade 3                                  $17.95                                                                               • Short Stories
                                                                         for recording student progress, suggestions for lesson
MR #043820         Grade 4                                  $17.95       extensions, and more. Teacher’s Manuals are 16-pages.                   • Novels
MR #043821         Grade 5                                  $17.95                                                                               • Narrative Poetry
                                                                         HIGHLIGHTS                                                             Students interpret dialogue,
                                                                          • Consistent format throughoutt the 6-book series                     relate setting to plot, describe
                                                                          • Skill instruction “begins at the beginning” without                 characters, recognize mood and
Genres of Literature                                                        assumption of prior learning                                        tone, analyze word structure,
Grades 6–8                                                                • Consistently controlled reading level guarantees less
To help meet state and national                                                                                                                 supply synonyms, identify parts
                                                                            able readers easy access to sophisticated concepts                  of speech, and more.
standards that call for using a                                           • Skills taught in context using real world examples
variety of genres in reading and                                                                                                                MR #030324 Student Book              $17.95
                                                                            from newspapers, magazines, and more
writing, this invaluable resource                                         • A Preview and Review exercise to introduce and                      MR #030325 Teacher’s Manual           $4.95
gives a solid introduction to the                                           reinforce the content of every unit
features and qualities that dif-                                                                                                                Reading Fiction 2
                                                                         ADDITIONAL FEATURES                                                    UNIT TITLES:
ferentiate each genre. With the                                           • Illustrations, charts, and puzzles
focus on reading comprehen-                                                                                                                      • Drama
                                                                          • Formatted for reluctant learners                                     • Folktales and Fables
sion, elements of literature, and                                         • Airy page design is approachable and inviting to
figurative language, it offers teachers complete back-                                                                                           • Popular Poetry
                                                                            students who easily tend to feel overwhelmed                         • Myths and Legends
ground information and lessons covering everything                        • Correlated Teacher’s Manuals include several
from biography to poetry to nonfiction. Each genre                                                                                              Skills strands include comparing
                                                                            reproducibles                                                       and contrasting, recognizing
begins with introductory material plus benchmarks so                      • Real-world applications
students can identify excellence in each genre. After                                                                                           author’s viewpoint, outlining
they learn about the genre, students will be engaged                     SAMPLE SET: 6 books (1 each of 6 titles) and 6 Teacher’s Manuals       plot structure, using context
in talking and writing about books and genre. An                                                                                                clues to find meaning, vocabu-
                                                                         MR #030328 SAMPLE SET                                      $129.95
extensive list of a variety of titles extends the study of                                                                                      lary and more.
each genre. Reproducible. 144 pp.                                        CLASS SET: 36 books (6 each of 6 titles) and 6 Teacher’s Manuals       MR #030326 Student Book              $17.95
MR #042136 Genres of Literature                             $19.95       MR #030330 CLASS SET                                       $599.95     MR #030327 Teacher’s Manual           $4.95

                          130 SHOEMAKER STREET                                                                                                PHONE: 1-877-414-6463 (TOLL FREE)
116                    KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                                                 FAX: (519) 895-0331
                                                                                                                  READING & COMPREHENSION
 High-Interest Reading Comprehension Skills & Strategies™                                                     BEST G
                                                                                                                                                        Every Teacher Is a Reading Teacher
                                                                                                                 IN                                     101 Ways to Incorporate Reading into Your Classroom
 125+ Reproducible Activities                                                                                SELL IES
 Perfect for Remedial or On-Level Instruction                                                                 SER                                       Grades K–5
 Grades 3-12+, ELL • Reading Level 3-8                                                                                                                  Each book is a collection of
 Every book in the Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies Series™ contains 125+ reproducible pages (more than 125                                  grade-appropriate skill-building
 activities) that combine solid reading comprehension skills reinforcement and enrichment with reading comprehension                                    activities designed to help every
 strategy instruction. Based on current education standards, the series features ready-to-use resource pages filled with                                teacher incorporate reading
 instructional tips and extended activity ideas plus a Scope and Sequence skills chart to track student progress. Perfect for                           across the curriculum. Includes
 classroom use or homework, the reproducible activity pages help students master the basic skills and strategies necessary                              explanations, activities, and
 to succeed. Each reproducible book is 144-pages.                                                                                                       suggestions for teaching reading
                                                                                                                                                        within all content areas. Based
 HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                                                                             on national standards, No Child
  • Each reproducible teacher resource book has 125 plus+ self-contained lessons
  • Variety of reading activities to enrich the reading experience - reading for pleasure, reading to perform a task, reading to gather information     Left Behind, and founded on the
     (factual and fictional selections)                                                                                                                 latest research. Will help turn
  • Reinforces critical reading comprehension strategies that encourage students to use prior knowledge, experiences, careful thought, and evalua-      students into life-long readers. 128 pp.
     tion to help them decide how to practically apply what they know to all reading situations                                                         MR #035225 Grades K-1                                       $17.95
  • Skills and concepts include analyzing word structure, analyzing vocabulary using context clues, following directions, interpreting figures of
     speech, categorizing information, predicting content, etc...                                                                                       MR #035226 Grades 2-3                                       $17.95
 ADDITIONAL FEATURES                                                                                                                                    MR #035227 Grades 4-5                                       $17.95
  • Content can be used for students on level, between levels or for remedial instruction
  • Provides students with progressively challenging activities, which encourage students to think and evaluate
  • Clear directions and consistent formatting build confidence and the expectation of success                                                          Read • Reflect • Respond
  • Much of the content is written with a sense of humor to make the activities more inviting                                                           Research-based Nonfiction Comprehension Skill-Boosters
                                                                                                                                                        Grades 5-12 • Reading Level 3.5-4.0
                                                                                                                                                        This series is especially designed
                                                                                                                                                        to quickly improve your students’
                                                                                                                                                        ability to understand and retain
                                                                                                                                                        what they read. The A to D
                                                                                                                                                        organization of the worktexts
                                                                                                                                                        provides progressively challeng-
                                                                                                                                                        ing activities ranging from simple
                                                                                                                                                        recall to evaluations requiring
                                                                                                                                                        higher-order thinking skills.
                                                                                                                                                        Skills presented are cumulatively
                                                                                                                                                        reinforced; each worktext re-
            BEST G                                                                                                                                      introduces and builds on skills taught earlier. Equally
           SELL IES                                                                                                                                     appropriate as a refresher course for on-level students or
            SER                                                                                                                                         as a primary instruction for struggling students.
                               LEVEL 3                                                                    LEVEL 6                                       FEATURES
                         Sample Activities Include:                                                Sample Activities Include:                             • Four 64-page worktexts with answer keys
  • Analyzing Vocabulary              • Analyzing Word Structure            • Analyzing Data                   • Categorizing Information                 • 28 dynamic lessons in every workbook (112 in all)
  • Comparing and Contrasting Details • Following Directions                • Comparing and Contrasting        • Determining Cause/Effect                 • End-of-book tests provide easy progress assessment
  • Identifying Nouns in Text         • Identifying Supporting Details      • Identifying Setting              • Identifying Supporting Details           • Intriguing reading selections appeal to all ages
  • Interpreting a Venn Diagram       • Interpreting Labels                 • Interpreting a Logic Matrix      • Interpreting Problem/Solution          HIGHLIGHTS
  • Reading the Table of Contents • Recognizing the 5 W’s                   • Recognizing Figures of Speech • Understanding Character’s View              • Confidence-building, two-page format
 MR #030091 Reading Comprehension Level 3 $22.95                           MR #030094 Reading Comprehension Level 6 $22.95                                • Challenging variety of response modes includes
                                                                                                                                                             those found on standardized tests
                             LEVEL 4                                                                  LEVEL 7                                             • Consistent review and reinforcement of fundamental
                        Sample Activities Include:                                               Sample Activities Include:                                  comprehension skills
  • Analyzing Prefixes              • Analyzing Root Words                  • Analyzing Characters           • Context Clues                              • Continuing emphasis on vocabulary development
  • Classifying Items               • Comparing and Contrasting             • Critical Reading               • Details                                       and dictionary practice
  • Following Directions            • Interpreting Facts and Details        • Identifying Tone/Mood          • Recalling Factual Details                  • Carefully controlled reading level
  • Recognizing Signal Words        • Scanning Text to Predict Content      • Reference Skills               • Study Skills                               • High-interest, nonfiction reading selections
  • Sequencing Story Events         • Using a Dictionary                    • Taking Tests                   • Words with Several Meanings                • Critical thinking as a key component of “reading
 MR #030092 Reading Comprehension Level 4 $22.95                           MR #030095 Reading Comprehension Level 7 $22.95                                   for meaning”
                                                                                                                                                        SKILLS COVERED
                             LEVEL 5                                                                  LEVEL 8                                            • following directions
                        Sample Activities Include:                                               Sample Activities Include:                              • identifying main idea
  • Analyzing Characters            • Critical Thinking                     • Dialogue                       • Fact and Opinion                          • recalling details
  • Identifying Setting             • Identifying Author’s View/Purpose     • Metaphor                       • Prose Style                               • making comparisons
  • Identifying Tone/Mood           • Making Inferences                     • Setting                        • Simile                                    • identifying parts and wholes
  • Mapping Story Events            • Planning a Plot                       • Summarizing                    • Synonyms and Meaning                      • activating prior knowledge
  • Practicing Good Writing         • Retelling a Story                     • Taking Tests                   •Using a Table Graph                        • classifying/categorizing
 MR #030093 Reading Comprehension Level 5 $22.95                           MR #030096 Reading Comprehension Level 8 $22.95                               • identifying cause and effect
                                                                                                                                                         • drawing conclusions
                                                                                                                                                         • summarizing
                              !                                                                  $129.95 SAVE!
                          SAVE MR #030097 COMPLETE SET (6 books)                                                                                         • making inferences
                                                                                                                                                         • predicting outcomes               ORDER 10+
                                                                                                                                                         • paraphrasing                     OF A WORKTEXT
                                                                            Guided Independent Reading                                                   • making generalizations           AND SAVE 10%
Skills for Scholars                                                                                                                                                                                            !
                                                                            The Right Questions at the Right Time                                        • detecting propaganda
                                                                                                                                                         • identifying author’s purpose                   SAVE
                                                                            Grades 3-5
Grades K–4                                                                  This 3-book set pro-                                                         • distinguishing facts and opinions
Providing young learners with                                               vides an opportunity                                                         • using context clues to unlock word meaning
a strong foundation of reading                                              for students to think                                                       MR #042010         Worktext A                               $17.95
skills is essential for school suc-                                         about vocabulary,                                                           MR #042011         Answer Key for Worktext A                 $4.95
cess. Skills for Scholars Reading                                           visualize content,                                                          MR #042012         Worktext B                               $17.95
helps prepare for the reading                                               examine characters,                                                         MR #042013         Answer Key for Worktext B                 $4.95
concepts needed for school years                                            and make predictions                                                        MR #042014         Worktext C                               $17.95
ahead. And because the book                                                 as they read selections                                                     MR #042015         Answer Key for Worktext C                 $4.95
features bright, colorful activi-                                           independently. Focus is
ties, children are sure to have fun! Reproducible. 80 pp.                                                                                               MR #042016         Worktext D                               $17.95
                                                                            on skills needed to get                                                     MR #042017         Answer Key for Worktext D                 $4.95
MR #043793         Kindergarten                                 $6.95       meaning from reading.
MR #043794         Grade 1                                      $6.95       The perfect way to promote                                                  SAMPLE SET: 4 Worktexts (1 each of 4 titles) and 4 Answer Keys
MR #043795         Grade 2                                      $6.95       active, independent learning!                                               MR #042018 SAMPLE SET                                       $89.95
MR #043796         Grade 3                                      $6.95       Over 75 pages.                                                              CLASS SET: 40 Worktexts (10 each of 4 titles) and 4 Answer Keys
MR #043797         Grade 4                                      $6.95       MR #036357 COMPLETE SET (3 books)                            $26.95         MR #042019 CLASS SET                                       $649.95
                           130 SHOEMAKER STREET                                                                                                       PHONE: 1-877-414-6463                  (TOLL FREE)

                        KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                                                        FAX: (519) 895-0331                                       117

                                           BEST G                                                          BEST G
                                              IN                                                              IN
                                          SELL IES                                                        SELL IES
Reading Comprehension                      SER                Reading for Information                      SER
100 Reproducible Activities in Each Binder                    100 Reproducible Activities in Each Binder
Interest Level 5-12+, ELL • Reading Level 4-8                 Interest Level 5-12+, ELL • Reading Level 3-4                       Total Reading
For students who are having difficulty understanding          Most of us spend a good deal of our lives “reading for              Grades PreK–6
what they read or for those who need a little more            information”. Your students will, too. This new set                 Success in reading is key to achievement in all other
practice than the standard textbook allows, Reading           of binders will give them the practice they need to                 subject areas! This series gives students the help they
Comprehension offers reinforcement in traditional             approach written material with confidence. What is                  need to succeed in all aspects of reading, from early
reading comprehension and language arts skills. Ac-           it that best builds confidence? Repeated success. 50                concepts such as consonant and vowel sounds to more
tivities include adjectives, sequencing, cause and effect,    two-page lessons in each binder (a one-page article and             advanced skills such as grammar, reading comprehen-
reading labels, writing a postcard, reading maps, fact        a one-page follow-up worksheet). There is a high-util-              sion, and responsive writing. Added features include
or opinion, character development, root words, and            ity table of contents that can be used as a scope and               an activity or puzzle printed on cardstock which
more. Activities can be completed in one class period         sequence. No teacher preparation is required with this              reinforces reading skills and a complete answer key.
or assigned as homework. The high-utility table of            pick-and-choose format. The lessons may also be used                An educational, grade-appropriate gatefold poster that
contents allows educators to pick-and-choose ap-              for homework. Each binder includes answer keys. For                 focuses on an aspect of reading is included, as well as
propriate activities. Easier activities in the first binder   students nearly every activity contains a lively illustra-          stickers to reward successful progress. 352 pages.
lead to more challenging ones in the second.                  tion and easy-to-follow instructions.                               Features:
                                                                                                                                    • Step-by-step instructions
Reading Comprehension 1                                       Reading for Information 1                                             • Age-appropriate reading content
Sample activities include:                                    Sample activities include:                                            • Reading puzzles
  • Use of Adjectives                                           • Warrior bees                                                      • Gatefold poster and stickers
  • Sequencing                                                  • Female pirates                                                    • Proficiency test practice in reading
  • Cause and Effect                                            • Ancient inventions                                                • Answer key
  • Reading Labels                                              • Life in the olden days                                          MR #046104      PreKindergarten                   $18.95
  • Mythology                                                   • Annie Oakley                                                    MR #046105      Kindergarten                      $18.95
  • Write a Postcard       BEST R
                              E                                 • International proverbs                                          MR #046106      Grade 1                           $18.95
  • Creative Writing SELL                                       • The Pony Express                                                MR #046107      Grade 2                           $18.95
  • Reading Maps                                                • Cures for hiccups       BEST R
  • And more!                                                   • Rules of thumb         SELL                                     MR #046108      Grade 3                           $18.95
                                                                • Living fossils                                                  MR #046109      Grade 4                           $18.95
MR #030352 Reading Comprehension 1                 $39.95
                                                              MR #030361 Reading for Information 1                  $39.95        MR #046110      Grade 5                           $18.95
Reading Comprehension 2                                                                                                           MR #046111      Grade 6                           $18.95
Sample activities include:                                    Reading for Information 2
  • Fact or Opinion                                           Sample activities include:
  • Plot Diagrams        BEST R                                 • The difficulties of                                                                       REVND
  • Setting the Tone SELLE                                        learning English                                                Reading                     A TED
  • Reading and                                                 • Geysers               BEST R
                                                                                            E                                     Grades K–6                UPD
    Understanding Poetry                                        • Prairie dogs         SELL
                                                                                                                                  This full-color series offers
  • Character Development                                       • Stevie Wonder                                                   effective and enjoyable reading
  • Test Your Vocabulary                                        • The bad old days of                                             instruction that supports Read-
  • Greek & Latin Root Words                                      basketball                                                      ing First Initiatives. Based on
  • Write a Script                                              • Ancient forms of money                                          curriculum that offers proven
  • And more!                                                   • The Little Rascals                                              results, the Spectrum Reading
MR #030353 Reading Comprehension 2  $39.95                      • The history of gymnastics                                       series will engage reluctant
                                                                • The last passenger pigeon                                       readers and extend skills for chil-
MR #030354 COMPLETE SET (2 binders) $76.95                                                                                        dren who are already proficient. Colorful illustrations
                                                              MR #030362 Reading for Information 2 $39.95
                                                                                                                                  reinforce comprehension and enliven instruction.
                                                              MR #030363 COMPLETE SET (2 binders) $76.95                          8.375”x 10.875” (21.3cm x 27.6cm). 150+pp.
Activities for any Literature Unit                                                                                                  • Activities reinforce skills in phonemic awareness,
Grades 1-5                                                                                                                            phonics, word recognition, decoding, and reading
Even when                                                     Learn to Read With Classic Stories                                      comprehension
students are                                                  Grades K–3                                                            • Engaging, lively passages in curriculum content areas
reading different                                             Each book in this unique series                                       • Proven method for developing reading proficiency
books, they can                                               is really two books in one! The                                       • Full-color illustrations provide cues to comprehension
all be developing                                             first section of the book is an                                     MR #046627      Kindergarten                      $12.95
skills related                                                anthology of classic stories, retold                                MR #046628      Grade 1                           $12.95
to vocabulary,                                                by well-known authors and                                           MR #046629      Grade 2                           $12.95
sequencing,                                                   illustrators. The second section                                    MR #046630      Grade 3                           $12.95
characterization,                                             offers activities that will expand                                  MR #046631      Grade 4                           $12.95
plot develop-                                                 children’s knowledge of language                                    MR #046632      Grade 5                           $12.95
ment, and more.                                               arts and reading, assess reading
The generic worksheets, games, art activities, and            and listening comprehension,                                        MR #046633      Grade 6                           $12.95
teaching ideas are ideal for core literature as well as for   and extend their understanding
individualized reading.                                       through creative writing activities.
MR #010048 Grades 1-3 (144 pages)                  $19.95     8.375” x 11.875.” 320 pp.                                           Fact & Opinion
MR #015590 Grades 3-5 (80 pages)                   $13.95     Features:                                                           Grades 2–5
                                                                  • Reinforces essential reading comprehension standards          One- and two-page worksheets
                                                                    set forth in Reading First initiatives                        allow students to practice dis-
Novel Assessments                                                 • Expands writing and language arts skills                      cerning between fact and opinion
for Novels                                                        • Activities and stories are color-coded for easy reference     in written selections. A variety
Grades 6 - 8 (80 pages)                                           • Activities are perforated for easy removal                    of writing forms including ad-
Encourage students’ enthusiasm                                    • Comprehensive answer key                                      vertisements, articles, and stories
for reading novels with creative                                  • Source notes for individual stories                           are included. Pages progress in
assessment options. The assess-                                   • Additional parent activities to extend learning               difficulty. Reproducible. 48 pp.
ments are based on the theory of                              MR #046563       Kindergarten                         $18.95        MR #028772      Grade 2                            $8.95
multiple intelligences, allowing                              MR #046564       Grade 1                              $18.95        MR #028773      Grade 3                            $8.95
for various learning styles.                                  MR #046565       Grade 2                              $18.95        MR #028774      Grade 4                            $8.95
MR #031276 $13.95                                             MR #046566       Grade 3                              $18.95        MR #028775      Grade 5                            $8.95
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                                                                                       READING & COMPREHENSION
Sight Word Stories                                                                                                      Teaching Beginning Reading                   BEST R
Grades K–1                                                                                                              A Balanced Approach                         SELL
Sight Word Stories is a collection                                                                                      Grades 1–3
of 18 reproducible books, a                                                                                             Turn reluctant readers into
master word list, word cards,                                                                                           eager readers with this 432-page
rhyming-word cards, and sen-                                                                                            systematic skills program! This
tence strips that offer alternative                                                                                     step-by-step guide for novice to
strategies for teaching emergent                                                                                        experienced teachers explains
readers. The predictable stories                                                                                        how to teach children to read,
contain frequent repetition of                                                                                          develop sight vocabulary, pho-
controlled sight-word vocabu-                                                                                           nemic awareness, and phonics
lary, making for a frustration-free learning experience.   Test Connection Series                                       skills. Suggestions for both
64 pp.                                                     Grades 2–6                                                   guided and shared reading and
MR #019579 Sight Word Stories                    $12.95    This skill-specific series gives students practice in        direct and independent instruction are all included in
                                                           content areas they encounter in standardized tests.          each lesson. Eight units with 62 lessons, 63 kid-sized
                                                           Sample test and answer sheet provide test practice.          reproducible books, as well as letter and word cards,
More Sight-Word Stories                                    Reproducible. 48 pp.                                         give teachers the tools to teach successful readers.
Grades 1–3                                                                                                              Designed to complement any supplemental reading
This sequel to our best-selling                            Summarizing                                                  program. Suggested materials for reading are included
book, Sight Word Stories, offers                           Lessons include:                                             as well. This is an excellent resource for ESL and
an alternative reading program                              •Fiction and non-fiction articles                           Special Education. 432 pp.
for beginning readers. Teachers                             •Multiple choice, short answer, and complete answer         MR #019402 Teaching Beginning Reading $36.95
will construct over 55 books that                             responses
methodically present all 220                                •A focus on summarizing articles that vary in lengths
Dolch sight words. With the use                            MR #028790      Grade 2                            $8.95     The “Un-Workbook”
of predictable text, controlled                            MR #028791      Grade 3                            $8.95
vocabulary, and frequent word                                                                                           Creative Reading
                                                           MR #028792      Grade 4                            $8.95     Grades 1–5
repetition, the emergent reader                            MR #028793      Grade 5                            $8.95
smoothly glides from the pre-primer through the                                                                         This book is a way to get
                                                           MR #028794      Grade 6                            $8.95     students moving, making, and
Dolch basic sight word list. Students will also unlock
words through the use of phonics. 136 pp.                                                                               exploring as they learn essential
                                                           Author’s Purpose                                             reading skills and strategies.
MR #019601 More Sight-Word Stories               $19.95    Lessons include:                                             Includes teacher resource pages
                                                            •Fiction and non-fiction articles                           with activity suggestions, as well
                                                            •Multiple choice, short answer, and complete answer         as student pages with hands-on
Reading for Meaning                                           responses                                                 projects drawing from brain-
Grades 1–4                                                  •Identification of the author’s purpose for writing         compatible research. 96 pp.
Each book includes                                            the article
activities that provide                                                                                                 MR #035453     Grade 1                         $16.95
                                                           MR #028785     Grade 2                             $8.95
practice with compre-                                                                                                   MR #035454     Grade 2                         $16.95
                                                           MR #028786     Grade 3                             $8.95
hension skills such as                                                                                                  MR #035455     Grade 3                         $16.95
                                                           MR #028787     Grade 4                             $8.95
answering questions,                                                                                                    MR #035456     Grade 4                         $16.95
                                                           MR #028788     Grade 5                             $8.95
sequencing, character                                                                                                   MR #035457     Grade 5                         $16.95
                                                           MR #028789     Grade 6                             $8.95
analysis, vocabulary,
and more. 8.375” x
10.875”. Reproduc-
ible. 48 pp.
MR #043827 Grades 1-2                             $8.95
MR #043828 Grades 3-4                             $8.95

Reading for Understanding
Grades 1–8
This series covers sequencing,
recognizing details, character
analysis, drawing conclusions,
predicting outcomes, cause and
effect, evaluation, inference,
and following directions using                             Reading for Every Child Series                               Phonemic Awareness
stories about real situations.                             Using these books based on national standards,               Grades K–1
Reproducible. 48 pp.                                       compatible with No Child Left Behind legislation, and        Teacher tips help students auditorally recognize and
MR #029006     Grade 1                            $8.95    founded on the latest research, every teacher will be        identify phonemes.
MR #029007     Grade 2                            $8.95    provided with instructional explanations and stimulat-       MR #035400 Phonemic Awareness                  $13.95
                                                           ing activities to facilitate and encourage life-long
MR #029008     Grade 3                            $8.95
                                                           readers. Reproducible. 80 pp.                                Comprehension
MR #029009     Grade 4                            $8.95                                                                 Grades K–5
MR #029010     Grade 5                            $8.95    Phonics                                                      Reading selections from across the disciplines encour-
MR #029011     Grade 6                            $8.95    Grades K–3                                                   age students to understand, evaluate, and interpret
MR #029012     Grade 7-8                          $8.95    Students develop phonics skills by concentrating on          what they have read.
                                                           beginning and ending sounds, blends, and vowel               MR #035401     Kindergarten                    $13.95
                                                           combinations.                                                MR #035402     Grade 1                         $13.95
Read4Today                                                 MR #035413     Kindergarten                      $13.95      MR #035403     Grade 2                         $13.95
Grades 2–5                                                 MR #035414     Grade 1                           $13.95      MR #035404     Grade 3                         $13.95
Supplies four problems a day for                           MR #035415     Grade 2                           $13.95      MR #035405     Grade 4                         $13.95
four days a week, covering a 40-                           MR #035416     Grade 3                           $13.95      MR #035406     Grade 5                         $13.95
week period. A separate test is
provided for the fifth day of each                         Vocabulary                                                   Fluency
week. Concepts include main                                Grades K–5                                                   Grades K–5
reading comprehension skills,                              Students focus on word recognition, using context to         Activities provide opportunities for listening and
fluency, vocabulary, spelling and                          decode meaning, and recognizing word origins to learn        reading out loud to encourage students to read with
phonics. Includes a scope and                              new vocabulary.                                              confidence and appropriate rhythm and pacing.
sequence chart and an answer
                                                           MR #035407     Kindergarten                      $13.95      MR #035417     Kindergarten                    $13.95
key. Provides good practice by incorporating the style
and syntax of standardized tests. 112 pp.                  MR #035408     Grade 1                           $13.95      MR #035418     Grade 1                         $13.95
MR #035449     Grade 2                           $17.95    MR #035409     Grade 2                           $13.95      MR #035419     Grade 2                         $13.95
MR #035450     Grade 3                           $17.95    MR #035410     Grade 3                           $13.95      MR #035420     Grade 3                         $13.95
MR #035451     Grade 4                           $17.95    MR #035411     Grade 4                           $13.95      MR #035421     Grade 4                         $13.95
MR #035452     Grade 5                           $17.95    MR #035412     Grade 5                           $13.95      MR #035422     Grade 5                         $13.95

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                   KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                             FAX: (519) 895-0331                          119
After School Reading Activities                             Strategies for Comprehension                                Beginning Reading for Older Students
Grades 1–5                                                  Grades 1–5                                                  30 Reproducible High Interest/Emergent Skills
Series contains reproducible                                This innovative book bridges                                Stories for the Classroom and the Home
worksheets and activities for use                           the gap between basal textbooks                             Grades 4–8
during after school programs                                and supplemental workbooks by                               A valuable addition to any read-
or in the home that focus                                   leading students through skill                              ing program, this resource offers
on improving reading skills.                                modeling, guided practice, and                              30 reproducible books that
Pages allow students to practice                            partner reading for independent                             provide high-interest content
reading while having fun and                                practice. Based on research in                              on the emergent reader level. It
without the pressure of a formal                            the National Reading Panel                                  is specifically valuable for upper
environment. Games, paired and                              Report, this book includes re-                              elementary through high school
individual activities, puzzles,                             producible bookmarks and con-                               ESL students, students with spe-
and worksheets are included.                                tent-skill assessments. Bound at                            cial needs, high-risk students, or
Reproducible. 128 pp.                                       the top. 144 pp.                                            others with reading difficulties.
MR #035430      Grade 1                          $16.95     MR #035389       Grade 1                         $19.95     Also provides an introduction
MR #035431      Grade 2                          $16.95     MR #035390       Grade 2                         $19.95     to all 220 Dolch words, a master vocabulary list, re-
MR #035432      Grade 3                          $16.95     MR #035391       Grade 3                         $19.95     producible word cards, comprehensive questions, and
MR #035433      Grade 4                          $16.95     MR #035392       Grade 4                         $19.95     opportunities for writing. Reproducible. 80 pp.
MR #035434      Grade 5                          $16.95     MR #035393       Grade 5                         $19.95     MR #029192 Beginning Reading for Older Students   $16.95

                                                            Main Idea                                                   Genres of Literature
Reading:                                                    Using Topics and Details to                                 A Complete Resource
The Test Connection                                         See the Big Picture                                         Guide
Grades 2–6                                                  Grades 1–6                                                  Grades 5–8
Give students the edge they need                            High- interest reading selections                           An exciting approach to reading,
as they face standardized tests by                          and activities from across the                              writing, and language arts in
working through the progressive                             curriculum teach and reinforce                              the middle school. Aimed at
skills in Reading: The Test                                 the elements of main idea includ-                           motivating students to read
Connection. Each of three major                             ing topic, topic sentence, and                              and enjoy wider varieties of
sections focuses on one of the                              supporting details. With a variety                          literature and write more. The
most frequently tested reading                              of fun and instructional formats,                           book provides hands-on activity
skills, including graphic organiz-                          teachers can provide direct instruction, reinforcement,     ideas plus bibliographies for the
ers, summarizing, and author’s purpose. Once students       or independent practice. Reproducible. 48 pp.               genres of realistic fiction, Newbery Award winners,
have sharpened their skills, the practice tests—com-        MR #035435 Grades 1-2                             $8.95     animal tales, biography, historical fiction, nonfiction,
plete with bubble answer sheets—will familiarize them                                                                   news reporting/media, mystery, science fiction and
                                                            MR #035436 Grades 3-4                             $8.95
with the testing environment. Reproducible. 144 pp                                                                      fantasy, poetry, and plays. Reproducibles included.
                                                            MR #035437 Grades 5-6                             $8.95
MR #035438      Grade 2                          $19.95                                                                 8¼”x11” (21cm x 28cm). 144 pp.
MR #035439      Grade 3                          $19.95                                                                 MR #007590 Genres of Literature                   $19.95
MR #035440      Grade 4                          $19.95     Compare & Contrast
MR #035441      Grade 5                          $19.95     Using Comparisons and Contrasts to Build
MR #035442      Grade 6                          $19.95     Comprehension
                                                                                                                        Cause & Effect
                                                            Grades 1–6                                                  Using Causes and Effects
                                                            Comparing and contrasting are                               to Make Connections
Readers’ Theater                                            cornerstone skills—not only for                             Grades 1–6
Grades 2–7                                                  reading, but also for science,                              Cause and effect relationships
These two anthologies of funny,                             math, and social studies. Each                              can be seen across the curricu-
interesting, and engaging plays                             book weaves cross-curricular                                lum and throughout daily life.
are easy to present and sure to                             topics into a variety of absorbing                          The cross-curricular activities
tap into your students’ love of                             reading activities to hone these                            and reading selections in these
drama. Since readers’ theater                               important skills. Reproducible.                             books help students make criti-
can be done without costumes,                               48 pp.                                                      cal connections between an ac-
props, or scenery, any school day                           MR #028980 Grades 1-2                             $8.95     tion and its effect. These books are useful for teaching
can be a theater day! Both books                                                                                        reading comprehension as well as character education
                                                            MR #028981 Grades 3-4                             $8.95
offer plays ranging from the                                                                                            principles. Reproducible. 48 pp.
retelling of folk stories to exciting mysteries to humor-   MR #028982 Grades 5-6                             $8.95
                                                                                                                        MR #028992 Grades 1-2                              $8.95
ous fantasies. The parts in each play are written at dif-                                                               MR #028993 Grades 3-4                              $8.95
ferent levels of reading difficulty, so your best readers                                                               MR #028994 Grades 5-6                              $8.95
can perform alongside students who find reading more        Sequencing
of a challenge. Reproducible. 80 pp.                        Grades 1–6
MR #030674 Level 1 (Reading Level 2-5)           $13.95     High-interest topics and pictures
MR #030675 Level 2 (Reading Level 3-7)           $13.95     teach or reinforce sequencing skills
                                                            such as first, next, last, before and                       High Interest Reading
                                                            after, cause and effect, and more.                          Grades 3–8
Master Skills                                               Reproducible. 48 pp.                                        For each reading exercise there is
Reading                                                     MR #028983       Grade 1                          $8.95     an accompanying activity page
Grades K–6                                                  MR #028984       Grade 2                          $8.95     that covers main idea, sequenc-
This exciting full-color work-                              MR #028985       Grade 3                          $8.95     ing, and other comprehension
book series continues to receive                            MR #028986       Grade 4                          $8.95     activities. Reproducible. 128 pp.
accolades for its challenging                               MR #028987       Grade 5                          $8.95     MR #029031 Grades 3-5                             $16.95
and contemporary approach to                                MR #028988       Grade 6                          $8.95     MR #029032 Grades 6-8                             $16.95
learning fundamentals. Bright,
full-color illustrations enliven
and reinforce learning.                                                                                                 Reading Comprehension
Features:                                                   Reading Skills                                              Grades 1–8
  • Designed by educational experts                         Grades 1–8                                                  These collections of readings and
  • Reinforces skills through practice                      Following directions, listening,                            accompanying activity pages will
  • Brilliant, dynamic illustrations                        sequencing, developing main                                 expand the reader’s knowledge
  • Answer key                                              ideas, and drawing conclusions                              as well as enhance reading skills.
MR #046124      Kindergarten                      $8.95     are a few of the skills you’ll find in                      Organized by skills within
MR #046125      Grade 1                           $8.95     these great books. Reproducible.                            genres. Includes fiction and non-
MR #046126      Grade 2                           $8.95     128 pp.                                                     fiction. Reproducible. 128 pp.
MR #046127      Grade 3                           $8.95     MR #028973       Grades 1-2                      $16.95     MR #028998     Grades 1-2                         $16.95
MR #046128      Grade 4                           $8.95     MR #028974       Grades 3-4                      $16.95     MR #028999     Grades 3-4                         $16.95
MR #046129      Grade 5                           $8.95     MR #028975       Grades 5-6                      $16.95     MR #029000     Grades 5-6                         $16.95
MR #046130      Grade 6                           $8.95     MR #028976       Grades 7-8                      $16.95     MR #029001     Grades 7-8                         $16.95
                      130 SHOEMAKER STREET                                                                            PHONE: 1-877-414-6463 (TOLL FREE)
120                KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                             FAX: (519) 895-0331
                                                                                            READING & COMPREHENSION
Inferencing                                                    Reading Comprehension
Using Context Clues to Infer Meaning                           Practice
Grades 1–6                                                     Grades 4-8 (112 pages each)
Each book contains a variety of                                Develop essential reading
activities that require readers                                comprehension skills
to make educated conclusions                                   with nonfiction passages
based on prior knowledge and                                   from The World Almanac® for
information implied, but not                                   Kids. Multiple choice questions
directly stated, in the short                                  encourage critical thinking skills,
stories, poems, cartoons, and il-                              while helping students prepare
lustrations. Inferential questions                             to take standardized tests.
stimulate critical thinking skills                             MR #048440 Grades 4-6                   $17.95
and expand students’ reading                                   MR #048441 Grades 6-8                   $17.95     Document-Based
comprehension abilities! Reproducible. 48 pp.                                                                     Questions for Reading
MR #028995 Grades 1-2                                $8.95
MR #028996 Grades 3-4                                $8.95     Read All About It!                                 Comprehension and
MR #028997 Grades 5-6                                $8.95     Grades 6-8 (144 pages each)                        Critical Thinking
                                                               Packed with 64 engrossing tales                    Grades 2-6 (112 pages each)
                                                               of the extraordinary, Read All                     Give students practice in answering the types of ques-
                                                                                                                  tions used in standardized tests. High-interest stories,
Summarizing                                                    About It! combines actual ar-
                                                                                                                  primary source documents, and comprehension ques-
Focusing on Main Ideas                                         ticles from the Associated Press
                                                               with exercises in reading com-                     tions will hold students’ attention and encourage the
and Details and Restating                                                                                         use of higher order thinking skills.
                                                               prehension and skill mastery.
in Concise Form                                                Read All About It! is divided                      MR #045865      Grade 2                            $17.95
Grades 1–6                                                     into four sections: Vocabulary,                    MR #045866      Grade 3                            $17.95
Each book in this series guides                                Question and Answer, Multiple                      MR #045867      Grade 4                            $17.95
students through the sum-                                      Choice, and True or False.                         MR #045868      Grade 5                            $17.95
marization process, from simply
                                                               MR #042177 Grades 6-7                   $19.95     MR #045869      Grade 6                            $17.95
selecting main ideas to writing
summaries themselves. These                                    MR #042178 Grades 7-8                   $19.95
lessons use a variety of instruc-
tional formats including poems, maps, and fiction and                                                             Nonfiction Reading Comprehension
nonfiction selections. Teachers and students are sure                                                             Grades 1–8
to find summarization both educationally challenging           Reading Comprehension                              Amazing, interesting, and
and fun. Reproducible. 48 pp.                                  Grades 1–8                                         fun-filled facts are among the
MR #028977 Grades 1-2                                $8.95     Teach your students the skills                     building blocks used in the
MR #028978 Grades 3-4                                $8.95     that bring meaning to text with                    development of these high-
MR #028979 Grades 5-6                                $8.95     these high-interest fiction and                    interest readings that apply to
                                                               nonfiction selections. Each                        the everyday lives of students.
                                                               passage is accompanied by a                        The wide range of readings
                                                               skill page on predicting, context                  and activities were designed to
Story Elements                                                 clues, story elements, inference,                  strengthen student comprehen-
Learning About the Components of Stories to                    and more. Reproducible. 48 pp.                     sion skills that include following
Deepen Comprehension                                           MR #029013      Grade 1                  $8.95     directions, drawing conclusions,
Grades 1–6                                                     MR #029014      Grade 2                  $8.95     visualizing, summarizing, sequencing, categoriz-
Being able to identify the char-                               MR #029015      Grade 3                  $8.95     ing, using context clues, and Venn diagrams. A great
acters, their actions, the setting,                            MR #029016      Grade 4                  $8.95     supplement to your classroom reading curriculum.
the plot, and other important                                  MR #029017      Grade 5                  $8.95     Reproducible. 128 pp.
elements not only enriches the                                 MR #029018      Grade 6                  $8.95     MR #029021      Grades 1-2                         $16.95
reading experience, but also                                   MR #029019      Grade 7                  $8.95     MR #029022      Grades 3-4                         $16.95
deepens comprehension and                                      MR #029020      Grade 8                  $8.95     MR #029023      Grades 5-6                         $16.95
enjoyment. On each page of Story                                                                                  MR #029024      Grades 7-8                         $16.95
Elements, students learn more
about the parts of a story. Many                               Building Reading Comprehension                     Theme-Based Reading Comprehension
fiction selections are linked to                               High-Interest Selections for
different curriculum areas, so you will be able to infuse                                                         Grades 1–4
                                                               Critical Reading Skills                            The stories in this book allow
your reading time with lots of facts along with lots of fun!   Grades 1–8
Students will discover fascinating characters, challenging                                                        students to explore a variety of
                                                               High-interest, upbeat one- and                     literature genres from mysteries
problems, and intriguing settings while working on these       two-page activities to improve
reading skill activities. Reproducible. 48 pp.                                                                    to poetry, from historical fiction
                                                               critical reading skills. Draw-                     to science fiction. Activities
MR #028989 Grades 1-2                                $8.95     ing conclusions, identifying
MR #028990 Grades 3-4                                $8.95                                                        follow each reading passage and
                                                               the main idea, examining the                       build skills in comprehension,
MR #028991 Grades 5-6                                $8.95     writer’s purpose, finding story                    drawing conclusions, predicting
                                                               elements, studying vocabulary,                     outcomes, and more. Research-
                                                               and determining fact or opinion                    based to incorporate the prin-
Master Skills                                                  are among the many reading                         ciples in federal legislation and
Comprehension                                                  skills covered. Reproducible. 128 pp.              No Child Left Behind. Reproducible. 128 pp.
Grades 1–6                                                     MR #029002      Grades 1-2              $16.95     MR #035381      Grade 1                            $16.95
This exciting full-color work-                                 MR #029003      Grades 3-4              $16.95     MR #035382      Grade 2                            $16.95
book series continues to receive                               MR #029004      Grades 5-6              $16.95     MR #035383      Grade 3                            $16.95
accolades for its challenging                                  MR #029005      Grades 7-8              $16.95     MR #035384      Grade 4                            $16.95
and contemporary approach to
learning fundamentals. Bright,                                                                                    Theme-Based
full-color illustrations enliven                               Reading                                            Nonfiction Reading Comprehension
and reinforce learning.                                        Comprehension                                      Grades 4–6
Features:                                                      Mysteries                                          Organized by curriculum-based themes, the activities
  • Designed by educational experts                            Grades 3–5                                         in these books spark students’ interests in real-life sto-
  • Reinforces skills through practice                         Drawing on students’ love of                       ries. Includes reading passages and activities to build
  • Brilliant, dynamic illustrations                           mystery stories, these high-inter-                 skills in comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking,
  • Answer key                                                 est books combine important                        summarizing, determining the writer’s purpose, and
MR #046151      Grade 1                              $8.95     comprehension skills with fasci-                   more. Research-based to incorporate the principles in
MR #046152      Grade 2                              $8.95     nating puzzler texts. Reproduc-                    federal legislation and No Child Left Behind. Repro-
MR #046153      Grade 3                              $8.95     ible. 128 pp.                                      ducible. 128 pp.
MR #046154      Grade 4                              $8.95     MR #035394 Grade 3                      $16.95     MR #035385 Grade 4                                 $16.95
MR #046155      Grade 5                              $8.95     MR #035395 Grade 4                      $16.95     MR #035386 Grade 5                                 $16.95
MR #046156      Grade 6                              $8.95     MR #035396 Grade 5                      $16.95     MR #035387 Grade 6                                 $16.95
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                    KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                      FAX: (519) 895-0331                              121
Nonfiction Reading                                       Daily Independent                                        Readers’ Theater
Comprehension                                            Reading Record and                                       Grades 1-4 (96 pages each)
Science                                                  Journal                                                  Readers’ theater is a powerful
Grades 1-4 (144 pages each)                              Grades 4-7 (80 pages)                                    tool for developing reading
High-interest, nonfiction ar-                            Teach students how to write                              fluency. Fluency is the ability
ticles help students learn about                         concise responses to prompts                             to read quickly and accurately
science topics while developing                          about fiction, non-fiction, and                          while using expression and
skills in reading comprehen-                             content area text. Prompts are                           proper phrasing. Fluent read-
sion. Each story is followed by                          presented as forms to provide                            ers group words together in
questions that cover main idea,                          a structured format to help                              meaningful ways as they read.
detail, vocabulary, and critical                         students organize thoughts and                           As readers improve fluency, they
reasoning. The format is similar to that of standard-    ideas into clear responses.                              are able to focus on the meaning of the words they are
ized test, so as students progress through the book’s    MR #045870 Daily Independent Reading         $14.95
                                                                                                                  reading--thus improving comprehension.
units, they are preparing for success in testing.                                                                 A variety of scripts are provided to meet a range of
MR #042204      Grades 1-2                      $19.95                                                            reading levels. Students have opportunities to read
MR #042200      Grades 2-3                      $19.95   Literature Guide for                                     individually, in pairs, and as a group. The scripts do
                                                                                                                  not require costumes, props, or scenery.
MR #042201      Grade 3                         $19.95   the Middle School                                        MR #043023     Sight Words           Gr. 1-2    $16.95
MR #043026      Grade 4                         $19.95   Classroom
MR #048385      COMPLETE SET (4 books)          $79.95                                                            MR #043024     Multicultural Stories Gr. 2-3    $16.95
                                                         Grades 6-8 (48 pages)                                    MR #043025     Tall Tales            Gr. 3-4    $16.95
                                                         Use extension activities in vo-                          MR #048392     COMPLETE SET (3 books)           $49.95
Nonfiction Reading                                       cabulary development, reading
Comprehension Cards                                      comprehension, and writing to
120 durable 4” x 6” cards per box                        supplement learning as students                          Readers’ Theater
Use these cards to                                       read novels or other literature.                         Fairy Tales
help students develop                                    Activities support each of the six                       Grades 3-4 (96 pages)
comprehension skills                                     strands of Bloom’s Taxonomy:                             Readers’ theater is a powerful
and strategies. Each                                     knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, and     tool for developing reading
card has a grade-ap-                                     evaluation.                                              fluency. Includes a variety of
propriate reading                                        MR #044110 Literature Guide                   $11.95     scripts that ar designed for a
passage and multiple                                                                                              range of reading levels. Students
choice questions that                                                                                             have opportunitieis to read
will challenge students
                                                         Reading Skills Mini-Lessons                              individually, in pairs, and as a
                                                         Grades 4 - 6 (96 pages)                                  group. Standards-based lessons
to use higher level thinking skills.                     Improve students’ reading skills
MR #044109      Level 2                         $25.95                                                            and activitiesprovide high quality learning experiences
                                                         one strategy at a time with brief                        with minimal preparation time. The scripts do not
MR #034810      Level 3                         $25.95   lessons on prediction,
MR #034811      Level 4                         $25.95                                                            require costumes, props, or scenery.
                                                         sequence, cause and effect,                              MR #048651 Reader’s Theatre: Fairy Tales $16.95
MR #034812      Level 5                         $25.95   and more. Each mini-les-
MR #048393      COMPLETE SET (4 boxes)          $99.95   son includes a complete
                                                         lesson plan, reproducible                                Fluency Practice
                                                         student activity pages, and                              Grades 1 - 4+ (96 pages)
Nonfiction Strategies                                    suggestions for additional                               Fluency has two basic parts.
Grades 1-8 (176 pages each)                              practice. Also included are                              Reading fluency is the ability
Lessons detailing how to read,                           silent reading practice pages                            to read quickly and accurately
write, discuss, research, remember,                      and suggested literature ac-                             while using expression and
and listen to information from                           tivities to reinforce the skills.                        proper phrasing. Speaking
nonfiction sources give students                         MR #029737 Reading Skills Mini-lessons       $16.95      fluency is the ability to express
the meaningful practice they need                                                                                 oneself easily and gracefully.
to master nonfiction comprehen-                                                                                   Each book has over 80 reading
sion skills. Strategies are cor-                         Getting to Know                                          passages that are designed to
related to McRel’s Standards.                                                                                     engage young students by using humor, compelling
MR #028547 Grades 1-3                           $22.95
                                                         Shakespeare                                              plots, and exciting new words.
                                                         Grades 6+ (64 pages)
MR #028548 Grades 4-8                           $22.95   Innovative activities cover a                            MR #043020     Grades 1-2                       $16.95
                                                         broad range of plays that are                            MR #043021     Grades 2-3                       $16.95
                                                                                                                  MR #043022     Grades 4 & Up                    $16.95
Nonfiction Reading                                       grouped into three high-interest
                                                                                                                  MR #048391     COMPLETE SET (3 books)           $49.95
                                                         areas: The Supernatural, Crimes
Comprehension                                            and Criminals, and Women in
Grades 1-6 (48 pages each)                               Shakespeare.
After reading brief nonfiction
passages about science, geogra-                          MR #028559 $11.95                                        Reading First Activities
phy, or history topics, students                                                                                  Grades K-3 (176 pages)
answer multiple-choice and                                                                                        Teacher-directed lessons and
                                                         Literature Circles                                       independent student activities
short-answer questions to build                          The Way to Go and
seven essential comprehension                                                                                     focus on the five key elements
skills.                                                  How to Get There                                         of reading as identified by the
                                                         Grades 4-8 (144 pages)                                   National Reading Panel: phone-
MR #028623      Grade 1                         $11.95   Here are the detailed strategies
MR #028624      Grade 2                         $11.95                                                            mic awareness, phonics, fluency,
                                                         teachers need to introduce and                           vocabulary, and comprehension.
MR #028625      Grade 3                         $11.95   use literature circles: implementa-
MR #034806      Grade 4                         $11.95                                                            MR #034707     Kindergarten                     $22.95
                                                         tion, management, organization,                          MR #034708     Grade 1                          $22.95
MR #034807      Grade 5                         $11.95   and assessments. The book also
MR #034808      Grade 6                         $11.95                                                            MR #034709     Grade 2                          $22.95
                                                         includes extension activities and                        MR #034710     Grade 3                          $22.95
MR #034809      COMPLETE SET (6 books)          $68.95   dozens of reproducible pages.
                                                                                                                  MR #034711     COMPLETE SET (4 books)           $91.95
                                                         MR #028554 $19.95
                                                                                                                  Phonics Poetry
101 Ways to Love a Book                                  50 Book Report Ideas                                     Grades K-2 (48 pages)
All Grades (112 pages)                                                                                            Over 35 original poems
Enjoy your favorite book long                            Grades 3-6 (112 pages)
                                                         Never run out of ideas for book                          have been written especially
after you’ve finished reading it!                                                                                 for beginning readers. The
Exciting activities allow readers                        reports and literary projects!
                                                         Engaging activities have stu-                            simplicity of the poems and the
to explore books through arts                                                                                     repetitiveness of the sounds are
and crafts, research, school                             dents preparing character masks,
                                                         historical interviews, pop-up                            designed to help young students
and community projects, and                                                                                       develop important reading skills:
creative writing assignments.                            books, time capsules, and more!
                                                         MR #042068 $17.95                                        phonemic awareness, decoding
MR #037215 $17.95                                                                                                 skills, and fluency.
                                                                                                                  MR #043029 Phonics Poetry                       $11.95
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