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April 19, 2006
East Toledo Senior Center
6 p.m.

Attendees:                       Lynn Balogh, Steve Bartha, Robert Flage, Sgt. Joe
                                 Heffernan, Karen Huber, Andrew Laurell, Cathy Mott,
                                 Patrick Sheehy, Algie Young

Company Representatives:         Olivia Summons, John Szymanski, Rod Cundiff, Keith
                                 Meredith, Annie Reed

Guests:                          Evan Huber, David Gladieux, Amber Stark

Facilitator:                     Ann Green, Ann Green Communications, Inc.

Minutes:                         Ann Green

        The regular meeting of the Sunoco Neighbor Task Force was held Wednesday,
April 19, 2006 at the East Toledo Senior Center. Facilitator Ann Green called the
meeting to order at 6 p.m. She reviewed the Team Agreement and agenda. The minutes
of the previous meeting were approved. Everyone introduced themselves.

Refinery Update

        John Szymanski, area manager in the refinery, provided the refinery update. He
said the facility has just completed a 30-day turnaround during which a third of the
refinery was shut down for periodic maintenance. This major expenditure brings
everything to new condition, he explained. The refinery is starting up with operations
expected to be back to normal by Sunday evening. Some 800 contractors have been
working in the plant. The turnaround was achieved with 60 percent fewer injuries over
the previous shutdown.

        Karen Huber said the two recordable injuries that occurred during the turnaround
included: a construction worker carrying a clip board slipped and fell cutting his face
with the board’s clip and required stitches; a machinist fractured his ankle while stepping
off a platform. There also were 10 first aid cases.

       Rod Cundiff, manager of business optimization, said part of the turnaround was in
preparation for start up of the new ultra low sulfur diesel unit. Algie Young said he
appreciated that contractors were asked to park offsite and shuttled to the plant,
Sunoco – Toledo Refinery Neighbor Task Force Minutes
April 19, 2005
Page 2

eliminating parking and traffic problems experienced in previous turnarounds.
        In response to a question about the use of ethanol in gasoline, Mr. Cundiff said
Sunoco is one of the world’s largest users of ethanol which is added to their 87 and 94
octane gasoline. Because of federal requirements to use ethanol, there is a shortage of the
additive. He noted ethanol has some good properties but doesn’t provide as good gas
mileage as gasoline. Ethanol is usually added at about 10 percent. Although higher
levels are available, some cars can’t run on it.

New Business

       Product Transportation

        John Szymanski, Rod Cundiff and Keith Meredith, operations planner, provided
information about transportation in and out of the refinery by pipeline, rail and over the
road. Mr. Szymanski explained his department coordinates compliance with Department
of Transportation (DOT) regulations. The refinery recently completed an audit outside
experts on their DOT regulations and it “went quite well,” he said. Mr. Szymanski said
the plant uses pipelines in and out of the refinery to move raw materials and product. The
lines are covered by very specific DOT regulations for operation and maintenance. The
lines have numerous safety devices with monitoring and reporting requirements. A
brochure (attached for those not present) describes the pipelines in detail. He said the
pipelines have cathodic protection against corrosion. Markers are used to tell the public
where the lines are and people are encouraged to call about the lines before they dig in
the area.

        Mr. Young asked if there are any pipelines around the Heckinger Pond that will
be drained this summer. Mr. Szymanski said he would check into it.

        Mr. Meredith has worked in the transport group at Sunoco for 15 years. He is
responsible for railroad and marine terminals. He coordinates the refinery’s compliance
with regulations from a variety of regulatory agencies including DOT, Federal Railroad
Administration, OSHA, EPA, Coast Guard, and INS (Immigration and Naturalization
Service). Sunoco has the best safety record in rail transport in the country and have
received the Transportation Excellence Award the last 10 years. They have moved more
than 40,000 rail cars without a spill. In 2005, they shipped 5,600 rail cars and won
numerous awards from several rail road companies. Both trucks and rail cars meet DOT
regulations for safety with numerous safety protections built in. All drivers are DOT
certified and licensed.

       Mr. Szymanski said Sunoco delivers propane to homes in specially built tankers.

        Mr. Meredith said each Wednesday a training meeting is held with opportunity to
share ideas and communicate about issues.

Sunoco – Toledo Refinery Neighbor Task Force Minutes
April 19, 2005
Page 3

        Mr. Cundiff, who leads optimization and strategic management planning,
explained the efforts the refinery takes to minimize the possibility for hazardous spills.
His group is involved with all aspects of refining and management of the upstream and
downstream operations. Canada is the largest importer of crude to the United States; half
of the crude for the Toledo refinery comes from Canada. Sunoco Logistics owns major
pipelines, but Sunoco refineries also use pipelines owned by Buckeye and Inland. Most
pipelines are common carriers. Mr. Cundiff described the pipelines on maps, attached for
those not present.

        Cathy Mott expressed concern about structures and activities allowed over
pipeline right of ways. Mr. Szymanski said information about the pipelines is sent out
every three years and they inspect their lines for obstructions.

       BOC Plant Update

          Bob Flage updated the Task Force about his plant’s operations. He said the first
reformer went on line the night of the last Task Force meeting. The second came on line
April 9. Now, the entire facility is operating. Two pipelines are in operation for BOC.
One carries hydrogen to BP; a second brings back off gas from BP. They run along the
CSX Railroad and are 3.6 miles long. Both are working now. A small amount of
hydrogen is being supplied to Sunoco. Contractors are nearly gone from the site and only
a little finishing work is left.

       Olivia Summons noted Mr. Flage has made a concerted effort to respond to
neighbors’ questions and has encouraged calls.

Next Meeting

         The next meeting will be held Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at the East Toledo
Senior Center. The topic will be safety, fire and rescue. Task Force members said they
wanted to know about response time for the Oregon Volunteer Fire Department, the
number of people involved at the refinery in emergency response, the types of teams,
their training and equipment. They also were interested in communications with schools
and the family center, drills and procedures, who has to be notified and how the fire pond
is used.

       There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Next Meeting:             Wednesday, May 17, 2006
                          East Toledo Senior Center
                          Dinner: 5:30 p.m.

Sunoco – Toledo Refinery Neighbor Task Force Minutes
April 19, 2005
Page 4

                       Meeting: 6 p.m.


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