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Actuate for: Siebel Business Apps
Customer information is the very lifeblood of any modern business, and getting it to the right people in the right form is the right formula for driving revenues. Most of the time, this requires producing reports that integrate data from all over your organization. Actuate extends Siebel Reports so you can integrate your Siebel data with information from SAP, i2, PeopleSoft and other enterprise, custom and legacy systems. With Actuate, you can dynamically personalize report information and deliver individually formatted views to tens of thousands of users inside and outside the firewall.

Partner	Solutions:	Actuate for Siebel Business Apps

Unified Views of Your Business
To make sound decisions and take effective actions, users need instant access to clear, concise information from disparate systems inside and outside your organization.

Server-Based Spreadsheet Reports
More than 58 percent of business professionals in the Fortune 500 use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. So when business users want to view, drill, manipulate and graph enterprise information, a great majority of them want that information in Excel. With Actuate’s e.Spreadsheet Server, users receive familiar, easy-touse Excel spreadsheets that: •	 Are	accessible	from	any	web	browser	 •	 Contain	up-to-the-moment	data	direct	from	 their	sources •	 Are	pre-loaded	with	cell	formats,	colors,	formulas,	 totals	and	graphs As a result, Actuate spreadsheet reports are ready to analyze so users no longer have to: reformat flat .CSV files; cut, paste and enter data, formulas and subtotals; change colors, cell formats and bolding; or write queries and scripts. Instead, users get complete spreadsheets with up-to-the-moment data direct from the source, pre-formatted and ready to analyze. With Actuate e.Spreadsheets, you get fast delivery of mission-critical data with zero training and minimized maintenance and deployment costs. More importantly, you regain control over the explosion of “spreadmarts” that can ruin data consistency and security.

Integrating Data from All Over Your Organization
If your Siebel installation includes Siebel Reports, you have a special license of Actuate to create and deliver reports that present information stored in Siebel application databases. By upgrading to a full Actuate license, you can integrate your Siebel data with information from SAP, i2, PeopleSoft and other enterprise, custom and legacy systems. In addition, Actuate dynamically personalizes report information and delivers individually formatted views to tens of thousands of users inside and outside your firewall.

Keeping Up with User Needs for Information
Using Actuate, you can create and deliver information—online, on time and on target—that closes deals faster, raises customer satisfaction and reduces service costs. For example, you can: •	 Create	dashboards	that	arm	executives	with	the	solid,	 timely	information	they	need	to	make	faster,	 better	decisions •	 Give	sales	management	and	field	staff	on-demand	 views	of	their	current	tasks,	pipelines	and	forecasts— any	time	and	anywhere •	 Provide	portals	to	customers	and	account	service	 managers	so	they	can	see	the	up-to-the-moment	 status	of	all	their	quotes,	orders	and	service	requests •	 Deliver	email	and	on-demand	summaries	of	orders	 and	forecasts	to	financial	and	operations	managers	 so	they	can	keep	production	lines	flowing	smoothly •	 Present	server-based,	fully	formatted,	ready-toanalyze	Excel	spreadsheets	to	analysts	so	they	 can	tune	marketing	and	financial	strategies	to	 maximize	opportunities With Actuate, you have the power to create selfservice solutions that keep you a step ahead of your organization’s reporting needs.

Reports and Access Tools for All Your Users
Actuate produces reports of any complexity and formatting, including drill-down reports, analytics, spreadsheets, reports with charts and graphs, dashboards, even reportlets that embed seamlessly into other applications and portals. In addition, Actuate provides self-service information access tools for ad hoc query, analytics and report and spreadsheet design. With all these choices, Actuate serves the needs of everyone, from novices to power users.


Partner	Solutions:	Actuate for Siebel Business Apps

Enterprise-Class Performance and Availability
Actuate iServer is an enterprise-class information server that you can rely on as a crucial component of your IT ecosystem. Just like your database, application, email, directory and web servers, Actuate iServer can serve the information needs of thousands of users and more with high performance and availability.

Unlimited Scalability
Actuate iServer delivers high performance and scalability, maintaining acceptable response that handles ever-increasing numbers of users, documents and information requests as user communities grow.

Information Server Clusters
Actuate allows you to build iServer clusters that act as a single, networked resource that fulfills requests to generate and view content. Actuate balances processing loads among any number of UNIX and Windows NT servers, and achieves near-linear and unlimited scalability.

Produce	interactive,	presentation-quality	enterprise	applications	that	 merge	Siebel	and	non-Siebel	data,	and	solve	the	needs	 of	all	your	users.

High Availability with No Single Point of Failure
Actuate iServer clusters achieve 24x7 high availability with no single point of failure by allowing organizations to add servers and clusters as needed. In addition, organizations can create multiple clusters to provide uninterrupted information access even if an entire cluster becomes unavailable.

has the same access privileges. What used to be a simple printed sort report turns into thousands of report definitions with different sort and selection criteria whose individual outputs you must email to appropriate users. In contrast, using Actuate Page Level Security, you create one report that produces all the information your organization needs and secures it so users can see only information for which they are authorized. To simplify the process even further, you can schedule and distribute the report via the web using web-based management tools.

Enterprise-Class Security
Actuate integrates with your existing directory and security technologies, and provides sophisticated access controls for securing information at the user, report and page level.

Directory Services and Firewall Support
Actuate simplifies security by supporting a variety of alternatives for authenticating users and authorizing their access to data and reports. Actuate adds no new administrative overhead by allowing you to use existing Siebel Security, LDAP directory services or other external security services. As a result, Actuate manages millions of users while maintaining excellent performance. In addition, you can also easily configure Actuate to work in multiple firewall environments.

Page-Level Security
Traditional reporting products provide security at the report level, so you have to create a separate report on each data set for each user or group that


Partner	Solutions:	Actuate for Siebel Business Apps

Enterprise-Class Manageability
Reusable Report Components
Actuate’s component-based report architecture saves developers incredible time by empowering them to modify report components and automatically update all reports that use them. This object-based approach yields faster development, simpler report definitions and easier-to-maintain systems.

Siebel Version 98 99 2000 (6.0) 2000 (6.2) 2000 (6.2)

Actuate Version 3.2.3 4.0 4.0 IBM	AIX	-	4.1 Solaris	-	5.0 Others	-	4.9 5.0 6.0

Predefined Report Templates (approx.) 90 100 200 200 200

Report Scheduler
Using the Actuate Administrator Desktop or a web browser, you can schedule reports to run at regular hourly, daily, weekly or monthly intervals. And you can use the same tools to view the status of scheduled reports and user information requests.

7.0 7.5

200 200

Actuate Versions Available from Siebel
You can upgrade your version of Actuate to a full license, or upgrade to the new Actuate 7 Enterprise Application Platform.

Actuate Open Server
Actuate Open Server gives administrators a single management point by allowing reports built with other technologies to take advantage of all Actuate iServer functionality, including scheduling, security and archiving.

Get the Full Power of Actuate
When you acquire an unrestricted Actuate license, you get access to many new features designed for deploying enterprise applications across your organization: •	 Custom	parameters	enable	users	to	generate	 custom	reports	that	are	personalized	to	their	precise	 information	needs. •	 Notification	empowers	report	designers	to	send	users	 completed	reports	or	inform	them	when	reports	 are	ready. •	 Channels	enable	users	to	listen	for	notifications	when	 reports	are	complete	and	ready	for	viewing. •	 Prioritization	gives	report	creators	the	ability	to	specify	 a	priority	to	report-generation	requests	to	ensure	top	 server	performance	even	under	heavy	loads. •	 Versioning	allows	users	and	administrators	to	run	 several	versions	of	the	same	report	and	specify	names	 that	uniquely	identify	them	on	Actuate	iServer. •	 Archiving	lets	report	creators	specify	when	reportserver	documents	should	be	deleted	or	archived.

Multi-Application Report Encyclopedia
The size of an Actuate Report Encyclopedia is not limited to a single physical disk system because Actuate iServers and clusters manage multiple disk volumes. Administrators can add, drop, back up and restore a volume while others remain online and accessible, as well as add new disk partitions while the system remains online. In addition, Actuate iServer clusters support multiple applications, each of which can be contained and managed independently in its own volume.

Upgrading Your Actuate License
If you purchased the Actuate option with your Siebel installation, you licensed a special bundle of Actuate products, which includes: •	 •	 •	 •	 The	Actuate	information	server Two	copies	each	of	Actuate	e.Report	Designer Two	copies	of	e.Report	Designer	Professional Predefined	Siebel	report	templates


Partner	Solutions:	Actuate for Siebel Business Apps

In addition to all these new features, when you upgrade to a full Actuate license, you get: •	 Integration	of	your	Siebel	data	with	the	rest	of	your	 enterprise	information •	 A	single	solution	for	reporting	and	information	 applications •	 Actuate	iServer	clusters	with	high	scalability	and	high	 availability •	 Web-based	Actuate	open-server	report	administration •	 Direct	support	and	service	from	Actuate	Corporation

It’s Time to Actuate
Contact us today to find out how the full power of Actuate Enterprise Applications let you reap the full value of your Siebel data.

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