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Issue 1                                                                                                    July 2010

                                        Revamped Musubi heralds
                                        Chiba Sensei details the history of change

                                        New Order

 1   Revamped Musubi

 2   Inspiration in Musubi
                                                issolving Birankai Continental
 2   Editorial                                  Europe was somewhat painful
                                                but necessary for us to main-
 3   Dissolving BCE                     tain focus on integrity. It was a ques-
                                        tion of our ability to self cleanse and
 4   Birankai Austria                   to change with minimum sacrifice. Its
                                        existence has heavily shadowed the
 5   Birankai France                    European Union as an ideological
                                        model of ten years and has proved
 9   Birankai Deutschland               to be too ambitious in reality when the

                                                                                                                        Photo: Beata Darowska
     (Germany)                          individual member countries were still
                                        struggling to establish their own foot-
11   Hellenic Birankai                  ing as national organizations. Having
                                        carried out the dissolution does not
13   Birankai Israel                    necessarily mean to deny the idea of         Chiba Sensei
                                        creating a big family beyond the
14   Birankai Polska (Poland)           national boundaries, but it should be        tion through a unified format. In
                                        and will be realized of its own accord       December 2009 both editors, Dee
16   Chiba Sensei in Europe             while the member countries strive hard       Chen of London for Musubi and
                                        to establish their own identity as           Suzanne Brunner of Lausanne for
17   Birankai Portugal                  national organizations.                      Shiun met in London for its smooth
                                           From 4 February 2010, I have had          transition and to exchange plans for
18   Birankai CH (Switzerland)          three meetings at Hombu Dojo, Tokyo,         the future. I would like to take this
                                        Japan, two of which were with Doshu          opportunity to express my personal
19   British Birankai                   and with Mr Tani, the secretary of the       thanks to Norberto Chiesa the first
                                        International Department of Hombu            editor of Shiun, which was initially
27   Doshuʼs visit in Cardiff           Dojo. These meetings have resulted           published from the town of Lussan,
                                        in the formal recognition from Hombu         France in 2002, and to Suzanne
                                        for the following member countries:          Brunner as the second editor of Shiun
     for January 2011 issue:            Birankai Poland, Austria, Switzerland,       for the past two years. A special
     1 December 2010                    Greece and Portugal. I decided to            thanks to Dee Chen as the editor of
                                        withdraw the request for recognition         Musubi since 1995 and whose work
                                        for France and Germany as I see that         as the General Secretary has been
                                        these two countries are not ready at         instrumental in the steady growth of
                                        this stage. My only wish for this event      British Aikikai and British Birankai,
                                        is that this could have been done with-      who has furthermore taken the chal-
                                        out traveling to Japan in the middle of      lenge as the editor of the new version
              Photo: Milena Kremakova
                                        winter. (It was the coldest winter in 60     of Musubi of Birankai Europe. I would
                                        years!)                                      like to ask the Shihankai Europe and
                                           Along with this major shift of dissolu-   the leaders of the national organiza-
                                        tion of Birankai Continental Europe          tions to give their strong support and
                                        in the summer of 2009, the Shihankai         backup for this new venture to be
                                        Europe decided to merge Musubi and           successful and meaningful to us all. ☯
                                        Shiun into one single publication,
  Chiba Sensei, London October 08       Birankai Europe Musubi, in order             Shihan TK Chiba 8th Dan
                                        to encourage the flow of communica-          April 2010
Shihan Chris Mooney finds inspiration in
Musubi and the diversity of European culture

I  feel privileged to
   write for the first
                                             culture, economic situation, political
                                             instability, a country that is at peace,
                                             a country that is at war, the weather,
                                                                                           us guidelines and the underpinning
                                                                                           pillars of centeredness, connected-
                                                                                           ness, wholeness, liveliness and
Birankai maga-                               language, etc. This requires actively         openness. We should take care
zine.                                        acquiring intelligence coupled with           to cultivate these forms, as I have
   Despite the tur-                          a martial awareness. This I would             observed gaps in knowledge of
moil of our recent                           consider is one form of musubi.               techniques during examinations and
history in             Shihan Chris Mooney      On my travels, one of the key ques-        on tatami.
Birankai Europe,                             tions which was often asked of me is          The great strengths we have within
and with the developing autonomies           “what is the teacher-student relation-      Europe are the diversity of our cultures
within our respective countries, I think     ship?” In my experience, from the           and the diversity of students who had
it appropriate to talk about musubi.         earliest days when I entered the Dojo,      entered the school via different organi-
   What is musubi? A translation of          we were taught a form: to sit in seiza,     zations, but were all enthused and
musubi is connection, unification,           to bow to the kamiza and then to say        sincere in wanting to study within the
blending, harmonious interaction.            ‘onegaeshimasu’ and at the end of           Birankai group. The drive and energy
   As most of you will be aware, I have      class ‘domo arigato gozaimashita’.          of these people to come together to
been travelling throughout Europe            This is said by both the teacher and        make something very fresh and new
since the early 1980s, when I gained         the student, and therein begins one         is inspirational. There is no reason why
my first insight into teaching Aikido in     form of musubi. The concept of the          this cannot continue. Indeed, now
another culture, in Athens, Greece.          teacher and student as being separate       armed with a little bit more knowledge
Armed with limited knowledge and             and opposite is a product of dualistic      and experience, my spirit is optimistic.
experience, but an enthusiastic spirit,      thinking. In my view, the essence of        Perhaps I am still in danger of falling
and with a touch of idealism (a chasm        the teacher-student relationship is         into idealism, but practical experiences
I continually fell into) I taught what       where we experience the benefits of         have given me a better sense of where
I knew. Subsequently, I found myself         both teacher and student at once.           the edge of the chasm lies.
in Bern, Switzerland, whose culture             From my viewpoint, there are three         Finally, I would like to thank the
would appear to be diametrically             things on which is it important to focus.   many people who were very support-
opposed to that of Greece. In both                ☯ The first thing is our own person-   ive during the period of time when
these cases and in the many other               al daily practice. A key part to this    I was injured. I would also like to
cases to follow, I understood that I was        study is regular practice with our       express my gratitude for the experi-
in the process of a student, developing         teacher in our Dojo.                     ence of learning from you, your Dojo
an awareness which I would build on               ☯ The second thing is a healthy        and your culture. ☯
in teaching within other cultures.              teacher-student relationship, which
   As a teacher you acquire sensitivity         is an education in the principle of
to factors which can impact on Aikido           ki-musubi.
training in each country, such as                 ☯ Thirdly, Chiba Sensei has given      Shihan Chris Mooney 6th Dan

                                             has not been as successful. In the end      nated by the five Aikikai organizations:
                                             he had the job of extracting Dojo infor-    British Birankai, British Aikido
                                             mation from the websites. Our thanks        Federation, Scottish Aikido Federation,
       roducing                              to all our translators Norberto Chiesa,     United Kingdom Aikikai and Komyokan
       this first                            Lucienne Suter, and of course               Aikido Association.
       issue of                              Suzanne and Christophe Brunner for            Our next issue is due in January
BE Musubi has                                proofreading the French articles.           2011 and we welcome submissions
been made so                                 Thanks also to Davinder Bath and            before 1 December 2010. ☯
much easier with                             Franco Chen.
the cooperation                                 Photographs taken at the course in
of a small          Dee Chen
                                             Cardiff on 18-20 June 2010 conducted
coterie of dedi-                             by the Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and his                   Dee
cated workers. Suzanne Brunner has           son Waka Sensei Mitsuteru Ueshiba
been busy collecting the data from the       are included. This was the Doshu’s          Editor: Dee Chen
continental Dojos and ensuring that all      first visit to the UK since he became       Assistant Editor: Suzanne Brunner
submissions are both in French and           Doshu in 1999. Both were well     
English. In the UK the response to           received with around 800 practitioners      Sub Editor: Chris Howlin
Chris Howlin’s request for information       in attendance. This event was coordi-

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                        July 2010
Dissolving Birankai Continental Europe
Shihan Mike Flynn reports on the legal and financial hurdles completed

   t certainly has                          is depicted below is the complete          Birankai to be used exclusively by
   been an event-                           sequence of key events which in            Chiba Sensei in support of his work
   ful year within                          essence concluded in February of           in developing Aikido in Continental
the European                                this year.                                 Europe.
Birankai. As most                              On behalf of the Shihankai, I would
of you know,                                like to thank the President of BCE,        2 BCE summer camp 2009 in
a decision was                              Joël Bertrand, all officers of the BCE,    Poland
taken in Poland                             and the members of the Dissolution           The expenses for this camp totalized
                       Shihan Mike Flynn
during the 2009                             Committee, for their work. Their self-     17,999.21€.
Summer School to dissolve the               less contributions in support of the         BCE has covered a loss of
Birankai Continental Europe (BCE)           growth of Birankai over many years         2,409.21€, as follows:
and focus our energies on the estab-        can not be understated. Our sincerest        ☯ the sum of 1,053.21€ (£957.37)
lishment and maintenance of healthy         gratitude to all of you.                   has been paid back on 24 September
National Organizations. Of course,                                                     2009 by BCE to British Birankai as its
a decision of this magnitude resulted       1 General Meeting in Poland on             share to the cost of Chiba Sensei’s
in a significant amount of work for the     19 August 2009                             airfare San Diego–London–Wroclaw
officers of the BCE, as there were            At this meeting, the members of            ☯ the sum of 1,356€ has been trans-
innumerable administrative and legal        BCE had:                                   ferred by BCE to Birankai Poland on
issues to resolve before the wishes           ☯ voted unanimously in favour of         24 September 2009.
of the membership could be fulfilled.       the dissolution of BCE,
   As you will recall, upon voting to         ☯ nominated the President, Joël          3 Legal procedure of dissolution
dissolve the BCE, it was the decision       Bertrand, as Liquidator of the BCE,        of BCE
of the voting membership to elect           in order to fulfil the legal procedure        This has been completed by the
a Liquidator, and a Dissolution             of dissolution,                            liquidator as follows:
Committee to assist and oversee the           ☯ nominated a Dissolution                   ☯ on the basis of the minutes of
liquidator in this task. Furthermore,       Committee to assist the Liquidator         the General Meeting, the Tribunal
with regard to finances, it was agreed      in his task (Dannie Jost as General        d’Instance de Strasbourg has
that after all expenses to BCE were         Secretary of BCE, Anne Ducouret,           registered the dissolution of BCE
realised, the remaining balance of          Jacques Pictet, Patrick Barthélémy,        on 18 February 2010,
funds would be given to Chiba Sensei        Norberto Chiesa, Daniel Brunner),             ☯ the official publication of the
in support of his work in Europe.             ☯ asked the Liquidator to finalize the   dissolution was done in the newspaper
   As you can see below in the              current affairs (BCE summer camp           ‘L’Ami Hebdo’ on 24 February 2010,
sequence of events that have taken          2009; financial support to Chiba              ☯ on 24 February 2011, after a legal
place leading up to and following the       Sensei’s trip in Japan),                   period of one year following this
decision to dissolve the BCE, the offi-       ☯ asked the Liquidator to transfer       publication, the Tribunal d’Instance
cers of the BCE threw themselves into       the balance of the bank account of         de Strasbourg will finally register the
the task with great commitment. What        BCE after dissolution to British           liquidation of BCE.

                                                                                       4 Transfer of the balance after dis-
                                                                                       solution of BCE to British Birankai
                                                                                         The sum of 6,334€ (£5,534.78) has
                                                                                       been transferred by BCE to British
                                                                                       Birankai on 23 March 2010 to be used
                                                                                       exclusively by Chiba Sensei in support
                                                                                       of his work in developing Aikido in
                                                                                       Continental Europe.
                                                                                         Part of this sum will cover the share
                                                                                       of BCE for the trip of Chiba Sensei to
                                                                                       Japan, as voted at the Dissolution
                                                                                       General Meeting. ☯

                                                                                       Shihan Mike Flynn 6th Dan
Shihan Flynn and Jenny Flower (uke), Hellenic Birankai Autumn Seminar, Oct 2009        Chairman, British Birankai
July 2010                                                                                                    B E MUSUB I 
    Technical Director: Shihan Tony Cassells 6th Dan
    Chairman: Mark Pickering 5th Dan

Aikikai Dornbirn – O Sen Kan                    ur Dojo was founded in 2003        O-Sensei’s path.
                                                and is located in a beautiful        In the spirit of our Birankai teachers,
Chief Instructor                                old gym built in 1910, featuring   Shihan TK Chiba and Shihan Tony
Jürgen Schwendinger 3rd Dan,           a sprung wooden floor. The nice             Cassells, we strive to keep a friendly
 Fukushidoin                           wooden ceiling also contributes to          relationship in training. This way, trust
                                       creating a special atmosphere for our       can be built on the mat, which in turn
Other Instructors                      daily practice. The following disciplines   allows for both an effective and inten-
Wolfgang Petter 2nd Dan, Fukushidoin   are taught: weapons (Bokken, Jo and         sive practice on the mat.
Michael Schwendinger 2nd Dan,          Tanto), body art, as well as Iaido.           We host three seminars a year,
 Fukushidoin                           Our Dojo has about 20 registered            Spring Course, Summer Camp and
                                       members. Our Sensei and teacher             Autumn Course. We have some fre-
Address                                is Jürgen Schwendinger 3rd Dan,             quent guests from the neighbouring
Heilenberg 5                           Fukushidoin assisted by Wolfgang            and overseas countries. These guests
6850 Dornbirn                          Petter and Michael Schwendinger both        return regularly, as they appreciate the
Austria                                2nd Dan, Fukushidoin. They instruct         high quality of our seminars and also
                                       ten classes a week.                         because they feel ‘at home’ in our
Website:          In the summer of 2008, Shihan TK          Dojo. Our British friends especially,
Email                                  Chiba taught our Summer Camp and            led by Shihan Tony Cassells and Mark       named our Dojo ‘O Sen Kan’ which            Pickering, have made themselves at
Tel: +43 (0)5572 398 465               means ‘the Elite house’ of Austria. We,     home over the past eight years.
Training days                          the students of Aikikai Dornbirn, see         Our teacher Jürgen Schwendinger
Monday to Friday                       this privilege in our excellent teachers,   transmits the spirit of martial arts in its
                                       and in the opportunity of following         highest form – the same way as he
                                                                                   receives it from his teacher Shihan
                                                                                   Tony Cassells.
                                                                                     Within our Dojo, Shihan Tony
                                                                                   Cassells calls for an intensive discus-
                                                                                   sion and exchange on the essence
                                                                                   of Aikido. Our seminars prove to be
                                                                                   special experiences. ☯

                                                                                   Sylvia Taraba 1st Dan
                                                                                   27 May 2010
    B E MUSUB I                                                                                                   July 2010
 Technical Directors: Shihan Norberto Chiesa 6th Dan and
 Shihan Gabriel Valibouze 6th Dan (on leave of absence)
 Chairman: Didier Hatton 4th Dan

Dai Jyo Kan, Aikikai de                Dai Jyo Kan, 40 years of Human Adventure. . .
                                               agnols sur Cèze, at the cross-     tango and the mountains of the
Chief Instructor                               road of the Rhodanian Valley       Ardeche. From then on, Patrick
Patrick Barthélémy 5th Dan, Shidoin            and the mountain hills of the      Barthélémy and Norberto Chiesa have                    Cévennes, owes its prosperity to the       dispensed their teaching at the Dojo.
                                       creation of the Nuclear Center of            Another youngster, Thierry Moulinet,
Senior Instructor                      Marcoule.                                  took charge of the children courses in
Shihan Norberto Chiesa 6th Dan            Towards the end of 1969 a dental        1986 (and still does to this day. . .),             surgeon, an old student of Master          courses that were created three years
                                       Mochizuki, together with a group of        before by Patrick Barthélémy.
Address                                young people created an association          Two mayor events took place in that
5, avenue Charrier                     dedicated to the practice of Aikido. In    year that were capital to our practice.
30200 Bagnols sur Cèze                 January 1970 our first class, a curious    We gained independence from munici-
                                       mixture of karate and Aikido, marked       pal structures by renting our own
Website:         the birth of our Adventure.                premises, and at the outcome of a
Tel: 04 66 82 70 16                       From then on and until 1975, other      wonderful ceremony the Dojo received
Training days                          teachers brought to us a kind of prac-     from TK Chiba Sensei its name:
Tuesday to Saturday                    tice much closer to what we know           DAI JYO KAN*.
                                       today. They were followers of the            In the year 2000 we lived through
                                       teachings of Tamura Sensei, including      the last major event of our Adventure:
                                       our dear friend Roberto Arnulfo.           we bought our own Dojo. A consider-
                                          In 1975 a young Argentinean,            able investment from all the members
                                       student of TK Chiba Sensei, took resi-     and an unfailing solidarity have result-
                                       dence in our region and agreed to take     ed in the home we now have.
                                                             on the technical       All of you, Birankai friends that may
                                                             direction of the     be passing nearby, come share our
                                                             Dojo. In 1978,       practice and enjoy our hospitality**. ☯
                                                             Norberto Chiesa,
                                                             expert in tango      Patrick Barthélémy 5th Dan
                                                             and Latin dances,
                                                             joined forces with   *Dai Jyo Kan: the commonly understood
                                                             one of the origi-    meaning is that of a large ship where
                                                             nal-founding         everybody rows in the same direction.
                                                             members of the       Others, we know not why, make reference
                                                             1969 Association,    to a galley. . .
                                                             thus generating
                                                             an enduring com-     **Hospitality: to join us call Patrick
                                                             plicity between      Barthélémy at 04 66 82 70 16 and
                                                             Argentinean          by e-mail to

Aikikai de Strasbourg                 Address
                                      234 Route des Romains, 67200 Strasbourg, Koenigshoffen
Chief Instructor                      Website:
Shihan Gabriel Valibouze 6th Dan      Email:
                                      Tel: 03 88 28 10 98
Other Instructors                     Fax: 03 88 30 96 16
Didier Hatton 4th Dan, Shidoin        Training days
Sadek Khettab 4th Dan, Shidoin        Monday to Saturday
Joël Bertrand 4th Dan, Shidoin
Paule Helmbacher 3rd Dan,
Alexandre Pigeollot 2nd Dan,
July 2010                                                                                                    B E MUSUB I 
Ann Jyou Kan                        Ann Jyou Kan, a Birankai Dojo in Paris
Chief Instructor                          he Ann Jyou Kan Dojo opened           Kan’ which translates as ‘House of
Anne Ducouret 4th Dan, Shidoin            its doors in April 2006 in the 20th   peace and prosperity’. Today we still
                                          ward of Paris. Many events have       maintain strong links with Birankai. We
Other Instructors                   marked its development.                     have more than twelve hours of Aikido
Cyrille Benoоt                        In 1986 the original group started in     classes in our Dojo with an additional
Jean-Gabriel Massardier             the 5th ward. 1998 not only brings a        eight classes in another place.
Stйphane Duclot                     move to the district of the ‘high 20th        Membership includes 155 members
Jйrфme Lebrun                       ward’ but we also came under the            made up of 90 adults and 65 children,
Ivan Peyron                         influence of Chiba Sensei school. This      with the following officers: Reynald
                                    ‘Birankai’ connection is decisive           Deroche as President, Thierry
Address                             because it allows us to restart as a        Lecomte as Treasurer and Christian
93, rue Pelleport, 75020 Paris      group. We then moved to 93 Pelleport        Mathieu as General Secretary. The
Metro station: Pelleport            Street. Two years later the manager         teaching is under the direction of Anne
                                    was asked to leave, so were we!!!           Ducouret 4th Dan, Shidoin assisted by
Website:   After a year of hard times we moved         Cyrille Benoоt, Jean-Gabriel
Email:        back to the place and transformed it        Massardier, Stйphane Duclot, Jйrфme
Tel: 01 40 31 50 03                 into a ‘Dojo-School of the Parisian         Lebrun and Ivan Peyron. The Dojo
Mobile: 06 10 07 84 74              East’. Our initial project is announced     welcomes all ages to numerous
Training days                       in the following manner: “The sole          events.
Monday to Saturday                  purpose of this traditional martial arts      This year, we had the honour of
                                    school is to benefit the community.         welcoming the seminar for advanced
                                    The Dojo is the environment for             teachers and students directed by the
                                    personal development where one              Birankai Europe Shihankai.
                                    studies the Way. Through the martial,         The summer school in Paris in July
                                    energetic and cultural activities, the      will be directed by Shihans and
                                    human being grows steadily and              Shidoins. ☯
                                    develops harmoniously. The relation-
                                    ship to others and to oneself is enact-
                                    ed under the rules that govern the life
                                    in the Dojo and from this sharing
                                    emerges a collective project”.
                                      The Deputy-Mayor of the 20th ward
                                    opens the Dojo at a special ceremony
                                    in September 2006. Then TK Chiba            Anne Ducouret 4th Dan
                                    Sensei gives it the name of ‘Ann Jyou       Translated by Lucienne Suter

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                              July 2010
Aikikai de Cronenbourg                     he Dojo was founded by Sadek       it would require a greater investment
                                           Khetab and Paule Helmbacher in     by the teachers to get more students
Chief Instructor                           2005 as a Birankai Dojo. It has    and fees, to develop children classes,
Sadek Khetab 4th Dan, Shidoin       a membership of 13 adults.                and also the teachers should be certi-
                                      The practice takes place in a public    fied by the state. ☯
Other instructors                   social and cultural centre which also
Paule Helmbacher 3rd Dan,           offers judo classes. There is no rent     Sadek Khetab 4th Dan
 Fukushidoin                        to pay.
Yannick Uguet 3rd Dan (assistant)     The teachers are not
                                    paid and the members pay
Address                             their fees through the
56 Rue Du Rieth                     social and cultural centre.
67000 Strasbourg                      The teachers are Sadek
France                              Khetab 4th Dan, Shidoin
                                    and Paule Helmbacher 3rd
Email:       Dan, Fukushidoin, and an
Tel: 0698772997                     assistant.
Training days                         In order to allow this
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday      public social and cultural
                                    centre to pay the Aikido

                                    teachers for their classes,

Gen Rei Kan, Uzès Aikikai                  reated in February 1982 the        members.
                                           Dojo of Uzès has enjoyed a           In 2009 Chiba Sensei baptized the
Instructors                                close working relationship with    Dojo with the name ‘Gen Rei Kan’ and
Michel Neumann 3rd Dan,             Dai Jyo Kan, the Dojo of Bagnols sur      in so doing he affirmed our identity
  Fukushidoin†                      Cèze.                                     infusing the Dojo with a strong and
Fabrice Mahieux 2nd Dan,              From the beginning, several teach-      beautiful energy. It is our responsibility
  Fukushidoin                       ers took the leadership of the group in   now to persevere in our way through
                                    succession. A time came when the          a rigorous and sincere practice. ☯
Address                             Dojo found itself without a teacher.
Impasse du Redounet                   It was at our request that Norberto     Fabrice Mahieux 2nd Dan
30700 Uzès                          Chiesa Sensei and Patrick Barthélémy
Email:     Sensei generously accepted to dis-
                                    pense their teachings at our Dojo.        †Since this article was submitted
                                    Their engagement revitalized our Dojo
                                    and gave direction to our practice.
                                                                              we are sad to report that Michel

                                      The commitment of the members
                                                                              Neumann passed away on 20 May

                                    grew in depth and the instructors
                                                                              2010 due to ill health. With

                                    advanced in their practice. Today,
                                                                              Fabrice Mahieux he had directed

                                    Michel Neumann and Fabrice Mahieux
                                                                              this Dojo for over 20 years. He

                                    are holders of Fukushidoin rank and
                                                                              leaves us with the memory of

                                    assume the teaching in the Dojo.
                                                                              a sensitive man, full of humour,

Michel Neumann                      The membership stands at about 30
                                                                              a generous spirit and a lasting

July 2010                                                                                             B E MUSUB I 
Nashi Yane Dojo
Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret                D    irected by Thierry Moulinet, 4th
                                             Dan, Fukushidoin
                                          The Dojo of Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret
                                                                                   Nashi Yane Dojo organized and partic-
                                                                                   ipated in several seminars in Bagnols-
                                                                                   sur-Céze, Uzès, St-Marcel-de-Careiret,
Chief Instructor                        was created in 1998, with the approval     and St-Martin d’Ardèche.
Thierry Moulinet 4th Dan, Fukushidoin   of Shihan Norberto Chiesa and Patrick        The children who are now teenagers             Barthélémy, Shidoin.                       have joined the adult class. We are
                                          There is a class for about 30 children   now about twenty and practising
Other Instructors                       on Wednesday from 1800 to 1900.            steadily; the children’s group is stable.
Daniel Roussel 1st Dan                  Then a class from 1915 to 2100 for our       The classes are directed by Thierry                 group of adults. In 1998, there were       Moulinet, assisted by Daniel Roussel,
Brigitte Calegari                       about 6 to 8 adults.                       Brigitte and Michele Calegari. ☯
Michele Calegari                          Twelve years has passed. Now
                                        Aikido is very well known in our city
Email Dojo                              and in the surrouding villages. The        Thierry Moulinet 4th Dan (chez Daniel)
Training day

Gen Nei Kan Dojo                               ocated in the coun-
Aikikai Saint-Jean-du-Gard                     tryside in Mialet,
                                               southern France
Chief Instructor                        (Gard), in the Cévennes,
Joël Bertrand 4th Dan, Shidoin          the Dojo is about one
                                        hour by car north of
Other Instructor                        Nîmes. It was founded in
Ghislaine Soulet 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin   2007 by Joël Bertrand
                                        and Ghislaine Soulet in
Address                                 the old sheepfold of
Malbosc                                 Malbosc (a farmhouse of
F-30140 Mialet                          the 17th century) and
                                        officially opened by
Website                                 Chiba Sensei in July       2007 under the name
Email:            GEN NEI KAN.                               summer camp in July in Saint-Jean-
Tel: +33 (0)4 66 85 00 82                 Two Birankai certified teachers Joël     du-Gard. The Dojo also offers a hous-
Training days                           Bertrand (4th Dan, Shidoin, technical      ing capacity to accommodate all
Wednesday to Saturday                   director) and Ghislaine Soulet (3rd        through the year practitioners who
                                        Dan, Fukushidoin), both students of        desire to join the practice at Gen Nei
                                        Gabriel Valibouze Shihan, teach eight      Kan in a natural environment
                                        hours weekly (Aikido, boken, jo, Iaido)    favourable to concentration.
                                        and one hour of Zazen, to about ten          Welcome to Gen Nei Kan! ☯
                                          Several seminars are organized dur-
                                        ing the year among which is an annual      Joël Bertrand 4th Dan

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                   July 2010
 Technical Director: Shihan Chris Mooney (Acting) and
 Shihan Gabriel Valibouze 6th Dan (on leave of absence)

 Chairman: Alexander Broll 4th Dan

Gen Ei Kan, Landau                        he Dojo is situated in a former      exchange of teachers as well as
                                          fortress town in the south-west      exchanging European cultures with
Chief Instructor                          of Germany and has 44,000            each other.
Alexander Broll 4th Dan, Shidoin   inhabitants surrounded by vineyards           In Spring and Autumn, we regularly
                                   and forest areas of the Pfalz.              organize Aikido training courses with
Address                               In 1998 our Dojo was founded by          international Birankai teachers (Shihan
Raimund-Huber-Str 11               Alexander Broll and in 2001 Shihan          and Shidoin) for young people and
76829 Landau                       TK Chiba gave us the name ‘Gen Ei           adults. We also host a social event
                                   Kan’, which translates to ’The House        annually for the Landau Aikido
Website:      that reflects the Essence’.                 Community.
Email:          What is important to us are the holis-     As part of our publicity campaign, we
Tel: +49 (0) 6341 55 900 98        tic values. These require discipline        participated in the ‘Day of the child’ in
Training days                      (physically and mentally), accepting        Landau and also at the ‘Global day of
Monday, Thursday and Saturday      each other and, moreover, embarking         the child’. We take part in anti-violence
                                   on a voyage of discovery that never         programmes in schools and are known
                                   seems to end. When learning AI-KI-          to organizations in Landau offering
                                   DO you deal not only with the oppo-         holiday schemes.
                                   nent but also with your own self.             The Dojo is an aspect of life embrac-
                                      We are now offering Aikido training      ing the confidence, the space and the
                                   to children from the age of eight           order that are contained in the spirit of
                                   upwards. Currently, we are involved         the five pillars: centeredness, connect-
                                   with exchange training programmes           edness, liveliness, openness and
                                   with neighbouring Dojos in Paris,           wholeness. This constitutes a real
                                   Strasbourg and Colmar. The main             challenge, on and off the tatami. ☯
                                   issues are the intensive Aikido training
                                   of children and adolescents, the            Alexander Broll 4th Dan

July 2010                                                                                              B E MUSUB I 
University of Muenster Aikido              ounded in
Dojo                                       2002 by
Chief Instructor                    Hoepp, University of
Hans-Peter Hoepp 3rd Dan,           Muenster Aikido
 Fukushidoin                        Dojo has ever since
                                    been an assembly
Address                             point for university
Horstmarer Landweg, Fechtraum       students and affili-
                                    ates taking refuge
Website:   to strict martial
Email:            practice of body
Training day                        management, com-
Tuesday                             posure and courage
                                    in an otherwise
                                    highly intellectual-
                                    ized and efficiency-
                                    directed academic
                                    Inevitably, as part of
                                    a university sports
                                    Birankai Aikido
                                    struggled to make
                                    its way among the
                                    other physical disci-
                                    plines and to successfully compete for      basic strength: people increasingly
                                    practice time and space in the univer-      came because ‘the other kind of sport’
                                    sity sports facilities. Not surprisingly,   now held a special attraction. At pres-
                                    external and internal influences calling    ent, the number of people ‘just having
                                    into question ‘that weird marital art’      a snoop around’ still continues to be
                                    that seemed to ‘accomplish little in a      large at the beginning of each term
                                    foreseeable time span’ were endless         whereas the number of those outlast-
                                    over the first years. Growing support       ing the initial disillusionment seems
                                    came when more and more news                minute in comparison. Over the years,
                                    spread via the academic grapevine           however, the slowly growing core of
                                    that the university Dojo was truly          truly committed members became
                                    providing a programme contrasting           increasingly known for its radiance of
                                    and complementing academic strains          physical, mental and social excellence.
                                    through vigorous martial exercise           ☯
                                    resulting in composure of body, mind
                                    and social interaction. Only with time
                                    the very obstacles that the Dojo had
                                    met in the beginning turned into its        Hans-Peter Hoepp 3rd Dan

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                             July 2010
 Technical Director: Shihan Mike Flynn 6th Dan
 Chairman: Matt Teale 4th Dan

Athens Aikido                                fter a year
                                             of search-
Chief Instructor                             ing and a
Jenny Flower 4th Dan, Shidoin        month of grueling
                                     work Athens
Address                              Aikido opened the
Xanthipou 3                          doors of its new
Holargos                             home on 12 April
Athens                               2010! Our Dojo is
Greece                               located close to
                                     the centre of
Website:             Athens and being
Email:          on the metro line
Tel: +30 6977303823                  direct from the air-
Training days                        port it is ideal for
Monday to Friday                     visitors from
                                     abroad too.
                                       Chief instructor
                                     is Jenny Flower,
                                     4th Dan, Shidoin
                                     and we offer a
                                     full-time training
                                     program including
                                     Iaido and Zazen.
                                     We have a mat
                                     space of 43 mats and comfortable uchideshi facilities. ☯

                                     Jenny Flower 4th Dan

Athens Aikikai

Chief Instructor
Ari Sinavelis 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin

18 Omirou St
Halandri 15232

Tel: +30 6944542729
Training days
Monday to Saturday

July 2010                                                                                       B E M U S U B I 
Kithira Aikido                           started Aikido in 1990 in Athens
                                         with Eamonn Devlin Sensei, also
Instructor                               I have trained under the guidence
Kiros Tzannes 3rd Dan                 of Juba Nour Sensei when he was in
                                      Athens in 1994 for a year. After that
Address                               I visited Juba Nour in his New York
Spilies                               Dojo a couple of times for a few
Kalamos                               months at a time. In 1996 I started
Kithira 80100                         a restaurant on the island of Kithira
Greece                                just for the summer season and during       year 2000. At the moment we rent the
                                      the winter I used to go back to Athens      gymnasium in the primary school,
Email:         and continued training with Eamon           where we train daily.
Tel: 0030 27360 34038                 Devlin until 2000 when I decided to           We have 12 active members and we
Training days                         move permanently to Kithira. This is        also have children classes with ten
Adults: Monday to Saturday            when I started my own Dojo primarily        children.
Children: Tuesday and Friday          to be able to continue training.              We usually have an annual Greek
                                         Also I have attended numerous sem-       Birankai seminar and we hope in the
                                      inars with Chris Mooney Sensei and          future to make it an international event
                                      many other Birankai Senseis and of          as this is an ideal location for people to
                                      course Chiba Sensei‘s seminars.             bring their family and combine training
                                         Kithira Aikido is located on a small     and holidays on an unspoilt beautiful

                                      Greek island, Kithira, in the main town     Greek island. ☯
                                      called Hora. It was established in the      Kiros Tzannes 3rd Dan

Kolonos                                      he Aikido Dojo at Kolonos has        Thursday as well as two hours on
                                             only been open since September       Saturday midday. The classes are
Chief Instructor                             2009. The chief instructor is        taught either by Matt Teale or one of
Matt Teale 4th Dan, Shidoin           Matt Teale (4th Dan, Shidoin). He is        the senior Dojo members. Including
                                      assisted by Achilleas Label (3rd Dan),      weapons and Iaido there are a total of
Other Instructors                     Giannis Papagyris (1st Dan), Louis          15 hours training available as well as
Achilleas Label 3rd Dan               Abeshi (1st Dan), Angeliki                  Zazen 4 times per week. The kids’
Giannis Papagyris 1st Dan             Chrisanthakopoulou (1st Dan) and            class is for one hour on Wednesdays
Louis Abeshi 1st Dan                  Angelos Tsantilas (1st Dan). Originally     and one hour on Saturday mornings.
Angeliki Chrisanthakopoulou 1st Dan   we started at Panellinios Sports centre       We currently have 130 square
Angelos Tsantilas 1st Dan             but the decision was taken to open          metres mat space in a light, airy
                                      a permanent Aikido Dojo because             space. We are in the process of order-
Address                               we had outgrown the limitations of          ing some more mats. So hopefully
Lenorman 114, Kolonos                 a shared Sports centre.                     soon we’ll have 200 sq metres mat
Central Athens                          Kolonos is in central Athens, fairly      space.
Greece 10444                          close to the historical centre (Acropolis     Since we are so lucky to have such
                                      etc) and we are very lucky to be on the     a large space, we hold seminars here
Website:           top floor of the tallest building around    regularly including some of the
Email:          (5th floor). So there’s a great view of     Hellenic Birankai seminars. In October
Tel: 6974 022012                      the Acropolis and the other hills in cen-   we had a great seminar with the
Training days                         tral Athens as well as the mountains        Hellenic Birankai’s technical director
Monday to Saturday                    surrounding Athens.                         Shihan Mike Flynn and Renata
                                        The Dojo has around 30 active             Bohdanowicz 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin.
                                      members now, including 6 Dan grades         In March we were very happy to have
                                      (not including the chief instructor). We    a very successful seminar by Shihan
                                      also have a small kids’ class that start-   Chris Mooney where there was a total
                                      ed in September with 8 kids. There are      of 80 attendees over the course of the
                                                         also classes for Tai     weekend. In these busy seminars we
                                                         Chi and probably we’ll   can take advantage of a large open
                                                         be introducing Wu        roof-top space for split classes with
                                                         Shu after the summer.    weapons on the roof and body art in
                                                           There are morning      the Dojo.
                                                         classes (taught by         It is very early days for our Dojo but
                                                         Matt Teale Monday to     so far we are very happy with how
                                                         Friday) and evening      things are progressing. ☯
                                                         classes on Monday,
                                                         Tuesday and              Matt Teale 4th Dan

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                 July 2010
 Technical Director: Shihan Chris Mooney 6th Dan
 Chairman: Amnon Techovoy 4th Dan

A Mon Kan Dojo                          ocated at the Sport Centre of         Tel Aviv University Sports Centre and
                                        Tel Aviv University, theTel Aviv      another in a neighbouring town called
Chief Instructor                        Aikikai Dojo began in 1993.           Ganei Tikva. Altogether there are 30
Amnon Tzechovoy 4th Dan,          During this period Aikido in Israel was     students, including two Shodans.
 Fukushidoin                      inspired by Iwama School. In 2001,            Each year there are at least two
                                  following attendance at a seminar with      seminars in Israel conducted by
Address                           Chris Mooney Sensei, on a visit to          Shihan Chris Mooney, as well as other
Sport Centre                      Israel, I was exposed for the first time    teachers. My students often join with
Tel-Aviv University               to Sensei’s school. Ever since this         me to attend seminars around Europe.
Chaim Lebanon Street              encounter I have been practising with         This year we expect the first time
                                  Chris Mooney Sensei, in particular,         ever visit of Chiba Sensei to Israel in
Website:       and later on with Chiba Sensei, when-       July. ☯
Email:   ever I got the opportunity to participate
Tel: 03 5474633                   in his seminars.
Training days                       In 2005 my Dojo was recognized as
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and   a Birankai Dojo and I was accepted as
Friday                            a teacher in our school. Nowadays
                                  Birankai Israel is composed of two
                                  Dojos, the main Dojo operating in           Amnon Tzechovoy 4th Dan

July 2010                                                                                            B E M U S U B I 
 Technical Director: Shihan Daniel Brunner 6th Dan
 Chairman: Andrzej Sobolewski 4th Dan

Wroclaw Aikikai
Chief Instructor
                                       W     as created by Piotr Masztalerz
                                             4th Dan, Shidoin and Jacek
                                       Kochaniec 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin in
                                                                                   Piotr Masztalerz teaches Aikido at
                                                                                 the Wroclaw Technical University.
                                                                                 Every six months 80 new students are
Piotr Masztalerz 4th Dan, Shidoin      1997.                                     introduced to Aikido basics and have
                                         Over 100 students practise in three     a chance to practise in Wroclaw Aikikai
Other Instructors                      adult groups. The Dojo runs three         Dojo.
Jacek Kochaniec 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin   mornings, and 11 evening classes for        The Dojo runs Kenshusei teachers’
Michal Orlik 2nd Dan, Fukushidoin,     adults weekly.                            programme, with special classes for
 runs Aikikai Trzebnica                  Over 100 children practise in six age   this group. ☯
Arkadiusz Bartys 1st Dan - kids’ and   groups (up to 6 years, 7-9, 10-12).
 teenagers’ groups                     There are 20 kids classes weekly.
Maciej Tomaszewski 1st Dan -           Beside regular classes we run summer
 teenagers’ groups                     camps for kids and teenagers, week-
Michal Karbowski 1st Kyu - kids’       end workshops and demonstrations.         Piotr Masztalerz 4th Dan
Urszula Gryniewicz 1st Kyu - kids’

279 Grabiszynska Street
Wrocław, Poland

Tel: +48 507580656
Training days

Monday to Friday

Gdanska Sekcja Aikido                           nder the direction of Shihan
                                                Daniel Brunner the Dojo was
Chief Instructor                                founded in September 2007.
Tomasz Sarnatowicz 1st Dan             The founder, Tomasz Sarnatowicz 1st
                                       Dan has been practising Aikido since
Dojo address                           1991 – at first with the Polish Aikido
ul. Na Zaspe 31a                       Federation. In 2003 the final decision
80-546 Gdansk                          was made to choose Brunner Sensei
Poland                                 as the leading teacher. In 2006 the
                                       idea of founding a Dojo first appeared
Mailing address                        and after one year of preparation, the
Tomasz Sarnatowicz                     first class was taught in Gdansk.
ul. Czestochowska 35/10                   The Dojo was initially located in an   Tomasz Sarnatowicz
80-180 Gdansk                          old judo club, which gave us a great
                                       Budo atmosphere. In 2010 the city         to 1st Kyu.
Website:           authorities decided to close the venue      Since the Dojo lacks a certified
Email:    and we had to look for another loca-      Birankai teacher, we have decided to
Tel: +48 880 90 23 86                  tion. The first members of the Dojo       foster close relationship with Wroclaw
Training days                          were about five who decided to leave      Aikikai, especially with Piotr Masztalerz
Tuesday and Thursday                   our old Dojo and practise together.       Sensei 4th Dan and Jacek Kochaniec
                                       New members were gradually appear-        Sensei 3rd Dan. Both visit the dojo 2-3
                                       ing and in June 2008 we were              times a year for weekend seminars
                                       honoured with the visit of Brunner        and exams. ☯
                                       Sensei. Currently the Dojo has about
                                       15 members varying from beginners         Tomasz Sarnatowicz 1st Dan

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                July 2010
Trzebnica Aikikai                              reation of Trzebnica Aikikai      before the class and store them after)
                                               Dojo on 15 February 2010 is       and Friday morning weapons class
Chief Instructor                               connected with two events that    outdoors on top of a local hill. Since
Michal Orlik 2nd Dan, Fukushidon       have recently occured in my life. The     February 15th the Dojo has seven new                    first event was moving from Wroclaw       participants.
                                       to Trzebnica (a town of 12,000 inhabi-      The Dojo’s website address is
Address                                tants located 20km to the north of and its content will
Trzebnica, Poland                      Wroclaw): Trzebnica did not have any      be soon be translated into English. ☯
                                       Aikido Dojo, so I thought it was a good
Website:           place to estabilish one. The second
Email:        event - passing a Fukushidoin exam -
Tel: +48 693 461 364                   was more of a trigger which opened        Michal Orlik 2nd Dan
Training days                          the door not only
Monday, Wednesday and Friday           to propagate
                                       Aikido further but
                                       also to bring my
                                       own training to a
                                       new level.
                                          Currently class-
                                       es in the Dojo are
                                       held three times
                                       a week: twice
                                       (Monday and
                                       Wednesday) two
                                       hours in the
                                       evening in a public
                                       school (we lay the

                                       mats each time         Michal Orlik

Oimp Dojo, Wroclaw                           he Dojo was founded in 2000         University of Wroclaw (four adult
                                             at Olimpic Stadion in Wroclaw.      groups) and at the School near 113
Chief Instructor                             It is located on Paderewskiego      Zemska street, Wroclaw (two groups
Renata Bohdanowicz 3rd Dan,            Street. The teachers are Renata           of children), which makes a total of
 Fukushidoin                           Bohdanowicz (3rd Dan, chief instruc-      about 180 Aikido students in a year.
                                       tor, Fukushidoin), assistant Darek          At the Oimp Dojo we have an adult
Other Instructors                      Machalski 3rd Dan and Andrzej             group with 25 students practising one
Darek Machalski 3rd Dan                Sobolewski 4th Dan (Advisor). Renata      and a half hours 3 times a week. Ages
Andrzej Sobolewski 4th Dan (Advisor)   Bohdanowicz has been a student of         range from 14 years to 70 years. We
                                       Shihan Daniel Brunner for four years      have extended families like father and
Website:              and is a professional teacher working     daughter or grandfather and grandson
Email:            at the Olimpic Stadion (one adult and     which makes for a friendly atmos-
Tel: +48 600 41 35 36                  two children’s groups), at the            phere. There are many university stu-
                                                                                 dents. The group is mixed - advanced
                                                                                 and beginners working together - twice
                                                                                 a week body art and once a week
                                                                                 weapon. Students participate fully in
                                                                                 the Dojo activities.
                                                                                   Four children groups about 15 in
                                                                                 each group from ages 5-13 practise
                                                                                 twice a week for one hour. Once a
                                                                                 year children have an examination for
                                                                                 kyu grades (12-6 kyu).
                                                                                   We hope to eventually have a per-
                                                                                 manent Dojo in one place for all the
                                                                                 groups. ☯

                                                                                 Renata Bohdanowicz 3rd Dan
July 2010                                                                                               B E M U S U B I 
Wroclaw Aikido Club                             he Wroclaw Aikido Club (WKA)         Dojos created by instructors originally
                                                originated from Sen Nen Sugi         trained in the first Aikido Dojo in
Chief Instructor                                Aiki Dojo in November 2001 and       Wroclaw. The Dojos stay in close con-
Zbigniew Dudzic 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin     is a member of Birankai Poland. We          tact and support each other organizing                       train under the direction of Shihan         annual summer schools, seminars and
                                         Daniel Brunner, holder of the rank of       courses. We all train with the kind
Other Instructor                         6th Dan.                                    support of Daniel Brunner Sensei.
Janusz Pyrcz 3rd Dan                       The club was founded by Zbigniew            Instructors and members of our club                       Dudzic, the main instructor, holder of a    regularly take part in international and
Tel: 501 370 661                         3rd Dan and a Fukushidoin in Birankai       local classes, seminars and summer
                                         Poland. Zbigniew has been practising        schools.
Website:                 Aikido since October 1989.                    Training sessions are conducted for
Tel: 609 025 090                           The second instructor in our club         adults in different levels of advance-
                                         is Janusz Pyrcz, holder of a 3rd Dan,       ment, as well as for children in differ-
                                         practising Aikido since October 1979.       ent age groups. ☯
                                           Our club belongs to Sen Nen Sugi
                                         Aiki Dojo family, a group of Wroclaw        Zbigniew Dudzic 3rd Dan

     CHIBA SENSEI: 2010 SUMMER COURSES                                      IN      EUROPE
     22-24 July 2010
     Summer Seminar 2010 with Shihan TK Chiba 8th Dan and Shihan Chris Mooney 6th Dan
     Kibutz Shfaim Sport Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
     Mobile: +97254-55450833

     31 July-6 August 2010
     British Birankai Summer School 2010 with Shihan TK Chiba 8th Dan and Shihan T Miyamoto 7th Dan (Hombu,
     Japan) assisted by BB Shihan and Shidoin
     University of Worcester, Henwick Grove, WR2 6AJ, Worcester
     Enquiries: Paul Robinson, Course organiser
     Mobile: +44 (0) 7989 359898

     14-21 August 2010
     Birankai Poland Summer Camp with Shihan TK Chiba Sensei 8th Dan, Shihan Daniel Brunner 6th Dan,
     Shihan Norberto Chiesa 6th Dan and Birankai Instructors
     Wroclaw, Poland

     B E MUSUB I                                                                                                 July 2010
 Technical Advisor: Shihan Mike Flynn 6th Dan
 Chairman: Christophe Peytier 4th Dan

Sanjukan - Lisbon                                ith the advent of the 21st       small, about fifteen members, which
                                                 century, I felt the urge to      means about six to twelve people on
Chief Instructor                                 leave California and return      the mat. This Spring of 2010, was
Christophe Peytier 4th Dan, Shidoin   to the old continent, and ended up          good. We have had, within two weeks
                                      chosing Lisbon, Portugal.                   in April, the occurrence of three gratify-
Website:                After a few weeks in the country,        ing events. Firstly, our two most senior
Email:             I attended some Aikido lessons in a         students passed their shodan test,
Tel: +351 916169040                   general-purpose gym club, taught by         under the guidance of Shihan Mike
Training days                         a Nidan in his late twenties, but after     Flynn. Secondly, we received our
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday          about six months, fate had it that this     official recognition from Hombu, and
                                      teacher vanished with no prior notice,      thirdly, we had our first class with a
                                      leaving the school with no trainers.        majority of female practitioners, repre-
                                      After seeing my credentials, the man-       senting roughly 30%, which is the goal
                                      agement of the gym gave me that job         I had in mind.
                                      immediately.                                   At this point, when I look back, I am
                                         This fortunate event clearly helped      quite happy to see a group in constant
                                      us to jumpstart our development in          evolution, with a core of students that
                                      2001 as the representatives of              are developing well. The mere fact of
                                      Birankai in Portugal. After arriving in     having some people who continue to
                                      Portugal, I was struck to see palm,         come several times a week, despite a
                                      pine and eucalyptus trees growing           busy modern life, is extremely gratify-
                                      together. These are my three favourite      ing, and is a strong motivation for me
                                      trees and it is rare to see them togeth-    to continue in this direction.
                                      er since each requires a different             Looking into the future of Sanjukan,
                                      growing climate. At the summer camp         our top two priorities are to increase
                                      in Méjannes, France in 2001, I asked        the membership to twenty five mem-
                                      Chiba Sensei what would be a good           bers, and to start preparing for the
                                      name for ‘school of three trees’, and       future by training some students to
                                      not only did he articulated the             become assistant teachers.
                                      Japanese name ‘Sanjukan’, but on the           As a conclusion, taking a step back
                                      next day he handed me a beautiful           prompts the question: “What does it
                                      calligraphy with the three characters.      mean to found and develop a martial
                                      How could I have dreamed about a            art school?”
                                      better outcome of what was just a              The first answer is that we have to
                                      deep intuition?                             preserve the link of the chain of Budo
                                         Nine years later, and with much          transmission. As teachers, we are
                                      water under the bridge, we now have         given the responsibility by both our
                                      an established training place, with 60      own teachers and our students. The
                                      mats, in the historical center of Lisbon.   second answer is that Aikido, as a tool
                                      We operate a regular schedule of five       for personal development, is helping
                                      hours per week, on Tuesday,                 practitioners to be better human
                                      Thursday and Friday. Our group is still     beings. Thus, as the founder of the
                                                                                  school, I feel that I am contributing to
                                                                                  this growth and this provides me an
                                                                                  answer to this fundamental question:
                                                                                  “How am I contributing to make this
                                                                                  world a better place?” ☯

                                                                                  Christophe Peytier 4th Dan
                                                                                  29 May 2010
July 2010                                                                                                 B E M U S U B I 
 Technical Director: Shihan Chris Mooney 6th Dan
 Chairman: Shihan Daniel Brunner 6th Dan

Ryu Seki Kai, Lausanne

Chief Instructor
                                        T    he Ryu Seki Kai Dojo was founded
                                             in 1986.
                                           First located in Morges, a little town
                                                                                    I decided at last to leave the Dojo
                                                                                    where I was brought up, and, with the
                                                                                    help of some faithful students, I found
Shihan Daniel Brunner 6th Dan           10 km from Lausanne, it has now             my own Dojo. I was following at this
                                        relocated to the suburb of Lausanne         time the teachings of Tamura Sensei
Other Instructors                       in 1995.                                    and Chiba Sensei.
André Perretten 4rd Dan                    The Dojo has now found a home               After many years without contact
Ursula Schaffner 4rd Dan, Fukushidoin   in an old furniture factory, which was      with Chiba Sensei, I renewed this rela-
Carl Schmitt, 4rd Dan                   recently refurbished. It consists of two    tionship which became even stronger
Christophe Brunner 3rd Dan,             rooms; one 144 sq metres and the            than when I had met him in 1969. This
 Fukushidoin                            other 80 sq metres, separated by            was made possible through the efforts
Marcel Golay 1st Dan (important         sliding panels that, once removed,          of Shihan Norberto Chiesa. Since
children’s group)                       constitutes a Dojo large enough             then, the Ryu Seki Kai has rejoined
                                        to accommodate large number of              the Birankaï. ☯
Address                                 students and hold important courses.
Chemin du Couchant 4                       The technical director is Shihan
CH-1022 Chavannes                       Daniel Brunner 6th Dan.
                                           In 1986, after 24 years of practice,     Shihan Daniel Brunner 6th Dan
Tel: 021 323 51 08
Training days
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Sakura Dojo, Bern                       Founded in 1995.
                                        Chiba Sensei gives the name
Chief Instructor                        ‘Sho Gi Kan’ in 1998 – ‘House of
Barbara Imboden 4th Dan, Shidoin        the Supreme Principle’.
                                        Teachers: Barbara Imboden 4th
Other Instructors                       Dan, Shidoin, Michèle Pauli 1st
Michèle Pauli 1st Dan                   Dan and Ivo Sonderegger 1st
Ivo Sonderegger 1st Dan                 Dan.
                                        Supervised by Shihan Chris
Address                                 Mooney.
Freiburgstrasse 111b                    Practices: two regular Mixed
3008 Bern, Switzerland                  classes per week, one weekly
                                        Basic training, one Advanced
Website:             training and one Weapons class.
Email:            One Children’s class. ☯
Tel: +41 79 295 76 68
Training days
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday                                  Barbara Imboden 4th Dan

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                 July 2010
 Shihan Tony Cassells 6th Dan ☯ Shihan Dee Chen 6th Dan
 Shihan Mike Flynn 6th Dan ☯ Shihan Chris Mooney 6th Dan
 Chairman: Shihan Mike Flynn 6th Dan


Arrowvale Aikido (Genpu Kan)
Chief Instructor: Paul Robinson 5th Dan, Shidoin
Address: Arrowvale Leisure Centre, Green Sward Lane, Redditch, B98 0EN
Tel: 07989 359898
Training days: Monday and Thursday

Mei Jyu Kan (Albrighton and Wolverhampton Aikido)
Chief Instructor: Ian Grubb 5th Dan, Shidoin
☯ Den, Shaw Lane, Albrighton, Nr Wolverhampton
☯ Compton Youth Centre, Henwood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8PG


Tel: 0774 280 0116
Training days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Tudor Grange Central Aikido                was                                      the years, and how it has helped me
Dojo (Associate of Cocks                   only a                                   through my early years. I am now
Moors Woods Dojo)                          junior                                   a member of the British Birankai
                                       when I first                                 Teaching Committee and hold the rank
Chief Instructor                       started in                                   of 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin.
Stuart Lovering 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin   1989 after                                     The Dojo has now been going since
                                       finding the                                  2003 and is achieving its goal.
Address                                calming                                        The Dojo was started to bring the
Tudor Grange Sports Centre             side of it                                   same quality of practice at Cocks
Tudor Grange Park                      assisted                                     Moors Woods Dojo to the Solihull area
Blossomfield Road                      me in the       Stuart Lovering
                                                                                    at a beginner stage. It has been going
Solihull                               competi-                                     for seven years now and the core of
Birmingham B91 1NB                     tions I used to compete in in Karate,        students is building well with grades
                                       which I used to do. Noticing the differ-     from novice to 3rd Kyu. The junior
Website:       ence Aikido was doing for me, I contin-      class was started last year and is
Email                                  ued to follow, even though the reasons       going from strength to strength. ☯       have changed over the years.
Tel: 0775 971 1370                        I started Aikido due to the interest in
Training day                           martial arts and I have continued due
Monday (except Bank Holiday)           to the enjoyment of giving other people
                                       the same experience I have had over          Stuart Lovering 3rd Dan

July 2010                                                                                                 B E M U S U B I 
Cocks Moors Woods,                                 y first experience
Fox Hollies,                                       as a martial artist
Birmingham University                              was in Judo as a
                                         junior. I followed on from
Chief Instructor                         that with boxing, where a
Mark Pickering 5th Dan, Shidoin          lot of my experience was
                                         gained on the street. After
Other Instructors                        boxing, I worked interna-
Andy Colclough 2nd Dan, Fukushidoin      tionally as a close protec-
Michelle Eagles 2nd Dan                  tion bodyguard to diplo-
Laura Anderson 1st Dan                   mats. During this time I
Paul Hull 1st Dan                        started Aikido (1985) with
Jonathon Thomas 1st Dan                  Shihan Tony Cassells 6th
                                         Dan as my instructor. By
Addresses                                the time I reached Shodan
Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre         in 1988, I had attended
Alcester Rd South, Kings Heath           many courses led by a
Birmingham B14 6ER                       number of Japanese mas-
Website:      ters including: Kisshomaru
Tel: 0121 459 8830                       Ueshiba (then Doshu),
Training days                            Waka Sensei (current            Mark Pickering
Wednesday and Thursday                   Doshu), Chiba Sensei,
                                         Shibata Sensei, Miyamoto Sensei and          always taught and practised weapons,
Fox Hollies Leisure Centre               many others.                                 including Iai Batto Ho, with the same
Shirley Road, Acocks Green                  Over the past 20 years I have             vigour and enthusiasm.
Birmingham B27 7NS                       travelled to Japan, the USA and                I am currently 5th Dan, Shidoin and
Website:      Europe, where I have taught at various a member of the British Birankai
Training day                             seminars.                                    Teaching Committee. I am also the
Monday                                      I have been teaching at Cocks             Chairman of Birankai Austria. ☯
                                         Moors Woods Leisure Centre for
Munrow Sports Centre                     19 years and have many adult and
University of Birmingham                 junior students. My senior yudansha
Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT            students, who have also travelled
Tel: 0121 414 4117                       extensively for Aikido, have their own
Training day                             Dojos.
Wednesday (term time only)                  I believe weapons training should be
                                         as strong as body art, and have              Mark Pickering 5th Dan

Ei Oh Kan

Chief Instructor: Shihan Tony Cassells 6th Dan
Other Instructor: Steve Woodward 2nd Dan

Address: South Yardley Methodist Church, Broadyates Road
Birmingham, B25 8JF
Tel: 0121 707 4197
Training days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday                              Shihan Tony Cassells

I Shin Juku

Chief Instructor: Richard Edmunds 4th Dan, Shidoin

Tatenhill Village Hall, Main Street
Tatenhill, Burton-On-Trent
Derbyshire, DE13 9SD
Tel: 01283 845950

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                  July 2010
Ei Mei Kan                                     hris Mooney started Aikido         in Aikido, Zazen, Iai Batto-Ho and
                                               training in 1973. He first began   calligraphy. Over the last 10 months,
Chief Instructor                               teaching Aikido at Aston           there has been much hard work from
Shihan Chris Mooney 6th Dan            University in 1981.                        many current and former students who
                                          In 1987 he started his first Dojo in    dedicated their time and energy to
Assistant Instructor                   Bearwood, Birmingham. He received          build the Dojo, in particular Chris
Iona Mooney 2nd, Fukushidoin           the name, Ei Mei Kan, for his Dojo         Mooney’s son who was greatly
                                       from Chiba Sensei. Its meaning is          involved in the construction. On
Children’s Instructor                  ‘England bright house’. He set up his      August 7th this year, Chiba Sensei will
Szevone Chin 1st Kyu                   first permanent Dojo in central            conduct an opening ceremony of the
                                       Birmingham in 1994, with the assis-        new Dojo building.
Address                                tance of six students: Matt Teale,           Chris Mooney is also the Chief
The Dojo, Barnt Green Road             Pauline Wilson, Ian Grubb, Andy Bass       Instructor of Gen Sen Jyuku
Cofton Hackett, Birmingham             and Paul Clusker.                          (Warwick Aikido), whose name was
B45 8NB                                   Ei Mei Kan has evolved and is now       given by Chiba Sensei. There is a
                                       housed in a former church in               close connection between the two
Website:           the outskirts of Birmingham. This          groups of students. ☯
Email:            building, complete with facilities,
Tel: +44 (0)7932 666 801               is dedicated to the practice of training   Shihan Chris Mooney 6th Dan

Training days
Ei Mei Kan
Monday, Thursday and Saturday

Gen Sen Jyuku (Warwick Aikido)
Wednesday and Friday

Ji Myo Kan

Chief Instructor: Steve Branagan 2nd Dan, Fukushidoin
Address: Ledbury Leisure Centre, Mabels Furlong, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2HF
Tel: 0121 458 1572



Chief Instructor: Alan Stevens 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin
Address: County High Sports Centre, Copperfields, Saffron Walden, Cambridgeshire, CB11 3DP
Tel: 07837 948219
Training days: Monday and Wednesday

Chelmsford Aikikai

Chief Instructor: Henry Rayner 2nd Dan
Address: Dovedales Sports Centre, Vicarage Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 9PG
Tel: 07879 636477
Training day: Thursday

July 2010                                                                                               B E M U S U B I 
London Aikikai,                               hiba Sensei was first sent to
Shinmei-kan Dojo                              Sunderland in North East
                                              England by O-Sensei in 1966.
Chief Instructor                     He soon relocated to London, estab-
Shihan Dee Chen 6th Dan              lishing his headquarters Dojo, the
(on leave of absence)                London Aikikai in 1967. Following his
                                     return to Japan in 1976 London Aikikai
Senior Instructors                   has remained Chiba Sensei’s Dojo in
Eric Beake 5th Dan, Shidoin          London and in 1985 Shihan Dee Chen        San Diego in 1981. Davinder
Davinder Bath 5th Dan, Shidoin       and Eric Beake Sensei took responsi-      Bath Sensei and Eric Beake Sensei
                                     bility for the Dojo which was named       are both senior instructors now in
Address                              Shinmei-kan - ‘House of New Light’ -      charge of running the Dojo.
The Maida Centre                     by Chiba Sensei. Following several          There are adults classes from
221 Lanark Road                      moves we settled in our present loca-     Tuesday to Saturday including body
Maida Vale                           tion in Maida Vale in 1990. Throughout    arts, weapons, Iai Batto-Ho and
London W9 1NX                        this period we have maintained the        Zazen. Children classes are
                                     closest of relationship with Chiba        on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Website:       Sensei receiving regular visits from      London Aikikai has a popular and
Email:   him and his many senior instructors       vibrant website at
Tel: 07736 771076                    from the USA where he relocated to ☯
Training days
Adults: Tuesday to Saturday
Children: Wednesday and Saturday        Eric Beake Sensei started Aikido in 1970 with the Tomiki
                                     Aikido Group organized by London taxicab drivers and prac-
                                     tised with them for 3 years.
                                        He joined the British Aikido Federation after seeing one of
                                     Chiba Sensei’s class and was graded Shodan by Yamada
                                     Sensei in 1978 in Bridgenorth. He was promoted Shidoin in
                                     August 1999 and awarded 5th Dan in January 2002.
                                        Beake Sensei has been teaching at London Aikikai,           Eric Beake
                                     Shinmei-kan Dojo since its inception in 1985. ☯

                                       Davinder Bath Sensei was born in Punjab, India and
                                     migrated to the UK at age 13. He started Aikido train-
                                     ing aged 18 in August 1982, achieving Shodan rank in April
                                     1985 with the Aikido Fellowship of Great Britain. He gained
                                     a Batchelors Degree in Mathematics in 1987. He met Chiba
                                     Sensei in 1987 and re-tested successfully for Shodan with
                                     him the same year, followed by Nidan in 1988. In 1989,
                                     1990 and 1991 Bath Sensei ‘had the privilege and pleasure’ Davinder Bath
                                     of looking after Chiba Sensei during the UKA Summer
                                     Schools. He was ranked Sandan in 1992, Yondan in 1998 and Godan in 2005.
                                      He was certified Fukushidoin in 1997 and Shidoin in 2004.
                                       He has followed Chiba Sensei’s teachings since meeting him in 1987 and
                                     every year since. He travelled to San Diego, USA on two occasions in 1995 and
                                     1996 each time living in Chiba Sensei’s Dojo as uchi deshi. From 2003 he ‘has
                                     had the unique privilege’ of accompanying Chiba Sensei on all his European trips
                                     to Aikido seminars as well as personal visits, sometimes attending 4 summer
                                     schools with him in one year. He has taken ukemi for Chiba Sensei almost every
                                     year since 1987. In 2007 Chiba Sensei declared Davinder Bath Sensei as his
                                       Davinder Bath Sensei joined London Aikikai when he moved to London in
                                     September 2002. He has taught Aikido internationally in Poland, Switzerland,
                                     Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, France, Austria and Greece. He was selected
                                     to teach at the British Aikido Board (BAB) National Course in 2008. He is a senior
                                     instructor and Dojo-cho at London Aikikai. He is the BAB Representative for
                                     British Birankai and a member of the British Birankai Teaching Committee. ☯

                                     Davinder Bath 5th Dan

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                 July 2010
London East Aikikai (Gen Pu Kan)

Chief Instructor
Stephen Beecham 5th Dan, Shidoin

☯ The Village Drop In, West Avenue, London, E17 9QY

☯ Fitness First, Festival Leisure Park, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon SS14 2WB

Tel: 07838 387057
Training days
At The Village Drop In:
Tuesday and Friday                                                                Stephen Beecham

At Fitness First:
Thursday and Saturday


Abbey Aikido Club

Chief Instructor                                 hief Instructor: Malcolm Blackwood.
Malcolm Blackwood 3rd Dan,                       Sandan and Fukushidoin awarded
 Fukushidoin                                     2007. Coach Level 2. British Birankai                   Coaching Liaison Officer.
Tel: 0191 3864179                          I started Aikido in 1984 in Durham.
                                        Member of British Aikikai since it was estab-
Other Instructor                        lished and thus into the British Birankai.
Anthony Fairbairn 1st Dan                  I have been teaching since 1990 and
                                        established Abbey Aikido Club as an
Address                                 independent Dojo in 1998. Abbey Aikido
Abbey Sports Centre, Abbey Road         Club has worked closely with Durham

                                                                                                                         Photo: K Vlatko
Pity Me, Co Durham DH1 5DQ              University and Teikyo Japanese College.
                                        The Dojo regularly hosts British Birankai
Email                                   Spring and Autumn courses and local area       Malcolm Blackwood         courses in Durham.
Secretary: 0191 3862831                     Abbey Aikido Club welcomes all students and visitors. ☯
Training days
Tuesday and Thursday                    Malcolm Blackwood 3rd Dan

Shibudokan Dojo

Chief Instructor: Paul Milburn

McMillan Academy Leisure Centre, McMillan Academy, Stockton Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS5 4AG

Tel: 07754 663678
Training days
Thursday and Friday

July 2010                                                                                                  B E M U S U B I 
Rainbow Aikido Club                                ddie Hodgson started Aikido in     working under the direction of Steve
                                                   October 1966 at the Sunderland     Magson Sensei.
Chief Instructor                                   Education Authority, just after      Deciding to re-grade with the Aikikai,
Eddie Hodgson 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin        Chiba Sensei had ceased teaching            Eddie was awarded 1st Dan in August
                                          there. He started teaching one of the       2004 and 2nd Dan in October 2006.
Other Instructors                         classes there in 1972.                      He then gained Fukushidoin in July
Joe Curran 6th Dan, Shidoin                  Without Chiba Sensei’s influence,        2007. In April 2008 Eddie was
Ann Hunter 2nd Dan                        affiliation then turned to Pat Stratford    awarded 3rd Dan.
                                          Sensei and, through him, to master             From summer 2004 onwards he
Address                                   Andre Nocquet of France, one of the         began to work very closely with Joe
Thornaby Pavilion                         first European students of O-Sensei.        Curran Sensei. Over time Eddie has
Thornaby                                  In April 1979 Eddie gained his 1st Dan      also been influenced by Arthur
Stockton-on-Tees                          from Yves Pielot Sensei of Belgium.         Lockyear Sensei, Tony Cassells
Cleveland                                     In February 1988 Eddie gained           Sensei, Chris Mooney Sensei, Ian
TS17 9EW                                  2nd Dan from John Emmerson Sensei           Grubb Sensei and Mike Flynn Sensei.
                                          and, in July 1990 he gained 3rd Dan           Eddie continues to be the chief
Email:                  from André Beru Sensei (France) at          instructor at the Rainbow Aikido Club
Tel: 01642 318 038                        the summer school in Gujan-Mestras,         and trains and teaches regularly at
Training day                              France. In March 1993 Eddie gained          other northeast Aikikai clubs.
Monday                                    his coaching certificate from the British     Dojo Biography: During 1979 Eddie
                                          Aikido Board. In July 1993 Eddie            Hodgson started teaching Aikido at
                                          gained 4th Dan from Master Nocquet,         what was then Teesside Polytechnic,
                                          again at the summer school in               which later transferred to Thornaby
                                          Gujan-Mestras.                              Pavilion. The club is now known as the
                                             In 1995 Eddie decided on a commit-       Rainbow Aikido Club. ☯
                                          ted change of direction and joined the
                                          British Birankai (then called the British
                                          Aikikai upon its inception). He began       Eddie Hodgson 3rd Dan

                                                                                                                           Photo: Ken Pearson

                                          Eddie Hodgson and Melissa Barnet (uke), Durham March 2008

Sakumei Kan

Chief Instructor: Joe Curran 6th Dan, Shidoin

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Kings Walk, Main Gym, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tel: 0191 237 2908

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                    July 2010
Shi Sei Kan (Durham City Aikikai)

Chief Instructor: Arthur Lockyear 4th Dan, Shidoin

Address: Vane Tempest Hall, Maynards Row, Durham City DH1 1QF

Tel: 0191 373 2035
Training days: Tuesday and Thursday

Tempest Aikido Club

Chief Instructor: Paul Kitson 3rd Dan

Address: Fulwell Community Centre, Chapman Street, Fulwell, Sunderland, SR6 8HS

Tel: 0191 5290709 Mobile: 07754 035159
Training days: Wednesday and Sunday


South Manchester Aikido

Chief Instructor (Cadishead): Wellington Tsang 2nd Dan, Fukushidoin

Chief Instructor (Sale): Kevin Hudson 2nd Dan

☯ Sale Scout Hut, Woodbourne Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 3TQ

☯ Fit City Cadishead, Lords Street, Cadishead, Salford M44 5EH

Tel: 07982 452909
Training days: Wednesday (in Caldishead) and Thursday (in Sale)


Shoyukan (Backwell Aikido Club)

Chief Instructor: Simon Williams 1st Dan

Budokan, Backwell Judo Club, off Rodney Road, Backwell, Bristol BS48 3HL

Tel: 01275 859 216
Training days: Monday and Wednesday

July 2010                                                                         B E M U S U B I 

Saku Mei Kan

Chief Instructor: Mark Anderson 1st Dan

The Beach Leisure Centre, Beach Promenade, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB24 5NR

Tel: Martina Swainson 07801 493180
Training days: Monday and Wednesday

SakuYou Kan (Wishaw Aikikai)

Chief Instructor
Stevie Boyle 5th Dan, Shidoin

Wishaw Sports Centre, Alexander Street, Wishaw, Nr Glasgow, Scotland, ML2 0HQ

Tel: 01236 615500 Mobile 07904 066555

Training days
Wednesday and Sunday

Thistle Aikikai                                  hihan Michael Flynn began his       of both Hellenic Birankai and Birankai
                                                 study of Aikido in 1982 at San      Portugal.
Chief Instructor                                 Diego Aikikai under the direction     Thistle Aikikai was established in
Shihan Mike Flynn 6th Dan                 of Shihan TK Chiba. He was promoted        January 2006 and offers beginner
                                          to 6th Dan in 2001, and named Shihan       through to advanced classes in Aikido
Address                                   in June 2005. He was formally              and weapons. All are welcome.
Iain Nicolson Recreation Centre           awarded his Shihan Certificate in          Instruction in Iai Batto Ho, the art of
147 Chryston Way, Chryston                a ceremony at Aikikai Hombu Dojo in        drawing the sword and striking a killing
Nr Glasgow                                Tokyo in November 2006 by the              blow, is also offered at Thistle Aikikai.
Scotland                                  second Doshu, Ueshiba Moriteru. He         ☯
G69 9LE                                   has also received Iaido Shihan title
                                          from Mitsuzuka Sensei. He is the
Website:           Chairman of the British Birankai, and
Email:            also serves as the Technical Director      Shihan Mike Flynn 6th Dan
Tel: 01236 631465
Training days
Adults: Tuesday and Thursday
Children: Tuesday and Thursday

   B E MUSUB I                                                                                                    July 2010
                             Joint Aikikai Council invites
                             Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and his son Waka Sensei
                             Mitsuteru Ueshiba to Cardiff 18-20 June 2010

                                   ikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba,         together in a spirit of unity.               which they were able to convey the
                                   along with his son, Waka Sensei          Ever accessible, both Doshu and           high technical standard of our group.
                                   (Young Master) visited the            Waka Sensei were engaging on and             I want to thank all the members of the
                             United Kingdom to instruct a course         off the mat, providing many opportuni-       Birankai community who supported the
                             from 18-20 June 2010. Sponsored by          ties for introductions and photographs.      event, and while I realize that the
                             the Joint Aikikai Council (the five UK         Also of significance was the recogni-     opportunity for serious, hard practice
                             based organizations affiliated to           tion of Senseis Haydn William Foster,        was impossible due to the numbers,
                             Hombu Dojo), the course was conduct-        Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman, who           I hope that, like me, you were able to
                             ed in Cardiff and was attended by           were promoted by Doshu to 6th Dan            take something from this unique
                             more than 800 people. During the            in recognition of their lifelong study       experience. ☯
                             course, we were treated to an incredi-      and teaching of Aikido and as
                             ble demonstration of pure Aikido by         Pioneers of Aikido in the United
                             both Doshu and Waka Sensei, in              Kingdom.
                             an atmosphere of harmony and                   On Sunday, the senior students
                             enjoyment. Doshu’s dynamic teaching         of Birankai were asked to perform
                             served to bring the entire group            a demonstration for Doshu, through           Shihan Mike Flynn 6th Dan

                             Seated (l-r) Susan Yates, David Yates (BAF), Doshu, Waka Sensei, Jean Pasley (interpreter) and Peter Gillard (BAF Chair)
                             Standing (l-r) Shihan Gordon Jones (UKA), Mr Kodani (Hombu Shidoin), Shihan Matt Holland (SAF), Shihan Terry Ezra (KAA) and
                             Shihan Mike Flynn (BB)
Photos on this page: Guy Needler

                             (l-r) Mark Pickering, Waka Sensei, Doshu, Ian Grubb and Paul Robinson (Members of BB Teaching Committee)

                             July 2010                                                                                                        B E M U S U B I 
                   Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and Waka Sensei Mitsuteru
Photo: Guy Needler
                   Ueshiba, Cardiff 18-20 June 2010

                                                                                                                                                       Photo: Guy Needler
                  Doshu and Shihan Norberto Chiesa (France)              Waka Sensei, Doshu and Davinder Bath (BB Teaching Committee member)
Photo: Davinder Bath

                  (l-r) Senseis Derek Eastman, Doshu, Henry Ellis and Haydn Foster: Presentation of Hombu 6th Dan certficates on 19 June 2010

                                                                                                                                  (l-r) Jonathan Morris,
                                                                                                                                  Tan Chin Soon, Doshu,
                                                                                                                                  Marcel Santiko, Tom
                                                                                                                                  (in front) Hana Otsuka
                                                                                                                                  (Members of Ei Mei Kan
Photo: Asif Afsar

                     B E MUSUB I                                                                                                         July 2010

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