Kindergarten by xumiaomaio


                                                                Supply List 2010-2011

Option 1- Give your child’s teacher $25 and have her purchase the school supplies for you. She can buy the supplies in bulk
and save everyone time and money. If you choose this option, please pay $25 by Meet the Teacher Night.

Option 2-You can purchase the following school supplies for your child & bring them to Meet the Teacher Night.

 1 package of 12 pencils sharpened                    1 - 4 oz. bottle of white school glue (Elmers is best) 1 pair of blunt tip scissors (Fiskars work best)

 3 packs of 2 fat glue sticks                         3 boxes of 24 crayons (Crayola are best)               1 plastic school box 5x8- no handles

 2 bottles of hand sanitizer                          3 boxes of tissue                                      1 box of baby wipes

 4 durable PLASTIC folders w prongs                   2 Reams of copy paper                                  1 headset/headphones

 1 Crayola Washable paints -10 pk (not watercolors) 2 handheld (white or pink) erasers                       1 box of gallon ziplock bags (slide top)

 1 package of 4 black, dry erase markers fine tip     1 package of multi-color construction paper            1 package of white index cards

 2-black & white marble composition books (not spiral) primary edition if possible (top half is blank for drawing—lines on bottom half)

                   ** These Items are the parent/guardian’s responsibility regardless of which option he/she chooses.

 ** 1 towel for rest time- no mats, please **

 ** 1 large backpack-needs to be large enough for a folder to fit in-no wheels **

 ** 1 box of white envelopes (for home use to send money back & forth to school) **

 Thank you for providing your child with these necessary supplies. In Kindergarten certain supplies are considered
 community property. For example: pencils and glue are shared among all students so please forgo purchasing the
 designer pencils, & folders. Please do not label any supplies-only personal articles. (clothing, backpacks, towels, & lunchboxes)Thanks

 ** 1 box of white envelopes (for home use to send money back & forth to school) **

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