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The Journey to the Private Cloud. Presented by Zeeshan Gaya, Senior Analyst for Servers
and Storage Systems, IDC MEA.
The complexity of IT infrastructure is increasing year on year, whether due to the rise in the
hardware installed base, an increase in power consumption, or even because of the need to
cut costs, manage more efficiently, and promote integration between an organization's
business areas. How will virtualization address these new realities of our current times? And
what are the considerations that IT managers and directors need to make in their overall IT
infrastructure when implementing virtualization? How will the security element play out? How
will virtualization help organizations transform their IT infrastructure to become more agile and
responsive? And how will virtualization help us move to the cloud? This presentation will
share insights into finding the answers to these pressing concerns.
Building the Business Case for Clouds. Presented by members of SNIA Europe and the
Middle East committee.
This presentation will cover popular use cases for cloud including storage clouds (i.e.:
backup/archive) and enterprise or application specific clouds including multi-tenancy, private,
and hybrid clouds and explore why people are interested in each use case and options for
building your business case for each use case. SNIA’s Cloud Storage Imitative (CSI) has
created the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard that can assist in cloud
implementations and incorporation into your business case to prevent vendor lock-in or
solution obsolescence. This session will set out to help you understand your options for cloud
and how to create a cloud business case; gain an understanding of how popular cloud use
cases are architected and implemented and help you understand what to put in a RFP/RFI
depending on the cloud use case and the business case build-up.

SNIA Presentations

NOTE: these presentations are developed and validated by the SNIA Europe and are
designed to represent a balanced, vendor-independent view of a particular technology or
Storage Virtualization - What, Why, When, Where, How? Presented by Jaime Demelo.
Storage Virtualization is one of the buzzwords in the industry, especially with the near-
ubiquitous deployment of Storage Networks. But besides all hype, there is a lot of confusion,
too. Companies are using the term virtualization and its characteristics in various and different
forms. This tutorial describes the reasons and benefits of virtualization in a technical and
neutral way.

Storage Considerations for Virtual Servers. Presented by Jean-Michel Carre, IBM.
Server virtualization has transformed the data center. There are many new developments and
considerations in storage to optimize processes and utilization of virtualized server
environments. Learn about the major considerations for storage deployments today and

Green Storage technologies – Capex and Opex. Presented by Ossama Samadoni, Dell.

The best green storage technologies don't just affect power consumption; they can also
significantly reduce your acquisition costs. This presentation takes a financial view of the
green technology and process areas, helping you prioritize your acquisition planning and
attention. We cover green storage technologies, the importance of efficient facilities, and
recent developments in ENERGY STAR regulation of the storage sector. The session will help
you learn how capacity optimization and storage efficiency can help you save money and
reduce your power footprint and understand how efficient facilities can save your company
significant amounts of money.

Trends in application recovery. Presented by Anthony Harrison, Symantec.
From this session you will get an introduction into the challenges and trends in application
backup and recovery. You will be guided through all layers from the service down to the
physical hardware. You will learn how to recover individual lost pieces of information up to the
recovery of the entire application distributed across complex and virtualized environments.
You will get some ideas how to deal with the human factor in IT environments with distributed
responsibilities. Finally the session discusses how to balance service level against cost.

Cloud Storage Security. Presented by Jaytirtha Diddigi, ISIT.

The introduction of computing and data services in a virtualized and service provider context
exposes the customer's information to a new set of threats and vulnerabilities. This session
provides an introduction to those threats and what techniques are available to mitigate the
threats. The session will examine what threats there are to the privacy and accuracy of my
data in a cloud implementation. How you should approach using cloud services in the light of
security concerns and what techniques there are available to protect information in the cloud.

Fibre Channel Futures - Convergence and FCoE. Presented by Adel Gharib, Brocade.

Fibre Channel continues to drive the storage industry to where it is today, and enables the
majority of the SAN market. The Fibre Channel industry brings new levels of speed, security,
and convergence to your data center and continuously innovates to protect your storage
investments. The industry constantly listens to customers and ensures the new and advanced
capabilities of Fibre Channel are made visible to all. The Fibre Channel industry is actively
working 32GFC and 40GFC speeds, and is leading the way with the innovation of FCoE
(Fibre Channel over Ethernet) in order to fulfill the hopes of a truly unified fabric. Fibre
Channel is still growing and is bringing proven solutions trusted by businesses from small to


NOTE: these sessions are delivered by our sponsors and are specific to those particular
vendors. Content of these sessions is not validated by the SNIA Europe.

Start building your agile IT cloud today! Presented by Charbel Zreiby, EMC
With the continuing explosion in data sources and volumes is straining and exceeding the
scalability of traditional data management architectures and approaches, every organization
finds itself in the data business today! Decades old legacy infrastructure architectures are
challenged to scale to Big Data volumes. Traditional approaches to managing these
infrastructures require a huge outlays of resources and increasing costly technical intervention
in a losing battle to keep pace with demand. EMC’s Cloud-ready solution portfolio helps you
facing the challenge of a data-driven world, while driving down the cost of storing “Big Data”.
Start building your private/hybrid IT cloud using unique Unified and Federated Storage
solutions from EMC.

Improve Storage Efficiency in Virtualized Server Environments. Presented by Thomas
Bretscher, Oracle.

While many enterprises are tackling server sprawl issues with the help of virtualization
technologies, this is only part of the equation to reducing data center costs and inefficiencies.
Consolidating storage is another critical component that enterprises must consider. Unified
Storage is an ideal solution for virtualized server environments, providing a common storage
consolidation platform that delivers powerful data protection, simplified provisioning and
storage management, better performance, and tremendous cost efficiencies. Learn how
Oracle’s Unified Storage leads the industry in delivering new levels of storage efficiency to
virtualized server environments.
Building an Efficient Information Infrastructure for Customers - SONAS a scalable and
efficient storage solution for exploding unstructured data. Presented by Paul Rodgers & Jean-
Michel Carre, IBM.

Environments are often segmented by application, with clients having anywhere from 20% to
40% storage utilization, due to “trapped” assets and poor visibility into their storage usage,
using Information Infrastructure Effectiveness we can demonstrate savings typically within the
range of 20% - 25% reduction in new storage spend in year 1, to a 50+% reduction in spend in
over 3-5 years . A large scalable NAS solution addresses the issue of explosion of
unstructured data by providing a centralized storage solution easy to manage, to administer
and scaling seamless for the different cloud environments.

How can Data Reduction Technologies help me and what does HP StoreOnce promise for
Today and for the Future? Presented by Chris Sopp, HP.
Every customer buying Storage or Servers today is interested in some form of Data Reduction
technology, whether it be, some sort of simple, Single file instancing or more professional
forms of hash based Deduplication. Whichever version you may be looking at or may have
deployed, HP StoreOnce will open up new opportunities to use your deduped data right
across your storage environment.

Shared IT Infrastructure. Presented by Presented by Osama Qazi, NetApp
In this presentation NetApp will discuss the transformation that we see happening in the
industry with our customers and partners. Customers are moving toward a more dynamic data
center in order to be able to have a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective dynamic shared
infrastructure in place to deliver IT as a service. NetApp will examine the growth of the market,
how customers are shifting to shared storage infrastructure and setting new buying criteria
and then show how they are enhancing their products to meet these demands.

Do your Clouds have a “DeDuped” Lining? Presented by Mark Galpin, Quantum.

Within this presentation you will learn when and how it may be possible for you to reduce your
data footprint for backup and archived data. Also understand the benefit of using data
reduction techniques to increase the mobility of your data to the cloud.

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