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					                                                                                  Boy Scouts of America                           Catawba County Museum of History
                                                                                  704-864-2694                                    465-0383

 Recreation &
                                                                                  1222 East Franklin Boulevard                    30 North College Avenue
                                                                                  Gastonia, NC 28053                              Newton, NC 28658
                                                                                   Contact for information about Boy               In the 1924 Courthouse, on the square in
                                                                                   Scouting in your community. Designed            Newton. Museum exhibits feature the
                                                                                   to develop character, citizenship, and          history of the Catawba Valley, including

                                                                                   personal fitness.                               folk art, a medical gallery, 1900’s law
                                                                                                                                   office, jail cell, pottery, furniture, and Civil
                                                                                  Bunker Hill Covered Bridge                       War gallery.
                                                                                   Hwy. 70 East beyond Claremont.                 Catawba Science Center
                                                                                   Historic covered bridge, trails, and picnic    322-8169
                                                                                   areas.                                         243 3rd Avenue NE
                                                                                                                                  Hickory, NC 28601
                                                                                  Catawba County 4-H Youth Programs     
                                                                                  465-8242                                         Provides hands-on science and
                                                                                  NC Cooperative Extension Service                 technology for all ages, special
                                                                                  P.O. Box 389                                     programs and exhibits. Also features a
                                                                                  Newton, NC 28658                                 special play and learning center for
                                                                                   Provides educational, social, and               preschool children.
                                                                                   recreational activities for young children.
                                                                                   Contact Livestock Agent for names of           Girl Scout Council of the Catawba
                                                                                   farms currently available for tours.           Valley
                                                                                  Catawba County Council for the Arts             530 4th Street SW
                                                                                  324-4906                                        Hickory, NC 28602
                                                                                  P.O. Box 1004                         
                                                                                  Hickory, NC 28603                                Girl Scouting offers a variety of
                                                                                                     programs for girls ages 5-17 to build
                                                                                   Provides the quarterly “Art Beat”               character and skills for future success;
                                                                                   publication which lists all art exhibits,       an accepting environment where girls
                                                                                   theatre activities, library workshops,          discover the fun, friendship, and power
                                                                                   musical happenings, historical lectures,        of girls together.
                                                                                   and other cultural interests.
                                                                                                                                  Hickory Community Theatre
                                                                                  Catawba County Firefighters Museum              327-3855
                                                                                  466-0911                                        30 3rd Street NW
                                                                                  3957 Herman Sipe Road                           Hickory, NC 28601
                                                                                  Conover, NC 28613                     
                                                                                   Displays fire trucks, uniforms, and             Live drama theatre open to children and
                                                                                   historical information about fighting fires     adults as audience or participants.
                                                                                   in Catawba County.
                                                                                                                                  Hickory Museum of Art
                                                                                  Catawba County Historical Association           327-8576
                                                                                  466-2471                                        243 3rd Avenue NE
                                                                                  30 North College Avenue                         Hickory, NC 28601
                                                                                  Newton, NC 28658                      
                                                                                                   Provides permanent art exhibits as well
                                                                                   Provides information and exhibits               as themed, rotating exhibits. Children’s
                                                                                   describing origins of Catawba County            activities available.
                                                                                   and surrounding area from prehistoric to

Chapter 6: Recreation & Entertainment                                  Page 27
Parent’s Helpbook                       Catawba County Partnership for Children   Parent’s Helpbook: Recreation & Entertainment                                           Page 28
Libraries                                       Maple Grove Home                                Parks and                                          Hickory Parks and Recreation
Call or visit your closest library for          322-4731                                        Public Recreation Facilities                       322-7046
information about story times, puppet           542 2nd Street NE                                                                                  Highland Recreation Center
shows, musical presentations, and more.         Hickory, NC 28601                               Catawba County Parks                               1451 8th Street Drive NE
SMART START has provided children’s                           P.O. Box 389                                       Hickory, NC 28601
computers and software, parenting                Historic home built in 1883, specially         100 A South West Boulevard                          Provides public parks with such
materials, multicultural collections, and        decorated at Christmas.                        Newton, NC 28658                                    recreational activities as basketball
other resources at all library locations in                                                            courts, playgrounds, picnic shelters,
Catawba County.                                 Murray’s Mill Historic Site                      Opportunities for fishing, hiking, and             sports competition fields, walking and
                                                241-4299                                         wildlife observation, plus horseback riding        fitness trails, swimming pools, boat docks
Catawba County Library Branches                 1489 Murray’s Mill Road                          trails, mountain biking trails, and canoe/         and ramps, and others.
• Newton - Main Branch                          Catawba, NC 28609                                kayak access to the Catawba River.                • Brown Penn Recreation Center
  465-8665                                       A working gristmill museum powered by a         Check in at the ranger station.                     328-4890
  115 West C Street                              waterwheel, 1890’s county store and folk        • River Bend Park                                   115 7th Avenue SW in Hickory.
                                                 art gallery.
  Newton, NC 28658                                                                                 256-9157 or 312-4834                            • Civitan Park
• Claremont                                     Old St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
                                                                                                   6700 NC Hwy. 16 North in Conover                  327-9737
  459-9311                                                                                         Follow Hwy. 16 North from Hickory; take           460 17th Avenue NE in Hickory.
                                                                                                   the last driveway to the right before
  3288 East Main Street                         2035 Old Conover-Startown Road
                                                                                                   crossing the Oxford Dam Bridge.                 • Cliff Teague Park
  Claremont, NC 28610                           Newton, NC 28658
• Conover                                        Founded in 1757, the oldest church in the       • Bakers Mountain Park                              1125 C Avenue SE in Hickory.
                                                 county.                                           324-8461 or 312-4844                            • Fairbrook Optimist Park
  466-5108                                                                                                                                           323-1961
  101 1st Street East                                                                              6680 Bakers Mountain Road
                                                Propst Victorian House                             Bakers Mountain can be seen off                   1560 4th Avenue SE in Hickory.
  Conover, NC 28613
                                                322-4731                                           Highway 127 in Mountain View. The               • Glenn C. Hilton, Jr. Memorial Park
• Maiden                                        3rd Avenue and 6th Street NE                       park entrance is located on Bakers                322-1989
  428-2712                                      Hickory, NC 28601                                  Mountain Road just off Old Shelby                 2000 6th Street NW in Hickory.
  11 South A Avenue                              Historic house originally built in 1883.          Road.
  Maiden, NC 28650                                                                                                                                 • Henry River Regional Recreation
• Sherills Ford                                 Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club              Conover City Parks                                   Park
  428-2729                                      322-3066 ext. 229                               464-1191
                                                750 3rd Avenue Place SE                         101 1st Street East                                  5655 Sweet Bay Lane in Hickory.
  8456 Sherrills Foard Road
  Sherrills Ford, NC 28673                      Hickory, NC 28602                               Conover, NC 28613                                  • Hickory City Park
                                                 Provides sports activities, recreation,         Provides playgrounds, picnic facilities,
• Southwest                                      after-school tutoring for community youth,      walking trails, basketball courts, ball fields.
                                                                                                                                                     1515 12th Street Drive NW in Hickory.
  2944 Highway 127 South
                                                 and more.                                      • Downtown Park                                    • Hickory Optimist Park
  Hickory, NC 28602                                                                               2nd Avenue NE in Conover (behind Post              328-1553
                                                YMCA                                              Office).
• St. Stephens                                   Puts Christian principles into practice
                                                                                                                                                     751 2nd Avenue SW in Hickory.
  256-3030                                       through programs to build strong kids,         • Hines Park                                       • Highland Recreation Center
  3225 Springs Road                              families, and communities.                       4th Street SW in Conover (across from              328-3997
                                                                                                  Boyles Furniture).
  Hickory, NC 28601                             • Adrian Shuford YMCA                                                                                1451 8th Street Drive NE in Hickory
                                                  464-6130                                      • Hunsucker Park                                     (with Stanford Park).
Hickory Public Library Branches                   1104 Conover Boulevard East in                  8th Avenue NE in Conover (off of                 • Jaycee Park
• Patrick Beaver Memorial Library                 Conover.                                        Highway 16N, before I-40 interchange).             322-7046
  304-0500                                      • Hickory Foundation YMCA                       • Southwest Park                                     1515 12th Street Drive NW in Hickory.
  375 Third Street NE                             324-2858                                        4th Street Place SW and 2nd Street SW            • Geitner-Rotary Park
  Hickory, NC 28603                               701 1st Street NW in Hickory.                   in Conover.                                        328-8240
• Ridgeview                                     • Valley Connection YMCA                        • Travis Park                                        2035 12th Avenue Dr. NW in Hickory.
  327-2972                                        322-7690                                        6th Street Court NW (off of County Home          • Kiwanis Park
  701 1st Street SW                               Highway 70 SE and Startown Road In              Road) in Conover.                                  322-7636
  Hickory, NC 28602                               Hickory.                                                                                           805 6th Street SE in Hickory.

Parent’s Helpbook: Recreation & Entertainment                                         Page 29   Parent’s Helpbook: Recreation & Entertainment                                         Page 30
• McComb Park / Patrick Beaver                  Newton Recreation Department
                                                                                                                    Eat Smart, Move More!
  Memorial Garden
                                                P.O. Box 550                                   Childhood obesity is a growing problem in our nation, our state … and
  421 5th Avenue Place NE in Hickory.
                                                Newton, NC 28658                               right here in Catawba County. Here are some quick and easy ideas and
• Neill W. Clark, Jr. Recreation Park            Provides sporting activities, playgrounds,    resources to encourage you and your family to embrace healthy
  324-6990                                       picnic facilities, swimming facilities,       behaviors. Make a decision to Eat Smart and Move More today!
  3404 6th Street Drive NW in Hickory.           walking trails, playing fields/courts, and
• Ridgeview Recreation Center                    more.                                         Tame the Tube…                                   Prepare More Meals at Home…
  324-8007                                      • Central Recreation Facilities                Plan how much TV you and your family are         Plan meals for your family for a week,
  115 7th Avenue SW in Hickory (with              465-7477                                            going to watch. Set clear limits          two weeks, or longer - whatever works
  Taft Broome Park and Brown Penn                 South Ervin Avenue in Newton.
                                                                                                      and be a good role model for your         for you. Make a list of all of the food
  Recreation Center).
                                                • East Park                                           children. Make a list of activities       you will need, and then stick to your
• Southside Heights Park                          South Ervin Avenue and East “E” Street              you want to do instead of watching        healthy plan. Keep it simple! Eat
  1400 2nd Street SW in Hickory.                  in Newton.                                   TV. Don’t keep the TV on all of the time         together as a family, without the TV,
• St. Stephens Park and Pool                    • Little Brook Park                            at your home. When you do watch, talk            and talk to each other as you eat.
  256-9014                                        US Hwy. 321 and South College                about what you’ve seen with your kids.           Eating at home equals eating healthy!
  2250 36th Avenue NW in Hickory.                 Avenue in Newton.
• Stanford Park                                 • Newton Recreation Center                     Right-Size your Portions…
  328-3997                                        695-4317
  1451 8th Street Drive NE in Hickory,                                                         If you order take-out, don’t super-size! Otherwise, remember that the
                                                  23 South Brady Avenue in Newton.
                                                                                               secret to a “serving size” is in your hand. Here are some general rules:
  with Highland Recreation Center.
                                                • Northside Park                               • A fist or cupped hand = 1 cup of food (1 serving equals ½ cup of cereal, rice or
• Taft Broome Park and Pool                       East 22nd Street at College Avenue in          pasta, 1 cup of raw leafy green vegetables, or ½ cup of raw vegetables or fruit)
  115 7th Avenue SW in Hickory (at                Newton.
                                                                                               • A thumb = 1 ounce (1 serving equals 1½-2 ounces of low-fat cheese)
  Brown Penn Recreation Center and
  Ridgeview Recreation Center).
                                                • Southside Community Building                 • A handful = about 1-2 ounces (1 serving equals 1 ounce of nuts or 2 ounces of
                                                  1771 South US 321 Business (also               pretzels)
• West Hickory Park and Pool                      known as the “Fireman’s Hut”).               • Palm of your hand = about 3 ounces (1 serving equals 3 ounces of meat)
  830 16th Street SW in Hickory
                                                • Southside Park                               • Tip of your thumb = 1 teaspoon (Keep high fat foods such as peanut butter and
                                                  South on Business 321, behind NG               mayonnaise at a minimum by measuring the serving with the tip of your thumb,
• Westmont Recreation Center                      Armory in Newton                               from the knuckle up.)
  1316 Main Avenue Drive NW in Hickory.
                                                • Westside/Jaycee Park                         • Tennis ball = 1 serving of fruit (Healthy diets include 2-4 servings of fruit daily.)
                                                  US Hwy. 321 and West “J” Street in
• Winkler Park                                    Newton.                                      Choose to Move More Everyday…                   Re-Think your Drink…
  2500 Clement Blvd. NW in Hickory (next
                                                                                               Commit to take a walk every day - even          Limit juice and soft drinks. Encourage
  to L.P. Frans Stadium).
                                                                                               if it’s just for 10 minutes. Choose the         your family to drink water, at least 6-8
Longview Recreation Center                                                                     stairs instead of the elevator. Park            eight-ounce glasses each day. Children
322-3921                                                                                       farther away and walk. Have fun with            1-2 years old need 2 cups of whole milk
2404 1st Avenue SW                                                                             your kids - dance in the living                 a day. Older children and adults should
Hickory, NC 28602                                                                              room or kick a ball in the yard.                drink fat-free or low-fat milk.
 Recreation center includes adult and                                                          Simply put - move more!
 kiddie pool, snack bar, and lockers.
                                                                                               Enjoy More Fruits and Veggies…                        For more information, go to
Maiden Recreation Center
                                                                                               Eat 2-3 servings of fruit per day, and    
207 East Klutz Street                                                                          3-5 servings of vegetables a day. To                    To find out the childhood
Maiden, NC 28650                                                                               maximize the health benefits, choose              obesity prevention efforts that are
 Provides sports activities for youth,                                                         fruits and vegetables in a variety of             happening here in Catawba County,
 walking trail, picnic area, playground, and                                                   colors. Depending on the color, they                call the Catawba County Health
 more.                                                                                         offer a wide variety of nutrients that              Partners at 695-5818 or go to
                                                                                               your body needs to be healthy.              

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