UCSB powerpoint by zhangyun


									   University California of
       Santa Barbara

By: Chenelle Thompson
    Felica Alfonso

•   There mascot is a Gauchos.
•   UCSB is known for there studies in science
•   The college was found in 1905
•   UCSB motto is Fiat Lux which means “Let There
    Be Light”
• Its location is 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles
• It lies in a small city of Santa Barbara.
• Campus facilities are seawater lavatories, marine science, nature
• Its close to the beach.
• Campus size is 1,055 acres on the coast of California.
• It is located in a suburban area.

• Bachelor's , Master’s, Doctoral
• The bachelor’s degree that is most popular is for
    social sciences.
•   There classes are quarter system.
•   49% applicants are accepted.
•   To get accepted you need the SAT and ACT.
    Essay’s are also required.
Student Population

• 18,892 students attend this college.
• There is 55% women and 45% men.
• So the majority of students are Hispanic and
•   Most of the people have a GPA of 3.75 or
•   It is a diverse student body which means a
    variety of ethnicities.
Common Student Profile

• The type of person you would be most
 likely to see at this school is a 29 year old
 woman studying science.
   Programs/ Majors
• College of Engineering: Computer Science,
  Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
• College of Letters and Sciences:
Communication, English, Film and Media Studies,
 Marine Science, Music, Theater, Speech
• College of Creative Studies:
Biology, Biochemistry, Computer Science,
Key clubs

• Choir groups, Opera, Dance, Sorority and
 Fraternities, Modeling ,Concert Band, Jazz
 Band .

• Known for Women’s Basketball
• Also known for Men’s Soccer Teams
• Men’s Soccer Team went to the NCAA.
    Cost of Housing and Supplies
•   Living on campus annual cost is: $27,257.
•   Books & Supplies: $1,437
•   On-Campus – Room & Board$10,876
•   Fall :$218.18
•   Winter:$218.18
•   Spring:$218.18
•   Three-Quarter Total:$654.54
•   California Resident Total: $9,501.54
Fall :$218.18
• Winter:$218.18
• Spring:$218.18
• Three-Quarter Total:$654.54
• California Resident Total :9,501.54

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