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									             62. Project of Wind Power Generation Industrialization in

I. Basic Information of Project
1. Construction Location: Tiexi District, Shenyang
2. Total Investment: RMB 3 billion yuan
3. Construction Period: 2007~2009
4. Construction Content: By introducing internationally advanced technology of
wind power generation, it is to construct the production project with annual output of
1500 sets of 850KW ~ 1.5MW wind power generator units
5. Market Profit Analysis and Forecast: Wind power generation project is national
key support project, is green & environmental friendly and sustainable development
project, which conforms to the national industrial policy. At present, wind power
generation project is carried out in various places of the nation. Through over 20 years
of development of wind power generation in our country, by the end of 2005 the
accumulative wind power generator units installed were 1864 sets, total installed
capacity was 1266 KW, which only accounts for 0.2% of total planned installed
capacity in the country. Now China’s wind power development is still at the starting
period. By 2010 and 2020, our wind power installed capacity will reach 5000KW and
30000KW respectively. However, the leading countries in wind power generation
development are such developed countries as Germany, US, Spain etc., their power
volume of wind power generation has accounted for above 5% of total power output.
The prospect of wind power generation is great in our country. If it is calculated that
installed capacity of each kilowatt should invest RMB 7000 yuan, the market scale of
wind power equipment in China will exceed RMB 200 billion yuan in future 15 years.
500 sets of 1.5KW generator units will be installed each year during five yeas from
2006 to 2010 and 1666 sets of 1.5 KW generator units will be installed each year
during10 years from 2011 to 2020. In NDRC Notice on Related Requirement of Wind
Power Construction and Management issued by NDRC, it clearly asks that
nationalization rate of wind power equipment should reach above 70%, those wind
power fields which can’t meet the requirement of nationalization rate are not allowed
to be constructed, the customs should collect tax according to regulations for imported
equipment. Shenyang City has some advantage in the technology of wind power
generation equipment;meanwhile there are great wind power generation market in
northeast three provinces and Inner Mongolia. Therefore, it will have a broad prospect
to develop industrialization of wind power generation equipment.
6. Economic Profit Analysis
Output Value: At present, the wind power generation equipment will be RMB7000
yuan / kilowatt. The project will produce 1000 sets of 850KW generator units and 500
sets of 1.5KW generator units and can realize output value of RMB 11.2 billion yuan.
Profit and tax: RMB 3 billion yuan
7. Investment Recovery Period: 5 years
8. Cooperation Mode: Joint venture, cooperation
II. Contact Method
Contact Person: Wang Xin
Tel: 024-22721132
Fax: 024-22720662

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