Difference Between The Rich and Everyone Else by bayugisje


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									Difference Between The Rich and Everyone Else

It's common understanding that only 3 of the people are living slightly higher than paycheck to
paycheck or even worse. So what is the difference between the 3 of the people?

Most of the 3 make decisions that the 97 of people never make the decision to truly go after their
dreams. Often times, when they do make the decision to go after their dreams, they quickly
become frozen with fear, don't do anything with their decision and then use the excuse, "that
doesn't work" for the rest of their life.

If you have a burning desire within you to live a better life and get better results, then it is vitally
important that you begin to make decisions that will bring you better results. Once you've made
the decision, follow through with it until you have achieved that goal. Make no mistake, there
will be challenges and pitfalls, persist through them and the results you will achieve will shock
and amaze you.

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