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									              West Valley Flying Club Safety Seminars
                              Revision: November 10, 2003
  Date    Location Seminar                                               Presenter
12-Nov-03   PAO Know Your Systems                                        Richard Terrill
19-Nov-03   SQL    How to Pass Your Checkride                            John Pyle

10-Dec-03    PAO   PAO Tower - Communication Tips                        PAO Tower Staff
17-Dec-03    SQL   Flying Sea Planes                                     Bigfoot Air

14-Jan-04    PAO   High Altitude Physiology & Endorsements               Barbara Mock
21-Jan-04    SQL   Transition to Twin Engine Aircraft                    Peter Del Vecchio

11-Feb-04    PAO   Flying to Alaska                                      Nick Ulman
18-Feb-04    SQL   GPS for VFR Pilots                                    David Zittin

10-Mar-04    PAO   FARs Demystified                                      Mike Shiflett
17-Mar-04    SQL   The All-Glass Cockpit                                 Steve Blonstein

14-Apr-04    PAO   Engine Management                                     Kevin Pinger
21-Apr-04    SQL   Tailwheel Transition                                  Nick Ulman

12-May-04    PAO   Handling In-Flight Emergencies                        Ken Frank
19-May-04    SQL   Precision Landings (and Other Secrets)                Josh Smith

 9-Jun-04    PAO   Mountain Flying / A Day Trip to Tahoe                 Scott Stauter
16-Jun-04    SQL   Autopilots For VFR and IFR Pilots                     Chuck Hellweg

 14-Jul-04   PAO   Moving On Up: Transition to High Perf/Cplx Aircraft   Dave Fry
 21-Jul-04   SQL   SQL Tower - Communication Tips                        SQL Tower

11-Aug-04    PAO   Stalls and Slow Speed Aerodynamics                    Laine Tammer
18-Aug-04    SQL   Single and Multi-Pilot CRM                            Sanjay Singh

 8-Sep-04    PAO   Why Smart Pilots Do Dumb Things                       Ken Gottfredson
15-Sep-04    SQL   METAR/TAF and Weather Go/No-Go Decisions              Steve Blonstein

13-Oct-04    PAO   Trigger Video                                         Carmen D'Agostino
20-Oct-04    SQL   Intro to IFR / Single-Pilot IFR                       Darryl Kalthoff

10-Nov-04    PAO   Formation Flying                                      Martin Michaud
 17-Nov-04    SQL    Mountain Flying in Winter                           Dave Zittin

  8-Dec-04    PAO    How to Pass Your Checkride                          John Pyle
 15-Dec-04    SQL    Flying the Bay Tour                                 Jim Roach

Other Ideas          Bay Area Weather Patterns
                     Internet Weather Sources
                     How to Bust a TFR - Post 9/11 TFRs & SUAs
                     Flying In the Bay Area At Night
                     Controlled Flight Into Terrain
                     PC and Internet Flight Planning
                     VFR Communication Review
                     After PP Checkride - Continuing Training Ideas
                     Aircraft Icing - When It Happens/How to Avoid
                     Loss Of Control - When It Happens, What to Do
                     Practical Instrument Flying - After the Checkride
                     FAR Refresher
                     Surviving an Off-Airport Landing
                     Flight Bag Contents                                 (Steve Blonstein)
                     Saving Time and Money in Flight Training            (Nick Ulman)
                     A Visit From Oakland Flight Service Station
                     A Visit From Norcal TRACON

                     Paul Kling - Transition to High Performance?
                     Richard Terrill - Adanced AC Topic?

Committed Backups:   Larry Capots - Flying At Uncontrolled Airports
                     John Pyle - How to Pass Your Checkride
                     Mike Shiflett - How to Pass Your Checkride

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