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                   DECEMBER/JANUARY 2007-08


        NEW                                                                  Make Contacts. Get Contracts:
    PARTNERSHIP                                                              BUSINESS for EVERYBODY!
                                                                               NJAWBO’s 10th Annual Procurement Event & Expo
      New Digs                                                                Make Contacts. Get Contracts: Business for Everybody!
           By Penni Nafus, WBC Director                                         February 13, 2008 at the Pines Manor in Edison
                                                                                            Doors open at 8:00 AM
      The New Jersey Association of Women
Business Owners’ Women’s Business Center                            Pe o p l e                                                                              women and
Director Penni K. Nafus and Peapack Gladstone                  who have at-                                                                                 minority busi-
Bank’s Chairman and CEO Frank A. Kissel have                   tended this                                                                                  ness owners.
announced a new collaborative initiative that will             event once,                                                                                  ·• An expo
link the technical assistance and educational                  come back                                                                                    with corpora-
mission of the WBC with the community out-                     year after year.                                                                             tions, educa-
reach activities of Peapack Gladstone Bank.                    In 2007 we had                                                                               tional institu-
      Key to the initiative will be the relocation of          almost 300                                                                                   tions, small
NJAWBO’s WBC headquarters to the Chatham                       people regis-                                                                                businesses,
branch of Peapack Gladstone Bank at 311 Main                   tered, more                                                                                  government
                                                                                 New Jersey Natural Gas buyers talking about procurement opportunities with
Street in Chatham. Director Nafus says, “At a time             than 50 display event attendees at the 2007 Procurement Expo.                                agencies and
when many non-profit agencies are curtailing                   tables and in excess of 100 one-on-one pre-                other organizations so you can learn how to
programs because of budgeting issues, I am very                set appointments. NJAWBO will again partner                utilize their services or they yours.
grateful for the extraordinarily generous support              with a number of other organizations so that • Pre-set 10 minute one-on-one appointments
of the Bank that will allow our Center to provide              under one roof you have:                                   to sell your business services and products
additional programming and services to the                     • Corporate and government buyers looking                  to buyers who are looking to purchase them.
women of New Jersey who are now opening busi-                     to outsource their purchasing needs to •Sessions on why you should be certified and
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                                                                        What’s Inside
   A Message From Our President .............................................. 2            The Bottom Line...A NJAWBO Member Benefit ..................... 6
   Marketing Tips ..................................................................... 3   Regain Control of Your Life ................................................... 7
   NJAWBO Headquarters Has Moved ...................................... 3                   We Need Your Imput ............................................................ 8
   New Member ID Card Unveiled ............................................ 3               Membership Corner ............................................................. 8
   NJAWBO Welcomes New Members ..................................... 4                      Fitzpatrick Receives Governor’s Appointment ..................... 10
   Member/Chapter News ......................................................... 5          Paula Direct ........................................................................ 11
   Women Wide Web................................................................ 6         Hot Resources .................................................................... 13
   Dates To Remember ............................................................. 6        NJAWBO Corporate Sponsors ............................................ 14

    A Message From Our President
                                                                                                     The Bottom Line is the official publication of the New
                                                                                                     Jersey Association of Women Business Owners, Inc.
Retain. Recruit. Win-Win Growth.                                                                     (NJAWBO). It is published 6 times a year and has a
                                                                                                     readership of more than 1,400.

      NJAWBO’s focus this year is on increasing                                                      NJAWBO
membership, increasing diversity to better reflect NJ                                                Windsor Business Park, Bldg. 4B
                                                                                                     186 Princeton Hightstown Road
women business owners, increasing corporate spon-                                                    West Windsor, NJ 08550
                                                                                                     (609) 799-5101 / Fax: (609) 799-5141
sorship dollars, increasing business transactions                                                    e-mail:
                                                         ROSEMARIE STRAWN
between members and corporate sponsors and                                                           website:
among members, improving teamwork and com-                                                           NJAWBO’s
                                                                                                     Women’s Business Center (WBC)
munications and increasing public relations. Join us in our effort to move forward and upwards.      Peapack Gladstone Bank
                                                                                                     311 Main Street
      In an effort to improve teamwork and communications between the state and our members,         Chatham, NJ 07928
I’ll be sending out email messages summarizing main points from our executive and board of           (973)-507-9700 / Fax: (973)-507-9698
trustees meetings. Feel free to follow up with additional questions or comments. We will all         website:
benefit from open and frequent interactions.                                                         Advisor
      We need your help to retain and recruit members. What else can we do to keep you as a                  Gordon
                                                                                                     Marian Gordon State VP Marketing
                                                                                                     Imprint On Us
valued member? What would make our organization more attractive to invite your women busi-           8811 River Road, North Bergen, NJ 07047
                                                                                                     (201) 313-1900/ Fax: (201) 313-3377
ness colleagues? Share your ideas with your VP of membership. With increased membership,             e-mail:
there is greater opportunity to network with others whom you can work with and do business with      Managing Editor/Advertising Manager
for win-win growth.                                                                                  Linda Abedrabbo
      Some recent successful events included the Southern Region Oktoberfest at Gardner’s Basin      134 Greenwood Road, Morganville, NJ 07751
Aquarium in Atlantic City, the Middlesex-Somerset Chapter open house at Middlesex County             (732) 591-2954 / Fax: (732) 591-0969
College in Edison, and many other chapter events. If you didn’t attend, make an effort to do so at
                                                                                                     Associate Editor
the next opportunity. Near future events include Public Policy Day in Trenton, the NJAWBO Busi-      Lisa Fahoury
ness Expo and Holiday Cabaret in Totowa and many other local chapter events. Check the master        Fahoury Ink
                                                                                                     201 Gregory Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052-
calendar to plan your schedule early.                                                                4529
                                                                                                     (973) 324-2100
      We’re all in this together. Your success is our success. Wishing you great health, happiness   e-mail:
and prosperity. Remember, I am not only the president, but I’m also a woman business owner.
                                                                                                     Dawn M. Nakash
                                                                                                     Daybreak Marketing Services, Inc.
     Share Some Cheer,                                                                                .
                                                                                                     P O. Box 1348
     Rosemarie I. Strawn, MBA, NJAWBO President                                                      Jackson, NJ 08527
                                                                                                     (732)-901-7836 Fax: (732)-901-7837
                                                                                                     Christine Rose
                                                                                                     Office Support Online
                 “Do the one thing you think you cannot do.                                          1202 Merrywood Drive
                                                                                                     Edison, NJ 08817
                Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time.                                    (732)-819-8540 Fax: (732)-875-0568
                 The only people who never tumble are those
                                                                                                     Melissa Norcross
                        who never mount the high wire.                                               AMBLER Growth Strategy Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                                     3432 Reading Avenue
                         This is your moment. Own it.”                                               Hammonton, NJ 08037 USA
                                         Oprah Winfrey                                               (609)-567-9669 Fax: (609)-567-3810


         Marketing Tips                               NJAWBO Headquarters has Moved!
     What We                                           Our lease was up October 31, 2007 and NJAWBO’s Women’s Business Center was offered
   Can Learn from                                  complimentary space at the Peapack Gladstone Bank in Chatham. So NJAWBO scaled down

    WAL-MART                                       and moved to West Windsor. The NJAWBO Headquarters location address and contact infor-
                                                   mation is now:
             By Barbara Zaccone
                                                                                   NJAWBO Headquarters
                                                                                Windsor Business Park, Bldg 4B
       The latest news of Wal-Mart’s new mar-
                                                                                186 Princeton Hightstown Road
 keting strategy can serve as a lesson and re-
 minder to all of us that we need to craft our
                                                                                   West Windsor, NJ 08550
 message to focus on the customer. For more                                          Ph: 609-799-5101
 than two decades, Wal-Mart was singing the                                          Fax: 609-799-5141
 tune of “Always Low Prices” until just re-                                      Email:
 cently. It is replacing it with “Save Money.
 Live Better.” So simple and so brilliant.                                   Please visit us when you are in the area!
       The essence behind the new campaign
 comes from an economic study carried out
 for the retailer by Global Insight, an eco-
 nomic consultancy, which claims that the
                                                            New Member ID Card Unveiled
 company’s price-cutting efforts saved U.S.
 consumers $2,500 per household in 2006.
 Most politicians would be thrilled to tout
 such numbers to their constituents.
       The new television advertising will de-
 liver a more emotional brand message as
 opposed to a product-focused message.
 For example, “What will you do with your
       Marketing 101 has always told us to
 describe our products and services in terms
 of the benefits our customers will achieve.
 Also known as the radio station WIFM –                  Each NJAWBO member will soon receive the new NJAWBO ID card.
 (What’s in it for me?), the “Live Better” el-           Cards will be sent out as current members renew their memberships. New members will
 ement of the new slogan also reflects Wal-        receive a card with their name badge after they join. ID cards started going out with the July new
 Mart’s drive to improve its reputation on a       members and renewals.
 variety of environmental and social issues.             The card shows your name and that you are in good standing with the organization. In addi-
       How can you create your own unique          tion, it shows your original join date, membership status and expiration date.
 benefits statement? Below are a few thought             Please carry this with you should you need to identify yourself as a NJAWBO member,
 provoking questions you can use to begin          especially at events of affiliated or reciprocal organizations.
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                         NJAWBO Welcomes NEW MEMBERS
                                       Please welcome these newest members to NJAWBO.
                                     Be sure to introduce yourself and say “Hello” at meetings.

    Bergen                                              Elizabeth Stelling                         Benni Versaci
    Cheryl Cave                                         CookAppeal                                 Spectrum Geriatric Care Management
    Pat Halligan Kissel
    A to Z School of Real Estate
    Kathleen Velazquez
                                                        Middlesex-Somerset                         Passaic
                                                        Tamar Minond                               Susan Capalbo
    Cartridge World
                                                        X Pak USA LLC.                             Capalbo’s Gift Baskets
                                                                                                   Renee Chirico
    Essex                                               Monmouth-Ocean                             Liberty Lincoln Mercury Inc
    Teresa Mendoza                                                                                 Diane Cohen
                                                        Christine Curran
    Mendoza Media LLC                                                                              Business Environments
                                                        Little Village Daycare & Learning Center
    Suzanne Serio                                                                                  Marie Coppola
                                                        Joan Feldman
    The Pampered Chef                                                                              Salonsi
                                                        Muffs-Cuffs By Joan
                                                                                                   Donna Fillweber
                                                        Cathyann Frank
                                                                                                   lia Sophia
    Hunterdon                                           Central Jersey Bank, N.A.
                                                                                                   Jill Futterweit
    Loretta Klausman                                    Maureen Jerolis
                                                                                                   Stellar Creations, LLC
    Dogwood Lane Custom Silks, LLC.                     Service Side Air
                                                                                                   Kyra Gardner
    Lisa van den Woldenberg                             Barbara Moses-Haratz
                                                                                                   Business Environments
    Direct Consulting, Inc.                             Design RN/ Design Renaissance
                                                                                                   Joanne Johnson
                                                        Suzanne Parchment
                                                                                                   Russ Berrie Institute@
                                                        Amy Shui
    Mercer                                              Gulfstream Financial Corporation
                                                                                                   William Patterson University
    Mary Applegate                                                                                 Fatima Pearn
    Sounds of Sign, Inc.                                                                           PNC Bank
    Lisa Edelstein                                      Morris
    SHM Mailers                                         Toni Donofrio
    Nina Golder                                         Career Management Group, LLC
                                                                                                   Julie Gablin
    Nina Golder Design LLC                              Ana Jones
                                                                                                   Alegre Designs
    Alicia Petty                                        Home Interiors
    Petals Event Management, LLC                        Paula Robb
    Sharyn Rudofsky                                     Career Directions LLC                      Union
    Occupational Therapy Associates of Princeton, LLC   Karin Schluer                              Ivy Tabor
    Lai Smith                                           Karin & Co., LLC                           Beaux Art Green, LLC
    The Provident Bank                                  Beth Tutty                                 Patricia Woolley
    Mary Lou Spang                                      Women’s Golf Connection, LLC               A&E Mailers, Inc.
    Spangles, LLC


                                             Member/Chapter NEWS
BERGEN                                               MERCER                                               SOUTHERN REGION
     Debra Barnett Sagurton, Barnett Design,                       Puppo,
                                                          Amanda Puppo, MarketReach, was cho-                  NJAWBO’s Southern Region chapters
has been honored with two awards in the 2007         sen as a finalist in the Make Mine a Million         came together to celebrate a first annual
American Graphic Design Competition. Win-            Contest. Sponsored by Count Me In, the pro-          Oktoberfest at the historic Gardner’s Basin
ning pieces and their creators are noted for their   gram provides a combination of funding,              Aquarium in Atlantic City. Says Southern Re-
outstanding excellence in design. The two            mentoring, marketing and technology tools to         gion President Gwen Faulkner, “The goal of
award-winning pieces, selected from more than        help women entrepreneurs grow their busi-            the event was to gain visibility in the southern
10,000 entries nationwide, are an annual report      nesses from micro to millions. MarketReach,          counties so other women business owners
and a promotional event campaign, both cre-          which offers solutions in telephone marketing        know who we are and that we are out there to
ated for the medical industry. They are featured     and appointment setting, was chosen as a fi-         help them.”Atlantic County Executive Dennis
in Graphic Design USA’s Awards Annual, which         nalist from 600 applications.                        Levinson spoke to attendees about the amaz-
was published in December.                           MONMOUTH/OCEAN                                       ing things that are happening throughout South
     Gayle M. Gruenberg, CPA, Let’s Get                                    Fitzpatrick          So-
                                                          Sue Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick Printing So-       Jersey. NJAWBO State President Rosemarie
Organized, LLC, was featured in “Organizing          lutions was appointed by Governor Jon Corzine
                                                     lutions,                                             Strawn addressed the crowd about NJAWBO’s
the Empty Nest” in The Record and Herald News.       to the Minority and Women’s Business Devel-          mission and opened the floor to questions.
ESSEX                                                opment Advisory Council.                             Finally, keynote speaker Michelle Dawn
                                                                                                          Mooney, NBC 40 news anchor, spoke about
                                                     PASSAIC                                              the struggles and successes that women share,
                                                                      Here There,
                                                           Liz Gruen, Here & There, LLC, announced
                                                                                                          and how wonderful it was to have an organiza-
                                                     the grand opening of Kamp Kanine…Plus a few
                                                                                                          tion like NJAWBO to help us come together
                                                     good Cats in Little Falls. The state-of-the-art
                                                                                                          for win-win growth.
                                                     training, boarding, and doggy day-care facility
                                                     offers personalized training, exercise, and fun-
                                                     filled programs for its “kanine kampers.”
                                                           Shannon LoBue, Brittashan Enterprises
                         President Rosanna
     Essex Chapter President Rosanna
                                                     Corp., announced that the company has been
Imbriano RI Consulting (shown at left), and
                                                     awarded a Master Service Agreement with
         Poor Miller/Poor
Suzanne Poor, Miller/Poor Associates, presented
                                                     Sprint. Brittashan will work with Sprint on all
a program on creating business alliances at the
                                                     phases of electrical work, grounding audits and
chapter’s September meeting. The program dis-
                                                     testing, lighting protection and security systems.   Enjoying the First Annual Southern Region Oktoberfest (from
cussed how building strong business alliances can                                                         left): Dawn Nakash, Monmouth/Ocean president; Gwen
not only increase the bottom line, but may also      TRI-COUNTY                                           Faulkner, Southern Region president; Stacey Kammerman,
                                                                                                          ACM president; Michelle Dawn Mooney, NBC 40 anchor and
develop into long-term strategic partners.                Cheryle Randolph-Sharpe, Sharpe Valu-Valu-      keynote speaker at the event; Rosemarie Strawn, NJAWBO
                                                                                                          state president, and Liz Cruz-Kaegi, Tri-County president.
     Lisa Fahoury, Fahoury Ink, presented a
           Fahoury,                                  ation Solutions, was elected Vice President of
half-day copywriting workshop, “Putting More         the New Jersey Real Estate Appraisal board. She
Zen in Your Pen,” to the marketing communi-          was appointed to the board by the Governor in
cations staff of the Pearson Curriculum Group        2005.
at the company’s Boston headquarters.

         Women Wide Web
                                                                              DATES To Remember
            NJAWBO                                                       Public Policy Day (To Be Advised), State House Annex, Trenton

            on the Net                                     NJAWBO Procurement Event- Make Contacts; Get Contracts. Business For Everybody!
                                                                              February 13, 2008, Pines Manor, Edison
     By Paula Gould, NJAWBO Executive Director
                                                                    Salute to Women Leaders in Celebration of Women’s History Month
                                                                                March 26, 2008 - Crystal Plaza, Livingston
           Did you ever wonder what others get
    out of NJAWBO? Check out the testimoni-                                        THERE IS A CHANGE OF DATE
    als posted under “What People are Say-                                    FOR THE NJAWBO ANNUAL CONFERENCE
    ing,” a dropdown of the About Us tab on                                              MAY 6-8, 2008
    the left side of the NJAWBO website                        NJAWBO Annual Conference Including Annual Meeting and Golf Tournament We strongly encourage                                                 May 6-8, 2008
                                                                              Ocean Place Resort & Spa, Long Branch
    you to let us know the benefits you receive
    as a NJAWBO member or if you got some-
    thing special out of a NJAWBO event that
    helped you or your business. Please send
                                                                       THE BOTTOM LINE...
    them to We would                             A NJAWBO Member Benefit
    like to highlight your testimonial and in-                                                   By Caryn Starr-Gates
    clude you and your company’s name for
    all to view.                                              While many people enjoy getting and reading the Bottom Line newsletter NJAWBO sends out
           Further down the left navigation bar is      every few months, few of you take advantage of it as a member benefit. This is a great place to
    the Public Policy tab. On the Public Policy         spotlight your particular area of expertise, talk about something interesting your chapter is doing,
    landing page is a live feed that is updated         or discuss your area of responsibility as a chapter or state VP   .
    every day with the activities in Trenton. You             The Bottom Line is sent to more than our dues-paying members; our corporate partners and
    can link to:                                        others also receive it. You can submit ideas for it to our state VP of Marketing, Marian Gordon, who
    • Legislative issues including committee            can discuss using your ideas and articles in upcoming editions. Our members are welcome to
        listings, a listing of your legislators, and    become frequent contributors and really ratchet up your visibility in the organization. We represent
        the Legislative Home Page.                      so many varied industries, with myriad specialties; why not be seen in print as an expert in your
    • Executive page which includes the                 field? Article submission is not limited to board officers by any means. We want to hear from you!
        Governor’s activities and announcements               Perhaps your chapter is launching a new initiative, recruitment tool or retention program. By
        as well as the State Agency listing.            all means, share it with everyone and we all stand to gain. And don’t forget to send your personal
    • Judicial which includes information               triumphs and accolades to Linda Abedrabbo, our stalwart editor, for insertion in our Member
        about the courts                                News column. If you’ve been featured in your local newspaper, won a business award or have
    • The NJ State Home Page                            other exciting business news to share, please send it to Linda as a very short blurb (a few lines)
    • All Things Political - general information        and identify your home chapter. Go ahead, spread the word; we love to help our members sing
                                                        their praises!
         In addition under the Public Policy tab              So start thinking up great article ideas and send them to Marian Gordon. It’s your Bottom
    you will see the NJAWBO Road to Change –            Line. Use it to your advantage!
                                 Continued on page 12         Caryn Starr-Gates is the owner of Get It Together! Your personal gift service, a full-service gift
                                                        company. She served as NJAWBO’s state VP of Member Services the last two years.

      Regain Control of Your Life and                                                                                  ADVERTISE
    Put Your Business on a Growth Path                                                                                    in The
                                            By Theresa A. Smith
                                                                                                                       Bottom Line!
                                                                                                                       Another privilege of membership is
      Are you one of the typical small business             You need to make sure that that what you
owners that finds yourself working 60 plus hours                                                                your ability to advertise your company inTthe
                                                       want or aspire to in your business is compat-
a week and with no end in sight? Do you find           ible with what you want in your personal life.           Bottom Line at a substantially discounted
yourself in a bind wanting to increase sales and       So now make a list of your business goals and            fee. The Voice of the New Jersey Associa-
get more revenue but not having enough money           your personal goals. Take a piece of paper and           tion of Women Business Owners is seen by
to hire help? Have you missed a critical dead-         draw a line down the middle. On one side list
                                                                                                                more than 1400 people six times per year.
line lately or lost a client? This article will show   your business goals and on the other side list
                                                                                                                From business card size to full page ads,
you how to regain control of your life and put         your personal goals. Now take a look at your
your business on a growth path.                        top three business goals and your top three              tell us about your business! Contact Linda
      Does this sound like you? Do you find            personal goals. How compatible are they? Do              Abedrabbbo at
yourself looking over your employee’s shoul-           you want to increase your client load by ten,            for more information.
ders not willing to give up what you originally        which means working an additional ten hours a
got into business for? Or do you find yourself         week, and yet you want to spend long week-
licking stamps for a major mailing instead of          ends with your family or spend time in at your         New Partnership New Digs from front cover

working on a strategy to grow your business?           vacation home. As you go through this exer-            nesses at twice the rate of men.”
      If the answer to any of these questions is       cise, you’ll begin to see just where you’ll need             With funding provided by the U.S. Small
                                                                                                              Business Administration, the State of New Jer-
yes, than let’s look at some steps you can take        to make adjustments.
                                                                                                              sey Department of Community Affairs, and vari-
to get more balance between your business and               Next, think about this: Is this a job or are
                                                                                                              ous corporate partners, last year the WBC pro-
your life and stop being an employee. As a             you building a business? There’s nothing wrong         vided more than 2,200 new and experienced
small business owner you can get so caught             with being self-employed as a one-person busi-         business owners with no-cost consulting, semi-
up in minutiae of the operations that you don’t        ness. If you want to grow than you will need to        nars, classes, loan packaging and programs de-
have time to ask yourself important questions          consider what the growth potential is and if you       signed to help grow businesses. For the socially
about growing your business. You are not alone.        want to make that move. The choice is yours.           and economically disadvantaged, small grants
                                                                                                              and loans are also offered through the NJ Divi-
This is the number one issue I deal with, when              Now consider just how much time you
                                                                                                              sion on Women to foster entrepreneurship as a
working with a small business owner.                   spend working in the business as opposed to
                                                                                                              means to self-sufficiency when traditional fund-
      First, consider your long-term life and busi-    working on the business. Do you find yourself          ing is not available.
ness goals. What are your business goals? (You         spending 90% of your time working in the busi-               Peapack Gladstone Bank has been a com-
do have long-term business goals written out           ness and about 10% or less working on strat-           munity-based financial institution since 1921,
don’t you?) Perhaps your business is just the          egy, planning, developing and working a mar-           has grown to 22 branches and continues to ex-
size you want since working from home and              keting plan? It seems that there’s never enough        pand its operations. The bank is primarily dedi-
                                                                                                              cated to providing quality, personalized finance,
not having to deal with having employees is            time to just sit and think about growth strate-
                                                                                                              trust and investment services to individuals and
your ideal. Or do you have ambitions to take on        gies or that illusive marketing plan. For most of
                                                                                                              small businesses. As a model for community
more and eventually grow beyond where you              us our time is spent on putting out fires and          action in its footprint, the bank’s partnership with
are now? And are you clear on what your per-           dealing with employee issues. We need to take          the WBC further illustrates its commitment to
sonal life goals are? If not take the time to for-     steps to fix that.                                     “walking the walk” of top-tier community
mulate them now, it is time well spent.                                                Continued on page 13   leaders.

                  We Need YOUR INPUT!                                                                            Membership Corner
    The NJAWBO Membership Value Surveyis coming…January, 2008

     NJAWBO’s strives to provide programs and       ment of NJAWBO. You will have the opportu-
resources that accelerate the growth and profit-    nity to share your comments, concerns and criti-          University
ability of women owned businesses. .                cisms so that NJAWBO can improve the value
NJAWBO’s board recognizes that NJAWBO is            it provides to its members.                                 As a new member benefit, NJAWBO is
in competition with many other worthy organi-             When you receive your survey, please in-        offering its members only the opportunity to
zations. To stay viable and grow the member-        vest the time to thoroughly complete it. Your         participate in a monthly knowledge-based
ship, NJAWBO needs your input to better un-         feedback is a precious gift that will help            conference call from the comfort of your
derstand what kind of organization New Jersey       NJAWBO learn more about what its members              home/office. We have had two successful
women business owners need now and how              want and need. Ultimately, it will enable             calls, one with Patti Simone of Write Com-
NJAWBO reinvent itself to be that organization!     NJAWBO to grow stronger and better meet its           munication who spoke to us about e-Mar-
Toward that end, NJAWBO has developed a             members needs.                                        keting Campaigns that work for your busi-
survey to assist in assessing the needs of its            All responses will be kept anonymous. A         ness and the other with Liz Cruz-Kaegi of CK
members.                                            copy of the survey results will be available to all   Quest who spoke to the group about Know-
     The survey is due to be sent to all of our     members once it is completed and compiled.            ing your Competition. Both calls were very
members in January of 2008. This compre-                  Look for the NJAWBO Membership Value            informative and offered participants a lot of
hensive survey will help NJAWBO examine the         Survey this January. We look forward to your          good resources.
many ways in which it can better meet your          support, your time and your valued input!                   If you’d like to be a part of our Mem-
needs, today and in the future. The information                                                           bership University conference calls, join us
you provide on the survey is vital to the better-        NJAWBO Executive Committee                                third
                                                                                                          on the third Thursday of every month. Re-
                                                                                                          member, they are FREE to NJAWBO mem-
                                                                                                          bers. Our next call is scheduled for No-
                                                                                                          vember 15th!
                                                                                                                If you are interested in being a speaker
                                                                                                          for one of these calls, please contact Mary
                                                                                                          Adelman, State VP of Membership at
                                                                                                          are excited about our upcoming programs
                                                                                                          and we are always looking for speakers.
                                                                                                          Future programs include How Do You Use
                                                                                                          Linked In and How Do You Write Your Eleva-
                                                                                                          tor Speech.
                                                                                                                Don’t miss your opportunity to partici-
                                                                                                          pate and expand your knowledge!
                                                                                                          Membership Updates
                                                                                                             Membership is also actively working on
                                                                                                          some programs to address the top $1M+
                                                                                                                                      Continued on page 14



                                                 About Women
                                        W omen Purchase 83% of All Products & Services
                                        O ver 90% of New Home Purchases
                                        M anage 80% of Healthcare Decisions
                                        E verything from Bank Accounts to Travel to Autos
                                        N ever underestimate their Buying Power!

                                        Want to Reach the ‘Ultimate Consumer’ ?
                                                            MERCER COUNTY   MC

                                                     “The Only Newspaper Serving the
                                                         Women of Mercer County”



                                             FITZPATRICK Receives
                                             Governor’s Appointment

     Sue Fitzpatrick, past State President and       ment. I said that I was and looked forward to         that his old mom was receiving a call from the
the owner of Fitzpatrick Printing Solutions, Inc.,   serving where needed. I was asked to send my          Governor, with an appointment no less!
was chosen by Governor Jon Corzine to serve          resume. Not really thinking anything would                  Well, if you remember what happened in
on the Minority and Women’s Business Advi-           come of it, I continued on my merry way of            April to Governor Corzine, needless to say, the
sory Council. The appointment became offi-           running my business and volunteering within           appointment was delayed because of that tragic
cial on October 2, 2007.                             NJAWBO.                                               accident. Fortunately, the Governor recovered
     A very interesting sequence of events led             It was in December of 2006 that I received      and I received a very nice letter congratulating
to the appointment, beginning with my atten-         a substantial sized envelope from the Governor’s      me and thanking me for my service. A few days
dance at NJAWBO’s Public Policy Day in June          office stating that I was being considered for        later, I received a lovely certificate which I am
2006 in Trenton. We were honored with the            the Minority and Women’s Business Advisory            having framed to hang on my wall. I am so
appearance of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Maggie      Council. The envelope contained a very nice           proud to serve our State and especially to be
Moran. Maggie was there to present the poli-         letter and several pages of a questionnaire to fill   sitting on a council whose mission is very near
cies and concerns of the then new Governor in        out in regards to my background such as edu-          and dear to my heart.
regards to women business owners. She men-           cation, political affiliation, organizations and a          I am so thankful to our organization for the
tioned that the Governor was very interested in      request for my resume (which had not been             many avenues it has opened up for me but I
the participation of women in his cabinet as well    updated in a few years. I had to dust that one        also should mention that it is because I have
as various boards. She asked the group if any-       off!). I promptly filled it out and returned it.      been very involved over the past 15 years. Even
one would be interested in serving the State in            One day in March, I was working in my           after serving as State President, I continued to
such a capacity and to please give her their         office and my son happened to be there (he            be visibly and actively involved in the organiza-
business card, which I did.                          was a junior at Fordham University, home on           tion, serving my chapter as the VP of Program-
     Several months later, in the fall of 2006, I    break) when the phone rang, which thank good-         ming as well as the Holiday Auction Co-Chair
received a call from Jennifer Godowski, Direc-       ness it often does. It was the Governor’s office      and Golf Co-Chair for the Conference.
tor of Appointments from the Governor’s office       and they were contacting me to say that the Gov-            We often hear at meetings and at confer-
to ask if I was indeed interested in an appoint-     ernor was going to appoint me to the Council          ence that you get back more than you give. It is
                                                                                     and that he would     so true. I encourage you to get involved and
                                                                                     be making the an-     take that extra step to broaden your horizons.
                                                                                     nouncement                  You never know where it could lead but
                                                                                     within a couple of    you have to be there to find out where you
                                                                                     weeks. I men-         want to go.
                                                                                     tioned my son be-           I would be happy to talk to anyone about
                                                                                     cause the look on     the procedure for Governor appointments and
                                                                                     his face was price-   pass along the contact information. I can be
                                                                                     less. It made me      reached at 732-946-0795 or e-mail at
                                                                                     feel so proud that
                                                                                     he was impressed            Respectfully submitted,Sue Fitzpatrick


            Paula Direct                                                                             •Have you attended this before and found it
        To Go or Not to Go … How do you                                                              •Was it recommended by someone you
  make the decision to choose one event                                                                know who also knows your objectives?
  over another?                                                                                            These are just a few of the pieces we use
        Did you ever go to an event and come                                                         in deciding whether or not to attend an event.
  away disappointed because it did not meet                                                          We do not necessarily put them on paper, but
  your expectations? Your time is limited, so                                                        we usually bottom line it to “Is the time away
  try to conduct due diligence when you pre-                                                         from my business worth the time and expense
                                                       By Paula Gould, NJAWBO Executive Director
  pare your calendars. Here are some ideas to                                                        to attend the event?” Sometimes we take the
  help in that decision-making process.              •Is the event expense in your budget?           easy way out because we are too busy. How-
  Identify your objectives, such as:                       Now that you know what it is you want     ever, if we identify our objectives, there may
  •Do you want to gain access to corpora-            and how much it will cost, you will need to     be instances where that easy answer is not the
     tions or to small businesses to sell them       qualify                     value.
                                                     qualify it to determine its value Consider:     right one.
     your products or services?                      •Will the event be large enough to help you           Check the NJAWBO Master Calendar
  •Do you want to meet people like you who             attain your objectives?                       and What’s Happening Calendar so you
     will share information and expertise freely     •Will you have an opportunity to build your     know what is going on around the state. The
     as well as help you expand your business          network in the area(s) you have identified?   Master Calendar has events that are spon-
     network?                                        •Is the program/speaker going to help you       sored by NJAWBO and our partners, affili-
  •How important is it to you that you walk            to achieve an objective?                      ates and those with whom we have recipro-
     away from the event with a lead or referral     •Is it a familiar crowd you haven’t seen in a   cal arrangements. The What’s Happening
     on a new piece of business?                       while or a group you see all the time?        Calendar includes events Continued on page 13
                                                                                                                                     that come into
  •Are you looking to expand your network in           Which do you need to meet your current        NJAWBO Headquarters which we think may
     a specific market or industry group?              objectives?                                   be of interest and value to you. These cal-
  •Do you want a night out with acquaintan-          •Is the location within your area or do you     endars are updated as quickly as possible
     ces to build stronger relationships?              have to travel a distance?                    once we have the particulars about an event.
  •Do you want information on a particular           •Will you have an opportunity to showcase       Checking the calendars routinely allows you
     topic or feel the need to take a professional     yourself and your business in some way?       to determine what outside resources you can
     development course?                             •Is the event well known for the opportuni-     use to build your business.
  •Do you need down time to recharge and               ties it presents?
     reinvigorate yourself?
        Once you have identified your objec-
  tive, you will need to quantify it. Some con-
  siderations include:
  •Is the cost of the event worth the outcome?
  •Does that outcome have to be immediate
     or will it take time to develop?
  •Do you consider the time at the event an
     investment in your business?
  •What is the value of your time away from
     your business?


Make Contacts. Get Contracts: from front cover

  what it takes to do so, developing strategic       Some of last year’s attendees said:
  alliances, and much more.                          • Excellent, Excellent program – You should be proud. I am honored to be a part of NJAWBO. I
• The ability to begin or conclude the certifica-      will spread the word!
  tion process as a woman or minority busi-          • My first time and I’m so pleased with the experience. It was a whole new world of business I
  ness owner at the event. You will be able to         never knew existed.
  ask questions of or work with certifying agen-     • Panel informed me of NJAWBO tools to begin the process of certification – better opportunities
  cies such as the State of NJ, NJ Transit, and        for my business.
  the WPEO.                                          • Great Networking Opportunity.
• The ability to self-certify with the State of NJ
  at the event.                                          Check the NJAWBO website at for more information which will be updated
• Opportunities to meet other people who are         as we solidify the event and registrations come in.
  looking to do business with you!
• A great way to expand your business network.

Women Wide Web from page 6                             the Knowledge Initiative of the NJ State Li-     Inc. and Latina Magazine
where NJAWBO stands on issues important to             brary, the US Women’s Chamber of Com-          • Women’s Health Issues – such as the Soci-
our members. If you want to get more involved          merce, TIAW, WIPP NJ Certification and
                                                                            ,                           ety for Women’s Health Research, The Can-
on an issue, you have the dropdowns for how to         much more.                                       cer Institute of NJ and the US Food and Drug
do it and how to contact your state representa-      • Business Development - such as the Be-           administration (Office of Women’s Health).
tives. The page with resources makes it easier         yond Diversity Resource Center, NJ Business
for you to research an issue.                          Sources, D&B reports and DUNS numbers.               We want this website to provide you with
      Towards the bottom of the left navigation      • Government Links – such as the IRS, the        the resources you will need to operate your busi-
is the Resource Links tab. Click on the                State Legislature, and the US Small Busi-      ness efficiently and effectively. Please let us know
dropdown and you will find live links for:             ness Administration.                           of anything else you think would benefit you by
• Women’s Business Resources – such as               • Magazines & Publications – such as Forbes,     contacting us at

              Hot Resources                           By Shannon Scocchio, NJAWBO Business Education Coordinator

               Many NJAWBO members offer “hot resources” that can help others with their businesses. Two of these members and their
          resources are featured below. If you would like to submit a resource you provide (books, articles, or columns) that may be useful to
          other members and their businesses, please e-mail me ( a few sentences summarizing your resource and
          the pertinent information for others to locate it.

        by Pattie Simone
        Entrepreneur panelist Pattie Simone

               Pattie Simone, president of Write Communications — a consultancy on business strategy, positioning, branding, sales and
          marketing — and founder of WomenCentric, a women’s speaking group, is sharing her knowledge of sales and marketing through
          two popular venues. On, Pattie writes Inside Sales & Marketing columns on such topics as “Online
          Marketing Tips for the Tech Challenged,” “Collaborate to Compete,” and “Superstar Sales Tactics.” Pattie also answers questions as
          part of the Ask Entrepreneur section, a forum where anyone can post questions and get answers from the experts, as well as view the
          questions and answers of others.

                 Hendrickson, Brenda, How to Be a Frugal Millionaire, publishing date early 2008

                Brenda Hendrickson, an accountant, tax specialist, certified senior advisor, and owner of Hendrickson-Hamilton, LLC, of
          Parsippany, has recently added “author” to her list of titles. Her book, “How to Be a Frugal Millionaire,” will be published in early
          2008. In her book, Brenda takes readers by the hand so they can learn everything they need to know about becoming a millionaire
          the frugal way. Anyone can become a millionaire by following the eight simple steps she describes in her book.
                For years, Brenda studied how her clients handled money: how they saved it, how they spent it, and how they invested it. How
          could people with the same income be at opposite ends of the financial spectrum? What Brenda discovered truly amazed her—and
          not because she uncovered THE secret that leads to financial freedom—but because accumulating wealth was so simple. Most of
          her millionaire clients accumulated money by living a frugal lifestyle, and anyone else can do it, too!

Regain Control of Your Life from page 7                                          profits and possibly driving the people you work with away? Over con-
     Take a look at just how you’re using time. Make a list of the tasks         trolling is one of the top problems small business owners create for
you perform on a daily basis. You may be surprised at how may of these           themselves and a key reason they fail. Loosen up and lose some of that
tasks could be delegated. (I know you’re going to say, delegated to whom?)       control. Think about what you can delegate to people and then make
One of first things a coach colleague told me was to get a virtual assis-        sure that they have the skills and training to do it.
tant. I panned the idea saying that I just couldn’t justify the expense.               Now you are in a position to realistically look at where you are at
That was a mistake that I’ve since rectified. Any service that can help you      with your business and personal life goals. There is no one answer to
with mailings, or billing, etc. is priceless so it will free you up to do what   where the balance should lie, but by realizing the trade offs you are
you do best – what ever your passion is. The 80/20 rules says we get             making and consciously choosing your path, you will reap the rewards
80% of our payback from 20% of our activities, so make sure you are              you have set out to accomplish and enjoy the process.
covering the high payback tasks first.                                                 Theresa A. Smith is President of Bright Moment Coaching and
     Lastly, let’s look at your relationships with employees, vendors, etc.      Consulting Services. Her website is
Are you over controlling your business to the point you are hurting your         coaching.htm and her email is

What We Can Learn From Wal-Mart from page 3
to formulate your thoughts:
• How does your product or service solve a problem?                                                 NJAWBO Partners
• How do your clients feel after the purchase or working with you?
• Describe your products/service in terms of benefits achieved and not product features.
      Barbara Zaccone is president of BZA LLC, which provides strategic design solutions that              GOLD
enable organizations to increase sales, build brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty.                  PSEG
Contact her at                                                                  Corporate Partner of the Year 2000
Membership Corner from page 8                                                                              SILVER
woman-owned companies in our area. This new initiative is being headed up by Shannon LoBue                       Rent-A-Car
                                                                                                      Enterprise Rent-A-Car
who will be hosting an event to roll out the new program. During this event we will also be     Corporate Partner of the Year 2006
inviting those prospects that showed interest in NJAWBO. The venue will be centrally lo-
                                                                                                Corporate Partner of the Year 2004
cated to the Northern Region. We encourage you to read your upcoming emails for more
      Some additional initiatives underway in Membership are:                                       Novartis
                                                                                                    Novartis Pharmaceuticals
   • Membership Value Survey                                                                     MEDIA SPONSOR
   • Highlighting your business during the last quarter
                                                                                                  Garden State Woman Magazine
                                                                                                  Garden       Woman
   • Open Houses in designated areas
                                                                                                Corporate Partner of the Year 2005
   • Diversity
      So you can see we have a lot happening and we will be discussing a lot of these               SPONSORS OF
things at the next Board of Trustees Meeting in November! Check with your Chapter                         WBC
                                                                                                      THE WBC
President or the State VP of Membership to learn the details.                                                  Banknorth
                                                                                                           TD Banknorth
                                                                                                      The State Of New Jersey
                                                                                                U.S. Small Business Administration
                                                                                                       Peapack Gladstone Bank
                                                                                                FRIEND OF NJAWBO
                                                                                                    Elsa Reinhardt Enterprises

                                                                                                State Board of Trustees
                                                                                                         January 8, 2008
                                                                                                          March 4, 2008

                                                                                                        Annual Meeting
                                                                                                          May 6, 2008
                                                                                                    Ocean Place Resort & Spa
                                                                                                          Long Branch

                                        Executive             Board Trustees
                                  State Executive Committee & Board of Trustees
PRESIDENT                                                                        Editor/Advertising
                                                          Newsletter Managing Editor/Advertising                   REGIONAL PRESIDENTS
Rosemarie Strawn ............. 973-394-0406               Linda Abedrabbo ............. 732-591-2954                               Public Relations                                         Northern
                                                          Nancy Passow .................. 201-541-9702             Shannon LoBue .. 973-827-8223 Ext. 223
Patricia R. Carley, Esq. ...... 973-770-4812              VP MEMBER SERVICES                                       Central                                        Marya Grier ..................... 908-782-0663           Nesli Cakiroglu ................ 908-688-6819
Robin Berg Tabakin, Esq. .. 973-328-1047                  VP MEMBERSHIP                                            Southern                                     Mary Adelman ................. 973-713-8786              Gwen Faulkner ................. 856-675-4045
Linda Principe .................. 609-799-6529            VP PROGRAMMING                                                  WBO
                                                                                                                   The NJAWB O Office Staff                                     Lavinia L. Mears, Esq. ....... 908-486-3181
By-Laws                                                                           Executive Director
Nancy Passow .................. 201-541-9702                                                                       Paula Gould ..................... 609-799-5101
Database Manager                                          VP PUBLIC POLICY                               
JoAnne MacBeth .............. 973-779-2139                Patty Murray .................... 732-249-6493                    Services
                                                                                                                   Member Ser vices Assistant
                                                                          Joyce Vogel ...................... 609-799-5101
VP CORPORATE REL ATIONS                                                                                  
JoAnne MacBeth .............. 973-779-2139                CORPORATE SECRETARY
                                                          CORPORATE SECRETAR    ARY                            Dawn R. SanFilippo, Esq. .. 973-239-3100                 Technical Assistant
                                                                                 kim Ann Whalen ............... 609-799-5101
VP FINANCE                                                                                               
Maria Rollins .................... 201-655-7411           NOMINATIONS CHAIR
                                                          NOMINATIONS                                      Elsa Reinhardt .................. 201-807-1157                      omen’s
                                                                                                                   Director Women’s Business Center (WBC)   (WBC)
                                                                                     Penni Nafus ..................... 973-507-9700
VP MARKETING                                                                                             
Marian Gordon ................ 201-313-1900                                                                                             Coordinator
                                                                                                                   Business Education Coordinator                                                                                             Shannon Scocchio ............ 973-507-9700

                                                                  Chapter Contacts
Chapter                  Chapter Hotline            Meeting Contact                                                         Presidents
Atlantic-Cape May ........................          Stacey Kammerman ................              Stacey Kammerman ..... 609-822-8000
Bergen ................... 201-444-8773             Eleanor Galt-Lin ............         Joan Lefford ......... 201-343-5278
Essex ..................... 973-746-4404            Julie Serritella ................       Rosanna Imbriano ..... 973-857-9850
Hunterdon .............. 908-782-8311               Fran Brunelle .........................         Ulka Rodgers ....... 908-343-9996
Mercer ................... 609-924-7975             Elizabeth Illgen ...................................   Linda Gardner ...... 609-252-9667
Middlesex-Somerset ..........................       Deborah Bailey ........              Linda Grant ......... 908-874-4507
Monmouth-Ocean .........................            Jackie Berman .................             Dawn Nakash ....... 732-901-7836
Morris ..........................................   Cherie Ashton ..............             Mary Repke ......... 267-252-4384
Passaic ................... 973-779-7600            Pam Arnold ...............................        Lesley Weiner ....... 973-890-0800
Sussex-Warren ........ 973-940-9138                 Marlene Davitt ......................           Sara Megletti ....... 800-288-9868
Tri-County .............. 856-273-3138              Sandra Cook            Liz Cruz Kaegi ..... 856-310-9248
Union ..........................................    Karen Schmidt ....................              Diane Lewis ......... 908-347-6200

Chapters and Chapters-In-Formation: Keep your contact information up-to-date. Send new chapter hotline and chapter-in-
              Chapters-In-Formation: Keep                         up-to-date.                              chapter-in-
formation telephone numbers, meeting contact information and your chapter ’s new president and telephone number to Joyce
Vogel, Member Ser vices Assistant, at

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