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If You Can't See It, You Can't Do It!

You have to see the writing on the wall.
It is a must for Entrepreneurs to learn picturizaton if he/she is too achieve any kind of success.
Goals must be seen in the mind's eye in order to stimulate progression. A person will not chase
something he/she can't grasp or visualize. Most people don't believe in ghost and a goal without
vision is just that. Goals without vision are only dreams, fantasies and illusions they're no more
than wishful thinking. .

The belief system must have something to grasp and hold on to. It must see the goal in all its
entirety and believe it can be accomplished. Visualization validates the possibility and turns it
into a reality. If you can't see it, you can't do it. It's as simple as that. That's why so many people
fail, their chasing an illusion that has not become a reality in their mind.

In order for the entrepreneur to do his/her best he/she must be able to look ahead and visualize
the outcome. He/she must be able to project the outcome of their actions beforehand and act
accordingly. To realize this, the entrepreneur must remember one all important thing and that is:
the first business of any business, any organization, church, club, family, or individual is to not
only survive, but to increase financially, mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically. Their goal
must incorporate all the elements needed to bring it into focus and visualize it in the mind as
completed. What a person can see ot he/she can achieve it.

Visualization also brings personalization to the goal or project. A person feels connected when
he/she has painted a picture in the mind and is striving toward it. It's like seeing the light at the
end of a tunnel. If you couldn't see the end, in only a short time you will give up. You will lose
hope in the belief that the end is somewhere ahead. Without a clear picture of your goal, it is
only a matter of time when the goal turns into desperation.

Entrepreneurs build a picture in their mind of their idea, turning it into an achievable reality.
Their picture becomes a touchable thing that can be experienced. In their experience, they feel it,
smell it, touch it and most of all, own it. It becomes theirs, as they embrace the reality of the
visual influence.

Managers are the same in their responsibilities. They must also be able to visualize the outcome
of a project before it begins. A good manager can convey or paint a picture to his/her team to
motivate them into action. The team will only be motivated to the extent of the manager's ability
to picturize their goal. If they can see the logic and realize the value in their project, then they
will accomplish it.
The need for picturization applies to any profession or accomplishment. Goals need to be
pictured as something real or they have no meaning to the mind. In today's world the saying is,
“put your head around it”, which simply means, visualize it.

Because people are influenced by past events, the mind plays a huge part in future
accomplishments. People look at anything they have no experience with as unobtainable. In
order to break that notion they have to put up the argument of possibility in their mind. If they
can see the possibility of success, they can move toward it. If they can't picturize success, they
will abandon the idea altogether.

In sports, a football quarterback must bring a visualization of the play into the huddle in order for
his teammates to be motivated into doing it. If they can see success they will fight to achieve it.
The same goes for the man courting a woman. He sees her as his mate in a family setting, beside
him for a lifetime. He can see the children, family outings and love she shares with him. He has a
picture of peace and contentment in their marriage and he is motivated to see it through. It isn't
the relationship, or possibilities, it's the picture he has in his head that drives him to make her his

Picturization is not just a snap shot, but it is activating all the senses to form a complete
experience of the coming event. You can feel it, smell it, taste it, see it and most of all bring it
into an experience. Have you ever gone shopping for a new car? Oh the smell of that new
interior, the feel of the new seats, the vibrations from the sound system, the sight of the shinny
paint and chrome build a desire in the mind to own it. You can see yourself driving in the
country or going to a friends house to show it off.

How about when you and your soul mate went looking for your first house. She loved the
kitchen and the two of you talked about what you would change to make it yours. You could see
the children running from room to room as you sat in the easy chair reading the evening paper.
Smells drifting from the kitchen of that special dish you love. The wife is singing to herself and a
peace falls over you that you embrace as real. It can't ever be real until you see it as real.

In conclusion:
Visualization turns goals into reality in the mind. See the world as a place of possibilities where
you can see the future and have faith it can come true. At work, share your vision with
coworkers. At home build shared visions of life and how you and your mate will spend it.
Success comes to those who can and do visualize it.

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