Staron Color Groups by zhangyun


									                                             2008 Staron® Color Price Groups
           A                         C                        D                      E                      F
Bright White               Aspen Amber                Breccia Bisque       Tempest Caraway        Tempest Confection
Ivory                      Aspen Brown                Breccia Rio Grande   Tempest Cinnamon       Tempest Glimmer
Pearl                      Aspen Dark*                Breccia Stonware     Tempest Coffee Bean*   Tempest Gold Leaf*
                           Aspen Jade                 Quarry Arroyo        Tempest Dapple         Tempest Prairie
                           Aspen Mine*                Quarry Bluff         Tempest Horizon        Tempest Radiance*
         B                 Aspen Pepper               Quarry Butte         Tempest Milestone      Tempest Sandpiper
Sanded Cream               Aspen Sky*                 Quarry Canyon        Tempest Rattan         Tempest Sonoma
Sanded Dark Nebula*        Aspen Slate                Quarry Eskar         Tempest Russet         Tempest Starfire*
Sanded Ginger              Aspen Snow                 Quarry Mallard       Tempest Shell          Tempest Whipoorwill
Sanded Gold Dust           Aspen Spruce               Quarry Mesa          Tempest Sierra         Tempest Zenith*
Sanded Grey*               Pebble Aqua                Quarry Palisade
Sanded Leaf                Pebble Beach               Quarry Riverbed
Sanded Marine              Pebble Blue*               Talus Oyster
Sanded Mocha               Pebble Caper               Talus Sandbar
Sanded Nebula*             Pebble Castle
Sanded Onyx                Pebble Copper*
Sanded Sahara              Pebble Ebony*
Sanded Vermillion          Pebble Frost
Sanded White Pepper        Pebble Gold
                           Pebble Grey
                           Pebble Maize
                           Pebble Rose
                           Pebble Saratoga
                           Pebble Shale
                           Pebble Sienna*
                           Pebble Seastar

Please check with you sales rep for pricing

*Some colors may require additional maintenance not
covered by the warranty. Please check with your
sales rep for details.
*Some colors may require additional maintenance not
covered by the warranty. Please check with your
sales rep for details.
Bone          Artica         Adobe Brown      Amazon            Amber Glass
Crème         Black Lava     Algodon          Autumn Wheat      Antique Glass
Ivory         Bronze         Arroyo           Aztec Brown       Argent
White         Cavern         Black Coral      Black Ice         Cat Eye
              Cypress        Blue Moon        Blue Pearl        Chocolate Silk
specials      Driftwood      Boardwalk        Brazillian Blue   Cobalt Glass
              High Desert    Cliffside        Cement            Copper Canyon
Aspen         Infinity       Coastal Green    Cottonwood        Coppermine
Biscotti      Lagoon         Cordoba          Cozumel           Cosmic Penny
Cairo         Malt           Dark Roast       Crater            Frosted Glass
Casablanca    Mesa Brown     Desert Ridge     Crushed Lava      Goldmine
Fargo         Night Shadow   Desert Tan       Desert Ridge      Martian Sunset
Palmero       Raw Cotton     El Cajon         Jicama            Moss Frost
Pinon         River Moss     Flannel Gray     Kaleidoscope      New Caldron
Pumice        Star Shine     Good Earth Red   Midnight Sky      Night Pearl
Sandstorm     Stormy Gray    Gulf Coast       Nougat            Pearl
Thunder Bay                  Jicama           Palm Desert       Ruby Glass
                             Juneau           Pistachio         Silver Comet
                             Jurassic         Saffron           Sky Glass
                             Kokoura          Sandpiper         Teal Steel
                             Limestone        Snowstorm         Tusk
                             Meadow Grass     Summer            Wasabi Shadow
                             New Calgary      White Sands
                             Newcastle        Willow
                             Painted Desert
                             Quick Sand
                             Red Rock
                             Spanish Moss
                             Tuscan Gold
Amber Glass
Antique Glass

Chocolate Silk
Cobalt Glass
Copper Canyon
Cosmic Penny
Frosted Glass

Martian Sunset
Moss Frost
New Caldron
Night Pearl

Ruby Glass
Silver Comet

Wasabi Shadow

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