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Main Idea - Download as PowerPoint by zhangyun


									Bell Ringer

• Using your SAT Vocabulary workbook,
 copy the next five vocabulary words,
 definitions, linking words and caption
 sentences in your lit notebook under the
 vocabulary section.

• Why should you be motivated to focus on
 the AHSGE main idea objective?

• Pass the AHSGE
• Become lifelong readers
Objective- Main Idea

• The last time we met, we focused on the
  AHSGE main idea objective.
• Today we are going to review stated and
  implied main idea and supporting details.

• Why do you need to be able to determine
 the main idea of any passage or

• What is main idea?
Main Idea

• Have you ever read a passage or an
  article and then wondered, “What point is
  the author trying to get me to
• That “point” that you wondered about is
  the main idea or central message the
  writer is trying to get across to the reader.
Supporting Details

• Details are the ideas that support the main
 idea of a piece of writing. Details provide
 the support for the main idea so that it is
 not just a bare statement that stands
 alone. Details provide the proof necessary
 for the main idea to be taken seriously.
Stated Main Idea

• Sometimes the main idea of a paragraph
  or passage is stated in one of the
  sentences of the paragraph.
• The stated main idea is the one sentence
  that sums up what the paragraph is about.
• The stated main idea is usually at the
  beginning or the end of the paragraph.
Activity: Model main idea using “
A Choosy Yorker Breeder”
Example 1: Stated Main Idea
                  A Choosy Yorkie Breeder
        A friend of mine breeds and raises Yorkies. Although
    she raises them to sell, she is very particular about the
    kind of people who buy the dogs. Because her dogs are
    so small and weigh only between three and five pounds
    when they are fully mature, she does a background
    check on the prospective owners. She won’t allow people
    with young children to purchase the dogs because they
    are too fragile to be handled by children younger than
    ten years old.
•   What is the main idea of this paragraph?
•   What are the supporting details?
Implied Main Idea

• Sometimes a paragraph won’t have the
  main idea stated; it will only be implied, or
  suggested without putting it in a sentence.
• The reader has to supply the implied main
  idea from the clues the author gives in the
Example 2: Implied Main Idea
                     Yorkie Characteristics
Originating in Yorkshire, England, Yorkshire terriers are
  special little dogs. Known as “Yorkies,” they were bred to
  catch mice in the coal mines. They are extremely
  energetic and love to bark. Sometimes they bark at
  every little sound they hear. Yorkies are extremely loyal
  to their owners. Early in their lives, they will often bond
  with their owners and fiercely defend them. As they get
  older, they usually love to be petted by everyone.
• What is the main idea of this passage?
• What are the supporting details?
Thumbs Up- Thumbs Down
• If you agree with my statement give a thumbs up sign.
• If you disagree with my statement give a thumbs down
•   The main idea is the central message the author is trying
    to get over to the reader.
•   The stated main idea is usually found in the middle of
    the passage.
•   The implied main idea has to be supplied by the reader
    using clues from the passage.
•   The supporting details do not give evidence of the main
    idea in the passage.
Guided Practice

• Turn to page 37 in the AHSGE workbook.
• We will do # 1 together.
• Are there any questions?
• Time- You have 7 to 10 minutes to finish
  #’s 2-6 on pages 37-38.
• Do your best!
• Review all answers.
Wrap Up Lesson
•    Remediate:
1.   Stated Main Idea
2.   Implied Main Idea
3.   Supporting Details

• Today we focused on the AHSGE
     objective- Main Idea and Supporting
Independent Work
• Take your lit journals and turn to the yellow
    Retell section.
•   Read one chapter of “Touchdown Alexander”
    and retell the chapter in your yellow Retell
    section of your lit journal.
•   I will work with you individually during this
•   After 30 minutes we will come back together
    and reread the text, share our retells and review
    the SAT vocabulary.

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