Marketing Games and Game Types _ Genres by wuxiangyu


									Marketing Games and Game
     Types & Genres
      FPS (First Person Shooter)

   These are games like Killzone 3, Battlefield
    and Call of Duty Series to name a few.
    This is where you are one character and it
    is always from your character’s
   These games are really aimed at men but
    some women are into them. Due to
    TPS (Third Person Shooter)

   Of Course These are to
    do with cars. Examples
    are Gran Turismo 5 for
    the PS3 and Forza
    Motorsports for the Xbox.

   Now these games are
    usually marketed towards
    Men predominantly. They
    are usually launched with
    much hype.
   This can cover a large
    part of the market. The
    most popular is The Sims
    series. It has many
    money spinning
    expansion packs. There
    are also other games like
    Flight Simulator X.            The Sims 3

   These are marketed
    towards Women in the
    case of The Sims and sad
    people who like airplanes
    for FSX.
            Sports & Recreation
   These are games like
    FIFA 2011 and Tiger
    Woods PGA Tour: The
   These are games
    targeted towards Sports
    Fans. Many have
    multiplayer online parts
    so that you can play
    against your friends and
    randoms from any where
    in the world.
               Family & Adventure
   These are games primary made
    for The Wii but there are an
    increasing amount coming out for
    the other consoles.
   The main games that fit into this
    genre is Wii Party, Wii Fit and
    Kinect Sports.
   These games are primary made
    for casual gamers. People who are
    not in to COD and Kill Zone. They
    quite childish in the plot and
    storyline for many and others are
    open ended. They are marketed
    by having adverts that appeal to
    non-gamers by using non-gamer

   Role play
   Shooter
   Stategy and simulation
   Sports and recreation
   Action and adventure
   1st & 3rd person shooter’s

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