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									       Investment Opportunities
Greater Noida & Taj Expressway Region
                : PRESENTATION TO :

           Japanese Business Mission

                : PRESENTATION BY :
         Government of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP)

   Monday, February 04, 2008                  1
Area              236,286
                  Sq km.
                  Covering 9% of the
                  country’s geographical
Population        186.7 Million
(2007             Most populous state in
estimated)        the country. Accounts for
                  16% of the country’s
State Gross       US $ 43.27 Billion
Per Capita        INR 10,817
(2003-04 at
current prices)

Workforce Distribution
As Per 2001 Census
Total Workforce                 :   53.98 Millions
Main Workers                    :   39.33 Millions
Marginal Workers                :   14.65 Millions
Work Force Participation Rate   :   32.48%


       Household                     Cultivators
       Industries                     41.06%


Sectoral Component of State Economy



State GDP (2004)                     :      US $ 80.9 Billion
Current Growth Rate                  :      10% approx

Second Largest Economy in India after state of Maharashtra.
It has bigger economy than many of the world big economic
players like Israel, Switzerland and Hong Kong
Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP)

                                                    US $ Million



          1980        1985      1990         1995          2000

State Connectivity

   The total road length in the State is 1,04,137 km. This
    includes 3,912 km of national highways, 9,098 km of
    state highways, 87,248 km of important district roads,
    91,127 km of other district roads, and 72,931 km of rural
   Some of the important national highways that connect
    that state are NH 2, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 45 and 58
   There are five airports i.e. in Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow, and
    Varanasi, Allahabad
   Important National Highways and railways pass through
    the state connecting important cities and ports
   Access to brain pool and large consumer markets of
State Policy: Spurring industrial growth in the state
The state has formulated its policies with a vision to use
information technology (IT) as a vehicle for economic
Its policies for Industrial Development, Exports, Mineral
Development, Technology, Agriculture, Film, Tourism and
IT aim to:

   Create facilitative administrative systems
   Reduce lead time in setting up of industries
   Remove bureaucratic hindrances
   Provide internationally competitive infrastructure
   Unfetter industries in the conduct of their business

Infrastructure Policy: Upgrading the state’s support framework

Under the Road Policy, the government encourages an active
role for the private sector in construction and maintenance
of roads, bridges, overbridges, underbridges, expressways
and highways.

A Road fund of nearly US$87 million, set up for the first time
by any state in India, seeks to upgrade infrastructure facilities to
world-class standards.

The state has set up a US$2.1-million Infrastructure Initiative
Fund, the first of its kind in any state, to prepare pre-feasibility
studies of infrastructure related major projects to facilitate easy
entry of the private sector.

Power Sector

Uttar Pradesh is keen to encourage private participation in the
power sector. The state was one of the first to privatize
distribution with its project in Greater Noida.
The government has taken initiatives to:

   Privatize power distribution in industrial hubs like NOIDA,
    Kanpur and Moradabad
   Offer power distribution rights to industry associations in
    industrial areas
   Set up an Independent Regulatory Commission
   Place some of the major generating power stations
    under a separate generation corporation

Industrial Infrastructure: In Vision
The state plans to expand on the success of the NOIDA and
Greater NOIDA model and proposes to develop all industrial
areas in future as Integrated Industrial Townships. It is also
actively inviting private sector participation in infrastructure
Areas to be developed as industrial corridors are:

   NOIDA - Greater NOIDA – Ghaziabad - Gautam Buddha
   Meerut – Moradabad - Bareilly
   Agra – Aligarh – Firozabad - Khurja (Bulandshahr) - Kosi
   Lucknow - Kanpur

Governance: Facilitating business in the state

The state has introduced a single window registration system
to ease the project approval process. Projects with investments
of up to US$5.5 million, export-oriented units of NRIs with
investments above US$5.4 million and electronic and food
industries with investments above US$2.2 million can avail of
this facility.
All 100 per cent export-oriented units, which export over 50
percent of production, are declared as public utilities to free them
from the threat of flash strikes.
The government plans to inspect industrial units only with the
prior approval of the District Magistrate.

Incentives for Investment
 Subsidy of
     20% of fixed capital investments for new units in most backward areas
     15% of fixed capital investments for new units in less backward areas
     10% of fixed capital investments for new units in least backward areas

 Special subsidy of
     US$32,500 for prestigious units with fixed capital investments of over
      US$5.4 million
     US$22,000 for pioneer units with fixed capital investments of over
      US$1.1 million

 Deferment of luxury tax in thrust areas for 5 years
 Octroi rebate on plant machinery and building material for new units
  for 5 years
 Exemption from minimum power demand charges for sick units
  during the closure period
 Land at 20% of market prices for star hotels
 Special incentives, including electricity, equity participation and
  other assistance for NRI entrepreneurs
Uttar Pradesh’s industrial core
Agro based and Food processing industry
Size: Total sales in the food and beverages sector accounted for 24% of sales by
industries in the state in 2003.

 The state accounts for 22% of irrigated land in the entire country.
 Net Sown Area of about 16.8 million hectares out of which about 49.3% is
  sown more than once.
 One of the largest producers of agricultural commodities in the country,
      34% of the total groundnut,
      17.5% of rapeseed,
      8% of fruits and
      14% of vegetables (Second largest producer)

 It has the largest livestock in the country and its milk production is the highest
  in the country.
 Largest producer of sugarcane and ranks second in the manufacture of sugar
 17.8% of the total fertiliser consumption in the country in 2001
 Largest cattle population at 11.5 percent of total milch in the country

Uttar Pradesh’s industrial core
Agro based and Food processing industry

Supporting Industrial Infrastructure
 2,659 units, highest number of factories in the food product
  manufacturing sector.

 Highest number of cold storages in the country at 1,232 as of
  end of 2002

 Ranks second in state warehouses with a capacity of 2.79
  million tonnes as of August 1, 2003

 Highest number of roller flour mills in India at 127 in 2002

Uttar Pradesh’s industrial core
Leather Industry
Size: At US$232 million, leather goods exports were about 16.6 per cent of the total
leather exports from India

    Uttar Pradesh has a well-developed leather industry.
    The state has one of the largest livestock populations in the
     country which provides a strong raw material base required for the
    Kanpur and Agra, the two better known leather centres in Uttar
     Pradesh, the state houses a number of major centres with
     approximately 11,500 production units.
    With a share of 22 percent, the state has the largest population of
     buffaloes and ranks second in terms of cattle population with a 12
     percent share
    About 200 tanneries are located in and around Kanpur
    Kanpur is the sole producer of saddlery products
    Agra is the biggest centre for shoe manufacturing in the country

Uttar Pradesh’s industrial core
Leather Industry

   Kanpur is a prominent centre for leather processing. Kanpur
    tanneries specialise in processing hides into heavy leather (sole,
    harness and industrial leather).

   Uttar Pradesh plans to develop a special economic zone at Kanpur
    to cater to the leather goods industry.

   In addition to traditional centres for leather and leather products in
    the state, NOIDA has emerged as a major centre especially for
    leather footwear and leather garments.

Uttar Pradesh’s industrial core
Size: Second largest producer of electronic goods in the country with a share of
19.3 per cent in 2000.
 With 196 units, the sector has shown a promising growth of 205 per cent
  during 1991-2000. Major players such as LG electronics and Videocon
  have set up manufacturing facilities in the state.

 Largest producer of component electronics at 19.6 per cent of the country

 With a share of 24 per cent, the state ranks second in telecom electronics

 In consumer electronics, the state produces 22 per cent and ranks second
  in the country

 Ranks third in the production of computer components with a 14.5 per cent
  share and strategic components with 18.8 per cent

Uttar Pradesh’s industrial core
Size: Total sales in the chemical sector accounts for 10.5 per cent of the sales by
different industries in the state in 2002.
 One of the key contributors to the state economy, the chemicals sector has
  shown the highest growth of production at 150% during 1996-2001 among
  other sectors in the state.
 The state’s fertiliser industry ranks third in the country in the total number
  of factories present in the state.
Size: Fourth largest exporter of software products in the country.
 The IT industry is the backbone of the state's economy. Its STPI Noida
  facility, which was established in 1991, was one of the first STPI centres in
  the country.
 The fourth largest exporter of software products in the country, the state’s
  exports touched US$530 million in 2002-03 with a growth of 27% over the
  previous fiscal. International giants like HCL, Cadence and CSC have their
  development facilities in Noida.

Uttar Pradesh’s industrial core
Engineering sector
Size: Sales in the machinery sector accounts for 10.5 per cent, transport equipment
for 7.7 per cent and the metal sector for 23.1 per cent of the total sales by industries
in the state in 2002.
 Machinery and equipments have the largest share in industrial production in
  the state. The state has brassware and lock making units in Moradabad and
  Aligarh respectively. Its production of basic metals and alloys has shown a
  growth of 123 per cent during 1996-2001.
 Many MNCs like Honda, Yamaha and New Holland Tractors have a
  manufacturing presence in the state.
Mineral based industries
Size: Total sales in non-metallic sector accounts for 24.6 per cent of the sales by
industries in the state in 2003.
 The state ranks third in the country in the production of non-metallic minor
  minerals at US$203.3 million in 2001-02. The availability of natural
  resources spurred the growth of industry in the state.
 Players in the state include Ambuja cements, Sonabhadra Cement plants
  and Almorah mini cement plant .

Uttar Pradesh’s industrial core
Size: Total sales in textiles sector accounts for 12.3 per cent of sales by industries in
the state in 2003.

  One of the traditional industries in Uttar Pradesh, the textiles industry
   comprises 58 spinning mills and a total of 74 textile mills in the non-SSI
   sector. The state is known for its carpets and brassware.

Uttar Pradesh as R&D hub and BPO hub
 The state has emerged as a hub for R&D institutions in electronics and
  communications. The emergence of Noida as one of the favourite IT
  destinations and the availability of good infrastructure supported by the
  state’s proactive policies has led to the growth of R&D facilities in the state.
 Uttar Pradesh has leveraged the prowess of its IT industry to emerge as the
  leading ITES-BPO destination in India. BPO outfits like EXL, the largest in
  India, and HCL Technologies operate from Noida

Tourist Destinations

Agra               Tourist Capital of India; which houses three world
                   heritage sites Taj Mahal, Agra Fort & Fatehpur Sikri. Not
                   to mention that Taj Mahal is also one of the Seven
                   Wonders of the World

Varanasi           The oldest living city in the world has been cradle of two
                   major religions, namely: Hinduism and Buddhism

Sarnath            Sarnath; where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon.
                   Buddhists worldwide look upon India as the land of the
                   Buddha and a visit to this country means a pilgrimage to
                   those sacred places

Sravasti           Sravasti, capital of the ancient Kosala kingdom is sacred
                   to Buddhists because it is here that Lord Buddha
                   performed the greatest of his miracles to confound the
                   Tirthika heretics which include that of the Buddha
                   creating multiple images of himself

Tourist Destinations

Kapilvastu             Ancient Kapilvastu where Lord Buddha spent the early
                       years of his life. Kapilvastu was the capital of the
                       Shakya clan whose ruler was the father of Lord Buddha

                       A small, dusty hamlet in eastern U.P., the Buddha is
                       believed to have breathed his last amidst the pastoral
                       surrounding of Kushinagar.

Kaushambi              This place is believed to have been visited by Lord
                       Buddha in the 6th and 9th year after attaining
                       enlightenment. He delivered several sermons here,
                       elevating it to a centre of higher learning for the

Sankisa                Sankisa is the place where the Buddha descended from
                       heaven along with Lord Brahma and Devraj Indra after
                       giving a discourse to his mother, Mayadevi.

Tourist Destinations

Lucknow                The city reached it acme during the Nawabi rule when
                       it became a centre of music and Urdu poetry.
                       Remnants of Nawabi Palaces, Imamabaras and the
                       exquisite traditional handicrafts bear witness to bygone

Dudhwa                 Sprawling over an area of, this is one of the
Tiger                  finest tiger reserves of India and one of the important
Reserve                tourist attractions in Uttar Pradesh. Wide variety of
                       other fauna: Leopard, Swamp deer, Hispid hare, Bengal
                       Florican etc.

Ayodhaya               Ayodhya is a popular pilgrim centre. This town is
                       closely associated with Lord Rama, the seventh
                       incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Mathura                The land where Shri Krishna was born and spent his
Vrindavan              youth, has today little towns and hamlets that are still
                       alive with the Krishna legend and still redolent with the
                       music of his flute.
Arts & Crafts

Uttar Pradesh is famous for its arts and crafts.
 Varanasi for its Saris and Silk,
 Mirzapur and Bhadohi for its Carpets,
 Agra and Kanpur for their Leather craft,
 Moradabad for its Metal Ware,
 Lucknow for its Embroidery (Chicken) work on silk,
 Saharanpur for wood carving items,
 Firozabad for Glass Accessories

   Entire state for its Pottery are not only famous in India but
                         around the world.
Region : Greater Noida City & Taj Expressway Area

                              Greater Noida City
                              Taj Expressway Area

Vision for the Region

   An Eco-friendly Relaxed Environment.
   A Modern, Efficient City of International Standards
   A Pro-active Investor-friendly Framework.
   To make the Region a preferred destination to invest and
    live in
   Participation of The Rural population In Urbanization.


Strategic Location within NCR – well linked to Domestic &
International markets via Delhi

         60 min drive from International Airport
         Drive on 8-lane Expressway; No Traffic lights
         10 km from proposed site of International Airport &
          Aviation Hub
                                                 Movement of
         25 minute drive from Delhi             Businessmen
         24 km by 8-lane Expressway
         Located on alignment of proposed Taj Expressway
         Connected by NH-2, NH-24, NH-91 to different
          parts of the country

Greater Noida – The City

    Total Notified Area of 36,000 hectares
                                               Greater Noida
    5,000 Ha. already urbanized in Phase I     City has the
                                               Critical Mass
    Urbanizable area of 20,000 Ha. by year    and Primate
     2021                                           City
    City planned for a population of         as being part of
                                              a continuum of
        0.7 million by year 2011                an Urban
        1.2 million by year 2021              agglomeration

    Industry led development - 3000 Ha. to
     be developed by 2011
    Residential development – 3000 Ha. to
     be developed by 2011
Taj Expressway Region

   Total Envisaged Area of 44,000 hectares
   Large Scale Special Townships/ Sub cities on area of
    2500 acres to 10000 acres through PSP Model
   Construction of Expressway in full swing
   Announcement of Taj International Airport provided
    the required impetus

Why to invest here ?

  The Best Ambience & Investor Friendly Business
              Environment in India
Region Potentials

 Dadri Power Plant

 National Highway 24

 National Highway 58

 Dadri ICD

 Dadri Tuglak Rail Link

 Metro Link

 Greater NOIDA Phase-II

 Taj Economic Zone

 International Airport

Land Development . . . Investment Opportunities

                   Land      Investment
                 Available   Potential US
Land use        (Hectares)    $ million

Greater Noida City

Residential       3,800         5,605
Industrial        2,727         1,636
Commercial        1,100         3,300
Institutional     2,803         2,803

Taj Expressway Region

Townships         44,000       60000

Large Infrastructure Projects . . . Investment Opportunities
Project                             Details                 Investment Size
                                                              US $ million
Taj             Shall serve as competitive advantage over        150
International   other airports in the country and across
Airport         nations (Middle East & Asia Pacific)
                - “Gateway Airport” in terms of Logistics
                & Freight
                - “Destination Airport” of the Country
                and the region
Ganga           8-lane Expressway (1000 Kms) passing            10,000
Expressway      through entire state of Uttar Pradesh
Transport Hub   - New Railway Station at Boraki, Greater         125
                Noida (located on Howrah-Delhi Line) and
                Integrated Transport Hub
                - Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT)
                - Transport Nagar
                - Wholesale market
Public          - City Bus System                            More than 400
Transport       - Metro Rail
                - Monorail

Large Infrastructure Projects . . . On the roll

Taj Expressway         Intends to ease the heavy traffic on Delhi-Agra NH-2. The
                       world famous heritage monument - Taj Mahal would be
                       merely 100 minutes from the Taj International Airport near
                       Greater Noida through this Expressway

Free Trade &     A partially bonded area providing multi-format warehouses,
Warehousing Zone railway siding, ICD/CFS facilities, open storage area,
                       commercial area (retail & office space) and support facilities

Power Generation       - 1750 MW Power Plant at Dadri promoted by NTPC
Plants                 - 3740 MW Gas Based Power Plant at Dadri
                       -   250 MW Gas based Power Plant at Greater Noida

Municipal              - Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)
Infrastructure         - Solid Waste Management (SWM)
                       - Power Distribution
                       - Road Over Bridge (RoB)
                       - Flyovers

Commercial Projects . . . Investment Opportunity

Project                             Details                        Investment Size
                                                                     US $ million

Trade Square    A Corporate Park with the state-of-the art              175
                infrastructure and commercial/ retail/
                entertainment facilities.
Financial Hub   A hub, for major financial institutions, foreign        175
                institutional investors, merchant bankers, non-
                banking financial institutions, insurance
                companies, Asset Management and Mutual
                Fund Companies with necessary amenities &
City-side       - Word Class Business Conclaves                         100
Development     - International Convention Center
Near Taj
                - Leisure & Entertainment
Airport         - Hotels etc.
Others          - Malls                                             More than 50
                - Multiplexes
Social Infra Projects . . . Investment Opportunity

Project                            Details                    Investment Size
                                                                US $ million

Sports City       Project with Facilities for Cricket,              12
                  Astroturf for Hockey, Football, Synthetic
                  track for Track and Field events, Tennis,
                  Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, TT,
                  Gymnastics, Gym etc.; Indoor Hall,
                  Swimming Pool of International
Vocational Hub    A hub of various training institutes               8
                  providing vocational training in various
Educational Hub   A hub of various institutes providing              8
                  education from primary to professional

Recreational Projects . . . Investment Opportunity

Project                            Details                   Investment Size
                                                               US $ million

Formula One (F1)   600 acres Venue poised to hold India’s         750
Racing Tracks      first Grand Prix Event in 2009.

Night Safari       250 acres nocturnal safari on the lines         10
                   of Singapore Night Safari.
Aventura Greens    Multi-generational Entertainment                40
                   centre with amusement park, Go-
                   Karting tracks, Drive-in-Cinema, Ethnic
                   Cottages and Recreational Club, Night
                   Bazar etc.
Amusement Park     220 acres multi-facility Family                 50
                   Entertainment Centre

Recreational Projects . . . Investment Opportunity

Project                          Details                   Investment Size
                                                             US $ million

Science Park      30 Acres, science park with innovative         18
                  ways of learning; supplement formal
                  education at grass root level fun and
Race Course       110 Acres, on the lines of Mahalakshmi         20
                  Race Course, Mumbai
Book Square       The concept is anchored in the                  5
                  philosophy to promote educational tour
                  along with recreational activities
Others            Bird Sanctuary & World Nature Garden           15

Industrial Projects . . . On the roll

SEZ                            Approximately 15 SEZ at various stages of
                                development/ approval
Taj Economic Zone

Augmentation of Existing       Greater NOIDA Phase II has 19% land reserved
Industrial Estates/ Parks       for Industrial Use (white goods)
IT/ITES/Biotech Hubs         26 IT-ITes Parks
                             Biotech Zone proposed

Knowledge Cities/ Skill      Knowledge Park, Phase I, II, III, IV & V proposed
Development Centers         in Greater Noida.

Integrated Agro/Food        Agro Based industries to be promoted in Greater
Processing Zones            Noida Phase II

Residential Projects . . . Investment Opportunity

Development of           3000 Ha to be developed in G.NOIDA itself by
Integrated Townships      2011
                         Large scale Integrated Townships to be
                          developed along entire stretch of Taj
                          Expressway on PSP route
                         6 of India’s top 10 Real estate developers (like

                          DLF, Ansal, Eldeco, Omaxe, Parsvanath, Sun
                          City, Unitech & ATS) active in the region
                         Proximity to National Capital Delhi gives the

                          required thrust

Funding Options
Focused on
• Public Private Partnership model for development of essential
  Physical infrastructure
• Private Sector Participation on Development of various projects
Public Private Partnership         Taj Expressway
(Some success stories)             Golf Course

                                   Solid Waste Management

                                   Power Distribution

                                   Educational Institutes

Other USPs                         India Exposition Mart
                                   Leading Educational Institutions
                                    (Engineering, Medical, Management
                                   Orbital Rail

                                   Eastern Peripheral Expressway

  Let me conclude with a haiku I have
composed in honour of Basho, Busan and
    Issa celebrating Japanese-Indian
       cooperation and the DMIC

           PEOPLE MEET

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