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					How does Anime affect and/or relate America television?
                         Designed by Jaime E. Vasquez Jr.

      It seems that word of anime shows are coming out, and the saying is that these
shows are taking T.V by Storm: shows like Inuyshua or Naruto or Yuyu Hakashow
and you can’t forget what started it all Dragon Ball Z. Where did it come from and
how did it get here? How does anime affect and/or relate to American television? By
answering these questions both you and I will find out about these new cartoon shows.
I want to know what makes anime different from everyday cartoons. In the end of this
project hopefully we will find this out. And if you already know, then this would be a
good quiz to test your skills.

      You will answer questions that relate around my essential question. You will also
have a few links that will help you to find your answers all in green. And after you’re
done I want you write about: What do you like/dislike about anime do you like their
colors, do you dislike the blood or some of the nudity, and should anime stay on TV?
       Go and watch anime for yourself, pick a show and write about the show or
episode you saw.


Here are some tips that will help with your hunt.

      1.Keep searching even if you don’t find what you need.
      2. Try using search engines.
      3.If search engines do not give you what you want try typing some thing different
  but still in the same topic.
      4. Answer your question with the best of your knowledge.
Here are the questions, enjoy.

Use the following websites for questions 2and 3

1.What is anime? http://www.forbidden-planet.org/Anime/what.is.anime.html

2.What year was the first anime short created?
   3.Name one popular character from Japan that they used to help out in the war.

Use this link for question 4
Use this link for question 5 http://www.animeyume.com/animelist2.html

   4.Name four popular anime shows and write about one of them. Use a search engines
   for this question.

   5.In this question you must find a picture that has 4 or more Nartuo characters.

   6.Why does anime have so little exposure on American TV

      7.In your own words what do you think was the start of anime in America, what
   show? Use a search engine for this question.

      8.How are anime cartoons different from regular cartoon shows? Use a search
   engine for this question.

   9.What was anime called before it became a show on T.V? http://www.tokyopop.com/

   10. How does anime look different from cartoon, the colors, the way they speak, and all
the blood? EX. Naruto to Johnny Bravo. Use search engine for this question.

Now that you have finish with this project I hope that you have a better understanding of
anime is and it affects not only in America but also the world.

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