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					                                                                                       I & FC
                                GOVERNMENT OF DELHI

STATE: DELHI                                                        CIRCLE: FLOOD CIRCLE-I

BRANCH: I &FC                                                       CIVIL DIVISION-IV



(A)    Tender for the work :       Construction of RCC bridge in U/S of existing foot bridge at
                                   R.D. 5520m of Trunk Drain No. 1.

(i)    To be submitted 3.00 P.M. hours on 28.03.08 to EXECUTIVE ENGINEER: CIVIL DIVISION-IV

(ii)   To be opened in the presence of tenderers who may be present at 3.30 P.M. hours on 28.03.08
       in the office of the EXECUTIVE ENGINEER: CIVIL DIVISION-IV

Issued to:

                                                               Signature of Officer issuing the document

Date of issue________________


                 I/We have read and examined the notice inviting tender, schedule, A,B,C,D,E & F
        Specifications applicable, Drawings & Designs, General Rules and Direction, Conditions of
        Contract, Clauses of contract, Special conditions, Schedule of Rate & other documents and Rules
        referred to in the conditions of contract and all other contents in the tender documents for the

                I/We hereby tender for the execution of the work specified for the President of India
        within the time specified in Schedule ‘F’ viz., schedule of quantities and in accordance in all
        respects with the specifications, designs, drawings and instructions in writing referred to in Rule-
        1 of General Rules and Directions and in Clause 11 of the Conditions of contract and with such
        materials as are provided for by and in respects in accordance with, such conditions so far as
                                                                                          I & FC

        We agree to keep the tender open for Sixty (60days) from the due date of submission
thereof and not to make any modification in its terms and conditions.

         A sum of Rs. 23,14,633/- is hereby forwarded in cash/Receipt Treasury
Challan/Deposit at call Receipt of a Scheduled Bank as earnest money. If I/We, fail to furnish,
the prescribed performance guarantee within prescribed period, I/We agree that the said
President of India and his successors in office shall without prejudice to any other right or
remedy, be at liberty to forfeit the said earnest money absolutely. Further, If I/We fail to
commence the work as specified I/We agree that President of India or his successors in office
shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy available in law, be at liberty to forfeit the
said earnest money and the performance guarantee absolutely, otherwise the said earnest
money shall be retained by him towards security deposit to execute all the works referred to in
the tender documents upon the terms and conditions contained or referred to therein and to
carry out such deviations as may be ordered, up to maximum of the percentage mentioned in
Schedule ‘F’ and those in excess of that limit at the rates to be determined in accordance with
the provision contained in Clause 12.2 and 12.3 of the tender form.

        I/we hereby declare that I/We shall treat the tender documents drawing and other
records connected with the work as secret/confidential documents and shall not communicate
information derived therefrom to any person other than a person to whom I/we am/are
authorized to communicate the same or use the information in any manner prejudicial to the
safety of the state.

Date:                                            Signature of the contractor
                                                 Postal Address::




                                                                                          I & FC

       The above tender ( as modified by you as provided in the letters mentioned hereunder)

is accepted by me for and on behalf of the President of India for a sum of Rs._______________


       The letters referred to below shall form part of this contract Agreement.



                                                For & on behalf of the President of India


Dated:________________________                  Designation__________________________
                                            SCHEDULE OF QUANTITIES
                                                                               Estimated Cost: Rs.23,14,633/-
                                                                               Earnest Money: Rs.46,293/-
                                                                               Time Allowed: 8 (eight ) months
Name of work:-     Construction of RCC bridge in U/S of existing foot bridge at R.D. 5520m of Trunk Drain No. 1.

 S.                        Description of item.                        Qty.     Unit.      Rate.     Amount.
 1.     Demolishing brick work including stacking of serviceable
        material and disposal of unserviceable material within 50m              Cubic
        lead in cement mortar.                                         29       Metre
 2.     Demolishing stone rubble masonry including stacking of
        serviceable material and disposal of unserviceable                      Cubic
        material within 50m lead in cement mortar                      46       Metre
 3.     Demolishing cement concrete including disposal of                       Cubic
        material within 50 metre: lead:1:3:6 or richer mix.            10       Metre
 4      Earth work in excavation over areas (exceeding 30cm. in
        depth 1.5m. in width as well as 10 sqm. on plan) including
        disposal of excavated earth, lead up to 50m and lift up to
        1.5m, disposed earth to be leveled and neatly dressed : All
        kinds of soil.                                                          Cubic
                                                                       884      Metre
 5.     Construction, maintenance and removal of earthen
        bundies including cost of filling of E.C. bags with earth,
        stitching and placing in position for care and diversion of
        all kinds of water entering or flowing in the drain and
        pumping out surface as well as under ground seepage
        water to keep the construction area completely dry for
        embedding executing of work including its execution of
        work in or under water and or liquid mud wherever
        required.                                                              Running
                                                                       74       metre
 6.     Boring, providing and installing bored cast-in-situ
        reinforced cement concrete pile of 500mm dia metre and                 Running
        length below the pile cap in cement concrete 1:1:2            270.00    Metre
      (1cement:1 coarse sand: 2 graded stone agg. 20mm.
      nominal size) to carry safe working load not less than
      specified, excluding the cost of steel reinforcement but
      including the cost of boring with casing and/or bentonite
      solution and the length of pile to be embedded in the pile
      cap. (length of pile for payment shall be measured upto
      bottom of pile cap).
7.    Vertical load testing of pile sin accordance with IS-2911
      (Part-IV) including installation of loading platform and
      preparation of pile head or construction of test cap and
      dismantling of test cap after rest etc. complete as per
      specifications and the direction of the Engineer-in-Charge:
      Single pile upto 5otonne capacity pile-Routine Test.
                                                                    3Nos.    Each
8.    Centring and shuttering including strutting, propping etc.
      and removal of form for:-
a)    Foundation, footings, bases of columns etc. for mass
      concrete.                                                              Square
                                                                    74.00     metre
b)    Columns, piers, Abutments, posts and struts.                           Square
                                                                     275      metre
c)    Suspended floors, roofs, landings, balconies and access                Square
      platform.                                                     334.00    metre
d)    Extra for additional height in centring, shuttering where
      ever required with adequate bracing, propping etc.
      including cost of de- shuttering and de-centring at all
      levels, over a height of 3.5 m, for every additional height
      of 1 metre or part thereof :Suspended floors, roofs,
      landing, beams and balconies (Plan area to be                          Square
      measured).                                                     134      metre
9.    Providing and laying in position cement concrete of
      specified grade excluding the cost of centring and
      shuttering- All work up to plinth level 1:3:6(1cement:3                Cubic
      coarse sand: 6 graded stone agg. 20mm. nominal size).           8      Metre
10.   Providing and laying in position cement concrete of                    Cubic
      specified grade excluding the cost of centring and             15      Metre
      shuttering- All work up to plinth level 1:2:4(1cement:2
      coarse sand: 4 graded stone agg. 20mm. nominal size).
11.   Providing and laying in position specified grade of
      reinforced cement concrete excluding the cost of centring
      and shuttering, finishing and reinforcement –All work up to
      plinth level with 1:1 ½ :3 (1cement:1 ½ coarse sand: 3                   Cubic
      graded stone agg. 20mm. nominal size).                          48       Metre
12.   Filling available excavated earth (excluding rock) in
      trenches, plinth sides of foundations etc. in layers not
      exceeding 20cm. in depth: consolidating each deposited
      layer by ramming and watering, lead up to 50m. and lift up               Cubic
      to 1.5m.                                                        196      Metre
13.   Disposal of surplus excavated earth / malba by mechanical
      transport up to a lead of 9km. including loading, unloading,
      stacking and dressing of dumped material all complete in
      soft / loose soil.                                                       Cubic
                                                                      736      Metre
14.   Reinforced cement concrete work in walls (any
      thickness)including attached pilaster, buttresses plinth
      and string courses fillets columns, pillars, piers,
      abutments, posts and struts etc., upto floor five level
      excluding the cost of centring, shuttering, finishing and
      reinforcement with 1:1 ½ :3 (1cement: 1 ½ coarse sand: 3                 Cubic
      graded stone agg. 20mm.nominal size).                           69       Metre
15.   Reinforced cement concrete work in beams, suspended
      floors, roofs having slope up to 15°, landings, balconies,
      shelves, chajjas, lintels, bands, plain window sills,
      staircases and spiral stair cases up to floor five level
      excluding the cost of centring and shuttering, finishing and
      reinforcement with 1:1½ :3 (1cement:1 ½ coarse sand: 3                   Cubic
      graded stone agg. 20mm. nominal size).                          72       Metre
16.    Reinforcement for RCC work including straightening,
      cutting, bending, placing in position and binding all
      complete: Cold twisted bars.                                   28350     Each
17.   Providing and fixing neoprene bearing of size (300mm x                   Cubic
      500mm x 78mm). as per details given in the drawing.            93600   centimetre
18.   Providing and fixing Ist quality ceramic glazed tiles
      conforming to IS: 13753 of minimum thickness 5 mm of
      approved make like NITCO, ORIENT, SOMANY, KAJARIA
      or equivalent make in all colours, shades design and
      prints except begundy, bottle green black of any size as
      approved by Engineer in charge in skirting, risers, of steps
      and dados over 12 mm thick bed of cement mortar 1: 3 (1
      cement : 3 coarse sand) and jointing with grey cement
      slurry @ 3.3 kg per sqm including pointing in white cement               Square
      mixed with pigment of matched shade complete.                    56       metre
19.   Providing and laying 1.2m high steel wire mesh fencing
      comprising of hard drawn fabric having mesh of size 75 x
      25mm and of 8 gauge welded between angle iron of size
      40x40x5mm and flat iron 50x5mm in all around and wire
      mesh welded vertically, vertical         angle iron    to be             Square
      embedded in cement concrete.                                    72.00     Metre
20.   Providing and laying 100mm dia PVC pipe drainage spout           12
      of 50cm length ( as per drawing).                              Numbers   Each
21.   Finishing walls with water proofing cement paint of
      approved brand and manufacture and of required shade
      to give an even shade: New work(two or more coats                        Square
      applied @ 3.84 kg / 10 sqm.                                      415      metre
22.   Painting with synthetic enamel paint of approved brand
      and manufacture to give an even shade: two or more coats
      on new work over and under coat of suitable shade with
      ordinary paint of approved brand and manufacture on steel                Square
      work.                                                            72       metre
23.   75mm. thick back filling for pitching including supply of
      required material and consolidation etc. complete with.

b)    Stone aggregate 20mm. nominal size.                                      Square
                                                                       133      metre
c)    Stone aggregate 40mm. nominal size.                                      Square
                                                                       133     metre.
24.   Providing and laying 22.50cm. thick brick lining in cement               Square
      mortar 1:4 (1cement:4 coarse sand) leveling and dressing         133     metre.
         of bed etc. all complete.

25.      Random rubble masonry with hard stone in foundation and
         plinth including leveling up with cement concrete 1: 6: 12
         (1 cement: 6 coarse sand: 12 stone aggregate 20mm
         nominal size) at plinth level with cement mortar 1:6
         (cement:6 coarse sand).(stone shall be supplied at site by
         the deptt. free of cost).
26.      Pointing on stone work with cement mortar 1:3 (1cement:
         3 coarse sand): Raised and cut pointing.
                                                                       36       metre
27.      Providing and laying 25 mm thick bitumen mastic wearing
         course (as per specifications) with industrial bitumen of
         grade 85/25 conforming to IS: 702 prepared by using
         mastic cooker and laid to required level and slope
         including providing antiskid surface with bitumen pre-
         coated fine grained hard stone chipping of approved size
         at the rate of 0.005 cum per 10 sqm and at approximate
         spacing of 10 cm centre to centre in both directions,
         pressed into surface protruding 1mm to 4mm over mastic
         surface including cleaning the surface and removal of                 Square
         debris etc all complete.                                     590.00    metre

      Assistant Engineer-II                                                      Executive Engineer, C.D. IV
                                                                                            I & FC

Tools and Plants to be hired to the contractor.

S. No   Description of item              Hire charges per day              Place of Issue
1.      2.                               3.                                4.

Extra schedule for specific requirements/documents for the work, if any.


Schedule of component of Materials, Labour etc. for escalation.

Clause 10CC

Component of materials expressed as per cent to total value of ‘work’        _________%

Component of labour expressed as per cent of total value of work             _________%

Component of P.O.L. expressed as per cent of total value of work.            _________%
Name of work:-  Construction of RCC bridge in U/S of existing foot bridge
                 at R.D. 5520m of Trunk Drain No. 1.

Scope of work:-       The work under this contract shall consist of Construction of
                      RCC bridge in U/S of existing foot bridge at R.D. 5520m of
                      Trunk Drain No. 1.The scope of work includes constructing
                      of 4.25m wide and 28.20m long bridge, with railing, cross,
                      beams, supported on girders which will rest on abutments
                      over pier, including both sides brick lining with FPS bricks in
                      cement mortar 1:4 (1cement:4 coarse sand) of T.D. No.1
                      including finishing etc. complete, including construction and
                      subsequent removal of bundies for care and diversion of
                      drain water. The work shall be executed as per drawing,
                      which can be seen in the office of the Executive Engineer,
                      CDIV during all working hours.

General Specifications and Special Conditions:-
1.    Unless otherwise specified the work shall be carried out in accordance with latest
      CPWD Specifications-2002 for works at Delhi with correction slips issued up to
      date. In the event of any dispute the following shall be the order of priority to
      decide the issue:-

       i)     Nomenclature of the item read with special conditions of the contract.
       ii)     Latest CPWD Specifications for works at Delhi with correction slips
              issued up to date.
       iii)   IRC/BIS Specifications.
       iv)    Instructions/ Decision of the Engineer-in-Charge.

2.     Wherever reference is made to CPWD Officers in the tender documents, the same
       shall be construed to mean officers of the Irrigation & Flood Control Department,
       Govt. of Delhi, except in case of clauses/involving working conditions of labour,
       schedule of rates and specifications etc.

3.      Before tendering, the contractor is expected to inspect the site of work and
       acquaint himself fully with the site conditions including accessibility, lead and
       lift involved, land available for stacking of material, nature of soil and other
       conditions pertaining to execution of the work. The contractor is also advised to
       take into consideration the dry weather flow in the drain for the preparation of
       construction of bundies and ensuring their safety during the execution of the
       work. No claim whatsoever shall be entertained on this account for any of the
       above said reason over and above the unit rate quoted by the contractor.

4.     The contractor shall at all times provide sufficient warning signal, lighting
       arrangements, night watchman, notice boards and protective tin sheets fencing for
      the safety of public against any accident on account of execution of this work. If
      however, any mishap occurs, the contractor shall be fully responsible for
      compensation or to face the legal consequences.

5.    Work shall be carried out in such a manner, as not to interfere with, or effect,
      retard or disturb the progress of any other ongoing work in adjoining areas, being
      executed by any other agency.

6.    The contractor shall make his own arrangements for filtered and unfiltered water
      at site of work at his own cost.

7.    The contractor shall make his own arrangements for the procurement of all
      constructional plants and equipments necessary for timely execution of work and
      equipments once brought by the contractor within the project area, are not to be
      removed from the site without the written permission from the Engineer-in-

8.    If due to the change in the design or any other stipulations or requirement at site, a
      particular sequence or over all constructional operations has to be followed, due
      to which certain interruption of any one or more items of work may occur, then no
      claim whatsoever, shall be entertained, except making payments according to the
      schedule of quantities/rates of the accepted tender.

9.    The contractor must taken adequate pre-cautions against all possible damages by
      natural causes, such as floods, rains, earthquakes, riots, accidents etc. The
      Department will in no way be responsible for any loss occurring due to such
      causes, till the complete work has been handed over to the Department.

10.   No compensation will be payable to the contractor for his staff and labour,
      remaining idle due to any kind of hinderance(s) in the work, stoppage of the work,
      any business loss, or delay caused in the start and during progress of work, due to
      any reason whatsoever.

11.   ELECTRICITY SUPPLY: The department will not make any arrangements for
      providing power/electric supply to the contractor. He shall have to make his own
      arrangements and obtain requisite power/electricity connection from B.S.E.S.
      Any expenditure incurred in this regard will be the liability of the contractor and
      the department shall neither reimburse nor make any payment in this regard. The
      contractor should also arrange his own generators or diesel pumps to supplement
      electricity failure, to ensure uninterrupted working for dewatering at site. All
      such arrangements needed shall be paid for as are covered in unit rate quoted of
      each item and nothing extra shall be paid on any account whatsoever. The
      Department however can recommended his case for sanction of temporary
      connection and all the dues of (BSES)Bombay Sub-Urban Electricity Supply shall
      be paid by the contractor or shall be recovered from his account as the case
      maybe, if not paid in due time to the (BSES).

12.   The contractor shall under no circumstances close any road or passage to traffic
      without the permission of the Engineer-in-Charge.

13.   DIVERSION OF WATER: The contractor shall ensure that the working area is
      kept dry by making suitable diversion arrangements for the flowing water and de-
      watering arrangement of any type of water with electric/diesel operated pumps, so
      as to ensure uninterrupted working at site under dry conditions.

      The unit rate for Item No.5 shall therefore include the excavation work for
      construction of bundies of required section upto appropriate level above water
      level in the drain to withstand the pressure of water surface in the drain including
      all types of discharges entering the drain and their subsequent care and
      maintenance during the execution of work. Breach or damage of bundies due to
      any cause whatsoever shall be the responsibility of the contractor and these shall
      have to be made good by him at his own cost.
              The quoted rates of the contractor for Item No.5 of the schedule of the
      quantities shall also include continuous de-watering of standing water/seepage
      water, sub-soil water or water entering the site of work from any source of
      execution of all items up to deck slab and as well as for relevant items of work in
      or under water and in foul conditions and nothing extra shall be paid to him on
      this account separately beyond his quoted rate. The unit rate shall also include
      the cost of construction of bundies and their subsequent removal after completion
      of work, as directed by the Engineer-in-charge.

      The payment schedule of the lump sum amount quoted under this item shall be as
             Stage –I::-
      i)     Construction of coffer bundies, de-watering of surface
      Water and installation of pumps for lowering of SSWL.
      and creating dry conditions in drain/bed/working area for
      enabling execution of work.                                  =      15%
      ii) On completion of works up to water level                        =       15%

      iii) In full completion of works/structure.                  =      15%

             Stage- II:-
      iv)    On making diversion arrangements for Stage-II
                   (Protection and other works) and creating dry
                           condition for execution of work.                             =
v)     On completion of work up to water level in Stage-II       =       15%
vi)                On full completion works/structure in Stage I &II     =      15%
vii)               Upon removal of bundies on completion of entire work.=       10%

                    The earth required for the construction of bundies may be utilized from the
            excavation made for the bridge construction site itself from dry area. The cost of
            excavation for the quantity of earth, thus utilized in the bundies shall not be paid
            to the contractor under Item No.4 of the schedule of quantities of the tender.

      14.   Earth Work:- The surplus earth excavated under Item No4 of the schedule of
            quantities after construction of bundies shall be disposed off on the banks of T.D.
            No.1 as per directions of the Engineer-in-Charge.

      15.   CASTING OF PILES:-             Item No.6 of the schedule of quantities, pilling work
            shall be carried out as per provision made in relevant clauses of BIS Code for the
            minimum depth, from cut-off level as shown in drawings. If the contractor is not
            in a position to achieve the required depth, such bore shall be abandoned and no
            payment shall be made. However, if the specified minimum depth of pile is not
            achieved due to encountering of hard/strata/ rock, the design could be modified by
            the department and the contractor shall have to carry out piling work in
            accordance with modified design. The unit rate quoted by the contractor per
            metre length/depth of pile shall be inclusive of all operations, including boring,
            removal of slush, mud, cost of Bentonite, lowering of reinforcement cage, casting
            of piles (cast-in-situ) with RCC 1:1:2 excluding the cost of steel reinforcement
            but including use of 10% extra cement (for casting of piles over and above the
            cement normally used in RCC 1:1:2. Nothing extra shall be payable other than
            unit rates quoted by the contractor for this item.

      16.   TESTING OF PILES:-             Item No.7 of the schedule of quantities, pile load
            test on selected pile shall be done in accordance with IS 2911(Part-V), or latest
            code of practice for design and construction of piles foundation. The procedure of
            testing of pile shall be got approved by the contractor from the Engineer-in-
            Charge before the testing. Test report shall be submitted by the contractor after
            completion of test, duly, signed by his qualified engineer. The unit rate for the
            item, quoted by the contractor shall be inclusive of all tools and plants and other
            equipments, required for carrying out the load test on piles. The number of load
            tests can be increased or deceased and shall be at the discretion of the Engineer-
            in-Charge and the contractor is bound to carry out the additional test at the quoted
17.      All structural steel required for the work shall be arranged by the contractor
         himself and shall be paid to him under the relevant item of work as per schedule
         of quantity. Steel used for the work shall be tested and in support of it, the
         contractor shall furnish test certificate of the firm or dealer before its use. This
         shall conform to relevant latest I.S. Code of practice. Welding work shall be
         carried out as shown in the relevant drawing and I.S. code of practice.

18.      While carrying out the excavation work below ground level and execution of
         work below and above ground level, contractor shall take all kind of
         precautionary measures for the safety of electrical cables, telephones cables, pipe
         lines, gas lines or any such type of lines passing through the working area and as
         well as to the adjoining area of the proposed work. Any damages caused due to
         the negligence of any worker/supervisor of the contractor shall have to be made
         good by the contractor at his own cost.

19.      All the mandatory tests shall be got carried out at site or laboratory from time to
         time for the material to be used for the execution of the work and the cost incurred
         on this account shall be borne with the contractor.

20.      Notwithstanding anything contained herein above, the item rates quoted by the
         contractor for items mentioned in the schedule of quantities attached with the
         tender shall be inclusive of all the conditions and operations mentioned in the
         above general specifications and special conditions and nothing extra shall be
         payable to the contractor.

21.      Cement: Approximate 124.00 MT O.P.C. cement as per BIS Specifications (IS:
         8112:1989)shall be required for the work, which shall be arranged by the
         contractor at his own cost from the market. Cement of approved quality shall be
         purchased by the contractor from standard manufacturing firm like Shree Cement,
         A.C.C., J.K. Cement and Birla Cement etc. The cement which shall be arranged in
         the bags of 50 kg. each shall be got tested from Govt. Approved Laboratory
         before use at work and on every change of brand of cement during execution of
         work. The receipt of the purchased of minimum 15 M.T. of cement as well as
         test report from the company shall be furnished by the contractor before start of
         work. The       cement shall be carted from the source of procurement upto the
         store at site by the contractor at his own cost to the entire satisfaction of the
         Engineer-in-Charge. The contractor shall be fully responsible for the safe custody
         of cement under double lock system. Nothing extra shall be payable to the
         contractor on any of the above account.

      22 Income tax, sales tax and labour welfare Cess or any other tax as           applicable
      shall be recovered at source from the running bill/final bill of the contractor.

      23. SITE CLEARANCE:- After physical completion of the work, the site shall be
      cleared off all the malba, surplus construction materials, tools, plants, labour huts,
cement store or any other temporary constructions raised by the contractor during
execution of work at his own cost. No extra payment shall be made to contractor for
clearance of site.

Name of work         Construction of RCC bridge in U/S of existing foot bridge at R.D.
                     5520m of Trunk Drain No. 1.

Estimated cost of work                                  Rs. 23,14,633/-

1. (i)    Earnest Money                                 Rs.46,293/-

(ii)      Performance Guarantee

         The Contractor shall be required to deposit an amount equal to 5% of the tendered value of the
work as performance guarantee in the form of an irrevocable bank guarantee bond on any schedule bank
or State Bank of India in accordance with the form prescribed or in cash or in the form of Govt. Security,
fixed deposit within 15 days of the issue of letter of intent but before award of work. This period can be
further extended by the Engineer-in-charge up to a maximum period of 7 days on written request of the

(iii)     Security Deposit

        A sum @10% of the gross amount of the bill shall be deducted from each running bill of the
contractor till sum along with sum already deposited as earnest money will amount to security deposit of
5% of tendered value of the work.
(Bank Guarantee is not to be accepted as security deposit)

General Rules & Directions:-

Officer inviting Tender                      EXECUTIVE ENGINEER: CIVIL DIVISION:IV

Maximum percentage for quality of item
of work to be executed beyond which rates
are to be determined in accordance with
Clauses 12.2 & 12.3                                               See Below

                                                                                      I & FC

2. i)      Engineer-in-Charge           EXECUTIVE ENGINEER:CIVIL DIVISION:IV

2. vii)    Accepting Authority          SE(FCI)/EE CDIV

2. x)      Percentage on cost of         10%
           material and labour to
           cover all overheads and

2. xi)     Standard schedule of Rates       DSR 2002

2. xii)    Department                       I&FC

2. xiii)   Standard CPWD contract Form CPWD        Form 8 as modified
                                                   Corrected up to date__________

2.         Authority for fixing compensation       S. E (F.C.I)
           under clause-2.

Clause 5

Time allowed for execution of work                 8 (eight) months.

Authority to give fair and reasonable extension    SE(FC-I)/EECDIV
of time for completion of work                     (Subject to Delegation of Power)
                                                                                                               I & FC
S. No.  Description of Milestone                 Time allowed in days &               Amount to be withheld in
               (Physical)                        (From date of start)                 case of non-achievement of
1.          1/8th (of the whole work)            1/4th (of the whole work)            In the event of not achieving the
2.          3/8th (of the whole work)            ½ (of the whole work)                necessary progress as assessed
3.          3/4th (of the whole work)            ¾ (of the whole work)                from the running payments. 1%
4.          Full                                 Full                                 of the tendered value of work
                                                                                      will be withheld for failure of
                                                                                      each mile stone.

Clause 7

Gross work to be done together with net
Payment/adjustment of advances for
material collected, if any, since the last
such payment for being eligible to interim

Clause 11

Specifications to be followed for execution           CPWD Specification 2002 Vol. I to VI
of work

12                                                 12.2 & 12.3               Deviation limit beyond which Clause
                                                                             12.2 & 12.3 shall apply for bull-work
12                                                 12.5                      Deviation limit beyond which Clause
                                                                             12.2 & 12.3 shall apply for
                                                                             foundation work 50%
Clause 16
Competent Authority for deciding reduced
rates.                                                SE (FCI)

36 i)    Minimum Qualifications & experience required for Principal Technical
        Requirement of Technical Representative(s) and Recovery Rate in respect of works
        costing Rs.10.00 lakh to 50 lakh.

S.No.       Minimum Qualification   Discipline    Designation            Minimum        Number    Rate at which recovery
            of Technical                          (Principal Technical   Experience               shall be made from
            Representatives                       /Technical                                      the contractor in the
                                                  Representative)                                 event of not fulfilling
                                                                                                  provision of Clause
                                                                                                  Figures.      Words.

                                              Graduate Engineer         Nil                                Rs. Ten
                                                     Or                                         Rs.10,000 thousand
                                              Diploma Engineer.        5 years                             only
Assistant Engineers retired from Govt. Services that are holding Diploma will be treated at par with Graduate
                                                                             I & FC

Clause 42
i)    a) Schedule/statement      for
          determining    theoretical
          quantity of cement &
          bitumen on the basis of
          Delhi Schedule of Rates
          2002 printed by C.P.W.D.

ii)       Variations permissible on
          theoretical quantities.

a)        Cement for works with                 3% plus/minus.
          estimated cost put to
          tender not more than Rs.
          5.00 lakh.

          For works with estimated              2% plus/minus.
          cost put to tender more
          than Rs. 5 lakhs.

b)        Bitumen for works.           2.5% plus only & nil on minus side.

c)        Steel Reinforcement and               2% plus/minus.
          structural steel sections
          for each diameter, section
          and category.

d)        All other materials.                        NIL

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