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                                       Grammar Notes
                                                                                      PO Box 2244
                                                                                Telephone (03) 3650385
     Term II Week VIII                                                          Facsimile (03) 3650384
        15th June
           2009                                                                            Email


The Cathedral Grammar School maintains an approach to education where self-discipline, respect and care for others are
            considered essential in the spiritual, cultural, physical and social development of the individual.

Thur 17 11:00am St Martins School orchestra visit
                Boys’ School House Rugby
Fri  18 7:00pm WAMM Concert, Senior School (Year 7 & 8)
Sun 20 9:30am Boys’ School Chapel Service – Admission
                to Communion
Mon 21 2:10pm Leader’s Assemblies
Tues 22         Arden School visit commences
                ICAS Spelling and Writing Competitions
Wed 23          Games vs Arden School
From the Headmaster’s Desk...                                                Sakura Yoda about to perform her
                                                                                    examination piece
Piano Sponsorship
We are very grateful to Mr Bargrove of Begg's Music Centre, and father of Luke and Robbie, for arranging
a joint sponsorship arrangement with the Japanese piano company Kawai, to supply pianos for our school
into the years ahead.

Under this sponsorship, we have been most fortunate to receive not only a majestic grand piano for our
Statham Hall but also three fantastic upright models for our main piano studios. Each year Beggs will take
these pianos for re-sale, and provide the school with another set of four brand new replacements! For
school such as ours, with a long-standing and proud reputation as a primary school of musical excellence,
this is an incredible opportunity. Kawai pianos are the concert piano of choice for many outstanding
musicians and are to be found in many of the premier theatres across the world. These state-of-the art
pianos will enable all of our budding pianists, whether beginners or accomplished performers, to benefit
from the very best instrument!

On Monday, at Headmaster's Assembly, we thanked Mr Bargrove for his generosity and celebrated the
arrival of the pianos by holding a short recital. Sakura (Y4G) and Felix (Y8B) each presented a current
examination piece. These performances were followed by a stunning duet performed by Mrs Dodgshun
and Mrs Seed, combining to put the new grand through its paces.

Neil MacKay, visiting speaker
As we go to print today, we are very excited to be in the middle of a fantastic opportunity, having a day-
long visit from one of the world's foremost speakers and thinkers with regard to addressing the wide range
of learning preferences represented in each and every classroom. Following a series of demonstration
lessons which Neil is taking with selected Grammar classes, the day concludes with a teacher workshop
and finally the parent seminar:
          "Working Smart, Not Hard - supporting your child with preferred ways of learning"
                                        7.30-9.30pm, Statham Hall
We have 135 seats reserved at this point, with a number of door sales expected. I believe that there will
be something for every Grammar family in Neil's message tonight.

Owen Arnst
                                    Prep Schools
Dear parent,

Those who attended the Baroque by Candlelight concert at the Cathedral on Saturday were privy to a
rare treat. The choristers and their Director of Music, Mr Law, are to be congratulated on their
extraordinary performance.

Also to be congratulated are our Spelling Quiz teams. (See article.)

This week is an exciting and busy one. On Tuesday we welcome Mr Neil MacKay, one of the UK’s
leading experts in learning styles. (See details below.) Also on Tuesday, 4G are off to the Fire
Station, while on Thursday, the boys have House Rugby.

On Friday, the Year 7 and 8 pupils proudly present WAMM! – a celebration of New Zealand Words,
Art, Music & Movement – in the Cathedral, 7.00-8.00pm. All are most welcome; a gold coin donation
is invited, the proceeds of which will go to the Board of Senior Students nominated charities.

Lastly, the Boys’ School Chapel Service is on Sunday. (See details below.)

Neil MacKay Parents’ Evening
After a day with the pupils and staff, Mr MacKay will be speaking at the Parents’ Evening, hosted by
the Friends’ Association. Tickets ($15.00) available from the office or on the door.

House Rugby
The inter-house rugby tournament is on Thursday afternoon in Hagley Park. Mouthguards are
essential; rugby shirts and house shirts required. Boots should be worn if owned, otherwise sports
shoes are fine. Hockey players please bring hockey gear too, in case House Rugby succumbs to the

WAMM – Y7&8 pupils
As noted in the Term II school calendar, Y7&8’s WAMM concert is on Friday evening. The Cathedral
doors open at 6.30pm and all pupils are to report by 6.40pm. The concert starts at 7.00pm and will
last one hour. Pupils are to wear jeans or trousers and a coloured T-shirt (no large logos please,
unless of a New Zealand flavour.) 7S boys are to bring their rugby shirts too, clean or dirty! Black
school or tidy casual shoes should be worn; no sports shoes please.

Boys’ School Chapel
The Boys’ School Chapel Service, with Baptism and Admission to Communion, is this Sunday, 20
June. Chapel Choristers are to report to the Chapel at 8.45am and the service starts at 9.30am.
Morning tea will be served afterwards in the Staff Common Room. Attendance is obligatory and
school uniform must be worn. If for any reason your son is unable to attend, please contact Miss
Tattershaw by email or prep book.

Poetry Reading Competitions
Preliminary rounds are underway in class. The finals are on 24 and 25 June as per the times detailed
in the school calendar.

Penny Tattershaw (
Kirsty Bond (
                                            The School
        Boys’ Merit Cards Week 7                                     Girls’ Merit Cards Week 7
                Gibson                                                        Connon
     Luke Bargrove, Regan Lippitt-Quested,                       Yuna Chon, Olivia Clark, Isabella Cuthbert,
  George Murray, Christopher Park, Harry Seigne,                       Grace Finlay, Kathryn Ford,
                  Harry Sharp                                   Hannah Loeffen Gallagher, Grace McKenzie,
                                                                       Harriet Place, Ruby Sumner
                      Hansen                                                         Dell
    Samuel Armitage, Jake Bailey, Oliver Fradd,               Isabelle Dwyer, Madeleine Finch, Sophie Gray,
         Sam Landon-Lane, Zac Place                            Rebecca Harris, Sophie Kelly, Georgia Lund,
                                                                             Lucinda Sullivan

                      Merton                                                         Hart
                                                              Jessie Ireland, Annie Larkin, Ella O’Donoghue,
        Patrick Manning, Rohan Tennekoon
                                                                               Sophie Ward
                        Parr                                Stephanie Beattie, Emma Cushing, Madeleine Kain,
            Hugo Donovan, Jono Stewart                         Isobel Rutherford, Holly Seigne, Emily Stewart
                      Values                                                      Values
George H Clarke, Jovan Mattingley, George Murray,            Yuna Chon, Harriet Place, Alessandra Demarchi,
  Devereux Roberts, Harry Sharp, Jonathan Smith,                           Ella O’Donoghue
 Dominic Clarke, Oliv3er Fradd, Sam Landon-Lane,
     Ben Place, Arlo Stedman, Thomas Berg,
James Garbett, Alexander Meekings, Reuben Oliver,
     Tony Too, Hunter Bould, Hugo Donovan,
       Morgan Kinder-Rycroft, Yu Geng Liu,
                 Andrew Wedlake
                                                              Term 2 Average Points Per Person
Term 2 Average Points Per Person                                         Connon          17.6
               Gibson          14.6                                      Dell            12.5
               Hansen          18.5                                      Hart            13.0
               Merton          16.0                                      Mullan          13.9
               Parr            15.9

                                          Habit of Mind
                                            Striving for Accuracy

   “Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a
  success.” William J. H. Boetcker

  Measure a thousand times and cut once.        Turkish Proverb

  "A little inaccuracy sometimes saves a ton of explanation."
                                                                H. H. Munro (Saki)

  "If you do the best you can, you will find, nine times out of ten, that you have done as well as or better
  than anyone else."
                                                                 William Feather

  "It is necessary to try to surpass oneself always; this occupation ought to last as long as life."   Queen
  Christina, of Sweden

  "The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor; he took my measurements anew every time he saw
  me, while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me."
                                 George Bernard Shaw

  "We aim above the mark to hit the mark."      Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                      The School
                                      Player of the Day
Netball                                                 Basketball
A Team               Margot Phillips                    7G(Mon)              No game
B Team               Leilani Matai                      Maroon (Fri)         The Team
C Team               Stephanie Beattie                  White (Fri)          Kiera Horton King
D Team               Emily Place, Harriet Place         Year 5 and 6         No game

Boys’                                                   Girls’
1st XI               Joshua Morrison                    1st XI               The Team
Super 8 Maroon       Fletcher Sutherland-Todd           Super 8 Maroon       Georgia Graham
Super 8 White        Jack Walker                        Super 8 White        Lucinda Sullivan
Super 8 Black        Hamish Thomas                                           Kathryn Ford
Intermediate 8       Trent Harvey, Hugh Marshall        Junior 8             Georgina Currie
Junior 8 Maroon      Harry Seigne, Benedict Sullivan                         Isabella Cuthbert
Junior 8 White       Max Dickson                                             Meg Roberts
Junior School
CGS1                 Bella Landon-Lane                  CGS Maroon           Olivia Armitage
CGS White            Samantha Vance, Connor Graham CGS Black           Francesca McGarry-Burford

Under 12             Henry Dwyer                        Under 11             Regan Lippitt-Quested
Under 10             Sam Landon-Lane                    Under 9              Nathanael Wain
Under 8              George Lill

                                        Netball Success

Congratulations to Harriet France, Lucy Abbott, Kiera Horton King and Jemima Allison who took
part recently in the Independent Schools netball trials. Harriet and Kiera successfully made it to a
 second trial from which a final selection was made to be put forward for the Canterbury Primary
                              Schools trials. Well done to all the girls.

                          Orchestra Workshop and Concert.
On Thursday this week our School Orchestra is having a workshop with St Martin's School
Orchestra. We will rehearse together in the morning culminating in a concert at 12:15pm. This is
the first time our orchestra has been involved with such an event and we are very much looking
forward to working with other players and another conductor. Parents are welcome to come at
12:15pm, but there will be a repeat performance on Monday 28 June at 7:00pm as part of the
Performers' Evening.

Jo Dodgshun
Music Department
                                     The School
                                       Spelling Quiz
Four Grammar teams attended the Canterbury Spelling Quiz on Wednesday 9th June. In the
Year 5/6 competition CGS2 were in the lead until Round 8 "All or Nothing" They made an
incorrect guess on the first clue, finishing 5= with CGS1. In the Year 7/8 competition both the
girls' and boys' teams were in the lead, with several other schools, after the first three rounds.
The girls then lost a point and the boys continued scoring 100% to be out in front on their own,
until Round 8. Totally baffled, they did not have an answer until the 3rd clue. The competition
was won by Casebrook Intermediate with CGS Boys and CGS Girls tying in 2nd place. Well done
teams, you certainly showed Canterbury what great spellers we have at Cathedral Grammar.

                 Back : Sam Flavell, Hugh Marshall, Charlotte Moala, Gabby Coates
                 Middle: Arthur Bell, Joshua Morrison, Finlay Adam, Grace Sullivan
                 Front: Annie Larkin, Yuna Chon, Trent Harvey
                 Absent: Tom Botting

                                      Choir Awards

    Congratulations to Alessandra Demarchi and Samuel Abbot who received their light blue
    ribbons, AJ Tyler and William Currie who have received their dark blue ribbon, Callum
  Oorschot received his red ribbon; and Fraser Horton King received his yellow ribbon, a rarely-
                                         achieved level
                              Virtue For The Week:
               What is Humility?                                   Signs of Success
When you are humble you don’t at as if you are
                                                 Congratulations! You are practising Humility when
  more important than other people. You are      you…..
happy to serve others and think other people’s • Consider the needs of others as important as your
 needs are important. You don’t expect others       own.
  or yourself to be perfect. You don’t criticize • Apologise and make amends when you hurt others.
  others or yourself. You admit mistakes and     • Learn from your mistakes and keep changing for
learn from them. Sometimes mistakes are our         the better.
                  best teachers.                 • Ask for help when you need it.
                                    Virtue for Week 9: Idealism

Dear parent,

An inspirational day for us with the visit of Neil McKay. We feel very fortunate to have such superb
professional development.

We are delighted to have Heather Camp back with us again. She is easing back in with some part
time days this week, then will be back full time next week. We have appreciated Gail Horne's help
during Heather's absence.

This week we have had Amanda and Edmund Davis telling us about Vietnam. Jennifer Audeau,
Thomas' grandmother, talked to us today about Iraq and Edinburgh. Tomorrow we are to learn about
Romania from Luca Craniic's parents. We are very fortunate to have such a diversity of countries to
learn about.

This week we have another student. Zoe McFadden will be with us until the end of the term. This is
Zoe's first placement and we hope that she enjoys being with us.

If your child attends Pre-School part time and have not returned your requested hours for next term,
please would you do so as soon as possible.

With winter colds our supply of tissues is somewhat depleted. Please may we have a large box from

Congratulations to Oliver Gray and George Kain who received "Huggie Bear" this week.

Adrienne Winnicott
Head of Pre-School

                Thomas and his Granny talked to the
                  children about Edinburgh and Iraq.
                                      Junior School
Dear parent,

On Friday in assembly, Samantha Vance showed examples of the superb work that she is achieving
with Kai Tee in the After-School club, and Haenny Choi also showed her oil paintings. It is a treat to
see the opportunities that children take to really succeed in a given area and we love sharing in their
successes. We make a point of praising our sports people for their achievements each weekend but
some of those who thrive in less visible ways, deserve recognition too. We love listening to Ederick
and Adelina's musical talents, but I am sure there are others who could share their skills with us. Do
encourage your child to share their skills with us.

Learning in some areas is not necessarily easy for some children. We strive to find their strengths and
develop their potential. In Junior School, we want their knowledge of early learning concepts to be
secure and for that reason the numbers in the J1 classes are always slightly lower than the J2 and J3
levels so that teachers are able to give as much individual support as possible. There are many
factors that affect success in learning and we want to provide the best-possible learning environment.
With that in mind, the Junior School teachers have had a wonderful professional development session
this afternoon with Neil MacKay. I hope you will enjoy the parent one as much tonight. I will take notes
for those people who are unable to attend.

Jake Grove is our World Soccer Cup reporter. We
hope he has good news to tell us after New Zealand
 plays its first match tonight! Events like this are a
 wonderful opportunity to get out the atlas or globe
to find the different countries. Jake is filling in a
chart for us to follow the state of play!

Carole Wright                       Adventure Club

Head of the Junior School

                          Junior School Awards Presented Term 2 Week 7

                         Quiet as a Mouse
   Y1W      Chloe Wheelans
   Y1S      William Zhou
   Y1B      Ben Kuruvilla               Outstanding Cup         Sam Kelly, Archer Oliver
   Y2P      Sophie Lanyon                     Music Cup         Emily Munro
   Y2L      Annie Foote                   Teddy George          George Lill
   Y3B      Thomas Sunderland                  Gym Cup          Albert Bell
   Y3H      Olivia Jerard


   Y1W      Jonty Foote for trying so hard to form his letters correctly
   Y1S      Sophia Stewart for becoming an independent writer
   Y1B      Saskia Gulati for neat presentation in her story writing book
   Y2L      Archer Oliver for making consistent progress in reading
   Y2P      Michael Munro for his quiet work with balancing
   Y3B      Hannah Margison for progress and enthusiasm in her reading
   Y3H      Tudor Martin for a great group effort in sounding out new words
                  The Friends’ Association
TONIGHT: We have a very large group of parents and friends attending the Neil
                     MacKay Seminar at 7.30pm entitled
“Working Smart, not Hard – supporting your child
with preferred ways of learning”, and we are looking forward
to a great evening! Neil has been warmly received at the various teacher seminars
  he has held throughout New Zealand, and he was interviewed on the Morning
 Show with Kim Hill on Saturday June 5th – listen to the replay on the RadioNZ
  website. There are a very limited number of tickets available at the door, $15
         each. Tea and coffee will be served beforehand in the staffroom.

  SAVE THE DATE: Wild West Quiz Night
   on Friday August 6th at 7.30pm in
  Statham Hall. Round up your posse!
       Tickets on sale shortly.

UNIFORM SHOP: By popular request -- now stocking Girls’
over-the-knee black socks, 2 pairs for $11.50, sizes 3-8 and 9+

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