How to Write a Collection Letter by gooby

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									How to Write a Collection Letter Step1 Get the facts straight. Gather all the necessary information about the client and account for which you are trying to collect. You need to know the dates of service, the total due, any partial payments and when the account was due. Step2 Write a brief, one page letter that serves as a courteous reminder. State the basic facts about the debt you are trying to collect, and set a deadline for when you expect to be contacted. Step3 Send a second letter if you do not receive a response by the date specified. Refer to the first letter you sent and restate the facts about the account. Again, set a date for response or payment. Step4 Increase the harshness of each letter, and send a third letter expressing surprise at the lack of response to your request for payment. If partial payment has been received, note the payment and balance due. Step5 Document the series of letters, and record your collection efforts as well as any partial payments. Step6 Send a final letter stating your efforts and intent to turn the account over to a third party collection agency or attorney. Step7 Submit the account information to a credit bureau, collection agency or attorney.

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