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Executive Summary
Beer Service/Jun-11   1
Steady growth in 2010

The Chinese beer market grew at a 6% rate in 2010 to reach 46 m hl and maintain its first position in the

A positive forecast for the next three years

Despite its huge market size, there still remains plenty of scope for development, and China offers many new
opportunities. Average per capita beer consumption is still low at 35 litres and continues to rise. There are still
large untapped rural populations but future development will rely more on raising the average value of
purchases and persuading Chinese consumers (especially the growing ranks of urban middle-income
consumers) to trade-up to premium products and brands. Thus the market will switch from simply achieving
national and regional volume capacity, towards making a profit and developing national and regional brand

Mergers and acquisition wave surges, as industry consolidates further

The consolidation of the industry continues, with a growing number of significant mergers and acquisitions
involving increased investment by leading players in the market.

In Q3-10, CRE spent RMB60 m (US$8.8 m) on buying Aoke beer and RMB27 m (US$3.96 m) on buying
Yuequan beer in Henan province, enabling it to expand in the Henan province. In November, the east China
market saw CRE acquire a 45% stake in Hangzhou Xihu Beer Asahi Co and 16 trademarks, including Xihu, at
a price of RMB268 m (US$40.5 m), outbidding Tsingtao Brewery Co.

In September, Tsingtao acquired Jiahe Shanxi brewery and will invest further to expand the brewery capacity.
This is the first brewery in Shanxi province for Tsingtao. In December, the brewer acquired 75% of Shandong
Xin Immense at a total cost of RMB1.87 bn (US$280.4 m). The move saw Tsingtao take ownership of

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